LjLmao tse chu00:53
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1538 users, 0 overflows, 1538 limit))07:48
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1542 users, 0 overflows, 1542 limit))07:48
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1537 users, 0 overflows, 1537 limit))07:48
ubottusomsip called the ops in #ubuntu (PebkacJones banned in offtopic and continues to troll)10:35
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LjLwhere the funk is funkyhat12:36
LjLno seriously though, does anyone have any news about him?12:45
AlanBellhe was around in December13:46
LjL26 is the last i have of him13:47
LjLthen he multiplied like he often does on irc13:47
LjLand then disappeared. his blog host is down now13:47
LjLfunkyHat: sure, feel free to reappear because someone else invokes you!14:41
ikoniasummon $X14:41
LjLyes, indeed14:42
funkyHatActually I reappeared because you invoked me, LjL.14:43
LjLfunkyHat: well your domain is still dead! respawn14:43
LjLalso query14:44
Myrttiwell, that escalated quickly14:44
LjLi seem to do that to people lately :|14:45
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu-ops to: Welcome to the home of the Ubuntu IRC Team operators | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam | This channel is for operator/abuse questions in the IRC Team domain only | LoCo channel discussion/issues to #ubuntu-irc | Please exit the channel once your issue is dealt with. | We reserve the right to remove idlers | Channel is logged at irclogs.ubuntu.com | FUNKYHAT PLEASE DON'T GO
LjLoh he's back15:24
funkyHataww <3 topic15:26
ubottuIn #ubuntu, r00tking said: !ops b0x is telling users to use windows15:28
ubottuIn #ubuntu, r00tking said: !ops b0x is abusing and "advising" people to use windows.15:29
LjLmaybe he's got a good reason!15:29
DJonesMaybe r00tking needs to actually read whats been said15:30
PiciMaybe he should stop abusing the trigger too.15:31
* Pici isn't following the conversation though.15:31
LjLoh lordie15:48
LjLfunkyHats: i just wanted ONE OF YOU back15:48
Myrttiand that would be the reason he's not been around16:01
jbroomefunkyconnection, amirite?!16:03
LjLwell i told him on the gee pluses, can't do more than that ;(16:05
LjLexcept banning the heck out of him *again*, but at that point, might just kick him in the k instead16:05
Piciyou could send him an email16:06
LjLwell but, i was talking to him on G+ a moment ago so that seemed like the best bet16:06
Piciwell, that works too ;)16:06
LjLmaybe i could register 12 fake G+ accounts and message him from all of them16:07
LjL... which is uncomfortably close to my very first freenode experience16:07
LjLwhich i probably shouldn't mention as staff might still have it logged16:07
MyrttiI have 99 problems, but clones ain't one16:13
LjLnot sure i have a clone problem16:14
DJonesMovies you never wanted to see "Star Wars: Attack of the funkyhats"16:14
LjLbut i certainly do end up in ##fix_your_crap a LOT of the time16:14
DJonesok, not content with monopolising all the funkyhat* nicks, when they get banforwarded, they change to funkyha** nicks16:32
* LjL approves hggdh's new quitmsg21:08
=== lhave is now known as lhavelund
LjLlhavelund: boo?22:28
lhavelundLjL: boop22:28

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