wrstok lets play what's the temerature where you are at?15:33
wrst3F for me15:34
average_guyis 18F in Knoxville16:54
average_guymakes me not even wanna go out and smoke a cigarette16:55
wrstha ha average_guy16:57
wrstit was 9 when i left the house this morning, I work in monterey it was 7 and it has dropped16:57
wrstsince the sun came out!16:58
average_guyI think it has gone down here also.  Is retarded16:58
average_guygood day to stay in and nerd out.  Trying a linux-from-scratch system today16:59
average_guyshould be horrible16:59
wrstaverage_guy: why are you doing that to yourself?17:06
average_guyit a learning experience wrst17:15
wrstof that I am sure :)17:15
Unit193Temp: -8 F (-22 C) ~ haze ~ Windchill: -32 F (-36 C) ~ Humidity: 71%20:21
Unit193Am I too late?20:21
average_guyyuck Unit19320:23
wrstnice Unit193!20:43

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