snap-lbrousch7: Exactly00:52
rick_h_and the piles at the end of my driveway are chest-high01:40
rick_h_done for tonight01:40
gamerchick02rick_h_ get some rest.01:45
snap-lrick_h_: Dear God that's a lot of snow02:19
waldo323is there a meeting tonight?02:21
waldo323or did i miss it?02:21
rick_h_waldo323: no mtg tonight02:29
waldo323ok thanks02:29
rick_h_heh, love this range 36 hour total snowfall accumulations from Saturday evening through early Monday morning will range from 8 to 16 inches02:34
rick_h_and no, not going with good11:29
_stink_wife has to work, so we already dug out12:46
brouschIt only took 50 minutes to clean off my cars, drive 4 miles to daycare, and then 2 miles to work.12:52
rick_h_only took me 2 hours more clearing since 9pm last night13:29
brouschI think you have more than we do13:34
brouschYou are double-wide though13:35
rick_h_so the spotters had 13" last night before midnight and it was still coming down13:36
brouschThe worst part is down by the street where I have to throw snow on piles higher than my head13:37
rick_h_yep, same here13:37
rick_h_and I'm on the outside of a curve in the street13:37
rick_h_so all the slush gets pushed to my side of the road13:37
rick_h_it's ice balls down there at the end13:37
rick_h_but I give up down there, my cars can get through it13:38
brouschYeah. As long as the cars can get through, fuckit13:38
brouschWe both got new tires this year13:38
rick_h_I've done enough that the UPS man can't sue me if he falls and breaks his neck today13:38
brouschKeep the mailbox clean13:39
rick_h_yea, tried my best there :/13:39
rick_h_keep the junk mail though, I don't care13:39
brouschI told George I killed 2 frost giants last night with my mighty shovel Shjonir. I had him convinces for a while13:40
brouschOne pile kind of looks like a giant's body13:40
snap-lGood morning14:07
snap-lThis is way too much snow. I'd like to return it with a 15% restocking fee14:07
brouschShipping is going to kill you14:08
snap-lI'll pay for pickup. :)14:08
brouschI recommend you deal with it by consuming as much as possible and then urinating on the rest14:09
_stink_in that order?14:09
snap-lbrousch: I am interested in your product and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.14:09
brousch_stink_: For you, do it in the opposite order :P14:10
brouschThe yellow is lemon. You will like it14:11
snap-lWith just a hint of iron14:12
jcastrorick_h_, I won't be leaving my house for like 4 days14:12
jcastrowhat you have shoveled is what I had before I went to bed14:12
jcastronow ... I am buried again14:12
rick_h_jcastro: hah, going to take the wife to work in a bit and run by starbucks14:12
rick_h_jcastro: yea, I'm not getting crap done today14:13
rick_h_jcastro: and I've got a snow thrower on my amz wishlist and trying hard to avoid hitting 'buy'14:13
jcastroI'm going to call someone I think14:13
jcastrobut even then, have to wait for the sub to get plowed14:13
rick_h_jcastro: yea, or walk the neighborhood like a girl scout with cookies14:13
snap-lOK there's more snow coming down14:13
snap-lI think I'm starting to understand The Shining14:14
rick_h_is there more?14:14
snap-land the folks in The American House were singing "Let It Snow" on Saturday14:14
snap-lI think they were secretly singing an incantation.14:14
jcastrohard to tell if it'14:14
rick_h_Partly cloudy skies this morning will become overcast during the afternoon. Slight chance of a shower late. High 44F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph.14:14
rick_h_portland dammit14:14
jcastros still coming down or if it's just the wind14:14
brouschrick_h_: Please buy the snowthrower. By the time it arrives snow will be done for the season, thanks to your purchase14:15
rick_h_yea, supposed to get 25mph winds today14:15
snap-ljcastro: This is looking fresh14:15
snap-lor more a mixture of blowing and fresh snow.14:15
rick_h_with wind chills of below any witches body part14:15
snap-lI'm going to have to go to the garage to get a shovel to shovel out our side porch so I can get to the real shovel.14:15
brouschsnap-l: Pro-tip: Stick your shovel in the snow bank closest to the door14:16
rick_h_yea, I've left ours on the front porch on a mat14:16
rick_h_it leaves a rust mark otherwise14:16
rick_h_just walk out the front door and start there14:16
snap-lbrousch: Yeah, I have ours in the side porch for just such occasions.14:17
snap-lWorst case I crawl through the window.14:17
snap-lDrives JoDee nuts when I do that but since she suggested it this morning...14:18
brouschTell her to take care of the shoveling if she doesn't like it :P14:18
rick_h_yea, erica came out this morning "what are you doing out here? You've been out here for two hours"14:18
snap-lbrousch: I'd rather shovel the snow, not have to sleep in it14:18
rick_h_It took some restaraint to not throw her in a pile and tell her to swim out/home14:19
jcastroI can't believe rick's driveway is so clean14:19
snap-lrick_h_: She was worried.14:19
brouschMy wife shoveled once yesterday14:19
jcastrothere's no way I could do that with only one person14:19
jjessei shoveled 3 times yesterday14:19
jjesseand then once this morning14:19
snap-ljcastro: Ask rick_h_ about his secret weapon14:19
jcastro"I have a heated driveway"14:20
jjessebut i live at the top of a hill so everything blows my way14:20
brouschjjesse: I skipped this morning and just drove over the fresh 3"14:20
snap-lHey, I was 10 seconds away from ordering one14:20
snap-luntil I realized it wouldn't show up until Thursday.14:20
rick_h_snap-l: cheaper than the thrower I've got in my basket14:20
rick_h_snap-l: snow in the 10 day forecast14:20
snap-lMy UPS driver will love me for this.14:21
brouschI want a snow roomba. It just wanders the driveway melting the snow away14:21
rick_h_I amazoned a lawn mower, http://www.flickr.com/photos/7508761@N03/11738876955/, and more14:21
snap-lGot the 24" rather than the 30".14:21
jcastroCES is going to be awesome today14:21
rick_h_my ups man never knows if it's going to be a little thing or two person dolly load14:22
snap-lThe 30" is 79.99. 24" is 37.9914:22
jcastrohmm, roku is announcing a TV14:22
snap-ljcastro: I'd be surprised if it ships.14:22
jcastrome too14:22
rick_h_snap-l: coolio14:22
* snap-l wonders if I should pay extra for shipping it sooner. :)14:23
snap-lhah. It won't let me next-day air it. :)14:23
snap-lMaybe I could have it gift wrapped14:24
snap-lHeh, apparently I'm playing snap-l today.14:28
=== snap-l is now known as cmaloney
jjesseroku is announing partnering with 2 tv companie14:35
jjessearticle on the verge or something14:36
jjesseinstead of the tv companies coming up with an app store or building an os it just leverages roku14:36
brouschhttp://www.accuweather.com/en/aq/amundsen-scott-south-pole-station/2258520/weather-forecast/2258520 vs http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=41.878113,-87.62979914:44
jjesseyeah saw it was warmer at the south pole than at o'hare airport14:45
brouschThat's hilarious14:47
rick_h_oh the possiblities! http://r.bmark.us/u/7c7f987750597a15:34
jrwrenandroid sucks15:35
brouschSome cars already run Linux15:35
rick_h_shove off15:35
rick_h_auto company platforms all suck15:35
jrwrenanything but android.15:35
jrwreni'm a member of the ABA society.15:35
rick_h_they need to quit trying to run their own things so much and get on board with a much better experience15:35
jrwreni agree.15:36
rick_h_the GM stuff is awful, the stuff in my VW has so many horrible small issues/bugs it drives me bonkers15:36
jrwrenrick_h_: i saw some drivers yesterday just driving around for fun, drifting.15:36
rick_h_jrwren: my kin :)15:36
jrwrenyup,made me think of you.15:36
brouschAndroid is the bizomb15:37
jrwrenit was a WRX, whihc was awesome, but it was following a miata!15:37
jrwrenbrousch: ist the bizom old right15:37
rick_h_yea, the main roads aren't that bad tbh15:37
jrwreni've not been out since friday15:37
rick_h_jrwren: now if you saw that down any of the dirt roads in the area :)15:37
rick_h_that's where the fun it, where the ruts are as deep as your tires15:37
jrwrenyes, they were15:38
jrwrenthere is a dirt road few hundred feet from my house15:39
jrwrenso they were hitting that and circling back to our circle15:39
greg-gMidori (my subaru) yerns for the opportunity15:40
greg-geven when going to Tahoe, the most I can do is hope for a bunch of snow on the drive up through the mountains (which is more tense than fun) 'cuz once you're in Tahoe, the roads are manicured for all the rich people's lexuses15:42
rick_h_cmaloney: http://fitbit.cmail2.com/t/ViewEmail/r/2BBBCA7AF26761722540EF23F30FEDED/44F2A453140EAD9BB3138EAD4DECE71216:09
brouschI kind of want this http://reviews.cnet.com/desktops/hp-slate-21-pro/4505-3118_7-35833756.html16:17
rick_h_hah, ok I want one. I used to have a stack of these things http://r.bmark.us/u/0c9ed98ffc97fb16:44
rick_h_feeling router nostalgia16:44
brouschI have 2 of those still in service at work16:47
brouschwait, one of them is the wap version16:48
brouschrick_h_: I'll take 4 please16:49
widoxrick_h_: ah yes, I've been waiting for a smart crockpot too!16:51
widox"the first smartphone controllable slow cooker."16:51
rick_h_widox: yea, I'm not sold on those thing16:52
rick_h_not until you're not vendor locked into things16:52
rick_h_jcastro: did you get someone out to plow that pic on G+?16:53
brouschwidox: That sounds a lot more useful than a toaster or fridge16:53
jcastrorick_h_, guys driving in the neighborhood16:54
jcastrojill flagged them down16:54
rick_h_jcastro: nice16:54
rick_h_jcastro: you win then. I'd have paid $$ to have it done if it was available16:54
jcastro$60 is the going rate it seems16:55
jcastroI don'16:55
jcastrot mind shovelling16:55
rick_h_I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open...nap time16:55
jcastrobut it's too much, I can keep this clean I hope16:55
rick_h_I don't either, but after a foot...I'm done16:55
rick_h_now the wind is blowing sideways and it's crazy out there16:55
brouschYou boys need to snow blower-up!16:55
greg-gthe only thing that'll get me to go to g+ directly are snow/stuck cars/etc pictures :)16:55
rick_h_brousch: don't tempt me today16:56
rick_h_I just need s nap and I'll get over it, but yesterday/today has been so close to hitting the buy button16:56
greg-gsnowblower is only really needed west of the big lake16:56
rick_h_I mean, I've got probably 10hrs of shoveling in this weekend16:56
greg-gI mean, west of the lake, and then for 50 miles east16:57
rick_h_would have paid for itself in one day :/16:57
rick_h_jcastro: looks like you guys got about 6-8" ish?16:58
rick_h_or maybe the pic is deceptive16:58
brouschgreg-g: The funny thing about this current storm system is it's coming East to West, so rick_h_ gets all of my lake effect snow16:58
rick_h_gee thanks16:59
rick_h_it's great driving16:59
rick_h_I've had some good fun for sure16:59
brouschChicago is getting pounded too16:59
rick_h_so so so glad I went through the pita to get the new wheels/snow tires16:59
brouschYes. New tires made a huge difference this year16:59
rick_h_and the touareg weight just go through stuff17:00
jcastrorick_h_, they're saying a foot17:00
jcastrobut I haven't been out17:00
rick_h_the subaru floats a lot more and is more fun17:00
rick_h_but the touareg takes it like it's a job, 'jfdi' style17:00
rick_h_jcastro: yea, looking like we got around 15, AA around 12, south down royal oak way seems more 7ish17:01
greg-gyeah, the float of the subaru is fun, but not always smart :)17:01
rick_h_up by flint got 17 :/17:01
rick_h_greg-g: yea, but that's the diff between driving int he snow for fun or for getting somewhere17:02
* greg-g nods17:02
jcastrothe main streets look fine17:02
jcastrosubdivision is totally not plowed though17:02
jcastroI'll go out for lunch though, ran out of food17:03
jcastroshitty planning17:03
jcastrobut luckily my car was made in sweden, it dominates in the snow17:03
cmaloneyI'd love to know how my car window was down in the Caliber17:04
cmaloneymanaged to get some snow in it17:04
rick_h_cmaloney: :/17:04
brouschcmaloney: A hobo slept in it last night17:07
brouschWelcome to Detroit17:07
greg-gjcastro: what do you drive?17:08
jcastroI have a volvo s6017:08
greg-gahh, yeah, that'll float just like the outback17:09
cmaloneybrousch: har har17:11
cmaloneythough we did hear something rustling around last night17:11
rick_h_greg-g: +117:11
rick_h_but it's fun :)17:11
greg-gI almost got stuck with my outback in MPLS one winter when there was over a foot of snow. I was going through the back parts of the city (where the abandoned grain elevators are, for instance), and there was a drift I kinda accidentally paused over/in. Just a bit of jockying and it was free.17:12
greg-gthe best part was parking on the street. I see all these people desparately trying to dig out their cars, I come out of the house, shovel out just enough to open the door (the plow had gone by), and let the car warm up, then SMASH, out I go. :)17:13
brouschMy wife's subarus have never gotten stuck, but my minivan has17:14
greg-gyour wife has more than one car?17:15
rick_h_greg-g: yea, never stop that's the key17:15
brouschgreg-g: She has had 2 subaru foresters17:17
rick_h_outback or bust!17:17
brouschI like the outback better, but it's her car17:17
brouschsmoother ride17:17
rick_h_greg-g: so I was talking with my wife about when we get her a new car we should get a family one that we both use more often and then maybe a truck we drive only when we have to17:17
rick_h_greg-g: and her first thing was "Is the outback a family car? I loved how I could just toss my skis in it and go"17:18
rick_h_she's so sold, she laughs at how she thought I might be strange when we first met driving one17:18
rick_h_now that she drives it full time she's in love :)17:18
greg-gI *really* want to find an older Ford truck somewhere, and then find it's mate (exact same model/year) a bit later for parts. Oh, and some land to put them on :)17:18
rick_h_brousch: yea, the outback is put together better. My last one I thought I wanted the forrester as it 'feels' bigger17:18
rick_h_quieter, smoother ride, much nicer imo17:19
rick_h_greg-g: yea, I want something to tow an airstream with17:19
rick_h_greg-g: so thinking a diesel f250, not a daily driver though17:19
rick_h_so we'd need to 'share' the family-mobile17:19
* greg-g nods17:19
rick_h_and since I work from home/etc it's not a big deal. the whole his/her car thing kind of sucks17:20
greg-gI'd be fine with an older F150, honestly. The new ones are too purty to beat up.17:20
rick_h_I like my in-car electronics17:20
greg-gheh, yeah, I'm ok with a tape deck17:20
rick_h_though I could get a after market BT enabled head unit and be fine17:21
* greg-g was listening to his first ever purchased tape in the car yesterday17:21
brouschgreg-g: Let the two old fords sit in afield and rust together, just like every farm from your childhood?17:21
rick_h_that's the only thing I need17:21
greg-gbrousch: that's the long term goal, but the mid term is to use them :)17:21
rick_h_the boy is going to get caught 'driving' the old truck on blocks in the field pretending it's a race car17:22
rick_h_I gotcha greg-g :)17:23
greg-glife goal #5129217:24
brouschIt will be all electric and self-driving by then17:24
greg-gand expensive17:24
greg-gwth did my phone just reboot17:25
brouschNSA pushed some spyware bug fixes17:26
greg-g"Fixes Bug#224919: Greg's voice was a little garbeled when he was talking to his wife about..."17:27
* rick_h_ feels so strange doing a 'pip install azure'17:27
rick_h_lol at the windows terminal screenshots http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/develop/python/common-tasks/install-python/17:28
rick_h_s/windows terminal/putty17:28
gamerchick02did anyone go into work today?17:54
* greg-g raises hand17:54
rick_h_working here :)17:54
greg-gbut I live in the bay area :)17:54
rick_h_long walk to the basement, it's cold down here17:55
gamerchick02wait. you're not in Michigan with a 4 billion tons of white bullshit17:55
gamerchick02do you have snowshoes, rick_h_17:55
brouschI went to work17:55
gamerchick02i'm not sure i can get out of my complex right now17:55
rick_h_gamerchick02: no, but I saw a ladie cross country ski'ing through the neighborhood yesterday17:56
rick_h_was a funny sight17:56
gamerchick02that... is pretty dang smart actually17:56
gamerchick02i wonder if i could snowshoe down Squirrel to get to Chrysler? :-P17:57
greg-gCarrie (wife) would going xc skiing the night of a big storm on the sidewalks in Ann Arbor, no one had shoveled yet so it was perfect17:58
greg-g(I may have already said that like 3 times in this channel, sorry)17:58
greg-gI'm just a bot, really17:58
gamerchick02i didn't notice, greg-g so it's new to me17:58
greg-gor a dad that tells the same stories all the time17:58
brouschgreg-g: But you have all of wikipedia from which to draw your responses, which makes you very believable17:59
gamerchick02that's perfectly fine.17:59
rick_h_greg-g: I'm with you there. I've got my bank of stories and everyone just has to deal with them17:59
gamerchick02it's like you have a backpack full of stories and you just pull one out that's appropriate to the circumstances.18:01
greg-gindeed, makes small talk easier18:01
cmaloneyLove that Belkin is releasing an OSS router18:01
cmaloneybut typical of Belkin it's about double what I'd pay for one.18:02
gamerchick02holy bloody hell why $300?18:02
cmaloneygamerchick02: Because it's Belkin. :)18:02
rick_h_or did belkin buy linksys from cisco?18:02
cmaloneyBelkin bought Linksys from Cicso18:02
gamerchick02who knows but $300 is a lot of money to pay for a router.18:03
gamerchick02that's approaching PS4 prices.18:03
cmaloneyPretty much18:03
brouschThat's less than $100/antenna18:03
gamerchick02i have a flat black one from linksys that i think i paid $660 for18:04
gamerchick02not $660. dangit i think my hands are cold.18:04
cmaloneyHonestly if I get back into the router market this is going to be a serious contender18:04
cmaloneyesp. if it supports Tomato. :)18:04
gamerchick02my pizza supports tomato. :-P18:05
jrwrenopenwrt is looking very good these days.18:05
rick_h_says shipping openwrt support ootb18:05
jrwrenbut I only say that because 30c3 presentation was so good18:05
cmaloneyjrwren: I flash all of my routers with stuff I get from third parties online18:05
gamerchick02our first router ran tomato. on an old computer that my brother set up18:05
cmaloneybecause sadly I trust them more than I trust the manufacturers18:05
gamerchick02it was my old computer. it is in computer heaven now.18:06
cmaloney(although telling me to go to 4shared for a router image is a bit hard to swallow. :) )18:06
gamerchick02i don't think i've don anything for the linksys except put passwords on it and do a minor amount of fiddling.18:06
greg-goh my god forums are not a place to do software releases18:06
cmaloneygreg-g: That drives me insane18:06
cmaloneySqueezebox shit is all in Forum posts18:07
greg-gso much hate18:07
greg-gso much18:07
cmaloney100 pages later you get the updated release.18:07
greg-gthem too18:07
greg-ggithub or sourceforge, do you speak it?!18:07
brouschSF, so they can bundle an ad service with my ROM?18:08
cmaloneyI don't even care if you do all of your development discussion in a forum; at least have a page where I can find the latest release without having to go through a thread where you released .09beta.18:08
cmaloneySeriously that's baby-punching time18:09
greg-gbrousch: touche18:09
jrwrencmaloney: me too, not just trust of privacy, but also trust of quality18:10
gamerchick02that awkward moment  you look for the new music you downloaded but... you forgot to extract the zips and put the folders in your music directory. ooops18:12
cmaloneygamerchick02: So, yesterday.18:12
gamerchick02hah. today actually for me18:13
jrwreni usually don't look for the music, then find the zips, weeks, months, or years later,then finally listen18:24
gamerchick02i downloaded yesterday after finding over holiday break and am listening today18:26
cmaloneyMy problem is I'll download a crap-ton of music for OMC and then not use all of it for a few episodes18:26
cmaloneyand then it'll sit in my collection until I run into it again18:27
cmaloneyoney Seriously that's baby-punching time                │ _stink_18:27
cmaloney13:09:blerch. One sec.18:28
cmaloneyThat's my Squeezebox statistics from this morning18:28
cmaloneyThe genres is off so ignore that18:28
gamerchick0211924 songs for me18:29
cmaloneyThat's all of my music on my machine. :)18:29
gamerchick02just a quick look in banshee18:29
greg-gI'm sorry, iphone users deserve to have their week ruined if this is all it takes: https://twitter.com/MattRichenburg/status/41956500205222297718:31
gamerchick02WTF is he talking about?18:32
gamerchick02a spacing issue? for realsies?18:32
cmaloneyOMC library: 6,861 songs18:32
brouschInexcusable. Someone will be fired for that.18:33
cmaloneyI think someone is playing.18:33
cmaloneyColor me surprised.18:37
cmaloneyDoctor Watson probably still groks Windows 98 without too much trouble. ;)18:37
jjesseyeah saw that before wasn't surprised either18:40
greg-glack of surprise != not bad18:40
greg-gI think the "snowden stuff" (for lack of a better word) is putting everyone in the "not surprised anymore" apathy camp18:41
greg-g(not saying you two are)18:41
jrwren22285 songs for me :)18:50
gamerchick02we all have a lot of music18:50
jjessewell i always figured it was happening and we were just bein lied to18:51
jjessemaybe its the pessimit in me18:51
jrwreni always knew.18:55
greg-gso we're all ok with it?18:55
jrwrenits sending at least stack traces and may be heap dumps, so if it was in teh processes memory, it was getting sent.18:55
jrwrenit depends on the app if i'm ok with it.18:56
jjessewell not really ok with it18:56
jrwrensadly, i can't control that feature on an app by app basis.18:56
greg-gjrwren: for the proverbial "mom" situation?18:56
* greg-g nods18:56
greg-gso, no18:56
jjessealso did you see what is going on w/ the logs in the evernote app for Mac? storing everything in clear text or whatever i nthe log18:56
greg-gstep 1: inform18:56
greg-gstep 2: do something18:56
jjesseso when you open up a support ticket they ask for your logs18:57
jjessewhich contain your note18:57
rick_h_bah, "live videos are not supported by chromecast"18:58
rick_h_and youtube fail19:03
jrwrenfor comparison, i don't think you can facetime with appletv19:03
rick_h_curse you technology19:04
brouschA guy asked me how to forward a few photos from his iphone to email. I could not figure out how to do it. iphone email has no button or menu or anything to attach a file.19:08
rick_h_ooooh, pebble steel! take my $$19:10
jrwrenbrousch: you actually CANT!!!19:13
brouschHow uuseful19:13
jrwrenbrousch: you have to enter the photo app, pick the photos and share via email19:13
jrwrenyou cna't do it from teh email app.19:13
jrwrenI know, its TERRIBLE!!!19:13
jrwrenone of my iOS hate peeves19:13
brouschThe peeze I always run into on iOS is the keyboard not changing for capital or lower case letters. I am typing a name. Is the letter I type upper case or lower case? I have no idea until I type it19:14
brouschAnd Apple doesn't let you install a better keyboard?19:15
jrwrenthe shift key highlights.19:15
jrwreni got used to that in minutes.19:15
jrwrenyou would too :p19:15
brouschThe shift was not highlighted, and it typed an upper case letter19:16
brouschNext letter, shift was not highlighted, it typed a lower case letter19:16
brouschFirst letter of last name19:16
jrwrenstart of new sentence?19:17
brouschAnyways. Every time I use an idevice I go away enraged19:17
jjesselook the part about the photos not being able to be shared from the email makes sense19:24
jjesseevery app within iOS is a sandbox, everything exists in that sandbox19:24
jjessewhich makes it easy to wipe one app and wipe the data19:24
brouschIt does not make sense. I want to attach a photo to an email like I have done for decades. This is impossible19:25
brouschEven the solutions seem to embed the photo into the email instead of attach it19:26
jrwrenjjesse: they could have added a button to invoke the photo sharing api as every other app has to.19:27
jrwrenbrousch: embed and attach, what is the difference?19:27
brouschHTML email vs plain old email with attachment?19:27
jcastrogreg-g, you were right I sailed on right out of the sub19:35
jcastrogetting back in though I made a critical error and slowed down19:35
jcastroluckily some guys were around for the push19:35
jrwrenbrousch: an html email is just a plain old email wiht attachment.19:35
jcastroI helped a construction truck get through too19:36
gamerchick02i cleaned off my car. the complex is plowed but there's knee deep drifts around the cars. i took some poor sod's spot because i know i can get out of it19:37
gamerchick02i double-downed on pants with my cargos on top of a pair of flannel pj pants (and no i don't have long underwear here)19:38
jrwrengood call19:38
jrwreni did same, flanel PJ under my pants.19:38
jrwreni was WARM19:38
jrwrentook off my scarf and hat19:38
jrwrenit was a good workout shoveling19:39
gamerchick02well, i was til i DROPPED MY KEYS in a snowdrift19:39
gamerchick02and couldn't find them except without glove removal and kneeling down in the snow19:39
gamerchick02THAT was cold!!19:40
gamerchick02brousch, you don't like ios at all? granted i don't use it for more than games, music, and podcasts...19:40
gamerchick02i have an ipod touch19:41
brouschI don't own an iOS device. All of my attempts at usage are typing in wifi passwords for other people and attempts to help them do routine tasks, like attach a photo to an email19:42
brouschThe unchanging keyboard drives me nuts on wifi password (and you can't choose to have it show what you've typed)19:43
rick_h_some like one some like hte other19:43
rick_h_why do we have to spent so much time on it?19:43
brouschBecause Ford is better than Chevy and Coke is better than Pepsi, and the Lions are better than the Bears19:44
rick_h_see...then you had to go and speak some fighting words19:44
gamerchick02brousch i get you. that's what i hate about ios and why i won't be using it for my phone19:44
gamerchick02i <3 swiftkey too much :-P19:44
rick_h_let me know when you get a new coach lion fan :P19:44
brouschrick_h_: I actually care 0 shits about football19:45
jcastronew coach won't fix the lions19:45
jcastrothe only thing that can fix the lions is the Fords selling the team19:45
rick_h_right, because they're out there playing on the field :P19:45
brouschI watched 5 minutes of U-M football this year. That is all of the football I watched19:45
jcastrorick_h_, if owners don't care about winning they will have organizations that don't care about winning19:46
gamerchick02i don't think the Fords want the Lions to win19:46
rick_h_jcastro: let me know how jerry jones and the skins owner work out for you19:46
jrwrenpigskin egg carrying19:46
rick_h_jcastro: they've been doing a lot...or no winner as well :)19:46
jcastrorick_h_, teams have ups and downs19:46
gamerchick02they have the highest beer prices in the NFL. i think like $8 for a shitty bud lite or something19:46
jcastrolions have never been up19:46
gamerchick02weren't they good once in like the 50s?19:47
jcastro35 years of losing isn't an accident19:47
jcastroeven the Bengals got good at some point19:47
gamerchick02i think it's a conspiracy wherein the Fords are betting against them all the time and they have to throw the games at the last quarter19:47
gamerchick02how else can you explain other teams comebacks19:48
rick_h_just saying blaming the owners that hire/fire is a cop-out. The Lions lost this year on some moron on the field stuff19:48
jcastrothere were some shitty calls too19:48
jcastroAll I am saying is that the fords don't know how to own a football team19:48
jcastrothe only constant in 35 years of losing .. is the owner.19:49
gamerchick02and high-priced crappy beer. :-P19:49
jcastroyou have to be really apathetic/crappy to go 35 years losing all the time19:50
rick_h_that's NFL mandate19:50
jcastroI mean dude, you have better odds in vegas19:50
gamerchick02LOL true!19:50
jcastroif tomorrow we got the best coach in the league. The best assistants, and all new players.19:50
jcastrowe would still lose.19:50
rick_h_I watched a few lions games this year. I can't help but think many of those losses were on the field with a razor blade to the wrist and the owner had to sit and watch it while writing the checks19:50
jrwrenbrowns should merge with lions19:50
jcastrothe browns did it right19:51
jcastrothey just said "fuck this place"19:51
jcastroand left19:51
jcastroand a new team came in19:51
jcastroIf we're lucky the fords will move to Chicago. :p19:51
jcastroand then we can start over19:51
jcastrook course they can take the lions with them19:51
jcastroBut all jesting aside; they see the Lions as revenue generating, so business as usual.19:52
jcastroas long as Detroiters keep buying Lions stuff and paying for $8 Miller Lites, they'll keep milking it19:52
jrwreni would too19:53
jrwrenits good business19:53
jrwrenonly wish i could buy in on the action19:53
jcastroit's just not good football19:53
jrwrengreenbay has it right19:53
jcastrothat's why I watch the Wings. :)19:53
jcastrobecause he knows the more Cups he brings home the more I will buy.19:53
gamerchick02+1 to the wings19:54
gamerchick02hockey is a better sport anyway *ducks*19:54
jcastroit is!19:54
jrwrenits a canadian sport.19:54
jrwreni prefer korean sport: starcraft219:54
jcastroand even if you prefer football, MSU is the better team19:55
jcastro42-14, MSU over the Lions.19:55
jcastrowould be the score.19:55
jcastroI would say U-M could have beat the lions this year ....19:56
jcastrobut let's not get ahead of ourselves.19:56
gamerchick02lol jcastro19:57
gamerchick02i do think MSU would beat the Lions19:57
cmaloneyI wish there was something like the curse of the Bambino that we could say was the problem with the Lions19:57
cmaloneySomething cool and My-STER-I-Ous19:57
cmaloneyLike someone got kicked out of Ford Field with his goat back in the 1800s and said "You'll never go to the superbowl"19:58
cmaloneyBut again, I couldn't care less about the Lions or any Football / Baseball / Basketball / Sportball19:59
brouschjcastro: I always wondered why the Lions didn't recruit more players from U-M and MSU. It seems like they could take better advantage of fans that already exist19:59
cmaloneyNow Hockey... that's a sport I could give a puck about.19:59
cmaloneybrousch: Probably because UofM or MSU students would commit hari-kari if they were picked by the Lions20:00
gamerchick02i reduced my cable channels so no hockey for me. i can listen via the web or radio.20:00
gamerchick02lol cmaloney20:00
cmaloney"I'm a first round draft pick for the Lions? Bring me my sword."20:00
cmaloneyAt least if you're out of state you won't have nearly the same reaction.20:01
gamerchick02but they always trade their first rounds for a different player or three from another team20:01
cmaloney"Yay! I'm no longer in [insert name of podunkville]"20:01
jrwrengreg-g: just saw your priviledge post. great. ty.20:21
jcastroman awesome20:41
jcastroI was shovelling over lunch20:41
jcastroand there was this clunk20:41
jcastroSo I dig it out20:41
jcastroan entire frozen dog pee clump of ice.20:41
rick_h_jcastro: lucky you20:42
greg-gjrwren: thanks man20:52
gamerchick02oh ew20:58
jrwrenanyone with rabbitmq experience via pika?21:06
Havenstanceabout tired of this cold already...21:07
greg-gboy is it tough to remember when you ate the last 2 days21:14
* greg-g is starting a food diary, for a number of reasons21:14
greg-gif you skip 2 days, you're fucked, at least my memory is21:14
jrwrenoh no greg-g, say it isn't so!21:16
jrwrengreg-g: gluten is your friend!21:16
greg-guh, no comment?21:16
=== Havenstance1 is now known as Haven|AFK
greg-gto be less obtuse: yeah, paleo ish, but not strict. I'm going to go "carb loading" days twice a week21:18
greg-gwhere "carb loading" == "about the same amount of carbs a normal american eats in a day"21:18
greg-greally, the food diary is to figure out if it is helping or not, cuz, well, TMI ;)21:19
greg-gs/going to go/going to have/21:24
greg-gor maybe I meant "do", whatever21:24
gamerchick02what on earth is carb loading? i just try to eat balanced and not too much chocolate which is hard right now because of lady issues.21:27
gamerchick02TMI i know sorry guys21:28
greg-ggamerchick02: carb loading is normally associated with athletes the day before a big event. eg: we all ate big pasta dinners in high school the day before a cross country race21:31
gamerchick02why do you want to do this now?21:31
greg-gin my context, it'll be: "eating a normal amount of carbs" because my daily carb intake will be very low21:31
gamerchick02ah ok21:31
greg-gwhere "normal" == "average american-ish"21:32
jrwrengreg-g: the problem is, some changes take weeks or months to change your body.21:32
gamerchick02take my carbs from my cold dead hands.21:32
greg-gjrwren: agreed21:32
gamerchick02i'm trying to move more to compensate for them.21:32
greg-git ain't easy trying to fix the things21:32
jrwrengreg-g: are you going to nocarb for 6 weeks and get to ketosis?21:32
greg-gI do have some issues to address: hypoglecemia, irritable bowel (for lack of a better phrase), etc21:33
greg-gjrwren: I can't t even if I wanted to21:33
jrwrenwhy not?21:33
greg-gtring to get rid of that first :/21:33
greg-gI get major headaches on the days i don't eat carbs in the morning, not cured by coffee21:34
jrwreni should monitor mine and blood pressure more closely. but if I ain't dead, then oh well.21:34
jrwrenhow much coffee do you drink?21:34
greg-git's not just the notion of "be better" for me its "get not bad"21:34
greg-ga french press/day21:34
greg-gie: 2 mugs21:34
greg-gnot one of those huge presses, but not a tiny one21:35
jrwren6oz mugz, so likely 12oz, that is not much21:35
greg-gyeah, about that21:35
gamerchick02no that's not too bad21:36
greg-gyeah, coffee ain't my problem21:36
gamerchick02i usually do a "medium" at work and that's it for the coffee. sometimes a pop at lunch but not usually.21:36
greg-gthe sugar in food is :/21:36
jrwrenthinkpad lovers: end your love: http://www.lenovo.com/images/subseries/lenovo-laptop-thinkpad-x1-carbon-2-keyboard.png21:36
greg-ggawd i hate those keyboards21:37
gamerchick02what's wrong with it?21:37
* greg-g holds tightly onto his x200s21:37
rick_h_with your high res screen21:37
greg-gI should look at ebay for some more of this gen x-series21:37
jrwrenhome end to right of a is where the ctrl key goes21:37
gamerchick02i like my macbook air keyboard *ducks*21:38
greg-gyou better21:38
gamerchick02i paid enough for it. :-P21:38
* rick_h_ is back on the kenesis for the past week21:38
jrwrengamerchick02: i like my macbookair keyboard too... once I turn capslock into ctrl21:38
greg-grick_h_: well done, sir21:38
gamerchick02goddamnit i'm gonna have to fire up the space heater.21:39
gamerchick02jrwren, i don't do that. are you running linux on it or OSX?21:39
rick_h_gamerchick02: yea, after I go out and pick up the wife from work the fireplace will be started21:39
jrwrengamerchick02: OSX21:40
jrwrengamerchick02: i've never used capslock, and I use a lot of vim21:40
jrwrengamerchick02: and vi was written on a ADM3A21:40
gamerchick02rick_h_ that's a good idea21:40
jrwrengamerchick02: and the ADM3A has ctrl to the left of A21:40
jrwrengamerchick02: and now so do I :)21:40
cmaloneyHonestly that's a pretty dumb keyobard decision21:41
gamerchick02jrwren, that's interesting. i don't use vim much.21:41
rick_h_the horror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!21:41
cmaloneyI doubt you'll see more than one or two revs with that21:41
rick_h_jrwren: the latest thing is https://floobits.com/21:41
jrwrencmaloney: i know!!! its NUTS!21:41
rick_h_jrwren: we've been testing it between the sublime and vim users21:41
rick_h_well, guys on the team have21:41
gamerchick02floobits looks cool21:42
jrwrenfloobits looks sweet21:42
gamerchick02i don't code but if i did and had to collaboratively, i'd use that.21:42
gamerchick02i was re-reading the bit about floobits and it sounds like something out of harry potter. sorry.23:08

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