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xperiahi. i have problems with getting phppgadmin to run on my ubuntu server. i have installed it without any problem but it looks like there is a problem with apache configuration. Everytime i try to call the url with /phppgadmin i get the error message: 404 Site not found. Can anybody help with debugging/solving this Problem?01:05
MavKenis it possible that when i create a new user, it also creates a new file in the sites-available folder pointing to the users www folder?04:01
pmatulisMavKen: try it04:23
grendal_primesurefire way to restart network services after altering the gateway in the /etc/networking/interfaces file.  I am remoted in via ssh and need to restart services without rebooting the machine?04:35
grendal_primeservice networking restart ?04:35
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koolhead17zul: let me know when your around07:12
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Joe_knockHello, can anyone recommend a useful outbound only mail server?14:07
jamespagezul, btw I reworked your dep-8 tests for waitress into package build tests - hope that was OK with you :-)14:09
zuljamespage:  knock yourself out14:09
jamespagezul, good-oh14:09
zuljamespage:  i had a look at mariadb its ftbfs in trusty right now (in -proposed)14:09
jamespagezul, yeah - its needs an update for compat with bison >= 314:10
jamespageotto is on it - a newer upstream release should do the ticket14:10
zuljamespage:  yeah i applied that, buts its failing on the tests as well14:11
jamespagezul, I'd probably just pump in the new upstream release to resolve14:11
zuljamespage:  okies14:14
* zul almost totally slacked off during the christmas break14:14
zulkoolhead17:  ping14:15
Joe_knockis Postfix too bulky for outbound only tasks?14:16
patdk-wk_outbound only?14:16
patdk-wk_there has to be something inbound, for postfix to make it go outbound14:16
jamespageJoe_knock, I use postfix for outbound only14:17
jamespageworks OK14:17
jamespageI've also used exim in the past14:17
Joe_knockpatdk-wk_: I run a webapp that is suppose to automatically send out updates, therefore I need an outbound-only mail server. On ubuntuforums.org they recommend alternatives14:17
rbasakJoe_knock: I use msmtp, which isn't even really an MTA, but makes /usr/sbin/sendmail work. Also look into nullmailer.14:18
Joe_knockrbasak those are the exact solutions I saw here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=104627514:18
zuljamespage:  can you take care of the dh-python backport, its ftbfs im not exactly 100% sure what you did ill take care of the rest14:18
jamespagezul, yeah - sure14:18
jamespagezul, the branch is under ~ubuntu-cloud-archive - I'll remerge14:18
zuljamespage:  thanks14:18
rbasakJoe_knock: for a webapp I'd avoid msmtp. It blocks (by design) during the SMTP transaction as it has no queue. For a webapp, you'll want an "immediate" queued send, so nullmailer or postfix.14:19
Joe_knockrbasak is postfix really as 'bulky' as the thread says? I'm running on 1GB memory, so if it's too big, I will consider something like nullmailer instead14:20
patdk-wk_postfix should use approx 2-5mb of ram14:21
rbasakJoe_knock: it might feel "bulky", but most server daemons aren't bulky at all in today's terms. Unless they're Java based or something.14:21
patdk-wk_mine is using 4mb ram, idle, and then about 2mb per email it's actively sending14:22
Joe_knockI can live with 2-5MB of RAM usage. How much would nullmailer use?14:22
jamespagezul, dh-python done14:30
zuljamespage:  cool thanks14:30
zuljamespage:  ill add libvirt-python to the ca today as well14:30
jamespagezul, +114:33
jamespage(for addition of libvirt-python to CA)14:33
jamespagezul, oh - can i get a +1 for rabbitmq-server as well please?14:33
jamespagezul, the 3.1.x series has a load of improvements from a throughput perspective that we should be using14:33
zuljamespage:  +114:33
jamespageand we can't backport them to the 2.7.x series on 12.0414:34
jamespagezul, why do we need the numactl stuff for CA?14:34
zuljamespage:  libvirt14:35
jamespagezul, ok14:35
zuljamespage:  +1 for libusbredirparser-dev (newer version required for qemu)14:40
jamespagezul,  +114:41
hallynahs3: are you around?  there's a trivially mergeable libcap2 2.24 at http://people.canonical.com/~serge/libcap-2.24.pkg/libcap2_2.24-1.dsc15:13
hallyn(i'll email the pkg maintainer first.  just letting you know i may be asking you about pushing it later :)15:15
apwjamespage, hey ... openvswitch ... the current dkms package isn't hacking it with 3.13, are we using any of its features in the mid-term or is the in kernel good enough15:24
jamespageapw, it has one feature don't have in kernel - I suspect the bump not to be to hard15:24
apwthere was a f15:25
apwjamespage, there was a fairly big change in the id management in multicast bits15:25
jamespageapw, oh god15:25
apwjamespage, lots of changes to interaces, and worse to internal members the dkms package is poking.  might be easy, and they may have fixed it upstream i guess already, which is why i am here; as you did the last sync upstream15:29
jamespageapw, looking now15:31
apwjamespage, the 3.13 kernel is in the CKT PPA if you ned something to test against15:32
smoserrbasak, ping16:16
rbasaksmoser: pong16:21
smoserrbasak, http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/cloud-archive/cloud-tools-next_versions.html16:22
smosercould you look at uvtool there ?16:22
rbasaksmoser: on my TODO16:22
rbasaksmoser: is there any urgency here? I was going to look at it next week.16:23
rbasakIt's straightforward - I was just bundling it with a pile of other uvtool stuff.16:23
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zuljamespage:  im going to leave xen as it is in the CA since the newer version was a bump for an ocaml build in trusty16:41
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Joe_knockHello. How do I display the system information page again that shows up after you login?19:17
Joe_knockDoesn't matter, found it.19:23
TJ-Joe_knock: /var/run/motd, generated from the scripts in /etc/update-motd.d/ by pam_motd.so at log-in19:26
Joe_knockTJ- I ran: landscape-sysinfo19:26
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derek_Hi all19:50
derek_any one aware of the problem on 13.10 where the installer freezes at the language selection?19:51
derek_it seems to be a USB keyboard issue19:51
derek_but I cannot find a solution to this as I only have USB keyboards19:52
Joe_knockDoes anyone use exim-4 here? I configured it and now I want to make it send automated emails from my application. How do I configure the email address?19:52
zerickautomated you said ?19:53
Joe_knockI fowarded a mail to myself, so it seems that exim-4 attaches emails to users. I now need to create a user I suppose?19:54
Joe_knockzerick, the automation will occur from the application, I just need the email address to exist19:54
sarnoldJoe_knock: check out the sendmail manpage; -f will set the envelope-from address19:55
sarnoldJoe_knock: if you want to change the From: header instead, you just need to configure your application to write the correct thing in the header19:56
Joe_knocksarnold, so even though it will be sending from my server user account, I can disguise it as another name?19:56
sarnoldJoe_knock: sure. just edit the From: line to say whatever you like.19:57
Joe_knocksarnold, your first suggestion (sendmail manpage; -f) deals with exim itself, whilst the second one (change From: header) should be done within my external webapp?19:58
sarnoldJoe_knock: correct19:59
sarnoldJoe_knock: though, the -f option to sendmail would also be something you would configure with the way your application calls sendmail when it wishes to send mail.19:59
Joe_knocksarnold wouldn't it be more risky to use the in-application method instead of just making a more direct change within exim itself?20:00
sarnoldJoe_knock: exim may or may not have a setting for "every email from this host should be sent From_ <foo@example.com>" or similar for "From: " header..20:01
Joe_knocksarnold I am a subdomain with just one email address forwarding stuff.20:02
sarnoldJoe_knock: yeah, but exim is a general-purpose mailer. it just might not have that feature. it's been 15 years since I last configured exim, I can't recall if it had that specifically :)20:03
sarnoldof course people often complain that exim's configuration language is more a programming language and that everything is possible..20:04
Joe_knocksarnold: I used this guide to make it a send-only mailer: https://library.linode.com/email/exim/send-only-mta-ubuntu-12.04-precise-pangolin?format=print20:04
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toyotapiethe command "time --quiet date" gives me an error "--quiet: command not found" but man pages said it should supress status reporting. Any ideas?20:15
sarnoldtoyotapie: 'time' is a funny thing; there is both /usr/bin/time and the shell built-in 'time' command. check the output of 'which time' and 'type time' to see the difference.20:16
sarnoldtoyotapie: you can probably get what you want by running /usr/bin/time --quiet date20:16
toyotapiesarnold, you are exactly right. Thanks :d20:17
Joe_knocksarnold, if I change the From: in the application, but that email address doesn't explicitly exist on my server, will emails send?20:21
sarnoldJoe_knock: yes20:22
Joe_knockThat is fascinating. Sounds like it works dynamically.20:22
sarnoldJoe_knock: it's even less impressive than that. you just type whatever you want there. president@whitehouse.gov or take your pick. hehe.20:24
Joe_knockI always assumed you had to explicitly declare an email address in a mail server application (you can't do this dynamic stuff on CPanel).20:25
sarnoldyeah, those have to aim for common cases and also what's easy to describe in a gui. :)20:27
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Joe_knockNow I just need to test out these mailers within the application itself.20:29
Joe_knocksarnold thanks a million!!! it worked :D :D20:43
sarnoldJoe_knock: nice :) have fun!20:45
xibalbais it possibly to find a file over 4 hours old ?21:05
xibalbai'm looking at the `find` man page but not seeing exactly what i need21:05
patdk-wk_define 4hours old?21:06
patdk-wk_find . -mtime 421:06
patdk-wk_or did you mean, less than 4hours? find . -mtime -421:06
xibalbai have a directly w/hourly backups21:07
xibalbaif the file is over 4 hours old, i'd like to delete it21:07
patdk-wk_find . -mtime +421:07
patdk-wk_find . -mtime +4 -delete21:07
xibalbai did that but didn't get what i expected21:07
patdk-wk_ctime maybe?21:07
patdk-wk_creation time, vs modification time21:07
xibalbatried atime too21:07
patdk-wk_most people disable atime21:08
patdk-wk_atime = last time the file was read21:08
xibalbaaccessed time21:08
patdk-wk_ya, it's evil :)21:08
xibalbagot this file21:10
xibalba-rw-r--r-- 1 dbbackups dbbackups 370576384 Jan  6 12:0721:10
xibalbacurrent time is21:11
xibalbaMon Jan  6 14:11:03 MST 201421:11
xibalbaso i just find find to pick this up21:11
xibalbafind . -mtime +121:11
sarnoldctime != creation time21:11
xibalba2nd file in there w/timestamp of  Jan  6 14:1121:11
patdk-wk_oh ya, change21:13
patdk-wk_still, normally works out to creation for my stuff21:14
patdk-wk_probably cause most of my stuff doesn't update that crap correctly :)21:14
sarnoldwhat're you doing behind the back of the OS? :)21:17
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