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rick_h_jujugui, morning. School/day care is closed today and I need to drive the wife into work. The 13+ inches of snow over the last day was a bit much. I'll be in/out through the day dealing with snow, driving, toddler. 11:38
MakyoGood luck!11:38
rick_h_heh, send motrin11:39
rick_h_so sore from the 4 shovelings yesterday11:39
MakyoYikes, yeah11:39
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gary_posterrick_h_: ack, good luck13:05
gary_posterhey benji.  how are you feeling?13:19
benjigary_poster: quite a bit better; I ended up going to the ER at 3AM, which for me was a big deal.  It was the right choice though.13:20
gary_posterbenji, aiee!  ok, glad you are better now.  Had a question for you in regards to floobits/vim: are the available integration options (compiling a fork or hacks) just too insane to pursue?  13:22
benjigary_poster: given the way vim works -- configuration and plugins in scripts instead of compiled in -- I bet it will work reasonably well.  If I can finish up this documentation quickly I'll take a look at compiling their fork.13:23
benji(that mailing list thread wasn't nearly as entertaining as I had hoped, 3 out of 5 stars)13:24
gary_posterbenji: cool thanks.  no rush on floobits.  mostly curious to see if you thought that it was a non-starter.  glad it's not, so far. :-)13:24
gary_posterbenji:not as entertaining: ah well.  I have lower standards, I guess.  It was interesting for me to have sympathy on both sides, but Bram's effective shutdown seemed...unappealing13:26
rick_h_ok, going to roll up into a ball and die now13:27
benjiI felt the same way, but my interpretation of the end was that Bram got tired of asking for the same things over and over.13:28
benjirick_h_: I'll brag about it being 5F here then.  So warm, so little snow.13:28
rick_h_that was when I got up to the cars which I parked toward the end of the drive so that I could more easily clear the first section 13:29
gary_posterrick_h_: impressive, in a "why do you live there again?" sort of way ;-)13:31
rick_h_gary_poster: hah, family...only reason is family13:31
rick_h_I keep trying to move and get vetoed13:31
gary_poster:-) gotcha13:31
rick_h_and this is once every 4 years ledvel13:31
rick_h_bah, frozen fingers can't type13:31
gary_poster:-) sounds like time for a warm beverage13:32
MakyoBrandy, hot water, honey,and lemon :D13:34
rick_h_I was going to settle for coffee13:34
MakyoFiiiine :)13:35
rick_h_no no, I'm liking your idea13:35
MakyoHAha, yeah :)13:35
rick_h_though my boy is going to start asking questions in a bit13:35
MakyoCoffee and bailey's?  still have the coffee that way13:35
rick_h_"but daddy, Monday isn't a TV day" ... it is today!13:35
gary_posterMakyo, hatch, hi.  Makyo, sorry for the hotel problems, but glad they are resolved.  How's the first half day?13:36
Makyogary_poster: Good!  We did some mutual training, now we're going to start some sketching with design.13:39
MakyoThe hotel worked out, at least.13:39
hatchhey gary_poster things are going good13:41
hatchlearning networking stuff at an exponential rate haha13:42
gary_poster:-) cool13:44
benjijujugui: I have a charmworld docs branch that is small and should be reviewable by anyone: https://codereview.appspot.com/4809004315:38
rick_h_benji: looking15:38
rick_h_benji: done with a note15:42
benjirick_h_: thanks15:42
rick_h_jujugui call in 4ish15:56
hatchgary_poster would you like Makyo or I in the standup? 15:56
MakyoI can, for sure.15:57
Makyojujugui call in 215:58
gary_posterhatch, Makyo sorry for not replying.  didn't need today.  Happy with any of these options: (1) send EoD summary email of discussion/progress, maybe alternating between the two of you. (2) come to standups instead, maybe alternating bewteen the two of you.  (3) arrange another call if you prefer.16:34
Makyogary_poster: Will send an email today, but I think alternating standups would be best.16:35
gary_postercool thanks16:53
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benjigary_poster (and rick_h_) I have a floobits vim built and it runs with all my vim config, plugins, Python scripts, etc. without error (well, one little one that shouldn't hurt anyone)19:28
rick_h_benji: very cool19:28
gary_posterbenji, awesome.  And I need to reinvestigate the Konversation pings.  If you'd like to try a floobits session with me at some point, let me know.  It's interesting.  The experience has some odd corners, but is cool.19:44
gary_posterAh-ha: nicks have separate controls from generic highlights in Konversation19:45
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benjigary_poster: I am in https://floobits.com/garyposter/gui-process/20:19
gary_posterbenji cool did you see me comment?20:20
gary_posterbenji, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/76cpi81evno32i3iqc0nn0kijs ?20:20
benjigary_poster: "Run "make view-main-doc" to..."?20:20
gary_posterno :-)20:20
gary_posterhey huwshimi_22:04
* gary_poster runs away22:07
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