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popeyIs there a document somewhere which explains in english "How to forward one channel to another"?11:01
Myrttihold on, let me look11:01
popeyI found some lists of flags on freenode pages but nothing that gave "do this, now this"11:01
Myrtti"The suffix $#channel can be appended to any of the above ban masks to cause a user to be forwarded to #channel. The ban setter will only be able to set this ban if they are an op in #channel, or if #channel has channel mode +F set. In this case, in all situations where the user would previously have been told they could not join, they will instead join the channel named in the ban mask and be sent a 470 numeric describing the forward."11:02
Myrttiso, either set the receiving channel as +F, or op up there first11:02
popeyI am opped in source (#ubuntu-uk-podcast) and desitination (#uupc)11:03
popeyI didn't realise it had to be "ban forward"?11:03
popeyI thought just "forward"11:03
Myrtti/mode #channel1 +if #channel211:04
Myrtti"forward on uninvited"11:05
Pricey+f only takes effect if you were unable to join "for some ok reason", e.g. +i, +r etc.11:05
PriceyYou'll probably want to mlock these so that they aren't lost when the channel empties. /msg chanserv help set mlock11:06
Myrttiwas just getting there, thanks Pricey11:06
popeysee, this is why i asked for documentation11:06
PriceyAlso, be careful not to confus channel MODES with chanserv FLAGS... it gets confusing11:06
popeyhaving an interactive conversation telling me about mlock isn't documentation ☻11:06
Priceypopey: http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml /msg chanserv help set mlock11:06
popeyit does indeed get confusing11:06
popeyyeah, i found that page11:06
popeyits not a friendly page for answering the question I had11:07
popey"here, read about every single flag and mode first"11:07
Myrttibut that's what the staff members are here for, to answer questions ♥11:07
popeywell indeed. sorry to take your time.11:08
Priceyctrl+f for 'forward', find the +f cmode, read: "This mode takes one parameter, a channel name. Users who cannot join the channel (because of +i, +j, +r, etc.) are instead sent to the channel given in +f. For example, /mode #channel1 +if #channel2"11:08
popeyyes. which I did11:08
MyrttiI've got a day off per Epiphany, so I've got time :-)11:08
popeyand it didnt work11:08
popeyhence me asking11:08
* AlanBell nods, it kinda works unless chanserv does the mlock thing11:09
popeyso I set +if, and now if I join #ubuntu-uk-podcast I dont get forwarded11:09
Priceypopey: Mind us joining to look?11:10
popeyknock yourself out11:10
Pricey11:10:13 [freenode] -!- mode/#ubuntu-uk-podcast [+cnstf]11:10
AlanBellno, you can't set +i because chanserv sets it back to -i11:10
PriceyYep, no 'i'.11:10
AlanBellbecause of mlock11:10
AlanBell11:05 -!- mode/#ubuntu-uk-podcast [+if #uupc] by popey11:11
AlanBell11:05 -!- mode/#ubuntu-uk-podcast [-i] by ChanServ11:11
PriceySomething like  /msg chanserv set #ubuntu-uk-podcast mlock +imnstf #somewhereelse11:11
popey11:11:40 <popey> set #ubuntu-uk-podcast mlock +imnstf #uupc11:11
popey11:11:40 -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- You are not authorized to perform this command.11:11
PriceyDo you have +s in #uupc?11:12
popey11:12:28 -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- 1     popey                  +AFRfiorstv [modified ? ago]11:12
PriceyAre you currently op in both channels?11:12
PriceyDo you have +s in #ubuntu-uk-podcast ?11:14
popey11:15:30 <popey> flags #ubuntu-uk-podcast11:15
popey11:15:30 -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- You are not authorized to perform this operation.11:15
PriceyBah I didn't even read your chanserv error... yeah you need +s in the first.11:15
popeyOk, I'm stuck now, I don't understand what the problem is and what to do.11:16
PriceySomeone with +fs or +F on #ubuntu-uk-podcast's access list needs to give you +s.11:17
popeyhow do I see who has that?11:17
Pricey /msg chanserv access #ubuntu-uk-podcast list11:17
PriceyOr you can ask AlanBell to be a brute and tell me to give it to you.11:17
AlanBellcied isn't about, and popey is entirely the right person for this, so yes, Pricey can you +F popey in #ubuntu-uk-podcast please11:18
PriceyAlanBell: Could you identify to your personal account please?11:18
* AlanBell is me11:19
PriceyDone. popey try "set #ubuntu-uk-podcast mlock +imnstf #uupc" again11:20
popey11:20:48 -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- The MLOCK for #ubuntu-uk-podcast has been set to +imnstf.11:20
popeyThat worked, many thanks Myrtti AlanBell Pricey11:21
* AlanBell decides to write this down somewhere11:22
popeyso now do I boot everyone from the channel?11:22
popeyor just wait and let them organically move over?11:22
Priceypopey: They aren't guarunteed to rejoin the new channel.11:22
Priceypopey: I would ask them all to move over...11:22
popeyok, thank you.11:22
PriceyI gave you +imnstf earlier... that's quite a few modes including blocking all messages, invite only, forwarding, topic lock etc.11:23
PriceyThe +m for blocking all messages discourages people hanging on until their connection dies as they can't say anything so might as well move over.11:23
popeyoh of course. neat11:23
Priceypopey: If you want, you could kick them all (more likely to trigger auto rejoin) or use chanserv's clear users. But that's messy.11:24
AlanBellhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/MovingChannels is fairly reasonable now, I added the +F or +s bit11:24
popeynice one.11:24
popeyI'll leave it for now.11:24
Priceypopey: If you don't want cied to come along later and undo this, /msg chanserv flags #ubuntu-uk-podcast cied -*11:25
Priceyor just -Fs11:25
Priceyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/MovingChannels is less a wall of text now11:31
AlanBellyay, thanks Pricey11:45
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