smoserkwadronaut, wrt your question on ssh keys 14:45
smoseryou can just configure that portion off14:45
smoserjust add something like this to a '*.cfg' in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/14:46
smoserand take out the '-ssh'14:46
smoserdo that on "first boot" and subsequent ones wont run it.14:47
smoseryou wont/wouldn't get ssh keys pulled from metadata service into your user's .ssh/authorized_keys, but thath probably isn't a huge deal for you in that case.14:48
smoseryou could also use harmw's suggestion of14:49
smoserand just write that stanza explicitly from the files in /etc/ssh after first boot.14:49
smoser(so each boot would just explicitly re-write them)14:50
harlowjaharmw ya, i think he is, will bug him today to see how far he got17:49
harmwok harlowja 19:43

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