IdleOnebkerensa: every single time I check g+ the first post I see is ALWAYS from you.04:12
bkerensaIdleOne: I hear that a lot :) but not just about G+04:13
IdleOnenot complaining, just saying :)04:13
nigelbwell, I guess nobody else posts to g+ ;)04:14
nigelbIdleOne: How're you doing? Frozen yet? :D04:14
IdleOnenigelb: doing good thanks. I was born this sh...stuff04:14
bkerensanigelb: when you coming to the U.S. again?04:15
nigelbNot any time soon that I know of.04:15
nigelbGoing to UK this weekend, though.04:15
bkerensaHmm nice04:15
bkerensawell India is on my list :) so hopefully not too long before I see you again04:16
bkerensanigelb: Some Mozillians from India brought me more pickle :)04:16
nigelbI thought Portland being what it is, you could get it locally04:17
bkerensanigelb: well there is some but its not very good... Sujith Reddy makes some great stuff04:17
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josehey, jono15:32
jonohey jose15:33
josehey, I submitted a CDA and wanted to know if you could please check it when you have some time15:33
mhall119jose: can I use ubuntuonair.com at 9am US/Eastern on Wednesday?15:51
josemhall119: lemme check15:59
josemhall119: sure thing, what's the event name and the speaker's nicks on IRC15:59
mhall119jose: Core Apps Convergence Brainstorming16:00
mhall119it'll popey, balloons and me, possibly dpm16:00
mhall119put popey as the chair, since he'll be more awake :)16:00
balloons^^ :-)16:01
josemhall119: cool, it's on the calendar now :)16:01
mhall119thanks jose16:01
mhall119popey: we're on16:01
* mhall119 goes to update local branches for testing16:01
jonojose, CDA?17:02
josejono: community donations application17:03
jonojose, ahhh ok17:03
jonoit will get reviewed later this week17:03
jonowhen I meet with msm17:03
josecool, thanks! :)17:03
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dholbachall right my friends17:08
dholbachI call it a day17:08
dholbachsee you all tomorrow! :)17:08
jonojose, all set?21:59

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