18WAFIP2ZMorning everyone06:07
inetprogood morning 18WAFIP2Z06:08
inetproand hi to everyone else06:08
Kiloshi superfly ThatGraemeGuy 06:24
superflyhi Kilos06:30
inetprogood morning superfly, Kilos06:32
Kilosguten morgen mein her06:32
superflyhi inetpro06:32
superflymorning ThatGraemeGuy06:32
ThatGraemeGuymorning everyone06:35
Kilosya man him too06:35
Kilossorry, think tank in sleep mode06:35
=== 18WAFIP2Z is now known as bduk1
Kiloshi bduk1 mazal 06:44
mazalMorning everyone , all of the best for 201406:44
bduk1More almal06:44
Kilosty same to you guys06:45
mazalDarem 'n nuwe LTS die jaar :)06:45
mazalMyne raak lank in die tand06:45
mazalMyne het WEER vanself gebreek oom06:46
mazalAnder dag doen ek updates , toe hy klaar is toe is my bootloader weg06:46
Kilosnee man06:46
SquirmSymmetri1: I have a mac address for someone who is attacking our proxy06:46
Kilosboot-repair fixes probs like that06:46
Squirmso I blackholed the address06:46
SquirmSymmetri1: any way I can take this further?06:47
Kiloslooks like you and mage must get together Squirm 06:47
Kilostheir site was also compromised again06:48
Kilosand ddos attacks here last night06:48
Kilosnew batch of clever kids with new toys06:49
Squirmit's annoying...06:51
Kilosim using dd if=/dev/sr0 of=/tmp/cdimg1.iso to make an iso file of winme06:52
Kilosthen wanna unetbootin to usb and try install that way06:52
SquirmLike I said, I've never been successful doing it that way. I've always had to use a CD06:54
Kilosyou cant get cdroms anymore and mine packed up06:55
Kiloswhere does that dd command save the iso file to?06:55
SquirmI see06:57
Squirmto /tmp/cdimg1.iso06:57
Squirmof is the Output File06:57
Squirmif is the Input File06:58
Squirmyou can change of to where you want it06:58
Kilosserious command that06:58
SquirmI use it almost daily06:58
Kilosoh yes now i see the path it uses06:59
Squirm/dev/sr0 would  be your cdrom06:59
Squirmnow, if you wanted to say write that ISO onto a Flash Drive, you'd use something like `dd =if=/tmp/cdimage1.iso of=/dev/sdb` where /dev/sdb is your flash drive07:00
Squirmdd if=/tmp/cdimage1.iso of=/dev/sdb07:00
Kiloscool ty so no need for unetbootin then?07:01
Squirmunetbootin is an easy way of doing that command07:01
Kiloswhew the command is much easier than setting up unetbootin to do it07:01
Squirmturns out if I drop that mac address I did drop, it drops all my outgoing connections :/07:06
Squirmyet it's not my NIC's mac address 07:08
* Squirm kicks the internet for being full of children07:08
Kilosnope Squirm that dd made stick dont07:23
Kiloshi theblazehen 07:26
Vince-0gosh darnit Monday07:32
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:34
theblazehenhey Vince-0 07:36
Kilosmazal, ek weet nie wat is fout by jou nie. my 12.04 is baie stabiel07:40
Kilosmoes wine gebruik om dit seer te maak07:40
mazalGee hom vir my , ek breek hom gou gou :P07:41
ThatGraemeGuySquirm: if you're seeing a MAC address, it must be on your local network surely?07:42
ThatGraemeGuyyou can't see MAC addresses for devices not on your local subnet07:42
Kilosmazal, wat breek?07:43
SquirmThatGraemeGuy: using tcpdump?07:43
Kiloso ja bootloader07:43
Kilosinstall boot-repair07:43
mazalDaai stabiele 12.04 van oom07:43
Kilosyou can even use it from live cd07:43
SquirmKilos: boot-repair?07:43
ThatGraemeGuySquirm: I'm not awesome at network stuff, but as far as I know you cannot know a devices MAC address if it isn't on the same physical network07:44
KilosMaaz, google boot-repair for 12.0407:44
MaazKilos: "boot - How do I fix booting process in Ubuntu 12.04 after the ..." http://askubuntu.com/questions/321225/how-do-i-fix-booting-process-in-ubuntu-12-04-after-the-windows7-removed :: "Boot-Repair - Community Ubuntu Documentation" https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair :: "How to Repair GRUB2 When Ubuntu Won't Boot" http://www.howtogeek.com/114884/how-07:44
Maazto-repair-grub2-when-ubuntu-wont-boot/ :: "how to recovery/repair Linux Ubuntu 12.04 BootLo…07:44
ThatGraemeGuyi.e. layer 2 network07:44
Kiloson of the first things i install but havent needed it here07:44
ThatGraemeGuySquirm: http://compnetworking.about.com/od/tcpip/f/convertmacipadd.htm07:45
ThatGraemeGuyyeah, there is definitely no way to determine the MAC address that isn't on the same local network as you07:46
Kiloshmm... so its one of his kids there07:48
Kiloshi SubOracle 07:48
theblazehenwhat's the problem with seeing mac address?07:55
SquirmI think I stopped them08:03
Squirmdropped all incoming traffic on our public NIC to the port08:03
Squirmseems to have worked08:03
KilosSquirm, do you do that with a firewall?08:04
Kilosi see gufw gives option to allow only chosen incomings08:05
Kiloscool ty08:05
SquirmI just added an iptables rule08:21
Kilosthe dd command to usb should be bootable hey?08:22
Kilosi did dd if=/tmp/cdimg1.iso of=/dev/sdd  but it dont boot08:23
Kilosand using unetbootin boots to unetbootin default and keeps trying every 10 secs but i dont think it sees the setup.exe file or something08:25
Kilosdont boot to winme08:25
Kilossjoe Squirm sitick has nothing on it after that dd command08:39
Kiloshi Wraz 08:39
Squirmdid you make sure your paths are correct?08:41
Squirmand is /dev/sdd definitely your flash drive?08:41
Kilosnormally if you got wrong path you get a cant find08:41
Kilosyip gparted and disk utility show it as /dev/sdd08:42
Squirmthen it should all work08:48
charl_hi Squirm, Kilos 08:48
Kilosstick shows nothing on it08:48
charl_Maaz: coffee on08:48
* Maaz washes some mugs08:48
Kiloshi charl_ 08:49
charl_how's it going08:49
KilosMaaz, coffee please08:49
MaazKilos: Done08:49
SquirmKilos: then you're stuck with unetbootin08:49
Kilosmaybe they both dont work with win stuff08:50
Kilosill try take the iso to win7 and use08:50
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_ and Kilos!08:52
KilosMaaz, ty08:53
MaazYou are welcome Kilos08:53
charl_Maaz: thanks08:57
Maazcharl_: No problem08:57
theblazehenTIL bogosort is really slow..08:57
charl_hi theblazehen 08:58
theblazehenhey charl_ 08:58
theblazehenlol, bogosort still running after 4 min on 5 element array..08:58
theblazehen5 seconds on a 4 element array08:58
charl_you have too much time on your hands :P09:00
theblazehenLol yeah.. Was only like 15 lines of python though..09:00
theblazehenSTILL RUNNING!!1!09:02
theblazehenI'd assume it'd be a lot faster in C or something? Because then the whole array would fit in the L2 cache.. Hell maybe even L109:04
theblazehenOOh! got luck, 4 element array sorted in 9 seconds this time!09:04
charl_maybe you were using a bad randomisation algorithm09:05
theblazehenUsing python's shuffle()09:05
theblazehenshould be adequate09:05
charl_sounds like it got stuck in a bad state somewhere09:06
theblazehenBut now I feel the need to do it in assembly..09:06
theblazehenYeah, but running on another machine now09:06
theblazehenlets see which gets there first :p09:06
theblazehen" The average swaps for Bogosort is (n - 1)n! "09:06
theblazehenSo a shit ton..09:06
theblazehenMind checking the code charl_ ?09:08
SquirmI couldn't contain myself watching this video09:13
Squirmyou guys talking about these issues09:13
Squirmwatch that :P09:13
theblazehenSquirm, funny?09:16
Squirmvery much so09:16
theblazehenSquirm, about to watch. You should watch this also then:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBQ7ukwK56Q09:19
Squirmit is sfw09:20
theblazehencharl_, ty. Please don't judge the code quality..09:35
charl_it's an experiment, you never nitpick the code of an experiment09:35
theblazehenyeah, ty :)09:35
charl_i don't see any real issues here09:36
charl_quickly scanning over it09:36
charl_what you could do just for interest is count how many times you execute shuffle09:37
charl_and display that as well09:38
charl_because that tells you more about (in)efficiency than the execution time09:38
charl_because execution time will vary depending on the system and current load from other applications09:38
theblazehencharl_, Ah, yeah ty :) Will do that after this sort is done09:39
theblazehenGetting 99.9% CPU load for python09:39
theblazehenDual-core P4, 1MB L2 cache, 800MHz RAM09:41
charl_ok well that is also an ancient machine09:42
theblazehenhehe yeah :p Didn't get much better performance on an OpenVZ container on an i3 though09:43
theblazehenBut think it's probably memory speed limited, right?09:43
charl_not sure, i'm not that familiar with openvz09:46
theblazehenyeah, but It'll be in general? Because it needs to fetch the elements of array out of RAM each time i'd assume, and that can take 10- 20 cycles IIRC09:49
charl_stuff could exist in cache too of course09:58
charl_but cache size is limited, so yeah09:59
charl_although, you are working with very small lists09:59
theblazehenyeah, but isn't python a bit inefficient with memory?10:00
theblazehencharl_, for some reason it was sorting a 9 element array ...10:27
Kiloshi tinuva wb10:31
charl_when it wasn't supposed to?10:31
charl_for i in range(10)10:32
charl_range(10) returns [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]10:32
charl_so at the end it calls createx(9) which you then sort, so makes sense right?10:33
theblazehencharl_, I seem to be sorting an array of 9 when it should be 410:40
theblazehenLemme just make sure10:40
theblazehenlemme pastebin log with more debugging10:42
Symmetri1heh man the engineers here are about to discover that when Im the one training, you better be prepared to work 10:46
=== Symmetri1 is now known as Symmetria
Symmetriafrom monday onwards, Im on a mission to turn the companies IP people into the best goddamn network engineers you can find10:46
theblazehenSymmetria, good luck man!10:47
theblazehencharl_, http://pastebin.com/ETE5xAqt10:48
Symmetriaheh I was trying to explain to a network guy why you always wanted to send data with the largest packet size you could10:57
Symmetriahe was having a hard time grasping that if you transmit a 10meg file over ethernet using tcp, with 64 byte packets, you're sending about 37 meg more data than if you use 128 byte packets 10:57
Symmetria(and about 44meg more data than if you use 1500 byte packets)10:58
Trixar_zaTo compensate for or to prevent packet loss?10:58
Symmetriaits got to do with the header sizes actually10:59
Symmetriayou have 52 bytes of header on a tcp packet10:59
Symmetriaso 64 byte packets, you're only transferring 12 bytes of data per packet10:59
Symmetriaor less than 20% of your throughput that is actual data 10:59
Symmetria128byte packets, you're up to 76 bytes of data which is well in excess of 50%10:59
Trixar_zaI have always wondered why it used more data to upload and download11:00
Symmetriaethernet tcp packet is 12 bytes ethernet header, 20 bytes IP header (IF there are no options) and 20 bytes tcp header (again if there are no options)11:01
Symmetriaheh also explaining to people that the source address of a packet is almost never used for routing purposes seems to confuse people11:01
Symmetriarouters (unless very specifically configured), never even bother about the source address when they actually route something11:02
Trixar_zaMakese sense. The destination is more important11:02
Symmetriaheh, yes but it also opens some interesting security issues11:04
Symmetriawhich is why tcp does 3 way handshake and maintains state 11:05
Symmetriawith udp, which is uni-directional, because packets are transmitted and never have to be acknowledged11:05
Symmetriayou can change the source address in the packet header, send the data out, the destination will get it, but the source it came from will NOT be where it thinks11:05
* theblazehen facepalms11:05
SymmetriaI can ping flood you from any address anywhere in about 30 lines of C code :p11:06
Trixar_zaSo... source spoofing?11:06
Symmetriayeah, just change the source address before you transmit 11:06
theblazehenI can ping flood you from my IP in 1 line of bash...11:06
theblazehenYeah, that ain't exactly impressive11:06
Symmetriatheblazehen yes, but thats from your ip, its not from someoen elses :)11:06
Symmetriaand the implications of that are more complicated11:06
Symmetriabecause if you have a network broadcast address thats open (ip directed broadcast)11:07
SymmetriaI now spoof YOUR ip and start ping flooding the broadcast from you11:07
Symmetriathe broadcast will take ping packets from you, and broadcast them out to a ton of pcs 11:07
Symmetriathose pcs will then reply... to YOU 11:07
Symmetriaso if Im sending 10k packets a second, to a broadcast with 100 pcs behind the broadcast11:07
Symmetriayou're gonna be getting a million packets a second in fake ping replies aimed at you11:08
Symmetriaand you're gonna die11:08
theblazehenSymmetria, yeah, t'was a joke11:08
Symmetria(the basis of a smurf attack)11:08
Symmetria:P gets even more interesting when you start spoofing mac addresses11:08
Symmetriahijacking peoples gateways is fun kthx 11:09
Symmetriatheblazehen heh, if I send out packets which makes a router believe that your gateway is on MY mac address rather than its real mac address11:09
Symmetriathen your packets are gonan gateway through me11:09
Symmetriasome slightly complicated configurations later, and my pc can then route those packets11:09
Symmetriaand I can man in the middle everything 11:10
theblazehenSo basically like ARP spoofing?11:10
Symmetriatheblazehen basically 11:10
Symmetrianetwork hackery is fun ;p11:10
theblazehenyeah :)11:10
Symmetrialol I still wanna one day attempt to transmit packets with pre-loaded mpls labels11:10
theblazehenHell, 2 years ago I had some fun with it at school :)11:10
theblazehenmpl labels?11:11
Symmetriaand see what I can do to an mpls network thats badly configured11:11
Symmetriatheblazehen heh, routing in an MPLS network isn't really done by source and destination ips through most of the network11:11
Symmetriawhat happens is basically this, you send a packet to destination X 11:11
Symmetriathe first router that gets the packet, looks up destination X and says, whats my remote point gateway for this and what label does that have 11:12
Symmetriait then applies some labels and it switches it through the network using labels 11:12
Symmetriaand the routers inbetween that are doing the label switching are ignoring the source and destination of the packet entirely, it becomes entirely based on the label switching11:12
theblazehenread first paragraph on wiki, seems interesting11:12
Symmetriawhich is why you can run a core router in a network that only has your network egress points in its routing table 11:12
Symmetriaso that it can figure out the labels on them 11:13
Symmetriait has no default route, it has no full routing table, but it knows how to switch 11:13
tinuva<Symmetria> I can ping flood you from any address anywhere in about 30 lines of C code :p11:13
tinuvayou can do it in less lines btw11:13
Symmetriatinuva yeah you can :) but if you're doing it properly you need to do it with raw sockets11:14
Symmetriaand raw sockets take a coupla lines of code to setup 11:14
tinuvaalso why write your own C code, if there is utilities available in most linux distros already allowing you to do that :P11:14
Symmetriatinuva lol, when I was doing that type of shit, I was doing it before code readily existed11:15
theblazehentinuva, you can spoof IP with linux ping?11:15
tinuvanot normal linux ping11:15
tinuvahping you can11:15
tinuvamost distros should have that11:15
theblazehenAwesome :) dl'ing11:16
tinuvabut just so you know...most SA adsl lines aint good enough to really abuse it :P11:16
theblazehenI know..11:16
theblazehenI do have a vps with a gigabit line though..11:17
tinuvaany vps provider allowing you to do gigabit is crazy11:17
tinuvaeven the UK ones I find they rate limit the lower end VPS nics11:17
theblazehenYeah, I know11:17
Symmetriaheh tinuva ever seen this:11:17
theblazehenpretty damned cheap as well11:17
SymmetriaI wrote that back in 199911:17
tinuvaand most vps panels out there allow rate limiting on the nics out of the box11:17
Symmetriaits horrible code but it works11:17
Symmetriaand its truely evil 11:18
theblazehentinuva, believe me, the place that I got my vps wasn't the kind to look at the settings..11:18
tinuvaSymmetria, yeah that will work :P11:18
tinuvainteresting that you use files for the input11:19
tinuvai like piping more though11:20
tinuvamakes life easier to chain commands11:20
theblazehentinuva, agreed11:20
theblazehenhell I pipe cat to grep... I love it too much 11:20
Symmetriaheh, I dont like vps's, they tend to limit how much data I can do to stupid low levels :p11:25
Symmetriaso now I just got boxes at various isps that friends work at that are in the bottom of racks 11:25
Symmetrialol its a slow day if I don't transfer a coupla hundred gig somewhere11:29
theblazehenSymmetria, nice :p Lol, 1 only have 1 TB data on that VPS11:29
theblazehenbut cheap as shit11:29
Symmetriatheblazehen haha lol that would not cut it for me ;p11:29
Symmetrialol see what I just pasted you :P11:30
theblazehenSymmetria, yeah. Only $11/year though.. 128 MB RAM, 5 GB disk space openvz11:30
charl_theblazehen: you are doing something strange there11:47
charl_theblazehen: if i understand correctly what you are trying to do, you should be defining x inside createx and returning it11:48
theblazehencharl_, Oh shit! Thanks! :D11:49
charl_theblazehen: also, you can, but you don't have to return x from bogo11:51
charl_theblazehen: the object that x references (the list) is mutated by the shuffle calls11:52
charl_references are always passed by value in python but the object that is being referenced can be mutated at will11:53
charl_same as with java11:53
charl_that's why you need immutable objects like strings11:53
theblazehenThanks :)11:53
theblazehenEither way it sorts a 9 element array in 2 seconds now ?!11:55
charl_that sounds more realistic11:55
theblazehenyep :)11:55
charl_btw related to the discussion above11:56
charl_i host with hetzner which doesn't have a limit on the amount of traffic you can push over the line in a month11:56
charl_however, your speed is reduced down to 10mbps after the first terabyte11:56
charl_unless if you pay extra11:56
charl_conidering how minimalist of a vps it is and that you only have 20gb storage space, it's unlikely that that would be a problem11:57
charl_unless if you use it for grid computing or something with massive calculations and results that need to be sent around11:57
theblazehenBecome a tor node ;)11:58
charl_*massive amounts of11:58
theblazehenor seed popular (FOSS) torrents11:58
charl_yeah and get your ip banned from pretty much every site in the world and probably get your server taken offline by the hosting company11:58
charl_no thank you i stay the heck away from tor11:58
charl_enough people are seeding the torrents, i was downloading linux mint the other day at half a gigabit per second11:59
theblazehencharl_, I did it, and didn't get shit. And I dunno about you but I don't browse from my VPS..11:59
theblazehenAlthough it sounds like a good idea, create socks proxy with SSH and use SSH compression12:00
charl_i have done it a lot when i sit on insecure wifi12:00
theblazehencharl_, I did it over port 53 when it was a paywall..12:01
charl_yeah indeed you can pull out nice tricks like that12:01
charl_if the paywall doesn't do deep packet inspection of course12:01
charl_i used to do that myself in fact12:02
theblazehenSignal shit, so I'm lucky to get 10000 baud though. But only on the one wofo hotspot12:02
theblazehencya charl_ 12:08
mazalBye everyone , have a good evening12:48
charl_thanks Kilos 15:15
charl_have any of you people worked with this before? http://www.docker.io/15:35
theblazehencharl_, heard good things about it, never used15:39
charl_i'm looking at it now, it looks interesting15:41
charl_maybe i just don't completely "get it" but i'm not so incredibly excited by this15:42
theblazehencharl_, yeah. Wasn't too impressed either at first, untl i started using turnkey linux images for things15:43
charl_it seems like they are building yet another level on top of the host that's already running inside a hypervisor15:44
charl_so you have hardware -> host / hypervisor -> VM -> docker15:44
charl_and then various things running on top of docker15:44
theblazehencharl_, I thought it would just be containers ?15:44
theblazehenEg. hardware -> container15:45
charl_yes so you have hardware -> host -> hypervisor -> guest -> docker -> container -> application15:45
charl_not by the way i understand it but maybe i don't understand it15:45
theblazehenWith my experience with OpenVZ the container shares the kernel with the host, basically an enhanched chroot15:46
theblazehenor bad jail15:46
charl_yes that is exactly what it looks like to me15:47
charl_so you don't have a full VM, it's a bit like python's virtualenv15:48
charl_i don't know about this, i can't help but think we are abstracting things too far now15:51
charl_maybe if you use it as a replacement for virtualisation15:52
charl_i guess to some extent it does have advantages15:52
Kilosmy cdrw is fixed16:11
Kilossmall piece of shiny stuff stuck on lazer 16:12
Kilosmaybe bit off an old cd16:12
Kiloscharl_, look at dvdisaster. very lekker tool16:13
Kilosin repos16:13
* Kilos loves ubuntuand linux16:14
charl_oh that does look very nice indeed16:18
Kilossaved a coupla cds already16:19
Kilosactually saved the data and reburned new ones16:19
Kilosnow im sorry ive thrown so many away16:19
Kiloshey whats news with schumi17:24
charl_ooh nice brand bokbier yum yum yum17:25
charl_"herfstbok" they call it here17:25
Kilosdunno how peeps can drink that without 90%lemonade in17:27
charl_this: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brand_Dubbelbock17:27
Kilosno man saving data17:28
charl_you can only buy it in the winter17:28
charl_oh just noticed there is no english translation in any case, never mind :P17:28
Kilosnever ever aquired a taste for beer brandy or whisky17:28
Kilosbut loved bacardi and coke17:28
charl_bacardi ... is that rum?17:29
Kiloswhite rum ya17:30
Kiloslargest private brewery in the world i think17:30
charl_cuban? interesting17:30
Kiloslike colddrink17:31
Kilosused to laugh. peeps drink and drink then fall off chair17:32
Kilosvery potent but tastes too lekker17:32
charl_that sounds like oktoberfest17:33
charl_in the morning it's just awesome, when there is still calm, peace and order (or some of it, in any case)17:34
charl_but in the afternoon here after lunchtime, "jetzst gehts los"17:35
charl_yesterday i went to liege in belgium, interesting city17:53
charl_took a bunch of fotos http://imgur.com/a/tF0Pz17:53
charl_some of them was on the way there and back though in NL17:53
charl_went through maastricht17:53
Kilosyou like exploring hey17:58
charl_i want to go to ghent next18:00
Kiloswhat do you do at all these places? just look18:01
charl_take photos, look around, eat some food, explore shops, etc18:01
charl_most of it is walking around, looking at landmarks, architecture, etc18:01
Kilosinetpro, jy baie stil ne18:27
charl_in dutch we have a saying, when the cat is from the house, the mice dance on the table18:28
Kiloskat is weg muis is baas18:28
charl_yes exactly18:28
charl_so when inetpro isn't looking let's do like at oktoberfest and dance on the table18:29
Kiloshe active like he used to be, and says he is too busy but i think its old age catching up fast18:30
Kiloshe isnt active18:30
Kilosunfit and getting fat too18:31
* Kilos waits for ai!18:31
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:04
Kiloscatch ya tomorrow19:04

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