dufluRAOF: Surely if Mesa is that sensitive to compiler flags, we should try them out? :)02:18
RAOFWe should certainly see if it *is* that sensitive to compiler flags, yes :)02:18
dufluYes, if.02:18
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mlankhorstRAOF: well --enable-debug causes -O0 to be added by default, it's stupid. :/08:08
mlankhorstapart from that I think it doesn't matter much08:28
alan_gHappy New Year08:55
duflualan_g: Welcome back09:06
dufluMorning anpok09:15
anpokduflu: with opening namespace scope i meant haveing namespace foo\n{\nnamepace bar\n{\n at the beginning of a block of method implementations..09:53
dufluanpok: Yes, that's good too. I forgot about that09:54
alan_ganpok: here's the project guideline: http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/cppguide/index.html?showone=Namespaces#Namespaces - there are a lot of valid options (although we don't seem to use many of them)09:58
* duflu runs away10:01
anpokalan_g: there are a few cases in which there is a general rule description10:03
anpokthen a few examples10:03
anpokand then detail rules below10:03
anpokand some of the examples are not covered by the detailed rules..10:04
alan_ganpok: true. Maybe someone (hint hint) should MP a fix10:05
anpokalan_g: yeah for ever issue there are at least two possible solutions10:05
anpokalan_g: we started the namespace discussion because I used mg::foo in a new source file..10:06
alan_gThat's common Mir usage. What's to discuss?10:07
anpokthat we should abondon it in favor of an acronym free style10:09
* alan_g has a mild preference for what we have and a strong preference for not changing something that's all over the codebase.10:12
anpoki suspect uk has no holy three kings national holiday?10:17
alan_gCorrect. It isn't a national holiday.10:23
alan_gCofE has epiphany on 12th night and it is traditional to take down decorations.10:26
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alan_gHappy New Year15:59
racarrHappy new years as well!15:59
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kdubthe dreaded 'no space left on device'20:30
kgunnon n7 ?20:38
kdubyeah, just from installing too much stuff on device20:47
racarrhappy new years btw kgunn :)20:49
kgunnracarr: thanks21:13
kgunnyou too21:13
kgunnrebooting n4 takes much longer than i would ever guess21:15
kdubmaybe something's amiss, mine doesn't take an unreasonable amount of time21:26
kgunnmight be cause i'm doing unity8 "run_on_device" which copies stuff...and then seems to take a bit before actually restarting unity821:33

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