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MooDoomorning all07:05
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* DJones contemplates opening his work email client after most of the last 2 weeks off....or waiting another 24 hours and just getting on with useful work08:42
MooDooDJones: if you open it, you'll loose today :D08:43
ali1234does anyone know how to use the OSM API?08:43
DJonesMooDoo: Yeah, that was my thought as well08:43
AlanBellali1234: bits of it08:46
ali1234i need a bit of code that will take lat/lon and return the 10 nearest streets to that point08:46
directhexhuh... so I seem to have hit the magic 301+ views on Youtube, for my SteamOS installation walkthrough video08:49
MooDoodirecthex: awesome08:49
ali1234directhex: my ratio is at 31 now08:49
directhexali1234, awesome08:50
MooDooI think it says 301+ when it's not actually sure yet how many views it's actually done, it should update it soon :D08:50
ali1234what happens is that before 300 views, they don't bother to check for unique views, spam views etc08:50
dwatkinswow, I'm talking to someone who is running Windows XP and uses MS Outlook Express, it's like I just stepped through a time portal.08:51
MooDoodwatkins: I know loads of people that are doing that :D08:51
dwatkinsMooDoo: wow, ok - I still have it on a couple machines, but only as a dual boot option I rarely use08:52
dwatkinsand then mostly for games08:52
AlanBellali1234: I think you have to search for the tag highway=residential, most of the stuff I have been doing is postcode searches08:53
ali1234AlanBell: postcode searches is exactly what i need08:53
ali1234specifically i need street address from post code08:53
ali1234i have the PostZon dataset but that only gives you lat/lon08:54
ali1234i need this in order to verify address data, so just checking that the post code location is nearby a street with the given name is good enough08:55
AlanBellah ok, so that is interesting to me too :) I have the PAF postcode locations and converted them from northings and eastings to lat/lng which is enough for me to put markers on the map08:58
AlanBellbut address validation would be cool08:58
AlanBellit would need an xapi search http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Xapi08:58
SuperMattmorning dudes08:58
popeydirecthex: rate limited my torrent client overnight and it still hit  [   R: 27.88]09:00
popey(morning btw)09:00
ali1234AlanBell: exactly. PostZon is the same thing you have09:01
ali1234PAF is actually the full dataset that costs money09:01
ali1234been researching all this for the past couple of hours :)09:01
ali1234i calculated that if you have a class B network you can look up every post code on royal mail's website, 50 per day per IP, and steal the whole database in just one month :)09:03
AlanBellyou can download the abbreviated PAF with the centrepoint of each postcode09:03
AlanBellwhich is probably postzon09:03
ali1234yeah that's what i have09:04
AlanBellali1234: https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/opendatadownload/products.html code point open09:04
bashrcyou shouldn't need to steal the database.  That sort of information should be public to begin with.09:06
ali1234yeah there was yet another consultation about opening it up just a couple of months ago09:06
ali1234it only costs £300 anyway so i'm surprised it's not on pirate bay already09:06
ali1234apparently it's 6GB09:07
bashrcthere was a leaked version on Wikileaks some years ago09:07
ali1234no, that was the PostZon data, it was leaked in 2009 and in 2010 they released it for free properly09:07
bashrc6GB is nothing by modern standards09:07
AlanBellthe full paf is the polygon of each postcode and details of each door with a letterbox in it (each posting location)09:09
ali1234if i had that it would make what i am trying to do so much easier09:09
bashrcoh.  I didn't know it was that detailed09:09
ali1234you know when you go to a website and put in your address and it just asks for post code and street number? means they pay royal mail something like 10p for every look up09:10
ali1234or just buy the whole database09:10
ali1234http://www.poweredbypaf.com/end-user/products/data-products/paf-raw-data/ tells all about it09:11
bashrcconsidering that royal mail used taxpayers money to create that database, charging extra for it seems like a scam09:11
ali1234they can't make more than 10% profit from it y law09:12
ali1234the database does have to be maintained09:12
ali1234£300 for the whole thing isn't really that bad if you have a business need for it09:12
knightwisehey everyone09:13
AlanBellthey could do it for free and put up the price of a stamp to compensate, but then lots of people would scream about that, the people screaming about PAF costs are not significant numbers of voters09:13
AlanBellbut yeah, I would like it to be open data09:14
SuperMattwell, now that royal mail is public, chances are the price will go up from £30009:15
SuperMattI wouldn't be surprised if there's a 10 fold increase09:15
ali1234if you think the PAF is expensive, look at how much it costs to buy the electoral register09:15
ali1234disappointingly that's not on pirate bay either09:15
Guest84209Good morning all! :)09:19
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JamesTaitAnd again, good morning all!09:19
popeyJamesTait: happy Pathet Lao Day09:19
JamesTaitpopey, thank you! :)09:19
JamesTaitI need a new gimmick09:20
dwatkinsali1234: I'm not sure I'd trust the data if I got it off TPB.09:44
directhexhttp://www.engadget.com/2014/01/06/seiki-u-vision-hdmi-cable/ - 4K upscaling hdmi... cable10:26
popeyI don't "get" upscaling10:28
popeysurely it's the same source, no additional data magically appears to fill in the extra lines/columns?10:28
bigcalmNeither do I10:28
SuperMattit's simple, it's a buzzword to get people to buy stuff they don't need at an inflated price10:28
czajkowskiALOHA :) How are we all doing?10:29
SuperMattvery well thank you10:29
directhexpopey, indeed10:29
SuperMattapart from the fact that I'm *still* mega snotty10:30
czajkowskiSuperMatt: excellent10:30
directhexpopey, typically sharpening & denoising algorithms applied after resolution change10:30
directhexpopey, plus using a fancy scaling algorithm too10:30
SuperMattbut a cable doesn't need to do that when the tv can10:31
foobarryi keep everything on SD and it all looks good10:31
foobarryso long as the telly is a good SD one10:31
directhexfoobarry, the difference with cel animation between an SD source and HD source is night & day10:33
foobarryonly if you compare10:33
directhexSuperMatt, the company making that cable doesn't have good scaling in their TVs10:33
foobarrywhen we didn't have HD , people were generally happy10:33
foobarrywhen people got HD telly, they thought SD sources looked awful10:34
foobarryfinished my hurricane: http://i.imgur.com/cpsob1y.jpg10:35
foobarryon a "moonlit snowy airfield" because i haven't painted my airfield dio yet10:35
popeyyes, we should all go back to 11" black and white mono tellys10:37
directhexwith wired "remotes"10:38
foobarrybut we all knew the wired remotes and bw were annoying. unless i am willing to purchase HD sources (freeview tuner, pvr, blueray, games console), at the same time i should stay with my sd telly10:39
popeyheh, my wife tells the story of the one time her dad got mad. he wanted to watch World of Sport, she wanted to watch Dukes of Hazard. He had the (wired) remote, she was sat in front of the telly.10:39
popeyThey fought for control, then he threw her upstairs, fixing the issue.10:39
foobarryi only ever saw a wired remote on a hitachi vhs10:39
czajkowskiSuperMatt: not bad now first day back in nearly 2.5 weeks10:41
directhexgames which are essentially unplayable in SD (font size issues) started happening in 200610:41
foobarryi have a wii10:41
directhexi have a wii u. wind waker hd looks amaaaaaaazing in 1080p10:42
foobarrybut i appreciate there must be a problem with new consoles10:42
popeyi did enjoy that wii u hacking thing at ccc10:42
foobarryand you don't get to enjoy the good grx10:42
ali1234that's quite funny10:50
ali1234i was watching some show on BBC HD the other day and the credits were really small. it was simulcast on BBC SD. i dunno if they make different versions of the shows, or just leave it unreadable10:51
directhexi can't get cbeebies hd :(10:53
diploMorning all10:53
ali1234i can't get all the new channels10:53
ali1234i think i get cbeebies but not bbc 410:54
foobarrythe biggest barrier to me getting an hd telly is getting rid of the old one...its flippin heavy10:54
Myrttiget-iplayer ♥10:56
foobarrydo people still want big crts? most poor people seem to have the biggest screens :D10:56
MyrttiI honestly don't get the point of massive tv's10:56
popeydefine "massive"10:56
diplofoobarry: Local recycling places take them10:57
Myrttiabout ... ye big ... shows with arms10:57
diploJust dumped my sisters down the local council recycling place10:57
directhexthere's some niche appeal to specific models of CRT, but other than those, no resale value10:57
foobarrydiplo: yeah, have to get it to the car first...same problem withthe old boiler in my back garden10:57
Myrttipopey: I mean, we've got a rectangle shaped lounge and pretty much the only way tv and sofas can be is right opposite each other on the long walls - distance between is about 2m if even that10:58
Myrttihow big a tv do you need for that?10:58
* popey shrugs10:58
foobarryinteresting that my local freecycle , the wanteds outnumber offers by 7 to 110:58
popeyours is 42"10:58
popeybut the next one I get will likely be 32"10:58
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directhexMyrtti, ALL THE INCHES10:59
directhexMyrtti, IMAX experience at home!11:00
Myrttialthough do agree that we do need a bigger tv for the bedroom than what we've got right now - and could just move the one we have in the lounge there and get a new one downstairs, but D has opinions on the set up he wants so it's a bit difficult11:00
MyrttiI'd be happy with a Youview box but he's flown for years with Miglia EyeTV on Mac Mini11:01
davmor2Morning all11:01
ali1234AlanBell: https://gist.github.com/ali1234/828120311:02
foobarrydoes youview run on linux?11:02
foobarryor some prorietary OS11:02
foobarryallagedly linux (wikipedia)11:03
ali1234it;s humax so almost certainly linux11:04
dwatkinsI just bought a Humax stb, it's ace.11:04
dwatkinsIt's only got one tuner, but you can watch a recording and record something else at the same time, which also has the advantage you can mostly skip the adverts by fast forwarding.11:06
directhextechnically single-tuner boxes can record 2 things at once11:08
MartijnVdSbut only from the same transponder/frequency11:09
directhexbut not all pairs of channels are possible, and most STBs don't implement it11:09
foobarryif on the same mux11:09
foobarrymy topfield has 2 tuners and often can record 3 things11:09
diploali1234: That looks good, may have a tinker myself11:10
ali1234what i'm doing is writing some software that takes contacts (name, address, telephone number) and cleans them up, deduplicates etc11:12
ali1234the fun part is that it doesn't care about the input format. you can just feed it a bunch of csv files from different sources and it figures out which parts are phone numbers, addresses etc11:13
diploNice, I've seen proprietary stuff to do that ( we had it at my last place ) but could do with it with our current software but not even in scope yet11:14
ali1234hmm... i need a list of common first names11:18
bigcalmbz2ing  9.2GB db dump appears to take a rather long time11:19
directhexjim. jim is a common first name11:19
* bigcalm twiddles his thumbs11:19
* popey stabs headphones11:19
popeythey disconnect every 5 mins11:19
popeycan't tell if it's a headphone issue or linux bluetooth one11:19
bigcalmBoot to windows?11:19
dwatkinsdirecthex: I wondered about that, I'll see if I can force it to record two things from the same transpoder11:20
ali1234directhex: yeah got a couple of jims in here11:20
dwatkinstransponder, even11:20
popeywell, yes, but that changes too much11:20
dwatkinsali1234: you'll have great fun with my name, it can be spelled in about four different ways ;)11:20
dwatkinsDominic, Dominick, Dominik or Dominique11:20
ali1234popey: probably not a bluetooth issue, it tends to degrade before disconnecting11:20
dwatkinsand then there's the list of salutation, from Mr, Mrs, Ms etc. to Wing Commander, Brigadeer, Judge etc.11:21
ali1234my dataset isn't that big11:21
directhextransponder for DVB-S, multiplex for DVB-T11:21
* dwatkins bucks the trend by starting e-mails with "Hi $NAME" and ending them with "Sincerely"11:35
dwatkinsI have no idea what "Regards" means, so I don't use it any more.11:35
foobarryit means "best wishes"11:37
MooDoodwatkins: http://www.englishforums.com/English/BestRegardsRegardsYoursSincerely-Answer/bpbgv/post.htm11:37
dwatkinsfoobarry: I put that in my christmas cards, not e-mails11:37
foobarryi don't put anything11:37
foobarrysometimes "cheers"11:38
dwatkinsMooDoo: yeah, it varies from country to country in interesting ways, too - in Sweden, you always use first names, in Germany, you rarely use first names.11:38
foobarrythen again, i've pretty much given up capital letters too11:38
dwatkinsI probably over-capitalise, as every noun has a capital letter in German, and I write a lot of German.11:38
foobarryyou could use a forward slash:  /dwatkins11:39
dwatkinsI don't even know if a language needs to be capitalised in English, come to think of it.11:39
dwatkinsfoobarry: interesting, but that would make me think it was an IRC command.11:39
dwatkins11:39 -%- Irssi: Unknown command: dwatkins11:39
foobarrywould be great11:40
dwatkinsI've seen e-mails with the important information in the subject, where the body contains just: EOM11:40
foobarryor NM11:40
dwatkinsEnd of message, I assume, but I doubt that's an official TLA.11:41
dwatkinsNever Mind, foobarry?11:41
foobarryno message11:41
LaneySee Subject11:41
foobarryi'm fasting until lunch, and i'm starvin like marvin11:41
foobarrykeep finding sweets and stuff, and i have half opened pringles on my desk11:42
dwatkinsI always think of the Stargate episode Zero Hour when I see the phrase "Never mind": http://static2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080107220726/stargate/images/f/f6/Zero_Hour_(Stargate_SG-1).jpg - Jack writes a long letter saying how he doesn't want to do the job, ending with this11:42
foobarrynever fails to amuse me how you pc is unusable when windows decides to update11:43
dwatkinsin fairness, my Ubuntu virtual machine was rather slow whilst I was apt-get updating11:43
foobarryat least it is "in session"11:43
foobarryrather than "no user mode"11:43
dwatkinsoh wow, yeah - I forgot about that11:43
dwatkinsWindows 8 updates itself when I shut it down11:44
foobarryi accidentally rebooted and lost a whole afternoon11:44
foobarrythen i turned it on and its still going , and 2 more reboots11:44
MooDoodwatkins: you can just shutdown, normally the option for installing updates is on the install and reboot options11:45
dwatkinsI wonder if you can install the updates silently in an enterprise environment, or whether that also requires a reboot of Windows11:45
foobarryi only use it for vmware until i've rolled out 5.5 properly11:45
dwatkinsI tried running XP in virtualbox at home, but the network throughput was terrible.11:46
dwatkinsI use vmware fusion quite a lot for OS X and Windows stuff.11:46
foobarryvmware tools enabled?11:46
dwatkinsyeah, I think virtualbox has its own tools and they were installed, foobarry11:47
dwatkinsI ended up rebooting into Windows 8, as I had 2 TB of data to upload to Bitcasa.11:48
foobarrythey are selling christmas puds in sainsburys for 10p12:26
foobarrythey look really nice12:27
foobarrybut i cant really eat them. bit too "good" for you12:27
foobarry*for me12:27
daftykinsbecause of the fruit? :)12:32
foobarrydried fruit especially...12:40
foobarryon a related note, anybody bought unbranded drugs from assetchemist before?12:42
Myrttithis is interesting http://falkvinge.net/2014/01/06/censorship-causes-liability-uk-isps-need-to-be-sued-way-out-into-atlantic/12:42
popey\o/ foldio12:44
Myrttipopey: A or B?12:46
MyrttiI can't decide12:46
popeyfigured I would mostly photograph on black or white12:47
popeyand the extra light is handy12:47
Myrttithis is true12:47
davmor2popey: that's the lighting studio thingy that was crowdfunded right?12:49
davmor2the one I couldn't find in Thursday or Friday :)12:49
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MezHi all, looking for suggestions for gfx cards, as my current card refuses to play with my new machine (can't boot to live cd with it).  Any suggestions ?13:03
Mez(hoping for 4 monitors)13:03
davmor2bigcalm: ^13:03
daftykinsMez: you've tried with 'nomodeset' i take it?13:04
daftykinswhat's the current card?13:04
MartijnVdSIntel -> 2x HDMI, 1x DP + 1x "Chained" DP :)13:04
Mezdaftykins: it plays fine with the command line stuff - just not once it gets to GUI (seems to hardlock)13:05
Mezcurrent card is nVidia Quadro NVS 45013:05
TwistedLucidity? That should work.13:05
MezMartijnVdS: does ubuntu support chained DP yet ?13:05
daftykinsthat's both with nouveau and the nvidia proprietary driver?13:05
daftykinsi didn't think Linux was playing ball with daisy-chain DP13:06
Mezdaftykins: I can't get to a point to install the proprietary driver.13:06
daftykinshow come? can't you do it via command line?13:06
Mezdaftykins: once it gets past ~7seconds on the boot, it seems to hardlock13:06
daftykinsis that during trying to start X though?13:08
Mezdaftykins: quite possibly... it doesnt mention it in the log13:08
TwistedLucidityCtral-Alt-F1; see if you get a TTY. If so, log in and try sudo apt-get install nvidia.... (I forget the exact package name; sorry)13:09
daftykinsnvidia-current perhaps13:09
popeythat wont work on a live cd13:09
Mezctrl+alt+f1 doesnt give me a tty13:09
davmor2Mez: did you try the nomodeset option?13:09
popeylive cd will be nouveau13:09
daftykinsoh yeah we were talking about the livecd - doh.13:09
MezI can get it to a point where the machine is installed, and I get the nvidia stuff installed.13:10
MezThat's using internal.13:10
MezThen once I've done that, switching to the external just hardlocks13:10
TwistedLucidityWait...is this Optimus?13:10
daftykinsyou don't get optimus with quadro13:11
daftykinsat least i think 0o13:11
daftykinsplus it sounds like a desktop13:11
Mezit's definitely a desktop (I'm re-installing using the on-board GFX atm)13:11
TwistedLucidityErr....I'm on an Optimus unit just now. With a Qudaro.13:11
TwistedLucidityDoesn't work, right enough13:11
TwistedLucidityUnder optimus, never tried it with just the discrete card (no need)13:12
daftykinsTwistedLucidity: is that a more business end laptop then?13:12
Mezhmmm... brb13:12
TwistedLucidityIndeed it is; but it should be the same. Or very similar to anyway; shouldn't it?13:12
daftykinssame as what?13:13
TwistedLucidityMez's desktop set-up13:13
TwistedLucidityTwo GPUs13:13
daftykinsno optimus works in a completely different way13:13
daftykinsin the desktop case, he's changing display outputs between the card and the on-die graphics13:13
TwistedLucidityFor using both at once; yes. But swicthing should be the same.13:14
daftykinsand/or pulling the card13:14
daftykinsbut in optimus' case the outputs typically are shared between the graphics 'chips' and only get used by one copying frame buffer data to the other13:14
TwistedLucidityI would imagine it's a UEFI/BIOS setting to state which GPU should be used.13:14
TwistedLucidityNot if you say to only use one. Where the outputs go really depends on what is wired to what; which tends to muddy the waters.13:15
daftykinsyeah, not sure what modern systems offer. perhaps they have that old style perameter of "init display first: PEG/PCI"13:15
daftykinsthat's what i mean yep, in my asus' laptops case, the VGA comes from the nvidia chip direct, whilst HDMI and the internal display are off the on-die intel13:16
ali1234i really doubt it's done by framebuffer copying13:16
daftykinsmaybe not then, i thought i'd vaguely read that once13:17
ali1234i suppose it's possible13:17
TwistedLucidityali1234 It is, sometimes. Varies from OEM to OEM though depending on how they wired their stuff.13:17
ali1234that would really suck very badly though13:17
ali1234for like 10p they could put an analogue switch into the laptop13:18
TwistedLucidityIt works fine on Windows. But on GNU/Linux.....13:18
Mezok, I'm back on the desktop.  I've now got 3 screens running, 2 on the onboard, 1 on the Quadro.  The screen is detected by nouveau, and works properly (though, it has some issues where if I move my mouse round the screen , it'll show multiple mouse cursors for a moment, then clear them)13:18
TwistedLuciditySo you are running both GPUs at once?13:18
Mezat the moment, yes.13:19
MezIf I try to use just the Quadro, it fails to boot.13:19
directhexMez, how are your monitors plugged in?13:19
TwistedLucidityAnd if you wanted to just run on the Quadro, how do you do that?13:19
Mezdirecthex: in what sense?13:19
MezTwistedLucidity: that's my problem. :)13:19
directhexdisplayport? hdmi?13:19
ali1234i think he means are they DVI, HDMI, display port13:19
Mezdirecthex: all DP13:19
directhexok. can't believe i'm going to say this, but you want a radeon. "eyefinity" cards should have 6 mini-dp ports13:20
Mez(well, DP on the cards, DVI from monitor through adapters)13:20
directhexoh, wait13:20
directhexthat is NOT DP13:20
TwistedLucidityMez: You said earlier you were getting a "hardlock" on tjust the Qudaro. How did you tell the PC to just use the Quadro?13:20
ali1234radeon = badeon13:20
MezTwistedLucidity: plugged the monitors into it, turned on the option that bitches if you use the onboard GFX13:21
TwistedLucidityWhat option, where?13:21
TwistedLucidityUEFI, BIOS.....?13:21
Mez(the only video option in bios is "multi monitor" - if disabled, and something is plugged into the onboard, it displays a message saying that I should plug into the add-on)13:21
directhexthe limit to the number of monitors is based on the number of independent pixel clocks the GPU needs to support. all "real" DP monitors can share a pixel clock, non-DP (including DP->anythingelse adapters) come from a total usually of 313:22
MezTwistedLucidity: lemme reboot into that mode, and see if I can get it working13:23
dwatkinswhat do people use on Ubuntu for drawing trees of ideas, graphs etc.?13:35
popeyi have heard of people using some kde/qt thing i always forget the name of13:35
dwatkinsthanks folks, graphviz looks like it should do what I need13:36
TwistedLucidityOh bollocks....there's a few min-chart things. Err.......names...names...13:36
dwatkinsdon't wanna pay £70 for omnigraffle13:36
popeybraindump is one13:36
popeymind something13:37
Mezok, so - now I booted - using nomodeset, or failsafeX from recovery option, I get a beep when it should start X, and then it locks (only responding to alt+sysrq+b)13:37
dwatkinscue the bongos13:37
dwatkinsand it's leet o'clock13:37
foobarrydwatkins: freemind or pencil13:37
bigcalmSounds like lunch time for me13:38
foobarryor use a google chrome app13:38
popeyMez: does your display dispense money?13:38
popeylooks like you hit the jackpot13:38
MezI wish13:38
MezI just dump loose change there13:39
popeythats ubuntu?13:39
MezUbuntu Gnome13:39
ali1234hmm i have the same monitor but mine doesn't have that handy change tray what's that about?13:39
popeyMez: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Debugging13:40
Mezali1234: there are two versions of the stand... one has a static base, with the tray, the other has the rotational stuff13:40
Mezand the thing that lets you lower/heighten the display13:40
ali1234that'll be it then13:40
Mezpopey: I'vw looked through that - but not come across anything like this in there13:41
foobarrylol i put my various gonks there on my monitor base13:42
ali1234my desk is permanently covered in junk so i would probably get some use out of the tray thing13:42
TwistedLucidityI cleared mine the other day. So nice to be able to see the keyboard!13:46
MezTwistedLucidity / directhex: any suggestions for what to do from here?13:46
TwistedLucidityI'm sorry, I don't. My only other thought is that the monitors are plugged into the wrong output OR things are getting thrown by the DP/DVI conversion.13:48
TwistedLucidityIs there a LUG near you?13:48
dwatkinsMez: are you able to switch consoles at-all?13:49
Mezdwatkins: nope13:49
Mezseems to be freezing up before the init of the vts13:49
dwatkinsMez: ok, does the OS actually come up, e.g. can you ssh into the machine?13:49
ali1234serial port debugging13:49
ali1234this is what you must do...13:49
Mezdwatkins: just trying to find that out13:49
ali1234i hope your motherboard actually has a serial port13:50
* Mez goes and checks arp13:50
TwistedLucidityMez: If you can make one of the LUGs, it might be easier to sort in person. Every LUGer I know can be bribed with beer. :-)13:50
Mezali1234: unlikely.13:50
foobarryTwistedLucidity: to an outsider, some of the LUGs, thats all they do..bribe each other with beer to drink more beer13:50
MezTwistedLucidity: It's a works machine, and I'm not lugging 4 monitors + PC + gubbins :)13:51
Mez(and I'm actually still technically lugmaster for sb)13:51
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Mezssh wouldn't be installed anyway :(13:52
TwistedLucidityMez: Ah. Well that's a bit of a bugger, innit?13:53
Meznope, cause I can get to a console via recovery :)13:53
TwistedLucidityI meant the LUG thing. If you do get it fixed....write it up!13:56
TwistedLucidityHave you seen this? http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=2296633 No reply from OP though.13:59
Mezok, so, now I'm on the system where X has crashed... the system is working, I'm ssh'd in... what now?14:01
popeyMez: thats why i posted that wiki page14:02
popeyit details how to debug x issues via ssh14:02
ali1234check all the usual places - dmesg, syslog, /var/log/Xorg.0.log14:04
Mezthe logs all seem like things are actually working :(14:06
TwistedLucidityTry the BusID thing?14:09
MezI have an error now :)14:10
Mez(EE) NOUVEAU(G1): failed to set mode: No space left on device14:11
MartijnVdSso.. not enough display memory?14:11
foobarrysurely disk full14:12
diploLooks good popey14:12
popeyhmm, bluetooth range on nexus 7 is far greater than my x22014:12
MezI think it's the pixmap it's trying to write to - doesn't like 4 screens.14:12
MartijnVdSfoobarry: nah, it's just ENOSPC14:12
Mezweirdly though, the intel driver is trying to set the framebuffer?14:13
Mezpossibly worth blacklisting that ?14:13
MartijnVdSMez: no, it's NOUVEAU right?14:13
popeybug 124247814:13
lubotu3bug 1242478 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "Multiple graphics problems, regression" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124247814:13
popeynot limited to nouveau14:13
MezMartijnVdS: the log shows that intel is creating a fb14:14
popeybug 122042014:14
lubotu3bug 1220420 in xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (Ubuntu) "Xorg crashed with SIGABRT in __malloc_assert()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122042014:14
Mez(II) intel(0): resizing framebuffer to 3840x108014:14
MartijnVdSMez: do you also have intel graphics?14:14
MezMartijnVdS: onboard.14:14
MartijnVdSMez: anything connected to it14:15
Meznothing connected to it.14:15
MezWas on original install though14:15
MezMartijnVdS: does that make a difference (that it's loading the Intel driver stuff?)14:21
MartijnVdSMez: well, it's probably detecting the Intel graphics *only*14:32
MartijnVdSMez: can you disable it in the bios?14:33
MezMartijnVdS: nope14:34
Meznot that I can find14:35
Mezand the logs say it's detecting both14:35
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* Mez bangs head against wall15:11
SuperMattMez: having fun there?15:17
MezSuperMatt: not really.15:17
MezAll logs say my GFX are working.15:17
MezMonitors say otherwise.15:17
MezYes, they are turned on15:17
daftykinsMez: tried juggling around the DP outputs on that card for fun?15:17
Mezdaftykins: yup15:18
daftykinsand you tried installing nvidia-current just in case?15:18
Meznvidia-current, and the copy of my old Xorg.conf15:18
foobarryusually bios have an option to enforce/disable onboard vga15:18
Mezwith the right BusIDs15:18
daftykinswhat did the Xorg.0.log look like after that?15:18
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Mezok, I just got *something*15:21
Mezso it seems it's gdm bitching15:22
Mezor at least failing15:23
Mezcause lightdm just gave me a login screen15:23
andylockranI meant15:24
lubotu3Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.15:24
SuperMattare we complaining about the female dog word there?15:25
daftykinsseems so15:25
SuperMattbecause... I remember it being used in the grange hill-esque timeslot on the bbc before15:25
SuperMattso like 5.10>5.3515:26
andylockranwe are15:26
SuperMattof all words, I think it's one of the least offensive and could be let slide15:26
Laneyof /all/ words?15:27
SuperMattof all potentially sweary words15:27
foobarryi'm quite anti sweary, but are we pretending there's more than 30 people who are active in this chan ;)15:30
dwatkinswhere did the day go?15:54
daftykinsit's my fault, when i'm actually up for one they last ~5 mins15:55
awilkinsfoobarry, Yeah, but the channel is publicly archived too so small children could google it.16:01
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TwistedLuciditySmall children could Google a lot of things. There's a variety of venacular that we know to avoid, but other words...matter of choice and of culture.16:05
TwistedLucidityAlso of context16:05
TwistedLucidityI don't see b***ing being much of an issue, but I appreciate that we shouldn't turn the IRC blue.16:06
dwatkinsI was surprised that they referred to hell on Doctor Who in a manner which some consider swearing.16:07
dwatkinsMuch like that banned australian tourism advert.16:07
AlanBellTwistedLucidity: Mez: I have a highlight for it as it is a reasonably good marker of bad behavior going on16:08
dwatkinsgood job we don't have Jesse Pinkman in here.16:09
AlanBellI don't have much of a problem with the specific context16:09
TwistedLucidityAlanBell: Eh?16:09
AlanBellit is just an alerter16:09
SuperMattI don't think there are many swear words which really carry much of the gravity that swear words used to have. It is the context now which is more important, and in some cases an innoculous word can be used with worse effect than a regular swear word16:09
SuperMattfor instance, I would say that in some cases, finger could be a much worse word that the aforementioned b word16:09
TwistedLuciditySuperMatt: Hence why I mentioned context.16:10
foobarryi haven't knowingly sworn in >25 years16:10
SuperMatthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nVBZieBmXI tim minchin covers it quite well16:10
foobarry(but depends on definition..)16:10
dwatkinsGorillas have spontaneously 'invented' insults such as "you dirty bad toilet"16:10
AlanBelltim minchin is teh awesome16:10
TwistedLucidityI tend not to swear in the written word, but verbally....yeah, I should check myself at times.16:11
foobarryparents think they don't swear aroudn their kids, but their kids are sweary..16:11
TwistedLucidityOften they don't really know what the word means, but they know it gets a reaction.16:12
TwistedLucidityKnow what I hate? You do something one, don't do it again for months, and then it takes longer the second time to remember what you did the first time (or to find your notes). Grr.....16:15
diploGod my company is sooooo insecure!16:15
foobarryhence wiki16:15
TwistedLucidityHmm....blasphemy. Is that allowed? :-P16:15
diplolots of sshd processes, so somesome says it was hacked and deleted processes users and clsoed the case16:15
diploI was interested, it was not clean! Still got an ircd running and other programs16:16
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: Yeah, I really should. My employer uses a wiki (badly), so it's of little use. And no time to look into improving it.16:16
foobarrywriting stuff down = improving it :D16:18
TwistedLuciditySee a simple text file? That is how the wiki is used. It really doesn't help, so everyone keeps their own notes, leading to the same problem being solved time and time again.16:19
foobarrytwiki is nice16:20
foobarryor dokuwiki16:20
TwistedLucidityWouldn't be allowed to install it.16:20
foobarryapt-get install new-job16:20
TwistedLucidityHeh...like anyone would hire me!16:20
TwistedLucidityOh....virt-manager just collapsed. That's not very nice.16:21
SuperMattit's ok, virt-manager is just a front end16:22
SuperMattwhich is why I prefer it over virtualbox16:22
SuperMattI can have lots of vms running, but I can chose which ones I have visible16:22
TwistedLucidityAye, but I wanted to check on a few wee things and thought the UI would be easier "ksshaskpass(7351)/kdeui (kdelibs): Session bus not found"16:22
SuperMattother than that though, virtualbox is extremely mature, and the only oracle product I enjoy using16:23
directhexvirtualbox is a disaster16:23
SuperMattwhy'd you say that?16:24
SuperMattI mean, I'm not going to use it in production, but it's great for "my first virtual machine"16:24
TwistedLucidityVBox is great for fiddling around on a desktop and for running development environments.16:25
TwistedLucidityI prefer it to VMWare for that kind of thing.16:26
SuperMattsure, but if you wanna just do some really basic testing on your local machine before diving in and making a huge project out of something, virtualbox is pretty good16:27
directhex"vdfuse" is gone in 4.2, and "VBoxManage clonehd" to convert to a less crap format takes literally HOURS for a small disk image16:27
SuperMattit's kinda great for "oh hey, I wonder if this will work" <configure virtualbox instances> "oh cool, let's create a full on dev environment for this in vmware"16:27
directhexEFI variables are not saved, so if you install an EFI OS, you need to manually run the boot loader from the EFI shell on every boot16:28
SuperMattplus, virtualbox works on windows, linux and mac16:28
directhex3D just doesn't work at *all*16:28
SuperMattI don't use 3D very much16:28
TwistedLucidityI've not noticed that. And the seamless desktop works well.16:28
SuperMattI mostly use vbox to create an environment of 3-5 servers for testing stuff16:29
TwistedLucidityThen again, I don't need 3D on my works PC.16:29
SuperMattVirtualbox is *not* the solution for enterprise, at all16:29
SuperMattbut it does have its place and it does that stuff quite well16:30
TwistedLucidityVMWare Workstation is an utter abomination with GNU/Linux. Which is why I switched to VBox16:30
daftykinsSO MANY HATS16:35
TwistedLuciditySuch funk16:35
TwistedLucidityMuch naughty step16:35
foobarrysuch 201316:36
SuperMattDOGE 4 LIFE16:37
daftykinsi was tired of that meme the first time i saw it :(16:39
SuperMattit's a weird meme that sorta grows on you16:40
SuperMattwhen I first saw it, I didn't know what to make of it, but it's a kinda harmless meme that's fun to replicate16:46
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popeyIt didnt grow on me.16:51
popeyI am with daftykins.16:51
=== alan_g|afk is now known as alan_g
Myrttisometimes I really get a derp moment17:35
Myrtti"I know, I'll ping my router and log the times to a file, but how would I monitor the values on that while it's doing it? I know, with watch!"17:36
Myrttitwo seconds in I remembered tail -f exists17:36
daftykinsgetting some sketchy wireless?17:36
Myrttithat seems to be my lot in life17:37
Myrttiusually it's under 2ms but there are spikes of up to 600ms, and then there's moments when nothing just seems to work, although none have come yet while I've been logging17:38
daftykinsdo you have much congestion in the neighbourhood?17:39
daftykinsi.e. other networks sharing channel17:39
TwistedLucidityAnd virt-manager works again. Solution: purge ksshaskpass and install ssh-askpass-gnome.17:39
jussipopey: remember the butter I made? just finishing off the second batch of it - its been great so far17:44
jussistill one block in the freezer + I gave one to the cousin in law...17:45
popeysadly out local shop had none on discount17:45
jussipopey: ahh well. can't have it all17:46
Myrttiwut http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tango-pc-worlds-most-powerful-pocketable-dockable-gameable-officeable-pc17:54
popeyhah, looks like an 8-track17:55
daftykinser hi17:57
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dvrrcreate pid file for tomcat18:05
dvrrhow to create pid for  tomcat  (monitar tomcat)18:06
bigcalmMyrtti: the guy sounds like sabdfl18:08
bigcalmMartijnVdS: cool, we need those here18:11
popeyi love the way they make a big deal about gaming18:13
bigcalmSteamOS effect?18:15
popeyits listed as a supported platform18:18
bigcalmSod it, I'm off to the chippy18:20
popey\o/ chippy18:25
dwatkinsI wish I could get my dad to use Ubuntu.18:47
* dwatkins is currently remote-supporting wifi issues on Windws XP18:47
daftykinsdwatkins: i feel bad for you :( no man should be touching XP except to get data off ;)18:48
dwatkinsdaftykins: the trouble is, that it mostly works18:49
dwatkinsHis PC probably has a hardware problem - the power supply seems to have issues, as strange things have been happening, but I can't rule-out something like driver corruption or a memory issue.18:50
dwatkinsThankfully, the Ubuntu bootable USB stick has a memory test :D18:50
jussipopey: you were into 3D printing right? seen this before? http://www.peachyprinter.com/18:58
popeyi have18:58
popeyi didnt back it tho18:58
jussipopey: ahh ok19:00
ali1234that's the one that connects through your soundcard19:02
ali1234i never understood why that is a good idea19:02
ali1234i don't really believe it is easier or cheaper than just having a usb interface19:03
brobostigonanyone watching the pebble ces feed?19:04
popeyI'm more concerned about the usability / rigidity of the things made with the peachy19:07
dwatkinsbrobostigon: is that the watch?19:08
popeythe pebble is, yeah19:08
popeynever seen the point of those either19:08
popeybut its 1st gen so going to be ropey19:08
brobostigoni am trying to watch, and its just failing totally.19:09
popeywhat url?19:09
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directhexfirst final steam machine detailed: http://www.theverge.com/2014/1/6/5279860/digital-storm-details-its-first-steam-machine-a-hybrid-windows-and19:10
brobostigonits linked form gettpebble.com to youtube.19:10
popeyhaha $249 for their pebble steel19:10
popeythats big19:11
popeyand looks just like a pc19:11
popeya pretty fugly one at that19:11
directhexhere's a second: http://www.theverge.com/2014/1/6/5280256/cyberpowerpc-steam-machine-will-compete-with-consoles-at-499/in/351477719:12
brobostigondammit, my connection must be crap, i cant view it at all.19:12
popeymind you the people who buy watches are insane anyway, so probably see $249 as a fine price19:13
bigcalmdavmor2: ^19:14
popeynutty looking box19:14
* brobostigon wouldnt pay that19:15
davmor2bigcalm: I'll let Sue know you said she was insane :P19:15
bigcalmHaha :P19:15
davmor2bigcalm: personally I think people who spend more on Pens than watches are the ones that need straight jackets :P19:16
bigcalmLast pen I bought was in Belgium19:16
bigcalmI think I might have a problem19:16
bigcalmLast pen accessory I bought was a 1930's wooden rocker blotter from the USA for Hayley for xmas. Best present I ever bought her I think19:17
bigcalmFrom the reaction any way19:17
bigcalmPresent she didn't already know about, I'll add19:17
ali1234popey: the message is sinking in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNs91Dy9tFQ19:19
davmor2\o/ but same on them not knowing about Ubuntu :)19:21
ali1234davmor2: they do know about ubuntu19:21
davmor2ali1234: they don't mention Ubuntu they talk about the motorola lapdock thing and then say google  can do it19:22
brobostigonhas it started yet? i managed to get the youtube feed working?19:22
ali1234davmor2: just because they don't mention it doesn't mean they don't know about it...19:23
davmor2bigcalm: I think my watch collection comes to the grand total of £300, what about you pen collection and have you insured it I think you should :D19:24
bigcalmdavmor2: Um :)19:25
popeymy watch collection comes to approximately 30 quid19:25
popey3 watches, all Casio F-91W variants19:25
daftykinsfriend of mine has rotating watch display cases for his collection >_<19:26
daftykinsprobably tens of thousands locked up in them19:26
bigcalmOh my19:26
MyrttiCasio LA670WE for me19:26
bigcalmdavmor2: you should comment on that video19:26
MyrttiI recently did find my stash of a different kind of watches that have ran out of battery19:27
davmor2popey: I have a poljot automatic, a Constantin Weisz Automatic and battery powered one that was like £30 :)19:27
Myrttistash == underneath a lounge chair cushion I hadn't raised for a good while19:27
daftykinsMyrtti: haha19:27
ali1234davmor2: do you remember this? http://assets.fiercemarkets.net/public/mdano/amis/firefox-jolla-ubuntu.jpg19:29
ali1234the fourth guy on stage there (not pictured) is this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FLQ9WN2BK419:30
bigcalmFully charged batteries *do* make that keyboard work then20:11
* bigcalm drums fingers waiting for ye olde steamos to install20:16
bigcalmIt's up to the 2nd 'a' in 'Select and install software'20:22
popeytook 9 mins start to finish here20:25
popeyon a core2 duo20:25
bigcalmThis is on a core2 duo as well20:25
bigcalmBut a spinning rush disk20:25
bigcalmYay, finished that bit, what's next?20:26
bigcalmThink I might have to plug a network cable into the machine20:26
AzelphurHmm, I asked my ISP to enable IPv6 on my connection, the said "By enabling the new IP range this will replace your existing radius details, would you still like the IPV6 to be added to your broadband account"20:35
Azelphuranyone know what radius details means?20:35
directhexradius is used for auth20:37
Azelphurso it'd change my PPPoE login details, basically?20:37
MartijnVdSAzelphur: probably20:39
MartijnVdSAzelphur: probably best to ask them what it means :)20:40
directhexAzelphur, sounds like20:42
ali1234Azelphur: radius is an authentication server, basically if you don't know what it is then you're not using it in a way that changing it will have any affect on you21:18
Azelphurmakes sense21:19
ali1234i would guess that what will happen is that switching you to ipv6 requires that they reset the configuration on the router, which will clear out any custom settings you have21:22
ali1234so you should back up your config at the very least21:23
Azelphurali1234: if they can hack into my dd-wrt router and reset my credentials, they are very clever and credit to them xD21:23
Azelphursorry, openwrt now xD21:24
ali1234well you never know... most openwrt devices have some binary blobs21:25
Azelphurali1234: I built mine from source \o/21:27
ali1234it still has blobs in the source21:27
ali1234what arch is it?21:27
Azelphurtrue, I built it because I needed the broadcom proprietary blobs21:27
AzelphurIt's a Linksys WRT610N, so arm21:28
ali1234hmm is that ethernet only?21:31
Azelphurali1234: yep21:32
ali1234yeah... so you'll need to reconfigure all the wan stuff21:32
Azelphurali1234: I mean, it has wifi, but no ADSL in it21:32
Azelphuryea shouldn't be too hard21:32
ali1234presumably you have another box with the actual modem in it?21:32
AzelphurI had to configure it in the first place :)21:32
ali1234that's the thing they will reconfigure21:32
Azelphurali1234: yea, this is bt infinity so they have dedicated boxes21:32
Azelphurafaik those have no configuration o.O21:33
ali1234they do... but the ISP controls it all21:33
ali1234that's what they are talking about21:33
AzelphurI see21:34
ali1234you login to the BT box with PPPoE... so yeah, what you first said21:34
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