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MrCurious2so wierd.  maas web ui can start the vm node to comission it, but not to "start" it00:30
MrCurious2oh ho ho ssh key not registered.   thank you mouse hover baloon over start button00:34
MrCurious2success at lasst!00:35
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MrCurious2it is working sweet now :)02:31
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jtvbigjools: would you believe that for the models migration I considered setting a standard of not giving manager classes a model-specific name?03:49
bigjoolsjtv: I'm not horrified03:50
jtvbigjools: I do wonder if we need to model physical networks before modeling virtual ones.05:42
bigjoolsjtv: we do, don't we?!06:00
bigjools(sorry had internet brownout, massive storm here)06:00
bigjoolsjtv: still there?06:20
jtvbigjools: yes, still here... or again, it turns out06:28
bigjoolsjtv: can I do a pre-imp with you06:34
jtvYes, let me grab the right hardware for that.06:34
bigjoolsjtv: call me when you're ready06:39
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jtvrvba: I'm grabbing the card for "user should be given a choice of where to place a node."  Probably not much to do there — the hard work is in your card I think.08:53
rvbajtv: indeed.  Also, Julian and I briefly talked about this and we don't think this card (the one you picked) should be done.08:54
bigjoolswell hang on08:55
bigjoolsnot in that format, no, but the choice needs to be available to override the default08:55
rvbajtv: our idea was that having a default plus letting the user override it should be enough08:55
rvbaWhat bigjools said :)08:55
jtvYes, that's what I figured.08:55
rvbaLet's talk about this after the call (or right now, if you want).08:56
bigjoolswe are, as they say, in violent agreement08:56
rvbaHaving a default and letting the user change it is not as trivial as it sounds.08:56
bigjoolsit's Django, nobody expected it to be :)08:57
jtvThat depends...  without your branch done, it is simple.08:57
* bigjools pokes at the raw nerve08:57
jtvIt's making the default not be null that's difficult.  Right?08:57
rvbaThe trick being that the system must enforce the invariant:  there is one default and one default only.08:57
rvbaWe have to make sure the status 'default' cannot be removed without another zone being selected as the default first.08:58
rvbaWe have to prevent the default from being deleted.08:58
rvbaThat sort of things.08:58
jtvIn general, we have to fix the deletion of zones.08:58
jtvBecause it nulls the existing Node.zone fields.08:59
jtvFor the zone you're deleting, that is.08:59
rvbaAnd it's much simpler to do than what has been done thus far :)08:59
rvbai.e. no need to override zone.delete.08:59
rvbajtv: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/models/fields/#django.db.models.ForeignKey.on_delete09:00
jtvAh, there's a policy?09:00
rvbajtv: more precisely https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/models/fields/#django.db.models.SET_DEFAULT09:00
rvbaI've fixing this as a drive-by in my branch.09:00
jtvThen it comes back to how to set the default.09:00
jtvWhich is an already existing problem.09:00
rvbaAnd that can be a callable, like Zone.objects.get_default_zone09:01
jtvAh good.09:01
jtvThen I don't know what needs doing for this card I picked up...09:01
rvbaNothing, if you ask me :)09:01
jtvRight.  The option's already there.09:01
* jtv deletes09:01
jtvThat said, I am under instructions to help you clear this lane, so if there's anything I can do for you...09:02
rvbaWell, let's talk about this, I'd be happy to run things by you.09:03
jtvYou want to hang out?09:06
rvbajtv: yep, let's do that.09:06
jtvDamn.  That means moving hardware around again.  Hang on.09:08
rvbajtv: ready when you are09:12
jtvOh come on, I used that network cable in that very port earlier today.  I *know* it works.09:12
jtvSlow DHCP response.09:12
jtvShall we just call the default zone "default"?09:41
rvbaYou mean, make 'default' be its default name?09:43
rvbaThat's what I have in the data migration script that I created: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6702219/09:44
rvbajtv: well, I'll have to change it now… you can see the presence of the 'default' boolean column in that migration.09:47
jtvNo worries, I just meant the name.09:47
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bjorne2013-12-22 11:20:04,813 - url_helper.py[DEBUG]: Attempting to open '' with 1 attempts (0 retries, timeout=None) to be performed17:54
bjorne2013-12-22 11:20:04,856 - url_helper.py[DEBUG]: Failed reading from after 1 attempts17:54
bjorne2013-12-22 11:20:04,856 - url_helper.py[DEBUG]: 1 errors occured, re-raising the last one17:54
bjornesomeone now anything about this?17:54
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bladernr_anyone around?  I have MAAS set up on a machine running 13.10, but it appears that there is no tftp server installed... should that have been pulled in when I installed maas, maas-cluster-controller or maas-region-controller?23:32
iunruhI really want to like MAAS, but wow am I having issues.. When commissioning 15 nodes, 5 of them just didn't turn on (IPMI never got hit, I guess), 4 had GRUB errors, the rest of them were stuck on cloud init and couldn't get an IP address23:40
iunruhWhen I manually turned on the 5 that never came on, they all couldn't get anything from PXE23:40
iunruhI don't even know where to begin with debugging23:52
iunruhSame exact hardware, all Dell PowerEdge R620 nodes23:53
iunruhSame RAID configuration, same NIC configuration23:53

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