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tertuso I've been having a few kernel panics recently03:00
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tertuguess what just happened to me03:04
tertuit happens whenever i have my compaq hne-200 usb box03:05
jacobguy7800How do I add apps to categories on my menu?03:33
jacobguy7800I set the app launcher menu to show when I right click and now I need to add minecraft to it03:35
jacobguy7800Actually now it's in the lost & found cat, how do I change that to games03:36
jacobguy7800WAIT I just right clicked on the kickoff03:37
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uBUXUBuhi kubuntu04:40
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jacobguy7800I have a problem with audio04:54
jacobguy7800Waiiiiiiiiiiiit did I uninstall pulseaudio?04:56
jackywhat's going on?04:57
jacobguy7800I have a problem with pulseaudio05:05
jacobguy7800I have no sound05:05
jacobguy7800Anyone here?05:09
jacobguy7800I'm just gointg to go to #ubuntu05:12
soeegood morning06:33
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zopsiAnyone know if it is possible to install Kubuntu in a VM then transfer to a HDD with real hardware?06:53
zopsiwell maybe possible was the wrong word there. Is it feasible?06:55
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HardWareGuyuhh, did an update break gwenview07:03
HardWareGuyLLVM ERROR: Program used external function '__morestack' which could not be resolved!07:04
HardWareGuyugh i updated llvm recently07:04
HardWareGuymy other llvm things still work though07:04
valoriezopsi: why not just install on the hdd?07:05
valoriethat's the easiest way07:05
valorierun the live session, see if the important stuff works, then install07:07
soeeHardWareGuy: works fine here07:09
soeeim on 14.0407:09
HardWareGuysoee:  13.10 here07:09
soeevalorie: are you on Saucy ?07:09
soeecan you check please ?07:09
valoriecheck what?07:10
soeevalorie: [08:03] <HardWareGuy> uhh, did an update break gwenview07:10
valorieoh, gwenview07:10
valorieI never use it, sorry07:10
soeeah ok :D07:10
HardWareGuywhat image viewer do you use on kde07:10
valorieopens up with no error though07:11
HardWareGuysame, but loading ANY image and it craps07:11
valorieI mean, the application opens, and a random image opens07:11
HardWareGuysigh i have to figure out if it's the new llvm or some legacy problem07:12
zopsivalorie, I use it for a server and it is located in the attic. I want to configure and compile my software on my desktop vs. sitting in the attic.07:13
valorieeverything seems fine; I can do fullscreen, go to any folder, etc.07:13
valoriezopsi: ssh in?07:14
zopsivalorie: that would make sense, but the thing is half the stuff in the house relies on the server. I wanted to make a seamless swap of hard disks or something similar.07:15
valoriesurely there is a way that computer manufacturers do it07:17
valoriejust image rather than installing07:17
zopsiWhat do you mean by image?07:20
valoriewhere you dd one drive to the other07:20
valoriean exact copy07:20
valorienot sure that it's possible to do that from a VM though07:21
zopsiyeah that is what I was thinking of doing just wasnt sure about drivers and all that07:22
valoriethat's the thing - a manufacturer is installing on indentical boxes07:24
lordievaderGood morning.08:02
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gitgHello, I am new to kubuntu and I need to configure an HP wireless printer but nothing I do seems to work09:51
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BluesKajhowdy folks12:42
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nashant_hey. anyone know how to get an icon only taskbar?13:36
claydohnashant_:  there is the icon-only-taskbar widget, I think Fancy tasks might be able to do this as well. You just replace  the Task Manager plasma widget on the panel with a different widget13:45
nashant_claydoh: Found it, thanks13:46
hanibanahi, I am installing Kubuntu 12.04 Desktop on new PC. It seems like it does not have the LVM option on partitioning stage of installation. How can I install it with13:46
nashant_next question, at the moment all sides of the touchpad are being used as scrolling triggers. I only want right and bottom. How would I do that?13:47
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nashant_hanibana: load up the live desktop, install lvm2 (and system-config-lvm if you want to use a gui), sort out your partitions then run the installer14:02
nashant_claydoh: Is there a way to switch desktop with a window, like shift+ctrl+alt+<arrow> in unity?14:10
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nashantclaydoh (or anyone): Is there a way to switch desktop with a window, like shift+ctrl+alt+<arrow> in unity?14:20
BluesKajnafg_, whynot just add pagers in the panel for virtual desktops14:20
BluesKajoops nashant14:20
nashantAh, for me :)14:21
BluesKajnashant, system settings>workspace behaviour>virtuak desktops14:22
Poisoned_Dragonbeat me too it.14:22
Poisoned_Dragonunder the switching tab14:22
Poisoned_Dragonyou can set KB shortcuts to do just that, nashant14:22
nashantFound that, but it doesn't seem to have it for me14:23
nashantI've got the switch desktop, but can't see switch desktop with window14:23
Poisoned_Dragonwith window?14:23
nashantYeah. So it takes the currently focussed window with it14:24
nashantAlso, I'd love to be able to use the windows key to bring the menu up14:24
Poisoned_DragonI think you have to move the window first.14:25
BluesKaj!virtual desktop  | nashant14:26
BluesKajno info bot14:26
BluesKajnashant, in virtual desktops choose the number ou want14:27
BluesKajthen in panel toolbox add the pagers in widgets search14:28
nashantBluesKaj: I've got that sorted. I want to be able to switch desktops, taking a window with it, using ctrl+shift+alt+<arrow>.14:28
BluesKajwhy bother switching  I don't get it14:29
nashantI like to have set workspaces for set things. So I've got a win7 VM in the bottom right, xchat in top right, chrome in top left and terminals in bottom left14:30
BluesKajI just use launchers for that14:31
nashantif I start, say, a terminal in the top left I want to be able to then switch to bottom left, taking the terminal with it14:31
FlyingFoXyis there a reason not to delete '/usr/src/linux-headers*' or is there a cleanup tool that takes care of those not needed any more?14:31
BluesKajFlyingFoXy, use sudo apt-get autoremove and autoclean14:32
FlyingFoXyBluesKaj: that seems to not clean anything. I have linux-headers-3.0.0-[15|16|19|19-generic] there and only 19-generic is in my grub.cfg14:37
BluesKajFlyingFoXy,, then do dist-upgrade , that might get rid of uneeded headers14:40
BluesKajgotta go ...stuff to do ..bbl14:40
Poisoned_DragonJinkies... Kernel 3.0?14:40
Poisoned_DragonKubuntu 12.04LTS is 3.2 at first install.14:41
FlyingFoXyPoisoned_Dragon: i have 3.11 there as well, but I think i wil need them :)14:41
FlyingFoXythis install may have gone through several dist-upgrades already ^^14:42
BluesKajFlyingFoXy, you can remove it manually , sudo apt-get remove --purge 2.6.24-25-* (example)14:56
FlyingFoXyBluesKaj: yeah, did that already14:56
FlyingFoXyI am still trying to get like 4GB more free space ^^14:56
BluesKajuhm , kernels don't take up much space14:59
BluesKajanyway i have an appointment with the dentist, which I'm not looking forward to...so laters15:01
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CrellHi folks.  I'15:49
CrellHi folks.  I'm having trouble connecting to a VPN using openvpn / network-manager (or whatever the default applet is).15:50
CrellIt's just telling me that it's timingout.  Where would I find the logs to pass on to my network admin?15:50
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jacobguy7800Anyone here?17:20
nashantIs there a way to get the windows key to bring up the app menu?17:22
jacobguy7800Let me see17:23
jacobguy7800Right click on the K menu, Applaucherr menu settings, and then key board shortcuts.17:23
jacobguy7800And set it to the Super key (Windows key in linux)17:24
nashantIt won't let me. Just says 'meta+...'17:25
jacobguy7800Oh, you have to set a combination. Apparently the super key here is the meta key.17:26
jacobguy7800So it was waitting for meta+something, like meta+a17:27
nashantI got that17:27
nashantI want just the meta part though17:27
nashantI suppose meta+space isn't too bad17:28
jacobguy7800I'm sorry - I'm a linux n00b. Possibly autohotkey could fix it...17:28
jacobguy7800I have no sound on kubuntu7, help17:31
jacobguy7800I have no sound on kubuntu 13.1-\017:32
jacobguy7800I have no souynd on kubuntu 13.1017:32
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jacobguy7800I have no sound on kubuntu17:34
BluesKajCrell, install network-manager-openvpn , then open the panel tool box and install the network manager widget17:34
CrellBluesKaj: My network admin figured it out. New year means the VPN credentials expired. :-)  He's reissuing them.17:35
jussinashant: you can do it, although its a minor hack. it involves setting up an extra key that isnt mapped anywhere. You cant really get support to do that here, but if you google around, there are some guides available17:35
jussijacobguy7800: can you be more specific? which card you have, did you ever have sound? if yes, what did you do just before sound was lost? etc17:36
jacobguy7800Oh sorry for the slow respone17:38
BluesKajjacobguy7800, open a terminal and type, aplay -l , the copy and paste the line beside "Card 0" , here17:38
jacobguy7800jussi: It's an integrated chip, a realtek17:38
jacobguy7800card 0: MID [HDA Intel MID], device 8: HDMI 2 [HDMI 2]17:39
jacobguy7800I've had sound before, but I needed to get skype3 working so I dowloaded pavucontrol and pavumeter.17:40
jacobguy7800*not skype3 just skype17:41
BluesKajjohnflux_, ok sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel , then reboot ...it's acommon intel bug after upgrades17:41
BluesKajoops jacobguy7800^17:41
jussiahh yeah, I had forgotten about that one17:41
jacobguy7800But i didn't upgrade...17:41
jacobguy7800I downloaded 13.10 iso yesterday...I just got my computer17:42
Ghil2try it, I'm pretty sure BluesKaj is completely right.17:42
BluesKajdid you upgrade some packages after installing17:42
jacobguy7800One time I added a repo and then upgraded my sources but uhh...17:43
jacobguy7800That was for skype17:43
jacobguy7800(I think skype is the problem)17:43
jussijacobguy7800: in anycase, try what BluesKaj suggested17:44
jacobguy7800I did. I'm rbooting now.17:44
BluesKajskype can be iffy on kubuntu17:44
jacobguy7800Let me test the sound17:46
Ghil2skype can be iffy on linux, sadly -_-17:46
jacobguy7800I'm testing it with an OSfirsttimer video, and there's no sound17:47
jacobguy7800So what do I do, just purge skype?17:48
jussijacobguy7800: try plugging in headphones and unplugging them... sounds silly... but still17:49
BluesKajodd tho , skype should work with the intel hda driver, it 's very common17:50
jacobguy7800Maybe i should try different headphones17:50
jacobguy7800I don't have sound anywhere17:51
jacobguy7800Not just skype17:51
BluesKajdifferent headphones won't make any difference17:51
jacobguy7800I know but what if these ones are broken? They're pretty old17:51
BluesKajjacobguy7800, open alsamixer in the terminal ,and make sure you have muted controls MM, use the M key to unmute17:52
BluesKajno muted ctrls rather:)17:53
BluesKajjacobguy7800, ^17:53
jacobguy7800I've got 3 things I can choose and all of them say 0017:53
BluesKajmake sure automute is disabled as well17:54
BluesKajturn the ctrls up to at least 90%17:54
jacobguy7800How do I change it?17:55
BluesKajuse the arrow keys17:55
jacobguy7800I can't change them17:56
BluesKaj< > to navigate, the up and down keys to increase decrease the volume17:56
jacobguy7800Up and down don't do anything17:56
BluesKajyou have to navigate to the particular ctrl , it should bve highlighted in red17:57
jacobguy7800Yes, it's hilited red17:57
jacobguy7800It's not giving me control17:57
BluesKajdo you know what I mean by the arrow keys?17:58
BluesKajbeside the number pad17:58
jacobguy7800The ones under Insert,Home,PageUp,Delete,End,AndPgDown Keys, the Arrow keys!17:59
jacobguy7800The Keys you select things with!17:59
jacobguy7800I can go left and right17:59
jacobguy7800I just can't change the volume17:59
BluesKajturn the volume up with the up key18:01
jacobguy7800I know how arrowkeys work, BluesKaj.18:01
BluesKaji don't know what you know18:01
jacobguy7800I'm screen shotting my alsa mixer18:02
BluesKajor don't know , so don't take offence18:02
BluesKajopen system settings > multimedia > audio & video > device preference > choose the HDA Intel analog device that works with the test button18:06
BluesKajjacobguy7800, gotta go ...we're snowed in here, have to clear the walk and driveway18:07
jacobguy7800ok. Wait, where are you!?18:07
jacobguy7800In BC it's totally green!18:07
BluesKajIn Ontario ,  40 mins west of Sudbury18:08
BluesKajbb in an hr or so18:08
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ChickenBrainhmm, I have no menus in KDE after a fresh ubuntu install and then I installed kde via sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop18:21
ovrflw0xChickenBrain did you restart?18:22
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ChickenBrainmore than once :)18:22
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ovrflw0xChickenBrain .kde folder18:24
ovrflw0xdelete that folder18:24
ChickenBrainthen re-login?18:24
ChickenBrainok, then I leave here as well :)18:25
ChickenBrainovrflw0x, no change :)18:28
ChickenBrainif I know the application I can start it18:28
ovrflw0xChickenBrain try kwin --replace18:28
ChickenBrainbut no menu18:28
ovrflw0xyou mean no "File Edit etc menu"?18:29
ChickenBrainmaybe I am too stupid and layout has changed18:29
ChickenBrainbut I was used to have a "list" of all applications18:29
ChickenBrainsomewhat organized18:30
ChickenBrainin groups18:30
ovrflw0xdid you try "kwin --replace"?18:30
ChickenBrainand if I press the "K" button bottom left corner and then on applications there is nothing18:30
ChickenBrainI could see the monitor flicker when it changed18:30
ovrflw0xChickenBrain i don't get it - what do you mean by i don't see "menu"?18:31
ChickenBrainpressing "K" opens a screen similiar to windows start menu18:31
ChickenBrainthere I have favourites, applications, computer, recently used tab18:31
ChickenBrainfavourites is fine, some to choose from18:32
ChickenBraincomputer is fine, some to choose from18:32
ChickenBrainbut nothing under "Applications"18:32
ChickenBrainno entries18:32
ovrflw0xhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/367466/kde-application-menu-items-missing ChickenBrain  <--18:32
ChickenBrainyes, that could have been my description (isn't though)18:34
ChickenBrainso seems like a "known" bug?18:34
ovrflw0xChickenBrain are you having the exact same problem?18:34
ChickenBrainto the point, but there is no solution to it as far as I read it :)18:35
ovrflw0xsudo apt-get dist-upgrade <---18:35
ovrflw0xoh ok nvm18:35
ChickenBrainand that one I already tried yesterday (on the same post)18:37
fuke_hi is there is somebody who can help me18:38
fuke_Iam problem while configuring LDAP18:38
ovrflw0xChickenBrain delete the launcher and add again18:38
fuke_IN RHEL ^18:38
fuke_redhat 618:39
ChickenBrainnothing changed18:40
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ovrflw0xChickenBrain http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1898866&page=218:43
ovrflw0xhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1898866&page=2&p=11598351#post11598351  AND   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1898866&page=2&p=12304854#post1230485418:46
ovrflw0xChickenBrain get the attachement from 1st link and do what the 2nd link says18:46
ChickenBrainplenty of errors as output from the 2nd executable18:49
ChickenBrainbut it works now18:49
ChickenBrainroom for improvement, but thanks18:49
ovrflw0xi forgot how does ChickenBrain sound? quack quack18:49
ChickenBrainhaha, like a person with no brain :)18:50
ChickenBrainanything I need to do now?18:50
ChickenBrainassuming that it is a bug somewhat18:50
ovrflw0xChickenBrain dunno maybe you need to google or file a bug18:51
ChickenBrainok, thanks :)18:51
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Whiskey`Wonkaanyone familure with marble?19:58
BluesKajgoogle maps works well20:01
Whiskey`Wonkait works like crap on 13:1020:02
Whiskey`Wonkait also wants many many 32bit packages, even for the 64bit one as it is just a wrapper setup20:02
Whiskey`Wonkaback on 12 it was fine but with the move to drop the old libs its not workable and its kludgy as hell20:03
BluesKajnot google earth , google maps , runs in an ordinary browser , nothing to install20:03
Whiskey`Wonkaah but has no kmz/kml support20:03
Whiskey`Wonkai /need/ a 3d render, sorry.20:04
BluesKajworks fine here , on 13.10, perhaps your graphics driver is out of date20:04
Whiskey`Wonkanien, brand new laptop20:04
Whiskey`Wonkain fact it misbehaves on 5 laptops and 2 desktops all 13.1020:05
BluesKajsame here , which graphics ?20:05
BluesKajnew laptop that s20:05
Whiskey`Wonkaa mix, this laptop (that i will not try and install it on again) is a gen3 intel using the 915 driver20:06
Whiskey`Wonkaanother laptop has a 1st or 2nd gen intel using the 915 driver also20:06
BluesKajyup , same as this one20:06
Whiskey`Wonkathe others are 2 ati and one nvidia20:06
Whiskey`Wonkaand the errors are gfx20:06
Whiskey`Wonkathe 64bt one doesnt wrap correctly and blows up when GE seaks info from the net20:07
Whiskey`Wonkathe 32bit one doesnt do that (as often) but still requires lots of 32bit packages and then runs into loops with depends20:08
Whiskey`Wonkanamely the lsb-core stuff. i think on 13.10 i also end up with package conflicts with something else but i forget now20:08
Whiskey`Wonkamarble looks like it would be perfect20:09
Whiskey`Wonkait runs faster then GE does on all of these in fact20:10
Whiskey`Wonkathe main issue with marble is te resolution. would love for it to use the google db heheh20:11
BluesKaji gave up on GE , google maps works well enough now that I don't have any need for GE20:18
Whiskey`WonkaIf i did not need the 3d i would not need it20:24
BluesKajWhiskey`Wonka, try the libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental , iworks very well here on OpenGL 3.1 and raster Qt graphics20:30
BluesKajalong with i915 intel graphics driver20:30
Whiskey`WonkaBluesKaj: use it for what?20:31
BluesKajfor OpenGL and 3D20:31
Whiskey`Wonkathat looks like part of the 3d layer not an application for 3d expression of globes20:31
Whiskey`Wonkayea, again, 3d quality is not the issue20:31
Whiskey`Wonkaand i figured out marbles lack of decent sat photo's. still not as good as GE but far better then the 250meter stuff that is default20:32
BluesKajalright fine, i won't bother you anymore20:32
Whiskey`Wonkayou are not bothering me at all20:35
BluesKajone thing about marble it has embedded info about geographic locations so an internet connection isn't always necessary20:40
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goodtime/msg NickServ20:44
goodtime          IDENTIFY20:44
goodtime/msg NickServ20:44
goodtime          IDENTIFY20:44
FloodBotK1goodtime: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:44
LjLthat's one way to attempt to give us your password20:45
LjLit's okay though, we saw nothing because the floodbots silenced you!20:46
goodtimeheh i was trying to paste it in my terminal but i accidentaly pasted it in my irc client .... ooopppsss20:46
goodtimethats a good floodbot20:47
BluesKajgoodtime, use the server textbox for that , not the chat20:53
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nypersianhi, I am downloading the Kubuntu x64 (since my hardware supports it).... however I noticed that the x32 is recommended on the download page..... any recommendation????22:34
Poisoned_Dragonhow much ram you got?22:34
Poisoned_DragonAnd, do you plan on handling files greater than 4Gb?22:35
nypersiansorry got a phone call... I have 12 GB22:39
Poisoned_DragonOf ram?!22:39
Poisoned_Dragonx64, mandatory.22:40
nypersianthought so,,, just wanted to get some ideas here.... thanks >_<22:40
Poisoned_Dragonram in excess of 4GB requires a x64 os.22:40
nypersianIt was odd that it was recommending x32 as general download, considering most of today's PCs are equipped with x64 CPU and more than 4 GB of ram22:41
Poisoned_DragonIn your world maybe.22:43
Poisoned_DragonOver here, only new pcs have that22:43
Poisoned_DragonI don't get to use today's pcs. :)22:44
nypersianthanks anyways.... have a good one22:44
jackyIf I wanted to check the output of a key, how would I do that?23:20
jackythink it might be a X tool for it23:20
gomiboyjacky: xev23:21
jackygomiboy: sweet, thanks23:22
jackya lot of grepping this output23:22
jackylooks like 3 keys on my keyboard aren't showing up.23:28
jackyEsc, F1 and and Page Down23:28

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