didrockshey Mirv, happy new year!06:48
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popeydidrocks: no landing task force meeting? It disappeared.09:30
popey(morning and HNY btw)09:30
didrockspopey: magically!09:31
didrockspopey: happy new year ;)09:31
didrocksyeah, Mirv and sil2100 are off today09:31
didrocksno real need to have one, let's get people catching up emails09:31
didrocksand trolling for ogra_ :p09:31
popeyogra_: nexus 5 done yet?09:31
popeyhow about now?09:31
popeyand now?09:31
ogra_so i got calendar notifications from my phone every damned day during my vacations ... but the firs meeting after my vacations doesnt notify me :P09:32
didrockspopey: apparently, he's rewriting something in perl soon… :p09:32
popeyHmm.. Ubuntu Touch on one of these puppies... http://liliputing.com/2014/01/hp-unveils-slate21-pro-android-powered-one-desktop.html?09:39
asacHNY :)09:42
ogra_same same :)09:42
didrockshey asac, HNY too!09:46
asacdidrocks: thanks!\09:47
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rsalvetipopey: that device looks quite cool, but would be way better with ubuntu11:46
ogra_i doubt HP would have liked to wait for 14.10 and a working desktop mode in the converged UI though :)11:55
davmor2didrocks, ogra_: are you looking to promote a new image at all today? or can I test the current?12:41
didrocksdavmor2: just test current, we won't promote anything I guess until we are back on shape :)12:42
* ogra_ hasnt heard anything ... and we have no meeting today 12:42
ogra_i guess its not *that* urgent to promote one today12:42
* didrocks wonders why the launchpad cred message isn't shown12:42
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Kaleowasn't there a QA website with boot startup time for Ubuntu?13:20
ogra_Kaleo, for x86/amd64 there is ...13:21
Kaleoogra_, where is it? I cannot find it13:21
* ogra_ still has an open task to set something similar up for touch13:21
ogra_Kaleo, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Bootspeed/13:21
Kaleoogra_, hmmm13:22
Kaleoogra_, it was a very different website before13:22
Kaleoogra_, with even rendering stats per hardware too13:22
ogra_yeah, there must be bootcharts somewhere13:22
Kaleothat's it :)13:25
ogra_hmm, actually not the one i meant13:27
ogra_mine actually had proper bootchart pngs linked13:28
ogra_but i cant find it ... these bootspeed measurements arent very helpful to track down services delaying the boot13:28
xnoxKaleo: http://ci.ubuntu.com/bootspeed/arch/amd64/13:31
xnoxogra_: ^13:31
ogra_xnox, no bootchart13:31
ogra_(thats the details page of Kaleo's link above)13:32
seb128ogra_, it has, click on "detailed view" and then "raw data" on the left13:34
ogra_doesnt load anything for me :(13:35
seb128it's slow for me too, I had to retry 3 times to get the list13:35
xnoxogra_: no without pain, one can download get everything from there... there is even a full tarball of logs & full-blow bootchart images available.... somewhere....13:40
ogra_all i could find looks like a self knotted bootchart impostor thingie13:40
ogra_(through jenkins.qa.u.c)13:41
seb128ogra_, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/bootspeed-trusty-desktop-i386-acer-veriton-01/9/artifact/11/bootchart.png13:45
ogra_it finally loaded here too13:45
* ogra_ just looks at artifact 13 .... 57sec boot time ... ugh13:46
seb128seems the system stopped working though, no record since 2013110813:46
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didrockshey fginther! happy new year :)14:25
fgintherdidrocks, happy new year to you as well!14:26
didrocksthanks ;)14:26
didrocksfginther: before your meeting starts, do you know where you backup the gpg and ssh keys for ps-jenkins?14:26
didrocksI think we'll need them for the citrain and ev needs to put that as part of his incoming juju deploy script14:27
fgintherdidrocks, yep, I know where they are, let me dig them out for you14:27
didrocksfginther: yeah, if you can send them to me as well, that would help for my local testing! :)14:27
fgintherdidrocks, and get them documented14:27
kgunndidrocks: happy new year !14:59
kgunndidrocks: am i correct in seeing, you guys just have some backlog to work thru before getting to mir ?15:00
kgunntotally understandable15:00
didrockskgunn: hey! happy new year :)15:00
didrockskgunn: yeah, there are some backlogs and Mirv/sil2100 start only tomorrow :)15:00
ogra_hmm, nobody pulled in the session changes it seems15:00
didrockskgunn: so expect that we try landing Mir on wednesday I would say, is that ok for you?15:00
kgunnok...np, will be looking to make sure mir is well behaved :)15:00
didrockskgunn: thanks :)15:01
didrocksogra_: no, see associated comment, it was pending on mterry, I didn't track then when I was on holidays15:01
ogra_hmm, i thought it was ready when i left15:01
ogra_didrocks, bah, thats long obsolete15:03
didrocksogra_: ah, well, it was still written :)15:03
ogra_(he commented on the MP)15:03
didrocks(not sure why it's not showing up as red anymore)15:03
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sergiusensfginther, hey, can we circle back with the android builder?16:39
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fginthersergiusens, I'll be available shortly16:49
sergiusensfginther, ack, thanks16:50
fginthersergiusens, here's the last attempt: http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/ubuntu-touch-image-builder/12/console17:04
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sergiusensfginther, try and install xz17:28
fginthersergiusens, xz is there17:29
sergiusensfginther, is this precise, trusty,..?17:31
fginthersergiusens, it was raring, I've since updated to saucy and am now trying a fresh build17:31
sergiusensfginther, ack, error looks weird to me17:32
sergiusensas in, not much information :-)17:32
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Kaleoogra_, any idea how to disable MTP on the phone?18:44
Kaleoogra_, it seems to be the probable cause of my adb/ssh shell being disconnected constantly18:44
Kaleojust dug up https://code.launchpad.net/~pwlars/ubuntu-test-cases/mtp-is-less-broken/+merge/19794218:45
ogra_Kaleo, iirc there was a regression that cyphermox and sergiusens were about to fix18:52
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sergiusensKaleo, ogra_ constantly or just at boot?18:57
fginthersergiusens, still fails on saucy: http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/ubuntu-touch-image-builder/14/console18:57
fginthersergiusens, same error regarding vmlinuz18:57
sergiusensKaleo, ogra_ there is only one disconnect left and it's when android starts and resets the usb device18:57
ogra_sergiusens, what was that regression davmor2 talked about ?18:58
sergiusensogra_, something about mtp not working on boot when the device was connected18:58
ogra_(i dont think the disconnect on boot is a regression, it was always there)18:58
sergiusensalthough that works for me18:58
sergiusensbut it's not related to Kaleo's comment at all18:58
Kaleosergiusens, constantly when connecting via ssh over adb18:59
Kaleosergiusens, less frequently with just adb18:59
sergiusensKaleo, that means you change the usb settings?18:59
davmor2ogra_, sergiusens: cyphermox I think was looking at that, the mtp from Friday18:59
Kaleosergiusens, I don't know what that means; I'm just connecting via ssh19:00
davmor2ogra_, sergiusens, Kaleo: This is when you're ssh/adb session gets kicked when mtp connects I guess which is an older issue right?19:00
davmor2your even19:01
Kaleodavmor2, that's my guess19:01
Kaleodavmor2, yes19:01
davmor2Kaleo: yeah it does there is a bug for that :)19:01
sergiusensKaleo, davmor2 I don't know how adb can reset ssh unless you connect over rndis19:01
Kaleodavmor2, linkie?19:02
davmor2sergiusens: I don't know about ssh but adb shell work fine if you attach after mtp has attempted to connect if you attach before you get kicked when mtp attaches19:03
davmor2Kaleo: I'll try and find it19:03
Kaleodavmor2, thanks19:03
sergiusensdavmor2, I know; but the definition of constantly disconnects Kaleo gave is a bit different than disconnects on boot19:03
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1249162 in android-tools (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1233613 Devices lose adb connection after phablet-flash loop" [High,Confirmed]19:04
sergiusensdavmor2, mtp attaching should be the cause of the last disconnect; it's actually setting the usb device from ubuntu, then when android starts have it do the same (hence the disconnect)19:04
sergiusensdavmor2, and the mtp job doesn't touch the usb config anymore, which waas the 3 disconnect19:05
davmor2sergiusens: ah fair enough19:06
davmor2Kaleo: ^ sorry I didn't add your nick to the bug19:07
davmor2sergiusens: that's good to know, so now in theory it shouldn't kick adb off when mtp connects right?  if so I'll run a test on that once mtp is working correctly :)19:08
sergiusensdavmor2, it shouldn't, no; the usb device is reset only when changing the android property for the usb device19:09
Kaleodavmor2, thank you19:09
cjohnston /19:10
davmor2sergiusens: thanks for the info I'll run a few tests on it when I know the mtp fix has landed19:12
dobeyis there anything special one needs to do, to get a whole new package landed on the image?19:14
sergiusensdobey, needs to be in the touch seed19:14
dobeysergiusens: right. i mean, if the package is set up for daily-release and in CI already, but not in ubuntu.19:17
sergiusensafaik, the daily release team can get into ubuntu19:18
sergiusensrobru, ^^19:18
dobeywho all is the daily release team?19:19
sergiusensdobey, long read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DailyRelease, short read https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity19:22
sergiusensso that's basically cyphermox robru didrocks Mirv sil210019:23
dobeyyeah, most of the people on it are in europe19:25
dobeykenvandine: !! :)19:26
kenvandinehey dobey19:27
dobeyhey kenvandine. ready for the freezing tomorrow?19:27
kenvandinenot really :)19:28
kenvandinemy plan is to not leave the house :)19:28
kenvandinedobey, what package do you need?19:28
dobeykenvandine: can you trigger a build of ubuntu-purchase-service into the daily ppa?19:28
kenvandinewhat stack is it in?19:28
dobeythen do the rest of the daily-release work to get it into ubuntu if it builds successfully19:29
dobeykenvandine: click (is that a stack?) should be in the same stack that unity-scope-click is in19:29
kenvandinedoesn't look like it's in the click stack19:30
dobeyi put it next to unity-scope-click in the CI config, anyway19:30
kenvandineok, i see it now19:31
kenvandinebut not showing in jenkins19:31
kenvandinemaybe it wasn't redeployed?19:31
dobeynot sure. i saw the landing jobs for it when i looked at jenkins the other day19:32
dobeyor maybe some other bit needs to be deployed for daily-release jobs stuff that i don't know about19:32
dobeywho to ping about that? cihelp?19:32
fgintherdobey, looking19:33
kenvandinei'm redeploying the stack19:34
fgintherkenvandine, thanks19:34
dobeyah ok19:35
fgintherdobey, I also deploy the webcred stack to finish ubuntuone-client-data. sorry for overlooking this portion of the deploy19:38
dobeythanks fginther19:38
fginther(2 deploys are needed on 2 different jenkins, I only did the first one)19:38
kenvandinefginther, what's wrong with the version?19:40
fgintherkenvandine, looking19:41
kenvandineit isn't UNRELEASED maybe?19:41
fgintherkenvandine, trusty should be ok19:43
dobeyhrmm, one second19:45
kenvandinedoes it require an ubuntu revision?19:46
* kenvandine doesn't remember what's expected there19:46
dobeyit might.19:46
dobeykenvandine: can you try to do builds of ubuntuone-client-data or ubuntuone-credentials?19:46
dobeyif those fail on the version it's probably the broken expectation of a non-native version19:47
dobeyso, blame didrocks :)19:47
dobeynot sure what code to fix, in order to fix that, though19:48
kenvandinei started ubuntuone-client-data19:48
kenvandinesame error19:48
dobeyok, so almost certainly it doesn't like native versions19:51
dobeylet me see if i can fix it19:51
dobeyoh no, that's not the problem19:53
dobeyseems it's parsing the date wrong19:53
dobeyah, becasue the regexp is wrong19:54
fgintherdobey, kenvandine, looks like it expects 20131204 and not 013.12.1919:54
fginthererr 2013.12.1919:54
dobeywhere did i get the one with dots from19:57
dobeyrobru: why was this done? https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu-purchase-service/fix-version/revision/720:02
dobeyand apparently without an MP for it?20:04
dobeykenvandine, fginther: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu-purchase-service/fix-version/+merge/20057820:17
kenvandineugh... you reverted the packaging cleanup...20:19
kenvandinerobru would have done that to follow our packaging standards20:19
dobeyrobru should have made a merge proposal20:20
dobeyand explained why those changes make sense here20:20
kenvandinenot sure why their wasn't a MP... maybe it didn't have CI setup yet?20:22
dobeyit had ci20:22
dobeyor it should have20:22
dobeyat the very least it had people working on the code and reviewing branches20:22
dobey"jenkins isn't running on it yet" is not a valid reason to not have an MP20:23
kenvandinedobey, agreed20:25
dobeythe changes to debian/control made no sense anyway. it didn't make it easier to read20:25
kenvandineall of the daily release packages we do that, didrocks set a standard for that20:25
kenvandinetrailing comma20:25
kenvandinerobru, can you comment on dobey's MP?20:29
dobeyi have no problem discussing such proposed changes, but that's what MPs are for. you don't just outright commit to the branch20:30
dobeyremvoing debian/source and adding .bzr-builddeb were not necessary, and wrap-and-sort -a -t makes the control file less readable and more annoying to manage. the added comment about Vcs-Bar is also confusing and unnecessary20:32
dobeyqmltestrunner == pain.20:40
dobeyqmltestrunner: could not find a Qt installation of ''20:42
dobeyhow am i even supposed to debug that?20:42
kenvandinedoes that support qtchooser?20:42
sergiusensdobey, QT_SELECT=qt5 probably missing20:42
kenvandinewhat sergiusens said :)20:42
dobeyand why would i have to specify that?20:43
dobeyi certainly don't have to when building locally20:43
sergiusensto support qt4 and qt5 at the same time20:44
sergiusensdobey, you have qt5-defaults package installed20:44
dobeyi don't support qt4 at all20:44
sergiusensto support it on the same system that is20:44
kenvandinedobey, you could build dep on qt5-defaults20:45
kenvandinebut i think someone was discouraging that20:46
dobeyit's a clean environment and i build-dep on qt5base-dev; that should be enough20:47
kenvandinebut without qt5-defaults, it can't find qt20:48
dobeywell, software has been known to be buggy20:48
kenvandineit would be nice if it was smart about falling back20:49
dobeywhy doesn't the qt5 stuff depends on qt5-defaults?20:49
kenvandinebecause then it wouldn't work for qt420:49
robrukenvandine, dobey: sorry was at lunch. I sometimes don't do MPs for such simple packaging changes since I follow didrock's packaging guidelines strictly, they should be uncontrovercial changes. Also it's possible that there was some rush to get a package out at the time (eg, jenkins was delayed by several hours but we wanted to get the package published for an image build).20:50
kenvandineon the same system20:50
dobeyrobru: this package isn't in ubuntu yet. it's a brand new project20:50
dobeyrobru: and i do find those guidelines controversial :)20:50
kenvandinedobey, you are the first upstream to complain about them20:51
robrudobey, yeah, I thought we were in a hurry to get it into ubuntu at the time.20:51
kenvandinedobey, that is sooo "dobey" of you :)20:51
dobeykenvandine: i'm probably also the only one who cares enough about package quality to complain about them :)20:51
robrudobey, yeah, I find your standards bizarre. 'wrap-and-sort -a -t' makes it way nicer, trailing commas especially make future diffs a lot easier to read.20:52
dobeyrobru: i don't care if diffs are easier to read or not. i'm not reading diffs when i'm looking at debian/control :)20:52
dobeyand i don't think wrap-and-sort makes it nicer20:52
kenvandinedidrocks set strick guidance on package consistency for everything landing in daily release20:52
robrudobey, um... lots of people are reading diffs of debian/control? like the release team?20:53
dobeyhaving 1 space at the beginning of the line for EVERY dependency item, makes it much nicer for me20:53
dobeyrobru: really? debian/control shouldn't be changing so often20:53
kenvandinedobey, part of this is so the cu2d system can decide if the packaging needs packaging review before publishing20:54
robrudobey, it may not change often, but when it does, clean diffs are nice. also one-space indents are literally unheard of, it's a lot easier to read with a nice big indent that sets it apart from the rest of the file. one-space indent is nearly invisible, hard to see where the dep list ends etc20:54
kenvandineand gives a packaging only diff for us to review20:54
dobeykenvandine: they can't both be guidelines, and be strict. it's one or the other. and i've already bugged didrocks about the split/native thing, and i'm trying to make it better by not having it, here20:54
dobeyrobru: the problem with wrap-and-sort is that the indent is not consistent across the entire file20:55
kenvandinewhat i care about is consistency... i really don't want some packages split and some native20:55
dobeykenvandine: i don't want any packages split20:55
robrudobey: it is consistent: each following line is indented to the position of the first line ;-)20:55
dobeykenvandine: things that include the debian/ dir upstream are native packages20:55
kenvandinei don't want to go back and change all of them20:55
dobeykenvandine: using bzr-builddeb split mode is a red herring20:55
dobeyrobru: no, it is not consistent20:56
dobeyrobru: it is indented according to the value it is filling20:56
dobeyrobru: "Build-Depends:" and "Depends:" are not the same width20:56
robrudobey, yes, each stanza is consistently indented according to the value it's filling ;-)20:56
dobeyrobru: which means copying a dep from one to the other is a pain20:56
robrudobey, it's not a pain, just run 'wrap-and-sort -a -t' when you're done, it will indent it nicely for you. or get a real editor ;-)20:57
dobeyand considering they are often the same, especially with packages that are runtime-interpreted code20:57
dobeyif you have a problem with the way it exists in the tree, file a bug and a merge proposal and we can argue about it there20:57
dobeyi don't want to waste time arguing about it in irc with multiple people about different aspects of the same thing20:59
robrudobey, i don't have a problem, I am following guidelines as I have done for literally hundreds of packages ;-). you're the one that has a problem.20:59
dobeyi have no problem. i am following the policy as i have done for literally hundreds of packages :)20:59
dobeya) i shouldn't have to run wrap-and-sort, ever. b) my editor is just fine. "get a real editor" is not an argument, it's an insult21:00
robrudobey, what policy? I have never seen a policy that says "use one space indents and make sure you leave off trailing commas in a diff-ugly way."21:00
kenvandinedobey, the thing is, with the move to daily release this is the standard we've been given to follow21:01
kenvandineand it has been so for quite a while21:01
kenvandineso lots of packaging already following this21:02
kenvandineeverything in daily release is21:02
robrukenvandine, have you ever seen a package with one-space indents? I have literally never seen that before. if you're going to argue that there should be a fixed number of spaces, at least pick a sane number like 4 or 8.21:02
kenvandinerobru, i have... lots of them21:02
dobeyevery package i've ever put in ubuntu has one space indents21:02
dobeyevery Description: line has one space indents21:03
robrudobey, in the description line, it's a hack to tell the parser that it's a continuation line instead of starting a new field.... for dep lists i've never seen it that way21:03
kenvandinedobey, this isn't about difference of opinions... it's about standardizing all the packages we have auto landing for the distro21:03
dobeykenvandine: no, this is about commiting chages to a tree without a merge proposal21:04
kenvandinethat would have helped understand, sure21:04
kenvandinebut that isn't what we're talking about now... it's about packaiging preferences21:05
dobeywe're only talking about that because i'm reverting the changes that were committed without an MP21:05
dobeyand they happen to be packaging preferences21:06
kenvandinedobey, ok, so you'd take the changes if robru proposed them?21:06
dobeybut i'd discuss them in the MP21:06
dobeyand with didrocks21:06
kenvandinei guess that's the next step21:06
kenvandineand you can try to convince didrocks :)21:07
dobeyif the commit i was reverting were style changes to c++, we wouldn't be having this conversation21:07
dobeyand all these are, are style changes21:07
robrudobey, you're absolutely right, they are style changes... that's why they should be uncontrovercial and left alone.21:11
dobeyrobru: by that argument, you should never had made the change then, because the existing style should not be controversial and it should be left alone :)21:12
robrudobey, no... i'm following a standard as I was told to do by my team lead.21:13
kenvandinedobey, these debates with you are so much more fun with rum21:14
dobeyi can go get some21:15
dobeyit's about that time anyway21:15
kenvandineit is... and getting cold enough that it would be nice for warmth21:15
dobeykenvandine: https://ubuntuone.com/08D8LG5Pg8wG5Nx6i7bOKe21:16
kenvandinethat looks much better than this banana stuff i have left from the virgin islands...21:17
dobeyit is very good indeed21:19
dobeyoh man, i should have bought some bananas, caramel, and ice cream, when i went to the grocery for lunch. could totally be having some tasty bananas foster right now if i had.21:30
dobeymight have to go back after work21:30
dobeykenvandine: how many packages are using the split mode for daily release anyway?21:32
kenvandinegotta be well over a hundred21:34
kenvandineeverything in cu2d21:34
dobeyso nothing a 30 line python script couldn't handle for turning them into proper native packages?21:35
kenvandineit would still be a pain21:37
dobeyonly because you'd have to review all the MPs that took only 10 minutes to create with the 30 line python script :)21:38
kenvandineyup :)21:38
kenvandineand they'd all have to get in the distro too21:38
dobeyand you'd know i'd do it just to annoy you and kill the "there are too many packages using split mode already" argument21:38
* kenvandine debates a drive to visit dobey21:39
dobeyi have rum :)21:39
dobeywell the Kraken is almost gone, but the Flor de Cana is still almost a full bottle i think21:40
dobeyof course there's a packey that's only 1 mile away, so not really an issue :)21:41
dobeyaka "the man" in virginia, since you can't buy it anywhere else21:42
kenvandinewould need lots of rum to convince me switching to native is a good idea21:42
dobeyi don't need to convince you. you already know i'm right, and native format is right, because the packages are already native, and split mode is a hack to probably workaround some issue we wouldn't have anyway if we properly used native packages :)21:43
kenvandineyou might be right...21:44
kenvandinei really don't know... but i'd hate to change everything just because21:45
dobeywell yeah, i wouldn't change it "just because"21:45
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