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DanChapmangood morning07:16
elfyDanChapman: you've not looked outside I guess :p07:16
DanChapmanelfy :-) it's not so bad here07:18
elfytorrential - hoping for a slight reduction before I'm off to work ;)07:19
DanChapmanelfy eek i did see briefly on the news last night that the West were going to get it quite hard again :-(07:31
elfygales here atm - though it should clear soon I think - it's likely to keep rolling in while the US has what they've got going on07:32
elfyDanChapman: winds locally are ~force 10 - bit windy07:49
DanChapmanelfy "bit windy" lol! we've had no weather like that here  it's been the normal winter weather, kind of hard to believe its been going on elsewhere07:57
davmor2Morning all11:01
jamespagemorning folks; I just dropped some DEP-8 tests from the waitress package and I think that its blocked migrating to the release pocket as Jenkins is still trying to run them! could someone take a look please?11:02
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xnoxjamespage: generally jibel/pitti can remove those. Possibly cjwatson as well.11:34
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elopiogood morning everybody14:06
jamespagexnox, thanks for the pointer - I guess one of those would have the power....14:09
elopioping rhuddie.14:16
rhuddieelopio, hey.14:16
elopiorhuddie: how are you?14:17
rhuddieelopio, good thanks, happy new year! How're you?14:17
elopio:) I'm great.14:17
elopiorhuddie: I'm working in some branches that need reviews. Care to take a look?14:18
rhuddieelopio, sure thing14:18
elopiothe first two are in progress only because I'm moving things to unity.14:18
rhuddieelopio, so I should start with the last one?14:20
elopiorhuddie: yes, that could work better.14:22
balloonselfy sounds like you aren't being spared a little winter craziness either. As you say, North America is in for a treat over the next couple days14:27
hggdhballoons: and, out of morbid curiosity, how's the weather in Florida?14:39
* hggdh has 16F right now14:39
balloonshggdh, 65F. But we're going to get some of the winter air this evening14:43
balloonsDanChapman, Happy 2014! How are you mate?14:44
elopioping robotfuel, how was your trip?14:56
robotfuelelopio: excellent, thanks. no rain and the ocean was warm. :D14:56
robotfuelelopio: I went zip lining on christmas day at Rincón de la Vieja14:58
elopiorobotfuel: I'm glad.15:00
elopioI thought you were going to the other volcano. Rincón de la Vieja it's really nice and not so known. It's not easy to get there.15:01
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rhuddieelopio, I made some minor comments on the reviews, but they look great15:34
elopiothanks rhuddie. I fixed or replied.15:34
rhuddieelopio, thanks, I have approved them.15:38
elopiorhuddie: I'll look now for the devs reviews.15:40
elopiorhuddie: it seems the unity folks are on holidays today. So I'm going to switch to the push notifications to understand their tests.16:04
elopiorhuddie: do you know anything about the project with design? I think we where waiting for a mail from John, right?16:05
rhuddieelopio, yeah, for the design work following previous meeting we were waiting on John to get back to us16:06
elopiorhuddie: what was the name of the project? We decided it wasn't going to be the sidestage, but I don't remember what was the other thing.16:09
rhuddieelopio, just checking my notes... was it task switcher?16:11
elopioI don't know. Lets blame all the kinds of alcohol they serve in christmas parties.16:13
elopiorhuddie: content hub.16:31
rhuddieelopio, yes that rings a bell. Content picker was also mentioned to allow you to select content stored on the phone from within an app.16:35
rhuddieelopio, I think we were left awaiting more info16:35
elopiorhuddie: yes, that's it. John Lea says he started the discussion between tvoss and jfunk.16:36
rhuddieelopio, ah great16:36
elfyballoons: indeed - I spent the day trawling for fish with a van :p - good to see you back - happy new year boss :p17:31
balloonsgood to be back.. also was nice to be away :-)17:32
elfyI don't doubt it :)17:32
DanChapmanevening folks18:56
balloonsevening DanChapman !18:56
balloonsI was just typing your name in an email, and poof, here you are!18:57
DanChapmanhey balloons how are you? have some nice time off?18:57
DanChapmanlol alwasy the way :-)18:57
balloonsDanChapman, I'm doing well thank you. Yes, I had some wonderful time off..  I didn't use the pc for several weeks18:58
balloonsonly a good thing right? :-)18:58
DanChapmanballoons, it sure is :-) I don't think I could go that long without it though ;-p19:00
balloonsI used the laptop a bit, but I was purposeful to not use the main box19:00
balloonsno work :-)19:00
balloonsthings like reading and going outside ruled the day19:01
balloonsgood morning thomi19:01
balloonswelcome back!19:01
DanChapmanballoons, well at least you should feel all refreshed for a new year19:02
DanChapmanmorning thomi19:02
thomithanks balloons, you too19:02
thomiI trust everyone had great holidays?19:03
balloonsa very pleasant holiday yes19:06
balloonsyours sounded a bit busy :-)19:06
DanChapmanballoons, I have been doing a bit of wiki docs for ubiquity-tests over the holidays. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/AutomatedTesting/Ubiquity . Could you give it a read over at some point once you have got your self settled back into the groove?19:06
SergioMeneseshi guys!... happy new year19:10
balloonshi SergioMeneses!  feliz ano nuevo si?19:12
SergioMenesesballoons, indeed19:12
balloonsDanChapman, I most certainly will..19:13
roadmrcareful with the difference between año and ano :-|19:24
balloonsroadmr, oO19:25
dkesselhey... good evening :)19:27
roadmrballoons: heheh :) no worries, your sentence's context makes it perfectly clear which one you meant19:27
balloonsdkessel, howdy!19:30
Noskcajballoons, welcome back ;)19:31
NoskcajDid DanChapman ask you about the xubuntu-autopilot-tests?19:31
balloonsNoskcaj, thank you.. are you still on holiday?19:31
dkesselballoons, hey :)19:31
Noskcajballoons, For a few more weeks, but my first day at work is today19:32
balloonsNoskcaj, anyways, no DanChapman didn't mention xubuntu-autopilot.. nor did elfy when I spoke to him :-)19:42
* balloons hands forestpiskie a cookie for keeping elfy quiet19:43
balloonsNoskcaj, what's up with them?19:43
Noskcajballoons, None of the core xfce apps introspect, but gthumb, simple-scan, and all of bluesabre's programs do, so we'll probably make a start on some test. Dan suggested we make a separate branch for xubuntu, to limit test dependencies19:45
forestpiskieballoons: I ate elfy instead of cookies19:46
balloonsNoskcaj, glad to hear some traction is being made.. Sad to hear about the gtk stuff.. It was troublesome for us in ubuntu as well. I'm not sure if gtk3 is better or not in this regard19:47
NoskcajMaybe the gtk3 app might introspect now you mention it, i think i only tested gtk2 ones.19:48
balloonsit seems newer gtk apps are a bit better19:49
balloonsif there is a specific reason it's not working, and you think it's autopilot related that could be looked into19:49
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balloonsLetozaf_, buonasera! come stai?19:51
Letozaf_balloons, ciao, io sto bene e tu ?19:51
balloonsio sto bene bene ;-p19:51
Letozaf_balloons, :D so you're back to work !19:52
balloonsback in action indeed19:52
Letozaf_balloons, I am stuck on reminders-app autopilot test because I have some questions19:53
Letozaf_balloons, but I also think that that app is quite new and suppose I'll just have to wait for the developers to work on it19:54
balloonsLetozaf_, yes the app is still being developed.. I've not yet had a chance to go and look at your work.. I just saw your branch didn't land19:55
Letozaf_balloons, I haven't proposed for merge yet as I wasn't able to test it on my device I just tested it on the desktop19:55
balloonsLetozaf_, ahh.. did you many to land a basic test layout?19:56
Letozaf_balloons, yes and to logon to Evernote account19:56
balloons*sorry, I meant to say. Did you merge the basic folder structure and a simple test?19:56
balloonsahh.. excellent19:56
Letozaf_balloons, but I was wondering how you would manage testing on Jenkins will you create an account for testing or what ?19:57
Letozaf_balloons, for now I am using a personal account I created19:57
balloonsLetozaf_, :-) We've had some discussions about this.19:57
balloonsYes, a personal account to test for yourself isn't a bad idea19:57
balloonsbasically we don't want to depend on external servers for these tests, so we should mock them19:58
Letozaf_balloons, oh sounds good19:58
balloonsit could end up getting complicated. Using a "test" account is always an option19:58
balloonsbut I'd like to avoid it19:58
Letozaf_balloons, ok I will wait for you guys to decide what to do, anyway the basic folder structure and a little test are ready20:00
Letozaf_balloons, even if I did not test on a device20:00
Letozaf_balloons, but just on a desktop20:00
balloonsright. After I catch up with things, I'll circle back with you :-)20:01
balloonsthanks for getting started!20:02
Letozaf_balloons, pleasure!  suppose you got a lot of work to do just after the holidays20:02
DanChapmandisc0tech, hey o/21:36
knomeslickymaster, pong21:53
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