belkinsaWe are having our mock virtual Ubuntu Hour tomorrow at 3 PM EST.01:52
belkinsaMore info on this: http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/our-first-mock-virtual-ubuntu-hour/138402:26
jenni[ Our First Mock virtual Ubuntu Hour - Ubuntu Discourse ] - https://j.mp/1donpyx02:26
jrgiffordbelkinsa: ok, assuming that i haven't lost power by then, i will be there03:00
belkinsaAlright, let's hope not.03:09
Unit193Mmmmm, what a day to lose it.03:13
belkinsajrgifford, do you still have power?13:00
jrgiffordbelkinsa: yes13:09
jrgiffordThis storm is underwhelming13:09
jrgiffordLike, seriously.13:09
jenni[ Winter Storm Warning in Northern Ohio ] - https://j.mp/1cvVr6z13:11
jrgiffordIts 17, a nice breeze and almost no snow13:12
belkinsaWe seem to have high winds down here.13:12
belkinsaAnyways, I meant to ping you about the mock virtual Ubuntu Hour.  Since it's online, I was thinking that we need to make a Agenda page for it.  Is it worth doing this?13:14
jrgiffordi guess?13:53
belkinsaOkay, I'm already working on it.13:53
belkinsaI think the reason is to let everyone know what we are doing a head of time.13:53
belkinsaAnd done: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/FirstMockvirtualUbuntuHour At least the basics of it.13:54
jenni[ OhioTeam/FirstMockvirtualUbuntuHour - Ubuntu Wiki ] - https://j.mp/1cT7WKC13:54
jrgiffordwe can let the rest of it kind of flow from there13:54
belkinsajrgifford, thanks for the idea of doing this a few months ago.14:04
belkinsafrom a few*14:04
jrgiffordbelkinsa: lets see how this works before someone starts thanking me. ;p14:04
belkinsaGood point.14:04
belkinsaDo we need a chair for this?14:05
belkinsaOr at least someone to lead this14:06
jrgiffordgo ahead and appoint one, but it's more of a "Keep it from spiraling out of control"14:06
belkinsaIs it okay if I appoint you and myself?14:07
belkinsaAlright, added.14:10
belkinsaMock virtual Ubuntu Hour in 15 minutes in chatb.org/#ubuntu-us-oh and also in irc.freenode.net for text chat.19:44
jrgiffordoh right19:44
jrgiffordpoke me if i don't show up, i'm getting lost in the land of openid, ldap and oauth.19:44
belkinsaAlright, I will19:44
jrgifford3 of the most poorly documented things out there, imo19:44
belkinsaStarting in 5 minutes, the Mock virtual Ubuntu Hour in chatb.org/#ubuntu-us-oh and also in irc.freenode.net for text chat.19:54
belkinsaWho is Peer1456?  (if you are here also)19:59
jrgiffordnot me19:59
jrgiffordi'm not on yet19:59
belkinsaI know, I would of known you19:59
jrgiffordi'll be audio only though, i'm trying to download some large stuff and I don't want to lag20:00
belkinsaOkay, that will do.20:00
belkinsaI thin we need to be mic only again because of Bob20:08
belkinsaSergioMeneses, thanks for joining us.20:10
SergioMenesesbelkinsa, dont worry... I will listen to you guys ;)20:11
Unit193Like a creeeeeper. ;)20:11
Unit193SergioMeneses: Howdy.20:11
belkinsaWe are using this channel for chat (text_20:12
BobJonkman2Hello everybody!20:12
SergioMenesesUnit193, \o20:13
belkinsaUnit193, you there?20:13
SergioMenesesbelkinsa, I think so20:13
Unit193belkinsa: No, I'm just chatting but I'm a frozen meatball outside. :P20:13
jrgiffordand someone just broke up really badly20:14
jrgiffordi don't know who20:14
SergioMenesesI heard a lot of noise, only me?20:14
belkinsaBobJonkman2 said that he will switch mics20:15
BobJonkman2Sorry about that.20:15
jrgiffordthat's fine20:15
jrgiffordwe can hear you typing just fine20:15
BobJonkman2I've just unplugged the boom mic20:16
SergioMenesesjrgifford, ++20:16
belkinsaAgenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/FirstMockvirtualUbuntuHour20:17
jenni[ OhioTeam/FirstMockvirtualUbuntuHour - Ubuntu Wiki ] - https://j.mp/1cT7WKC20:17
jrgiffordaudio just dropped20:20
jrgiffordor we scared everyone20:20
Unit193I'm going with that scared everyone.20:20
Unit193And someone sniffed the mic.20:21
belkinsa(because it is Google)20:22
Unit193jrgifford: Pretty sure it can do more than h264.  VP9?20:24
jrgiffordUnit193: dunno20:24
belkinsajrgifford, can you tell Ron that we are also on #ubuntu-us-oh on irc.freenode.net for text chat.20:27
belkinsaAlso we are audio only also.20:27
Unit193Sure isn't great on the CPU...20:34
jrgiffordi honestly didn't notice20:34
jrgiffordmostly because i have 3 VMs going20:34
SergioMenesesit is only me or the room is empty?20:35
jrgiffordwe turned video off20:35
Unit193SergioMeneses: Firefox 26?20:35
jrgiffordbecause of bandwithd issue20:35
SergioMenesesUnit193, 25.0.120:36
SergioMenesesjrgifford, kk20:36
Unit193SergioMeneses: Mhmm, that'd be why.20:37
Unit193Tried chromium, was even worse than FF.  Xombrero doesn't support it though.20:38
Unit193jrgifford: Yes, it isn't.20:38
jrgiffordah, i see it20:40
Unit19326 didn't even work for me.20:40
Unit193On 28 now.20:40
Unit193jrgifford: Are you randomly looking at things and talking to yourself, or is there a second person I can't hear?20:42
jrgiffordUnit193: i have been known to talk to myself under certain circumstances, yes20:42
jrgiffordbut i'm talking to belkinsa20:42
Unit193Can't hear her.  about:config > gstreamer/webrtc things.20:43
Unit193ronswift: Howdy.20:43
belkinsaHey there, thanks for coming.  We will try to helo you/.20:44
belkinsahelp you.*20:44
jrgiffordso you're going to stalk me as i tinker with my settings?20:44
jrgifford^ Unit19320:44
Unit193jrgifford: Sure, why not?20:44
jrgiffordwell.... firefox just froze and took up 2 solid physical cores...20:45
jrgiffordwonder what just happened20:45
jrgiffordmy vm is in pain now20:45
belkinsaI will be just listening if I'm needed.20:46
jrgiffordok, i give up on that for now.20:46
jrgiffordfirefox won't start again20:46
Unit193Because it didn't close.20:46
belkinsaThat happened to me too.20:46
jrgiffordeven wiping ~/.mozilla and related directories didn't do it20:46
Unit193killall firefox ?20:47
jrgiffordthere are no firefox processes on my computer20:47
Unit193Aha, fun. :D20:47
ronswiftAre we still trying to get chatb.org to work20:48
BobJonkman2Is the VUH still going?  Did I leave too soon?20:48
* Unit193 is still there, nobody talking though.20:48
belkinsaNp, it's over, but we are working on some the issues that ronswift is having.20:48
ronswiftI appreciate that20:49
belkinsaronswift, what version of firefox do you have?20:50
jrgiffordit should work there, which is confusing me because it isn't working on my firefox either20:51
belkinsaDoes it hang or does it ask you to share a mic and the cam?20:51
ronswiftIt asks to share a mic and cam20:52
belkinsaOkay, can you click those and allow it?20:52
jrgiffordi didn't even get that far...20:52
belkinsaIt hangs for me when I open that page so I use my tablet and firefox on that.20:53
ronswiftI did and it now shows a black box arcross the top, my video when enabled and the chat window on the right20:53
belkinsaOkay, I have video on but I don't see you ronswift20:53
ronswiftThat is the same thing that appeared with chrome browser20:53
jrgiffordi hear someone has music on20:54
Unit193jrgifford: Hah!  First glance I thought santa hat!20:54
jrgiffordUnit193: nope, it's my "i need to keep my almost bald head warm" hat. ;p20:54
ronswiftMy video is now on20:54
belkinsaOkay, I'm muted at the moment.20:54
jrgiffordi don't see your video20:54
jrgiffordi see yours belkinsa20:54
ronswiftI only see my own video, no one else20:55
jrgiffordi don't see any traffic going to your IP address ronswift20:55
jrgiffordat least, not the peer-based stuff20:55
jrgiffordcreeperdude - is that Unit193 ?20:56
Unit193Gee how kind of you, but yes.20:56
jrgiffordI TOLD YOU NO HAIR20:56
jrgiffordanyway, belkinsa just froze solid. i wonder if my internet connection is slowly dying.20:57
Unit193Hah, kindof yeah, though not so bad really.  I'm going that way too in not too long.20:57
belkinsaNo, I restarted the page and I'm not sharing anything.20:57
jrgiffordwell somehow i'm only pushing 30K/S up/down20:57
belkinsaOkay, I left.20:58
Unit193https://talky.io/ubuntu-us-oh ?20:58
jenni[ Talky ] - https://j.mp/1kmyE3H20:58
jrgiffordi've seen talky.io20:59
belkinsaBut it's only for chrome, the screensharing20:59
Unit193I like playing with the ship the best. >_>20:59
jrgiffordyeah, trying to do a grasshopper is fun21:00
ronswiftI need to leave shortly. Please let me know if there is some other time that we can test this further.21:00
jrgiffordronswift: i'm perplexed as to why this isn't working in firefox21:00
belkinsaSure, we can do that.21:00
jrgiffordbut this is a big problem for future usage of this platform21:00
ronswiftor if there are any other apps that may work better21:01
ronswiftthanks, bye21:01
jrgiffordi'll be on the lookout for better future things, yes21:01
jrgiffordtake care21:01
Unit193Firefox worked for me at least.21:01
Unit193jrgifford: I saw you and the person there! ;P21:02
jrgiffordthere was a human being in there?21:02
jrgiffordi'm so surprised21:02
belkinsaYeah, someone was behind you.21:04
jrgiffordthat was my brother21:04
jrgiffordprobably the side of his head21:04
belkinsaI figured.21:04
belkinsaAnd you heard my brother practicing a bit on his Alto.21:04
jrgiffordi generally don't have my desk setup like this, so my webcam wouldn't have had that angle normally21:04
jrgiffordbelkinsa: ah, so that was it! after the garbling of a low-quality mic + internets, it sounded like a 8 bit song21:05
belkinsaYeah, I forgot he had a lesson today.21:05
belkinsaHe was also the last time that we played around with chatb with paultag but I think the bandwidth wasn't an issue.21:06
Unit193Hah, so since I'm the only one here, it'd just be a very soft humming sound, but I didn't have the mic on. :D21:06
* Unit193 still votes for the Santa.21:11
jrgiffordI wish I had a santa hat21:12
jrgiffordi'd wear that year round21:12
jrgiffordthe only problem is that all the ones i've looked at get itchy after a bit21:12
belkinsaSergioMeneses, thanks for coming again.21:29
SergioMenesesbelkinsa, dont worry, it was a pleasure!21:29
Unit193paultag: Sooo, has #debian-devel really been upstart/systemd/openrc/multiinit the last month? :P21:31
paultagit's been quiet21:31
paultagnow that people are pseudo-voting it's back to flaming21:31
Unit193I glance in there every so often, and that's what I read. :P21:31
* paultag is flicking matches in there now21:32
jrgiffordI think debian should get on with it21:37
jrgiffordget in, get it over with, and get out21:37
paultaggee thanks jrgifford21:38
paultagi'll alert the developers21:38
paultag(that's what we're trying to do now)21:38
Unit193Use runit!21:39
Unit193Kidding of course, I only know about it because I updated the dropbear package (for myself.)21:40
belkinsaStupid snow storm.23:43
jrgiffordYAY SNOW STORMS23:46
belkinsaNo...i don't like missing school.  ;)23:47
belkinsaWell, the first day of the term23:47
belkinsaOh, jrgifford, is it wroth it to look up a solution for chatb and firefox 26 or at least ask somewhere?23:54

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