kedivessgood evening...00:42
kedivessi just flashed ubuntu-image on my nexus 4......may i add google contacts?00:43
Beldarkedivess, http://askubuntu.com/questions/360554/how-do-i-sync-google-contacts00:46
kedivessthanks for the answer....i did....but i had thi s error "First ERROR encountered: GLib-GObject: g_object_unref: assertion 'G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed"00:48
BeldarI have no idea past the link is all. I just searched with  ubuntu touch add google contacts00:49
Beldargoogle that is00:49
kedivessshould i need to flash a cdimage??? maybe because the system-image is read-only??00:50
Beldarkedivess, Yes I believe it is a read only unless you do some voodoo I never got to myself in trying it out. The answer to that should be in the touch info at the thread top or on the web.01:25
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heathbarI'd like to use WiFi dongle with the RT5370 chip in ubuntu touch... It seems I need to build and install the driver from source provided by the manufacturer.  The make files don't work out of the box... mainly because it expects /lib/modules is WR... but it's not.02:44
heathbarI'm new... any advice about the right way to compile drivers from source in ubuntu touch?02:45
RAOFheathbar: You'd need to (at least) switch the rootfs to read/write mode; there are instructions somewhere for that, I think on the main page.03:29
RAOFheathbar: You may also run into the fact that, to my knowledge, we don't use the Ubuntu kernel on the device; we use Android's.03:29
heathbarThanks for the tips... I already turned off the read-only mode of the root fs (touch /userdata/.writeable_image) and installed a lot of packages, gcc, linux headers...  I saw some posts that said that /lib/modules is read-only because it is a squashfs compressed filesystem...03:34
heathbarHum... Regarding the android vs ubuntu kernel question... I got the impression that the old system was android kernel running ubuntu in a container (unflipped)... but that the new system is the ubuntu kernel running some android bits in a container (flipped)... Can any experts clarify my understanding?03:37
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DaleHello, I hope someone can help me with this: i got LG Optimus L9 P769 can i run ubuntu for android on it?05:47
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olli_bzoltan, or anyone from the SDK team, what's the current status re sensors & QML08:48
olli_I am trying to access the accelerometer but don't get anything useful out of it08:48
olli_bzoltan, is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/SdkFeatureStatus up to date?08:50
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inoXHey, I flashed Ubuntu Touch on my old Nexus 7 but it seems as if this is not the last version of it. I used a flashable zip with CWM. Can someone please tell me where I could find an up to date version?09:36
ogra_by using the official installation process :)09:37
ogra_(see the topic of this channel09:37
inoXOh, :( okay09:40
inoXis there some place in the preview os where I can look up the exact build version?09:40
popeyadb shell system-image-cli -i09:41
inoXokay. I will try that. Thanks for the immediate support!09:42
asacHNY :)09:42
tvossasac, o/09:42
ogra_inoX, in the system-settings app ... "About this  device"09:45
asachi tvoss !!09:46
tvossasac, hny :)09:46
inoXuhm, currently my device is low on battery anyways. Its always a pain with the old nexus 7.09:47
inoXIt always feels totally bricked then ^^09:48
ogra_nexus4 can behave worse though (to a point where you have to take it apart and remove the battery lead)09:49
inoXI am glad, that i never had to do this with my device..09:51
inoXThe nexus 7 is sealed :S09:52
ogra_popey, do you still read ubuntu-users ?09:52
popeyogra_: nope09:52
popeyshould I?09:52
ogra_nah i was just wondering ... (there is a discussion about filemanagers and i brought up that when unity8 takes over the desktop we might likely use the qml filemanager in it, just wamnted to know if i talk rubbish here )09:53
popeycertainly plausible right now.. who knows in 6 months ☻09:54
* ogra_ wouldnt mind to see a nautilus replacement ... 09:54
ogra_especially since QML feels so much easier to extend09:55
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ogra_asac, we still use swap on the images, we should start making a plan what to test when we disable it (and then drop it), before it is to late in the cycle to catch possible issues without it09:59
ogra_rsalveti, ^^^09:59
seb128ogra_, the day the new file manager has enough features for a desktop usage we can surely discuss it, would be nice to have a consistent toolkit use through our apps for sure10:00
asacogra_: ack10:01
ogra_seb128, yeah ... and not to be dependent to upstream feature removals too10:01
seb128ogra_, but file-manager is not a trivial app, especially when you start handling remote locations10:01
asacogra_: not sure how to do it besides just dropping it and doing some extensive testing with dmorley. but guess we should talk with rsalveti about what impact we expect so we can test that in a focussed manner10:01
ogra_davmor2, hey, you are dmorley now :)10:02
ogra_seb128, well, i think if we want to have the necessary features by 14.10, it is probably the time to start collecting feature requests so the teams can focus on them in the 14.10 cycle10:03
seb128ogra_, sounds good10:03
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davmor2Morning all11:01
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davmor2ogra_: welcome back :)11:13
ogra_you too11:13
ogra_and happy new year !11:13
davmor2ogra_: indeed back atcha :)11:14
rsalvetiogra_: yeah, it's basically dropping it, testing and checking the impact, specially on maguro11:43
rsalvetibut true, we should drop it (or try to drop it), asap11:44
davmor2rsalveti, ogra_: what are you dropping on maguro?11:44
ogra_my worry is that you will likely only see impact after a while of usage and with a few more apps open over time11:44
ogra_nobody really tests that11:44
rsalvetidavmor2: swap11:45
ogra_davmor2, dropping swap all over the place ... maguro has the lowest ram so will show issues first11:45
davmor2ogra_: meh11:45
davmor2rsalveti, ogra_: was your new years revolution to make my phone as unusable as possible ;)11:47
bzoltanolli_:  I have never edited that page. dpm can tell11:47
rsalvetidavmor2: but we want to drop it to have a better performance (once we fix all the mem related issues)11:47
davmor2rsalveti, ogra_: in that case let me know which image it lands in and I'll keep an eye on things that die11:49
taiebotHi everyone i have registered https://bugs.launchpad.net/telephony-service/+bug/1266275 as i am unable to connect to my 3g on my mobile provider (works fine on other phones). I do not know what is wrong with it. I think my apn is not set properly but do not know where the config files are.11:57
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1266275 in telephony-service "impossible to connect to 3g network" [Undecided,New]11:57
crupielads, does someone knows a good tutorial to install it on a Galaxy SII?11:58
ogra_crupie, did you check the devices wikipage ?11:58
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices11:58
crupieIve checked the official one  and does not involves Galaxy SII so far11:59
ogra_(it should link to xda threads for the different devices)11:59
crupieI've tried a few rooms that Ive looked up on google but made the phone amazingly slow11:59
ogra_well, contact the maintainer (his launchpad profile should be linked from the devices page too) ... there isnt an official port (official ones are only nexus devices)12:01
crupieI see, thank you12:02
crupiehave you been using it?12:02
ogra_actually i have ... but i havent touched my S2 in 6 months now ... so i dont know how the status is12:03
ogra_(and back then it only supported the demo images which are just using pretty pictures instead of apps)12:03
crupieI hope it will be working great in the new phones that are powerful then S212:05
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ogra_ti would work on S2 too if someone put more time into getting the latest stuff to work i guess12:10
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rickspencer3hey all, good morning ... 2014 already! maybe it's time for me to take Jaunty off of this computer?12:32
ogra_depends in favour of what :)12:33
rickspencer3karmic, I suppose12:33
ogra_heh ... replacing EOL with newer EOL ?12:33
rickspencer3ogra_, how was your break? fwiw, my phone worked like a champ during the holiday12:35
ogra_awesome, mine too !12:35
ogra_my break was great, i finally got to write and install that home automation system to control all heatings in the house :)12:35
* ogra_ will bolog about that soon ... it has a touch app to control each room etc)12:36
rickspencer3ogra_, nice!12:36
davmor2ogra_, rickspencer3: mine didn't, mtp not working, bluetooth connect but the headset doesn't work, randomly stopping due to the FB dropping a frame and apparent maguro is really slow I find out :)12:36
rickspencer3ogra_, please do blog that, I've been interested in doing something like that12:36
rickspencer3davmor2, weird12:37
rickspencer3everything always breaks for folks in QA I guess12:37
ogra_davmor2, heh, i only used my N4 :) maguro is for testing ...12:37
ogra_BT is an old bug though12:37
rickspencer3N4 ftw!12:38
davmor2rickspencer3: Maguro rather than n412:38
sergiusensthe maguro is really slower12:38
ogra_and i still find it sad that we might drop it before this gets solved12:38
davmor2ogra_: no the bt issue got fixed however it exposed and even older issue12:38
sergiusensand crash report generation really kills user xp sometimes12:38
ogra_there is an apport bug open for this though12:39
rickspencer3speaking of perf issues impacting UX, how is libclick coming along, anyone know?12:39
ogra_cjwatson might i guess12:41
cjwatsonnot started yet12:43
cjwatsonplanning on it in the next month or two, either that or our upcoming new hire :)12:43
cjwatsondidn't get to it in December because ppc64el12:43
ogra_new hire !12:43
* rickspencer3 nods12:45
rickspencer3also, hi cjwatson happy new year ;)12:45
cjwatsonhny indeed :)12:45
davmor2cjwatson: when you say hire like that I simply hear minion ;)12:47
xnoxdavmor2: that hire is closer to a mini-overlord, than a minion =)12:51
davmor2xnox: haha12:52
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atyahi all13:21
atyahow can I add all of my contacts from cvs to contacts? the way, what I found in some webpage (here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ReleaseNotes#Contacts) isn't works anymore (14.10 build 79)13:23
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jdstrandhappy new year :)13:56
ogra_same to you13:56
jdstrandmhall119: hey, what is the correct to channel to ask a question about how to do something in qml?13:57
jdstrandogra_: thanks! :)13:57
ogra_jdstrand, #ubuntu-app-devel13:57
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cwaynehmm, lp:autopilot seems to be out of date?14:03
ogra_cwayne, probably on auto-vacation tim end of the week ;)14:07
ogra_(and happy new year)14:08
cwayneogra_, happy new year :)14:08
taiebotI have investigated more and it seems that my apn is not set. Even when i modified mobile-provider-info did i do something wrong?  g_ril_request_setup_data_call: invalid apn length: 014:10
taiebotJan  6 08:13:54 ubuntu-phablet ofonod[1861]: Couldn't build SETUP_DATA_CALL request.14:10
ogra_taiebot, what device ?14:10
taiebotnexus 414:10
ogra_weird, works fine here14:11
taieboti think it might be related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ofono/+bug/122210614:11
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1222106 in ofono (Ubuntu) "ofono is picking the wrong APN settings" [Undecided,Fix released]14:11
ogra_i thought that was solved long ago14:11
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taieboti have a cheap mobile provider (vectone) and is not present on that list or now UT is using something else?14:12
ogra_you would have to wait for awe to answer that14:13
sergiusenstaiebot, do you have the full info for your APN?14:14
taiebotwell on their website they only give the instructions for android and ios and you just need to set webuk.mundio.com in the apn settings14:15
taiebotlearned on ofono this morning trying things out (did not find any doc) but i do not know where they read the apn for other providers. I do think its /usr/share/mobile-provider-info but i could be wrong14:18
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mhall119Wellark: got a minute for a HUD question?14:39
mhr3mhall119, national holiday in finland14:42
sergiusenstaiebot, that's correct14:43
mhall119what? we just had 2 weeks of holiday14:44
sergiusenstaiebot, https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/NetworkManager/MobileBroadband/ServiceProviders14:45
davmor2mhall119: some of us had more :P14:49
ogra_heh, 2 weeks ... pfft14:50
davmor2mhall119: some of us even have some days left from last year that they need to take :)14:51
taiebotsergiusens: thanks glad i had it correct. But still does not  work  maybe there is some parameters that i am missing our i have rw problems.14:54
nexushii eveerybody14:57
nexusi have a question14:57
=== nexus is now known as Guest61953
Guest61953can anybody help me?14:57
mhall119bfiller: ping about infographics API, is that something we can promote for app developers to use?14:58
ogra_Guest61953, how would we know ?14:58
Guest61953firstly i have nexus 414:59
Guest61953i m using multirom app14:59
Guest61953and i have miui and ubuntu touch14:59
bfillermhall119: not sure, need to check into that15:00
Guest61953i have a problem with ubuntu cant connect internet which is protected like a individual password,15:00
Guest61953when i boot with miui it can connect15:01
Guest61953but when i try ubuntu it cant15:01
Guest61953on the other hand ubuntu can connect other wifi15:01
Guest61953i need ideas15:02
mhall119bfiller: if you could and get back to me, nik90 has written a tutorial for it that I'd like to publish to developer.ubuntu.com15:03
taiebotGuest61953: Did it happen on your first connection to this wifi?15:03
Guest61953i can explain like that;15:04
Guest61953i m connected now but on my friend phone15:04
Guest61953on tethering15:04
Guest61953it works fine15:04
ogra_Guest61953, i think there were wlan bugs in multirom, ask Tassadar_ about it (it is nothing we support officially, but he is the maintainer)15:05
Guest61953but when i connect to wifi which is protected like individual password, it is open wifi but u have to connect ur identify15:05
Guest61953i cant connect15:05
Tassadar_if he can see the wifi-networks (i.e. the radio is working) then it should be all fine15:06
Tassadar_nick Tassadar15:06
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Guest61953yeah there is no problem with radio15:07
Guest61953i m sure15:07
davmor2Guest61953: Are you sure you typed the password for the wifi in correctly?15:07
Guest61953maybe problem is in this point, but it is open wifi15:08
Guest61953when u connect wifi in miui, phone asking ur username and password15:09
Guest61953but in ubuntu it doesnt15:09
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Guest61953you cant enter to wifi interface to enter ur username and password15:10
ogra_username and password ?15:10
Guest61953imagine that;15:11
* ogra_ has never seen any wifi using something like that ... 15:11
Guest61953you are connecting open wifi15:11
Guest61953but you have a account15:11
Tassadarisn't it page in web browser that asks you for username/password?15:11
Guest61953to surf on internet15:11
taiebotHave you open the webbrowser app?15:11
Guest61953yeah i have15:11
ogra_oh, some web proxy thingie that asks for user/pass15:12
taiebotDoes it flash an error or a blank sreen?15:12
Guest61953it is giving "network error"15:12
cyphermoxGuest61953: jsut go open some other page in the browser, like www.google.com or something15:13
cyphermoxprobably www.ubuntu.com isn't in the captive portal's poor understanding of the webs15:13
Guest61953i tried to open new page same here15:13
davmor2ogra_: so it's a connection like you would get at a pub I guess, open network but you sign up for an account and then you get a user and password to connect in future15:14
ogra_davmor2, yeah, got that now15:14
Guest61953yeah ogra_15:14
cyphermoxGuest61953: but have you entered a URL?15:14
ogra_sounded like some piece f the wlan settings as he described it15:14
ogra_but thats totally unrelated15:14
ogra_just a blocking proxy that doesnt seem to understand our browser15:15
Guest61953i have a account but it didnt ask to me15:15
cyphermoxGuest61953: in the browser, when you click new page, have you entered a different address or have you just let it load?15:15
Guest61953yeah when i was connecting in other place it connected to google15:16
Guest61953but i tried now it doesnt15:16
cyphermoxogra_: davmor2: is there a way to change the default page?15:16
ogra_cyphermox, i fear not without hacking the QMl15:16
ogra_i think it is hardcoded atm15:17
Guest61953which one is u suggest saucy or trusty*15:18
cyphermoxGuest61953: so, what you might be able to do is restart your phone, then instead of clicking on the browser when you are connected, click on GMail. Some captive portals aren't very friendly and just give you one or two attempts to load up some known page to get to sign up15:18
sergiusensI had a login issue on wifi a while back, ssl certs weren't valid and there wan't a way to override that15:18
cwaynewho works on bluetooth?15:19
cyphermoxcwayne: I do, usually\15:19
davmor2cwayne: don't look at cyphermox  honest nothing to do with him15:19
cwaynelol thanks davmor215:19
ogra_cwayne, charles_ doe the UI side of things iirc15:20
cwaynecyphermox, do we just hardcode the device name as ubuntu-phablet-0?15:20
cyphermoxno, it should be in /etc/bluetooth/main.conf, IIRC15:21
davmor2cwayne: that's the way it seems to work on the desktop15:21
davmor2cyphermox: ^15:21
cyphermoxno, even gnome-blouetooth should honor what bluez says15:22
Guest61953everybody thanks15:23
Guest61953i solve problem15:23
cyphermoxGuest61953: how so?15:23
Guest61953it is so simple, dont be angry to me :) firstly i change to miui and i connect wifi interface and disconnect to connection15:24
Guest61953boot ubuntu touch and it show me automaticly to username page15:24
Guest61953thanks to everybody15:25
Guest61953can i ask a little question too?15:25
xnoxGuest61953: typically on irc one address the group like so: "Hello! I am trying to do this and that, using this and that, my problem is thus, and i get this error. Full error messages at http://paste.ubuntu.com . Please help"15:27
xnoxGuest61953: eventually somebody will read your message and rely =)15:27
xnoxGuest61953: so just ask away, on any channel/project ! ;-)15:28
Guest61953which one is your prefer saucy or trausy version of ubuntu touch?15:28
ogra_trusty ... saucy was still very young when it was released. trusty is far more featureful (and i would also say more stable)15:28
xnoxGuest61953: trusty is the current in-development and in-testing version, with many updates and features. saucy is declared stable at this point and does not receive any feature updates.15:28
Guest61953everybody says saucy is stable but i think that not smooth on nexus 415:29
xnoxGuest61953: if you want something that _will not change ever_ choose saucy, if you want to get new apps, functionality, fixes, etc.15:29
Guest61953i want to know about hardware issue15:30
Guest61953is it damage to device?15:30
xnoxGuest61953: well "stable" as in the updates-channel called "stable" currently is an alias to "saucy" =) it was planned to change "stable" alias to "trusty" before christmas.15:30
Guest61953maybe a noop question sorry :)15:30
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xnoxGuest61953: there are no known hardware issues per-se with nexus devices, most of the bugs seen are actually software bugs (at times from very hard kernel bugs, at times high level programming mistakes in Qml/Css/html)15:31
kaimasthi all. is there an easy way to diff two branches in bzr?15:32
Guest61953i will go on with trusty15:32
Guest61953everybody thank you  really thanks15:32
kaimastmaybe kenvandine knows how to help me? ;)15:34
ogra_kaimast, "bzr missing" perhaps15:35
kaimastorga_ i found that too. it only shows a list of commits. i would like to see a diff file by file.15:36
kaimastguess i can extract that from bzr missing somehow though15:36
gatoxmardy, are you still on vacations?15:39
gatoxseb128, can you re review this? https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-system-settings/click-updates/+merge/19572915:43
kaimastokay don't need help anymore found the problem. thanks anyways15:43
seb128gatox, it's on my list, but I'm just back from holidays today and I'm catching up on backlog/email/etc first, then tackling the queue15:47
gatoxseb128, ack15:47
mhall119Kaleo: were you working on an API to detect the presence of a keyboard or mouse?  Something we can use for conditional layouts15:53
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Robby_Trying to get some information on installing Ubuntu on a mobile device.16:16
=== he1kki_ is now known as he1kki
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bfillersergiusens: does the Android dual-boot app support trusty-proposed for a channel? only option it gave me was trusty16:37
cwaynebfiller, it does, there's like a popup selection16:37
sergiusensbfiller, I have no idea on the dual boot app16:37
pmcgowanbfiller, I dont think it supports updating at all yet16:38
bfillercwayne: only thing that showed up was trusyt16:38
cwaynefor reference, ondra's the guy to ask about dualboot stuff bfiller16:38
ogra_bfiller, that app is not coming from distro ....16:38
cwayneogra_, it's coming from us, from ondra specifically16:38
bfillercwayne: yup, it works awesome. i love it. was just wondering how I can get it to install from trusty-proposed as I didn't see it in the list16:39
* ogra_ just meant to say that distro people dont know much about it 16:39
cwaynebfiller, i'll look into it, i know i''ve done it before16:40
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
cwaynecjwatson, do you know what package creates the symlink from /etc/timezone to /etc/writable/timezone?  (i seem to remember you being involved here, apologies if i'm asking the wrong guy)16:45
ogra_cwayne, i think it is either lxc-android-config or the initramfs stuff16:46
cwayneogra_, ah, thanks, ill take a look16:46
cwayneogra_, the reason is, we'd need /etc/machine-info writable to get the bluetooth name setup easily, and i'm unsure if i should just make it writable, or link it to /etc/writable16:47
cwayneany thoughts there?16:47
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|afk
mhall119new app dev video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Hhtd2JUBZo&feature=youtu.be16:47
ogra_cwayne, sounds sane to do it the same way as /etc/timezone ... but stgraber might better see any possible issues with that16:48
cjwatsoncwayne: wrong guy :)16:49
cjwatsoncwayne: (I was involved in drive-by review of the approach but not in the implementation)16:49
cwayneah, apologies then :)16:50
cjwatsoncwayne: I can tell you now though, making a single file writable is probably a bad idea since it precludes any correct atomic handling of that file, so probably better to link to /etc/writable/16:50
=== Guest51501 is now known as Kyle
stgrabercwayne: what cjwatson said16:54
cwaynestgraber, ACK.  i can't seem to find where the link is created though16:55
stgraberogra_: hey, since you're around, did you see the initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch FTBFS? I tried to workaround it but without much success (well, I replaced an update-initramfs failure by a segfault, not sure what's best)16:55
ogra_i faintly remember seeing you talk about it ...16:55
ogra_like ... last year ...16:55
stgraberogra_: the only thing I changed was scripts/touch to add trim support so I know I didn't cause the failure, but the massive amount of changes to fakeroot/fakechroot probably did... do you have some cycles to put into getting that thing to build again? (as I'm not very familiar with how you did the packaging for that stuff)16:57
ogra_well, my original packaging was re-written in parts by cjwatson ... i'm trying to take a look atm16:58
stgraberok, thanks16:58
ogra_did you try to just give it back already ?16:59
stgraber0.65 should probably be reverted, it was an attempt at working around the fakeroot/fakechroot change by installing fakeroot and fakechroot into the chroot. I was hoping that'd fix the problem temporarily but it only caused a segfault instead (and is technically the wrong solution anyway as it'd bloat our initrd)16:59
cwayneah, it seems the symlinks are made in livecd-rootfs16:59
stgraberyeah, I tried the build 2-3 times, the segfault isn't racy...16:59
=== marcoceppi_ is now known as marcoceppi
ogra_fakechroot had a giant changeset17:12
ogra_(or rather a giant set of bugs it closed)17:12
=== alan_g|afk is now known as alan_g
ogra_stgraber, hmm, there was a new fakechroot synced on dec. 25th ... let me try to give it back again to see if that potentially solves it17:17
* ogra_ hits retry17:18
ogra_WHAT ?!?!17:27
ogra_stgraber, so the segfault seems gone with the latest fakechroot ... but it tries to copy_exec libfakeroot into the initrd now o_O17:28
stgraberogra_: yeah, that's the behaviour I first had with 0.64 which I tried to workaround with 0.65 by having fakeroot/fakechroot present in the chroot but apparently even that didn't work17:30
ogra_well, something seems to install an initramfs hook that calls this17:30
ogra_trying a local bbuild now17:30
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
ogra_stgraber, so it seems fakechroot uses LD_PRELOAD now ... that would explain why everything during initramfs-tools build wants to pull it in17:41
stgraberogra_: yeah, I suspected the ldd output to be the problem there... not sure what the right fix is though17:42
ogra_unsetting LD_PRELOAD before running update-initramfs i guess17:42
stgrabereverything will fail if you do that (or should anyway)17:43
stgraberas without LD_PRELOAD you won't be in the fake chroot and won't have fake root privileges17:43
ogra_sigh ... so we need to exclude it from copy_exec i guess17:44
ogra_thats messy17:44
stgraberyeah... I guess that'd involve patching update-initramfs' ldd handler to filter out libfake*17:47
ogra_i cant even get ait to build locally atm ... hmpf17:49
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ogra_lets see if replacing one gross hack with another gross hack helps18:10
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cwayneogra_, that's the spirit :P18:18
ogra_seems to have worked18:19
ogra_stgraber, so we now have two empty files in the initrd, but it builds again ... :)18:19
ogra_... at least18:20
stgraberogra_: nice, didn't think of that specific way around the problem ;)18:20
stgraberthat should be harmless at least18:20
cwayneanyone got a minute for a real quick MR? https://code.launchpad.net/~cwayne18/livecd-rootfs/machine-info-writable/+merge/20055718:22
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mhall119oh hey, holding Alt brings up the toolbar on SDK apps in the desktop, that's handy19:03
mhall119is also displays all of the tab labels19:07
sergiusensbfiller, wasn't the gallery app supposed to crawl into subfolders?19:08
bfillersergiusens: no sure if that ever go implemented but should be doable for sure19:09
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sergiusensbfiller, great, I'd thought I'd dogfood the gallery on desktop as well19:10
sergiusensand vaguely recalled seeing an MR for that19:10
mhall119sergiusens: is somebody dogfooding the browser on desktop?19:28
sergiusensmhall119, don't know19:29
sergiusensmhall119, as soon as the oxide stuff is ready I plan to19:29
mhall119I'm dogfooding the coreapps on the desktop now19:30
sergiusensmhall119, which ones?19:32
dkesseloh... i should do that again, too :) forgot the core apps ppa after reinstalling everything19:32
sergiusensmhall119, I would love shorts to move to u1db19:33
sergiusensthat would make the case for using it on desktop a lot better :-)19:33
mhall119sergiusens: me too19:33
ssweenyis there any timeline for u1db syncing to land?19:34
mhall119sergiusens: it's on the list of things we'd like to add this cycle19:34
mhall119ssweeny: for a specific app, or in general/19:34
ssweenymhall119, in general19:34
dobeydoes the qt u1db stuff not have sync support?19:34
mhall119kalikiana_: ^^ does u1db syncing work yet?19:34
ssweenyi've seen several apps that claim to support "u1db syncing" but it seems they're just using u1db and assuming sync is automatic19:35
ssweenythere is a sync element i've seen in some of the example code but it's not in the docs19:35
dobeysync is not automatic19:35
mhall119dobey: it wasn't initially, the work was focused on implementing the u1db API itself19:35
sergiusensmhall119, it would be a good case to require u1 login to install apps though ;-)19:35
dobeymhall119: right, but that was like a year ago already :)19:35
mhall119sergiusens: I think anybody that still needs convincing on that, isn't likely to be convinced on that19:35
dobeysergiusens: u1 login is required to install apps…19:36
mhall119dobey: exaggerate a bit there, the phone was only just announced a year go :-P19:36
sergiusensdobey, I know, it was` just one more argument for needing it19:36
mhall119on that note, wow it's only been a year?  Look at how much we've accomplished19:36
dobeymhall119: i mean, wasn't implementing the local u1db API itself done like 6 months ago?19:37
mhall119dobey: I think so, there abouts19:38
ahayzenme and nik90 have been investigating moving parts of the storage over to U1DB for the music/clock app but we've hit a few blockers atm (as u may have seen in the mailing lists)19:38
mhall119your app still need to tell U1DB to sync, it's not automatic, and you need to be able to merge conflicting changes if they happen (edit something on your phone, then on your desktop, then try to sync the 2)19:41
mhall119kalikiana_ was working on it, so I'll wait for an update from him19:43
kalikiana_mhall119: in principle yes. but I haven't seen it used with a public u1 server19:43
kalikiana_the eventual plan would be to make it automatic, but that's not what we have19:44
mhall119kalikiana_: but you've tested the implementation to make sure it works?19:44
dkesselhmmm. trying to install 'touch-coreapps' from the PPA i have a problem - the metapackage is missing in the 'trusty' series... is there a different way to get the apps on the desktop?19:44
kalikiana_mhall119: it does work. the blocker is having qml api and using it. it was tested with basically avoiding that non-existing api19:44
mhall119dkessel: I don't know if they're still being auto-built in the PPA, they should all be click packages now19:44
mhall119kalikiana_: so there's no way to trigger a sync from QML yet?19:45
kalikiana_mhall119: for getting u1 credentials I mean19:45
mhall119kalikiana_: ah, we have U1 in Online Accounts now though, can it grab the credentials from there automagically?19:45
mhall119I assume OnlineAccounts only supports one U1 account19:45
ahayzenkalikiana_, if it became automatic would we still have the option not to sync some dbs?19:45
mhall119ahayzen: why wouldn't you?19:46
kalikiana_mhall119: it needed a wrapper to support it, I don't know if that is done at this point. it has a not so typical authentication step other stuff doesn't need19:46
mhall119kalikiana_: but those steps should all be handled by ubuntu-online-accounts19:47
ahayzenmhall119, because we will probably store music data in their, say playlists, but u could have different music in different locations on different devices19:47
ahayzenmhall119, we ideally want *some* things to be synced19:47
mhall119ahayzen: ah, yes, that age-old problem19:47
ahayzenmhall119, unless all our music is synced as well :)19:48
kalikiana_ahayzen: yeah, I was looking into that use case for app settings. I am expecting a bool basically - the details of how to get sync working is what I want to get rid of when I say aztomatic really19:49
ahayzenkalikiana_, cool19:49
kalikiana_so all developers don't have to know exactly about all the details19:49
ahayzen...i heard rumours of a Settings API?19:50
dkesselmhall119, thanks - where would i find information on how to get the core apps via click?19:50
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kalikiana_mhall119: I don't know if online accounts can hide those steps at this point. I simply didn't have time to persistently follow it19:50
mhall119bzoltan: I noticed that pressing Alt raises the SDK Toolbar, but is there a way to add additional key bindings to ToolbarButton that would allow them to be triggered via keyboard?19:50
mhall119dkessel: for desktop?19:51
dkesselmhall119, yes19:51
kalikiana_ahayzen: yep. there's a branch https://code.launchpad.net/~kalikiana/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/appsettings/+merge/181304 if you want to check it out. it sort of indirectly hit other missing features so it got delayed a bit19:51
mhall119dkessel: there isn't an easy way right now19:52
ahayzenkalikiana_, awesome :) i guess tht would be autosynced as well?19:52
mhall119kalikiana_: while you're around, and since Wellark isn't, are you aware of the need to add toolbar-item-hint properties to the Actions API so they can bind to the HUD toolbar items?19:53
kalikiana_ahayzen: yes. you set sync: true or false. you don't actually need to know that it uses u1db internally but that's what the storage is19:53
ahayzenkalikiana_, nice19:54
kalikiana_mhall119: I'm hearing that for the first time. is that on the unity actions side or on the ui toolkit side?19:54
mhall119kalikiana_: in http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-1.0/Ubuntu.Components.Action/ I believe19:55
mhall119or maybe add properties for each of those HUD toolbar items to MainView, and let the developer assign an Action to that property instead of adding an item hint to the Action itself19:56
dobeykalikiana_: not sure what steps you're talking about for the u1 account…20:00
kalikiana_mhall119: I'm a bit unclear. could it be it's not clear how to use actions in the toolbar?20:01
kalikiana_if you put buttons in there they can internally have hud actions at the same time20:02
kalikiana_dobey: on how to get credentials for sync. compared to other online accounts u1 needs one more step. I don't know it exactly off head, that's the short version I can still recall20:03
kalikiana_it might have been about signing the URL - but I'm not 100% sure20:04
dobeykalikiana_: you have to sign the URL with any OAuth-using REST API20:05
dobeyi don't recall how exactly it's done for u1db, but if you get the credentials from UOA, you should be able to sign the url just fine20:05
kalikiana_ultimately yes. the question is if at this point this can be done in qml20:06
kalikiana_that's the missing piece for sync20:06
mhall119kalikiana_: the HUD itself has a few icons at the bottom, that looks like Settings, Help/About, Back and Fullscreen, but there's no way for an app to bind to those right now, because they require this toolbar-item-hint property in the DBus bindings used to transmit Actions to the HUD20:12
dobeykalikiana_: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-control-tower/ubuntuone-credentials/trunk/view/head:/qml-credentials-service/examples/embeddingMain.qml#L4720:12
kalikiana_mhall119: oh. that's best for Wellark to answer then, I don't know about those20:16
kalikiana_dobey: thanks! I'm going to give this a try (tomorrow)20:17
mhall119ok, I will wait for him to be back from his holiday then20:17
mhall119thanks kalikiana_20:17
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kedivesshi everyone22:18
kedivessi would ask if the ubuntu touch trusty channel ,installed via dualboot app in android, is read-only image22:19
silvarionGood mornign/afternoon/evening22:28
silvarionI was checking about Ubuntu Touch, Iḿ interested in making a port for a Motorola Atrix 4G (codename olympus)22:29
silvarionI was just wondering if Scott, the contact person in the Wiki page is currently making the port22:30
fishsceneDid you try contacting him? I see his name listed as the contact person.22:31
silvarionI checked his website but under Projects, nothing points to an Ubuntu Touch port22:31
silvarionI will send him an email right away22:31
silvarionBut just wanted to touch here and start getting involved...22:32
silvarionIf I don get an answer in a couple days, I'll let you know22:32
fishsceneGood to have you around and interested in working on a port. :)22:32
silvarionI just bought an Atrix 4G22:32
silvarionGood phone, I'm using CM10, but I'm deeply interested in using Ubuntu on my phone22:33
barrythomi: hi!  got a few minutes to chat about autopilot?22:33
fishsceneA lot of us are interested in using Ubuntu on our phones. You've come to the right place. lol.22:34
silvarionI'm kind of new to IRC so, bear with my noobness for now...22:34
silvarionThank you all22:34
silvarionI'll keep in touch22:35
fishsceneSounds good. People come and go, myself included. So if you have questions, feel free to just ask and hopefully, someone will volunteer to answer.22:35
silvarionGood good good!22:36
silvarionAnd, first question would be...  Has anyone tried the standard installation procedure on the Atrix 4G (MB860)?  Any records about it?22:37
silvarionAnd, is there a chance to brick the phone while installing?22:37
silvarionI got the Retail SBF and unlocked bootloadr22:38
kedivessany idea on my question?22:38
silvarionSo I can "revive" it without too much pain22:38
silvarionkedivess: guess I didn't get your question, what was it?22:39
kedivessi would ask if the ubuntu touch trusty channel ,installed via dualboot app in android, is read-only image22:39
cwaynekedivess, yes, it should be r/o22:40
silvarionNo idea here... Sorry22:40
kedivessthanks for the answer.....22:41
kedivessthat's probably why i can't sync google contacts.....22:41
thomibarry: I do now, what's up?22:42
kedivessany idea for sync google contacts?22:43
cwaynekedivess, there should be some info here: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Touch/DailyDriver22:48
kedivessthanks <cwayne>22:48
kedivessi used the suggested command line....but it gave me errors....no syncing...22:51
myNameIsMudanyone good at C++/qt I have a question about making my code faster.  Here it is let me know if you can give me any pointers.   http://paste.ubuntu.com/6706020/22:54
cwaynekedivess, what are the errors?22:54
kedivessGLib-GObject: g_object_unref: assertion 'G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed22:55
myNameIsMudI am going to insert these values into a abstractlistmodel  but want to know if there is a faster way.  aka I m making a JSONListModel  plugin22:55
myNameIsMudkedivess: I made a fork of the contacts app that lets end user install from vcard or google via synch evo  if you like I could push the code22:56
kedivessyes please....i will try...22:57
myNameIsMudBut I would re-write it to have a OAUTH  then uses the contacts api22:57
myNameIsMudand the JSONListmodel that I am mking22:57
myNameIsMudmaking *22:57
myNameIsMudkedivess: it is just qprocess at this time22:57
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myNameIsMudkedivess: lp:~josephjamesmills/+junk/Needs_model_and_not_qprocess23:01
myNameIsMudkedivess: To be honest though I would make it so that when user logs into there OAUTH via accounts it grabs all the contacts then and synchs them.23:02
myNameIsMudlike this OAuth  -> get token -> getAcessToken -> get Contacts via api -> make to QString from QJsonDocument -> push to synchevolution23:03
myNameIsMudhttps://developers.google.com/google-apps/contacts/v3/?csw=1#retrieving_all_contacts   << api23:04
myNameIsMudall in all  user opens contact app,  looks to see if there is any contacts if false add button that lets user get contacts.  they click and it opens up the accouts settings and makes them login into Google or just puth the OAUTH in your addrress-book-app23:07
myNameIsMudalso of course have a button on the bottom(toolbar) that lets users open up other source (yahoo, hotmail whatever )23:08
myNameIsMudBut can anyone look at my code please loll23:08
myNameIsMudPlease :)23:08
thomisergiusens: do you know anything about upstart-app-launch, and how to enable testability with it?23:32
sergiusensthomi, that's tedg or charles' baby23:33
sergiusensthomi, you are not talking about autopilot here I suppose23:33
thomisergiusens: well, I am23:33
sergiusensthomi, ah, well, we use that for click apps already23:33
thomisergiusens: I need to support launching apps through upstart-app-launch from within AP23:33
thomisergiusens: uhh... we do?23:34
sergiusensthomi, well the upstart job using upstart-app-launch23:34
thomisergiusens: OK, so can I just do the 'set-env' step, then call 'upstart-app-launch' and expect the environm,ent variable to be set?23:34
sergiusensthomi, hmm, let me double check23:35
sergiusensthomi, sounds reasonable, all the job does is exec /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/upstart-app-launch/exec-line-exec23:37
thomisergiusens: ok, thanks, I'll give that a try23:38

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