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seb128goooood morning desktopers!09:02
seb128back to work today09:02
seb128happy new year ;-)09:02
didrockswork day 3 but IRC day 1 here! :)09:05
didrockshappy new year ;)09:05
didrocksLaney: was able to do 2x12h of coding on Thursday and Friday. No email reading, no IRC were really helping09:06
seb128didrocks, haha, nice try, you were not on IRC, you didn't work :p09:06
didrocksand I have 700 lines of code to prove it! :)09:06
didrocksand commits!09:06
* seb128 has been working for 3 weeks, just not been on IRC, can I reclaim those vac days? ;-)09:06
Laneyhe's been working on his tan09:06
Laneydon't believe the lies jason!09:06
didrocksahah :)09:07
seb128impressive number of uploads during the holidays with those dh-autoreconf changes09:09
seb128I hope those get to debian/upstream so we don't keep a diff for all those sources09:10
didrocksogra_: Monday and trolling? :)09:10
didrockshappy new year09:10
LaneyI've been committingn those I can to Debian09:10
Laneybut they aren't usually forwarded from what I can see, which I can kind of understand09:11
seb128well in theory they are only needed until upstream gets proper support and tarball got rolled with that version09:12
seb128so those diff should go away over time in any case09:13
LaneyI think there's a libtool fix which isn't in a released version yet09:14
Laneybut yeah, in enough time09:15
seb128looks like today is going to be spent in my email client09:15
seb128dealing with email after holidays is always fun :p09:15
seb128(I did some on friday but stopped when I started being annoyed by people sneaking in GNOME 3.10 updates while we were not working)09:16
larsuseb128: Ctrl+A Del :P09:17
seb128larsu, that's what you did, right? ;-)09:17
larsuseb128: no, I was only off for a couple of days ;)09:18
* larsu always reads all of his email09:18
larsu*cough* *cough*09:18
mlankhorstHappy newyear for those I missed. :P09:19
mlankhorstI'll try to hit harder next time09:19
seb128happy new year mlankhorst!09:20
xnoxseb128: if upstreams roll tarball on debian-sid or ubuntu-trusty, then it's golden.09:28
seb128xnox, great ;-)09:31
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mptlarsu, do you have any objection to my proposal in bug 1108765?14:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 1108765 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "Locations in the menu updating every second is distracting" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110876514:04
larsumpt: I didn't even know we showed seconds in the menu. I'm definitely in favor for this. Thanks for filing the bug!14:07
* larsu confirms and assigns to charles_ :)14:07
seb128larsu, would you have any idea about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eog/+bug/1262801 by any chance?14:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 1262801 in eog (Ubuntu) "eog hangs when the print dialog is closed" [Undecided,New]14:10
seb128- open an image in eog14:10
seb128- open the print dialog using the unity appmenu14:10
seb128- close the dialog14:10
seb128-> hangs14:10
seb128it only happens with appmenu (e.g if you UBUNTU_MENUPROXY= eog it doesn't hang)14:11
larsuseb128: no idea what that could be, but I can have a look right now :)14:12
seb128larsu, danke14:12
larsuhappens for me as well, so that's good14:12
* larsu suspects recursive mainloop madness. Might be one for desrt_ 14:13
desrt_hi everyone!14:13
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seb128desrt, hey, happy new year!14:13
desrtseb128: did you see santa?14:14
seb128desrt, no, he came while I was sleeping :/ He left some present though ;-)14:15
seb128desrt, how are you? did you have good holidays/start of year?14:15
desrtmore or less14:15
desrttypical :)14:15
seb128now to loose those extra kgs from the extra food :p14:16
* desrt is actually doing surprisingly OK on that front... only 1 or 214:16
seb128larsu, hum, another GTK 3.10 issue, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=72075014:20
ubot2Gnome bug 720750 in general "DnD no longer shows the object being dragged" [Normal,Unconfirmed]14:20
larsuseb128: :(14:21
seb128larsu, of course that's a theme issue, wouldn't be fun otherwise :/14:26
* larsu cries14:28
seb128larsu, I guess it's another bg color issue14:29
larsuseb128: hm, the same happens when activating "save as…" and dismissing it14:51
larsubut not for open…14:51
seb128larsu, weird14:53
larsudesrt: looks like I really do need your help on this14:55
larsulet me know when you have a minute14:55
desrti am here14:58
desrtlarsu: what's up?15:00
larsuah great15:00
larsuso I have a main thread waiting in gdk_threads_dispatch15:01
larsuand another one blocking on come cond15:01
larsuand I have no clue on how I start debugging this :)15:01
larsushort of understanding eog's job model15:01
desrtsounds like a lock inversion15:01
desrteasiest way forward; get eog off of the gdkthreads crack15:02
larsugdk_threads_dispatch is called form gtk15:02
desrtyou'd only be deadlocking there if gdk threads are enabld15:04
larsuI'm guessing removing gdk_threads_init() is not all there is to making this work, eg?15:07
desrtlarsu: make sure other things aren't trying to access gtk from a thread and convert them to using idles15:23
desrtlarsu: problem is: plugins....15:24
larsuare they run in separate threads?15:24
larsuor they might assume that thread_init() was called...15:24
larsuthe only reference I found to gdk_thread_* is gdk_thread_add_idle_full(), which should be quite easy to convert...15:25
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desrtlarsu: the latter15:37
desrtlarsu: talk to some eog maintainers... they might know more about why they have this15:38
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kenvandinewhew... temp is dropping fast here!17:06
kenvandineduring my 30 minute run, the temp dropped 8 degrees17:06
larsukenvandine: 8 °F?17:07
larsuthat's not that much, is it?17:07
kenvandinelarsu, yeah...17:07
kenvandineit's going to drop another 30 degrees in the next few hours17:08
kenvandinegonna be cold tonight!17:08
kenvandinehigh of 53 and low of 9 today17:08
kenvandinethe high was in the morning17:08
kenvandinehad to get out for some exercise before it got to cold17:09
kenvandineis anyone else getting bit by the libtool-bin split?17:09
kenvandinelibaccounts-glib now ftbfs because of missing libtool17:10
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ritzSweetshark, hi, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice/+bug/120027717:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 1200277 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "[LibreOffice] - libreoffice-writer.desktop when drag/drop to desktop, 100% broken. " [Undecided,New]17:33
ritzany thoughts ?17:34
davmor2rickspencer3: when does raring eol?17:34
ritzwill be filing an SRU on this17:34
rickspencer3hi davmor2 not sure, exactly, I guess 9 months after we released it ;)17:34
ogra_i think raring was special in that regard17:35
ogra_(ask #ubuntu-release though)17:36
davmor2rickspencer3: Thanks, I'm guessing towards the end of the month then in that case, 1 less job for me woohoo!17:36
ogra_since we dont support quantal->trusty17:36
ogra_(without raring in the middle ... and quantal still has a while)17:36
davmor2ogra_: Quantal EOL on 14.04 release if iirc17:37
ogra_well, ask the release team, i just remember there was something special to work around the overlap17:37
davmor2which will drop me from 4 supported releases to 217:37
ogra_since we have one release thats longer supported than the next non LTS ...17:38
bschaeferattente, hey17:41
attentebschaefer, hey17:41
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bschaeferattente, so, if one wanted to patch gnome-setting-daemon to fix this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/83070917:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 830709 in unity (Ubuntu) "Keyboard shortcut - Unity should also use Super-L to lock screen by default" [Low,Triaged]17:42
bschaeferattente, as i don't see a debian folder in the lp branch for gsd17:42
attentebschaefer, which branch are you looking at?17:43
attentethis is the old packaging branch i think: lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-settings-daemon/ubuntu17:43
bschaeferattente, i figured there could be a more recent one somewhere else, apt-get source has all the patches17:43
bschaefero cool17:44
* bschaefer looks17:44
attenteLaney, are we forking g-s-d too?17:44
attenteor is it just g-c-c?17:44
Laneysure, but it's still not old until that happens17:45
Laneyi don't know of any work on g-s-d yet though17:45
attenteoh ok, i thought robert ancell already started it https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-settings-daemon/unity17:46
bschaeferattente, thanks, as i have a diff from the lp:g-s-d, but I should test its working :)17:46
attentebschaefer, you just wanted to change the default key binding for lock screen?17:47
bschaeferattente, yup17:47
Laneymmm, very minimally17:47
bschaeferfrom Ctrl+Alt+L -> Super+L17:47
Laneyanyway, that other one is the one for now17:47
bschaeferjust an xml change17:47
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Sweetsharkritz: on my todo list already, but low prio. self-assigning now in lp though ...18:08
ritzSweetshark, thank you . Will this look fine for q ?18:09
ritzcreating patch for p18:09
bschaeferattente, hey, so should i purpose a branch to lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-settings-daemon/ubuntu with this patch? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6704534/18:25
bschaeferattente, o yeah, how was that compiz stuff you were working on going?18:26
attentebschaefer, it's a bit buggy, but usable so far18:26
bschaeferawesome! Sorry, got really busy before the break and couldnt look much at it18:27
attentebschaefer, no worries :)18:28
attentebschaefer, oh, are you aware of a bug with xchat and ibus? running xchat maximized makes the candidate window appear off-screen when typing18:30
bschaeferattente, well thats really the placement of the preedit window18:30
bschaeferits even worse with XIM18:30
bschaeferattente, and no im not atm :)18:31
attentebschaefer, oh ok18:31
bschaeferbut, IIRC...that wasn't an issue with 1.4?18:31
attenteit was pointed out to me, and it seemed weird because other applications place it properly18:31
popeyHmm. Would I be right in saying a typical desktop application should have a line in the .desktop file which says "Exec=/path/to/executable" and not "Exec=executable" ?18:31
bschaeferattente, strange, so its only happening with xchat?18:31
attentebschaefer, i'm not really sure18:31
popeyseems inconsistent, some do, some don't18:32
bschaeferattente, well it'll happen with the gnome-terminal as well if your input is at the bottom of the screen18:32
bschaeferas it just places the preedit box under the text entry18:32
* bschaefer tests out some more things18:32
attentei've tried it out with gedit (shifted down) and firefox18:33
attentethose seem fine18:33
bschaeferattente, yeah you're right! Very strange...18:33
bschaeferit seems to not detect its off the screen for xchat?18:33
attentebschaefer, i'm not sure18:34
bschaeferyeah neither am i :), something is a mist though18:34
bschaefera mis*?18:34
attentebschaefer, ok, you're right, gnome-terminal is also doing that too, heh18:34
bschaeferi've never actually typed that word out before18:35
attentebschaefer, the patch looks godo18:38
bschaeferattente, cool, ill purpose a branch. Thanks for looking at it!18:38
attentehope nobody gets too annoyed at ctrl+alt+l no longer working...18:39
bschaeferyeeah...thats going to be umm intersting18:39
bschaeferattente, also, shouldn't there be a way to only make sure this gets patched for the unity env?18:47
* bschaefer doesn't want to change other ubuntu envs with this18:47
attentebschaefer, i'm not sure you can without making a new key-value pair in the schema...18:49
bschaeferattente, im re-reading this bug now...and the title vs the description are a bit different one sec18:50
bschaeferSuper-L should be added to (not replace) the existing keybinding by default.18:50
bschaefersoo i think my patch is an error :)18:50
attenteis Super-L configurable?18:50
attentei guess you could just add a new CompOption to unity18:51
bschaeferwell from what im reading, its saying it wants Super+L to lock the screen as well as Ctrl+Alt+L?18:51
bschaeferyeah i could18:51
bschaeferattente, im moving that branch to a WIP, or possibly rejected as I don't want to replace that ctrl+alt+l option18:53
attentebschaefer, ok18:53
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dokocyphermox, I did "inherit" your network-manager-applet merge ...19:10
cyphermoxdoko what merge, there shouldn't be a merge...19:32
dokocyphermox, then maybe keep the debian version number, so that mom doesn't present a merge?19:34
dokomom wants to merge ...19:34
cyphermoxwell, a merge is *eventually* going to have to be done, and if you want to do it, by all means, but it's still going to be a rather painful process I don't want to inflict on other people ;)19:35
dokothen just claim it =)19:35
cyphermoxsure, will start it nao :)19:35
cyphermoxI'll take the n-m-pptp one as well,19:37
bschaeferattente, you're suggestion works very well :), could you reject my patch branch?19:49
bschaeferi can only seem to move it to wip, needs review19:49
attentebschaefer, sure19:50
bschaeferattente, thanks!19:50
attentebschaefer, hrm. i guess i can't change it either...19:52
bschaeferattente, o well, it will stay there forever!19:53
* bschaefer makes a comment on the branch19:53
attentebschaefer, *shrug*19:53
bschaeferattente, yeah no worries, just figured would be best to reject it if possible :)19:53
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