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MezHi all, looking for suggestions for gfx cards, as my current card refuses to play with my new machine (can't boot to live cd with it).  Any suggestions ?13:04
Mez(hoping for 4 monitors)13:04
ogra_mlankhorst, tjaalton,  ... i'm seeing something like this on my dell xps 13 in trusty (ivy-bridge model) http://askubuntu.com/questions/313190/random-black-dot-on-the-screen do you know of any workaround/fix ?13:13
tjaaltonogra_: i occasionally see similar corruption on a focused terminator window, but it's very random13:24
tjaaltonfile a bug and i guess ickle will have something to try13:25
ogra_yeah, it isnt costant ... i see it probably twice a day flashing by 13:25
mlankhorstogra_: maybe #intel-gfx knows?13:25
tjaaltoni'm still on saucy though13:25
ogra_intrestingly it doesnt seem to affect the panel and launcher 13:25
mlankhorstfile a bug in any case, maybe they have an idea13:25
ogra_yeah, will do, it isnt urgent anyway 13:26
tjaaltonit's sna related13:26
ogra_(not actually disturbing or some such, but would be good to have it fixed by release)13:26
tjaaltonwe're behind a few releases13:26
tjaaltonbut the latest one has some gen4 regression13:27
tjaaltonsome font issue, not a huge regression13:35
mlankhorstI think we should upload something newer though for intel13:39
mlankhorstmaybe 907 napshot + gen7 regression fix?13:40
mlankhorsttjaalton: you ok with that?13:42
MezOk, I've managed to get X to a point where it crashes, I think (system beep, can't change VT, etc)13:44
Mezwhere would I find the logs for this ?13:45
tjaaltonmlankhorst: ah, upstream doesn't have more than that.. then yeah I guess that's ok13:47
tjaaltonI could test it on my gen4 tho13:47
tjaalton..tomorrow, public holiday today :)13:55
mlankhorstodd, xorg-server 1.15 build times out on i38613:59
jcristau_worked here: https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=xorg-server&arch=i386&ver=2%3A1.15.0-1&stamp=138901072314:00
mlankhorsthttps://launchpad.net/~canonical-x/+archive/x-staging/+build/5415802 ppa times out14:01
Mezmlankhorst: dmesg shows a normal boot - nothing new after starting X14:02
mlankhorstanything in xorg.0.log?14:02
Mezdoesn't seem to be any errors or anything :(14:03
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mlankhorstthen obviously there is nothing wrong14:04
mlankhorstexcept why are you using vesa? o.O14:04
Mezmlankhorst: well, the machine boots to a black screen, so I have nomodeset set14:05
mlankhorstdon't set nomodeset and try again14:05
Mezmlankhorst: give me a sec, but I *believe* that that makes for an unresponsive system...14:06
Mezok, now I'm getting some interesting errors14:09
MezI'm getting a black screen though14:11
MezI understand I'm a pain in the ass asking all these questions... but does anyone have the time to help me? I really would love to get my new machine working 15:11
tjaaltonMez: upgrade your kernel15:41
tjaaltonsaucy is clearly too ld15:41
tjaaltonyou could also just try blacklisting nouveau15:42
Meztjaalton: I've actually tracked it down to gdm now15:45
Mezgdm doesnt like not being 3d15:45
tjaaltonright, so blacklist nouveau..15:50
tjaaltonI bet the intel part can still do 3d15:50
Meztjaalton: I want 4 screens... that's not going to run using 3d...15:50
Mezor... would it...15:50
tjaaltonMez: you're not going to get any hybrid with it15:51
tjaaltonthis is a hybrid machine right?15:52
MezDesktop machine.  Onboard Intel15:52
tjaaltonso disable the integrated chip15:53
Mezwith a seperate nvidia15:53
Mezthere's no option to15:53
tjaaltonsure there is15:53
Meztjaalton: I can take photos of my BIOS if you wish, but I went through EVERY option and there wasn't one15:53
Mezthe only option was to make the onboard bitch at boot if you had a monitor connected to it.15:54
tjaaltondon't attach a monitor to the mobo?15:54
MezThat's enabled, but the device is still there15:54
MezAnyway, I don't think it's an issue with X anymore.  I can get it happily working with X - but not with a full gnome session15:54
tjaaltonwell, I'd say it's a bit too much to expect X to work correctly in this scenario16:17
tjaaltonblacklist i915.ko then and see what happens16:17
Sarvattricotz: hmm, libgl1-mesa-dev in the ppa needs to depend on libxcb-dri3-dev, libxcb-present-dev, libxcb-sync-dev, libxshmfence-dev it looks like17:29
Sarvattupdating it now17:34
Sarvattuploaded a new bumblebee too, got a ton of emails over the weekend about it being busted18:02

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