UallasGood Morning06:17
Noskcajhey Uallas06:20
UallasNoskcaj: How are you?06:30
Noskcajpretty good. you?06:38
Uallasi'm fine. Thanks. One new monday :)06:39
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MezHi all, Running Ubuntu Gnome 12.10 - how can I get gdm working in 2D mode?15:24
roastedhello you beautiful people17:25
UallasHi all.17:45
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roasteddarkxst: a thought... Mint (via a simple checkbox in the software properties menu) allows you to pull in backports. It's how they deliver Cinnamon 2.0.X to Mint 13 LTS... what if UG integrated an option like that to relieve the need for all of these PPAs to pull in 3.10?19:45
darkxstroasted, I don't believe we can ship library/core updates via trusy-backports21:27
roasteddarkxst: I was thinking along the lines of simply editing that menu to obtain a different checkbox.21:27
roastedWith UG being so PPA centric it would cut down on that. Even after using UG frequently I had to dig around to see which PPA did in order to obtain a true 3.10 instance.21:28
roastedcouldn't help but to think a checkbox to enable those packages would be nice. Just a thought. :P21:28
darkxstI suppose, not sure if we would able to add a patch in the archives though that does that21:31
darkxstalso its not even that easy to detect if a computer is running Ubuntu GNOME21:32
NoskcajOr even define ubuntu-gnome21:35
hardbootInstalled 14.04, no problems other than if you flip around things in tweak too too fast you'll crash gnome :-/22:48
hardboothmm, how do i get a window list in the top bar22:49
darkxsthardboot, there is an extension for that in the gnome-shell-extensions package22:51
hardbootwho's inane design choice was to have tweak tool and settings two seperate things22:58
hardbootpretty much everything in tweak should be things in settings22:59
hardbootsomething suer trivial such as in background, there's no stretch/fit/zoom options22:59
hardbootor is tweak tool a pipeline thing where thigns then get integrated later22:59
darkxsthardboot, tweak tool is not an official GNOME core app23:42
hardbootya, although it's prety much mandatory23:43
hardbootthings missing in gnome which it handles23:43
darkxstyes, and alot of the settings are too advanced for the normal settings panel23:45
hardboottoo advanced, yet adminstrative thigns aren't too advanced for settings?23:46
hardbootCan't change theme but I can edit user accounts23:46
darkxstmanaging users is a core feature, changing themes is not23:52
hardbootwin 1 could change theme, why shouldn't gnome23:54
hardbootA serial terminal from the 70's should out-feature a modern desktop in custimization.23:54
hardbootshould not*23:54
darkxsttheming is not supported by the GNOME devs, in addition very many themes are often broken23:55

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