jtayloy3222Hey man, which app utility is used to backup Lubuntu 13.10?00:39
Jayboti need help with permissions04:48
ianorlinpermissons on what?04:48
Jayboti have a webserver with lubuntu04:48
Jayboti remote into it using ftp/ssh04:48
Jaybotwhen i update the site using ftp, apache can no longer serve up the pages04:49
* ianorlin isn't good with those maybe someone else04:49
Jaybotok thanks anyway :)04:49
JaybotThis guide looks promising: http://askubuntu.com/questions/68007/configuring-permissions-for-ftp-and-apache04:52
Jaybotbut i'm afraid to run through taht without some help04:52
ianorlinwere you reloading apache?04:54
Jaybotoh no04:54
Jaybothaha hang on let me try that04:54
Jaybotis it            sudo service apache2 reload                 or           sudo service apache2 restart                 aka what's the difference?04:58
ianorlinin the askubuntu answer you linked I think it was sudo  /etc/init.d/apache2 reload04:59
Jaybotok so reload happened, but there is still a permissions issue on the page I just ftp copied over05:02
ianorlinI need more than a permissons issue?05:03
Jaybotwould you like go to a pm? I can show you my webpage and the particulars05:03
ianorlinnot really as then others can't jump in to help05:05
Jaybotsec i'll provide some info05:05
Jaybotthere is a link at the bottom of www.vancitynetworking.com05:07
Jaybotit's called 'eflyer' and apache can't host it for what i think is a permissions issue. I think I have to do a chown type command to give apache permission05:09
Jaybotanother command that is useful is   ls -al       it shows the file permissions05:09
Jaybotbut i dont really know what i'm doing :/05:10
ianorlindoes it work on localhost?05:17
Jayboton my main development pc it works fine05:18
ianorlinhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions shows info on file permissons05:18
Jaybotbut when I ftp copy it to my webserver that link doesn't work05:18
Jaybotok thanks05:19
Jaybotwhat's up zombie hoffa, are you in Calgary?05:29
Unit193Are they jaybot:jaybot 644 when you transfer them?05:30
Jaybotthe file that works fine is:             -rw-rwxr--  1 www-data www-data    211 Jan  5 21:06 index.html05:31
Jaybotthe directory whose contents can't be read is:                drwx--S---  2 human    www-data   4096 Jan  5 20:31 eflyer05:32
Jaybotit appears the group        www-data doesn't have read or execute privileges to the directory05:32
Jaybotcould that be the problem?05:32
Jaybotapache2 is part of the www-data group05:32
JaybotI'm looking for a command that will "add read+write permissions" for the "group www-data" to the "directory eflyer and all it's contents"05:34
Jaybotand i'm getting close, just reading this documentation05:34
ianorlinhave you read man chmod05:34
Jaybotidk i dont think so05:35
ianorlinthat is the command but you should read manual so you learn it for yourself05:35
Jaybotwill do thanks05:36
JaybotGot it, thanks for the advice and the link ianorlin :)05:46
ianorlinyou're welcome05:46
Jaybotgoodnight folks06:20
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koellHow to autostart applications on lubuntu at start up? I tried .desktop files in .config/autostart but no application in there starts.13:06
koellHow can I autostart applications in lubuntu? All those methods on http://askubuntu.com/questions/159008/how-to-add-startup-applications-in-lubuntu didn't work. :(13:16
koellok got it >>> http://askubuntu.com/a/37740713:20
harmemhi, is this the correct place to ask about issues with the ppc version?13:37
luckydbhello guys, does it work for anybody lubuntu touchscreen and onboard keyboard?14:39
luckydb(onboard:15515): ERROR **: AT-SPI: COuldn't connect to accessibility bus14:39
E8newallmIs it possible to download the entire Lubuntu source code anywhere?18:10
holsteinE8newallm: the source is available for anything in the source repository.. you can also download the entire iso anytime... there is no "click here to download the entire source of everything" button, since, that would be a challenge to maintain18:12
holsteinE8newallm: you might want to just download a live CD, and poke around in a package manager.. though, you can likely browse whatever you are looking for without being on the live CD18:12
holsteinE8newallm: the repos are the main ubuntu ones, so there will be no "lubuntu" specific ones needed18:13
E8newallmI was more after like the source code of the live disk18:13
holsteinE8newallm: you can download the live disc18:14
E8newallmLike the basic ubuntu/lubuntu installation18:14
E8newallmis the live disk source code?18:14
holsteinE8newallm: im not sure what you are after18:14
holsteinE8newallm: the build scripts?18:15
E8newallmIs there no base linux/lubuntu system?18:16
holsteinE8newallm: linux is the kernel.. lubuntu is an official variant of ubuntu18:16
holsteinE8newallm: the source for everything is in the repositories18:17
E8newallmAh right ok18:17
E8newallmIs there a list anywhere of what software lubuntu is made of?18:17
E8newallmAs in what software lubuntu uses on top of linux to make a bare system?18:18
holsteinE8newallm: linux is just the kernel.. it uses the main ubuntu repositories.. official sources from the ubuntu repositories18:18
E8newallm(Sorry if I'm not describing myself well :P)18:18
holsteinE8newallm: there is not "bare system".. just whatever gets put together from the sources18:19
holstein!mini | E8newallm is as close to a bare system on an iso that i know of18:19
ubottuE8newallm is as close to a bare system on an iso that i know of: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD18:19
holsteinhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/lubuntu-desktop describes the lubuntu-desktop metapackage.. but there would be more packages in the lubuntu distro18:19
E8newallmI think they're what I'm after18:20
holsteinone could download the live CD, and load up a package manager, such as synaptic, and look and see what is installed18:20
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holsteinthere will be lots of dependencies and lib's that may not be listed there that will be pulled in as well18:20
holsteinE8newallm: i need to run.. feel free and ask in #ubuntu , if its slow here, and you ned to know something about packages in general18:22
E8newallmAlright, thanks for your help, I think that minimal was what I'm after :018:22
HutchHello #Lubuntu18:50
HutchI thought there was a centre for setting in lubuntu. Must have got mixed up with the software center18:53
Hutchinteresting. I never knew that18:56
ianorlinthere was but it was just links to programs19:01
ianorlinany setting in partiuclar you want to change?19:01
HutchHi ianorlin touchpad scrolling  to 2 fingers19:02
Hutchthe side scroller does my head in. I keep going to the 2nd desktop or in game it zooms in/out19:03
HutchI'm thinking I'll need to install synaptics19:06
ianorlinhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKhxT5AHqP4 shows configuring touchpad I am not that expiernced19:11
ianorlinterminal based synclient is installed19:12
Hutchok thanks ianorlin19:16
HutchI have installed gsynaptics and disabled continuous edge scrolling but I can still edge scroll :-(19:26
ianorlinHutch do you mean enabled?19:26
HutchI uncheckeed enable19:27
ianorlinis there an apply button you have to hit?19:27
Hutchbut it still allows me to do it19:27
HutchNope just check boxes but let me re check19:28
Hutchnope. There's an ok button (I pressed it) but no luck19:29
Hutchthere is a two finger scroll option but it makes no sense if you can still scroll with one finger19:30
HutchI'll reboot19:32
HutchWasn't the obvious cont edge scrolling option but the slightly less obv enable vertical scrolling option :)19:40
Hutch^^screenshot using gyazo. a neat little screen capture app I found yesterday19:44
ianorlinlubuntu has scrot which you can launch from the terminal installed by default19:46
Hutchno more annoying accidental edge scrolling :-D My life is once more complete and fulfilling......Well nearly ;-)19:46
HutchThanks ianorlin GL with your interview ;)19:47

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