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blkperlhi, anyone know the answer to this question? http://askubuntu.com/questions/164820/default-screen-magnifier21:13
mozablkperl : The link already has some answers, and i also heard that Compiz is the way to go.21:21
blkperlmoza: the link doesn't explain how to get to the compiz window21:22
blkperltried kmag too and it seems to be rather broken21:23
mozaDo you have compiz installed?21:23
mozaThe answer by Mitch gives steps to install and then configure Compiz21:25
mozaThe screenshots show keyboard shortcuts that you can configure to activate or deactivate the magnifier.21:25
mozablkperl : I found it under Applications > System tools > Settings > CompizConfig Manager21:36
mozaI'm translating, so the exact names of the menu can vary a bit.21:36
blkperlmoza: found it :)21:40
blkperllets see if it works21:40
mozaI have to go, I hope it works out.21:47

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