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mlankhorstok can any archive admin look at the lts-saucy stuff? :P09:24
cjwatsonmlankhorst: [fx: cracks knuckles, re-embarks on gigantic review pile]13:08
cjwatsonstgraber: queuebot is sad13:10
dokoLaney, mono in mom still has the "leave" comment. is this still valid?13:12
Laneytalk to directhex, he wanted to work on it13:13
cjwatsonmlankhorst: looks like bug 1247607 needs verification as part of all this, btw13:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 1247607 in gcc "Libdrm compiled with gcc 4.8 makes card hang on resume from s2disk" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124760713:20
cjwatson(despite not having p-r tasks)13:20
mlankhorstbut it wasn't affected :P13:20
cjwatsonbut it's part of the libdrm update13:21
cjwatsonso I guess the bug must have been mentioned in the p-r changelogs13:21
cjwatsonif you get an error about the pixman/precise-updates copy, ignore it, I retried and it worked13:23
mlankhorstI'll test if it doesn't regress on raring at least13:31
mlankhorstwhat a surprise; it doesn't ;-)13:35
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stgrabercjwatson: restarted14:11
* cjwatson attacks the glew transition a bit15:04
xnoxcjwatson: yes please, i've run out of cycles to push it further =/15:05
cjwatsonyeah, it's blocking unity I see, so we'd better15:05
xnoxcjwatson: well, unity7 which had no changes and that did rebuild. is that actually pushed to daily release? cause i didn't think there was anything.15:08
cjwatsonno idea but getting in the way of anything desktopish for very long is usually a bad plan :)15:09
dokoohh man, qt4-x11 wasn't merged for ages :-/15:21
Laneymitya57 mentioned some work on an update to qt4 earlier15:22
xnoxdoko: yeah, merge is in progress and soon to be uploaded.15:22
* xnox was thinking to help out with it but it's almost done at this point.15:23
dokoxnox, ohh, ok15:23
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* stgraber does a post-holidays run through pending-sru15:42
bdmurraystgraber: please don't release update-manager to quantal-updates16:40
stgraberbdmurray: yeah, I know about that one :)16:42
stgraberhmm, looks like pending-sru is broken... /me goes to kick it a bit16:42
bdmurraystgraber: okay, great16:42
stgraberthe report was apparently running since the 3rd... killed and re-running manually now16:44
cjwatsonmlankhorst: I think that's them all now17:35
cjwatsonthough I haven't gone round checking exhaustively for build failures / dep-waits / whatever17:35
cjwatsonI guess pending-sru will do that for us eventually17:35
davmor2hey release team do we know on what day exactly raring will eol17:40
infinitydavmor2: I need to pick an arbitrary date and send out a warning email today.17:40
infinitydavmor2: Normally, it would be ~45d from the warning email, but that's probably pushing it too far out at this point, so it'll like be 30ish or less.17:41
infinity(I guess the 9mo support cycle can be used to justify the shorter warning period too...)17:41
infinityWhen really, it was just "hey, holidays", and I forgot.17:41
davmor2infinity: indeed17:41
stgrabermlankhorst: hey, what's the testing status of xorg-server-lts-quantal in precise-proposed? it doesn't have a bug number and has been in there for a while now.17:51
infinitystgraber: I assume it's a straight backport refresh of what's in quantal...17:54
infinity... which is also in proposed.17:55
RiddellI'm looking to tidy up update_excuses.html and the first thing on it is a kde package cantor which isn't published in ppc64el, why would that be?18:27
Laneybecause of no maxima meaning that -maxima isn't installable18:29
argeshi. not sure if my last message was sent due to an outage.19:29
argesHi. Can I get a package removed from proposed? It failed verification, and19:29
argesI have a new fix for it. The package is iproute and its the -proposed19:29
argesversions in R/Q/P19:29
stgraberarges: if you already have a new version, let's just accept it into proposed and have it supersede the existing one19:31
stgrabernot seeing a new iproute in the queue though19:31
argesstgraber: yea i haven't pusehd a new version yet19:32
argesi'll work on that now19:32
argeswell looks like i have more research to do20:00
cjwatsonRiddell: You get a lot of this kind of stuff with new ports, typically ...20:36
dokoinfinity, cjwatson: is the doxygen autopkg test still running, or is it lying?21:52
cjwatsonI'm fairly sure you could get batuan VPN access :-)21:53
cjwatsonanyway, it's lying, it passed.  jibel wanted to be informed of such cases21:54
cjwatsonbut not around, so somebody who isn't about to go out to the shop could force it I suppose21:54
TheLordOfTimehas raring reached end of life yet?  (wiki says January 2014 is 13.04 raring's EOL date)23:12
slangasekno.  releases happen near the end of the month, so do EOLs23:13
TheLordOfTimeslangasek, so at the end of january 2014 raring is going to be considered EOL?23:13
slangasekTheLordOfTime: it should be 9 months to the day after the release; I don't have the date to hand, infinity might23:14
TheLordOfTimewell if https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases is right it was released on april 25th23:14
TheLordOfTimeso... january 25th give or take a couple days23:15
* TheLordOfTime kicks his phone's keyboard around for failures23:15
infinityTheLordOfTime: Yeah, right around then.  I'll draft and send an email warning today, it's on my long list of "ugh, Monday" tasks.23:15
TheLordOfTimeinfinity, OK, it's on my list of tasks for Ask Ubuntu Meta today to post an EOL reminder, so I was seeking a specific date, I'll use January 25th as a rough estimate date because of 9 months of support and the release on April 25, 2013 + 9 months calculation23:16
infinityTheLordOfTime: I'll probably pick the 27th, as 3 weeks from now.23:17
TheLordOfTimeworks for me23:17
infinity(And update the EOL process to recommend 3w warning for non-LTS, and 45d for LTS)23:17
infinitySince a 45d warning is a bit excessive for something whose entire life span is only 9mo.23:18
infinityBut first, I think I should get around to that breakfast I've been putting off all day. :/23:19
TheLordOfTimeinfinity, heh23:20

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