SergioMenesesmorning guys!15:04
SergioMenesesBobJonkman2, what happen with the Mock?15:04
BobJonkman2Hi SergioMeneses: I tried a different mic (microphone), but it seemed to cause problems20:37
BobJonkman2(I was participating in the Virtual Ubuntu Hour hosted by #ubuntu-us-oh the Ohio Team)20:38
SergioMenesesBobJonkman2, are you using an external mic?20:38
BobJonkman2I was using the internal mic in the laptop mostly. The external mic appeared to cause noise20:38
SergioMenesesthat is rare... I usually have issues with my internal mic, no externals20:39
BobJonkman2It's likely there's an intermittent break in the wire, so that might have been the source of the noise20:40
SergioMenesesBobJonkman2, and what use the website?... flash, html5?20:46
BobJonkman2SergioMeneses: http://chatb.org uses HTML5 and the WebRTC protocol. jrgifford looked at the code, and says that most of the work is done with browser libraries20:47
SergioMenesesBobJonkman2, mmm... so I dont know what the problem is20:50

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