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lazypowero/ Morning10:27
lazypowerAs the new guy, and more than likely horribly informed - is the PA LoCo primarily located in Philly?10:28
JonathanDThere really isn't a location.10:28
JonathanDwe just do things.10:28
lazypowerRight on. Glad my first impression was false.10:28
JonathanDA lot of things happening in/around philly is simply because of the population distribution in PA.10:29
JonathanDThere are people here, thus things here.10:29
JonathanDWhere are you located?10:30
lazypowerUnless I missed something, I'm getting interested in trying to expand the reach here in Pittsburgh.10:30
JonathanDOh, excellent.10:30
lazypowerI'm looking forward to attending the next meeting and getting a feel for the community.10:34
lazypoweror if not attending, listening to the cliffnotes10:34
lazypowerAre there any hangout archives or podcasts that I would benefit from mining? Or should I just hang out and gleen what I can as it comes across the website.10:35
JonathanDI'd hang around here. jedijf is a good guy to ask about general goings on, and you should join the mailing list.10:35
lazypowerAlready a step ahead of you on that one. I signed up yesterday.10:35
JonathanDThere is stuff in pitts ,but not that often, so depending on how intersted you are, you might try to spin up your own event, too :P10:36
lazypowerI understand the impass of busy people10:37
lazypowerI'm a byproduct of the For Profit EDU sector, and those locations are sadly lacking in interest in Open Source. I'm the poster child at ITT Tech Green Tree for FOSS advocation.10:37
JonathanDinteresting :)10:41
JonathanDso higher edu?10:41
lazypowerI graduated in 2012. But I still return to do guest speaking 2x a year so far.10:46
lazypowerUp until Friday I was a jack of all trades for Level Interactive, a digital marketing firm in Downtown Pittsburgh. My hats include a ton of titles that all lead back to one thing - engineering, planning, and social outreach - constantly.10:47
JonathanDah ok.10:47
lazypowerSorry if I'm full of word vomit this morning. I blame the coffee and debugging this failing juju hook10:48
JonathanDTis ok.10:50
JonathanDStick around in here. rmg51 is about the only other person up at this hour.10:50
JonathanDWell jedijf is up but he won't be on irc just yet :P10:50
lazypowerIt's unusual that i'm online at this hour myself. As an avid fan of sleep - lastnight was not a victory.10:52
JonathanDI get up around 4:30, 5.10:53
lazypowerMust be a sysadmin10:56
lazypoweror a parent10:56
JonathanDParent, but i try to get up before the kids so I have time for stuff.10:57
JonathanDit's my time.10:57
lazypowerI hear ya10:57
rmg51I'm up at this hour to read the paper and get ready for work :P11:11
rmg51the other person you should try to talk with is ssweeny11:12
rmg51he's from Pittsburg11:12
JonathanDis he western rmg5111:12
lazypowerI think ssweeny is part of the PGHRB crowd11:12
lazypowerand if thats the case, we are acquaintances already11:12
JonathanDlazypower: theres a linuux users group out that way too11:13
JonathanDappears to be active.11:13
JonathanDMeeting on the 11th.11:13
JonathanDlazypower: oh, you're already on their IRC11:14
pvl1Hey guys, is it sufficient enough to remove an upstart script or must I run something after12:31
teddy-dbearMorning peoples,dogs, turkeys and everything else13:10
JonathanDKyleYankan: window 26, bound to ctrl h.13:44
JonathanDKyleYankan: the h was stripped from the link13:45
JonathanDguess what happened? :p13:45
ssweenyrmg51, lazypower i'm not part of PGHRB but i know some of those folks15:33
JonathanDSnowing here.17:31
lazypowerssweeny: ah, my mistake :)18:46
KyleYankan... Queenbee... :-(19:04

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