pleia2gonyere: thanks again for pitching in this week :)14:06
pleia2ok, sent off to editors14:10
pleia2Unit193: if you can when you get a chance https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue34914:10
* pleia2 sleep &14:28
josepleia2: publishing in ~4h15:37
PaulW2Ujose: i think you may be in the driving seat today, everything looks OK to me, 3 of us have reviewed the summaries18:07
Unit193http://askubuntu.com//stackexchange.com/sites Still this one, pretty sure that was there last week too.20:01
Unit193jose, pleia2: Everything else seems fine though.20:05
pleia2Unit193: ah yeah, we need to find someone to fix that script20:56
pleia2jose: I'll be in and out today re: conference, so pleia2: me when you release so I can mod it and x-post to forums and such21:00

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