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rani have a question about boot.log01:42
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:43
ranfsck results was shown in boot.log, and now not anymore. sorry about my english.01:45
ranthere is a known bug about that?01:46
Unit193ran: fsck isn't run every boot, are you talking about one where it is?01:47
rani know that fsck isnt run on every boot, but i was checking the results from time to time, and it always was there.01:49
NyanBug #1187318  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plymouth/+bug/1187318 ?01:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 1187318 in plymouth (Ubuntu Raring) "Splash skips text when asking for LUKS password" [High,Fix released]01:50
rani also force fsck just to check that, but the results was not shown in boot.log.01:51
rani think that this has been started to happen from 13.10.01:54
gzimdahlI am running xubuntu from a pendrive with persistence. I have installed gnome and unity but I  do not see them as options when I logout and back in. Any ideas?02:09
holsteingzimdahl: i usually just do an installation.. a full install to a stick. otherwise, you can look to see if you have actually installed the packages, or if the persistence is setup properly02:10
Unit193ran: Not sure, if it's a system update in theory it could change how it's called or something, or just different logging.02:10
sideup66hello room02:11
sideup66if anyone is here02:11
holsteinsideup66: many are here.. feel free and ask a question if you have one.. or enjoy the #xubuntu-offtopic channel for chat.. welcome!02:12
gzimdahlholstein, i am trying to learn how to install different DE and tweaks. I have tried say reg ubuntu or kbuntu i am trying install several on the same installation. I have seen other people do it, I dont know what flavor they were on though02:12
sideup66ok thanks holstein02:12
sideup66i do have a question to be fair02:12
sideup66i am trying to build a bitcoin mining bot with a well crippled system, dont ask me why but somehow the stability of a toshiba satalite laptop's usb depends on a dismantled chasis02:13
holsteingzimdahl: you can always try the live CD's for them, suck as main ubuntu's live CD.. otherwise, you may not have persistence setup properly, or maybe you didnt install what is needed or all that is needed02:13
ranits interesting if that is the case. but the problem is that there is no easy way to read the results of fsck.02:14
sideup66but in any case this leads me to the question of how to go about building a xubuntu live cd/dvd that would start up with an ssh server running as my plan is to boot with ssh then just execute a standard xubuntu install over the ssh system02:14
holsteinsideup66: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization02:14
sideup66thanks, ill look now02:15
gzimdahlPersistence is saving other settings. I am not looking so much to try the DE rather to learn how to install them along side an existing one. I used a sudo apt-get commands which seemed to install for a couple minutes and finished without errors. How can I check if I did get everything installed>02:15
ranthis is a very important data, that the user needs to know from time to time.02:15
sideup66also when it installs, id want it to also install the ssh server so it can obviously be configured thereafter in ssh02:16
holsteingzimdahl: i like to start with lxde.. youcan find it in the package manager of your choice easily, and it works and is easy to install02:17
holsteingzimdahl: otherwise, "ubuntu-desktop" is the large metapacakge for main ubuntu02:17
holsteingzimdahl: you can break things installing that, however.. and, none of the variants are necessarily trying to provide that easily.. you *can* do it.. but things can be, and typically are, awkward02:17
gzimdahlthanks I am not familiar with them, I will look up more on them thank a bunch!02:17
gzimdahlregarding lxde or ubuntu-desktop?02:18
holsteingzimdahl: basically, if you have persitence working, you can install them, and select them from the login screen.. but, there are different login screens and managers.. more to it than just "unity"..02:18
holsteingzimdahl: regarding running multiple ones.. none of the *buntu's state "easily install and run as many desktop environments as you like"02:19
gzimdahlMy goal is to eventually start with a cli and build everything on top of it piece by piece. just for education02:19
holsteingzimdahl: there are specific easier ways to add them, and get to them, without breaking a lot of xubuntu in the process.. this also assumes you have persistence setup correctly.. i just do a normal install, which gets me persistence02:19
holsteingzimdahl: live CDs are very educational, as well02:20
gzimdahlshould I rather be looking at arch or and openbox version of something >02:20
holsteingzimdahl: this has nothing to do with ubuntu specifically.. there are desktop environments preset on many distros02:20
holsteingzimdahl: you *can* do what you are trying to do.. its just not as easy as "sudo apt-get kde" necessarily02:21
gzimdahlany idea where I can learn more?02:21
holsteingzimdahl: openbox is not a full environment02:21
holsteingzimdahl: i just suggested starting with lxde.. have you installed it and booted into it?02:21
holsteingzimdahl: if not, that was a suggestiong i made for educational purposes.. otherwise, start specifically with just one, such as unity, and make sure you can install it, have persistence, and get what you need to run it02:22
gzimdahlokay thanks02:23
holstein!mini | gzimdahl02:23
ubottugzimdahl: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:23
holstein^ that is a nice mini iso that you can add to.. i personally like to setup virtualbox in a full install (even if that full install is just on a USB drive) and run live environments, and install things where i can save a snapshot02:23
gzimdahldifferent question, If I load ubuntu on a thumb drive and do a regular install, I am afraid to overwite my hard disk. will this write to my pen drive or give me an option as to the install locaton/ drive?02:26
holsteingzimdahl: you should never be afraid.. you should have backups, and ways to restore everything, since *all* drives will fail.02:27
holsteingzimdahl: you can install to the usb stick easily from an alternate iso and not install grub to the main hard drive, but onto the USB stick02:27
holsteingzimdahl: you can take that stick to a machine that has not hard drives installed if you are worried about it.. you dont have to do the installation on that machine02:28
gzimdahlI happen to be working on someone else's machine because I am not home. What do you mean by alternate iso?02:29
holsteingzimdahl: the issue would be, grub would write to the main hard drive instead of the usb drive, during installation02:30
holsteingzimdahl: so, you would get an iso that doesnt do that02:30
holsteingzimdahl: the mini one i linked works that way02:30
gzimdahlholstein, i see. Is there any way to know which iso(s) have grub as an installer?02:32
gzimdahlholstein, say before I download it02:32
holsteingzimdahl: i can say, the mini does.. the alternates did.. also, the older GUI installer used to ask02:33
holsteingzimdahl: if its me, i check.. and i make sure i know whats getting written where02:33
holsteingzimdahl: the mini's are mini.. like 30mb's02:33
gzimdahlHow can I check for myself?02:33
holsteingzimdahl: i can say, i download and look02:33
holsteingzimdahl: not sure if that information is well posted anywhere02:34
gzimdahlAre you saying I can open the iso and look at files some how?02:34
holsteingzimdahl: i cant.. you might be able to.. i just load the installer in virtualbox, and look at what its about to do. read what it says it wants to do, and let it do it in virtualbox.. then i check to make sure it did what i expected it to do02:35
gzimdahlholstein, ok I see. Thanks for all your help.02:36
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sideup66holstein: in the link you sent me earlier, im reading up on all the information02:50
sideup66but im a bit confused as it seems to be extracting the iso into a few different areas, will they all show in the main livecdtmp folder it lists02:50
holsteinsideup66: i actually dont do it that way. i still try and use remastersys, or something i consider simpler for another distro02:51
sideup66remastersys i would assume gives you a simpler to understand graphical interface then for a task like this02:51
holsteinsideup66: AFAIK, most recovery systems ship with ssh servers running02:52
holsteininstalling openssh is pretty fast, and easy02:52
sideup66there is an ssh file in the default system but im just not sure if its up or not... as looking in the /etc/ssh folder most of the lines it looks as if their commented out02:53
holsteinsideup66: you should be able to install openssh in the live environment02:53
sideup66and i know, the problem is the machine im installing the distro to has a broken keyboard/mouse and no, usb does not work, seems to have a weird board issue, so it needs to be running from the get go so i can just start up, ssh in, then run a system install from there02:54
holsteinsideup66: AFAIK, and last time i check, the partedmagic that is in the ultimate boot cd has ssh out oft he box02:54
holsteinmight not be able to get it to boot any installation media from the bios without a keyboard02:55
sideup66no, it will check the cd for boot media, if the drive is blanked out02:55
sideup66which it is02:55
holsteinsideup66: its quite specific to each hardware02:55
holsteinsideup66: you'll have to see how yours is configured, and live with it, like that.. since you have no way of editing the bios.. or changing any settings02:56
sideup66i know, i have already tested this part however, i know the requirement is strange02:56
sideup66like i said the end day system is meant to be headless so that wont matter, its just getting things on there02:56
holsteinsideup66: take the hard drive to another machine and install02:56
sideup66will that work cross cpu?02:57
sideup66because its going from an intel to an amd in this case02:57
holsteinsideup66: not sure what the question is02:57
holsteinsideup66: yes02:57
holsteinboth would need to support 64bit, if you want to have 64bit02:58
sideup66i had an image on the drive originally with xubuntu setup how i needed things but it would freeze loading scripts-bottom, i guess it was just a glitch02:58
sideup66and no, that isnt necessary, minerd doesnt need much memory, system is not running much at the end of the day02:58
sideup66like i said its goal in life is to mine bitcoins lol02:59
holsteinimage should work if its generic enough.. if you have proprietary graphics installed, that could break things. otherwise, the kernel is modular02:59
sideup66both are onboard, the machine i would install with is just an intel based system with intel extreme whatever graphics03:00
sideup66other is an amd with its form of integrated graphics03:00
holsteinboth drivers are present in the kernel03:01
sideup66i think my original may have had trouble because i had made adjustments for that system on the original build which had since been wiped03:02
holsteinthose adjustments could have made it where it couldnt be moved to the other hardware03:03
sideup66ok, i have a flash drive with it and a cd with the original install as an alternate, i might just throw the flash in and do a clean install03:03
sideup66then once its online, with ssh installed, ill swap it to the other system, and see what happens03:03
sideup66should i have the machine installed connected to the net or just install from disc, then connect it03:05
sideup66i know when connected it will download its packages from the web03:06
sideup66well its installing, im using the ethernet right now for an autoconfig to make it simple for the system, when it swaps it should autoconnect03:14
sideup66normally with linux if anything works in terms of networking, the wired lan will, then ill configure its wireless card as itll live wireless03:14
holsteinsideup66: the system you are moving to is wireless?03:15
sideup66well they are laptops, therefore both wireless, but for config i do have an ethernet cable, so it shouldnt be a problem, they both have a wired port03:16
sideup66im no touching the wifi until the system is up and running03:16
holsteinlaptop doesnt have to equal wireless03:17
sideup66true holstein, im just saying the end configuration i hope to have it on wireless, which is quite possible once im in the system to do03:18
xubuntu172I'm using linux live usb creator on a 8Gb USB drive with a 64 bit Xubuntu .iso file. When the computer boots the blue Xubuntu screen and loading thing comes up. It stays this way for a little bit (with the loading indicator going), but it goes to a black screen with a cursor.03:50
xubuntu172Any suggestions would be helpfull03:50
holsteinxubuntu172: have you tried nomodeset?03:50
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:50
xubuntu172Oh, no i havn't i'll check that ou03:50
deltmy X server is still executed with "-nolisten tcp" even if i removed that from /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc04:02
delt[pts/5][root@laptop]:/etc/X11/xinit# grep "nolisten tcp" *04:03
deltxserverrc.dist:exec /usr/bin/X -nolisten tcp "$@"04:03
holsteindelt: whats the goal?04:03
sideup66ok holstein: i just finished installing the software04:03
sideup66and all i did was boot the system, and install ssh-server then shut down04:03
deltholstein: running apps directly from remote hosts on my network04:03
sideup66im going to switch the drives, and see if the system boots, i havent even run an update yet04:04
deltand also, just knowing how this system is built =)04:04
deltanyway in the entire /etc directory, X11/xinit/xserverrc seems to be the only file that contains the phrase "nolisten tcp"04:04
deltalso how come there's no /etc/inittab?04:05
deltholstein: ....any idea?04:07
holsteindelt: not really.. maybe consider linux from scratch, or something more related to x upstream. i use x forwarding over ssh. not sure what you are looking for in /etc, but you could try elaborating04:09
sideup66holstein: ok i threw the drive straight from the one machine into the other04:09
sideup66and it started to boot04:09
sideup66but just stopped, no splash or anything, the hidden grub menu did execute04:10
sideup66then it starts to boot, then just stops04:10
sideup66this was from a xubuntu 12.04 alternate disk04:10
deltholstein: i just want to know where the X server itself is called from04:10
holsteinsideup66: the kernel is modular. i dont know anything about that hardware other than the hardware problems you have already reported04:10
sideup66hm ok04:10
holsteinsideup66: the end result will be ubuntu, with a modular kernel04:10
holsteinsideup66: why isnt it booting? you can try the nomodeset as well.. could be something releated to the amd graphics you referenced04:11
holsteinsideup66: you can put an xorg.conf in place that will use the vesa driver04:11
holsteindelt: i would try a more general linux channel. i feel this is going to be more about how xubuntu works specifically04:11
sideup66ok, it seems the gfx are working fine, the screen is on, also when i fixed it the bios does relably post now04:12
sideup66as i said04:12
sideup66their both toshiba satalite laptops, roughly same vintage04:12
sideup66just the crippled one is an amd04:12
sideup66and the running is an intel04:12
holsteinsideup66: then, it wont hurt to specific a driver that we know will work, since those graphics are potentially not supporting linux04:13
sideup66i just powered the machine off and on and it boots to just a grub menu04:15
holsteinsideup66: ok.. how does it work with an xorg.conf file that specifies vesa? does it boot the desktop?04:15
holsteinsideup66: in grub, have you tried the recovery kernel?04:15
sideup66not sure, going to look at it now, and of course crippled machine has no keyboard so that is out (usb does not work either)04:15
sideup66but i was going to start with nomodset04:16
holsteinsideup66: "the easy way" - move drive to machine with keyboard. insert xorg.conf04:16
sideup66thats what im doing right now04:16
sideup66i wouldnt know how to change xorg.conf is all04:17
holsteinsideup66: you wont.. you'l have to add one04:17
sideup66ok im assuming there is an article on this04:17
holsteinsideup66: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1270209 for example has a file.you dont need an "article", just an xorg.conf that specifies vesa to test with04:18
sideup66ok looking now04:19
sideup66ok changed that, nothing04:25
sideup66still loaded a bit04:25
sideup66then just stopped04:25
sideup66i remember when isaw the output when i first tried, it froze at running init_scripts_bottom04:25
sideup66what would thatbe04:25
wrongplacedo you know the app convert all?04:25
wrongplaceits in the repo04:25
holsteinsideup66: could be bad hardware04:26
holsteinwrongplace: do i know it? no04:26
holstein!info convertall04:26
ubottuconvertall (source: convertall): very flexible unit converter. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.2-1 (saucy), package size 56 kB, installed size 243 kB04:26
wrongplacei can only convert unit once. I can write other units or different ammounts of the same unit, but I dont get any other results04:27
wrongplacetips welcomed04:27
wrongplacexubuntu 13.10 64 bits04:27
sideup66i wonder04:28
sideup66just for laughs04:28
sideup66what it would do if i unplug the internal keyboard on crippled laptop04:28
sideup66i just read about strange usb issues resulting04:29
holsteinsideup66: i thought the USB was broken04:29
jrock20041Lost my sound. If I go into the sound settings I see the sound bar moving but I am not hearing any sound. thoughts?04:29
jrock20041Its not muted04:29
holsteinjrock20041: just check the mute's everywhere.. toggle them04:29
sideup66it is04:29
sideup66but someone mentioned having a usb one attached04:30
holsteinjrock20041: pavucontrol is what i use04:30
sideup66for some unknown reason to me, the keyboard internally works for a split second, just long enough to open the bios setup04:30
jrock20041holstein: I have that as well and that is where I see the bar moving04:30
sideup66then stops04:30
holsteinjrock20041: ok.. what caused it to break? an update? or was it just a mute sequence? or a setting?04:31
jrock20041I think it could be after a kernel update04:31
jrock20041If I switch from analog stero to hdmi it works04:32
sideup66just for laughs, might be worth a shot04:33
holsteinjrock20041: try the older kernel and confirm04:34
sideup66also holstein: actually that is why i wanted to try to install from ssh04:37
sideup66so the whole system runs that way04:37
sideup66i may need to do somthing with a different distro04:37
sideup66on a personal note its reasons like this that make me hate amd04:38
holsteinsideup66: the *linux* kernel is modular.. if you keep support for that machine in the kernel, it'll work04:39
holsteinsideup66: dosnt matter the distr04:39
holsteinsideup66: you might want to try removing the keyboard and any other hardware that is "bad" and disable things in the bios.. start simple04:39
sideup66mm i see, well im about to look at somthing i just realized04:46
sideup66there is a chance this thing is running as bootup for xubuntu is very light04:46
deltseems as soon as i run xrdb to load some (ooolllddd Xdefaults), it makes fonts in kde applications huge04:48
sideup66in short, there has to be a way to get this thing to run, it would be the biggest tease to have the video fix but not get it running04:48
delteven if i just run xrdb with no input04:48
sideup66and nah, wasnt on the network04:52
sideup66i know where it halts because when it did boot with text it would halt at init/scriptsbottom04:55
holsteinsideup66: did you disable all but the net in the bios?04:56
sideup66actually yeah, in the best way, physically detached the keyboard's connection04:58
sideup66nothing to plug into, no real way to disable the keyboard so to speak04:58
holsteinsideup66: remove any bad hardware05:00
sideup66im working on that, im wondering what would happen if i disable all ps2 identification inside of linux itself, reason being is if that part of the system is faulty, chance is that the system is trying to enumerate that, hardware wont cooperate and therefore it hangs up05:01
holsteinsideup66: no05:02
holsteinsideup66: linux can run headless.. i do it all the time. you have broken hardware that will require some work arounds05:02
sideup66i know that, im saying that during the boot process, as you stated05:03
sideup66kernel is modular05:03
sideup66part of those modules would be the mouse and the keyboard05:03
sideup66if those pieces of hardware are faulty or their ports are or whereever in chain the system is misbehaving... it is tryng to talk to that hardware05:03
sideup66in which case the system wont respond or sends somthing that xubuntu doesnt know what to do with05:04
sideup66and it is messing with the os05:04
holsteinsideup66: i can only share my factual first hand experience05:04
holsteinsideup66: i have fiddled around with a few machines like that, and ran them headless with the keyboards and/or monitors off of them05:04
sideup66i did05:05
holsteinsideup66: it was always a matter of just trial and error, since, i was doing nothing that the creator intended it to be used for05:05
sideup66i already tried physically disconnecting the keyboard and the mouse05:05
sideup66and the same results05:05
holsteinsideup66: if you feel you need to black list something, do so. i dont think that is the issue05:05
holsteinsideup66: i think its a problem with some other hardware that is broken that wouldnt be booting a perfectly normal installation05:05
sideup66ok, i understand your disagreement05:06
holsteinsideup66: since the USB is "bad", that could mean any par of the motherboard is failing, and could be failing intermittently05:06
holsteinany part*05:06
sideup66that is probably the case, as i said this machine is the old used one from the people that bought the other one off of me that runs fine, so its been through the ringer05:06
holsteinif its worth messing with, go for it.. but, hardware like that is so cheap/free these days.. its hard to justify the time05:07
sideup66i am aware of the cost of hardware, it is a machine i got for free, so ideally id like to get it to run well for free lol, its a junker, with one task id like to set it for, where periphrials and creature comforts arent exactly necessary05:08
sideup66it just needs to boot and run, thats it05:09
holsteinsideup66: i have plenty of machines i got for free that have functional keyboards, and USB05:11
fibz_i understand05:11
holsteinsideup66: all im saying is, you have stated intermittent issues.. such as the keyboard working for a second.. you might consider that the motherboard is failing on that machine05:12
xubuntu297hi, I'm I just got a wireless (bluetooth) speaker. But my Xubuntu 12.10 installation does not recognize it.05:12
holsteinxubuntu297: does any bluetooth work on the machine?05:13
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup05:13
xubuntu297I don't know because it's my first time trying to use bluetooth05:13
xubuntu297I've tried various answers from ubuntu forums, but none work. And none of them do I understand05:13
xubuntu297In Blueman Manager I click "setup new device" and I get "no devices found"05:14
holsteinxubuntu297: it can be challenging.. but right now, you are troubleshooting several things at once05:14
holsteinxubuntu297: you dont konw if the bluetooth in your machine works with linux.. you dont know if the device works with linux, and you are unfamilar with bt in general in linux05:14
xubuntu297correct :-/05:15
holsteinxubuntu297: what would i do? try and reduce these variables.. try the hardware in a supported environment.. under windows for example. see that the hardware works.. then, try the hardware on your machine knowing that it works05:15
fibz_1, is the bluetooth device recognized by the system?05:15
fibz_the PC's bluetooth device05:15
holsteinxubuntu297: try something simpler.. a bt connection to a smart phone. or a bt dongle05:15
holsteinfibz_: the user has *never* used bt on the device05:16
fibz_does ubuntu even see it?05:16
xubuntu297no, doesn't recognize the speaker05:16
xubuntu297i could try to connect to my g/f's android05:16
fibz_that would be helpful05:17
xubuntu297ok, signing off to test that. thanks for your assistance!05:17
daliti want to power down my screen off if kept idle. how to do?05:19
fibz_sorry holstein, just starting from OSI level 1 and working my way up from there05:19
holsteinfibz_: no need to be sorry.. i was just letting you know what i knew05:19
fibz_launcher menu -> settings -> settings manager -> power manager.  also check out the screen saver's settings if your having trouble.05:20
fibz_@ dalit05:20
dalitfibz_ : that was so easy, thank u :)05:21
sideup66holstein, would you know how to disable ps2 detection in grub05:28
sideup66would it be the same argument as nousb05:28
holsteinsideup66: you would just blacklist the module, AFAIK.. but, that is not the issue05:29
holsteinsideup66: is the system hanging with an error about a ps2 keyboard not being present? it shouldnt, since headless is expected in linux05:29
sideup66no but it hangs on init-scripts bottom05:30
sideup66it just hangs05:30
sideup66no error05:30
sideup66i just realized05:32
sideup66the syslog may tell me what is hanging up05:32
sideup66if i dig through some log files05:32
sideup66i may be able to catch the error or failure05:32
hkrDoes anybody know what the default font in xubuntu is ?07:02
deltany idea what causes this bug with the laptop cover? (always suspend)07:04
delt...and how to fix it?07:05
Unit193Yes, systemd.  Edit /etc/systemd/logind.conf.  It's happening because xfpm doesn't inhibit it.07:06
deltah, got it. what do i change in the file?07:07
delteverything seems to be commented out (starts with #)07:07
Unit193Uncomment what you want to change.07:09
delti see this: #LidSwitchIgnoreInhibited=yes07:10
deltlooking at the manpage now...07:10
deltuncomment and change to =ignore ?07:11
Unit193If that's what you want, yep.07:13
deltworks, thanks!07:15
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nikolamdoes this pitivi, video editor even works for you on 12.04 32bit?11:17
nikolamit seems like it is "estimating" to render movie.. forever11:18
nikolamaand avidemux is crashing on importing mpeg4 video..11:19
nikolamdoes anyone even test any apps in distros?11:19
knomeyes... and any further contributions to that area is welcome11:21
elfythough we'd not be testing anything other than default apps11:21
nikolamwill try others. after all, ffmpeg should be able to do simple cut from cli.11:27
cfhowlettxubuntu882, greetings12:16
xubuntu882get no suggestions for additional drivers an my xubuntu installation what to do?12:16
bekksxubuntu882: Which drivers do you want to install?12:16
xubuntu882got switchable garphics with nvidia card12:17
bekksThen you have to use bumblebee or nvidia-prime12:17
ubottuThe Bumblebee Project aims to support NVIDIA Optimus technology under Linux. The Bumblebee website can be found at http://bumblebee-project.org/12:17
xubuntu882in my virtualbox installation the ubuntu addtional drivers is workung but in xubuntu it is not12:18
xubuntu882i was asking me why?12:19
bekksIn virtualbox, there is a totally different graphics adapter.12:19
xubuntu882i know it is different12:19
xubuntu882i got an istallation on my hdd and in vb+12:19
xubuntu882#i was trying to fing out what the reason is. and i found out that it is working in ubuntu but not in xubuntu.12:20
xubuntu882there is both installed in vb and on my harddrive12:21
bekksThe reason is the fact that there is no "driver to just install without further configuration" when using Nvidia Optimus. Thats why it isnt suggested.12:24
xubuntu882but what is the reason, that i get drivers in ubuntu but not in xubuntu. the base is the same but what is the reason its not working?12:25
TheSheepxubuntu882: tell us when you find out12:25
xubuntu882you don't understand...12:26
bekksxubuntu882: In vbox, there is no Nvidia Otimus, thats why you get a suggestion there.12:26
cfhowlettxubuntu882, what he said ^^^^12:27
xubuntu882in vb in xubuntu13.10 it says " No additional drivers available" and in ubuntu 13.10it says " Innothek Systemberatung GmbH ...aso ) and (ubuntu 12.4) on my hdd gets suggestions and my xubuntu installation not.12:31
xubuntu882And i would like to have the same result in my xubuntu...?!12:32
bekksxubuntu882: did you install the guest additions?12:32
elfyinstall guest additions12:32
bekksxubuntu882: Same version as the vbox version?12:33
bekksWhich version? :)12:36
xubuntu882vb version is 4.3.612:37
bekksAnd did you think about the possibility that jockey maybe working differently in different versions?12:37
xubuntu882and i found out there are some more people with the same issue12:38
bekksSo jockey is working differently then.12:39
xubuntu882i think jockey has to work in both versions...? ;-)12:40
bekksIt works, but _differently_12:40
xubuntu882sorry but got to quit chat for now. i may will ask my questions later..  bye12:44
xubuntu044my pc is weak anyone let me which version of Xubuntu is good for it?13:06
cfhowlettxubuntu044, "weak" tells nothing about specifications ...13:07
xubuntu044my PC Celeron 2.13GHz 248MB of RAM13:09
cfhowlettxubuntu044, try lubuntu13:09
Sysiyou can't use any webbrowser sanely with that amount of RAM, you should get more if you really want to use that system13:10
xubuntu044any differentce between Xubuntu and Lubuntu? I downloaded Lubuntu but not used it13:10
cfhowlettxubuntu044, lubuntu is optimized for lower / older tech.  xubuntu is not.13:11
xubuntu044Lubuntu 12.04 can be good for my PC?13:12
cfhowlettxubuntu044 I only run LTS  releases  - fewer headaches13:12
asterismois there any good terminal irc client to connect over tor?14:17
ElfEn_hello all15:08
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Unit193asterismo: Irssi does, and guessing weechat does too.16:26
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xubuntu397hi! quick one. I've been changing icons all over the place, and now don't know which of the elementary ones are default. Darker?17:28
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jrock20041When I bootup my laptop with my hdmi monitor hooked in I get no sound thru laptop speakers. I can only get it thru hdmi monitor18:55
holsteinjrock20041: you should be able to use pavucontrol to route to the audio device you choose18:55
jrock20041I am using pavu control and in the config tab I have two built-in autio18:56
holsteinjrock20041: you might need to get something playing before you can route..18:56
holsteinjrock20041: dont trust the labels there.. try all options18:57
jrock20041I do have a youtube video playing18:57
holsteinjrock20041: dont try and test flash and web browsers at the same time.. try a simple local file in a simple player18:57
jrock20041ok trying now and still same results18:58
holsteinjrock20041: does audio work otherwise through the device?18:58
jrock20041Yes it works it still goes thry hdmi18:59
holsteinjrock20041: what does that mean? so, the audio is mirrored in both the HDMI and the device you are trying to use?18:59
jrock20041if I shutdown unplug hdmi bootup, sound goes thru laptop just fine. Horrible quality but fine18:59
holsteinjrock20041: that might be a nice work-around, then19:00
jrock20041If I plug in hdmi, bootup, all sound goes thry hdmi19:00
jrock20041I will continue to research this issue19:08
jrock20041Next one, my laptop has an hdmi port and a mini display port. I am trying to get video working thru both but it not working for mini display port. Will I need to configure my xorg itself?19:09
holsteinjrock20041: you can try looking for and applying upgrades.. you can try older or newer or different distros live.. kernel versions and alsa versions can make and break support for audio devices, and graphics drivers can help support the HDMI19:09
holsteinjrock20041: the issue is, if you can reboot and leave it unpluged, or plugged, and get the functionality you want, that might be as good as it gets, since support for HDMI audio can be mubh more challenging that that, and usually just wont work19:10
holsteinjrock20041: i would say, if you have not tried all the options for video card drivers, start there19:11
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto19:11
jrock20041Nvidia is laptop screen and hdmi I believe. Mini display port is intel19:12
holsteinjrock20041: i dont think so. you should confirm that..19:12
holsteinjrock20041: the link i gave will help you determine what hardware you have, and there should be, for nvidia, open drivers as well as proprietary drivers19:12
holsteinjrock20041: the proprietary drivers do not ship by default, and can help address both of the issues you mention, assuming the vendor provides good linux support to you via that driver19:13
juan_hi! my borders gone, onyone know the comand to recover it?19:33
holsteinjuan_: what "borders"?19:33
elfywindow I suspect - xfwm4 --replace perhaps - never remember which does which :)19:33
juan_the upper borders... to close the windows19:34
juan_sorry, problems with the 'windows'...19:35
elfyjuan_: try Alt+F2 then command xfwm4 --replace19:36
juan_elfy, got it!19:37
juan_elfy, thank you!19:37
xubuntu884good evening...19:42
xubuntu884i get no suggestions in the additional drivers selection of my xubunruinstallation.19:44
bekksWhich drivers?19:44
xubuntu884any idea19:45
xubuntu884i got ubuntu installt and xubuntu. it works in ubuntu but not in xubuntu..19:47
xubuntu884i got ubuntu installed and xubuntu. it works in ubuntu but not in xubuntu..19:47
xubuntu884what package is responsible in xubuntu to provide the information?19:58
xubuntu884i would like to choose the proprietary driver but it is not possible.19:58
xubuntu884and i want to get this fixed19:58
xubuntu884is there any german guidance19:58
xubuntu884my question is, i get no suggestions in the additional drivers selection of my xubunruinstallation. how to get this fixed?19:58
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Unit193xubuntu884: Perhaps it has no drivers for your hardware?19:58
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xubuntu884of course there is. in my ubuntuinstallation there is a choice.19:58
Unit193Settings Manager -> Additional Drivers  is the exact same tool.19:58
xubuntu884it is the same tool but is not woring for me in xubuntu..19:59
elfyexactly the same versions of ubuntu/xubuntu - ie both 13.10 or20:00
xubuntu884on the hdd it is ubuntu 12.04 and xubuntu 13.1020:03
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techinsteindoes anyone now how to fix sound error?21:39
SquallCan someone please check for me whether changing the mouse theme actually works for them?21:51
TheSheepSquall: it works, but not in already running apps21:55
Squallok. The problem i seem to be having is that when i select a new mouse theme all the cursors change to what they're meant to be except for the main normal arrow which stays as the default.21:58
Sysiwhat if you log out and back in?21:58
SquallAh. Stupid as it may sound i haven't tried that. Back soon.22:00
techinsteinhow do you get sound to work i dont see volume settings either22:02
SquallTried it and its worked and not worked. If i'm in opera then i get the black normal arrow cursor but as soon as i move my mouse over the title bar of the windoww or onto the taskbar or desktop or xchat then it goes back to the default white.22:06
SquallTried it and its worked and not worked. If i'm in opera then i get the black normal arrow cursor but as soon as i move my mouse over the title bar of the windoww or onto the taskbar or desktop or xchat then it goes back to the default white.22:25
SquallOops sorry didn't mean to repost that22:26
SquallNot even quite sure how i did that lol22:26
SquallAlso does anyone know how change the font colour across the whole system?22:28
TheSheepSquall: choose a gtk theme that has the right color, or make your own theme22:32
ochosiSquall: in our latest release (13.10) we ship a tool for that22:34
ochosiit's called gtk-theme-config22:34
ochosiyou can find it in the settings-dialog as "Theme configuration" if your system is in english22:34
ochosinote: you can't change *all* theme colors with it, but a few basic ones22:35
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Squallok thanks22:43
SquallI managed to sort the cursor colour issue using the information found here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/459647/comments/110 followed by a reboot which i found a link to here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=197422722:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 86184 in compiz (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #459647 Can't change cursor style using Compiz." [Medium,Confirmed]22:49
SquallWhat the hell did the bot just do?22:50
bazhangreport a  bug22:57
bazhangbug #122:58
ubottubug 1 in Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122:58
Squallah right ok cool22:59
Squallthats pretty clever22:59

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