p0wderhitsujiTMO:  I've used fdisk, testdisk, and gparted.  I can't seem to format to FAT32 because it has no partition table.  I'm not sure where to go from here, any advice?00:00
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fribp0wder, what does fdisk -l say?00:01
hitsujiTMOp0wder: frib:      sudo fdisk -l00:02
p0wderhitsujiTMO:  cannot open /dev/sdb00:03
hitsujiTMOXQt-rookie: you tv only supports 4 resolutions: 848x480, 640x480, 1024x768, 800x60000:03
fribp0wder, pm00:03
hitsujiTMOXQt-rookie: that, or your gpu only supports those 400:03
hitsujiTMOp0wder: sounds like an issue with the card reader or the card itself00:04
vl4kn0Hi, I have a problem with my Atheros wireless card (ar9285). The ath9k seems to be working properly, the device is recognized and I can scan available networks, but sometimes I can't see any, even if standing couple of meters from the AP, or cannot connect to it. Sometimes it works flawlessly. Any idea what could be wrong?00:04
XQt-rookiebut should be with a better resolution00:06
XQt-rookiehitsujiTMO: windows make look much better00:06
hitsujiTMOXQt-rookie: its either your tv or the gpu is the limiting factor00:07
hitsujiTMOXQt-rookie: what driver?00:07
hitsujiTMOwait. i can see that in the log00:07
hitsujiTMOXQt-rookie: maybe the driver in windows allows more resolutions, but it only allows those 4 in linux00:08
XQt-rookiebut can I do something to increse00:09
karl_am I in the IRC?00:10
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hitsujiTMOXQt-rookie: you could try adding specific modelines with xrandr but it may or may not work.00:11
hitsujiTMOXQt-rookie: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution/#Adding_undetected_resolutions00:12
Beldarkarl_, nope your dreaming.00:12
karl_Nice :)00:12
Beldarenjoy the wave00:12
c0rleonehi. how i can execute 64bits binary file on 32bits system ?00:17
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xanguac0rleone: install a 64bit OS00:19
c0rleonei cant.00:20
c0rleonetheres other way?00:20
magical1need a way of being able to get the http:// connection working again on my ubuntu install, not sure what i broke can some one direct/advise00:21
unknown--I removed cups but the ports are still open for some reason. What to do?00:21
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unknown--What happened is that I removed ntpdate and now I don't have internet access.00:23
unknown--What to do?00:24
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VlanXany chance I can know the exact size of a folder using nautilus instead of like 4.0GB?00:25
c0rleonehow i can execute 64bits binary file on 32bits system ?00:27
BeldarVlanX, not sure what "instead of like 4.0GB?" means00:27
god_clearancec0rleone: that cant be done because 64bit executable is compiled with instructions for 64bit architecture00:28
p0wderVlanX:  like 4096mb?00:28
god_clearanceVlanX: you want to know exact byte size and have it display in nautilaus about window?00:28
VlanXBeldar: no, like to the byte00:28
VlanXlike ls -l00:29
VlanXhmm no actually ls-l doesnt show size in folders00:30
limikaelcan someone please see if they can access my web server?00:31
BeldarVlanX, try stat -c %s filename00:31
limikael(it is just the default apache page on there, just need to know if it is reachable)00:31
hitsujiTMOlimikael: it works00:31
the_eye_limikael, yes Its works00:31
p0wdercommence DDoS00:32
anton02is there a way to get gigabit network file sharing speeds between a ubuntu and windows 8 system?00:32
limikaelp0wder: if it makes you happy.. :)00:32
VlanXp0wder: lol00:32
god_clearancepings ok00:32
p0wderlol jkjk00:33
limikaeli wonder why http://geopeeker.com/ says that it doesn't work… ?00:33
god_clearancelimikael: works fine00:33
limikaelany other service like geopeeker.com? (that actually reports correct information :) )00:34
p0wderVlanX: does this help??  http://askubuntu.com/questions/7882/can-the-nautilus-properties-page-show-size-in-bytes-for-multiple-selects-and-fo00:35
FudgeI want to report a bug against sound in gnome control center, so what do i file the bug against? sound? gnome-control-center or unity00:35
p0wderFudge:  is this 0day material?00:36
DratonBeldar: wanted to report back, everything is working, had to nuke windows and reinstall then migrate the settings, but besides that, everything worked out :)00:36
DratonBeldar: thanks for the help00:36
anton02is there a way to get gigabit network file sharing speeds between a ubuntu and windows 8 system?00:36
BeldarDraton, Sure, strange you had problems I moved my W8 from a standard HD to a SSD without any issues using clonezilla, bit have only that SSD on the laptop.00:37
magical1is there a way to find out what if I have accidently blocked ports?00:37
Beldaractually W8n and 3 other OS00:37
DratonBeldar: quite honestly i think it might have been a difference between W7 and W8, when i did the same procedure to W8 (i installed it instead) it handled it fine00:37
Fudgep0wder:  what doyou mean by 0day00:38
BeldarDraton, I might have used the W8 imager though, I forget, I have pro so unlimited images, W7 should do the same.00:39
p0wderFudge:  Here is Ubuntu Bug report etiquette..  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs00:39
Fudgethanks p0wder00:39
Auzymagical1: Not sure if I came half way through the conversation, but, could use a port scanner from another system.. (if you are talking TCP/IP ports)00:40
magical1Auzy: I borked something and no can access using https but not http ... new to servers00:41
magical1*now can00:41
AuzyIf its a server, do a remote port scan (just google port scan online)00:41
DratonBeldar: yeah, i mean to be fair it did boot, just resulted in a corrupted profile because of hardware change so it wouldn't load a desktop00:41
AuzyIf the port is closed, chances are, daemon isn't running, if its stealthed/dropping packets, its firewalled..00:42
magical1thanks, I'll give it a try00:42
chrisopraseHi guys, I'm trying to mount my ntfs drive with specific permissions(u=rwX;g=rX) and the option to change them later file-by-file to execute scripts. Right now all files are being marked as executables (which I don't want) and I can't change any permissions. My fstab options: noauto,nouser,relatime,uid=1000,gid=users,locale=en_US.utf8,dmask=027,fmask=037,permissions,exec;; options according to mount: type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,00:43
AuzyWhen a port is closed basically, it always sends back a RST (FIN?) Packet, so the other computer knows there is something there.. If you have a firewall, that is never sent.. Other way you can tell, is that if you connect to it in a browser, if you get the error page straight away, or if it sits there connecting..00:43
Auzymagical1: easier way.. From the server, telnet into the HTTP port, or connect to it using links/wget, or anything like that.. If you can connect, but cant remotely, firewall..00:44
magical1it says port closed00:44
p0wdermagicall:  sudo netstat -tulpn shows open opens i think00:44
magical1only port 443 open00:45
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gpledi can not log into x windows, but can ssh in.  any idea how to fix this?00:46
gpledalso can log in if i alt f100:47
gpledany idea how to fix it?00:48
b0n1hey there! How can i check whether a process is frozen?00:48
Auzymagical1: yeah.. so.. depending on what you used to scan.. try testing a port that you KNOW is firewalled.. If it doesn't say closed, you know the port is simply not running HTTP..00:49
finanalystcan someone tell me how to get a perl6 using the JVM backend?00:50
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gpledshould i just format and reinstall?00:51
finanalystif I run Config with --gen-jvm, will it clobber the parrot perl6?00:51
magical1Auzy: firewall inactive00:52
p3rsistIf If I want a service to be started after home directory is decrypted on my development machine and I also want to use that same upstart conf for the server where there is no encrypted home directory, does the filesystem event will work for both?00:52
Auzymagical1: Ok.. Then, you need to check your config..00:52
Auzygpled: When you say you can SSH in...00:52
Beldargpled, The channel would need some details to actually help, cause and effect, release, desktop...etc00:52
Auzygpled: you might need to be more specific.. Is it a new installation?00:53
magical1httpd.conf ?00:53
gpledi did an update.  running 12.04 lts.  the gui log in just does not work anymore.  but i can log in any other way00:54
Auzymagical1: I guess.. I use Nginx actually instead of Apache, so not 100% sure of what needs to be changed.. Can be a few things... Maybe even HTACCESS files can cause weird stuff.. could even try logs00:54
Auzygpled: Nvidia graphics card?00:54
magical1well it happend when I was looking at .htaccess ... so I guess that is first thing to look t00:54
Auzymagical1: Might be a good idea.. try rolling it back.. Check your logs.. It might list an error..00:55
gpledAuzy: Radeon HD 6700 Series00:55
b0n1i have one process that is frozen and uses a screen. How can i detect that it is frozen for example via a cronjob?00:55
gpledcan see the log in screen.  just does not work00:56
p0wderb0n1: ps aux | less shows all processes00:56
gpledcan log in as guest00:56
b0n1yes, but what shall i do with ps aux?00:59
b0n1i need to see whether a process is not responding01:00
limikaelb0n1: but how do you mean "responding" actually?01:01
limikaelb0n1: it is kind of up to the process to communicate with the rest of the world, so it depends on the process01:01
Beldargpled, You install any graphic drivers for this?01:02
gpledso if i type a bad password, it tells me the passwd is bad01:02
gpledBeldar: everything works, just not for my user01:03
p0wderb0n1:  what process is this?01:03
gpledcan see screen just fine as guest01:03
hipitihopI have a Sennheiser PC8 USB headset, my 12.04  sees it as "Bus 002 Device 003: ID 1395:0025 Sennheiser Communications" via lsusb, but I have no audio output and it does not get listed in sound settings or via "aplay -L"01:03
Beldargpled, Right but there are a couple of options on radeon, just trying to see if you did any, for the channel to see.01:04
p0wderhititihop:  you installed drivers for this headset?01:04
hipitihopp0wder, no, I didn't know I needed to. Please point me at relevant docs01:05
gpledif it was a driver issue, wouldn't it not work for guest?01:05
Beldargpled, Not necessarily01:06
OerHekshipitihop, open terminal: alsamixer # and select your usb headset with F601:06
gpledsudo apt-get install gdm01:06
Beldargpled, There are varibles in a situation like this.01:06
gpledthat seems to have kicked it to working01:07
hipitihopOerHeks, Only lists "HDA Intel PCH" & "HDA NVidia"01:07
Beldargpled, It's working now?01:07
jgcampbell300i am trying to find a command to put in a script to check a config file ... i need to see if "option#1 yes" or no .. so i can change it to no if it is yes01:08
gpledyep, long in screen is way different01:08
gpledbut now i can get to desktop01:08
b0n1p0wder its a process that i just recognized doesnt differ in the stat column of ps from the functioning process01:09
Beldargpled, when you install gdm or lightdm there is a short choice asked did you see this?01:09
nashantHas anyone else had an issue with VirtualBox where it causes MASSIVE iowait with nested paging enabled?01:09
p0wderhititihop:  this forum may help skimmed it a bit, sorry if not..  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=99445901:10
gpledBeldar: yes.  i picked gdm01:10
p0wderb0n1: whats the name of the process.  so we can look into what its function is01:11
b0n1well its not a common process01:11
p0wdergot ya01:11
Left_Turni need a favour, anyone?01:11
VlanXwhat is it01:11
b0n1its called cgminer01:12
gpledLeft_Turn: favours cost 1 bitcoin01:12
p0wderb0n1:  attach the process to a debugger01:12
VlanXLeft_Turn: this escalated quickly01:12
b0n1how p0wder?01:12
Left_Turnwhat does "tail +5 filename" returns or a file with more than 5 lines    ... then try tail +100 filename" (granted, the +number is longer than the number of lines in the file)01:12
b0n1i read something about deamontools, but i would like to solve the problem without installing much more01:13
hipitihopp0wder, thanks, already found that before I asked here :-)01:13
Left_Turnon a file with more than 5 lines01:13
Left_Turnlet me rewrite that01:13
Beldargpled, Hard to really tell what window manager you did have lightdm is my assumption, and whether the gdm install was what caused this from your descriptions, however check the sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm notations in this link. http://askubuntu.com/questions/152256/how-do-i-switch-from-lightdm-to-gdm01:13
Left_Turnwhat does "tail +5 filename" returns on a file with more than 5 lines    ... then try tail +100 filename" on a file with less than 100 lines01:14
nashantAnyone know if power profiles like on windows is possible? I want a 'day' and a 'night' profile01:14
Left_Turnor is that an invalid option '+'01:14
p0wderb0n1:  doh!  ive only used windbg :(01:15
Beldargpled, I'm assuming you know when you in the OS control to run these commands, we have people here doing stuff from live cd's at times that need a chroot at the least.01:15
p0wderb0n1:  anyone know of a good debugger for ubuntu?01:15
raveHey guys, I'm trying to lower my color depth for my Delll Latitude D620. It's at 24 right now but I want to lower it to 16. Editing the xorg conf file doesn't work right as when I reboot the laptop it's jittery and slow to act graphically01:15
Scroll_Tro0LDoes ubuntu have a built-in port forwarding file?01:15
k1l_!iptables | Scroll_Tro0L01:16
ubottuScroll_Tro0L: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo01:16
b0n1there has to be a more elegant way p0wder01:17
b0n1look here for example01:17
Scroll_Tro0Lk1l_, Thanks01:17
FireEater64Left_Turn: I think the command you're looking for is 'tail -n 5 filename'01:17
p0wderScroll_Tro0l: for ssh?01:18
Left_Turnhmm... ok thanks FireEater6401:18
FireEater64FireEater64: or 'tail -n +5 filename'01:18
Scroll_Tro0Lp0wder, No, I have a VM that I need to forward some ports to01:18
FireEater64Left_Turn: You need the -n flag basically01:18
Left_Turnohh i see01:18
definityAnyone know of some software that can record audio from a browser?01:21
p0wderb0n1: I see...  so that forum answered your question01:21
p0wderdefinity:  offliberty.com01:21
magical1Auzy: still not joy ...01:22
raveHey guys, I'm trying to lower my color depth for my Delll Latitude D620. It's at 24 right now but I want to lower it to 16. Editing the xorg conf file doesn't work right as when I reboot the laptop it's jittery and slow to act graphically01:22
Auzymagical1: you checked the logs?01:22
magical1Yeah, been reading through them can't find anything that is jumping out at m01:23
Auzy./var/logs/httpd I think they are under..01:23
definityp0wder: No i need to record not download01:24
AuzyHard to say.. I actually use Nginx now.. So not sure I can help if its a config issue..01:24
p0wderdefinity: i've used audacity with the correct settings.  that should work01:25
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definityYou reckon i could some how capture a stream in terminal and use it for processing?01:27
p0wderdefinity:  i'm not familiar with that.  but any audio recording software should can be set up to record the audio01:29
shawnp1963hello all01:30
hipitihopdefinity, I'm late on your thread so may not be relevant, but are your trying to do something like this ? : http://www.alex.ballas.org/2010/11/08/stream-any-pulseaudio-application/01:30
ubuntuuserhi shawnp196301:30
shawnp1963do you think you could answer one question for me?01:31
hipitihop!ask | shawnp196301:31
ubottushawnp1963: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:31
shawnp1963what is the equivalent of ctrl-alt-del to kill a process01:31
ubuntuuserShawn1963, Hold down ALT and PRINT SCREEN and while holding them down type REISUB  to force a reboot01:32
magical1Auzy: I don't seem to have a http or httpd log01:32
shawnp1963especially if you are in a vm such as playonlinux and you can't get out back to the desktop.  Wow thats the only way?01:33
hipitihopshawnp1963, http://www.howtogeek.com/107217/how-to-manage-processes-from-the-linux-terminal-10-commands-you-need-to-know/01:33
sd_ps -ef|grep "name of process"01:33
sd_will give you the process number then you can kill -9 proce_number01:34
p0wdersd_ is correct shawnp196301:34
Auzymagical1: umm, maybe under apache.. there should be one..01:35
shawnp1963here's the scenerio.  I'm running playonlinux, Skyrim is flakey gets stuck in fullscreen, how do I get to a terminal to kill the process that is stuck?  I wrote down the command from sd_01:35
p0wdershawnp1962 goto TTY1 and type the command01:35
sd_then type in Terminal01:36
magical1I have checked the  /etc/apache2/apache2.conf and the location it gives there is no file01:36
sd_you might have to sudo kill that process01:36
p0wdershawnp1963 ctrl+alt+f201:36
p0wdershawnp1963 ctrl+alt+f7 gets you back to here01:37
* hipitihop reboots brb01:37
magical1tail -f /var/log/apache2/01:38
magical1ls -a /var/log/apache2/01:38
p0wderwrong terminal?01:38
magical1wrong screen, yes01:39
magical1<< still a n00b01:39
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FloodBot1Josethlarios: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:45
FloodBot1Josethlarios: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:45
JosethlariosNadie aqui habla en español01:45
Josethlariosp0wder hola como estas?01:46
k1l_!es | Josethlarios01:46
ubottuJosethlarios: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:46
magical1Auzy: okay I can see the time I last got a successful http request served01:47
p0wderno habla espanol.  :(01:47
Josethlariosok pero yo se de Canaima01:47
p0wderthanks ubottu01:48
magical1Auzy: ugggh.... okay I foudn the problem01:53
magical1turns out it was in ports.conf01:53
magical1  #Listen 8001:53
magical1looks like I commented it out to test the https ...01:54
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* magical1 hangs head in shame01:54
p0wdermagicall its always the simple things lollllllllll01:54
magical1thanks for the advice and assist guys01:55
magical1so I take it I should set up the firewall01:55
ckknighthow can we synchronize change password in LDAP and SAMBA via web?01:56
ckknightI already make LDAP change password via web but how can we sync it with SAMBA users?01:57
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magical1How can I set up a user with a password that can ssh into the www-data owned /var/www/ and make changes?01:58
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magical1sorry I meant sftp02:01
kay______I am wondering what device i should select for boot loader installation02:02
kay______when i select /dev/sda it failes02:02
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kay______i am installing onto /dev/sdbX02:02
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Beldarkay______, This a uefi computer?02:03
Beldarkay______, Have you looked at the uefi wiki?02:04
kay______not to my knowledge02:04
Beldar!uefi | kay______02:04
ubottukay______: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI02:04
kay______it says "install in the usual manner" to start02:05
Beldarkay______, Be careful here in just dumping grub where it seems appropriate. Do you still have the windows and if you want to have it is it iamaged?02:05
kay______i have the windows02:06
kay______its a new laptop02:06
Auzymagical1: Good to hear02:06
kay______so, there are recovery partitions that i can use to restore windows02:06
kay______so, i guess windows is not image02:06
Auzymagical1: I personally recommend shorewall for firewall.. They have templates that make it REALLY easy..02:06
Beldarkay______, If you do not brick it yes, not a very good insurance policy.02:07
kay______that's reassuring.02:07
magical1Auzy: at the moment the forewaling is being done by aws02:07
Beldarkay______, We are not here to reassure you is all. ;)02:07
magical1should I set up shorewall as well?02:07
kay______i am not sure i have the know how or the equipment to image it02:08
Auzyahh, I don't use AWS.. you might not need to then..02:08
AuzyNo point having 15000 firewalls..02:08
kay______is there a wiki for that?02:08
baegleHello. Looking to install nvidia-319-updates:i386 and I have unmet dependencies. Not finding clear solutions online about how to install both 64-bit and 32-bit nvidia drivers via apt-get. Is anyone experienced in this?02:08
kay______there is also no optical drive. if i image it, and end up bricking it, would I need an optical drive to unbrick it?02:09
kay______Beldar: i appreciate the help thus far. how can I image the 128gb SSD my laptop came with?02:09
cthulhu336Hello Ubuntu chat group. I have used Ubuntu in past, finally reinstalled, and I love it more than I ever had02:09
Beldarkay______, winodws has a built in one time imager up to the pro version which has unlimited.02:10
kay______what does it image to?02:10
cthulhu336I used to use the Ghost program to image a drive/partition02:11
kay______do I need a spare disk?02:11
kay______or can it crete a file on a disk02:11
Beldarkay______, You would use an external HD, it saves in packages just the data, it is at the bottom of the file history page.02:11
kay______what is the file history page? how do i access that. is that in drive properties?02:12
Beldarkay______, This thread gives some variables due to manufacturers differences of uefi's, and mentions what to image. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729502:12
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Beldarkay______, Type file history in the search, I have an added W7 type button on mine, if you can't find it ask in ##windows for direct help.02:13
Beldarkay______, Basically I'm just concerned your covered in case of any problems is all.02:14
kay______and i appreciate it. it is important to take precautions. I just thought this would be a simple install and it has turned out to be anything but. However, I am a trooper.02:16
Beldarkay______, I have seen people here back themselves into a corner with no fixes and spending days to fix if fixable and loosing the windows part in the process, leaving a unusual HD setup to just install ubuntu in.02:16
kay______well, my HD setup is now unusual02:17
Beldarkay______, Cool, most installations are fairly simple, personally I just clone all my OS's it makes iot an easy fix, there are other ways I just use this one.02:18
kay______do you not recommend ghost?02:18
Beldarkay______, ghost is a ms thing, I do use the windows imager for windows and clonezilla for linux.02:18
OerHeksghost is prop, i wouldd use clonezilla02:18
kay______and, should I do a system restore to restore windows to factory before imaging.02:18
Beldarer ghost is windows orientated anyway.02:19
AuzyClonezilla is great.. we use it all the time02:19
kay______i have to go to dinner, so this shall have to wait.02:19
AuzyGhost you MIGHT have problems these days.. Not sure how up to date it is02:20
Beldarkay______, If you have resized it and have the unallocated space I would image it like that, then you can restore and not break any othe OS.02:20
kay______i haven't resized it02:20
Beldarrestore id needed that is02:20
kay______i have two disks in the machine. 128gb SSD and 1TB magnetic02:20
kay______i plan to put ubuntu on the 1TB magnetic drive02:20
Beldarkay______, Ah that is a key thing is using windows to resize it's self to get the unallocated for ubuntu.02:20
kay______ubuntu is going on another drive02:21
kay______128gb is not enough for windows and linux02:21
Beldarkay______ Ah I see that now,02:21
kay______technically it is enough disk space but not as a practical matter without destroying recovery paritions02:22
kay______thanks Beldar I will return02:22
Beldarkay______, no prob02:23
magical1thanks again all02:24
baegleI'm running Ubuntu Precise with the 3.8.0-35-generic kernel. I'm trying to build a kernel module and it looks like I need linux-source, but the only source package available is linux-source-3.2.0. I have no idea how this could possibly be. Anyone know?02:29
Beldarbaegle, This a 12.04.3 install?02:31
baegleBeldar: it's upgraded from whatever the last LTS was02:31
Beldarbaegle, or is this a stack upgrade, or your install of 3.8?02:32
hayer_How can I mount a disk everytime me VPN connects?02:32
Beldarbaegle, When did you do the upgrade from 10.04, as each 12.04.1. 12.04.2, 12.04.3 was released they had higher kernels.02:33
baegleBeldar: ok...02:33
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Beldarbaegle, you seem like you may not understand some of what I said here is the stack info, read very carefully. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack02:36
=== spyder is now known as Guest70804
hipitihopanyone with a Sennheiser usb headset that can help with magic incantation02:37
=== wambo is now known as wambo_
baegleBeldar: How do I know which point release I'm on?02:37
Beldarbaegle, You have 3.8 was that your install, or was added when you actually upgraded, the versions have a time release.02:38
glitsj16baegle: to build kernel modules you need the linux-headers... packages, not the linux-source .. so "sudo apt-get install linux-headers-3.8.0-35-generic" should set you up to build the module02:38
baegleBeldar: I'm almost positive I explicitly updated the kernel myself via apt02:39
Beldarbaegle, Cool, check glitsj16 info02:39
glitsj16hipitihop: hi, what is the trouble with the headset?02:40
p0wderhipitihop:  I couldn't find drivers for that :(02:40
hipitihopp0wder, ok thanks02:41
hipitihopglitsj16, hi again ... shows in lsusb and dmesg but does not show up as an output in sounds settings, or device in aplay -l02:41
baegleglitsj16: Is it correct that I need to build 32-bit nvidia drivers separately but can install 64-bit ones via apt?02:41
hipitihopglitsj16, dmesg shows: [ 2338.092836] input: Sennheiser Communications  Sennheiser USB headset as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb3/3-1/3-1:1.3/input/input2102:42
hipitihopglitsj16, and [ 2338.093040] hid-generic 0003:1395:0025.0007: input,hidraw4: USB HID v1.00 Device [Sennheiser Communications  Sennheiser USB headset] on usb-0000:00:14.0-1/input302:43
glitsj16hipitihop: hmm, odd, i saw a bug on sennheiser usb headsets recently but that doesn't sound at all related if aplay -l doesn't list it02:43
Robmanxcan someone help me please02:44
glitsj16baegle: what 32-bit nvidia driver are you wanting to install?02:44
baegleglitsj16: nvidia-319-updates02:44
baegleI'm wondering if I should just upgrade to 1302:44
RobmanxI'm having a problem with ubuntu software updater... for some reason when it opens up the window is blank...02:44
glitsj16baegle: did you try to install the 32-bit driver thru apt-get yet? like sudo apt-get install nvidia-319-updates:i38602:45
hipitihopglitsj16, I did follow this to install and upgrade the ppa and rebooted but alas still not listed http://askubuntu.com/questions/131812/logitech-usb-headset-not-working-on-12-0402:45
BeldarRobmanx, can you run sudo apt-get update and pastebin it.02:46
baegleglitsj16: yeah, unmet dependencies. It wants to uninstall make, sed and others and replace them with th ei386 versions02:46
glitsj16baegle: in that case hold back, never needed to install both 64 and 32 bit nvidia drivers before, so i'm not sure02:48
baegleglitsj16: Steam documentation indicates that steam is 32-bit and needs the 32-bit drivers02:48
RobmanxBeldar: http://pastebin.com/DPuRFT8X02:49
glitsj16hipitihop: hang on a sec, trying to find that bug report again02:49
=== MJ94_ is now known as MJ94
RobmanxBeldar, as far as i can see, there are no errors02:50
BeldarRobmanx, Now run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and see if there are any available, the update window is empty when nothing is available is all.02:51
RobmanxBeldar, ok, for some reason when i did that it ran the software updater and it isnt blank anymore02:51
BeldarRobmanx, Ah, have you run an update since you installed?02:52
RobmanxBeldar, but it would automatically start as if there was an update02:52
hipitihopglitsj16,  does that dmesg line (posted above) look like it is trying to use the correct kernel module/driver ?02:52
glitsj16hipitihop: yes it does02:53
RobmanxBeldar, i had to manually delete a ppa a while ago, that might have made it do that02:53
ravigehl1tI need help fixing a broken KDE installation. No matter what I do, I can't install KDE. It always chokes when it tries to install Libreoffice. I have run `apt-get install -f` and `dpkg --configure -a` but nothing fixes it.02:53
glitsj16hipitihop: on that askubuntu link, it mentions the headset being present on both output and input tabs in sound settings .. does yours show up there anywhere?02:54
BeldarRobmanx, Not sure, are you aware of ppa-purge, if you want all parts of it removed, and a return to the packages from the ubuntu repos?02:54
Robmanxdoednt sudo apt-get autoremove take care of that?02:54
=== murph is now known as Guest38194
hipitihopglitsj16, no does not show up anywhere, which is consistent with aplay -l02:54
=== Guest38194 is now known as murphnj
Beldarravigehl1t, Installing kde and libreoffice are two different things, kde is the kubuntu-desktop is that the install you are trying?02:55
ravigehl1tBeldar: yep02:55
ravigehl1tBeldar: it has LibreOffice as a `metapackage`02:55
ravigehl1tBeldar: I don't want LibreOffice yet I need to roll with it02:56
hipitihopglitsj16, so just to confirm, only trace I have found so far is lsusb and in dmeg when plugged in02:56
Beldarravigehl1t, The description is kinda confusing you say your trying to fix a kde install and also install it.02:56
ravigehl1tBeldar: true. KDE is installed. There was an issue after installing "Blender 3D" where the screen, windows and menus are messed up. So I tried to uninstall KDE an reinstall it. That's when it began choking on LibreOffice02:57
glitsj16hipitihop: can you pastebin the output of cat /usr/share/alsa/cards/USB-Audio.conf please, so we can confirm it is in there or not..02:57
Barrin6ravigehl1t,  I made that mistake earlier. If you are new to linux, I would not touch desktop environments02:58
ravigehl1tBarrin6: I am not new to Linux. I have been using Linux for some time now.02:58
ravigehl1tBarrin6: Were you having issues with uninstalling KDE and re-installing it?02:59
hipitihopglitsj16, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6700927/02:59
Beldarravigehl1t, Not sure really but I have the feeling that Blender 3D is part of the problem, just a guess though.02:59
ravigehl1tBeldar: You are absolutely right!03:00
Barrin6ravigehl1t,  yea it just got messy and confusing03:00
ravigehl1tBeldar: Blender messed up with some core KDE packages. The mess was huge.03:00
Beldarravigehl1t, Is it possible to purge it?03:01
ravigehl1tBeldar: After uninstalling Blender 3D, KDE was left broken. I tried to re-install packages that had been removed by Blender. Thats when it starte to choke on LibreOffice.03:01
ckknightfind: ftp03:01
ravigehl1tBeldar: Blender is gone.03:01
ckknightftp server on ubuntu03:01
ravigehl1tBeldar: The problem now is reinstalling KDE03:01
Beldarravigehl1t, What release is this?03:01
ravigehl1tBeldar: saucy03:01
glitsj16hipitihop: it's in there allright (line 47 of your paste) .. so the instructions on http://askubuntu.com/questions/131812/logitech-usb-headset-not-working-on-12-04 don't seem to apply to your issue .. only thing i can think of is checking on a 13.10 live-usb or dvd what the headset does03:02
ravigehl1tBeldar: The thing is..I didn't install Blender from a PPA. This was from the Ubuntu repo. So it should be a working copy.03:04
Beldarravigehl1t, heh, in a perfect world yes, not everything in the repos works in every desktop is all. I can't find a app list of a saucy kubuntu, if you find one you should be able to just load it technically.03:06
hipitihopglitsj16, hmm, will have to download and check, although since this is a dev box I tend to hold off for the LTS variants03:06
hdr33hi some one have issue with rdp protocol on ubuntu ?03:07
hipitihopglitsj16, In the meantime I have run teh also info script, output is here: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=c35e4d07adf0a31647f2c9ddf9f46df75ba6c80903:07
ravigehl1tBeldar: did you mean PPA?03:07
Beldarravigehl1t, where?03:08
ravigehl1tBeldar: you don't need a PPA for kubuntu.03:08
ravigehl1tBeldar: kubuntu is part of the Ubuntu repo.03:08
ravigehl1tBeldar: sudo apt-cache search kubuntu-desktop will give you what you are looking for03:08
Beldarravigehl1t, no, here is a deb download for the full kubuntu desktop. http://packages.ubuntu.com/saucy/kubuntu-desktop03:08
ravigehl1tBeldar: hummm03:09
ravigehl1tBeldar: k03:09
ravigehl1tBeldar: let me try that then03:09
glitsj16hipitihop: i understand about the LTS, looking at your paste, but i guess it could be bug filing time on this one .. i'll report back in a minute03:09
Beldarravigehl1t, NOt sure here, it seems your missing parts of the kubuntu desktop, it is called a meta package the whole desktop. I add and remove desktops with meta lists at times is all.03:10
hdr33Youhou ?03:10
ravigehl1tBeldar: I think that your idea is great.03:11
nitk_how to block incoming packets from a particular website by setting firewall03:11
=== win is now known as Guest66518
hdr33nitk_: block website03:12
nitk_hdr33, yes....03:12
Beldarravigehl1t, never know lets see.03:12
systemfishhi, I need to run the program 'sensors' to stop my CPU-fan. Otherwise, it won't stop when the CPU has cooled down already. Can I put some script that starts with the system runs in the background?03:12
Beldarravigehl1t, it is easier with sudo apt-get install "then the apps" but the deb may work03:13
glitsj16hipitihop: alsa info looks good .. which leaves you without much to go on i guess .. have you tried a later kernel yet to test?03:14
ravigehl1tBeldar: I can't find the deb03:15
hipitihopglitsj16, not tried later kernels, currently on 3.8.0-35-generic #50~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 4 17:25:51 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux03:15
thom_rwhen I am transferring a large file from my hard drive to a usb does it start out really fast, then slow down to a crawl?03:15
Beldarravigehl1t, bottom of the page has 32 or 64 bit links,03:15
glitsj16hipitihop: i don't see much else you can try i'm afraid03:16
Beldarravigehl1t, I suspect there is a more elegant reconfig command I just don;t know it.03:16
ravigehl1tBeldar: k03:17
ghsHi, I updated package lists with apt-get update, then appears the following: The following packages have been kept back:03:17
ghs  linux-headers-generic-lts-quantal linux-image-generic-lts-quantal03:17
hipitihopglitsj16, do you have link for how to try latest kernels e.g. from 13.1003:18
acdxzhello, I'm on a fresh install of ubuntu 13.10 and I am trying to get ubuntu to output audio through my bluetooth audio device using A2DP. I can connect to my device just fine with the headset service, however, when I try to connect to it using A2DP, i get an error from blueman saying "Connection Failed: Stream setup failed".03:18
pvl1ghs so what03:18
Beldarghs, try dist-upgrade03:18
XQt-rookiesomeone who know how to program in Qt ?03:18
ghswhy this happens ?03:18
acdxzI looked this up online and no solutions have worked for me. Does anyone have any ideas why A2DP won't work? I'm on a Dell Vostro 3550.03:18
pvl1acdxz have you read http://askubuntu.com/questions/203272/no-a2dp-streaming-audio-from-12-04-to-bluetooth-headset03:20
pvl1you probably need to configure alsa03:20
ghsBeldar why this happens ?03:20
acdxzpvl1:  I havent seen that one- i'll read it now.03:21
acdxzthank you03:21
pvl1acdxz np good luck03:21
Beldarghs, If you used the gui update and it was not a partial all would install. Some things like kernels need a dist-upgrade in the terminal. Make sure this is not a partial upgrade due to missing dependencies.03:21
nitk_how to set firewall in ubuntu to block [articuler website03:21
ghsBeldar It's secure to make dist-upgrade ?03:22
dkogHi - can somebody explain - I boot a LiveCD, and I create large files in my home directory.  Where are these actually stored?03:22
dkog... and similarly, when logs are written to /var/log/... where are they actually going?03:23
baegleby process of elimination, I say secondary storage a.k.a. RAM03:23
Beldarghs, dist-upgrade is a within the release upgrade and just okay's the additional, say kernels if that's what held. You do not want to see any packages still being held with a dist-upgrade is all, that indicates a partial upgrade possibly.03:24
dkogbaegle: if that is the case, I would like to understand how this happens.  Like is there something in fstab or elsewhere that make a ramdisk like that?03:25
Beldarghs, You might just run the update manager to see if you get a partial upgrade warning.03:25
baegledkog: Then you'll need to research the implementation of LiveCDs03:25
baegledkog: I would assume a ramdisk is created, I have no idea if fstab is used to drive its creation03:26
ghsBeldar, Ok, Thank you!03:26
psusidkog, there are initramfs scripts that mount the squashfs image on the cd, then mount a tmpfs, and mount the union of the two as the root fs03:26
dkogpsusi: thank you03:30
TheMittenIs it normal for a fairly fresh install of ubuntu to sit on the "purple screen" a while when installing many new updates?03:33
nerdtronTheMitten: how long?03:35
TheMittenbeen a few minutes now.03:35
TheMittenmaybe 5?03:35
nerdtronpress the up/down arrow key to see the boot messages03:35
TheMittenno dice, totally unresponsive.03:36
TheMittenI found a forum thread that says that an AMD video card (which I have) may be the cause of the issue.03:37
hipitihopMy usb headset issue posted here if anyone has suggestions: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+question/24176003:42
ZiberAnything I can do to recover a .tar.gz that was compressed inside another .tar.gz?03:42
pizzasauceI can't connect to wifi without manually stop and start network manager. Does anyone know if network manager can connect to wifi network at boot?03:43
mjaykZiber: extract them ?03:43
Zibermjayk: bunch of tar errors.03:43
mjayka copy of the errors would be nice Ziber it may tell you whats wrong, paste bin if you can03:44
aloahmanHi, my HDD failed and I'm using the Ubuntu LiveCD. I've got a HDD connected via USB which is the same size as my failing HDD. Is there a guide available on how to copy over the entire contents of my failing HDD in a way that will minimise/correct problems from read errors (as Ubuntu Disk Utility has identified the problem with my HDD as being a high Read Error Rate)03:45
mjaykZiber: i think the problem is the filename03:46
Ziberthe filename?03:47
mjayktry tar -zxf filename.extention03:47
Ziberthat's what I did.03:47
Zibertar zxf irclogs.tar.gz03:47
ZiberI see what you mean03:47
Zibergetting EOF errors now03:48
Atomix26Anyone here?03:48
somsip!anyone | Atomix2603:48
ubottuAtomix26: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.03:48
Atomix26I have a partitioning problem03:48
Atomix26So, when I first installed ubuntu, it didn't indicate  which side of the bar was for my partition, and which one was to stay unallocated03:50
mjaykZiber: try gunzip filename03:50
pvl1dkog go ask in ##linux03:50
Atomix26So I accidently left 20gb for ubuntu, and 75 gb unallocated.03:50
Ziber"unexpected end of file"03:51
somsipZiber: is there any way the file is not a complete archive?03:51
Atomix26Now, I finally moved ubuntus partition over to the other side, and enlarged it using W8.103:51
VlanXI dont understand why, sometimes Nautilus doesnt feel like showing me the progression bar when copying files03:51
Zibersomsip: What do you mean "complete archive"?03:51
mjaykZiber: mmm sounds corrupt to me ib a but stuck sorry03:51
somsipZiber: half of a full file. Truncated in some way03:51
Atomix26And so I have a 100ish GB partition, but ubuntu only thinks it has 20 GB of it03:52
somsipZiber: or corrupt like mjayk says03:52
Ziberpossibly... :(03:52
somsip!test | yex03:52
ubottuyex: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )03:52
yexplease reply if this message has been sent03:53
Atomix26it has03:53
Zibersomsip: nothing i can do then?03:53
Atomix26Could anyone help me?03:53
somsipZiber: download it again to be sure. The commands are correct03:53
knightshadeAtomix26: please pastebin the output of 'sudo fdisk -l'03:53
Zibersomsip: It's an archive I made...03:54
somsipAtomix26: so what do you want to do? Deleted the unallocated and increase the 20gb ubuntu partition to fill the drive?03:54
somsipZiber: how?03:54
Atomix26I already reallocated03:54
somsipAtomix26: so explain your problem and required outcome clearly and concisely03:54
Zibersomsip: tar czf irclogs.tar irclogs/03:54
Ziberrather irclogs.tar.gz03:54
somsipZiber: so tzr zxf irclogs.tar.gz should unarchive. If not, you have some other problem03:55
somsip*tar zxf ...03:55
Atomix26I  used to have 20 gb partition for ubuntu, and 75 gb unallocated, I added the 75 gb to the partition (using w8), but Ubuntu doesn't recognize it03:55
uronuhello, how can this code smbpasswd -r <server> -U <user> via web?03:56
knightshadeAtomix26: please pastebin the output of 'sudo fdisk -l'03:56
ZiberI'm sad now.03:56
somsipAtomix26: no idea about how W8.1 might do this. I'd suggest starting gparted and making sure that shows the same partition information as W803:56
Atomix26gparted agrees with w8. I have a  95 gb partition03:57
somsipAtomix26: so in what way is ubuntu not recognising it?03:58
Atomix26disk usage analyzer says I only have 20 gb03:58
somsipAtomix26: where do you expect to see a 95GB partitiion on the fdisk output?03:59
Atomix26and when I tried  copying my songs, it  said it only had a few 100 megs left03:59
Atomix26as I stated at the end, theres some weird partitioning already there from the manufactuerer04:00
knightshadesorry, I have to eat pizza now :>04:00
somsipAtomix26: I'll try one more time. Which disk is the 95GB partition on ?04:00
Atomix26Would it be easier if I gave you screenshots?04:01
somsipAtomix26: not for me. I know nothing about GPT. On to someone else...04:02
knightshadeAtomix26: please pastebin the output of 'sudo sfdisk -l', fdisk doesn't support GPT04:02
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
knightshadeoh, damn04:05
Atomix26that sounds bad04:06
knightshadeno, it's just that sfdisk doesn't support GPT as well04:07
Atomix26would you like pictures to see the glaring issue?04:07
knightshadeparted supports GPT04:08
knightshadeplease pastebin the output of 'parted -l'04:08
Atomix26I get nothing for 'parted -l'04:10
Atomix26it does nothing.04:10
somsipAtomix26: sudo?04:11
knightshadeit's 'sudo parted -l', sorry04:11
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
=== shuduo|afk is now known as shuduo
Atomix26as I said previously. my harddrive is FUBAR, because it's catered to w804:13
Atomix26I am not sure which partitions I could even delete if I still wanted access to w8.04:14
knightshadethe size of the ubuntu partition is 101 gb04:14
glitsj16hipitihop: had a situation here .. did you get the kernel installed to test?04:16
Atomix26knightshade http://snag.gy/EhSca.jpg04:17
Atomix26does that display?04:18
knightshadeAtomix26: so the size of all files on the partition is 19 gb04:21
Atomix26and that fills it up04:21
knightshadeAtomix26: what is the output of 'df -h'?04:22
jotterbot1234hey guys, can anyone suggest a reason the default australian update repos are always timing out? Recently all of my vms are stalling on "waiting for headers?04:23
Atomix26size, 19 gb used, 18 g04:23
Atomix26use: 100%04:24
hipitihopglitsj16, not yet, although I have the 13.10 iso downloaded now, just scrambling for a spare usb stick to unetbootin it04:24
Bashing-omAtomix26: Are you looking at the 100% ?? and getting confused ? that is the sum total of all disk usage. Add up the figures below and you will see the total as 100.04:24
Atomix26Nah, moving out, thats 19.2 out of 20.204:24
hipitihopglitsj16, is there a short way to try and install just the later kernel on my existign 12.04 ?04:24
glitsj16hipitihop: you can use that or get the kernel and header packages from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.12.6-trusty/ .. i assume you know what to get?04:25
needshelpWhen I installed this (lubuntu) I chose to not ask for my password while booting, what to do?04:25
needshelpI want it to ask for it every time I start my PC04:26
somsipneedshelp: do you mean for logging in, or for starting your PC?04:26
Atomix26(he means logging on. context)04:26
needshelpsomsip, yeah, logging in04:26
somsipneedshelp: I guess it's in the lubuntu options somewhere. Sorry, never used it04:27
hipitihopglitsj16, not really  but  give me a few minutes to create the usb stick and try the 13.10 live04:27
glitsj16hipitihop: sure, i'll be around04:28
needshelpAnyway, I also have another question.04:28
mjaykneedshelp: if you go to system settings04:28
needshelpThere are 3 ports listening, what to do to get rid of them?04:28
mjaykneedshelp: hen users you can enable the password there04:28
needshelpmjayk I have a super user that requires it and a desktop one that doesn't04:30
needshelpIt doesn't allow me to choose the user on start up04:30
crankharderwhat are the odds ubuntu autoloads host configs in /etc/hosts.d/  or similar?04:30
crankharder...or any other file that isn't /etc/hosts04:31
mjaykneedshelp: yea you can do it through the user settings there is a require password box04:31
knightshadeAtomix26: Yes, I'm done with my pizza. :D04:32
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Atomix26what toppings?04:32
grendal_primeok ubuntu server..i need a surefireway to restart network services without rebooting machine.   service networking restart?04:32
knightshadeAtomix26: I don't know what's going on on your harddrive.04:32
needshelpmjayk The one is enabled (requires the pass while logging in) and the other is disabled, still, there's no logging in screen when I boot my PC.04:32
kay______ok i'm back04:32
knightshadeAtomix26: I think there is something wrong with the partition table04:32
kay______Beldar: you still around?04:32
grendal_primeive made changes to the etc/networking/interfaces file and adjusted the gateway on the primary eth0 interface.04:32
Beldarkay______, Yeah04:33
grendal_primei do not want this box to loose connectivity.04:33
grendal_primei am remoted into the machine04:33
grendal_primevia ssh04:33
mjaykneedshelp: check them both but leave the password for the normal user blank mb04:33
grendal_primeany suggestions04:33
FloodBot1grendal_prime: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:33
knightshadeAtomix26: salami and onion :>04:33
grendal_primei wasnt flooding i type that fast.04:33
kostkonknightshade, size? :P04:34
Atomix26Interesting choices04:34
glitsj16grendal_prime: sudo service networking restart (and if you use network manager, sudo service network-manager restart) correct..04:34
kay______Beldar: I reviewed the link you gave me, and I found links to forum posts describing some imaging procedures. I will follow those procedures.04:35
Beldarkay______, Cool.04:35
needshelpI fixed it.04:35
knightshadeAtomix26: You could try to boot from a live system and resize the partition again, so that the partition table will be updated and possibly fixed04:36
grendal_primeglitsj16,  thanks..(im just verifying what i thought was the best move )04:36
glitsj16grendal_prime: np, good idea to double-check04:36
grendal_primeya if i loose connectivity im screwed tell 8am tomorro04:37
grendal_primeand i dont like getting screwd (well not that long anyway)04:37
jotterbot1234grendal_prime: isn't it something like "sudo ifdown eth0 && sudo ifup eth0" ?04:40
grendal_primeseems like that would work..if it all executes as one command.04:40
jotterbot1234grendal_prime: or "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart?04:40
grendal_primeya see that is the same as the service networking restart04:41
jotterbot1234i find the sudo service networking restart never updated the ip address after i had set it manually04:41
grendal_primeupstart command now04:41
jotterbot1234see above :)04:41
jotterbot1234for me it never seemed to apply any changes04:41
grendal_primeya that was my experience as well..in the past04:41
knightshadeAtomix26: what is the output of 'sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sdb7'?04:41
grendal_primebut...will the  ifdown eth0 && sudo ifup eth004:42
grendal_primeexecute as one command or will the second part get choped off?04:42
jotterbot1234i'm not sure, i can test in a vm though04:42
jotterbot1234ssh'd in04:42
jotterbot1234one sec04:42
grendal_primeok cool i was going to just do the same thing...but if you want to ...thanks04:42
jotterbot1234i've literally got one going04:43
glitsj16grendal_prime: the && means wait for the first command to finish and start the second04:43
grendal_primewell there ya have it....04:43
jotterbot1234alhtough it is 12.04.3 not sure what you are runnign04:43
grendal_primesame thing04:43
* hipitihop reboots to 13.10 live04:43
grendal_primeyou...ummm whats your vm enviroment?04:43
Atomix26I may just reinstall ubuntu04:43
Atomix26I have literally nothing of value that I can't redownload04:44
Atomix26now to find where my flash drive evaportated off too04:44
grendal_primejotterbot1234,  what vm enviro you use and ya im at 12.04.3 as well.04:44
jotterbot1234grendal_prime: just checked04:44
jotterbot1234i'm just running virtualbox on a mac04:45
jotterbot1234with bridged network adaptor04:45
jotterbot1234although, i am looking into libvirt and webvirtmanager on github which looks cool04:45
jotterbot1234just not used to it yet04:45
jotterbot1234grendal_prime: "sudo ifdown eth0 && sudo ifup eth0" worked for me :)04:45
grendal_primeoh i was going to say if you are running kvm and  ad libvirt...and looked like Mila Kunas, Im gonna have to get divorced cause we is a total match.04:46
grendal_primeill right the monkey is throwing the switch!04:46
jotterbot1234good luck!04:46
MarkDaviesHi. I'm on the Ubuntu download page and I am presented with the list of options like "Desktop", "Server" etc. But I want to take full control over installation process, what means that I don't want any pre-configured destribution. Is there something as "General Ubuntu" so I could tell the installer exactly what packages I need?04:47
grendal_primeWAIT...WHY DO I NEED LUCK ON THIS???!!!04:47
needshelpIt didn't work.. I need my logging in screen. Thanks04:47
needshelpRunning Lubuntu04:47
jotterbot1234grendal_prime: also, if kvm and libvirt, check this out: https://github.com/retspen/webvirtmgr04:47
frazboyzHey guys, i just did my first installation of ubuntu(13.10) and i so far have only one issue that hasnt been resolved with hours of web searching04:47
frazboyzAnyone able to hellp?04:47
jotterbot1234frazboyz: just ask mate, someone will04:47
frazboyzI did didnt i? haha04:48
glitsj16!minimal | MarkDavies04:48
ubottuMarkDavies: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD04:48
jotterbot1234frazboyz: lol, just actually type your issue, people can help or not based on the content of your question :)04:48
needshelpHow can I enable the logging in screen in Lubuntu? Thanks04:49
frazboyzWell the issue is the mouse has a hard time left clicking. I can left click some things like the side bar applications but things like exit buttons at the top of windows dont work04:49
frazboyzAnd normal buttons dont work either04:50
frazboyzAnd i cant drag windows04:50
MarkDaviesthank you glitsj16, seems exactly as what I need (I want to run this sytem as a guest on my virtual machine and my hardware is poor)04:50
MarkDaviesAnd on a completely unrelated topic: do you experience some inconveniences using Mozilla in Ubuntu?04:50
Bashing-omMarkDavies: There is the "minimal install" only the core is installed and you install ALL else.04:50
jotterbot1234frazboyz: sorry to hear, the only thing i know of to help to drag windows is to hold alt and move your mouse near a corner of a window04:50
glitsj16MarkDavies: np, that's a nice way to keep things under wraps04:50
glitsj16MarkDavies: i mean under your complete control04:51
MarkDaviesah, yes04:51
grendal_primehmm thats intereting04:51
frazboyzThat doesnt resolve the issue though :(04:51
grendal_primedidnt loose connectivity but...error04:51
grendal_primeifdown: interface eth0 not configured04:52
grendal_prime   RTNETLINK answers: File exists04:52
grendal_primedoes that mean this thing is using network manager?04:52
jotterbot1234if you do "ifconfig"04:52
jotterbot1234is it defs eth004:52
grendal_primeya it shows it as up04:52
mikeaHey, I'm having a strange problem with the nvidia driver04:52
hipitihopglitsj16, back. Headset works perfect in 13.10 out of the box04:52
grendal_primelinus hates invidea by the way04:53
jotterbot1234they are playing nicer though now that steam is on linux04:53
mikeawhenever I start a game (via wine), everything goes back to a single monitor, and the brightness/contrast are way out of wack04:53
grendal_primeya..but i still hate people i have to play nice with.04:53
grendal_primeim just saying04:53
mikeaIf I go into the displays config, I can put the dual monitors back, and everything works, except the contrast is still messed up04:54
glitsj16hipitihop: progress :) .. now if you could find a way to get things going on your 12.04 LTS .. what kernel do you use on the live? uname -r04:54
mikeaif I reboot or restart lightdm, everything is fine04:54
mikeaI'm on ubuntu 13.10 with the nvidia driver from nvidia-current04:54
hipitihopglitsj16, don't know, whatever default amd64 desktop does :-)04:54
hipitihopI'm back on 12.04 now :-(04:55
hipitihopalright, I'll reboot and see, standby04:55
glitsj16hipitihop: ow okay, i'll check on the net, no need to reboot04:55
hipitihopglitsj16, so your still suspecting kernel level issue04:56
grendal_primeawww hell im just gonna reboot and pray for forgiveness04:56
glitsj16hipitihop: yes i do, perhaps also updated alsa04:57
grendal_primethere was nobody using the filer so it looks like it went down without issue04:57
glitsj16hipitihop: if you want you can check it on your 12.04 by installing the latest trusty kernel .. http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.12.6-trusty/ and download the first 4 linux-... debs from there04:59
K`zanHi folks, got a problem with /boot being full (or fills up with the latest kernel update is trying to install).  Can I just move /boot to the / partition and remove it from fstab?  TMIA!05:00
glitsj16hipitihop: after you've got them on your machine, open a terminal in that location and run a "sudo dpkg -i ./linux-*" to start the install procedure05:00
hipitihophappy to try as grub will allow me to select older one anyway (if you remember I have a nice list :-)05:01
Atomix26can I netboot an ubuntu installation onto an i5 processor?05:01
hipitihopglitsj16, is this the offocial way to do do kernel or is their some ppa way05:01
glitsj16hipitihop: heh, i do .. grub should be fine05:01
AuzyK`zan: I'd imagine you might have some problems with grub/lilo.. You might need to make small adjustments..05:01
K`zanAuzy: Grub-update (IIRC?)05:02
hipitihopglitsj16, also just confirming, this seems to be 13.12 not 13.10 was that your intent ?05:02
develope2thellos my first time here using irssi!05:02
glitsj16hipitihop: i don't know of a PPA just for kernel updates no, what doesn't mean this is official, but it will work05:03
AuzyYou might also need to modify the partition in the grub.conf file (or whatever it is called) too.. However, it might also be full because of old kernels.. Check that first..05:03
hipitihopAuzy, that aimed at me ?05:03
Auzyno hipitihop05:03
glitsj16hipitihop: yes, that's is the latest kernel, what you had on ubuntu 13.10 is the 3.11 i believe, but it's just a test05:03
K`zanAuzy: grub.cfg, looking at that now, thanks much!05:04
AuzyWorst comes to worst K`zan , you should be able to fix it from a live CD05:04
* hipitihop downloads 13.12 kernel....05:04
mikeaanyone super familiar with nvidia and X servers?05:04
AuzyBut.. avoid doing it if possible (I know WHY /boot is recommended to be on another partition, but still have no idea why its still a recommended practice for home users *sigh*)05:04
Atomix26can I netboot an ubuntu installation onto an i5 processor?05:05
Auzymikea: Best to just ask the question..05:05
mikeawhenever I start a game (via wine), everything goes back to a single monitor, and the brightness/contrast are way out of wack05:05
mikeaif I reboot or restart lightdm, everything is fine05:05
PublicStaticVoidso sudo aplay -l shows my Soundcard and my HDMI Sound device but in he Ubuntu Sound screen it just has a dummy device?05:05
mikeaI don't know if there's a setting I'm missing or what05:05
glitsj16hipitihop: installing packages by means of "sudo dpkg -i ..." is quite safe, worst case scenario is doing a purge if it didn't work05:05
PublicStaticVoidAnd my sound is not working?05:05
K`zanAuzy: Always handy.  grub.cfg sure has turned into a convoluted mess.  Will look it over later and see what is.  Much appreciate your efforts!05:05
mikeaI'm using the nvidia-current driver05:05
=== a is now known as needshelp
AuzyK`zan: Grub.cfg imho isn't that bad honestly.. The good news is that long term, it might be possible to do it from Bios/EFI directly (but, that would be VERY long term)05:09
PublicStaticVoidI run I run lspci -v | grep -A7 -i "audio"05:09
Atomix26hello? did anyone hear me?05:09
needshelpAnyone here with knowledge on ports configuration?05:09
PublicStaticVoidand get http://pastey.org/view/75f6dfe905:09
needshelpI fixed it, btw, I had to configure lightdm05:09
frazboyzey guys, i just did my first installation of ubuntu(13.10) and i so far have only one issue that hasnt been resolved with hours of web searching, its to do with left clicking and basically its almost as if its impossible to left click on window options(Exit, Minimize, Maximize) and alot of general buttons.05:09
AuzyAtomix26: The type of processor shouldn't matter.. Nobody here likely has experience with Netboot05:09
frazboyzThis command, compiz --replace ccp &, fixes it for like... a second05:10
Atomix26It requires me to se lect an architecture, but I don't think what  I am running is on here05:10
AuzyOr enough Atomix26..Maybe give it a try? There should be no reason why you shouldn't be able to though..05:11
AuzyAtomix26: Your architecture should be X86 for 32bit support, X64 for 64bit05:11
needshelpNo one?05:11
Atomix26My options are powerpc,amd64, and i38605:12
needshelpI want to configure my ports so that my computer will be accessible only through LAN.05:12
Auzyamd64 Atomix2605:12
Atomix26even for intel?05:12
AuzyAMD64 is 64bit Intel support basically05:12
mjayki386 is 32 bit05:12
Auzyyep.. Its still called AMD64, because they beat intel to it.. By a long shot05:12
AuzyBut, its the same for both05:12
frazboyzOhhh shit i cant see my cursor any more05:12
Atomix26Thanks tons auzy05:12
frazboyzWhat have i dont05:12
FloodBot1frazboyz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:12
hipitihopglitsj16, ok install done, although got error "linux-headers-3.12.6-031206-generic:i386 3.12.6-031206.201312201218 (Multi-Arch: no) is not co-installable with linux-headers-3.12.6-031206-generic:amd64..." but looks like only because I took you literally and also downloade the i386, rest of install seemed to go ok05:13
lickalottgents, just upgraded wine and now I'm getting this error (err:winediag:xrandr12_init_modes Broken NVIDIA RandR detected, falling back to RandR 1.0. Please consider using the Nouveau driver instead.)05:14
Auzyneedshelp: Do you have a router? The router will block incoming connection via WAN anyway..05:14
hipitihopglitsj16, so if nothing else to do, will try to reboot05:14
lickalottWhen I run the wine uninstaller is shows that error message05:14
lickalotthas anyone seen this before?05:14
thom_rlickalott, are you trying to uninstall a program from wine?05:14
Auzylickalott: Looks like it might be a known issue with the nvidia driver.. I've never seen it though (I don't use wine)05:15
lickalotti was05:15
needshelpAuzy, I do, but believe me, no one would trust that specific router..05:15
glitsj16hipitihop: that's the 32bit package, if the rest installed fine, do a quick double-check with sudo dkms status before rebooting perhaps05:15
lickalottthe uninstaller actually completes the uninstall, but the message threw me a little.05:15
AuzyBy design needshelp, routers are trustworthy, unless they purposely don't make them so.. What you want might not be that straightforward (and not really sure how you would approach it honestly)05:16
Auzyneedshelp: if you shut off UPNP on the router, you should be fine.. Even if it is a crappy router.. Make sure DMZ is turned off too..05:16
lickalotti googled a little on "how to enable Nouveau driver (ubuntu)" but they all kind of lead to the same place, and most have unanswered questions from 2010.05:16
=== Paulus68_1 is now known as Paulus68
lickalottfigured I'd hit up the big brains05:16
needshelpAuzy, I received it for free and its software is made by a little unknown company. It doesn't even have a brand mark on it ..05:17
=== MomoNasty is now known as Momo|Off
needshelpAnyway, I will give it a try. Thanks.05:17
hipitihopglitsj16, doesn't quite look right to me, only vboxhost seems to mention it http://paste.ubuntu.com/6701360/05:17
Auzyneedshelp: Doesn't mean much.. You have to go out of your way to make it insecure..05:18
Auzyneedshelp: If you are worried, you might be able to use OpenWRT on it, or somethign similar.. what router is it?05:19
glitsj16hipitihop: looks like it didn't build the nvidia-304 yes .. let's try that manually if you have the time05:19
Auzyneedshelp: Or do you think it is05:19
hipitihopglitsj16, should I remove the i386 package and try again ?05:19
lickalottis there a wine channel?05:19
needshelpI honestly have no idea ..05:19
Auzylickalott: probably #wine.. there should be..05:20
glitsj16hipitihop: you should purge that in any case if it is installed yes05:20
ubottulickalott,: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:21
glitsj16hipitihop: we'll try and build the nvidia dkms manually, that way we get exact info on what's happening05:21
hipitihopglitsj16, I meant the deb .. can you tell me how to purge, sorry it's slightly unfamiliar territory, appreciate your patience05:21
lickalotttks cfhowlett !05:21
glitsj16hipitihop: np, run sudo dpkg -r linux-headers-3.12.6-031206-generic:i38605:22
=== Momo|Off is now known as MomoNasty
cfhowletthipitihop, sudo dpkg -r foo.deb   will remove --- don't know if it will purge 100%05:22
glitsj16hipitihop: but i think it is not installed if i read the earlier error message you posted05:23
hipitihopglitsj16, I'm on holidays so fortunately time is not an issue for me if you have the patience to finalise this... the dpkg -r  said no such installed package05:23
needshelpHmm, for some reason my password for root is not working on terminal..05:23
cfhowletthipitihop, dpkg -l | grep packagename   should find it05:23
cfhowlettyou might to play with some wild card searches ...05:23
glitsj16hipitihop: take cfhowlett's advice to confirm it's gone, than we can proceed with the nvidia dkms build05:24
hipitihopglitsj16, ok05:25
glitsj16hipitihop: okay, try "sudo dkms build -m nvidia-304 -v 304.88 -k 3.12.6-031206-generic"05:26
glitsj16hipitihop: building a dkms kernel module is a 2 step deal, this is part one05:26
hipitihopcfhowlett, thanks. I have now greped for both linux-headers- and linux-image which lists 2 headers and 1 image, should I go ahead with -r on all 3 ?05:27
frazboyzCould some one please help me, http://pastebin.com/D9erXGZ305:27
Auzyneedshelp: For root? OR did you use your username?05:28
needshelpAuzy root05:29
Beldarfrazboyz, generally we rather see the details directly here but try this full unity compiz reset. http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/08/reset-unity-and-compiz-in-ubuntu-13-10/ then reboot.05:29
cfhowletthipitihop, no.  always keep at least ONE older kernel in case the new one goes funky.  my recommended practice, not canon05:29
frazboyzOh ok thank you Beldar, ill give that a go.05:30
hipitihopcfhowlett, sure, I have many, I mean the new 3.12.6 variants05:30
glitsj16cfhowlett: +1 .. in an earlier paste it was revealed hipitihop has 14 kernels instalmled .. we can assume he's safe :)05:31
* hipitihop hides with minor embarrassment05:31
cfhowletthipitihop, yeah, I'd say go ahead and nuke the 3.12.6 variants  - don't feel bad.  I ran sudo apt-get update for years thinking I was maintaining my system only to find out - well, you know.05:32
glitsj16cfhowlett: we were going to test the 3.12 on hipitihop's headset issue, apparently it isn't supported on the 12.04 kernels he has running and we tested on a live 13.10 .. with positive results .. just so you're on the same page05:34
dkogI'm trying to boot LiveCD 12.04 on MacBookPro5, and it keeps getting stuck with a black screen, fans spinning at max, and computer heating up for 10+ minutes05:34
hipitihopglitsj16, ok dkms status suggest we are all clean again, but not sure what state grub menu, default boot kernel is in....05:34
cfhowletthipitihop, hold off05:34
cfhowletthipitihop, I only run LTS so I'm on 12.04 ... uncertain what you'll face on 13.10 so best you ask someone with relevant experience05:35
cfhowlettglitsj16, when you rebuild grub, it'll display current kernel default05:35
glitsj16cfhowlett: i know, what is the problem you are potentially seeing?05:36
hipitihopcfhowlett, yep, I'm the same re LTS, that is why I am also on 12.04 till now. But we are trying the 13.12 kernel as per what glitsj16 said above05:36
ROPAkostkon there you are, Wnated to thank you for the help you gave me getting skype running again...twas 2 or 3 days ago. Not only got it running my my desktop...but in both laptops as well. THANKYOU!05:37
cfhowlettglitsj16, no problem per se, merely disclosing that I have no 13.10 experience so don't feel comfortable advising on same ...05:37
=== f4cl3y_ is now known as f4cl3y
kostkonROPA, me and another person, i believe. nevertheless, my pleasure :)05:38
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
=== darrell is now known as Guest83511
hipitihopglitsj16, so moving on, my current dkms status is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6701400/ and I will now run "sudo dkms build -m nvidia-304 -v 304.88 -k 3.12.6-031206-generic"05:39
glitsj16cfhowlett: okay, i wasn't suggesting to hipitihop to upgrade to 13.10, just confirming that kernel solved his headset issue, thanks though for keeping an eye on things05:39
ROPAkostkon yep, I thanked him last night. I also helped my first user here on irc...I like to give back!!05:39
ubottuROPA,: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!05:39
* hipitihop nods to to glitsj16 & cfhowlett05:39
glitsj16hipitihop: try it yes, it will only build, not install, that's for later05:40
ROPAhey ubottu one of your peers gagged me-best not try to make up now::>05:40
lickalottwinehq is one of "those" channels.  202 users and no one talks05:40
DaleHello everyone I hope someone can help me with this. I have an Android phone (LG OPTIMUS L9 P769) Can I run Ubuntu for Android on it?05:40
ubottuDale,: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch05:41
ROPAanyway, thanks to all who contribute here...if it wasn't for those who help out, I'd still be runnin winderzzz.05:41
hipitihopglitsj16, Error! Your kernel headers for kernel 3.12.6-031206-generic cannot be found. .. suggests using --kernelsourcedir05:41
frazboyzBaldar, that didnt work to good, it crashes ubunty when i execute "setsid unity"05:42
DaleUbottu: Thanks!05:42
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)05:42
frazboyzHey, could some one please help me, http://pastebin.com/D9erXGZ305:43
glitsj16hipitihop: i suspected something to go wrong .. can you pastebin output of "dpkg --get-selections" pls05:43
hipitihopglitsj16, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6701431/05:44
kay______Baldar, I have finally imaged my windows drive. and learned a lot in the process, especially about EFI and GPT.05:44
ROPAfrazboyz is that unity???05:45
Beldarfrazboyz, Have you rebooted after all the commands, it takes at times. This is just a test to see if this could be the problem, should not make it any worse overall.05:46
frazboyzPOPA, im not to sure sorry, i just got told to execute that05:46
frazboyzBeldar, i had to re-boot, it crashed ubuntu and there was no gui left05:47
Beldarkay______, Cool, I'm not your best help on the install, just a heads up is all.05:47
glitsj16hipitihop: i see that the headers for 3.12 are indeed not installed, something went wrong in that earlier step with the error on the 32bit package .. but in the meantime i see on http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=default&section=all&arch=any&searchon=names&keywords=linux-image-3.11 that you should be able to get 3.11 from your regular precise repos05:48
Beldarfrazboyz, This was a broken install to begin with, and those are commands many have run with no problems and great fixes so it is a matter of finding why it's broken to begin with.05:48
glitsj16hipitihop: if you can double-check if you can get that through your precise repos that would simplify things greatly .. take your time to look at that, i'm not in a hurry05:49
scarin the middle of upgrading my 10.04 desktop to 12.04, my bluetooth mouse/keyboard have been disconnected and i cannot progress thru the rest of the upgrade. i've tried plugging in USB keyboard/mice, which are recognized by the system according to dmesg, but still dont let me move the mouse pointer or type....05:49
frazboyzBeldar, what do you mean by a broken install? It was a genuine version of ubuntu from the site, and i have re-installed once05:49
Beldarfrazboyz, Your pastebin stated intrinsic problems on this fresh install.05:50
efssdany kernel after .12 my usb mouse/kb both don't work05:50
glitsj16hipitihop: what do you use normally to add/remove packages? i'd say use the tool you're comfortable with to check on availability of 3.11 and we'll clean out what we installed to test .. are we on the same page on this? :)05:51
Beldarfrazboyz, A broken install is just a broad comment nothing to do with you, just following that a good install works.05:51
frazboyzOh ok, well how should i go about resolving this issue then Beldar?05:51
hipitihopglitsj16, no particular favorites, most guides show apt-get, sometimes I bring up synaptic05:52
nrdbi am trying to compile a package and I get the error message "'pkg-config --modversion glib-2.0' returned 2.38.2, but GLIB (2.32.4) was found!" how can I fix this?05:53
glitsj16hipitihop: i use both too, so might i suggest you take a look through synaptic and confirm you can install linux-image--3.11.0-15-generic?05:53
Beldarfrazboyz, NOt sure beynond this, those commands should not have created a no gui, seems like a graphics problem as a guess, or a bad iso to start with, hard to say with very little info other than window buttons not working.05:53
* hipitihop goes looking in synaptic05:54
Beldaror clicking problems in general05:54
rabbit222any of you folks know a good webpage for python learning?05:54
rabbit222or a channel possibly05:54
ubottupython is a popular Object Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org/ or #python05:55
Beldarfrazboyz, I'm probably not your best help here, however did everything work right in the live environment?05:55
* cfhowlett gives an upvote to ubottu05:55
Auzyrabbit222: I think Python used to have an online tutorial05:55
frazboyzHmmm Beldar, could you help me further with this issue, lets so over skype or something. Im really new to this haha05:55
rabbit222ya auzy05:55
Auzyrabbit222: http://www.learnpython.org/05:55
rabbit222thats it thanks auzy05:56
Auzyrabbit222: However, honestly, you need a book..05:56
frazboyzBeldar, yes it did05:56
frazboyzFrom what i remember i browsed facebook for about 20 minutes xD05:56
* rabbit222 agree's with auzy05:56
Beldarfrazboyz, I work only within the channel, we want everybody to see this for best help, as I said I doubt I'm the best help in this, much better helpers here than I/05:56
Auzyrabbit222: You can't learn using eBooks.. strangely, your computer distracts you.. And you need a reference05:56
* rabbit222 agree's Auzy05:56
Auzyrabbit222: node.js is another language to look into though.. Python is interesting, but, node.js I think has a serious future05:57
frazboyzBeldar, thats fine, but ubuntu did work in the live version running off a disk, does that help at all?05:57
hipitihopglitsj16, seems so, any specific one to use i.e. need to pick just linux-headers-3.11.0-15-generic or also the image varienat and there is also linux-signed-image variant fo that05:58
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1205:58
rabbit222what type of language is it then based off of Auzy?05:58
Beldarfrazboyz, That's good, I would just again state on the channel the issues now.05:58
rabbit222never heard of it :(05:58
Ubuntttcan someone help me with this error related to installing AMD drivers? http://pastebin.com/EZg5USz105:58
Auzyrabbit222: Node.js is pure Javascript.. I coded a home automation app in it, so it is as powerful as your browser..05:58
Ubuntttthe website says I need 32 bit packages installed for 64bit driver05:59
Ubuntttwhat does that mean?05:59
Auzyrabbit222: its very cool.. But, obviously, apps like Blender still belong in Python05:59
rabbit222agree I'm just a beginner so...05:59
HardWareGuyI don't know why but if i go into repos in synaptic and try deleting an entry, the whole damn program crashes off05:59
glitsj16hipitihop: you will need the linux-headers-3.11.0-15-generic, that will pull in linux-headers-3.11.0-15 and you also need linux-image-3.11.0-15-generic06:00
frazboyzUbuntu(13.10) Mouse failing to click certain buttons(Window Buttons) and a few others, mouse didnt fail in the live version of ubuntu which was run of a cd.06:00
scarany help with getting keyboard/mouse working again during upgrade? :\06:00
Ubuntttscar, mine dont work either with any kernel past .1206:00
glitsj16hipitihop: don't install the signed stuff, your earlier pastes suggest you don't need those06:00
hipitihopglits np, installing ....06:01
Auzyrabbit222: Both are good languages.. Depends on what you want to accomplish really..06:01
scarUbunttt, well this is during an upgrade they stopped working so i cant finish the upgrade06:01
Ubuntttscar, damn06:01
rabbit222well writing phone apps be cool06:02
Auzyrabbit222: Apps like Sabnzbd run in Python, and Blender.. Node.js is newish, but, to run a GUI, everything needs to run through your browser..06:02
glitsj16hipitihop: if that's done, try to purge anything you can find in synaptic related to 3.12 and paste the output of "sudo dkms status" again after doing that .. could take a few minutes06:02
AuzyPhone apps.. both can handle it via webbrowser.. But, for Android, you need their variation of Java (or a android specific library).  For iPhone, you need Objective C and a Mac06:03
hipitihopAuzy, sorry to but in, you mentioned home-auto, any reason you are doing your own and not existing stuff ?06:03
hipitihopglits .. complaining about nvidia-304 just trying to understand the problem06:03
AuzyFor Firefox OS, not sure, or Ubuntu Phone..06:03
rabbit222nice not bad at all06:03
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ROPAis there anyone here that has actaully managed to make ekiga work???06:04
hipitihopglitsj16,  .. complaining about nvidia-304 just trying to understand the problem06:04
Auzyhipitihop: for fun.. Never come across one that is pure JS based too (market will be flooded by them very soon though)06:04
glitsj16hipitihop: what is the complaint ? throw in a screenshot if you feel that can help06:04
HardWareGuyIs every xorg edgers driver broken or what, hmm06:04
HardWareGuynvidia ones that is06:04
HardWareGuyAMD drivers working better than ever06:04
Auzyhipitihop: Also, got sick of all these dumb iphone, or Android, or PC only solutions.. Wanted something that works everywhere..06:05
hipitihopglitsj16, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6701499/ is make.log06:06
Auzyhipitihop: What I would really like to do honestly, is come up with a nice integrated thing for Linux, to allow deep integration of home automation into the desktop, but, haven't started that..06:06
hipitihopwhat existing home-auto frameworks have you evaluated06:07
hipitihopAuzy, ^^^06:07
Ubuntttwow the directions for installing propr amd drivers are TERRIBLE06:08
UbuntttI'm glad I figured it out on my own though06:08
glitsj16hipitihop: looking into it, quite common that error, give me a minute06:08
hipitihopwould you also like the trace from the setup i.e. initrd image: traces ?06:09
frazboyzBeldar, would it be cause the live-cd isnt up to date on packages?06:09
Angel_Of_Sorrowcan you use irc in a virual box?06:09
hipitihopAngel_Of_Sorrow, ssure06:10
Beldarfrazboyz, If it is not a daily, which is only the development it would not be up to date, but that should not be the issue.06:10
Auzyhipitihop: thought it might be easier to privmsg.. Rather than flooding channel with non Ubuntu stuff..06:10
glitsj16hipitihop: no those we can try to skip, i'm interested in seeing a paste of "ls -lh /usr/src/linux-headers-3.11.0-15-generic"06:11
Angel_Of_Sorrowsweet hipitihop06:11
frazboyzThen what is the difference between the live version and the installed version Beldar?06:11
Beldarfrazboyz, Not sure I could give you a definitive answer, however I can see why you would ask as everything seemed to work there.06:13
hipitihopglitsj16, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6701514/06:13
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glitsj16hipitihop: also paste output of "ls -lh /usr/src/linux-headers-3.11.0-15-generic/include/generated" please, we need to make a symlink to get things going, figuring out where exactly06:13
frazboyzBeldar, its the only reason i installed ubuntu haha. Do you know anyone who would/may know? You are the only person to reply so far haha06:14
Beldarfrazboyz, I understand.06:14
rabbit222thanks for your help06:15
Ubuntttyeah I was wrong amd driver still not working............06:17
Ubuntttso it builds for kernel .15 but not .1206:19
Ubuntttbut i cant use .15 cause my mouse/kb don't work06:20
hipitihopglitsj16, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6701532/06:20
hipitihopglitsj16, sorry for my tardy responses06:20
sgo11hi, to make a computer become a router/gateway, is this "echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward" enough? do I need to setup any iptables rules? it only has one ethernet card. thanks.06:21
Auzysgo11: If you can do it with 1 card (which should be possible actually), there might be some security/performance implications06:22
glitsj16hipitihop: no worries, to keep you informed, we're trying to fix the error you've got on lines 6-8 on your make.log paste06:23
Auzysgo11: also, are you limited by downloads in any way?06:23
sgo11Auzy, sorry I don't quite understand your question. I just want to run squid in that PC. I would like the nat to go through that PC. that's why I try to make it as router/gateway. thanks.06:25
glitsj16hipitihop: paste wanted for "ls -lh /usr/src/linux-headers-3.11.0-15-generic/include/config" .. almost there06:25
Ubuntttlol atleast someone knows what is up lets see if it works06:25
hipitihopglitsj16, given already ^^^ here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6701532/06:26
hipitihopglitsj16, ignore that, didn't read properly, standby06:28
glitsj16hipitihop: yeah, i need one more level, the config06:28
Angel_Of_Sorrowhi all06:28
Angel_Of_Sorrowi was wondering....i haven't used linux since 2007...has it come a long way since then???06:28
hipitihopglitsj16, here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6701552/06:28
thom_rAngel_Of_Sorrow, weren't you on here the other day asking questions about Ubuntu?06:29
AuzyAngel_Of_Sorrow: Yes..06:29
AuzyAngel_Of_Sorrow: Were you using Xorg or Xfree86 then?06:29
hipitihopAngel_Of_Sorrow, leaps and bounds, best way is to download the latest livecd iso, boot it and see, it won't touch your machine unless you choose to install06:29
thom_rthe ban hammer came down06:30
AuzyAngel_Of_Sorrow: I'm not sure when you jumped on board. But it was earlier composite days probably.. Dbus and composite changed everything.. Wayland/Mir will start to be introduced in the next year or so.. and it will happen again06:30
kay______okay. booting into live cd and the mouse isn't working again. seems to work only intermittently on certain bootings.06:31
thom_rAuzy, Angel_Of_Sorrow got banned06:31
thom_rthey were on here the other day asking questions about Ubuntu. They aren't here to get help or help anyone, just to waste peoples time.06:32
etparle2hey just a head-up anyone want to mine sCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=400825.006:32
etparle2also join our channel #sCoin06:32
AuzyTheres a kick if I see one..06:32
ubottuetparle2,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:33
glitsj16hipitihop: okay, let's try this: open a terminal and cd to /usr/src/linux-headers-3.11.0-15 and run "make oldconfig && make prepare" if you would06:33
kay______I would love some basic information about mouse support in this OS06:33
ubottukay______,: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto06:33
Auzykay______: Just out of curiosity, weird question, you aren't using a RAT7 are you?06:34
kay______I don't know what that is. I'm using a touchpad on a gigabyte p34g-cf1. I assume the interface is usb internally.06:34
Auzyok.. RAT7 is a product.. First mouse I ever saw that acts weird in Ubuntu06:35
kay______even a keyword to grep in dmesg, or the existence of a certain device would help me out06:35
frazboyzAw man ima cry so hard soon06:36
Blackkattomfg what a mess! tried to install nvidia driver on ubuntu yeah right! black screen could not login to tty with right passwd, spent all day yesterday finally wiped nvidia in recoverymode when it was able to get write access, and this drives is tested by ubuntu, shame on you!06:36
hipitihopglitsj16, if I go off air, it will be power issue caused by massive electrical storm hitting :-)06:36
frazboyzBlackkatt, i decided to test ubuntu so i ran the live version and it worked amazing so i decided to wipe everything and install ubuntu and now i cant click my god damn mouse06:37
glitsj16hipitihop: wow, take cover lol .. in case we loose you here, i have plan C ready heh06:37
hipitihopglitsj16, I asume I need sudo06:37
glitsj16hipitihop: shouldn't be needed for make no06:38
Blackkattfrazboyz,  hahaha, tried replugging the mouse?06:38
hipitihopglitsj16, scripts/basic/fixdep.c:462:1: fatal error: opening dependency file scripts/basic/.fixdep.d: Permission denied06:38
frazboyzBlackkatt, my mouse works and i can click on certain things06:39
glitsj16hipitihop: there you have it .. try with sudo :)06:39
frazboyzBut buttons like... window commands(Exit, Minimize...) and i cant click most buttons in generall06:39
frazboyzI can click the ones on the side bar06:39
Blackkattfrazboyz,  sounds weird06:40
frazboyzYea im in tears :'(06:40
frazboyzNo idea what to do06:40
Blackkattfrazboyz,  what kind of mouse is it?06:41
frazboyzI dont think that is the issue but it is a r.a.t 306:41
frazboyzI think it has something to do with compiz or nexus06:41
frazboyzSomething along the lines of those06:42
somsipfrazboyz: Have you followed all of these? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=218309806:42
frazboyzHolly shit06:42
somsip!language } frazboyz06:42
ubottusomsip: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:42
frazboyzWHAT THE FUCK06:42
somsip!language | frazboyz06:42
ubottufrazboyz: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:42
frazboyzoh sorry06:42
FloodBot1frazboyz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:42
frazboyzIt was my mouse06:43
somsipfrazboyz: a search for "rat 3 mouse not working ubuntu 13.10" gives loads of similar issues. so it's possibly something you can work through if noone has an immediate answer here06:43
frazboyzYea i just didnt see how that could be any were near an issue06:43
hipitihopglitsj16, it asked about also compiling drivers, said yes, now asking for kernel compression mode choice06:43
somsipfrazboyz: best to research rather than thinking something is not the case06:44
frazboyzIt wasnt even in my research scope hahaha06:44
somsipfrazboyz: so is your issue solved or have you got something useful to work with now?06:44
frazboyzsomsip, its totally solved :')06:45
somsipfrazboyz: jolly good06:45
glitsj16hipitihop: hmm, looks like a very long way to get nvidia-304 going on your system in that case .. let me put a small pastebin together to discuss better options if you don't mind okay? Ctrl-C that and take a breather while i make a paste .. how does that sound?06:46
chaotixhey all...  i want to make a .desktop file (shortcut) that opens up a Playstation game with PCSXR...  does anyone know of a way i can do this?  using the command 'pcsx' followed by the path to the path to the rom does not work, and it only opens pcsx up06:46
chaotixis there a way to have a shortcut to the rom itself?  it works with my n64 roms and pj6406:46
glitsj16hipitihop: i guess the safest way is to add a PPA to put the bottomline here, i'll explain why in the paste06:47
kostkonchaotix, give: man pcsx   and you are gonna find out06:49
chaotixkostkon,  thanks06:49
PebkacJonesdoes ubuntu suck?06:49
chaotixPebkacJones, not at all06:49
PebkacJoneshow come?06:49
chaotixi love it06:49
somsipchaotix: what is your Desktop Entry?06:49
kay______Beldar: I believe I have manually partitioned properly and the ubuntu install has commenced.06:49
PebkacJonesI used to love it UNTIL gnome306:49
PebkacJonesthen im back to osx06:50
kostkonPebkacJones, it's still gnome3 based, albeit without the default gnome shell06:50
somsipPebkacJones: then use a different desktop environment. So do you have a support issue really, or are you just baiting?06:50
ubottuPebkacJones,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:50
hipitihopglitsj16, all fine I noticed in drivers that more then one nvidia driver is listed although as you know current is the 30406:50
PebkacJonesI mean i love gnome206:50
PebkacJonesbut gnome3 sucks06:50
kostkonPebkacJones, try mate06:50
PebkacJonesmate sucks too06:50
kay______Beldar: oh, just saw your message about not being my best help. Thanks for all the help so far.06:51
PebkacJonesI want gnome2 back06:51
somsipPebkacJones: do you have a support issue?06:51
ubottuPebkacJones: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:51
PebkacJonesretard gnome3 developers06:51
chaotixsomsip, version 1?  not sure...  is my desktop entry what it says under [Desktop Entry]?06:51
somsipchaotix: are you trying to create a shortcut entry on unity?06:51
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glitsj16hipitihop: what nvidia drivers are installable on your machine right now without any additional PPA?06:52
chaotixsomsip, i think i am good...  the info i needed was in the man file for pcsx, as kostkon suggested06:54
somsipchaotix: k06:54
hipitihopglitsj16, 304 + 319, the 319 is the [Recommended] but I don't tend to play with things when they work.... should I try to switch to the 319 ?06:56
hipitihopglitsj16, there are post-release updates variantas of both too06:56
hipitihopglitsj16, I'm not sure what the command line variants of the additoonal driver switches are, if easy to try, we can always switch back if you know how06:58
glitsj16hipitihop: ow okay, than i suggest installing the latest you can, to get the best support for the 3.11 kernel, to keep solving your headset issue while not loosing nvidia and vbox06:59
hipitihopglitsj16, so by latest you mean 319 or should I go 319-updates07:00
hipitihopglitsj16, and if we fail on reboot, is there is easy revert07:00
glitsj16hipitihop: i find the additional driver tool rather wonky, but that might be only on my machine, you can try that, we can always roll back when needed07:00
hipitihopso I will try the 319-updates and see, if I drop out I come back on on laptop07:01
glitsj16hipitihop: i'd go for the regular 319, and yes, when it fails just boot into an older kernel07:01
MarkDaviesdpkg-divert - is it proper for Ubunt (what I want to do is to modify GRUB priority table in order to enable XEN)07:02
chaotixkostkon, it still will only load pcsxwithout the game...  i am not sure what i am doing wrong07:02
glitsj16hipitihop: if you check after installing the 319 with "sudo dkms status" that is clean, there's very little chance you shouldn't have a clean reboot too, so do that and paste it here before rebooting07:02
hipitihopglitsj16, amazing how deep the rabbit holes run sometimes... and I thought this morning I took on trivial tech issue to plug in my new usb heaset :-)07:02
glitsj16lol, very true07:03
hipitihopappreciate all your time btw07:03
glitsj16hipitihop: no trouble, very good exercise heh .. sennheiser is fine equipment, i'm surprised it did this on your 12.0407:04
chaotixkostkon, even if i try it from the terminal...07:04
kostkonchaotix, you are trying to load an image file, right? iso or bin07:05
hipitihopglitsj16, urrgh dkms make also failed, getting details07:05
chaotixi did:  pcsx --cdfile /home/user/Games/PS1/tonyhawk1.bin07:05
glitsj16hipitihop: arghh, let's see what's going on..07:05
kostkonchaotix, using the -cdfile argument followed by the full path for that file?07:06
somsipchaotix: and do you have permission to access that?07:06
somsipchaotix: and pcsx is in PATH?07:06
somsipchaotix: also, finding recommendations for --nogui as well as --cdfile07:07
hipitihopglitsj16,  its trying to build against the 3.11.0-15-generic and claims kernel config is invalid, suggests to run make oldconfig && make prepare07:07
chaotixsomsip, that did it07:07
somsipchaotix: cool.07:07
chaotixhave you tried adding your emulator games to steam>07:08
hipitihopglitsj16, prior it said autoconf.h or auto.conf are missing07:08
glitsj16hipitihop: sounds exactly like the error you got earlier with the 30407:08
hipitihopsounds like it07:08
kay______okay. I've just finished my ubuntu installation, and the mouse still won't work. its a trackpad. what are the steps to debug this?07:09
chaotixsomsip, kostkon ,  its pretty cool...  i use xbmc, and steam big picture...  its great07:09
glitsj16hipitihop: that's why i asked for those ls pastes, to confirm both are there .. and they are07:09
chaotixsomsip, kostkon ,  thanks for the help07:09
kostkonchaotix, doesn't work here either07:09
chaotixkostkon, what doesnt work?07:10
kostkonchaotix, pcsx -cdfile FILE07:10
=== Mars is now known as Guest67461
kostkonoh its --cdfile right07:11
chaotixkostkon, yeah...  it turns out its:  pcsx -cdfile FILE -nogui07:11
kostkonchaotix, oh let me try that07:11
kostkonthat works yeah, interesting07:12
glitsj16hipitihop: you still have the live 13.10 right .. so maybe reboot into that, take a note of the output of "dpkg --get-selections" and "sudo dkms status" on that and we'll try to replicate that as close as possible on your precise .. that's my take on this .. what do you think?07:12
hipitihopglitsj16, sounds good. do I need to do something here first so it does not try and boot into 13.11 ?  i.e. revert a little07:13
hipitihopglitsj16, , I need to pop out for 10 min, playing taxi, brb07:14
glitsj16hipitihop: yes, good idea to remove that for now, the headers too .. okay no problem, i can use some food :)07:14
PebkacJonesubuntu does not suck.07:14
glitsj16hipitihop: take care with that storm and see you here later07:15
chaotixkostkon, also, it has to be -nogui, not --nogui07:18
chaotixdid u get it?07:18
kostkonchaotix, affirmative07:18
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Blackkatt/var/lib/dpkg/info/lirc.postinst: 4: /etc/lirc/hardware.conf: I: not found07:28
Blackkattwhen i try to install lirc07:28
Blackkatton ubuntu latest07:28
scipi0Hi! I'm trying to install windows on a partition for gaming, but I installed ubuntu along time ago and was wondering if it was possible to do this without wiping my hard drive. I know you have to install windows on a primary partition but I don't know how to reassign that. Thank You?07:28
cfhowlettscipi0, make a primary, install.  you WILL lose your grub bootloader as windows will overwrite it.  no worries.  fire up your ubuntu usb/cdrom and reinstall grub07:30
hipitihopglitsj16, back now.. so what and how do I remove before I reboot into 13.10 livecd07:30
somsipBlackkatt: how did you install it?07:30
Blackkattsomsip, sudo apt-get install lirc07:30
glitsj16hipitihop: make sure your precise is bootable, what does your present "sudo dkms status" look like?07:31
scipi0cfhowlett: wouldn't I lose all of the data on my ubuntu partition?07:31
cfhowlettscipi0, assuming you have unallocated free space, no.  If you DON'T have such free space, first boot your ubuntu usb/cdrom, run gparted and shrink your ubuntu partition so you can recover the free space07:32
somsipBlackkatt: is it creating anything at /etc/lirc ?07:33
Blackkattsomsip,  how to check?07:33
=== Shinisama is now known as Puppet
hipitihopglitsj16, odd, almost looks installed http://paste.ubuntu.com/6701763/07:33
somsipBlackkatt: ls /etc/lirc07:33
=== olf-folks is now known as [olf-folks]
Blackkattsomsip, hardware.conf  hardware.conf.old  lircd.conf  lircd.conf.dpkg-old  lircmd.conf07:34
scipi0cfhowlett: finally, how would I go about a primary install? Is it just a regular install or...? Sorry about the lack of knowledge on the subject.07:34
cfhowlettscipi0, no apologies needed.  dual boot is a bit scary first time.  windows 7 or 8?07:35
somsipBlackkatt: is there any reason you would have .old files in there?07:35
hipitihopglitsj16, either way I assume selecting a previous from grub menu would work if current is borked07:35
cfhowlettscipi0, nice.  no uefi issues hopefully.  you should have 2 partitions for win7: OS and recovery.  make your ubuntu partition a primary and go to installing town!07:36
Blackkattsomsip, ive been trying to install from ubuntu software store before, am totally new to all this.07:36
glitsj16hipitihop: odd indeed, it worked for the 3.8.0-35 kernel but not on the 3.11.. which fixes your headset .. let's remove linux-image-3.11.0 for now in synaptic07:36
scipi0cfhowlett: how big should the recovery partition be?07:36
Blackkattsomsip,  first time i installed "infrared remote control" from the store i got a windows where i could config07:36
glitsj16hipitihop: indeed, just make sure that you boot into 3.8.0-35-generic if things go south and that should be fine, for both nvidia and vbox07:37
somsipBlackkatt: Which implies it is already installed...07:37
Blackkattsomsip, i removed it later...07:37
cfhowlettscipi0, eh?  no don't TOUCH that recovery partition for win7!  It's already good to go!  for UBUNTU, you need about 7 for the OS and consider adding much more for any data you plan to have07:37
=== Puppet is now known as iamPuppet
Blackkattsomsip, did not know if it was lirc or not...07:37
Blackkattsomsip, either way, if i wipe that folder will it work then?07:38
* hipitihop reboots07:38
glitsj16hipitihop: when you are in the live 13.10, we'll need info on the kernel version (uname -r), the "sudo dkms status" info and the nvidia driver info07:38
scipi0cfhowlett: thanks! I'll try it.07:38
somsipBlackkatt: worth a try. But rename it lirc.bak so it is there if it messes up worse07:38
Blackkattsomsip, how to remove the folder from terminal?07:38
somsipBlackkatt: sudo mv /etc/lirc /etc/lirc.bak07:39
=== siva is now known as Guest28582
Blackkattsomsip,  thank you sir. kind of you to help a n00b, now lets see what happens07:39
Blackkattsomsip, dont want to spam the chan, can i post it pm?07:41
somsipBlackkatt: no, please post it here.07:41
BlackkattReading package lists... Done07:41
BlackkattBuilding dependency tree07:41
BlackkattReading state information... Done07:41
Blackkattlirc is already the newest version.07:41
Blackkatt0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.07:41
FloodBot1Blackkatt: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:41
Blackkatt1 not fully installed or removed.07:41
somsipBlackkatt: it very much looks like this was installed ok the first time.07:42
Guest28582how to restrict remote desktop connection to access limited drives. in ubuntu07:42
somsipBlackkatt: but if you want to remove it and try again 'sudo apt-get purge lirc'07:42
Blackkattsomsip, nice, got the config window directly now,07:44
somsipBlackkatt: so you're sorted? Tidy up with 'sudo rm -rf /etc/lirc.bak' to remove that config dir we saved07:44
hipitihopglitsj16, hmm, currently booted 3.11.0-15-generic #23~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Dec 10 16:39:48 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux07:45
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
Blackkattsomsip, problem now, and the reason i remove it (i remember now) is that the remote does respond at all after install07:45
glitsj16hipitihop: is that on the live 13.10?07:45
Blackkattsomsip, am not sure i set it up right07:45
Blackkatthave a x10 remote but read that lirc can handle RF as well07:46
hipitihopbut no longer have dual monitor and neither nvidia driver can be activated07:46
somsipBlackkatt: no idea on this. I've never done anything with lirc07:46
hipitihopglitsj16, no this is 12.0407:46
Blackkattsomsip, okey, thx for the help07:46
glitsj16hipitihop: well that makes sense, 'cause you don't have a working nvidia dkms module for that kernel, the 3.8.0-35 does07:47
hipitihopglitsj16, the interesting thing is that uname is not lying, and ignoring the nvidia issue, then we are on 13.11.0-15 but the headset still not listed07:47
=== Neozonz is now known as 21WAB31Q2
Guest28582does anyone know about remote desktop in ubunt07:48
Blackkattsomsip, how to get that config file/windows up again so i can reconfigure?07:48
hipitihopglitsj16, so that tlls us something, not sure what :-)07:48
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
glitsj16hipitihop: interesting, that's why i would be interested in the versions you have on the live 13.10 where your headset does work07:49
=== Mars is now known as Guest45968
hipitihopglitsj16, got the last re headset before the blip07:49
hipitihopglitsj16, ok07:49
hipitihopglitsj16, ok rebooing to live now to get those details07:50
* hipitihop wishes he had an error free keyboard07:50
glitsj16hipitihop: okay, don't get reboot-sickness and we'll catch you here after that07:50
hipitihopglitsj16, np I can go the distance07:51
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thom_rI hope hipitihop got everything sorted out08:04
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest1574
=== Guest1574 is now known as hipitihop_
glitsj16rather starnge his last pastes, according to his dkms he didn't have nvidia for the kernel he booted in yet he claimed everything was working besides his headset .. never seen nvidia do that :p08:07
thom_rwho knows08:07
hipitihop_glitsj16, here on 13.10 live cd08:07
glitsj16hipitihop_: ready for some pastes? perhaps install synaptic on the live to make it easier for you to check things08:08
hipitihop_glitsj16, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6701860/08:08
hipitihop_glitsj16, whatveer you want08:09
glitsj16hipitihop_: cool, that shows the 3.11.0-12 kernel08:09
hipitihop_synaptic installed08:09
glitsj16hipitihop_: what is the sudo dkms status ?08:09
thom_rhey packetscaper08:10
hipitihop_glitsj16, I fiddled a bit to also add the nvidia as livecd does not do that by default, so status is "nvidia-304, 304.88, 3.11.0-12-generic, x86_64: installed" but I have not rebotted as it is live cd08:11
hipitihop_glitsj16, hope I have not confused things08:11
glitsj16hipitihop_: no that's fine08:11
hipitihop_previously status was nothing08:11
hipitihop_so what do you want to know from synaptic08:12
ZengerHi guys, I know this is not the right channel to ask but here it goes08:12
glitsj16so we can confirm the headset is working with kernel 3.11.0-12 and nvidia-304, next up is the versions of the alsa- packages you have on the live, check in synaptic08:12
packetscaperHey guys I I just installed ubuntu in my dell laptop but I am getting a lot of CPU utilization even if no applications are running I guess there is some problem with my graphic card drivers08:12
packetscaperPlz help me out guys08:13
glitsj16hipitihop_: the sennheiser is working there correct?08:13
hipitihop_glitsj16, can't quite confirm nvidia-304 as I don't think it is running yet08:13
ZengerAssuming I have a server from which users should download some files. Assuming it's located in US and I'd like europe users to download these files faster. What would be the better approach. use a cdn or a secondary mirror VPS based server in europe ? (sorry for asking in the wrong channel, if you can point me to the righ place that would be great)08:13
glitsj16hipitihop_: true, got a bit too excited lol08:13
hipitihop_glitsj16, but a YES re snnheiser08:14
glitsj16hipitihop_: so i guess all we need is the info on the installed alsa packages08:14
glitsj16hipitihop_: at least the 304 does show as installed, that's pointing too a succesfull build on that kernel, so we can try and replicate later on in your 12.04it has installed08:16
hipitihop_glitsj16, just looking alphabetically, synaptic says we have alsa-base 1.0.25+dfsg-0ubuntu4 and alsa-utils
saad_mahbubAny suggestions on how to make a bootable iso from an installed ubuntu10.04?08:16
cfhowlettsaad_mahbub, as 10.04 is end of life - why?08:17
glitsj16hipitihop_: cool, i guess it's time for another stab at the issue .. or am i forgetting anything?08:17
Beldarpacketscaper, If you are not sure of the cpu use install htop and run htop in the terminal to look.08:17
saad_mahbubcfhowlett: I have a software running which has supported on ubuntu 10.0408:18
thom_rsaad_mahbub, why do you want to make a copy of 10.04?08:19
cfhowlettcasey-jo, greetings08:19
=== GeorgeJ_ is now known as GeorgeJ
glitsj16hipitihop_: we have kernel info, nvidia build succes on that kernel and we have the alsa info, which we need to look into if that's available on precise .. i'll take a look at that while you're rebooting into 12.04 using kernel 3.8.0-35 if you want08:19
thom_rsaad_mahbub, what software is it?08:19
saad_mahbubthom_r: bigbluebutton08:19
glitsj16hipitihop_: does that make sense?08:19
saad_mahbubthom_r: I tried installing it on ubuntu 12.04 but had a lot of problems08:19
=== mee is now known as Guest80176
hipitihop_glitsj16, yup .. I don't know about utils, but if I remember right about the alsa info I posted, it was also 1.0.2508:20
hipitihop_glitsj16, anyway rebooting08:21
glitsj16hipitihop_: oki08:21
thom_rsaad_mahbub, I found this. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19463728/big-blue-button-on-ubuntu-12-0408:21
Ubunttthow can I make an app see my gpu's without x running?08:22
Ubuntttit is a command line app but it complains about not finding the gpus when x isnt running08:22
saad_mahbubthom_r: Yes I found it too, but I need it sooner08:23
TomyWorkmy ubuntu 12.04 server keeps changing keys (2nd time since christmas now) - what's wrong there?08:23
hipitihopglitsj16, back on 3.8.0-35-generic08:24
limace255Ubunttt: lspci ?08:24
limace255(too late)08:24
TomyWorki can rule out mitm attacks since i'm on the same physical lan with the server. and the server itself hasnt been tampered with either08:24
glitsj16hipitihop: okay .. first thing .. purge everything related to linux-image-3.11.0-15 and headers in synaptic08:24
TomyWorkplus, it's unlikely that i get mitm'd twice by different people :)08:25
TomyWorki'm talking about host keys, btw08:25
somsipTomyWork: is it on a fixed IP?08:27
hipitihopglitsj16, dones, dkms status confirms original 14 entries ;-)08:28
hipitihopglitsj16, although 319.32 still listed against 3.8.0-35 too08:28
TomyWorksomsip, the ip didn't change08:29
glitsj16hipitihop: sweet :) .. yes that's up next .. you can either keep the 319.32 or drop back to the 304.88 .. i'm not sure what is the better thing to do08:30
TomyWorkWarning: the ECDSA host key for 'myhost' differs from the key for the IP address ''08:30
=== n3rve is now known as Guest12179
hipitihopwell I picked 3.8 and the additional drivers shows 304 as currenlty active so lets move on08:31
TomyWorksomsip, it lists 2 keys, one of which is ecdsa, the other is rsa08:31
glitsj16hipitihop: okay, makes sense08:31
glitsj16hipitihop: now install a kernel closest to what we found on live 13.10 .. small snag here as i don't see the exact same 3.11.0-12-generic as available for precise, can you double-check that?08:32
hipitihopglitsj16, btw, synatpic shows 1.0.25-1ubuntu5.2 so thasts different from the livecd08:33
TomyWorki think i'll just remove only the rsa key and see if it occurs again (last time i removed both)08:33
hipitihopglitsj16, that for the utils which were 1.0.2708:33
glitsj16hipitihop: for the alsa related packages right? we might need to deal with that too yes08:33
glitsj16hipitihop: what is the closest to linux-image 3.11.0-12 (and headers) you can get on 12.04?08:34
hipitihopglitsj16, looks like I can go 3.11.0-13 , -14, -1508:36
glitsj16hipitihop: well, it is a bit strange that your 3.11.0-15 didn't work08:37
hipitihopone of the many misteries in the rich tapestry08:38
hipitihopdo you want me to try -1308:38
glitsj16lol, yes i do08:38
hipitihopis that yes, try and install -1308:39
glitsj16keeping high spirits sure is a joy to see08:39
hipitihopsame for you, its been a marathon, you show great patience08:39
somsip!cookie | glitsj1608:40
ubottuglitsj16: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!08:40
* hipitihop mmmm cookies !!08:40
glitsj16i have my cats sleeping at my side, so i'm up for another test run :p08:40
hipitihopglitsj16, ok will try -1308:40
glitsj16somsip: lol, thank you kindly08:41
glitsj16hipitihop: if it turns out the -13 doesn't fix your headset we'll go for manual install of the -12, are you planning on moving to 14.04 LTS when that is released btw?08:42
hipitihopglitsj16, sure assuming no problems with new lts, I'm only being slightly conservative since I don't want day to day dev machine to barf08:43
glitsj16conservative sounds wise in that context, no arguments here to do otherwise08:43
hipitihopglitsj16, btw, taking liberty to also install linux-lts-sausy-tools-common 3.11.0-13.2008:43
gamerboyhello i'm new here, i just installed ubuntu 13.10 yesterday08:44
glitsj16hipitihop: sure, no problem expected for the sennheiser by doing that08:44
glitsj16hi gamerboy, welcome08:45
* hipitihop downloads another kernel and related08:45
gamerboyis that right place to ask for help with video card or should i go other channel ?08:46
glitsj16gamerboy: this is the right channel yes, try to give as much details as you can08:46
gamerboyi look at video card it say ATI Radeon 9200 PCI 128mb, system settings - details    says  Gallium 04 on llvmpipe (LLVM 3.3, 128 bits)08:49
hipitihopglitsj16, hardly unexpected but: Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.11.0-13-generic (x86_64)08:51
hipitihopConsult /var/lib/dkms/nvidia-304/304.88/build/make.log for more information.08:51
hipitihopError! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.11.0-13-generic (x86_64)08:51
hipitihopConsult /var/lib/dkms/nvidia-319/319.32/build/make.log for more information.08:51
gamerboybut when i play runescape, it's so dark in it, i need to adjust gamma or brightness,,  system details - brightness & lock   don't have brightness slider08:51
hipitihopglitsj16, either way, will see if I can boot that one08:52
Gr1mI installed Xubuntu 12.04 on an old Dell Studion 1555 but whenever I close the lid it crashes ? I found threads with similar problems but none of them seem to state a working fix.08:56
hipitihopglitsj16, right same as when we tried -15 boots, but instlaling 304 fails etc so single screen only, odd font and headset no go08:58
hipitihopglits,so I will reboot to 3.08 again and we can go for manual on the -12 ?08:59
=== rory is now known as Rory
glitsj16hipitihop: either that or the latest of everything08:59
glitsj16i'm looking at some alsa stuff to see what we can do09:00
hipitihopglitsj16, elaborate ?09:00
glitsj16hipitihop: well, nothing seems to build nvidia wise on kernels above 3.8 correct09:00
Rorygamerboy: I've had success with this Runescape Linux client ( https://launchpad.net/~hikariknight/+archive/unix-runescape-client ) install with: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hikariknight/unix-runescape-client && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install runescape09:00
hipitihoponly difference so far I have noticed is the utils version is later in 13.10 livecd09:01
dilemaanyone know how to fix the apt-get error "you have held packages"?09:01
Rorygamerboy: Also make sure you have the drivers installed from the Additional Drivers tool09:01
Rorydilema: Please paste the full output onto http://paste.ubuntu.com and share the URL in this channel09:01
=== nuru is now known as Guest30932
dilemaRory, kk one sec09:02
glitsj16hipitihop: correct, i just tested but it seems it is quite impossible to get you that alsa-utils 1.0.27 on precise09:02
hipitihopglitsj16, seems so, but 13.10 livecd also seemed to be happy enough with the open driver too, i.e i got nromal fonts and dual screen09:02
glitsj16hipitihop: nouveau gets better every time yes09:02
glitsj16at least when you're not gaming09:02
hipitihopglitsj16, so if that simplifies life, we can go with that too09:02
dilema@ Rory09:02
gamerboyyeah i success with runescape linux client, but it' so dark in it..  need to brightness it up or adjust gamma09:03
hipitihopbut that does not seem to be the key ingredient for the headset09:03
hipitihopglitsj16, ^^^09:03
Rorydilema: Do you have any PPAs added to your system? What happens when you try to install the libgranite2 package?09:03
glitsj16hipitihop: no, for the headset we must focus on something 3.11 or later, so 3.1209:03
hipitihopglitsj16, but if that simplifies our kernal install requirements then we might getaway with nouveau09:04
glitsj16hipitihop: have you tried the 3.11 kernel with nouveau yet on precise?09:04
hipitihopglitsj16, no09:04
glitsj16hipitihop: let's try09:04
hipitihopsure, still booted in 3.11 now09:05
glitsj16with nvidia-319?09:05
gamerboyi looked in additional drivers under software & Updates.. it say no additional drivers available09:05
glitsj16getting a bit confused sorry :)09:05
hipitihopglitsj16, no nvidia extra loaded at the moment09:06
hipitihopglitsj16, if I try 304 it fails09:06
glitsj16hipitihop: but the headset still isn't working i assume09:06
dilemaRory, i have one ppa which is for the elementary-tweaks09:06
dilemaother than that stock install09:06
hipitihopglitsj16, confirmed, not working09:06
glitsj16hipitihop: what is your present "sudo dkms status" ? would you mind pasting that again, i need a re-check09:07
hipitihopglitsj16, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6702072/09:07
hipitihopglitsj16, current uname -all is: "3.11.0-13-generic #20~precise2-Ubuntu SMP Thu Oct 24 21:04:34 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux"09:08
glitsj16hipitihop: thanks .. late elaboration, but it could be alsa that is making the headset fix instead of the later kernel .. hmm, i wouldn't know how to get that on 12.04 compared to the live 13.10 version, 'cause that seems to break sysv on precise if you do that, i've tried in a vm09:10
=== MomoNasty is now known as Momo|Off
hipitihopglitsj16, unless this solves an issue for greater good, i.e. helps others users, then is the easiest from me to upgrade to 13.10 ?09:12
glitsj16hipitihop: so that's why i can see only one other option: install the nvidia-331 from PPA (which should build with kernels 3.10+ all the way to 3.12) and hope it isn't alsa that is keeping you from getting the sennheiser going09:12
hipitihopglitsj16, willing to try the 331, how do I do that09:13
glitsj16hipitihop: well that should fix the headset issue yes, but only you can decide what you need in a dev box, and have backups etc09:13
glitsj16hipitihop: first purge nvidia-31909:14
hipitihopglitsj16, synaptic to do that ok ?09:15
glitsj16hipitihop: sure09:15
hipitihopglitsj16, done, dkms status no longer shows it09:16
glitsj16hipitihop: after the purge, do a "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates" inside a terminal, hit reload in synaptic and install nvidia-33109:16
hipitihopglitsj16, confirming I'm still booted in 3.1109:16
glitsj16hipitihop: yes that's okay09:17
hipitihopglitsj16, thought it was but just in case things starting to slip through as you get weary :-)09:17
glitsj16hipitihop: we will have to see what the nvidia-331 does on that dkms wise09:17
ROPAany ekiga users out there???? I can't register my ekiga.net sip account, says it's not globally acceptable.09:17
glitsj16hipitihop: catching my nd breath :p09:18
_grembleI run a dual screen configuration. For some odd reason when I run steam or my computer wakes up from a suspend, my screen configuration is reset to some retarded default.  Has someone here sorted out a similar problem and point me to some documentation of the solution?09:18
_grembleI run 12.04LTS09:19
glitsj16hipitihop: too bad the bot doesn't seem to have a cookie for helpfull users cause i'd throw you one09:19
hipitihopglitsj16, :-) it's the thought that counts09:20
cloudgeekI am facing problem in networking for my VM's , I want implement such kind of interface , http://paste.debian.net/74495/, My current interface is http://paste.debian.net/74496/, I am using 12.04 LTS09:20
gamerboyits still too dark in runescape,   i looked under software & updates, additional drivers... it say no additional drivers available ?09:20
hipitihopglitsj16, synamptic still refreshing, nothing like slow au mirrors at the end of a marathon09:21
WerdI am trying to go fast. Can someone give me some tips on making sure i use less resources (while staying on ubuntu)09:21
glitsj16hipitihop: ow, au, yes someone complained on that earlier on09:21
hipitihopglitsj16, not even registering a rate at the moment09:22
hipitihop137 of 21209:22
* hipitihop scrambles off to find some libation09:22
glitsj16nothing much you can do bout that, i'm going to answer a minor nature call and be back asap09:23
khaotixhello i want to ask you if i setup full disk encryption or /home encryption is it possible to reinstall a new ubuntu version and to keep my /home dir working with the new install?09:24
Rorykhaotix: Best to back it up, do the encryption, and then copy it back over from the backup09:24
khaotixthanks Rory so I must create a new account with the same credentials as the previous installation ?09:25
Rorykhaotix: No, you can just back up your home directory, create a new account, and then copy the files back09:25
Rorykhaotix: If the username is the same it will be easier09:26
Rorykhaotix: You'll be backing up your home directory contents unencrypted09:26
khaotixok Rory it's clear thank you! a last question is it possible to have full disk encryption and dual boot with windows8 (uefi) ?09:26
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
hipitihopglitsj16, right, installing nvidia-33109:27
Rorykhaotix: Yes but you have to do it yourself http://askubuntu.com/questions/293028/how-can-i-install-ubuntu-encrypted-with-luks-with-dual-boot09:27
khaotixthanks Rory09:27
glitsj16hipitihop: let it run and paste the ouput of "sudo dkms status" after, you know the drill .. :)09:27
hipitihopglits btw, it wants to remove 30409:27
glitsj16hipitihop: yes that's expected, let it09:27
kay______does ctrl alt backspace no longer kill the X server?09:28
Rorykay______: Not since about 8.0409:28
kay______is there an alternative method?09:29
hipitihopglitsj16, so is this likely to help others for final next lts ?09:29
glitsj16hipitihop: if it works, we can make a nice bug report for other sennheiser users yes09:30
glitsj16even for the 12.04, that still has a few years of support too09:30
Rorykay______: sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration09:31
Rorykay______: At the screen that says, "Use Control+Alt+Backspace to terminate the X server?", hit the left arrow key to select yes, then hit Enter to save the setting and complete the kbd configuration.09:31
hipitihopglitsj16, ok, 65% of download, molasses09:31
gamerboydo i need to get new monitor ?09:31
Rorygamerboy: I doubt it's the monitor09:31
Rorygamerboy: Do you know what Java version you are using?09:31
gamerboyjava from runescape i believe..    how can i check what java version ?09:32
Rorygamerboy: You could try the Oracle java version: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java && sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer09:32
kay______beautiful, thank you rory09:32
glitsj16hipitihop: you should file one either way on the issue, you can confirm it works on 13.10 so devs should be able to get a deeper view on the cause09:32
jefersenanybody familiar with using scrapy?09:32
Roryno problem kay______09:32
hipitihopglitsj16, nearly there...09:36
glitsj16hipitihop: crossing fingers here, i do hope you get it built this time09:37
hipitihopglitsj16, we can resume tomorrow if you need to get to sleep, dinner here naywa so will delay you another 20 or so09:37
hipitihopglitsj16, initramsf build in progress09:37
ROPAany ekiga users out there???? I can't register my ekiga.net sip account, says it's not globally acceptable.09:37
glitsj16hipitihop: okay, i have another 30 minutes, after that i need to go to the vet09:38
hipitihopglitsj16, didn't spot major errors, checking status09:38
glitsj16hipitihop: cool, do a paste if you can but if dinner is waiting we can resume tomorrow09:39
hipitihopglitsj16, looking pretty good http://paste.ubuntu.com/6702203/09:39
zamanfooanyone has torrentleech invites?09:39
hipitihopglitsj16, shall I try reboot ?09:39
glitsj16hipitihop: looks clean allright, go for launch09:40
* hipitihop reboots09:40
glitsj16hipitihop: into the latest 3.1109:40
glitsj16hipitihop: before finishing, make sure you build/install the nvidia-331 dkms module for your 3.8... kernels, at least for the ones you use daily to do your work on, i'll give you the commands to do that in a minute09:42
glitsj16hipitihop: so what's happening?09:43
hipitihopglitsj16, well seems we are up on 3.11.0-15 with nvidia 33109:43
glitsj16hipitihop: without the sennheiser?09:43
hipitihopduel screen, fonts look normal, extra drivers shows 331 as active09:44
gamerboyoh boy...  after i done with orcale java...  but still too dark in runescape09:44
glitsj16hipitihop: at least that's working09:44
hipitihopglitsj16, indeed, still no sennheeiser09:44
* hipitihop eats dinner infornt of keyabord to not break continuity :-)09:45
Rorygamerboy: Is it set to OpenGL mode in the game settings?09:45
=== Mars is now known as Guest68142
glitsj16hipitihop: i guess tomorrow, or whenever you're up for it, we can try to build alsa-base and alsa-utils from source and see if that goes better09:45
hitsujiTMOhipitihop: glitsj16 sorry what was the actual issue with the driver?09:45
gamerboyyeah OpenGL is only choice in game settings, there is no other settings like directx...09:46
hipitihopglits I can keep trucking but suspect you are spent09:46
glitsj16hitsujiTMO: hipitihop couldn't get his new USB headset recognised on his 12.0409:46
hitsujiTMOglitsj16: ahh kk09:46
glitsj16hitsujiTMO: it does work on a live 13.1009:46
hipitihophitsujiTMO, works fine on livecd 13.1009:47
hitsujiTMOi sat the mention of 3.11 an nvidia-331 an thought you issue was there09:47
hipitihophitsujiTMO, we have finally upgraded to use kernel 3.11.0-15-generic with nvidia-33109:48
glitsj16hipitihop: hitsujiTMO: it looks likethat it might be alsa that is causing the issue09:48
hipitihopso glitsj16, I assume that eliminates kernel ?09:48
glitsj16hipitihop: yes i believe we tested that to its depts heh09:49
hipitihopglitsj16, if you are up for it, I am to go manaul build of alsa stuff09:49
hipitihopglitsj16, since you don't seem to need sleep :-)09:49
glitsj16hitsujiTMO: i can't find packages for 12.04 that could take hipitihop to the same versions as on live 13.1009:50
glitsj16i do :p, but i need to go to the vet first09:50
hitsujiTMOglitsj16: i would presume there are some dependency issues somewhere along the way09:50
glitsj16hitsujiTMO: indeed, sysv ones, so i didn't want to put hipitihop into those09:51
glitsj16so my last idea was to try a manual build of alsa but i'm not able to finish support on that, gotta go in 10min09:51
hitsujiTMOmy lazyness would just push me to upgrade to 13.10 rather than stick with 12.0409:52
glitsj16hitsujiTMO: sure, that's up to hipitihop .. i didn't even check if he had proper backups before going down that road09:53
hipitihopglitsj16, I guess we have confirme dI can run on nvidia 331 with latest kernels so I'm not sure what else I should be nervous about on this dev box... I know there are always devils in teh details09:53
hipitihopglitsj16, hitsujiTMO, I could always image this machine to external drive o-nite incase of catastrophe09:54
glitsj16hipitihop: for now, remember that you only have nvidia-331 installed on the 3.11 kernel, if you need to boot into 3.8 ones you will need to do dkms builds/installs for those, but i'm sure you can get help on that here if needed09:55
glitsj16gentlemen, i wish you goodluck and i'm signing of, keep well hipitihop .. 'till the next encounter here09:56
hipitihopglitsj16, will keep that in mind thanks so much for your help and patience today, I think I will image my machine tonight and we can continue tomorrow with upgrade from 12.04 to 13.10 if thats supported09:56
=== h[a]kr is now known as hakr
hipitihopglitsj16, many thanks.09:56
glitsj16hipitihop: okay, sounds like a plan, very welcome09:57
MrAlexandrowhat does the command cd. actually do?09:57
MrAlexandrowith one .09:57
MrAlexandronot with two ..09:57
nerdtronchange to current directory09:57
nerdtroncd (space) .09:57
MrAlexandromm that one :p09:58
MrAlexandroto current?09:58
MrAlexandroarent we already in it?09:58
nerdtronthe dot means current directory09:58
nerdtronit means "here"09:58
nerdtrontry cd without any dot09:59
MrAlexandronerdtron thanks man :D09:59
somsip!test | zxd10:02
ubottuzxd: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )10:02
zxd!test | zxd10:03
ubottuzxd, please see my private message10:03
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Fudgeanyone know if mozilla-team have ppave a daily ppa supporting trusty yet10:04
nerdtronI think it's too early for trusty yet10:05
k1lFudge: for trusty related support please ask in the #ubuntu+1 channel10:06
PebkacJonesdebian sucks10:07
=== bitnumus_ is now known as bitnumus
cfhowlettPebkacJones, if you have an ubuntu support question, please state it.10:14
wildoni'm hving issues with calibre10:16
somsip!4.04 | Fudge10:16
somsip!14.04 | Fudge10:16
ubottuFudge: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+110:16
PebkacJonesis ubuntu better than debian?10:16
somsipPebkacJones: you've been at this for a few hours now. Stop now.10:17
thom_rPebkacJones, Ubuntu is based on Debian.10:17
cfhowlettPebkacJones, what he said ^^^10:17
Rory!details | wildon10:19
ubottuwildon: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:19
wildon@ubottu i recently installed calibre however after a power outrage while it was running i stopped being displayed on the launcher menu and i can't seem to find it10:21
jefersenhow can i install a project straight from github?10:25
MrAlexandroanyone has any experience using cat to save to a file?10:25
hitsujiTMOjefersen: by following the README they provide10:26
hitsujiTMO!anyone | MrAlexandro10:26
ubottuMrAlexandro: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.10:26
jefersenhitsujiTMO: there's something like a github clone command right10:26
sv2241how can i enable sftp transferlog for ProFTPD?10:26
jefersenhitsujiTMO: i'm curious about how to install using that10:26
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=== schmidtm_ is now known as schmidtm
hitsujiTMOjefersen: are you looking to clone the dev branch?10:27
manlinHi users. How to check what runlevels a service is configured to start? i don't think chkconfig is a right way in Ubuntu.10:27
jefersenhitsujiTMO: does that install it?10:27
MrAlexandrojefersen: fair enough, i agree. I wanted to now how to save to file using cat, but i will research it myself more ;)10:27
cloudgeek1I changed my network config file, /etc/network/interfaces.. but after rebooting , system washed my changes10:28
cloudgeek1How I can make it static10:28
jefersenMrAlexandro: you can save a file using cat? i thought that only reads the content of a specific file10:28
MrAlexandronope cat > mynewfile.txt10:28
MrAlexandroenter text10:28
MrAlexandrosave with ctrl-d10:29
MrAlexandrofound it :)10:29
MrAlexandroobviously :D10:29
hitsujiTMOjefersen: its not a good idea to install a dev build. you have no idea what state its in and there's no intention for that version to be used. What exactly is the project you're interested in?10:29
=== Siya_ is now known as siya
jefersenhitsujiTMO: scrapy10:30
hitsujiTMOjefersen: they have a repo if you wish to use that: http://doc.scrapy.org/en/0.20/topics/ubuntu.html10:31
hitsujiTMOjefersen: is there a particular reason why you wanted to pull from git?10:32
jefersenhitsujiTMO: to get the latest version10:32
hitsujiTMOjefersen: the repo will have the latest release. the dev will be unstable and may not even work10:33
PebkacJonescan I run outlook express on ubuntu?10:34
jefersenhitsujiTMO: can u help me install the latest one?10:34
cfhowlettPebkacJones, no10:34
PebkacJoneswhy not?10:34
RoryPebkacJones: It's Windows software, and very very old now10:35
hitsujiTMOPebkacJones: enough of the trolling please10:35
cfhowlettPebkacJones, it doesn't and you know it.  troll away please10:35
hitsujiTMOPebkacJones: you've already been banned from #ubuntu-offtopic10:35
PebkacJonesbut outlook express is so cool!10:35
somsip!ops | PebkacJones banned in offtopic and continues to troll10:35
ubottuPebkacJones banned in offtopic and continues to troll: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!10:35
PebkacJonesso mean10:36
elkyPebkacJones: please abide by the guidelines in the channel topic.10:37
PebkacJonesIm just asking a simple question whether I can run outlook express10:37
hitsujiTMOjefersen: the easiest way to install it is with pip.   run: sudo apt-get install python-pip10:37
cfhowlettelky, if he can't aide the rules in OT he sure won't here.10:37
PebkacJonesyou guys are a bunch of gits10:37
PebkacJonesgitty gitty gits10:37
elkycfhowlett: i like to donate some rope to their cause first.10:38
jefersenhitsujiTMO: i did use pip install but it gives me 0.2010:38
hitsujiTMOjefersen: then run: sudo pip install scrapy10:38
cfhowlettelky, you're too kind10:38
jefersenhitsujiTMO: however, i want v 0.2110:38
hitsujiTMOjefersen: 0.20 is the latest release10:38
hitsujiTMOjefersen: 0.21 isn't released yet, still under development10:39
jefersenhitsujiTMO: http://doc.scrapy.org/en/latest/10:39
jefersenhitsujiTMO: oh right.10:40
hitsujiTMOjefersen: thats the docs covering the dev10:40
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cfhowletthelmut_, greetings10:45
=== Mars is now known as Guest35349
=== Symmetri1 is now known as Symmetria
sv2241how can i enable sftp transferlog for ProFTPD?10:47
dyu"Could not open a connection to your authentication agent." <-- I get this when trying to ssh-add10:51
dyuIt's a private key I copy-pasted(don't judge me!) from another server10:51
ikoniais ssh-agentd running10:51
ikoniayou don't copy the private key10:51
dyussh-agentd isn't running10:52
dyujust ssh-agent10:52
ikoniasorry, no d on the end10:53
dyu@ikonia: anything else that i should check?10:56
ikoniadyu: explain what you are doing any what's happening10:56
ikoniadyu: what version of ubuntu is this ?10:56
dyui'm trying to ssh-add a private key i copied from another server10:56
ikoniadyu: ok, so how are you trying to add it ?10:57
dyussh-add ~/.ssh/<filename>10:57
DNDguys. is there a way to mimic a HP proliant hardware on a virtual machine?10:59
ikoniadyu: well, if ssh-agent is running the problem is actually connecting to it, what would stop that from your setup10:59
icebrainhi! I have a machine running 12.04 which occasionally seems to lose the GUI - the screen goes blank except for a cursor symbol. X is still running, and both Xorg.0.log and dmesg report nothing10:59
ikoniaDND: the hardware is pretty generic apart from the raid controller10:59
ikoniaDND: what are you trying to do10:59
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DNDikonia:nia, i wanted to try installing hp insight manager11:00
ikoniaDND: yeah, that's not really going to work11:00
dyu@ikonia: i don't know. i'm stumped11:00
ikoniaDND: you can install it fine, just don't expect hardware monitoring alerts11:00
dyuwho should run ssh-agent? root? my regular user?11:01
dyuis there a way for it to run automatically like on the desktop version?11:01
DNDthought so. i mean i think it reads some special code from official hp hardwares11:01
ikoniadyu: you said it was already running11:01
dyui had to run it manually11:01
ikoniaDND: it's just bascially error code reporting from pre-packaged binaries11:02
ikoniadyu: that should be enough11:02
DNDjust open a terminal. type: sudo chkconfig --level 5 sshd on11:03
ikoniaDND: errr no11:03
ikoniaDND: this isn't redhat and it's not running a sysv init with run level 511:03
dyuikonia: still nothing11:08
ikoniadyu: does the syslog or security log show anything ?11:08
ikoniadyu: and what do you mean by nothing, the same error, or no output11:08
dyusame error11:08
dyunothing on syslog11:09
=== ttl_ is now known as ttl-
ikoniadyu: how are you running ssh-agent11:10
dyumanually on the shell11:11
GLDNAPLHello everyone11:11
dyualso tried ssh-agent -s11:11
ikoniadyu: are you backgrounding it ?11:11
dyusame message11:11
FloodBot1dyu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:11
GLDNAPLcan someone check out my thread and help me, this is the only thing that's holding me back on windos http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2197598&p=12891339#post1289133911:11
ikoniadyu: does it give you a pid  ?11:11
Spawelinhi all11:11
GLDNAPLhi :D11:11
dyunot explicitly. i assume it backgrounds itself. yes, it gives me a PID. but i checked just now and the env vars it was supposed to make aren't exported. lemme check again11:12
ikoniadyu: check the pid, make sure that is right11:13
dyuikonia: finally got it to work. i just put it in my rc instead and it's able to export the env vars properly.11:15
GLDNAPLguys... can you help?11:15
GLDNAPLi want to switch to linux already ;_;11:15
Rory!patience | GLDNAPL11:15
ubottuGLDNAPL: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/11:15
cfhowlett!details|GLDNAPL, details11:15
ubottuGLDNAPL, details: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:15
ikoniadyu: bravo, well done11:16
GLDNAPLive tried askubuntu and everything11:16
GLDNAPLthats why i came here11:16
GLDNAPLi've had no answers and i've been waiting for like a week on askubuntu and a day on ubuntuforums11:16
peyamGLDNAPL, do you have lib32 installed on ur dist?11:16
GLDNAPLwell... 2 answers on askubuntu but they didnt work11:16
GLDNAPLwhat's that11:17
RoryGLDNAPL: Can you please show me the output of the command "aplay -l"11:17
peyamtell me what version u use! uname -a  in terminal11:17
RoryPlease paste the full output onto http://paste.ubuntu.com and share the URL in this channel11:17
TranquilloSalve a tutti11:18
Rory!it | Tranquillo11:18
ubottuTranquillo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:18
GLDNAPLill do that in 8 minutes, im uploading a video to yt so i cant switch os11:18
GLDNAPLanything else i should do?11:18
peyamGLDNAPL, install this in terminal "sudo apt-get install ia32-libs"11:18
peyamand then restart and see what happens11:19
RoryGLDNAPL: It's odd because I've owned a Blue Yeti and it just worked immediately with no config11:19
GLDNAPLwhat should it do, what's ia32?11:19
GLDNAPLyeah rory i know, its a pain in the butt11:19
peyamGLDNAPL, 32 bits stuff11:20
GLDNAPLtheres no other problems reported like this relaly11:20
RoryGLDNAPL: Does it show up as an input device in sound settings?11:20
GLDNAPLalsamixer yes, not in pavucontrol11:20
RoryGLDNAPL: The Ubuntu one11:21
GLDNAPLpavucontrol is the ubuntu one11:21
GLDNAPLalsamixer is terminal stuff11:21
RoryGLDNAPL: Click the volume icon and select Sound Settings11:21
GLDNAPLi tried11:21
GLDNAPLnot there11:21
RoryGLDNAPL: Go to configuration11:21
ShapeShifter499do I need to specify APT::Default-Release "stable";    in apt.conf to use apt-pinning correctly guys?11:21
GLDNAPLjust write me a list what i should do11:21
RoryGLDNAPL: You should come back when you're on Ubuntu so you can answer people's questions11:22
=== akaWolf1 is now known as akaWolf
RoryGLDNAPL: because people are going to ask you to run commands and show them the output11:22
GLDNAPLsee ya in about 5 minutes ^^11:22
oltjanohi ubuntu geeks, whats up11:22
GLDNAPLi know, i was just thinking if you could give me some simple tips11:22
GLDNAPLbut cya... im going now11:22
oltjanoanyone here is a subscriber to linuxjournal11:27
Rory!anyone | oltjano11:27
ubottuoltjano: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.11:27
ikoniaoltjano: not really a topic this channel deals with11:27
cfhowlettoltjano, have you an ubuntu related question?11:27
oltjanoSorry guys, I am an ubuntu geek and joined the irc channel :) at the moment i have not any question related to ubuntu, but thank you for asking.11:28
chemist^why are you people so sensitive if someone asks a question not really related to ubuntu?11:29
Rory!ot | oltjano11:29
ubottuoltjano: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:29
chemist^all you do is tell this to ppl...although there's noone talking on the chan atm11:29
ikoniachemist^: right, so the channel is quiet for when someone needs help, not having a discussion aobut a magazine11:29
ikoniachemist^: you can join one of the offtopic channels for non-support issues/questions/discussion11:29
chemist^would it hurt if you answer a simple question (if you know a quick answer)?11:30
GLDNAPLi'm back!11:30
ubottuchemist^,: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic11:30
Rorychemist^: Channels like ##linux exist11:30
GLDNAPLso, what did you want me to do again?11:30
ikoniachemist^: yes, as it generates into a discussion11:30
MrAlexandroi want to list all files starting with t. When i try command ls -l t* i also get alot of other folders showing11:30
chemist^ikonia, i'm not the one talking about other stuff than ubuntu11:30
chemist^stop attacking me :D11:30
ikoniachemist^: as this conversation is doing, which you just asked a simple question11:30
ikoniachemist^: no-one is attacking you, you asked a question, I answered and it highlights how an offtopic question becomes a discussion11:30
RoryGLDNAPL: Click on the volume icon, click on Souund Settings, then click on the Configuration tab11:31
chemist^got it :D11:31
chemist^Rory, i know11:31
GLDNAPLconfiguration tab?11:31
GLDNAPLi'm in volume settings where it shows my sound devices11:31
GLDNAPLaka. pavucontrol11:31
Rorynot pavucontrol11:31
chemist^Pulse audio volume control11:32
RoryWell you can use pavucontrol if you want11:32
GLDNAPLi thought they were the same thing11:32
GLDNAPLso... there's GK110 HDMI Audio11:32
GLDNAPLwhich is my gpu, 780 ti11:33
GLDNAPLCMI8788, my sound card11:33
GLDNAPLLifeCam VX-1000, my webcam11:33
GLDNAPLand nothing elase11:33
RoryOK, is the mic connected, is there a light on it?11:33
GLDNAPLand it's detected, as it works in steam but is very very low quality11:33
RoryGLDNAPL: If you run alsamixer in a terminal and press F6, do you see your microphone in the list?11:34
GLDNAPLi tried that before11:34
chemist^maybe you just have a low-cost microphone?11:34
RoryOK and when you select it in the list, can you turn the volume up?11:35
GLDNAPLgood joke11:35
Rorychemist^: Blue Yeti is a decent mic11:35
GLDNAPLblue yeti is like 150 dollars :D11:35
Rorychemist^: I've had one working flawlessly out-of-the-box on Linux before11:35
chemist^i didn't see what kind does he have11:35
GLDNAPLand its very high quality11:35
chemist^ok now11:35
chemist^VERY HIGH quality11:35
chemist^for 150 $11:35
FloodBot1chemist^: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:35
chemist^i'm in the music business11:35
Rorychemist^: Not really relevant discussion11:35
chemist^ok ok, sorry...bad habit11:35
GLDNAPLchemist, i'm no musician, i do lp's for youtube and this is way more than enough11:36
chemist^GLDNAPL, have you tried searching for "microphone boost" option?11:36
GLDNAPLin alsamixer?11:36
RoryGLDNAPL: Can you put the output of the "aplay -l" command on http://paste.ubuntu.com11:36
chemist^yes, no doubt, a cool microphone, for computer usage it's more than good11:36
GLDNAPLy no pastebin11:36
MrAlexandrolets say you are in /etc. want to search and show all files and folder beginning with "t" but not judging after any subfolder content. shouldn ls -la t* do the job?11:36
Rory!paste | GLDNAPL11:36
chemist^i thought you need it to record vocals11:36
ubottuGLDNAPL: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:36
chemist^GLDNAPL, you type in your terminal: "aplay -l | pastebinit"11:37
RoryGLDNAPL: (if you have the pastebinit program installed)11:37
chemist^small app... you install it in 1 sec :P11:38
GLDNAPLit's in finnish but it's pretty self explanatory though11:38
chemist^GLDNAPL, does your webcam have an integrated microphone?11:38
GLDNAPLyes and it works11:38
GLDNAPLjust fine11:38
chemist^maybe it's set as default input11:39
GLDNAPLdetected by pulse and alsamixer, works in everything11:39
chemist^as long as it's connected to your computer11:39
GLDNAPLhow could i fix that11:39
GLDNAPLand i want my blue yeti to be seen on pulse11:39
chemist^in the configuration tab in pulse audio control11:39
RoryGLDNAPL: do "sudo apt-get install pavucontrol"11:39
chemist^you can set a lot of settings there11:40
RoryGLDNAPL: Run it, and then click the configuration tab, make sure the mic is enabled. Then go to Input Devices and set it as default11:40
GLDNAPLi have pavucontrol11:40
GLDNAPLyes but pavu doesnt detect my blue yeti11:40
GLDNAPLonly alsa does11:40
RoryGLDNAPL: Did you install pavucontrol?11:40
RoryGLDNAPL: Because if you didn't you don't have it11:40
GLDNAPLit's automatically installed on xubuntu11:40
GLDNAPLi think11:40
RoryGLDNAPL: Oh OK11:40
RoryGLDNAPL: Yes I think you're right11:40
GLDNAPLthis is getting very interesting... lmao11:41
SaberX01That's funny High Quality ... gotta go to AKG, Nuemann, Royer .. then you have some high quality :-)11:42
RoryGLDNAPL: I guess you could try reinstalling PulseAudio11:42
RoryGLDNAPL: sudo apt-get purge pulseaudio && sudo apt-get purge pavucontrol && rm -rf ~/.pulse11:42
RoryGLDNAPL: Then reboot and do "sudo apt-get install pulseaudio pavucontrol"11:43
chemist^or maybe try disabling your GPU sound card if you're not using it atm11:43
GLDNAPLjust curious... what does purge do?11:43
chemist^maybe it's interfering11:43
RoryGLDNAPL: Removes configs, even if you've modified them after installation11:43
chemist^it uninstalls11:43
GLDNAPLoh ok :)11:43
asasdfhjmetaleer uses his mod as his life crutch11:43
GLDNAPLrebooting ->11:43
asasdfhjmetaleer's life would fall to pieces if he weren't a mod11:44
DJonesasasdfhj: This is Ubuntu support, you're in the wrong channerl11:44
=== asasdfhj is now known as fluffyTail
fluffyTailevery word i say shows up on the screen of over a thousand people11:45
fluffyTailMETALEER IS A COCK11:45
nashantAnyone know if power profiles like on windows is possible? I want a 'day' and a 'night' profile11:45
chemist^people do drugs... what can you do :P11:46
=== Mars is now known as Guest34382
GLDNAPLhow can i get the nice icon to change volume etc back? lol11:46
chemist^nashant i think it is possible to save your power settings as a profile and have 2 or more different ones11:46
RoryGLDNAPL: Not sure, try #xubuntu11:47
RoryGLDNAPL: In the meantime you can hit alt+f2 and run pavucontrol11:47
GLDNAPLstill not detected ;_;11:47
nashantchemist^: You sure? Where did you find it? Are you using Unity?11:47
afD2345GLDNAP: right click on panel and select something like "add applets to panel"11:47
chemist^nashant no... i don't like unity11:47
GLDNAPLyeah afd i know but its not there11:48
nashantehat do you use?11:48
chemist^i switched to gnome2 and now i'm using KDE11:48
chemist^and it's pretty much what i wanted/needed11:48
nashantmaybe you can do it in kde, but not unity11:48
chemist^it doesn't matter11:48
chemist^what GUI you use11:49
chemist^the applications are the same11:49
nashantyou sure? I can't find it anywhere in unity11:49
chemist^yes it can be a little more tricky to find stuff there, that's why i switched :D11:49
GLDNAPLi remember the good old 8.x-10.x when ubuntu had gnome11:50
nashanthmm. Well, getting a new laptop in a couple of weeks so I'll test out kubuntu then11:50
chemist^nashant, no need11:51
nashantYeah, I know, just install the DE11:51
chemist^nashant, you can install multiple sessions on your ubuntu11:51
chemist^nashant, apt-get install kubuntu-desktop11:51
nashantI suppose no harm testing it now11:52
chemist^if you don't like it, you can switch back to unity or gnome on your log-in screen11:52
GLDNAPLbut, do you have any more things i should try?11:52
RoryGLDNAPL: Did you try purging and reinstalling pulseaudio? Including removing the ~/.pulse/ directory?11:53
chemist^GLDNAPL your sound card...it's 5.1 right?11:53
chemist^PCI card?11:53
GLDNAPLxonar dg11:53
GLDNAPLrory, yeah11:53
Rorychemist^: The Blue Yeti is its own sound card; it connects over USB11:53
chemist^so it's just a microphone? connected to a USB port?11:53
Rorychemist^: It's showing up in aplay -l but it can't be selected as a default device11:54
GLDNAPLin a nutshell pretty much11:54
Rorychemist^: Yes, it's a capacitor mic used mostly for podcasting etc11:54
Rorychemist^: It has its own DAC and amplifier for its headphone port built in11:54
chemist^hmmm...maybe you have too many sound cards running at the same time... maybe there's some kind of conflict11:54
GLDNAPLthe amplifier is crappy though11:54
Rorychemist^: The system sees it as a sound card with both input and output11:54
RoryGLDNAPL: It's worth it for the zero-latency monitoring11:54
GLDNAPLthats why i bought a xonar for 30 bucks11:54
GLDNAPLi remember fixing this somehow like half a year ago but i dont remember how11:55
GLDNAPLafter that i've upgraded like half of the parts in my pc11:56
RoryIf only ActionParsnip were here, he knows all the sound problems11:56
nashantchemist^: The thing I like about unity is the unified app icons on the left11:56
nashantmakes things feel tidier11:56
MrAlexandrohow do you list only files with a spesific amount of signs infront of the first .11:56
MrAlexandrofor example with 2 symbols11:56
GLDNAPLcan you contact him/her somehow? :F11:56
chemist^nashant, that's what i didn't like :D11:56
blinky_Hi guys, Got a triple monitor setup and trying to get the third working.  I have 2 running off my GTX560 and one off the onboard.  I had all three working one first install yesterday but today after installing the nVidia drivers for the GTX I only have two.  The onboard is not longer working or selectable.  Any ideas how I solve this?11:56
chemist^nashant, i admit...it looks kind of nicer but... less functionality11:57
GLDNAPLblinky, you have the latest drivers installed from console right?11:57
afD2345nashant: install xfce and add panel to left?11:57
nashantchemist^: Ha! Different strokes, eh?11:57
blinky_I have just installed nvidia-319 using apt-get11:57
nashantafD2345: But that would have the unified icons11:57
chemist^nashant, strokes? :)11:57
GLDNAPLthose drivers didnt work for my 780 ti11:58
chemist^nashant, what do you mean by "unified" icons?11:58
blinky_which do you suggest?11:58
nashantchemist^: Different strokes for different folks. Everyone has their preferences11:58
GLDNAPLthe closed source ones from nvidia's website11:58
chemist^you have a little box in KDE "start menu" which does the same job as the dash/home button in ubuntu11:58
chemist^i mean... unity11:59
GLDNAPLwhich you have to log out to install11:59
GLDNAPLthose worked for me at least11:59
blinky_is that the .run files? kill lightdm and init 3 to install?11:59
blinky_will that allow for the onboard intel card to work again?11:59
nashantchemist^: the icons are grouped. So if I have 4 chrome windows open (no idea why I would, the most I ever have is 2 really) then you don't have to have 4 of the same thing cluttering up your panel11:59
GLDNAPLi don't know, but i think it's worth trying :)11:59
blinky_sorry, also how do I completely remove the current, is it "apt-get purge nvidia*"?12:00
SaberX01blinky_, SO the real question is, how do you rub both the Intel Driver and nVidia driver at the same time.12:00
chemist^nashant, the same in kde12:00
nbastinis there any way to use udev persistent net rules to match on pci device, and not MAC address?12:00
blinky_I presumed it has something to do with the nvidia drivers as the problem stated after installing them12:00
chemist^nashant, they do group in kde .. they do not pile up in your panel12:00
GLDNAPLsudo apt-get remove nvidia-319 && sudo apt-get purge nvidia-319 please someone confirm this... im a noob12:00
nashantchemist^: Really?? Wonderful! It's installing now, will see in a sec :)12:01
chemist^nashant, i can show you a screenshot if you want12:01
nashantI've read kde is far easier to customise?12:01
GLDNAPLxfce is the best of them all, admit it already!12:01
afD2345GLDNAPL: you only have to run the 2nd command12:01
nashantGLDNAPL: xfce is what I run on my home server12:02
chemist^nashant, it's the best for costumization12:02
GLDNAPLxfce is great for general use too imo12:02
GLDNAPLit's simple and clean12:02
chemist^xfce is fast12:02
GLDNAPLbrings me back in the good old days :#12:02
chemist^yes...i like to run xfce on my laptop :)12:02
FloodBot1GLDNAPL: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:02
afD2345Xfce solves all your problems12:02
nashantchemist^: You can dress it up and show it off easiest?12:02
GLDNAPLi have a kick ass gaming pc and i still use it12:02
nashantdoes it....does it role play?12:02
chemist^nashant, yes... IMHO12:02
GLDNAPLi guess i'm different12:03
chemist^hehe i used openbox for a while12:03
SaberX01You probably need x-swap, bumblebee mesa-glx bswitch-dkms and god what knows what else,  way to complicated, just get another GTX and keep life simple ... lol12:03
nashantI've only ever really used gnome, xfce and unity12:03
nashantHad a quick look at cinnamon, but not a huge fan12:04
GLDNAPLsame nashant12:04
GLDNAPLwell also the one which comes with lubuntu12:04
GLDNAPLwhat's the name of it again12:04
blinky_that would be nice if I could afford it.  Wondering why it works using the nouveau drivers though12:04
GLDNAPLi guess?12:04
nashantthink so12:04
chemist^nashant me too... i switched to kde about 4 months ago...and i still use it...satisfied12:05
chemist^and i did it because i wanted more costumization freedom12:05
SaberX01blinky_, If it was working why did you try to fix it?12:05
chemist^i was bored shortly... :D12:05
nashantWell gotta reinstall on a new laptop and my home server soon, so if it works well then it's going on both!12:05
blinky_The screen was not turning on during boot, I have to go into the setting and deselect it then reselect it for it to work.  The system was finding it without issue just not displaying to it12:06
GLDNAPLlxde and kde are as ugly as a potatoes dipped in shit12:06
TeraJLhi, i've inserted the usb wireless, ( ralink) , and i've updated ubuntu but now i get "wireless is disabled by hardware switch :/, i've tried rfkill, and i get soft blocked: no, and hard blocked: no12:06
GLDNAPLbut thats my opinion12:06
blinky_also one of my monitors has a 1440x900 resolution that ubuntu is not finding so trying to solve that12:06
chemist^TeraJL, try enabling it with your hardware button?12:07
TeraJLit has none12:07
TeraJLnever had, it worked when i had windows12:07
afD2345TeraJL: install Proprietary drivers12:07
=== erkules_ is now known as erkules
chemist^do you have a laptop?12:07
chemist^or desktop computer?12:07
TeraJLit's a laptop12:07
chemist^there's definitly some sort of button to enable/disable wifi/bluetooth12:08
chemist^maybe it's a combination ... FN key + F(something)12:08
TeraJLclicking the keyboard key it does nothing.. windows was installed in this pc and it was working12:08
chemist^do you still have windows installed?12:09
chemist^a friend of mine had the same issue....12:09
chemist^we worked it out12:09
SaberX01blinky_, sorry it's not worrking out too well .. If I put vid-card in a box, first thing I do is disable the onboard GPU  .. This clear far more complex than a standard Ubuntu issue, you need to work with the nVidia and Intel GPU gurus.12:09
TeraJLno, i've formated and installed ubuntu12:09
SaberX01*This is clearly12:10
chemist^TeraJL try rebooting your pc and enter BIOS, enable your wireless while there and then reboot it..... one more question...12:10
chemist^TeraJL, do you have a LED light showing if your wifi is turned on?12:10
GLDNAPLoh btw, i cant get sound working on skype at all now12:10
GLDNAPLi'm such a linux pr0 1337 g33k c0der scr1pter 360 noscope headshot12:11
chemist^GLDNAPL, skype is faulty, you need to restart it whenever you plug-in something in your PC ... that's my case anyway12:11
memoryleakGLDNAPL: Skype on Linux is... :S12:11
GLDNAPLis there a stable version of skype... or at least more stable than the latest one?12:12
GLDNAPLi know bros...12:12
TeraJLchemist^: the light is off12:12
GLDNAPLi feel your pain ;(12:12
SaberX01:-) Skype == Buy a Real Phone12:12
GLDNAPLi have a huawei ascend p6... but i use skype for gaming etc12:12
Kuro-MaiiHello all12:12
GLDNAPLhelloo :)12:12
memoryleakGLDNAPL: Try with teamspeak12:12
GLDNAPLso... how can i restart skype?12:13
chemist^TeraJL, that means it's turned off12:13
GLDNAPLall of my friends dont use teamspeak12:13
GLDNAPLand i like skype...12:13
chemist^TeraJL, and the FN keys do not work in ubuntu, cause no drivers are installed12:13
GLDNAPLit's just so... magical...12:13
chemist^TeraJL, i fixed the problem like i told you, reboot your computer, try enabling it with you FN key in bios,12:14
afD2345GLDNAPL: IIRC, pidgin has skype plugin12:14
GLDNAPLwhat if i run a windows version of skype on wine, will my pc say boom?12:14
GLDNAPLwith voice chat, afd?12:14
TeraJLchemist^: but the FN keys are only for the wireless on the laptop, that is broken, i'm trying to use an usb12:14
chemist^TeraJL try everything, to get the LED to light-on ... then reboot your pc in ubuntu12:14
Kuro-Maiidoes anyone know how to install the third party things ( mp3, ... ) stuff that is offered during the installation of ubuntu after the fact?12:14
chemist^.... so it's a usb wifi card :D12:14
afD2345GLDNAPL: i can't remember12:14
chemist^TeraJL, you could tell me that earlier :P12:15
GLDNAPLill try windows version of skype12:15
chemist^TeraJL try this... open your terminal and type ifconfig and ifconfig12:15
=== effbiai_ is now known as effbiai
chemist^TeraJL, see if it's recognized12:15
SaberX01Kuro-Maii, Have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats12:16
pers3uschemist^, I doubt iwconfig and ifconfig will show it if it isn't recognized. I think you should ask him to get output for dmesg12:16
Kuro-MaiiThank you SaberX0112:16
chemist^pers3us, my friend had a similar issue12:16
Kuro-MaiiI'll take look12:17
chemist^the network-manager didn't recognize it12:17
chemist^but it showed up as working with ifconfig and iwconfig12:17
chemist^then we installed wicd, and it worked....12:17
pers3uschemist^, Ah. That can be the case.12:17
nashantRight, Just installed kubuntu-desktop, logged out, no choice of kde. Rebooted, no choice of kde.12:17
chemist^after a reboot it started working with network-manager as well :D12:17
chemist^uninstalled wicd and now it's working like a charm :P12:18
pers3uschemist^, Lol12:18
chemist^yes... lol ;D12:18
GLDNAPLskype, y u no work at all12:18
r00tkingfuck you skype12:18
Kuro-MaiiSaberX01: does that also apply for the ubuntu-gnome flavor?12:18
chemist^lol :D12:19
Kuro-MaiiGLDNAPL: I have no trouble with skype12:19
SaberX01Kuro-Maii, I dont see whay not, yo may also want:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats12:19
pvl1do I need to run anything if I delete an upstart script12:19
GLDNAPLwell, i cant hear the test sounds now kuro-maii12:19
GLDNAPLi used to before12:19
GLDNAPLbut then, my mic didnt work12:19
TeraJLchemist^: on the wireless menu (top right corner) it gets detected as hardware disabled, ifconfig -a i get it (wlan1), iwconfig i get it too12:20
GLDNAPLnow neither mic or headphones are working12:20
GLDNAPLin skype12:20
chemist^TeraJL, ok12:20
chemist^TeraJL, that means you have the same issue as my friend had12:20
chemist^TeraJL, now type in terminal: "sudo apt-get install wicd"12:20
chemist^install whatever comes with it12:21
Kuro-MaiiI use my webcam for skype but have to select it as the default input or others won't here me12:21
chemist^i have to plug-in everything before i run skype...12:21
chemist^if i do while skype is running i get sort of a distorted sound or no sound at all12:21
TeraJLchemist^: done12:22
chemist^TeraJL, now search for Wicd in your applications menu12:22
chemist^under "internet" category12:22
nashantchemist^: Any idea why I wouldn't have kde as an option when I log out and log in? I've got unity and xbmc12:22
MonkeyDustnashant  install plasma or kubuntu-desktop, first12:22
TeraJLchemist^: done12:22
SaberX01have you installed kubuntu-desktop?12:23
chemist^nashant, have you installed kubuntu-desktop?12:23
nashantMonkeyDust: I've just installed kubuntu-desktop12:23
chemist^TeraJL, there's a button12:23
chemist^TeraJL, on top ... "turn on wifi" or smth like that12:23
pvl1nashant did u install kde12:23
TeraJLchemist^: buttons is "switch off"12:23
GLDNAPLokay... my blue yeti doesnt work even on steam anymroe12:23
chemist^TeraJL, try pushing it a couple of times (off/on) untill you get a list of available wireless networks in the box below12:24
cloudgeeknashant: kaha se hai be ?12:24
nashantweird. I did it, it looked like everything went ok, but just run it again and it's going12:24
=== cprofitt_ is now known as cprofitt
chemist^nashant, have you rebooted? :D12:25
TeraJLchemist^: on the settings i've changed the wireless interface to wlan1, and now it's working, thanks ;)12:25
patagonicusHi guys. I normally use my laptop with a second screen attached, however right now I'm on the go. I started Empathy, but the window does not appear. I'm guessing it's on a non-existant screen because I normally keep it on the second one. How can I move it to my laptop's screen? (Maybe a keyboard shortcut for "move window" or something)12:25
chemist^TeraJL, yeeey, glad i could help :P12:25
chemist^TeraJL, try clicking on your network-manager icon12:25
chemist^if it's still disabled ther12:25
nashantYup. Rebooted. Lets see how it goes this time12:26
Blackkattffs, todo one thing one have to do five! i want to edit a file in gedit but i dont want to have to open it from terminal ffs!12:26
Blackkattwho comes up with this stupid thing12:27
nashantBlackkatt: What are you trying to opne?12:27
Blackkatta file for lirc12:28
SaberX01Why are you having to use a terminal ...12:28
Blackkattit opens as read only otherwise12:28
chemist^open gedit and click on the "open" icon12:28
chemist^Blackkatt, run gedit as root12:28
=== jordan is now known as Guest29453
Blackkattyes, i know, but thats also lame12:28
Blackkattthen i have to start it from terminal12:29
Guest29453i installed the unity tweak tool in xubuntu and it wont show up in my applications list12:29
patagonicusBlackkatt: Setting VISUAL to gedit and running sudo -e hardware.conf should work. Not sure where enviromnet variables are set on Ubuntu, though, probably /etc/env.d or something12:29
bittyx-desktopHi! I have 2 folders with images. One has 306 files and the other 366. The first folder was deleted, and a deleted file restore tool was used to create the second folder, so the second folder's filenames are not the same as the first one. I'm not sure if all files from folder 1 exist in folder 2. I would like to compare the files by contents, and somehow grab a list of all files that exist in folder 1 but not in folder 2 (regardless of the fil12:29
bittyx-desktopename, date, etc. - a contents-only comparison), and vice versa. Is there a tool to do this easily?12:29
Blackkattpatagonicus,  I have no idea what you just said :)12:30
nashantBlackkatt: http://askubuntu.com/questions/319743/is-there-an-easier-or-more-correct-way-to-open-gedit-as-root12:30
chemist^if you don't like using the terminal12:30
patagonicusBlackkatt: Try this: open a Terminal, run "export VISUAL=gedit", then sudo -e /path/to/hardware.conf12:30
chemist^try windows :D12:30
nashantBlackkatt: That link will show you how to add an 'open as root' option to the context menu12:31
SaberX01patagonicus, he dont want to use the3 terminal, that's the core of the whole complaint.12:31
Blackkattnow i remember12:31
Blackkattwhen i open gedit from terminal it takes over the termial12:31
Blackkattif i close the terminal so does the app12:31
patagonicusSaberX01: To me it sounded more like it was too many steps. With this it's just open termial -> sudo -e (once configured)12:31
GLDNAPLcan someone help me fix skype at least?12:32
patagonicusBlackkatt: add nohup before the command, then it should keep open after you close the terminal12:32
GLDNAPLbecause its not working even on the usb camera mic12:32
PeanutHi folks - I have pair of Ubuntu 13.04 machines that aare hosts to virtual servers. And using 'virsh migrate --live', I can move running guests back and forth. I just did patches on the first half of the cluster, but now guests that are migrated back fail because they cannot (possibly due to app-armor) get at their clustered storage anymore. Has anyone seen something related?12:32
nashantBlackkatt: I just gave you a link. Follow it and all your worries will be over. You're welcome.12:32
SaberX01patagonicus, asll he has to do is create a launcher on the desktop with gksudo gedit and the command option, it's really not too touch.12:33
Blackkattnashant, this you mean " find myself running gedit as root quite frequently, so I added the option to the right-click menu in Unity (it uses the same command as the selected answer, gksu gedit)."12:33
patagonicusSaberX01: He also called running gedit as root "lame", so I don't think that's what he wants.12:33
=== gaurav_ is now known as Guest20117
SaberX01patagonicus, well he is right to a degree, running as root is lame, and should not be done on a sudo system at all.12:34
blinky_Hi I'm back, not joy with the drivers, installed the latest from the nvidia website and I had to manually start lightdm to get back in.  Now I am not even sure that I have any nvidia drivers install. any ideas?12:35
GLDNAPLstart x server?12:36
blinky_I managed to get back into the OS by running "sudo service lightdm start", that then brought up the login screen12:36
Kuro-Maiiokay that din't do what I hoped it would do...12:36
patagonicusSo, no easy way to get my Empathy window onto my main desktop without connecting a second one again? :/12:36
GLDNAPLyeah blinky, you're supposed to start it after stopping it12:37
GLDNAPLkinda logical :D12:37
blinky_even if you rebooted after the install?12:37
GLDNAPLwhy would you reboot12:37
GLDNAPLyou can just press ctrl alt f7 to get back to the login screen12:38
afD2345if you reboot, it will restart x1112:38
blinky_I presume that was needed.  I am not so good with linux yet, have been a Windows boy for far to long and reboot is needed for everything12:38
GLDNAPLoh ok12:38
afD2345x11 is used for the GUI12:38
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
GLDNAPLyeah but why would you want to restart x1112:39
GLDNAPLit's drivers he's installing not x11...12:39
GLDNAPLhello :)12:39
karab44I use SSD 120GB as my system partition. How to check is my Trim enabled on ubuntu 13.04 ?12:39
blinky_how to i display the drivers that are now installed?12:39
GLDNAPLtry to start xserver12:40
blinky_? I am in the operating system now12:40
GLDNAPLtype to terminal nvidia-xconfig12:41
blinky_unable to locate/open X configuration file12:41
blinky_does that mean the drivers are not installed?12:41
afD2345run as root?12:41
GLDNAPLthe drivers are installed you are missing a config12:42
GLDNAPLsudo nvidia-xconfig12:42
GLDNAPLif it makes a config, reboot and it should work12:42
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
blinky_I have no nvidia config app in the settings manager, just checked12:42
memoryleakkarab44: Check for the discard option in the mount params12:42
SaberX01blinky_, what version of Ubuntu are you using?12:43
azi`good place to learn how to secure ubuntu http://www.ubuntusecurity.co.za12:43
blinky_xubuntu 13.1012:43
Myrttiazi`: that's a bit random12:43
SaberX01That's an advert .. lol12:44
blinky_apart fro a little tearing when scrolling websites, the wrong res on one monitor and the fact that i have to turn the intel monitor off and on in the settings I would leave it as is, but I know they will bug the hell out of me.12:45
blinky_afD2345 I ran as root mate and got the same, I dont think the nvidia driver ae installed.12:45
SaberX01blinky_, You may want to talk with the Xubuntu guys also .. but running dual graphic's vendor/drivers is never a point and click setup.12:46
=== Mars is now known as Guest86186
blinky_is there an xubuntu channel or is it a website job?12:47
PeanutI have just installed patches (apt-get upgrade) and rebooted, and have run into a new bug in Ubuntu. Is there a way to see which packages were updated recently?12:47
=== fego is now known as Guest89689
SaberX01blinky_, To check your drivers: lshw -c video12:48
SaberX01blinky_, or better yet: lshw -c video |grep configuration12:48
SaberX01blinky_, yes, the Xubuntu channel is: #xubuntu12:49
blinky_I have just run the second command and it looks like I have still got the nouveau drivers installed12:50
afD2345blinky_: open the update manager there should be tab for Proprietary drivers12:50
rajrajraji am having this problem "An unresolvable problem occurred while initializing the package information.  Please report this bug against the 'update-manager' package ....." and is using 12.10 can any one help me resolve this problem12:51
SaberX01blinky_, then, you cna run modinfo i915  .. for example that is my maptop driver, yours will be diff.12:51
rajrajrajI can not update and neother upgrade12:51
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
GLDNAPLGUYS, i got skype's audio playback working now12:51
SaberX01blinky_, and further: modinfo -F filename `lshw -c video | awk '/configuration: driver/{print $2}' | cut -d= -f2`12:51
GLDNAPLi did sudo apt-get install libpulse0:i38612:52
GLDNAPLall i need to do now is to get blue yeti working on pulse...12:52
GLDNAPL*mission impossible music*12:52
=== mk3548208_ is now known as mk3548208
SaberX01blinky_, and to test nvidia specific: modinfo nvidia-current12:53
MonkeyDustrajrajraj  what package would that be? from a ppa?12:53
rajrajrajMonkeyDust: ppa?12:53
MonkeyDustrajrajraj  what package would that be?12:53
blinky_cheers mate12:53
karab44no discard printed using mount and iside fstab either12:54
rajrajrajMonkeyDust: i just wanted to upgrade my system using "sudo apt-get upgrade" and i got a serious error message, not i can neither update nor upgrade12:54
MonkeyDustrajrajraj  try sudo apt-get -f install12:55
rajrajrajMonkeyDust: "E: Encountered a section with no Package: header E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_quantal_restricted_i18n_Translation-en%5fUS E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened."12:56
nashantchemist^: Love it. And the battery indicator has a screen brightness control!!!12:56
SaberX01rajrajraj, well problem, 12.12 is EOL so you may want to consider a release-upgrade or install 13.10 if you want continued repo support.12:56
MonkeyDustrajrajraj  i guess quantal is no longer supported, not sure12:57
SaberX01rajrajraj, also run this in terminal: ubuntu-support-status   that will tell you the real story12:58
SaberX01rajrajraj, and jsut for info: http://www.ubuntu.com/info/release-end-of-life12:59
Guest29453can someone give me some good applications for xubuntu13:01
memoryleakkarab44: "If desirable, enable the "discard" filesystem options for automatic/online TRIM." (https://wiki.debian.org/SSDOptimization#Reduction_of_SSD_write_frequency_via_RAMDISK)13:01
rajrajraj_my internet connection keeps on disconnecting, so the last message i could see was "[18:27] <MonkeyDust> rajrajraj  i guess quantal is no longer supported, not sure"13:01
MonkeyDustGuest29453  a good application to do what?13:01
Guest29453just generally good applications13:02
MonkeyDustGuest29453  leafpad is nice13:02
Guest29453thanks ill have a look now13:02
rajrajraj_SaberX01: then i shall have to install all the apps again right?13:02
SaberX01All of them are good ... but go to Software Center .. and start browsing .. there is thousands of apps.13:02
SaberX01rajrajraj_, You need to do-release-upgrade or install a new Ubuntu version, like 13.10 or 12.0413:03
SaberX0112.04 has LTS support, 12.10 does not.13:03
rajrajraj_SaberX01: could you tell me the command for release-update coz i am a newbee13:04
afD2345rajrajraj_: sudo do-release-upgrade13:04
SaberX01rajrajraj_, This is better, you can learn more here: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/installing-upgrading.html13:05
nashantHey guys. is there a way of hiding the text in the taskbar?13:05
rajrajraj_afD2345: thanks13:05
SaberX01rajrajraj_, it says for servers, but is for desktop as well.13:05
rajrajraj_what is development version13:06
rajrajraj_SaberX01: afD2345 i got an error13:06
rajrajraj_SaberX01: afD2345 http://pastebin.com/wnGUiHeS13:07
tanelisomething broke in ubuntu 13.10 for all users on a shared machine ... left side app panel and top panel are completely missing, where to start debugging?13:07
SaberX01rajrajraj_, Here's the issue you have .. you cna normally only do-release-upgrade two levels, that mean, your going to be stuck at 13.10 if you do-release-upgrade, you are better off to re-install 13.10 adn then when 14.04 is released, do-release-upgrade to 14.04.13:07
rajrajraj_SaberX01: you mean i will have to remove this 12.10 and install 13.10. ?13:09
SaberX01rajrajraj_, as your for error, you could try: sudo apt-get clean ; sudo apt-get autoclean ; sudo apt-get update     ... then try: sudo do-release-upgrade13:09
SaberX01rajrajraj_, Yes, being on 12.10, even if you get to 13.10, you gonna be stuck there.13:10
=== ledah is now known as Tavi
SaberX01Or worse, have a faulty upgrade to 14.04 when it is released.13:10
=== Tavi is now known as oojm0
Kuro-MaiiSaberX01: now why would that be?13:11
rajrajraj_SaberX01: ok fine, is there a way to back up all the packages that i have installed13:11
SaberX01You even done 3x upgrades without issue?13:11
Kuro-Maiibecause I will be in that situation13:11
MonkeyDust!backup | rajrajraj_13:11
ubotturajrajraj_: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning13:11
Nach0zeasiest way to do it ctrl+a ctrl+c ctrl+v13:11
Nach0zon separate hard drives of course13:12
Nach0zbonus points for doing it on a dialup nas13:12
SaberX01Kuro-Maii, I do upgrades for one thing, testing, other than that, it's LTS install to LTS install .. upgrades, no matter whos produces them, cause issues.13:12
SaberX01rajrajraj_, By packages, do you mean apps and things you've installed after initial install ?13:13
rajrajraj_SaberX01: yes13:13
SaberX01rajrajraj_, on old machine: dpkg --get-selections > package_list  .. then oin new machine after updates: cat package_list | sudo dpkg --set-selections && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade13:14
Kuro-MaiiSaberX01, ah did not have any trouble there... maybe that is because I mess things up on a reagular basis that a fresh install seems my only way to go...13:14
SaberX01Kuro-Maii, UBuntu tests and to some degree gaurentees LTS to LTS upgrades, but not for say like, 12.10 to 14.04 LTS13:15
SaberX01Kuro-Maii, so, 12.04 LTS to 14.04 LTS == OK, 12.10 to 14.04, roll the dice13:16
rajrajraj_SaberX01: i need them in a secondary memory somewhere for e.g. a pendrive so that i dont have to reinstall them from internet.13:16
SaberX01!offline | rajrajraj_13:17
ubotturajrajraj_: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD13:17
Guest29453I've installed unity tweak tool on xubuntu and it wont show up in my applications list can someone help me13:17
SaberX01!APTonCD | rajrajraj_13:17
ubotturajrajraj_: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline13:17
rajrajraj_SaberX01: unfortunately i can not install anything from now on :(13:18
Kuro-MaiiSaberX01, lol "Kuro-Maii casts do-release-upgrade" "ubuntu 13.10: roll a d20, dc is 10"13:18
rajrajraj_SaberX01: because of that error13:19
SaberX01rajrajraj_, If you cannot download at all, the only options you are Offline and APTonCD ..13:19
rajrajraj_SaberX01: how do i "check the desired packages in Synaptic"13:19
SaberX01rajrajraj_, I just told you, Offline and or APTonCD13:20
SaberX01!APTonCD | rajrajraj_13:20
T-Sourcemakeris it possible to store cron mails as maildir?13:21
SaberX01rajrajraj_, another way to get the list of packages you've installed: dpkg -l|awk '/^ii\s*(.*)\s*/ {print $2}'|packages.txt13:22
rajrajraj_SaberX01: see aptoncd is an external package so i can not nstall it , and offline had a line "check the desired packages in Synaptic" i am just asking how do i do that13:22
rajrajraj_SaberX01: i dont need the list, i need the packages itself13:22
Left_Turnare there any epub/mobi packages i can get with apt-get?13:23
Kuro-Maiiby the way... does anyone know of an alternative for skype? as in something that I can still chat whit skype friends?13:23
SaberX01rajrajraj_, See the section called Graphical Way with Synaptic: http://askubuntu.com/questions/168352/how-do-i-generate-a-package-download-list13:24
RoryKuro-Maii: Skype's a proprietry protocol, you need to use Skype. Sadly it sucks. Can't you get your friends to switch to something else?13:24
Rory!skype | Kuro-Maii13:24
ubottuKuro-Maii: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga13:24
ViaNocturna85Kuro-Maii, not without skype...you could always use the pidgin plugin, but all that does is re-route the conversation from your skype client to Pidgin...either way, without Skype its a no no13:24
SaberX01Left_Turn, You taking about readers or actual packages?13:26
Kuro-MaiiRory and ViaNocturna85, I have skype installed that is not the issue... and I can't get my friends to use something else that might be more 'yheay' under there M$ crap....13:28
SaberX01Kuro-Maii, there's the real problem / challenge, get them converted to *Nix :-)13:28
Left_TurnSaberX01, readers13:29
MonkeyDustLeft_Turn  use this to find out:   apt-cache search epub13:29
ViaNocturna85Kuro-Maii, If its for group chat (whilst gaming for instance)...try mumble13:29
Kuro-MaiiRory and ViaNocturna85, the isseu is that I have with skype is that for some weird reason, sins my last reinstall ( I forgot the 3th party checkmark ), skype messes up the sound output to be come a loud buzzing...13:30
Left_Turni tried apt-cache.. but i couldnt really tell by the descriptions:(13:30
RoryKuro-Maii: Go into Skype preferences and set the output device manually13:31
SaberX01Left_Turn, I user E-Book Reader, but there's lots of them too choose form. got to Dash >> Software Center, Search Ebook13:31
nashant_nyone know how to get an icon only taskbar in kde?13:31
ViaNocturna85Kuro-Maii, not sure what you mean, but Skype used to (and as far as i know still does) take control of the sound system. I would go to the skype sound settings and make sure that its not being controlled by skype and that the right device is selected13:32
Left_Turnoh ok thanks SaberX01 .. ive never tried the Software Center13:32
MonkeyDustLeft_Turn  or use   apt-cache show [package]     for more details13:32
Kuro-MaiiSaberX01, well I have converted one over but she managed to mess it up on am more reagular basis then I do13:32
Left_Turnah i see... thanks MonkeyDust13:32
SaberX01Left_Turn,: apt-cache search ebook |less13:32
Kuro-MaiiRory, now how do I do that because it won't let me due to pulse audio13:32
RoryKuro-Maii: The only output device is pulseaudio?13:33
Left_Turnok thanks guys. i'll try all of those13:33
SaberX01Left_Turn, Then you can  apt-cache show [package]  to see details abotu the package13:33
Left_Turnoh great idea SaberX01 :)13:33
Kuro-MaiiRory, skype have this 'feature' that detects if pulse audio is on your system, if so it will force it self to use that and not give the option to select alsa13:34
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Guest61580Hello, which nvidia driver should I use with a GeForce GT 740M13:35
Kuro-MaiiViaNocturna85, as I just sad to Rory that is not possible13:35
sgo11what is the difference between access time and read/write time for harddrive benchmarking? thanks.13:35
ViaNocturna85Kuro-Maii, and its only skype that makes a buzzing sound?13:36
SaberX01Guest61580, sudo apt-get install nvidia-current or with sudo apt-get install nvidia-current-updates13:36
Kuro-MaiiViaNocturna85, yep if I mute skype all is good untill I unmute skype13:36
Guest61580SaberX01, I get a black screen after lightdm with that.13:37
=== Slagwag- is now known as Slagwag
SaberX01Guest61580, then you may want to look at: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa13:38
Kuro-MaiiThen the buzzing is there again untill I mute skype again13:38
ViaNocturna85Kuro-Maii, it turns out to be a problem the devs are working on, in the meantime, try this from the terminal: env PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=30 skype %U13:38
Guest61580SaberX01, What is in there that I can use?13:38
SaberX01Guest61580, the PPA''s13:39
MonkeyDustGuest61580  please change to a more readable nickname, use /nick blah to do so13:39
Kuro-MaiiViaNocturna85, Nice that worked13:40
ViaNocturna85Kuro-Maii, I'm glad, it's only a work around whilst its being fixed though13:40
=== Guest61580 is now known as TheNvidiaProblem
TheNvidiaProblemMonkeyDust, SaberX01 Done :)13:41
Kuro-MaiiViaNocturna85, now because I'm curios what accecly did that do?13:41
TheNvidiaProblemUnless you don't consider camel case readable, which is understandable.13:41
ViaNocturna85Kuro-Maii, Ill be honest, I have no idea, i got it from the Skype forum :P13:42
SaberX01TheNvidiaProblem, so on hte PPA page, start at the top and read down, then, work the drivers for nVidia,.13:42
Kuro-MaiiViaNocturna85, lol13:42
SaberX01TheNvidiaProblem, You may want to read this about black screen adn certified support for your card: http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-amd64-319.17-driver.html13:43
SaberX01TheNvidiaProblem, sorry wrong link: http://askubuntu.com/questions/298375/installing-nvidia-driver-causes-black-screen-750m13:43
Kuro-MaiiNow I only have one final thing I wish to solve and I am as happy as can be...13:44
TheNvidiaProblemSaberX01, Alright, I am a little wary about using the xorg beta ppa, instability is... a little unnerving.13:44
ViaNocturna85Kuro-Maii, Fire away13:44
SaberX01TheNvidiaProblem, aslo, have you just tried the using the Dash >> Driver GUI and select recommended ?13:45
Kuro-Maiihow do I tell the volume control thing to remember that the back pannel is 5.1 and the front pannel is 2.0 audio13:45
SaberX01TheNvidiaProblem, GUI to enable proprietary drivers  that is  ..13:45
TheNvidiaProblemSaberX01, Jockey was removed for 13.10, and the driver GUI dosen't work. (It wont activate)13:47
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=== Mars is now known as Guest41697
SaberX01TheNvidiaProblem, I guess it's PPA time for you then, don't know what else to tell ya.13:47
Kuro-MaiiViaNocturna85, Fired13:49
SaberX01TheNvidiaProblem, according toe Launchpad: Jockey GTK has been superseded by software-properties, which now handles13:49
SaberX01 third-party driver configuration13:49
=== Fudgey is now known as Fudge
SaberX01TheNvidiaProblem, Im on 12.04 so I can't test that.13:50
TheNvidiaProblemSaberX01, Would this ppa work as well? https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates13:50
TheNvidiaProblemSaberX01, The one you linked me too says that one has more stable updates13:50
ViaNocturna85Kuro-Maii, as far as i know, it should remember it automatically13:51
* mardi looks around for his window/menu/start bars13:52
* memoryleak thinks mardi should try it with touch gestures :)13:53
Kuro-MaiiViaNocturna85, well that would be desirable. but for some reason if I plug in my 2.0 speakers in the front pannel and unplug them when I wan't to use my surround head set it is 2.0 there as well13:53
mardisomething bad happened over the last few weeks updates, rebooted and no window borders/sidebar :/13:54
ViaNocturna85Kuro-Maii, I'm not sure if this would work, but install pavucontrol (pulseaudio volume control) and try setting it there, maybe it saves settings there. When I switch between different devices it saves it automagically13:54
* mardi also finds pavucontrol a great way to poke around and fix audio oddities13:55
pikarenubuntu or mint?13:57
Myrttipikaren: what kind of replies do you expect to get from this channel?13:58
k1lpikaren: look at the channelname and you know the answer :)13:58
pikarenwho knows? maybe here are some spies from linux mint lurking14:00
SaberX01Man you guys still busting on this Skype stuff ?  == sudo apt-get purge is what I say :-)14:00
Kuro-MaiiViaNocturna85,  okay I'll try14:01
cloneGhello I am trying to recover an ubuntu dual boot windows installation. the pc has 4 hard drives: 1 sata, primary master primary slave secondary master and as a secondary slave a cdrom. windows is installed in the PM alongside the ubuntu's home partition. ubuntu system is installed in the PS hard drive the SM and the sata drives have nothing on them. grub menu appears when I set the PS as the boot option, but when choosing ubuntu on m14:01
cloneGenu it wont load, moreover I cant get a ubuntu live cd to boot, however windows succeeds to load in safe mode...how could I get the live cd to boot? I would like to use gparted to fix this mess or even reinstall ubuntu? thats why I am asking here for help14:01
dopiehey all14:03
dopieI have a question about symlinking...14:04
SaberX01cloneG, sounds like a Grub2 update is needed, but like you said, LiveCD preventing that .. just askign the obvious, you have boot from external and all that in the BIOS setup to Boot from CD/DVD ?14:04
SaberX01!detail | dopie14:05
dopieSaberX01,  i am :)14:05
dopiewriting as we speak14:05
cloneGSaberX01: boot options: 1: cd(not the ide one but another working sata) 2: floppy and 3: PS hd14:06
dopieWhat I have setup is this... in my app i currently upload images to var/public/images i also want those files that i uploaded to goto var/shared/images  because everytime i restart my app it deletes everything from public/images how can I do this14:06
MonkeyDustwhat's PS ?14:06
SaberX01cloneG, when you get to the BIOS splash screen, try to select the boot menu from there, and see if that will let you noot the liveCD14:07
cloneGSaberX01: my last try was to set the SM (with no system on it) as the third option hoping the grub not to interfere with the live cd boot but then it hangs with the ubuntu and the progress dots splash screen14:07
Kuro-MaiiViaNocturna85, it didn't change a thing...14:08
SaberX01cloneG, Grub shoulod not be in the picture at all wiht a LiveCD boot, as the boot never gets that far, or should not anyway.14:08
dopie        run "ln -nfs #{shared_path}/images/ #{release_path}/public/images/uploads"14:08
dopieor the otherway around?14:08
knoctehi, now that medibuntu is gone (https://launchpad.net/medibuntu/+announcement/11951) what's the alternative to install dvd-css libraries?14:09
cloneGSaberX01 that is what annoys me! why is the cd not booting?? its an ubuntu registered copy from a review14:09
cloneGSaberX01 and I know it works I used it before14:09
SaberX01_dopie, lost my Inset for some reason, seemt o be back now.14:11
dopieSaberX01, what?14:11
cloneGSaberX01 should I disable all the boot options but the cd?14:11
SaberX01_If you snet me anything, I didn't get it, lost my connection. I dont know what that ln -nfs command is.14:11
SaberX01_cloneG, Worth a shot, you need to get the CD to boot to progress any further really.14:12
cloneGSaberX01 anyway it seems to boot okay but getting trouble loading the system14:12
SaberX01_cloneG, mayb have a flaky CD Drive / ISO image not sure.14:13
t0byHello. Quick question: can anybody suggest an extremely low cost DVB receiver that is supported in kernel for my mother?14:13
cloneGSaberX01_ cpu problem? its a pentium 414:13
Nach0zdefinitely a cpu problem14:13
Nach0zthe problem being that you have a p4 :D14:14
SaberX01_dopie, sorry I got my wires crossed up when lost my net, what's the issue you tryign to fix?14:14
Nach0zI say this only because I also have a pentium 414:14
cloneGSaberX01_ the point is I got to load the live cd twice yesterday...14:14
Nach0zthey suck kthx14:14
SaberX01_cloneG, Well that's a bit old, I dont know hat the status of Kernel support is on that actually.14:14
dopieSaberX01_,  i think i got the symlink messed up14:15
dopiehold on :)14:15
cloneGSaberX01_ the first time I did nothing and the second time I installed boot repair and run the default option then set the bios as it was recommending (PS first) and reboot but that  was the last succesfull reboot it s an ubuntu 11.04 bytheway14:16
SaberX01_dopie, symlink is pretty simple: ln -s <folder-to-link> <where-you-want-it-linked>14:16
nubuntuHi. Does gnome 3 has an option to alert of window pop ups etc.? How am I supposed to know when a program has a new message or a new window without the task bar?!14:16
SaberX01_cloneG, Well, knowing that, I would try a non-graphics ISO, like i386 server .. and work form there.14:18
MonkeyDustnubuntu  system settings > universal access14:18
=== troy_ is now known as Guest42203
Kuro-MaiiViaNocturna85, thing is if I have it set to 5.1 and plug in the 2.0 set it still want's to play 5.1. if any speaker other than front left/right is addressed there is no sound. the other way around ( unpluging the 2.0 ) it thinks it should play 2.0 while it should do 5.1 thus jamming all the channels in the 2.0 spectrum.14:19
SaberX01_cloneG, You definately need to stay away from i686 anything, that's not gonna work at all.14:19
user007How to block traceroute command?? or How to stop accessing it??14:20
SaberX01_cloneG, if you can get the i386 server install, you cna add a lightweight desktop like lubuntu-desktop or xubuntu-desktop .. but Unity / Gnome3 not gonna cut it on a P414:20
nubuntuMonkeyDust, there's nothing there14:20
MonkeyDustnubuntu  then idk14:20
cloneGSaberX01_ error no human readable MCE decoding on this cpu type this first appeared when booting from live cd14:20
Kuro-MaiiViaNocturna85, your suggestion for pavucontrol didn't solve it. although the settings show 2 separate devices I can only set them as if it is one14:21
SaberX01_cloneG, like I said, try an i386 server CD .. that's you best shot I think.14:21
SaberX01_user007, block inbound or outbound ?14:22
cloneGSaberX01_ hey this summer I ve been using sculptris, supertux2 stellarium and blender under ubuntu 11.04 in this computer!!!14:22
cloneGSaberX01_ the problems begun when I added the secondary IDE SM hd and SS cd14:23
user007outbound..In case if you have answer for both then it will be good..14:23
SaberX01_cloneG, try taking out the IDE SM hd14:23
SaberX01_cloneG if you know when and what caused it, go back to that and add one at  a time.14:24
cloneGSaberX01_ that was my first try! but it never went back to the previous state14:24
cloneGSaberX01_ I never succeeded to load ubuntu 11.04 host...the only I got was to load live cd twice and windows in safe mode14:25
SaberX01_user007, You probably need somethign along these lines: -A ufw-before-input -p icmp --icmp-type echo-request -j REJECT14:25
SaberX01_user007, But you need to research that a bit moire I think.14:26
SaberX01_user007,to see the current set of rules: sudo grep 'icmp' /etc/ufw/before.rules'14:26
user007SaberX01_ is it possible to provide few more information regarding this?14:27
Kre10shi. I was able to ssh into my remote ubuntu PC. I want to install a network printer/scanner and make a scan. what are the relevant commands i should be looking at?14:27
cloneGSaberX01_ what really bothers me is not being able to boot from the live cd...I miss Gparted and its comfortable way of dealing with drives and partitions...14:29
SaberX01_user007, this shoudl drop them: iptables -A FORWARD -p ICMP -i eth<0/1/2> --icmp-type 8 -j DROP14:29
cloneGSaberX01_ I wouldn't mind reinstalling ubuntu. I just would like to keep windows14:29
SaberX01_cloneG, all easily done, once you get the CD working, that part is not Ubuntu issue, that be HW issue.14:31
MonkeyDustcloneG  which windows version?14:31
cloneGSaberX01_ XP14:31
cloneGHome edition14:31
user007Iam using ubuntu through remote desktop connection in Windows7. In terminal whenever I type alphabet 'd' ...terminal is minimizing??14:32
MonkeyDustcloneG  and what problem does XP give you?14:32
Touhou11Windows XP support runs out in April, you should really switch14:32
cloneGMonkeyDust it only boots in safe mode14:32
Kuro-MaiiHow does it work.... that pavucontrol shows my front panel and back panel as 1 device while the default sound control window shows them as 2...?14:32
MonkeyDustcloneG  and how is that linked to ubuntu?14:33
cloneGMonkeyDust I was wanting to run gparted because I am not quite sure whether windows will boot at all once I format ubuntu partitions using disk manager14:33
MonkeyDustcloneG  so you're struggling with partitioning?14:34
SaberX01_user007, In the terminal where, terminal in Win7 ot termin when your RDP to Ubuntu ? In any case, I'd recommend using PuTTY and SSH to your Ubuntu box straight from Win7 and skip RDP all together.14:34
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest71186
cloneGMonkeyDust Grub is now the booting manager...14:34
cloneGMonkeyDust what will happen when I format all ubuntu partitions even boot?14:35
cloneGMonkeyDust windows sees them as unknown14:35
SaberX01_cloneG, MonkeyDust The problem is now, he can't get the LiveCD too boot properly, it's a P4 system.14:35
Touhou11cloneG: Ubuntu is probably too bloated a distribution for your computer if you have a P4, I suggest Xubuntu or Arch Linux14:36
cloneGSaberX01_ MonkeyDust yeah I was willing to use gparted14:36
SaberX01_cloneG, MonkeyDust I suspest, the boot issue (from HD's) can easily be fixed with updating Grub, butya need a LiveCD to do that.14:36
user007SaberX01_ from windows7 I'm accessing ubuntu...Terminal in ubuntu is throwing this problem14:37
JollyGreenWhy just not use an older version of ubuntu?14:37
SaberX01_No support for updates.,14:37
cloneGSaberX01_  but it only boots from cd now and then (twice success boots among a good deal of resets)14:37
cloneGSaberX01_  would trying to boot from usb ubuntu iso a better option?14:38
funchso anyone has any ideas.. got this ~7gb file from torrent.. part of it got overwritten.. i recovered it.. force check only goes as far as 260mb.. but the real situation is that.. prolly 2-3mb of ~7gb got overwritten.. any way to fix it without downloading the whole thing?14:38
MonkeyDustcloneG  try a lightweight rescue cd to solve the grub issue14:38
funchused transmission14:38
JollyGreenOk, but if he uses an older version of ubuntu then he can run a newer live cd?14:38
SaberX01_cloneG, it may be, but you need a rescent ISO for this to be possible, workign from an 11.xx version is not worth the pain.14:38
MonkeyDustfunch  try deluge14:39
Kuro-Maiifunch, ... how did you do that...14:39
cloneGMonkeyDust SaberX01_ yeah I think I will try that.... a lubuntu or a xubuntu perhaps...though I cant understand why this trouble when I ve been using ubuntu 11.04 with heavy graphics programs without trouble14:39
=== regorianer_ is now known as regorianer
SaberX01_user007, could be anythign, I dont use RDP  .. I would SSH to the Ubuntu machine from PuTTY and work that way.14:39
chemist^user007, maybe you have a stuck key on your keyboard...try hitting the Alt, Ctrl, Shift keys with your hand a couple of times to be sure ;D14:40
MonkeyDustcloneG  and as for the XP safe mode: better ask in ##windows, i guess  (that's double #)14:40
SaberX01_That's possible. I suppose, but Win --> RDP --> Xterm Key-Mapping .. lol .. issue could be anywhere.14:41
SaberX01_That's looking for a Needle in a stack of Needles.14:41
chemist^SaberX01_, ;)14:41
chemist^user007, try teamviewer14:42
splitwireTeamviewer is legit, I use it all the time14:43
user007chemist^ Nope. I tried all the possible ways. Will ubuntu supports for installing teamviewer?14:43
SaberX01_Not being totally old-school here, but, if ya need a GUI / DE to administer a server, ya prob should not be administering a server.14:43
ActionPa1snipSaberX01_: +114:43
chemist^user007, go to their website, they have an ubuntu version as well14:44
chemist^SaberX01_, if that's why he needs remote access...then yeah...you're right ;D14:44
chemist^ssh is enough14:44
LibresavoirHi, I tried to install elementary (based on 12.04) as dual boot with Windows 8 (no EFI, normal BIOS). I shriked the primary partition with Windows-tools, but the installer won't let me use the unallocated space (the buttons are grey). Suggestions?14:45
MonkeyDustSaberX01_  i hope the windows server admins did not read that ;)14:45
SaberX01_LOL .. well, if the shoe fits .. :-) .. I know tons of WAN admins, in the Windows World, that will only use *Nix to admin the WAN .. LOL14:46
=== matthew_ is now known as Guest64625
=== Guest64625 is now known as tankerkiller125
dopieln: failed to create symbolic link `./images': File exists14:47
dopiehow do i delete that file?14:47
Rorydopie: rm14:47
Cantariarm images14:47
tankerkiller125Hi I need a little help with parttions and grub if someone could help I'll explain better.14:47
dopiei dont even know where its located14:47
SaberX01_!details | tankerkiller12514:48
ubottutankerkiller125: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:48
=== Mars is now known as Guest19595
SaberX01_dopie, Ok lets step back a bit here, what are trying to link first, then why you need a link?14:49
Touhou11Libresavoir: Elementary isn't supported here14:49
cloneGMonkeyDust SaberX01_ I told you! Lubuntu live isnt loading either...14:49
tankerkiller125OK so I'm running Ubuntu 13.10 right now on a small disk and I origanlly had windows on the larger one however just today I formated my windows drive and now I'm wondering what I should do for the Grub menu to make sure it doesn't have windows listed before I reboot my computer14:49
dopieSaberX01_,  ok :) ... I want to link public/images  all the files should goto shared/images14:50
LibresavoirTouhou11: I thought because it's the base that it would be the same ... OK I will ask in the elementary channel ... Thanks anyways!14:50
SaberX01_cloneG, all I said was, like ages ago, until you get the ROM drive working properly, its not a UB issue be it Xubuntu, Lubuntu or other wise..14:50
azi`hm.. is there a reason ubuntu installation does not let me choose that I want to encrypt my entire disk, when I choose a specific partition for it to be installed on?14:51
SaberX01_dopie, ok assuming public Images is in /home/$USER/public/images  .. ln /home/$USER/public/images /home/$USER/shared/images    ..14:52
tankerkiller125azi`,  You can encypt your Home folder by defualt and you will have to use an external program to encrypt the entire drive14:52
azi`tankerkiller125: so if i undertand correctly, this is not supported by default on ubuntu?14:52
cloneGSaberX01_ yep right it is a hardware issue.. thanks for your help14:53
karthikhello all14:54
karthiki'm new to irc chat14:54
karthikwhat is this thing ?14:54
Rorykarthik: This is the Ubuntu support channel14:54
JollyGreensex chat14:55
tankerkiller125azi`, Yes the Home folder will be encrypted if you choose that option however if you want an entire drive to be encrypted you will need to leave it un encrypted then use a program which will allow you to do an entire drive encyption I'll find a linik to total drive encryption for you14:55
SaberX01_!irs | karthik14:55
dopieSaberX01_,  got it14:55
rajrajrajhow to extract a package as .deb file from installed package14:55
SaberX01_!irc | karthik14:55
karthikok, i have bluetooth problem on 13.04 cannot send and recieve files14:55
ubottukarthik: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines14:55
azi`tankerkiller125: thanks i was just trying to find a concise guide for that.. the guys at askubuntu didn't answer to this question apparently14:55
rajrajrajSaberX01_: nothing worked so finally i decided to take every possible package into the harddisk one by one manually. do you know how to do that?14:56
tankerkiller125azi`,  Ah I see now just to let you know encrypting a usb device is really easy on ubuntu just bu going into the properties of disk manager but the file system requires somthing a little diffrent14:56
karthikuse an archive manager raj14:57
SaberX01_rajrajraj, No, I do not sorry.14:57
rajrajrajkarthik: i have archive manager, but how do i extract a package into a single file for e.g. i want vlc player ina single file like .deb which i can re install into another ubuntu14:58
rajrajrajSaberX01_: k14:58
SaberX01_rajrajraj, is the packages have been removed at any point, rebuilding them from an installed perspective it not a viable option.14:59
MonkeyDustrajrajraj  try this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6703589/14:59
rajrajrajtrying wat MonkeyDust said15:00
SaberX01_MonkeyDust, Already gave that too him .. along with !offline and !APTonCD15:00
karthikhello all15:00
Sheepy8916hi again15:01
rajrajrajMonkeyDust: hey thats reinstalling from internet15:01
rajrajrajMonkeyDust: facepalm15:02
SaberX01_MonkeyDust, rajrajraj The problem is, iof the packages themnselves are not on the "old" box, they are nto goign to be transfered / installe don the "new" box, and he said he has not Inet to DL the packages.15:02
MonkeyDustrajrajraj  you don't have internet? i didnt know that15:02
SaberX01_rajrajraj, Either you need a full set of Ofline CD's or get Internet access, that's your only access to the source / original packages.15:03
rajrajrajMonkeyDust: i have but not enough to download everything that i have installed15:03
=== chemist^ is now known as chemist^off
rajrajrajMonkeyDust: SaberX01_ yes i want to create a CD from already installed packages, not from packages available online. i hope that makes sense. for e.g. if i have installed vlc player i want it back as vlc.deb file in a pendrive does anyone know how to do that15:04
tankerkiller125See you guys later15:05
rajrajrajofcourse without any external package used.15:05
SaberX01_rajrajraj, Like I sadi, I dont think it's possible, with the tools we have right now, to create Install Packages, from those you have installed on your system.15:05
rajrajrajSaberX01_: finally that means i will have to reinstall from internet anyhow15:06
nitkanyone here15:07
MonkeyDustnitk  it works, we see you15:07
SaberX01_rajrajraj, Unfortunately, yes, that's how a repo driven system is designed. If you want that kind of install capability, you need the source files, e.g. a mirror or the full set of Srouce ISO cd's15:07
rajrajrajnitk: does it mean nit-karnatak15:07
nitkrajrajraj, yes15:07
rajrajrajSaberX01_: MonkeyDust alright thanks15:08
klrrwhat is the complete name of ubuntu monospace font to put in emacs?15:08
SaberX01_moonspace maybe -.-15:08
SaberX01_or mono-space  or god, who knows ..15:09
rajrajrajSaberX01_: MonkeyDust sorry for so much botheration and thanks for you assistance15:09
MonkeyDustrajrajraj  good luck, hope you make it15:10
SaberX01_klrr, have a look:  http://www.proggyfonts.com  ... and ... http://www.tobias-jung.de/seekingprofont for momospace fonts fer emacs.15:10
klrrfuck ubuntu :D:D:D15:10
b0xcan i turn my laptop (with 2 wifi adaptors .. one onboard one usb) into a wifi repeater?15:11
SaberX01_He's clearly a disgruntled employee .. gone postal of fonts .. LOL15:11
Kuro-Maiib0x, yes you can15:11
b0xis there software available todo it? like connectify on windows?15:12
b0xor am i cursed to .conf files and running daemons via cli15:12
nitki have a problem when connecteD through remote Desktop ..when i press small D it is minimizing the winDow Directly..15:12
Kuro-Maiib0x, you will need to link both together15:12
SaberX01_b0x, It's simple, it's an access point .. so yes.15:13
b0xim talking about.. connecting to one network15:13
b0xand then serving that network via another nic15:13
=== nuru is now known as Guest51981
b0xto extend the range15:13
SaberX01_b0x, yeah, an Ad-Hoc netwrok ..15:13
b0xive got a router here that could act as a wifi repeater, but its a netgear and only supports using WEP when in repeater mode15:14
b0xwhich isnt really an option15:14
Kuro-Maiib0x, you can flash you netgear with the tomato frimware15:15
b0xthe host router isnt mine15:15
SaberX01_b0x, So you wwant to vreate a Hot-Spot Yes?15:15
b0xso flashing it isnt an option ;)15:15
b0xSaberX01_: yes15:15
b0xbut with WPA15:15
b0xi read that already15:16
b0x"Ubuntu can only create wireless hotspots with weak WEP encryption, not strong WPA encryption."15:16
SaberX01_Then buy a descent Router15:16
SaberX01_if you already knew it could only do WEP why ask a rhetorical question15:17
MonkeyDustSaberX01_  that's not nice to say :)15:17
b0xbecause its possible todo with WPA15:17
b0xand as i mentioned15:17
b0xthe host router isnt mine15:17
b0xi could flash any of the routers i have here with dd-wrt and be fine15:17
b0xbut that doesnt change the host routers firmware, which is restricted to wep in repeater mode15:17
Kuro-Maiib0x, you can buy a router and have it extend the signal form the one that isn't yours15:18
SaberX01_Again, Objection sir, asked and answered they would say in court.15:18
b0xKuro-Maii: how so? im in the routers config interface15:18
b0xif i enable the repeater functions15:18
b0xit forces WEP15:19
b0xa monkey with a pi can crack wep in 30s15:19
b0xah hah!15:19
Kuro-Maiib0x, you don't need the 'host router to be in repeater mode15:19
b0xKuro-Maii: care to elaborate?15:20
Kuro-Maiib0x if you can put another router within its reach you can tel tel 'new one to extend the signal15:21
averageis it possible to convert an audio file into an equalizer video ?15:21
b0xKuro-Maii: erm... i dont see how?15:22
b0xwithout enabling the repeater functionality in the routers software15:22
b0xas its restricted by mac address15:22
b0xi cant just "connect" a router to another router15:22
SaberX01_sure you can15:22
knightshadeb0x: what netgear model do you have exactly?15:23
b0xi have a....15:23
demophobiaWhere do I access my USB installation media on a PC that's already used it to install Ubuntu 12.04? I am trying to follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#STA_-_No_Internet_access15:23
=== chemist^off is now known as chemist^
demophobiaThe USB drive is plugged in, but my mnt folder is empty.15:24
knightshadeb0x: there was a backdoor found on many netgear and linksys routers recently15:24
demophobia(I booted the computer with the USB drive already plugged in.)15:24
b0xive been cracking WPS for awhile15:24
knightshadeb0x: https://github.com/elvanderb/TCP-3276415:24
Kuro-Maiib0x, okay then you have another solution get a router, any will do, plug it in a lan port of your laptop, then connect wireless to the 'host' and link those to15:24
b0xif your referring to that15:24
chemist^demophobia mount the drive?15:25
MoehHello, is there an IRC room for general unix server advice?15:25
demophobiachemist^: thanks; i suppose i will read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount to learn how to do that ...15:25
Pici!alis | Moeh15:26
ubottuMoeh: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*15:26
b0xKuro-Maii: thats what i was leaning towards now15:26
SaberX01_I'm really not seeing how this is a Ubuntu problem, this is a network infrastructure is. Mayb your better off asking in #network or somethign.15:27
b0xid rather not have to use a laptop aswell as a router15:27
b0xSaberX01_: this is easy todo with windows15:27
chemist^demonspork, if you type in terminal: "sudo fdisk -l"15:27
knightshadeb0x: the DGND3300 is on the list and vulnerable. If you need a reason to install openwrt or tomato, there you have a good one :)15:27
b0xconnectify, mypublicwifi, marywifi15:27
chemist^it will list all your disks15:27
b0xknightshade: im not actually using that router, i just have it handy :)15:27
SaberX01_b0x, Permission granted to use Windows then, or file a bug as a whish-list item.15:27
b0xid prefer not to15:28
llutzknightshade: tomato? haven't they stopped development some 2 yrs ago?15:28
b0xnor do i require your permission15:28
r00tkingb0x, why are you spreading windows?15:28
b0xim trying to keep this constructive15:28
r00tking!ops b0x is telling users to use windows15:28
r00tkingb0x, this is #ubuntu.15:28
b0xr00tking: stfu15:28
b0xim asking about ubuntu15:28
r00tking!ops <b0x> r00tking: stfu15:29
b0xif you manage to scroll up15:29
b0xyou'll see i asked if it was possible specifically with ubuntu15:29
r00tking!ops b0x is abusing and "advising" people to use windows.15:29
r00tkingb0x, oh?15:29
Touhou11r00tking: Give it a rest15:29
DJonesr00tking: Please look at whats been said before jumping to conclusions15:29
Kuro-Maiib0x, then get a router and use that to connect to the 'host' and have them with list that mac address15:30
chemist^it is not good to jump to conclusions :D15:30
SaberX01_The issue is clear, WEP is possible WPA is not, he knows this.15:30
b0xWPA is possible15:30
b0xffs you lot are hopeless15:30
SaberX01_Several answers given, all rejected.15:30
b0xnone rejected15:31
b0xever heard of discussion?15:31
SaberX01_Oh, now can't read either?15:31
b0xchrist sake15:31
Kuro-MaiiI agree with SaberX01_ here15:31
demophobialet's cool it a bit ...15:31
b0xquote me ANYTIME saying "no"15:31
MonkeyDustb0x  if you don't get an answer here, try in ##networking (that's double #)15:31
Kuro-Maii<b0x> quote me ANYTIME saying "no"15:32
b0xthanks for the constructive suggestions anyway15:32
Kuro-Maiiwell you did say ANYTIME15:32
dschatzberghi all, I see a disk with lsscsi but it doesn't seem to be given a /dev/ node to mount it with. What do I do?15:32
Kuro-Maiiyour wellcome b0x15:32
sivawhile connecting to remote desktop it showing error login failed15:33
=== siva is now known as Guest53817
Kuro-Maiidschatzberg, isn't it some thing like /dev/sd##15:36
dschatzbergKuro-Maii: no, if it was then I could mount it, but it didn't receive a device node15:37
* Touhou11 wins15:37
ubottupong is an old atari game. It's fun!15:37
FloodBot1r00tking: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:37
Kuro-Maiidschatzberg, then I don't know, may be some one else knows15:38
Kuro-MaiiTouhou11: 1 ubottu: 015:39
Kuro-Maiigame on15:39
gimmicanyone familiar with an RDP client which supports a remote gateway?15:42
gimmic(TS gateway)15:42
=== Discovery is now known as Guest71185
gimmicremmina doesn't seem to support it15:42
xwalkdschatzberg: Are you able to inferface with the drive at all, such as using "lshw -C disk" to see if the manufacturer specifications are returned?15:43
SaberX01_gimmic, Im kinda confused here, RDP supports TS Gateway, what is your host OS your trying RDP from ?15:44
streulmawhat to install? nvidia-319-updates or nvidia-331 from xorg-edgers ppa?15:44
dschatzbergxwalk: it shows a few entries disk:<number> UNCLAIMED15:45
gimmicubuntu -> 2012r2 via an rdp gateway15:45
SaberX01_gimmic, I'd have to look, but think xRDP supprots TS15:45
dschatzbergxwalk: and the disk name matches the one I want15:45
gimmicRemmina just doesn't have any proxy/gateway options that I can find, a lot of requests online for people to implement it. Seems FreeRDP might do it15:45
demophobiaI am trying to follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#STA_-_No_Internet_access but I am stuck at the second step: there is no 'p' folder! I have mounted an ubuntu 12.04 USB installation medium to /mnt/usb1 (from /dev/sdb). Why am I missing this 'p/patch' folder that this guide assumes is present? What do I do?15:45
SaberX01_gimmic, Yes, FreeRDP was the other options I was going to suggest.15:46
xwalkdschatzberg: So far is seems that there isn't a driver being utilized for the hardware you're trying to use in your machine.15:46
xwalkdschatzberg: s/is/it15:46
dschatzbergxwalk: It was working before this weekend, I came in this morning and the machine had crashed15:47
demophobiaMoreover, I tried to install via double clicking, thinking that would save me terminal work, but when I double clicked it opened the Ubuntu Software Center with the 'install' option greyed out (so I was required to use terminal), another issue this guide seems unaware of.15:47
xwalkdschatzberg: What's the manufacturer specifications for the hard drive you're having problems with?15:48
dschatzbergits an OCZ Z-drive R215:48
chowderdemophobia: can you please explain the issue so I can better assist you? looks like you have a broadcom card (bcm43xx) and its not exactly agreeing with you. If I'm not mistaken there is support for this card in the generic kernel. Have you tried modprobe?15:49
kamikaHi... does anyone know how to enable audio in UbuntuServer 12 ??? I have tried so many things!!!15:49
chowderkamika: are you running a server?15:50
kamikachowder>: yes15:50
demophobia:( It's a ... netgear N600 WiFi Dual Band USB Adapter15:50
chowderdemophobia: hmm...not sure. might have to google that specific adapter15:51
xwalkdschatzberg: I'm wondering if the drive itself is not longer functioning due to physical damage. The manufacturer documentation states that versions of Ubuntu from 10.10 and later are supporting your model out of the box.15:51
kamikachowder: yes, Ubuntu server... but no audio... HDMI, motherboard or pci sound card!!!!15:51
demophobiaIt's Model No: WNDA3100, and the CD for windows install says WNDA3100v215:51
dschatzbergxwalk: Yeah, thats my fear, is there a good way to test?15:51
chowderkamika: have you tried messing with ALSA? there are configuration utilities for it15:51
demophobiathe other day someone here ascertained that https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx was the page I needed15:51
SaberX01_chowder, You probable need: sudo apt-get install alsa alsa-tools  .. maybe even alsamixer15:52
kamikachowder: yes... I can run the alsamixer and set the audio volume... but no luck! ... I have tried mp4(movie) with mplayer, and also wav files... nothing works...15:53
kamikaSaberX01_: I have also installed alsa-tools too15:53
chowderkamika: is the master channel at max?15:53
kamikanot red max, but almost15:53
chowderdemophobia: i found this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=193341115:53
SaberX01_chowder, and dont forget to add you user to audio: sudo adduser <username> audio   ,, and you need a reboot I think as well.15:53
demophobiachemist^: I just unplugged and replugged it in, and that didn't seem to do anything.15:53
xwalkdschatzberg: Apart from running fcsk on the drive and verifying that the power cables and SATA/IDE cables are connected properly, I can't really think of one.15:54
chowderSaberX01_: shouldn't need a reboot I don't think15:54
xwalkBut if the drive doesn't even have a device node, I can't see it possible to run fsck on it.15:54
dschatzbergxwalk: fsck would require that it is recognized though15:54
kamikaSaberX01_: I'm running as root.... and root is in the audio group15:54
chowderkamika: can you post the output of lspci on a pastebin? try `lspci | less` without the backticks15:55
demophobiachemist^: lsusb shows "Bus 001 Device 005: ID 0846:9011 NetGear, Inc. WNDA3100v2 802.11abgn [Broadcom BCM4323]"15:55
SaberX01_kamika, that's the first problem, you should never run as root on a sudo system. Best advice I can give you at this point is here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting15:55
chowderSaberX01_: what's wrong with being root?15:56
* chowder <3 root15:56
SaberX01_chowder, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo15:56
RarrikinsWhy am I getting a lot of "Connection failed [IP: 80]" with do-release-upgrade? I connect to that address in my browser, and it loads pretty quickly without trouble.15:56
SaberX01_chowder, Ubuntu is not designed to use Root at all.15:57
SaberX01_There's not Root PW even, you ahve to give it one intentionally.15:57
SaberX01_And at that point, good luck :-)15:57
kamikachowder: here it is: http://pastebin.com/m0XUcvvD15:58
chowderSaberX01_: all you have to do is unlock root and set the root  password. if you know what you're doing root isn't this evil monster you shouldn't disturb15:58
flammimy touchpad of my laptop with ubuntu 13.10 is not working sometime, when the laptop wakes up after standby15:58
RarrikinsIf you're immortal and don't make mistakes, root isn't this evil monster you shouldn't disturb.15:58
flammidoes somebody have an idea how to debug this?15:59
demophobiachemist^: I think it is not going to work simply via plug-and-play: Changing the USB port only changes the Device number indicated via lsusb; it does not enable me to select 'enable wireless' from clicking the Network icon.15:59
SaberX01_chowder, Im fully aware of How to Unlock root thank you. What Im saying is, you Should Not do that, but it's your system.15:59
abkWhat is LSB Headers equivalent for "upstart" for service ordering requirements?15:59
SaberX01_stanza's I thin16:00
r00tkingyou're a goddamn faggot, saberx01_16:00
DJonese/csrb r00tking16:01
demophobiahas chowder left? ...16:01
kamikayep! :P16:01
demophobiachemist^: Thank you for your help in mounting my installation media. Unfortuantely, changing the USB port did not help Ubuntu recognize the adapter.16:02
dschatzbergxwalk: I'm able to run the SMART self tests and they all seem OK on the disks, I use the generic scsi node /dev/sg<number> is there a way I can do an fsck on it using this path?16:02
SaberX01_abk, Best I can give you is http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#id70  .. ordering of upstarts16:03
abkSaberX01_, thanks... thing is I think LSB Headers shall work with Upstart as they do with SysV, but ain't sure?16:03
SaberX01_abk, I dont think they are needed.16:04
chemist^demophobia, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=204953716:04
demophobiachemist^: thank you; i will read through that ...16:04
SaberX01_abk, I been hackign through a ton of the upstart.conf and I've not seen any pulling in the headers, but upstart kinda new for me as well.16:05
abkSaberX01_, they are not normally needed, but I've a use-case where I need to force a service start before networking service; in SysV LSB Headers were the cleanest and suggested way16:05
=== chemist^ is now known as chemist^off
chemist^offdemophobia, hope you get to the bottom of it... i must leave now16:06
demophobiaThanks. Goodbye.16:06
abkSaberX01_, I've seen some upstart service scripts have them but never know if it's just SysV compatible script in Upstart or it also supports that particular header16:06
SaberX01_abk, Ok well I know you can start it say like after net-up or whatever, but Im not sure about howo that would be handled on a restart16:07
SaberX01_*about how16:07
TJ-dschatzberg: Have you examined the /var/log/kern.log in detail from the time the crash occurred, and when the system was restarted, to find clues as to what went wrong and as to any disk-recognition issues?16:08
abkSaberX01_, well I've found way for SysV and other SysV alternatives... just needed to confirm for upstart... you know these kin'of race conditions are not easy to directly test16:09
SaberX01_abk, yes, in that regaurd, I think SysV is much more straight forward .. Im just no sure about upstart.16:10
dschatzbergTJ-: unfortunately the disk that won't mount was the disk that /var/log/kern.log would be on16:11
SaberX01_abk, upstart still give me headaches ;-)16:11
freshminthi im setting up an ssh server with my ubuntu: by any chance is there an option/config file that allows to set limits for bandwidth16:11
abkSaberX01_, thanks anyways... that links says "The LSB specifies helper utilities that these services can make use of..." is not a 100% stamp but in positive direction16:12
SaberX01_abk, ok gud luck16:12
kiwi_hi ... can you recommend a bulk youtube video downloader ? the glorious ByTubeD firefox addon is out of service.16:13
abkfreshmint, iirc "ethtool" is capable of it16:14
Magical1is it safe to increse the session time for ssh sessions?16:14
MonkeyDustkiwi_  youtube-dl -t [url] [url] [url]16:14
abkfreshmint, but that does it for the NIC itself not process16:14
RoryMagical1: Yes, but if the session gets interrupted, it will be longer before it times out and disconnects16:15
=== Moeh_ is now known as Moeh
Magical1thanks Rory16:15
SaberX01_freshmint, I think you'll have to look at apps like trickle etc as OpenSSH server does not support BW limits last I looked.16:16
kiwi_MonkeyDust, thanks ... and how do i extract urls in bulk to download all videos from a channel?16:17
Magical1Rory: ... ServerAliveInterval, is that specified in minutes?16:18
SaberX01_with a Bash or Perl script16:18
RoryMagical1: Seconds16:18
freshmintSaberX01_, okay but there doesnt exist something like a config file for that. and the general openssh server gives unlimited bandwith up/down16:18
RoryMagical1: You can set it to 0 for no timeout16:18
Guest72180Hi! I am trying to create a bootable USB with Ubuntu from my Mac laptop. I have done this before, succesfully, from a pc. When I boot up from the USB I get some errors, or it just freezez. Can anybody link me a good guide for creating a bootable usb on a mac? =)16:18
Rory!usb | Guest7218016:19
ubottuGuest72180: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent16:19
SaberX01_freshmint, Not that Im aware of no, not a server-side limit.16:19
Magical1thanks again16:19
georgeperkinsI have a program which is supported for redhat/suse only, but in principle should work in Ubuntu. THe trouble I'm finding is when I add the path to the required *.so libraries to /etc/ld.so.conf.d/ and ldconfig, then this causes my system to become unstable.16:19
georgeperkinsCan anyone advise me how I might go about identifying the problem libraries? thanks16:19
freshmintSaberX01_, okay so since upload limits occur they are due to my router/provider limit and not form the server daemon16:20
MonkeyDustgeorgeperkins  better don't mix distro's, find a solution within ubuntu16:20
Magical1Rory: should I be using ServerAliveInterval or ClientAliveInterval?16:21
RoryMagical1: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/3026/what-do-the-options-serveraliveinterval-and-clientaliveinterval-in-sshd-conf16:21
Magical1thanks again Rory16:21
llutzgeorgeperkins: you might call your program with a special LD_LIBRARY_PATH which points to the non-distro-libs instead of adding those lib-pathes to the systemwide ld.so.conf16:21
SaberX01_freshmint, I know opn like Apache2 you can use SpeedShaping, but nothing like that in OPenSSH.16:22
georgeperkinsMoketDust: Thanks, I tend to agree, but this is CAD software used by my office. Also, I managed to get the previous version of the program to work, before, but spent ages eliminating one library at a time.16:22
georgeperkinsllutz: interesting thank-you, i'll lookk into that.16:23
RarrikinsWhat's a good Apt server for getting saucy packages? us.archive.ubuntu.com doesn't work well.16:24
SaberX01_Magical1, careful using those on ssh  .. things like SSHFS and such are sensitive to KeepAlive directives.16:24
llutzgeorgeperkins:you start the program then with  "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/bar/foo  yourcommand"16:24
RarrikinsAlso, the Georgia Tech one doesn't work well.16:24
Nach0zRarrikins: might be your internets hombre16:25
georgeperkinsllutz: thanks, will try it16:25
SaberX01_Rarrikins, on Launchpad there's a repo's list, but you can also try: apt-fast and use the Update Center to find fastest mirror for you.16:25
Cheryl_chow do I add packages to my systems software sources?16:25
Nach0zRarrikins: if you really want to get good speeds you might set up a repo mirror somewhere in your local network16:25
RarrikinsHow do I get apt-fast?16:26
matthewGAI'm experiencing a performance loss on my web server and top is showing me that find is hitting ~60% of the CPU and 25% of memory. ps aux | grep find is showing some php-related processing, http://pastebin.com/qKsJa4ZD16:26
RoryRarrikins: I googled "apt-fast" and found this https://github.com/ilikenwf/apt-fast16:26
SaberX01_Nach0z, Rarrikins I use debmirror to Mirror Precise and Trusty .. works good, but it's like 150GB worth of files.16:26
RarrikinsYeah, I can't wait for 150 GB, unfortunately.16:27
Cheryl_cI downloaded full circle magazine but cannot find it on my system16:27
Guest72180When I try to install Ubuntu from a USB I get the error "cannot mount dev loop0 cdrom casper filesystem.squashfs". How do I fix it?16:27
SaberX01_Rarrikins, http://www.webupd8.org/2012/10/speed-up-apt-get-downloads-with-apt.html16:27
=== mnemon2 is now known as mnemon
Rarrikinswget https://raw.github.com/ilikenwf/apt-fast/master/apt-fast works16:28
WalexGuest72180: most likely that means a damaged medium16:28
=== matt_ is now known as dilema
SaberX01_Rarrikins, You need to add the repo, update then sido apt-get instapp aptfast16:29
Nach0zRarrikins: mirroring the repo is usually for when you have multiple setups that you want to have blazing fast update speeds16:29
WalexCheryl_c: you don't add "packages" to your "sources". Each "source" is a collection of packages.16:29
farblypoodoes anyone know if the zip software built into ubuntu 10.04 have encryption or not? The encryption seems greyed out but selected, and there's no full way to tick it to be absolutely sure.16:29
Nach0zRarrikins: it's an investment. You download 150 gigs over the course of a few days or weeks, then it stays relatively up to date on its own, and every time you need an update you just have to hit something in your LAN16:29
WalexCheryl_c: you add sources to your sources list, and then you update the list of packages, and then you select which of them to install.16:29
Kre10sjews can believe in Jesus too... ... google search...16:30
scottbuckelHi all, MySQL on my WordPress server hosting one site (ubuntu, standard LAMP install) stops about once per week--I see nothing in the mysql logs, though.  Where do you recommend that I look?  I'm not looking for the answer, only suggestions in what to look for...im stuck!16:30
SaberX01_Nach0z, I like it'. can do point upgrades in a matter of a minute or two.16:30
WalexRarrikins: Nach0z you don't need a full repo mirror. You can do a repo cache.16:30
Nach0zSaberX01_: I'd do it if I had a hundred fifty gigs of bandwidth to just blow off16:30
ActionPa1snipfarblypoo: Lucid is no longer supported on the desktop16:30
farblypooDoes anyone know if there's a lucid lynx chatroom where I can ask this question?16:30
Nach0zSaberX01_: it'd probably be more useful for applications like VPS hosting services16:31
PiranhaMobileSeriously, is there no lvm2 filesystem check or anything?16:31
Cheryl_cWalex: how do I add sources to the sources list16:31
WalexPiranhaMobile: it is not really a filesystem...16:31
ActionPa1snipfarblypoo: its not supported by the community, ##cafe-ubuntu may help but I doubt anywhere will advise you any different to 'insdtall Precise'16:31
PiranhaMobileWalex: How in the world would I go about trying to recover my data... it's on an LVM2 volume16:31
Kre10sCheryl_c, text editor16:31
Nach0zfarblypoo: if you want to encrypt a file then I'd suggest actually encrypting either the input files or the output .zip or .tgz or whatever16:32
farblypooActionPainsnip: But I'm used to it and don't use it for much. What version are you running, and does the compress software for zip have encryption enabled in it?16:32
WalexCheryl_c: there are several ways... One is to edit the text files '/etc/apt.sources.list' or thos in '/etc/apt/sources.list.d/'16:32
Nach0zusing gpg or whatever16:32
georgeperkinsllutz: I set LD_LIBRARY_PATH as an environmental variable and it seems to have worked! Thanks for your help!16:32
SaberX01_Nach0z, Yeah, I trickle the updates in use rsync --bwlimit=1024 or whatever .. but yeah, still eats a lot of bits.16:32
WalexCheryl_c: several APT frontends will also allow you to add them with a GUI.16:32
farblypooNach0Z: are you saying zip and tar.gz files are always encrypted by default?16:32
wskyhey i just installed xubuntu with debootstrap, how to add ubdte notifications in it?16:33
WalexCheryl_c: there are wiki pages on the Ubuntu Wiki that explain it.16:33
Nach0zfarblypoo: no, I'm saying if you want an encrypted archive, then run the archive through an encryption tool16:33
Nach0zor, run the individual files going into the archive through an encryption tool. Get an unencrypted archive holding encrypted files16:33
farblypooNach0Z, Ok i see so you mean a rar or a zip file, with a password isn't enough to qualify it as encyrpted.16:33
wskyudd update notifications*16:34
SaberX01_it's merely protested at that point16:34
farblypooNach0Z: so what you're saying is I need something serious like Truecrypt?16:34
WalexNach0z: Rarrikins: 'apt-cache search apt cache'16:34
xwalkdschatzberg: I'm not certain on whether that's possible.16:34
wskyi guess update-notifier is running, hmm16:34
farblypooSaberX01: so what you're saying is that it is enough" Do you mean to say the file is protected or encrypted?16:35
Nach0zfarblypoo: I'd run it through gpg or whatever the tool is16:35
SaberX01_farblypoo, encrypting would be like: tar cfJ - some-files | openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -e > somefiles.tar.xz16:35
Nach0zfarblypoo: and having a "password" on it does encrypt it through the correct program16:35
SaberX01_farblypoo, then to decrypt: openssl enc -in somefiles.tar.xz -aes-256-cbc -d | tar -xJvf -16:37
zzzGood morning :) I have a question about Rhythmbox on ubuntu 13.10. When I try to close it out it doesn't close. I have to open the system monitor and end the task because it continues to run in the background. Is there a way that I can make it so this don't happen anymore?16:37
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RarrikinsSaberX01_: Thanks for the recommendation of apt-fast. It's at least trying several packages at once (still having troubles, but slowly getting there) when do-release-upgrade inscrutably does one at a time.16:38
SaberX01_farblypoo, It will ask you for a pass phrase that you entered on encrypt, but that passphrase is not encryption, the openssl -enc is encrypting.16:38
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glamberthi, I've got 50GB on /dev/vda in a virtual machine.  I've just extended it from 5GB.  So if I do "parted /dev/vda" I get the disk saying 53.7GB and the partitions are in there as 5.11GB16:39
farblypoook i see what you guys mean, password protect and encrypt are different things. only with serious programs like gpg can you password protect AND encrypt16:39
SaberX01_Rarrikins, You can also go into Dash >> Update Manager >> Settings >> Ubuntu Software >. Download from and hit the find fastest mirror16:39
glambertI have /dev/sda1 as the primary ext2 boot partition16:40
glambertwhich is 0.25GB16:40
glambert/dev/vda2 as a 5.11GB extended partition16:40
glambertand /dev/vda5 as the same size but a logical partition16:40
glamberthow can I increase the logical partition to fill the disk?16:40
glambertthen increase the /dev/mapper/mydisk to fill that?16:40
SaberX01_Rarrikins, The Update manager will then try to find the best Mirror for your current location / BW speeds etc.16:40
SaberX01_Rarrikins, merely trys to do a Torrent type download .. if the mirrors are slow, so shall be the download.16:41
farblypooSaberX01: do you know of any tutorial that explains step by step how to password protect and encrypt from the terminal?16:42
SaberX01_farblypoo, Let me go find some, PW protection and encryption are two differnt things.16:43
farblypooSaberX01: thanks16:43
SaberX01_farblypoo, Here's a "very" simple encrypt / decrypt: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2007/12/12/simple-file-encryption-with-openssl/16:44
MonkeyDustglambert  is this useful http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/commontask.html16:44
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SaberX01_farblypoo, and this site has allot of info: http://www.madboa.com/geek/openssl/16:44
farblypooSaberx01: thanks again :)16:45
SaberX01_farblypoo, and for PW say for like a ZIP file: zip --encrypt mysecret.zip supersecretfile.txt16:47
SaberX01_That should prompt you for a PW.. shiwhc you'll need to unzip the file.16:48
glambertMonkeyDust, no, because I can't resize the logical volume until the partition has been increased16:48
MonkeyDustglambert  backup and resize your partitions, is my advice16:49
glambertno need to backup as just a VM I can rebuild very quickly anyway16:49
glambertI'm trying to resize the partitions but I can't16:49
farblypooSaberX01: what ubuntu are you on? If you're on the GUI, and you visually select to compress a file with zip, are you getting a greyed out, and therefore selected, encryption checkbox?16:50
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TheNvidiaProblemHello, I have a NVidia GT 740m with Optimus, I've installed nvidia-331 and nvidia-prime, and activated the x-edgers ppa. After that, I rebooted to a low-graphics-mode, ran nvidia-xconfig and nothing changed.16:50
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=== paul_ is now known as paulus68
SaberX01_farblypoo, The thing is, most folks, coming from Windows at least, pw protection is differnt in *Nix, as it's actually a form of encryption, rather than just adding an passphrase.16:50
glambertMonkeyDust, I have three partitions on /dev/vda; 1 = 0.00GB -> 0.26GB primary ext2 boot, 2 = 0.26GB -> 5.37GB extended, 5 = 0.26GB -> 5.37GB logical lvm16:50
glambertI can resize partition 2 but not partition 516:51
SaberX01_farblypoo, But the two are different things, although they share common tools to accomplish the job.16:51
llutzglambert: you have to resize partition 2, the extended because this holds the logical drive (5)16:51
llutzglambert: a logical drive can't be bigger than the extended partition it is on16:52
glambertllutz, ok, I've resized partition 2 to be 53.4GB, what is next?16:52
llutzglambert: resize/recreate the logical drive 5 then16:52
glambertllutz, can't do it via parted16:52
farblypooSaberX01: that might explain why my ubuntu asks for a password with compress by zip, and then the instant you start writing the password, below it seems to be saying encryption has been added, and it's saying it in the form of a greyed out barely visible checkbox16:53
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TheNvidiaProblem00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 06)16:53
TheNvidiaProblem01:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK208M [GeForce GT 740M] (rev a1)16:53
TheNvidiaProblemThose are my lspci devices related to graphics.16:53
seulCould somebody please help me? I am trying to install ubuntu from a cd, on which I have burned the mini .iso. When I get to the second screen, select a language, it just freezez. Is that a normal issue? I have checked MD5 sum, it's ok.16:53
SaberX01_farblypoo, Yes, all the PW stuff I use, all use openssl to  do the actual PW protection (aka encryption).16:54
zzzGood morning :) I have a question about Rhythmbox on ubuntu 13.10. When I try to close it out it doesn't close. I have to open the system monitor and end the task because it continues to run in the background. Is there a way that I can make it so this don't happen anymore?16:54
TheNvidiaProblemDoes anybody know whats wrong? I can't seem to find any fault.16:55
xanguazzz it will close if you are not currently playing music16:55
zzzxangua, ok cool thank you16:56
farblypooSaberX01: I wouldn't know if openssl is being used on my lucid lynx. I am surprised though, that on the GUI, zip is the only one that has password and encryption allowed, whereas things like .tar or .tar.gz don't have the possibility of adding them.16:56
farblypooBut that can probably explained in that it isn't updated in any sort of way/16:57
MonkeyDustfarblypoo  is lucid even supported?16:57
farblypooMonkeyDust: no it isn't. does that mean it shouldn't be talked about anymore?16:58
SaberX01_seul, is this normal, no, there are several bugs reported about this on 13.10 thru 14.04 .. I've seen folks use 13.04 mini, then upgrade to 13.10 to get around it.16:58
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seulSaberX01_:  Ok. What should I do? I don't have any dvd's, so CD is my option. Should I go back a few versions so that it fits on a cd?16:59
farblypooMonkeyDust: I use it for very basic things, I don't even download its own updates, was there a security issue I should be concerned with that led it to being dropped down?16:59
SaberX01_seul, two options for you, use the 13.04 Mini ISO .. or use 13.10 server ISO which is also a minimal install without a desktop installed.17:00
xanguafarblypoo: you asking if you have security issues with outdated and no supported packages¿17:01
farblypooApart from the firefox from being stuck on version 10, lol... Yeah I guess I should really move on from this old ubuntu17:01
SaberX01_seul, is you use the 13.04 mini iso .. you'll need to do: sudo do-release-upgrade17:01
seulSaberX01_:  Is the 13.10 server issue more stable? With regards to installation. I am burning it from a Mac laptop btw.17:01
Picifarblypoo: it was released in 2010. Desktop releases then were only supported for 3 years. Supported In May of last year.17:02
SaberX01_seul, the server ISO are all I use, then if I want a desk top, I install say: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop17:02
farblypooxangua: As I don't use them for browsing much at all, I thought looking for something that might not have the latest hackers hacking away at it might be more secure. I always assume hackers can get through supported tech.17:03
seulSaberX01_:  Ok. I'll try it.17:03
SaberX01_seul, How it's being burned does not really matter asa long as it's a good tool. I use my other half mac for ISO's allot.17:03
omdreamsnewbliek question :  another user  installed a backup service simpana to my ubuntu server and broke what launches on startup  -- all things look normal in init.d   how would i troubleshoot this17:03
omdreamsthis is killing my  services and the backup which then needs to be manually launched each time the server is booted17:04
TheNvidiaProblemI have a NVidia GT 740m with Optimus, I've installed nvidia-331 and nvidia-prime, and activated the x-edgers ppa. After that, I rebooted to a low-graphics-mode, ran nvidia-xconfig and nothing changed.17:05
wskywhat's the name of the graphical ubuntu package autiinstaller? jockey?17:06
TheNvidiaProblemwsky: If you're on 13.10, its now a built in.17:06
wskyjockey-gtk does not install any binaries17:06
wskyTheNvidiaProblem: i've instal;led 13.04 via debootstrap17:06
TheNvidiaProblemwsky: Otherwise, it is jockey. jockey-test for cli, jockey-gtk for gui17:06
wskyjockey gtk does not install any binaries17:06
TheNvidiaProblemwsky: jockey-text*17:06
wskyi got jockey-text but it refuses to install wifi drivers17:07
daftykinsTheNvidiaProblem: are you sure that's supposed to work? have you looked into bumblebee?17:07
omdreamsthought it was aptitude17:07
wskydpkg -L jockey-gtk just lists some /usr/share/docs files17:07
SaberX01_TheNvidiaProblem, So you got everything working ok now ?17:07
TheNvidiaProblemdaftykins: Yes, but I'd rather get it working with prime since I'd like to use both cards without having to run every application that needs my nvidia from the cli.17:08
TheNvidiaProblemSaberX01_: I've been posting about how its not working... so no.17:08
SaberX01_TheNvidiaProblem, Oh, sri, my bad.17:08
TheNvidiaProblemMy lspci outputs a VGA and a 3D card, as shown here:17:08
glambertllutz, MonkeyDust, FYI, following these steps worked for me: http://sandilands.info/sgordon/increasing-kvm-virtual-machine-disk-using-lvm-ext417:09
TheNvidiaProblem00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 06)17:09
TheNvidiaProblem01:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK208M [GeForce GT 740M] (rev a1)17:09
TheNvidiaProblemBut, when I boot up, it goes into low graphics mode.17:09
nickalishhi peeps17:11
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TheNvidiaProblemI've installed nvidia-331, nvidia-prime and purged bumblebee and nouveau.17:12
daftykinswhat x.org version have you got?17:12
TheNvidiaProblemdaftykins: The newest from x-edgers. Not sure how to check.17:13
SaberX01_TheNvidiaProblem, In a terminal, just type" X -version17:15
TheNvidiaProblemX.Org X Server (1.14.5 RC 1)17:15
TheNvidiaProblemRelease Date: 2013-11-2117:15
TheNvidiaProblemX Protocol Version 11, Revision 017:15
TheNvidiaProblemBuild Operating System: Linux 2.6.24-32-xen x86_64 Ubuntu17:15
TheNvidiaProblemCurrent Operating System: Linux SilverWolf 3.11.0-15-generic #23-Ubuntu SMP Mon Dec 9 18:17:04 UTC 2013 x86_6417:15
FloodBot1TheNvidiaProblem: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:15
TheNvidiaProblemKernel command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-3.11.0-15-generic root=UUID=15ad4ba9-2282-4e93-832c-b43c98d77577 ro quiet splash acpi_backlight=vendor17:15
daftykinsi just happened to see an article referring to needing X.org 1.15 dev release17:15
wskyso, jockey-text lists additional drivers but jockey-gtk in the software sources is all grayed out17:15
daftykinsTheNvidiaProblem: looks like your X.org needs to be newer17:16
TheNvidiaProblemdaftykins: Alright, what ppas do I have to install?17:17
daftykinsi have no idea.17:17
wskyjockey-text stopped listing the drivers as well, weird17:18
TheNvidiaProblemwsky: Probably means you don't need proprietary drivers anymore.17:19
wskywell, i need something to run this old wifi card17:19
SaberX01_Im seeing that 13.10 is using 1.14 .. so if you need 1.15 .. that probably in 14.04 Ubunbtu .. not sure how you'd get in 13.10.17:19
daftykinsTheNvidiaProblem: i think it's a bit early in general for trying to try that setup. i read that it's proposed for saucy but mostly aimed to be in trusty17:20
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yahyaadoes anyone know how to add a user to vboxusers so that I am able to access my usb drives?17:20
TheNvidiaProblemdaftykins: That's annoying since almost every application I use needs to be able to access my nvidia.17:20
daftykinslike what?17:21
wskythe weirdest part is that the chip is not being listed in lspci17:21
SaberX01_TheNvidiaProblem, nVidia works, it's the nVidia + Intel that's not workign right?17:21
wskyi guess it's impossible to run it then17:21
elementaryḧow do i take over another mans nickname17:21
elementaryits my own but my nickname is not outlogged lol17:21
daftykinsSaberX01_: yes, aka Optimus.17:21
elementaryi mean a command for irc now17:21
OerHekselementary, irc nickname? ask in #Freenode17:21
daftykinselementary: /nick x17:21
wskyah no, it's being listed17:22
daftykinselementary: in future this is NOT IRC support17:22
wskyit's a breoadcom17:22
SaberX01_TheNvidiaProblem, Well untill it's resolved in 14.04 .. disable Intel in the BIOS, and ruan Dual NV.17:22
TheNvidiaProblemSaberX01_: daftykins Ahh, not really. If I disable the intel, nothing works since nvidia dosen't appear as a vga device.17:22
elementarydaftykins: great i thought i was in ubuntu-offtopic17:22
daftykinsTheNvidiaProblem: indeed it won't work direct17:22
TheNvidiaProblemSaberX01_: Can't disable anything in BIOS.17:22
SaberX01_TheNvidiaProblem, That's a different problem, the NV card on its own should work.17:22
SaberX01_TheNvidiaProblem, You cant tell your BIOS to use PCIe GPU ?17:23
TheNvidiaProblemSaberX01_: Well, they made it not. I have no control over its enable or disable state, nor can I run on it independtly. Its a quirk of the hardware since its only listed as a 3D controller.17:23
TheNvidiaProblemSaberX01_: Nope. Not a single option for it.17:23
SaberX01_TheNvidiaProblem, I dont know what to do about that, what MB is it?17:23
TheNvidiaProblemSaberX01_: SaberX01_ Not entitely sure, Its a Toshiba Satilite P-5017:24
TeraJLi'm trying to go with ubuntu on my company, but i cannot argue with them agains mint, is there any page or something that has any pros on ubuntu agains mint?17:24
SaberX01_That's a Laptop ?17:24
TheNvidiaProblemTeraJL: Offical support from a much larger, friendly community, and its backed by canonical with its support and landscape.17:25
MonkeyDustTeraJL  https://duckduckgo.com/?q=ubuntu+vs+mint&t=canonical17:25
TheNvidiaProblemTeraJL: I put my company on Ubuntu since Ubuntu and mint share many problems and solutions, but on any issues they share, the mint people will say "go to ubuntu", and the ubuntu people will say "go to mint".17:26
daftykinsSaberX01_: no offence but if you don't understand how Optimus setups work you're not going to be much help.17:26
SaberX01_TheNvidiaProblem, So this is a SLOT type Video Card then, not sure how that play into it all, but I suspect yueah, on a laptop, probably can't disable onboard GPU.17:26
TheNvidiaProblemSaberX01_: Its more to do with that its a hybrid. They are merged into one unit.17:26
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TheNvidiaProblemHmm, I'm going to try purgin nvidia and going nouveau17:28
rostamHI question, the /var/log/boot.log in my system is corrupted and in subsequent boot I do not get any log info. Which process and configuration manage this file so i can debug it? thx17:29
SaberX01_daftykins, I didn't know he was on a laptop with Optimus until a he said that.17:29
TheNvidiaProblemAt the very least, I'll get back to a working system and use Windows for all of my CAD/Graphics work for 4 months.17:29
irul-denisaada yang dari indonesia disini ndak?17:29
TheNvidiaProblemHopefully 14.04 brings some beautiful support.17:29
SaberX01_daftykins, I been thinking this was a desktop all along. Why 3 monitors for a Laptop, kinda overkill but I guess it's doable in some circles.17:30
daftykinsTheNvidiaProblem: yeah i wouldn't hold my breath personally17:30
R3K4CEStupid question, I've installed Xubuntu on two systems, a desktop and a laptop, my problem is that for some reason xubuntu will not detect the wireless card inside of the laptop, the desktop had absolutely no problems. Is there any possible fix?17:30
TheNvidiaProblemSaberX01_: Where did I say this system had three monitors? My main desktop does, but this one only had a main.17:31
daftykinsR3K4CE: first thing would be to connect to a wired connection and fully update the system if you can17:31
daftykinsTheNvidiaProblem: he probably just means video outputs17:31
TheNvidiaProblemdaftykins: Ahh :P.17:31
R3K4CEit doesn't work when i hook it up to an ethernet line.17:31
R3K4CEits really weird because ive had this problem before and i was able to solve it with a couple of commands17:32
daftykinsR3K4CE: oh? sounds like unsupported wired too >_< can you run "lspci" in a terminal on the laptop and use a flash drive to transfer the output onto the working computer to pastebin it?17:32
daftykinsR3K4CE: were they 'modprobe' commands perhaps?17:32
daftykinseither way the first step is identifying what the hardware is with 'lspci'17:32
daftykinsprobably Broadcom or Atheros devices17:32
MonkeyDustR3K4CE  does it show when you use the command     nmcli17:32
TheNvidiaProblemdaftykins: I won't be, but I may look into helping the effort. Bugs, code and such. I'm an expiranced programmer. Its how I payed for university haha, 10k hours in C/C++/Python/Ruby.17:33
TheNvidiaProblemReboot time17:33
R3K4CEit won't even show me wlan0 , as if the card was never even there.17:34
R3K4CEimguessing its just not supported period17:34
sandertjedoes anyone know where archive manager saves its temporary files?17:34
daftykinsR3K4CE: no, that just means a driver isn't loaded.17:34
daftykinsR3K4CE: you won't see an interface for a driverless device17:34
R3K4CEso id have to install the drivers for it?17:34
daftykinsso run lspci as i said17:34
daftykinsand identify the hardware17:34
Picisandertje: What are you trying to accomplish?17:35
MonkeyDustR3K4CE  it's    nmcli dev17:35
wskyanyone has a good broadcom drivers repository anywhere?17:35
wskyi need firmware for one chip17:35
sandertjepici: i'm extracting a 11G *.gz file. It has already been running for more than 1.5 hours. I have no clue how  far it is, so I'd like to see the file size of the uncompressed file.17:35
MonkeyDustsandertje  you can open a new tab in terminal en use    watch ls -l [file name]17:36
=== phox is now known as Guest24877
MonkeyDustsandertje  to see the progress17:36
mherwegsandertje: ls -ltr17:36
sandertjeMonkeyDust: i cant find the resulting uncompressed file. That's the problem. It's nowhere.17:36
mherwegsandertje : did u use gunzip ?17:37
mherwegsandertje : may be in /tmp ?17:37
Guest24877SaberX01_:  Hi, I got help from you earlier. I did as you said and burned the 13.10 server issue on a cd.  But it freezez at the EXACT same point as the mini-issue, at the page with the title "Select a language". I press enter but nothing happens. The keyboard worked for the page before it.17:37
sandertjeI did ls -l -a -h | grep G   (i reckon that by now something with multiple gigabytes must have appeared)... it gave me nothing new. only the original archive17:37
sandertjemherweg: no. The archive manager. I'm seeing with top that it using gzip in the background17:38
=== jordan__ is now known as jordan
matthewGAI have a system dir with lots of tmp files in it. Not sure how many, because ls/find/etc seem to just not work here. No error, just slow to respond until I kill it. it's PHP session stuff, so I tried find . -name "sess_*" -delete (from within /var/lib/php5) and it's just sitting. Any better way to handle lots of small files?17:39
SaberX01_matthewGA use: find ./*.extention -type f -delete     that's pretty fast17:42
SaberX01_matthewGA, Just makesure you have the path correct, or cd to the directory want the files deleted from.17:43
SaberX01_Guest24877, did get / use another mini.iso to try the install with ?17:44
matthewGAK, trying with find ./sess_* -type f -delete17:45
SaberX01_Guest24877, nevermind, sorry you said 13.10 server ISO .. well that's an odd one then, I've not seen a bug on Language issue on the server CD17:45
matthewGAI didn't think about the -type f flag17:45
matthewGAthanks SaberX01_17:45
Guest24877SaberX01_:  I have tried with the mini-version from usb, full version from usb and server version from cd. They all freeze at the select language page. Maybe I should try an older version?17:45
idanielHi,   do any of you use a desktop that needs a usb wireless adapter with Ubuntu? What kind works for you? I want to stream movies and the router is upstairs.17:45
PicimatthewGA: you might also want -maxdepth 1 if you don't want to delete recursively.17:45
matthewGAthanks Pici I'll throw that in there. I think it's sludging through a few thousand files or something. idk since ls just doesn't seem to respond.17:46
SaberX01_Guest24877, You could try older, but not sure that would do any better.17:47
prashant_123456not able to install a program using executible file17:47
llutzmatthewGA: next step is to kick the author of your php-stuff, why doesn't the thing cleanup it's tmp-files itself17:47
matthewGAidaniel, I have a ChromeCast and it's neat. Works with YouTube from my chromeium browser, works with Netflix and Pandora from my phone/tablet. never tried with local media.17:47
matthewGAuh-oh... "bash: /usr/bin/find: Argument list too long"17:48
wskyok so there is b43 firmware installer for ubuntu17:48
wskydidn't know that17:48
Guest24877SaberX01_:  To me it doesn't sound like a hardware issue. Do you think it can be? It's a computer I've used for a while, and had ubuntu at before, but yesterday I moved it to a new case.. I'm rambling here.17:48
SaberX01_Guest24877, No does not sound like HW to me either.17:48
idaniel matthewGA o.k. thanks!  What if I have a Mozilla Firefox browser?17:49
SaberX01_matthewGA, another variant: ls -1 | wc -l && time find ./*.extinsion  -type f -delete17:49
matthewGAChromcast only streams media/tabs from Chrome/Chromium browser. Part of the whole "Google Rules All" thing.17:49
idanielalright   thanks!17:50
SaberX01_matthewGA, whoops, had an extra space in there: ls -1 | wc -l && time find ./*.extinsion -type f -delete17:50
=== krabador is now known as Guest55727
matthewGASaberX01_ I caught the space. Trying now17:51
matthewGAoh it gave output ... "3121943" is that the number of files?17:51
SaberX01_Guest24877, Have a look at this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/364945/server-13-10-install-hangs17:51
SaberX01_matthewGA, Yes, num of files17:52
matthewGA:( bash: /usr/bin/find: Argument list too long17:52
Guest24877SaberX01_:  Already have, not sure what to make of it. I have a PS2 keybord, connecteded via a converter since i dont have a ps2 on my motherboard. Could that be an issue?!17:52
matthewGA3.1m files I guess that'll do it huh17:53
yahyaacan anyone help me with setting up my virtual machine so that I am able to access my usb drives???17:53
SaberX01_matthewGA, Well you could always del the directory .. and add it back in.17:53
prashant_123456not able to install a program using executable file17:54
matthewGAthere are some files I'd rather not del but I'm wondering if that's the only option left at this point.17:54
SaberX01_matthewGA, Or try the old, but slower: find . -type f -exec rm -v {} \;17:54
llutzmatthewGA:  find .  -type f -iname foo*bar |xargs rm17:54
matthewGAwhat's the foo*bar represent there?17:54
llutzmatthewGA: pattern to match your files17:55
matthewGAtrying it lol thanks guys.17:55
zzzIs anyone here familiar with bleachbit? If so what does it mean to clean memory and what are localizations?17:56
SaberX01_Guest24877, It may be, I've never seen that cause issue, bu it could. With the server ISO, I think you can do the install without a Mouse connected at all.17:56
SaberX01_Guest24877, SRI,. you said PS2 KB via converter .. not mouse .. do you have a USB KB you could try17:58
Guest24877SaberX01_:  I don't, but I guess I could run down to school and "borrow" one, hehe. It might be worth a try.17:58
SaberX01_Guest24877, Yeah, I've not tried a real PS2 KB / Mouse in a very long time, so not sure, but that article seems to point in that direction.17:59
Guest24877SaberX01_:  But I mean, at the intital screen I can click around and it works just fine. It just freezez at the second screen!18:00
SaberX01_Guest24877, It's probably trying to map the KB or something, not sure mate, but try a USB KB and see.18:01
gordonjcpGuest24877: no PS/2 ports?18:01
TheNvidiaProblemHello, so a report. I'm back to a regular desktop with the nouveau drivers, with nvidia-prime installed. I have no idea if the descrite graphics is working, but oh well.18:01
Guest24877gordonjcp:  Yeah, unfortunately not.18:01
anykeyI've just got a new SSD for my system. I want to put Xubuntu on that as a systems drive; is Ext4 suitable for that? Are controllers good enough at wear levelling so it's negligible to use a flash file system?18:01
gordonjcpzzz: bleachbit looks a bit like the kind of "optimise your PC" crap you get for Windows18:02
Guest24877gordonjcp:  No wait!! one :)18:02
Guest24877gordonjcp:  and SaberX01_; But I think the KB is not the problem, since it works at the previous screen. I think it just freezez.18:02
zzzgordonjcp, yes I noticed it is kind of like Ccleaner for windows18:02
TheNvidiaProblemYeah, no nvidia. OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Haswell Mobile18:03
Guest24877SaberX01_:  and gordonjcp: Not it works.. Just put it directly in the ps2 instead of Usb... sry for the hassle18:03
gordonjcpzzz: pretty pointless, unless you're one of the "ZOMG THER AER COOKEIS ON MY COMPUTAR" spacktards18:03
SaberX01_Guest24877, I dont know really, but that's all I can find that talks about freezes at Language.18:03
gordonjcpGuest24877: hm, that gets you past the second part?18:03
gordonjcpGuest24877: PS/2-to-USB adaptors have always struck me as being a bit flaky18:04
zzzgordonjcp, but what does it mean to clean memory? And what are localizations? I did duckduckgo searches but found different things and honestly i'd rather come here and ask you guys than trust some search when I do stuff on here.18:04
SaberX01_anykey, I think you ok with ext418:04
Guest24877gordonjcp:  Hehe, well ok.. That's a lesson learned.18:04
gordonjcpzzz: localisation usually means translating strings into different languages, and the like18:04
TheNvidiaProblemSaberX01_, I'm back. Nvidia not working, but at least I have a desktop :P.18:04
MonkeyDustzzz  ubuntu-tweak has a "janitor" too http://ubuntu-tweak.com/18:05
anykeySaberX01_: well then I'll give it a try18:05
tmkt_Whats the deal with libapache2_mod_php5 install on 13.10? not getting pass a corrupt config with apt-get18:05
SaberX01_TheNvidiaProblem, Sorry  .. Im outta ideas on that one, like the other fella said, maybe 1404 is the answer.18:05
gordonjcpzzz: I have poor localisation, agus bha mi a'bruidhinn anns a'Ghaidlig uaireannan18:05
zzzgordonjcp, lol18:06
zzzgordonjcp, I think you need a bleachbit18:06
mardiYou trying Nvidia with kernel -15 TheNvidiaProblem ?18:06
gordonjcpzzz: I have long wondered if I can get my brain's firmware upgraded18:06
demophobiahttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2198003&p=12893237#post12893237 please help if you can. Thank you.18:07
gordonjcpsometimes I feel a bit v. 1.018:07
demophobiaI would like to avoid ndiswrapper since multiple people have said it results in less-than-optimum performance, sometimes very much so18:07
zzzgordonjcp, i needed the laugh thank you. And MonkeyDust i'll check out the janitor in ubuntu tweak. Have a good one18:07
demophobiagordonjcp: at the risk of going off-topic, perhaps reading more, exercising, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep over time will do such an improvement18:08
SaberX01_demophobia, here's my take on that, less that optimum v.s. none .. less than optimum wins :-018:08
demophobiaSaberX01_: True. But isn't it better to "do it right the first time"? i.e. my desire to follow this ubuntu guide which appears to result in correct open source drivers installed, rather than ndiswrapper Window not-supported drivers ...18:09
cristian_cI'm using mtpaint, I've looked for in the doc, but I've not found an answer18:10
cristian_cI'd like to align the text for eample, but I don't know how to do18:10
SaberX01_demophobia, like I said, none v.s.  .. one must balance the need verses the current capability. I not saying you should or should not .. but if the need is there, and there's not viable other path?? why not.18:10
cristian_cAny ideas?18:10
MonkeyDust!info mtpaint18:11
ubottumtpaint (source: mtpaint): painting program to create pixel art and manipulate digital photos. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.40-1ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 692 kB, installed size 1880 kB18:11
gordonjcpdemophobia: I eat pretty healthily more-or-less accidentally18:11
demophobiaSaberX01_: Good point.18:11
anykeywhoa, that SSD thing is FAST. Never seen one before.18:12
SaberX01_very fast .. wait until you do a reboot.18:12
sandertjei found it.... it's in .cache18:12
anykeyI scarcely ever reboot, I had swsusp enabled18:12
anykeymaybe it's gaining from that too18:13
SaberX01_lol .. you wont mind it so much now Im sure.18:13
F^3Hey hey! How do I launch the restricted driver manager? For some reason I didn't get a popup like I normally do with my nvidia card to install the drivers for it.18:13
SaberX01_F^3, 13.10 ?18:13
F^3SaberX01_, Yup18:13
F^3I was running 12.04 previously18:13
matthewGASaberX01_, llutz  find . -type f -iname sess_* |xargs rm seems to be working. Slowly. But working. Thanks guys.18:14
SaberX01_ockey GTK has been superseded by software-properties, which now handles18:14
SaberX01_ third-party driver configuration.18:14
llutzmatthewGA: yep, not the fastest one, but ...18:14
matthewGAI'll settle for "doesn't fail" :)18:14
F^3Oh.. it's under software update -> additional drivers. It's not an individual app anymore?18:14
SaberX01_lol that's always good, no fail18:14
matthewGA3.1m files sheesh. lol18:14
mardiSoftware & Updates - the last tab shows drivers - F^318:14
F^3What's the difference between the proprietary and proprietary, tested version. They appear to have the same text.18:15
SaberX01_matthewGA, I have same thing on one server, it's for GeoCaching .. stupid number of files ..18:16
matthewGAI think this is because I increased gc.session_lifetime or whatever the setting is... didn't want auto-timeouts. keeps all the sessions I guess lol18:16
F^3Does Ubuntu still use compiz/ship ccsm?18:17
SaberX01_matthewGA, Maybe a daily cron job to keep that inline ..18:17
SaberX01_F^3, it's in the repos18:17
MonkeyDustF^3  unity is a compiz plugin for gnome, so yes18:17
matthewGAThere is or was one... that's how I noticed the issue. that job was taking up resources. Not sure how it accumulated like that.18:17
mardiand ccsm is there F^318:17
F^3I thought unity was built on top of wayland?18:18
matthewGAoh, b/c the cron job checks the session timeout and it's too big. that's how.18:18
MonkeyDustF^3  Mir is the new objective18:18
SaberX01_matthewGA, Now that the /dir is down to manageable size, daily should work for you then.18:19
F^3Do I have to reboot to load the nvidia driver? (sorry it has been ~3+ year since I last had to do this)18:19
F^3I only ask because A) I've been up 24 hours, B) it didn't prompt me to reboot18:19
ChickenBrainhmm, I have no menus in KDE after a fresh ubuntu install and then I installed kde via sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop18:20
=== SpeedRacer is now known as SonikkuAmerica
SaberX01_I dont know if you have too, but if dkms is involved, I always do,18:20
demophobiaAt this point I am hoping for replies to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2198003 and that someone here can help ...18:20
F^3SaberX01_, Huh? DKMS as in the windows licensing service?18:21
SaberX01_LOL - DKMS Dynamic Kernel Module Support18:21
SaberX01_see man dkms :-)18:22
F^3Heh.. brb.18:22
SaberX01_F^3, dkms is a framework which allows kernel modules to be dynamically built for  each  kernel18:23
SaberX01_       on your system in a simplified and organized fashion.18:23
SaberX01_^^ yeah, that without the CR in there :-)18:23
ionelmchow do i make a NFS4.1 server in ubuntu ? seems 12.04 comes with nfs4.0 ...18:23
BurritoAnyone know how to disable MouseKeys in Cinnamon? If you know how in Gnome 3, that might help me as well.18:23
BurritoIt seems I enabled it long ago and now I need those keys for Blender.18:23
farblypooHey guys, I've established that the GUI in ubuntu practically equates giving a password to a file- when compressing it via zip- to encrypting it. Is there any way to know what encryption method it's using, whether its using things like sha256 or openssl for this encryption?18:24
BurritoWhat utility are you using to compress+encrypt it? Does it have a specific name?18:25
=== dean is now known as dean|away
SaberX01_farblypoo, what GUI are you referring too ?18:25
farblypooBurrito: No utility, just right click and 'compress'18:25
farblypooSaberX01: well even though it's not supported, 10.04, but I'm sure I could use another version18:26
farblypooThis isn't the cli, I can't define what happens18:26
SaberX01_farblypoo, What application are you using to "Right-CLick"  with ?18:26
F^3Back. How do I tell if the nvidia driver is loaded? I checked system information -> graphics  and it says experience standard.18:27
farblypooSaberX01: the mouse? :)18:27
SaberX01_farblypoo, lol18:27
BurritoSaberX01_, I would assume Nautilus or whatever file explorer Ubuntu is using now.18:27
SaberX01_Burrito, I think so too :-)18:27
farblypooOk I'll check18:27
farblypooNautilus 2.30.118:28
SaberX01_farblypoo, cool, that is the Application, The Mouse is the Hardware .. just for future reference  :-)18:28
farblypooYes I realised that, but not being too bright I only realised it when you told me :)18:29
SaberX01_farblypoo, So to paraphrase your question, what encryption method does Nautilus use?18:29
farblypoowhen compressing18:30
Burritofarblypoo, I think your encryption method depends on the file format (whether it's .zip or .xz or whatever)18:30
BurritoI can tell because the options are [un]greying when I select different formats.18:31
UserErrorHow can I preconfigure localepurge so I don't have to select the languages on install?18:31
farblypooBurrito: my version doesn't allow for giving files like .tar a password/encryption, but the .zip seems to grey up when I add a password/encryption18:32
farblypooBurrito: mine must be pretty old seeing it doesn't have .rar18:32
organiks12.04 is not loading up skype, but have before18:33
organiksany reason why its not loading?18:33
SaberX01_farblypoo, I suspect its using openssl to encrypt the PW for Zip files.18:33
VLanXnot sure why but sometimes doing ctrl+super+D to show desktop I cannot find anymore the status bar of a copying process18:36
VLanXhow can I call it back on so I can see what is going on?18:37
VLanX"show copy dialog" doesnt work18:37
SaberX01_Alt+Tab Maybe ?18:38
GegsiteI will install librecad, but I get this.....   there are dependencies: librecad : depend from: libqt4-qt3support (>= 4:4.5.3) but it is not selected to install18:39
SaberX01_farblypoo, I can't fnd anything that says specifically what enc it's using, but seahorse is installed by default, so my guess is openssl.18:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 887821 in Unity 6.0 ""Show copy dialog" right click launcher entry doesn't work (on nautilus copy)" [Undecided,New]18:39
VLanXSaberX01_: no, it's gone18:40
VLanXI can only see the very small icon over the folder on the unity bar18:40
SaberX01_Seems you already found the bug :-)18:40
kirnehswhat do you guys use for converting scanned jpg files to pdf? :)18:40
VLanXyeah but this is 201118:40
VLanXcome on...18:40
Gegsiteconvert picture. jpg  document.pdf18:40
SaberX01_Gegsite, what Ubuntu version you on .. and is librecad the main package to install ?18:41
llutzkirnehs: convert -adjoin scanned*.jpg big.pdf18:41
=== h[a]kr is now known as hakr
GegsiteSaberX01_, 13.04 @ 32bit18:41
llutzkirnehs: or:  convert -adjoin 1.jpg 2.jpg 4.jpg big.pdf18:41
kirnehsllutz and Gegsite thank you! and for compression?18:41
kirnehsI mean my a4 jpg file is 5.1 MB large18:42
kirnehswhich is a lot :/18:42
Gegsitegimp or gthumb etc18:42
MonkeyDustkirnehs  inscape can handle both jpg and pdf, i guess18:43
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
ice9I have defined a hostname to address in /etc/hosts but I can't access it from Chromium, it's sends it to the search engine18:44
pedrommoneHello, can someone help me with keyboard issue?18:44
SaberX01_Gegsite, try the install with -f sudo apt-get -f install librecad18:45
=== onder`_ is now known as onder`
llutzapt-get -f install doesn't take any parameter/packagenames18:45
SaberX01_I see the package listed in the depends, it shoulod install it unless you have another confilict elsewhere.18:45
VLanXSaberX01_: ok apparently a workaround is to press ctrl super D again after you press ctrl + ~ or smth like this.. http://askubuntu.com/questions/112874/how-to-restore-file-copy-transfer-status-window18:46
pedrommoneIm trying to write some code but I need ' and my keyboard write it as ´18:46
SaberX01_llutz, what are you taking about18:46
VLanXthis kinda worked 4 me18:46
Gegsitenope same error18:46
pedrommonesomeone know what is going on with me?18:46
AltrortlAHello... I have a question: I have an hard disk with 2 partition (c:Xp and d:Hp_Recovery). I have already created CD for recovery XP in some trouble cases. If I install Ubuntu in C:, in a second time I'll be able to recover Xp?18:47
MonkeyDustmomino  if you say !list, i go to windows18:47
kirnehspedromme have you tried xev18:47
TJ-llutz: You should review "man apt-get" and "--fix-broken"18:47
pedrommonewhat you mean? the Ide?18:47
kirnehsalso consider switching the keyboad config18:47
SaberX01_VLanX, god luck remembering all that  .. i got lost reading it :-)18:47
kirnehsno, $ xev18:48
pedrommonekirnehs, Im using international keyboard18:48
pedrommonewhat is that? sorry, Im new at ubuntu :o18:48
llutz<- confused, sry TJ- SaberX01_18:48
kirnehsok, hit super+t18:48
kirnehsthen enter "xev" without the quotes18:48
pedrommonesuper = windows?18:49
pedrommoneit opens trash18:49
pedrommoneyou mean terminal?18:49
kirnehswell, open the terminal somehow :)18:49
GegsiteSaberX01_, apt-get -f install librecad gives the same error18:49
pedrommoneit should open a event listener?18:49
DarkAceXtremeis there a way to get the current window's process ID?18:49
pedrommoneor event tester18:49
SaberX01_Gegsite, Yeah, Im looking for a reason as to why, but not coming up with allot really.18:50
kirnehsDarkAceXtreme, in htop (in the cli) you can filter by name18:50
RarrikinsI found a nice tip for selecting the fastest Apt mirror: http://cmc.site11.com/2012/01/how-to-autmatically-select-fastest-mirror-in-ubuntu-server-the-cli-way/18:50
sdiguten abend alle18:50
sdihaette mal eine frage18:51
kirnehspedrommone,  I'm  sorry I thought you were using Xubuntu18:51
llutz!de | sdi18:51
ubottusdi: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!18:51
ChickenBrainsdi, use #ubuntu-de18:51
TJ-AltrortlA: You need to be *very* which actual partition on the disk is "C:" ... usually the Recovery partition is the first ("Windows D:"), followed by the actual installation (Windows "D:")... and you will also need to save the boot-sector/MBR *before* installing Ubuntu. From the Ubuntu liveCD/ISO you can do that at a terminal using "sudo dd if=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1 of=~/Desktop/MBR.bin" ...18:51
=== lulu is now known as Guest15828
sdiwo kann man im proftpd  einstellen das man im clienten ftpruch oder filezilla die ordner groesse sieht18:51
pedrommonekirnehs, im using ubuntu 1318:52
TJ-AltrortlA: ... and the making sure to copy "MBR.bin" from the LiveCD Desktop to a safe place such as a USB flash storage device *before* exiting the LiveCD/ISO session18:52
kirnehspedrommone, this is my 2nd or 3rd time on here or so18:52
SaberX01_Gegsite, Well it's in the Software Center also, maybe try install from there?18:52
pedrommoneoh :p18:52
kirnehsand I just wrote /j #xubuntu but got forwared here so my assumption was wrong.18:52
DarkAceXtremewell, what I wanted it for was so I could assign a keyboard shortcut to pause the current window18:52
pedrommoneIm almost with my desktop done18:53
pedrommoneIm currently searching for a good git gui18:53
pedrommoneand trying to fix the keyboard layout issue18:53
Gegsitelibrecad: Depends: libc6 (>= 2.4) de 2.17-0ubuntu5 version need to install18:54
Gegsite          Depends: libdxflib- (>= de version need to install18:54
Gegsite          Depends: libgcc1 (>= 1:4.1.1) de 1:4.7.3-1ubuntu1 version need to install18:54
Gegsite          Depends: libmuparser2 (>= 2.1.0) de 2.1.0-3 version need to install18:54
Gegsite          Depends: libqt4-help (>= 4:4.5.3) de 4:4.8.4+dfsg-0ubuntu9.2 version need to install18:54
FloodBot1Gegsite: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:54
pedrommonealso my wireless is getting less sinal than windows, maybe is something with driver?18:54
MonkeyDustpedrommone  use wicd for wifi18:55
gordonjcppedrommone: more likely it's just drawn differently18:55
snatchany tips whymy linux system doesn't detect a usb drive?18:55
gordonjcppedrommone: the "signal strength" thing doesn't really measure anything useful18:55
gordonjcpsnatch: faulty?18:55
SaberX01_Gegsite, Mayb you need to do a clean up and update first, just a guess, but something out of whack: sudo apt-get clean ; sudo apt-get autoclean ; sudo apt-get update18:55
snatchno works on my windows Pc18:55
spearhead!details | snatch18:55
ubottusnatch: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."18:55
pedrommoneso Ill leave it18:55
pedrommonenow I need fi the keyboard :(18:55
snatchAnd if its in when turn the system on it'll see is18:56
ionelmcwhat's the package name for nfs-utils ?18:56
GegsiteSaberX01_, Im in sudo -s so dont need "sudo" to start just saying18:56
SaberX01_I dont use that18:56
spearheadsnatch: try plugging it in and running sudo dsmesg to see if it is recognized and if there are any errors18:56
AltrortlAtell TJ: Thank you sir... so if I do not save MBR I'll can't repair Xp in a second time. I've just think that removing all partition from C: and un_allocating it recovery CD and D: HP_Recover will make the rest18:57
spearheadsnatch: sorry that should be sudo dmesg18:57
streulmaI'm deciding to switch to Linux, but don't know what to do. Should I dualboot with Mac or do a clean install and single boot? Maybe the programs can run in Virtualbox or VMWare Player?18:57
snatchwill do18:57
snatchdsmesg not recognized18:58
adam_streulma: Mac you will overpay for hardware. I keep windows in a virtual box18:58
kirnehsstreulma if you are a beginner up to a moderately experienced user I'd  dual-booting is useful for emergency cases and updating hardware18:58
kirnehssnatch, dmesg18:58
spearheadsnatch: sorry I tried to correct it... it should be dmesg18:58
snatch-.-  K18:58
SaberX01_streulma, If you can install in VM, that's a good way to test without affect the host.18:58
adam_streulma: I made the switch in 2012 and haven't looked back18:59
snatchsays failed18:59
adam_running windows 7 in virtual box works well and have used it for work situations18:59
streulmaI have only 1 program that run in Mac, EyeTV to create video programs from TV18:59
spearheadsnatch: could you paste the results using pastebin?19:00
MonkeyDuststreulma  here too, XP in virtual for cross-platform office documents19:00
spearhead!paste | snatch19:00
ubottusnatch: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:00
adam_streulma: you have lots of video editing options on Ubuntu19:00
adam_MonkeyDust: I've managed with LibreOffice for the last year and a half19:01
adam_haven't touched office in all that time19:01
snatchits a port error19:01
SaberX01_LibreOffice is pretty good.19:01
snatchI'm not too good with linux, Just trying to avoid restarting my system :/19:01
spearheadand LibreOffice has support for microsoft office documtents19:01
TJ-AltrortlA: The reason for saving MBR.bin is that when you install Ubuntu, it installs the GRUB boot-loader (by default) and that will replace the boot-strap code in sector 0 of the first hard disk. Sector 0 is the Master Boot Record (MBR) containing executable boot-strap code and the primary partition table (on BIOS/MBR systems). On EFI systems the MBR is not used. In that case GRUB will install into the UEFI EFI System Partition (ESP) at "/EFI/grub/grubx64.efi" w19:01
TJ-hich will be the first partition on a UEFI/GPT system. With EFI systems the Windows and Linux boot-loaders can co-exist so no precautions are needed.19:01
snatchhub_port_status failed19:02
MonkeyDustspearhead  yes, but documents changed in libreoffice, don't look good in ms office19:02
snatchunable to enumerate USB device on port 319:02
spearheadsnatch: have you tried different usb ports on your computer?19:02
snatchwill do19:03
GegsiteSaberX01_, hmm I checking my etc/apt/sources.list, seems like I have main and universe either19:03
ice9google chrome can't access any local domain defined in /etc/hosts and bind to,  only 'localhost' works19:03
adam_MonkeyDust: I haven't had that experience19:03
widdershinshave a problem attaching my iPhone4 to my ubuntu 13.10 distro. says the device is locked and access is denied.19:04
SaberX01_Gegsite, I use this allot to gen new lists: http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/19:04
pedrommonewiddershins, just unlock ur iphone with password19:04
pedrommonewiddershins, also im sorry for you, you cannot sync ur lib with iphone :(19:05
snatchSWEET!!  Different Port and that Command held TY19:05
pedrommoneMonkeyDust,  is there a way to change a specific they on keyboard?19:05
adam_is there a general linux irc channel? I'm trying to keep ubuntu specific stuff here but contribute to all of linux if I can19:06
widdershinspedrommone: the device isn't currently locked, though. I tell the device to trust the computer, but it says i have to enter passcode... there IS no passcode on my phone.19:06
spearheadsnatch: np, probably the usb drive wasn't getting enough power.19:06
pedrommonewiddershins, hm, is is new for me :o19:06
pedrommonethis is*19:06
TJ-widdershins: *how* are you connecting? By wire, by WiFi, by Bluetooth?19:07
widdershinsby the cable, USB.19:07
widdershinsI can try to connect via BT, though19:07
GerardM-Hoi, my ubuntu no longer shows the tabs on the left hand side ... my configuration went haywire after trying to use a TV with HDMI19:07
GerardM-how do I get my screen back on my laptop ?19:08
TJ-widdershins: Is it the iPhone itself generating the messages, or are they coming from Ubuntu. If from Ubuntu, do you know which program is generating them?19:08
widdershinsthe moment I plug in my phone, it asks "trust" or "don't trust", obviously I hit trust. the message pops up without any data in the header, no programs or software is open.19:09
streulmaha, ooookay, my EyeTV 2.0 is to old to run on OS X Mavericks, I have to search another solution or record from another Mac19:09
Gegsitelibqt4-qt3support : Depend : libqt4-designer (= 4:4.8.4+dfsg-0ubuntu9) but only 4:4.8.4+dfsg-0ubuntu9.2 can be installed19:09
Gegsitethat is like wtf? only the xxxxx.2 is the diff?19:09
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=== zenix`away is now known as zenix`
SaberX01_Gegsite, Yeah, that seems a bit picky that, how did the new source list / update go?19:11
kirnehsGerardM-, type in – but I'm not sure here – either arandr or xrandr...19:11
kirnehsGerardM-, wait 1 min I'll google for you19:12
GegsiteSaberX01_, update did well but no diff so far19:12
adam_streulma: why not switch to slingbox?19:12
streulmadoes it work with eyetv hybrid adam_ ?19:12
adam_streulma: what content are you interested in specifically?19:12
adam_streulma: there is also xbmc19:13
kirnehsGerardM-, I think it should be arandr... type that into the terminal19:13
adam_it has a dvr capability19:13
streulmaadam_ recording from digicorder to computer19:13
vbgunzI'm having no luck googling how to use bcache with an already existing installation. is this supposed to be possible? can someone link a nice article or something that google isn't picking up on?19:14
adam_and by digicorder, you mean what?19:14
adam_streulma: ^^19:14
streulmaadam_ we use decoders for our TV's, TV come in by telephone line in modem and converted with a decoder, can't get the records of of decoder, have to convert it analog to PC19:16
SaberX01_Gegsite, this is prob not nthe best way to install it,  but seems librecad wants Qt and QtDesigner, maybe install them first, and try librecad again, should not have to do that though.19:17
GegsiteSaberX01_, Cant it wont install19:17
adam_Streulma: try mythtv. You can put something in between the tv and the decoder and keep it digital19:18
kantlivelonghey all. im using seahorse for my pgp key that was published to ubuntu servers. I want to upgrade from my 2048 bit key to a 16384 bit key. what is the safest way to do this without becoming untrusted?19:18
SaberX01_Gegsite, can you install anything ? somthing seriously not right on the box.19:19
GegsiteSaberX01_,  sure but no qt depended stuff19:19
kirnehsGerardM-, you can hide the join/part msgs from the server by right-clicking on the channel name and then "Hide Join/Part Messages"19:20
kirnehsit's a bit better then19:20
Gegsiteany sollution ?  libqt4-qt3support : depend : libqt4-designer (= 4:4.8.4+dfsg-0ubuntu9) but only 4:4.8.4+dfsg-0ubuntu9.2 install19:20
GerardM-Hide Join/Part Messages19:21
freshminthey how can i check fingerprints of my ssh pub server keys?19:22
SaberX01_magnifying glass :-)19:22
llutzfreshmint: ssh-keygen -lf /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key.pub19:22
spearheadGerardM-: what irc client are you using?19:23
farblypooHey guys how can I query openssl to get it to tell me what encryption it's using when it zips files? does 'openssl dgst' tell me?19:23
kirnehsI assumed you messaged me privately because of the overwhelming flood that this channel can be at times19:23
freshmintllutz, does it by default use the rsa key? cause there are several key.pub files in my /etc/ssh/19:24
kirnehsGerardM-, so only the bar on the left is gone?19:24
GerardM-it seems so19:24
widdershinsokay, back... i'm not using any software to connect or dock the phone, leaving that to the OS19:24
kirnehscan you hit super (windows key on your keyboard) and open the terminal?19:25
GerardM-i am stuck19:25
allballsquestion: how to rsync from server A when server A doesn't have rsync binary,but only SSH server running?19:25
spearheadGerardM-: try ctrl+alt+t19:25
farblypoofreshmint: dgst says md5 is being used by default19:25
SaberX01_freshmint, You can see where they are / defaults in your sshd config19:25
proteneer(py33) yutong@ramanujan:~/Downloads$ which pip shows /home/yutong/py33/bin/pip, HOWEVER, (py33) yutong@ramanujan:~/Downloads$ pip --version SHOWS pip 1.4.1 from /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pip-1.4.1-py2.7.egg (python 2.7)19:25
llutzfreshmint: ecdsa is the new default, rsa was before19:25
kirnehsGerardM-, are you booted in?19:25
farblypoobut i thought md5 was a hash not a crypto19:26
=== aro is now known as Guest63558
GerardM-have a terminal19:26
farblypoollutz: are you talking about openssl?19:26
llutzfarblypoo: ssh19:27
=== onder`_ is now known as onder`
SaberX01_freshmint, in tha case: ssh-keygen -l -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ecdsa_key.pub19:27
GerowenWhat package adds the Ubuntu One context menu options to nautilus?19:27
GerardM-what do i do next?19:27
spearheadkirnehs: he has a terminal, but I don't know what the problem was to help with...19:28
kirnehsspearhead, yeah me neither... not yet I mean, I initially thought of resetting unity setting (unity --reset) but he told me in a pm he is in recovery mode19:28
GerardM-my problem is the left hab sidebar is gone19:28
kirnehsGerardM-, so you are in recovery mode (as you said in PM) but can use chatzilla how...? :)19:29
MonkeyDustGerardM-  with U1 installed, it should be there19:29
GerardM-i am no longer in recovery mode19:29
MonkeyDustGerowen   with U1 installed, it should be there19:29
kirnehsGerardM-, disregard monkeydust's msg19:29
GerardM-i do19:29
kirnehscan you use the  screenshot tool on your machine?19:30
GerardM-i have another system19:30
SaberX01_He probably needs to turn the Unity pligin back on19:30
GerowenI started with Xubuntu, then just installed ubuntu-desktop so I could use Unity when I wanted to, and I have Ubuntu One installed and functional, it syncs files automatically, but there aren't any context menu options in Nautilus.19:30
streulmaI have the WinTV HVR90019:30
GerardM-how do i turn it on?19:31
MonkeyDustGerowen  restart nautilus, if needed19:31
kirnehsGerardM-, consider writing unity --reset into the terminal. although this resets your own customizations regarding shortcuts in the bar and whatnot19:31
GerowenMonkeyDust: Been running it this way for a month or two, nautilus has been restarted multiple times.  It's not the end of the world, I just wanted to be able to "Publish" files without going to the website to get the public URL19:32
pymsHi ! i'm tring to set up a dual monitor and i'm stucking with a resolution problem. My second monitor is not recognized, and has a maximum resolution of  1024x800..19:32
GerardM-"the reset option is now deprecated"19:32
MonkeyDustGerowen  can you open the U1 dashboard?19:32
MonkeyDustGerowen  choose "explore" in the synced folders19:33
JESUSAPKRISTHi, I'm back, earlier I asked a question about a connectivity error on a laptop. The problem I will state again, is this. I've installed Xubuntu on two computers, one a desktop, two a laptop, the desktop works fine. The laptop does not connect to the WWW either through WIFI or LAN. when I hover over the connection icon on the top panel it tells me "no network devices available" . Is there a fix for tthis?19:34
spearheadkirnehs: does 13.10 have compiz by default?19:34
SaberX01_Gerowen, No sure if this is your exact problem, but worth a looky: http://askubuntu.com/questions/17381/unity-doesnt-load-no-launcher-no-dash-appears19:34
GerowenK, it opened the folders just fine, I just noticed there's a link the U1 dashboard that says, "Go to the website for public and private sharing options"19:34
erghadzis this the correct channel for semi-basic assistance?19:35
SaberX01_GerardM-, this for you not Gerowen : http://askubuntu.com/questions/17381/unity-doesnt-load-no-launcher-no-dash-appears19:35
MonkeyDustGerowen  and is there a green small v-sign, next ro the files in the synced folders?19:35
SaberX01_sri about that Gerowen19:35
kirnehsspearhead, I think so: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/08/reset-unity-and-compiz-in-ubuntu-13-10/19:35
widdershinsIphone synching issue? anyone? connection is over USB and main OS will not allow a pairing... even though iphone "trust" button is used, and phone has locking turned off.19:35
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spearheadkirnehs: that was where I was going...19:35
MonkeyDustGerowen  you *did* sync folders, did you?19:36
kirnehsGerardM-, please do check out http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/08/reset-unity-and-compiz-in-ubuntu-13-10/19:36
TJ-farblypoo: If you didn't encrypt the message then, except for some trivial examples, you cannot derive the cipher used without guessing. If the message was protected by a key then it will be all but impossible.19:36
erghadzI have 3 questions.  How do I add a user to wheel?  How do I make group wheel allow sudo with no password? Can someone help me with setting up Mediatomb or Minidlna?  I have different problems with both19:36
SaberX01_!patience | JESUSAPKRIST19:37
ubottuJESUSAPKRIST: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/19:37
kirnehserghadz, concerning wheel: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/User19:37
llutzerghadz: sudo addgroupd wheel && sudo adduser username wheel19:37
erghadzllutz: AH!!! thanks.  How about the syntax for sudoers?  or should I add to sudo.d?19:38
JESUSAPKRISTbasically ive installed xubuntu on two computers, one works fine, the other will not connect to the internet, the computer tells me there are no network devices available.19:38
TJ-erghadz: Does the system have a 'wheel' group? If not, is there any reason you can't use the "sudo" or "admin" groups that Ubuntu has already in "/etc/sudoers" ? See "man sudoers"19:38
JESUSAPKRISTis there a fix for this?19:38
erghadzJESUSAPKRIST: Do you know what type of nic it is?  have you, perhaps, a problem with the drivers?19:39
JESUSAPKRISTi have no clue wether the computer doesnt recognize the network drivers or not19:39
erghadzTJ-: I dunno if it has wheel... I am coming over from FreeBSD and linux is a little different19:39
llutzerghadz: "%wheel ALL = NOPASSWD: ALL"   but i hope you know what you're doing...19:40
SaberX01_While that works, not wise to do.19:40
erghadzJESUSAPKRIST: If the nic is not detected automaticfally, you need to do more work.  that is all I can help you with unless you can say what kind of NIC it is.19:41
spearheadJESUSAPKRIST: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/19:41
erghadzllutz: thank you again!19:41
JESUSAPKRISTwhat is NIC, is there a command to output the result?19:41
spearheadGerardM-: have you found a solution?19:41
TJ-erghadz: erghadz Try "getent group wheel" - that'll show the entry if there is one. But I suspect if you want a user to be able to run programs as root all you need is "sudo adduser $USER sudo" (and the user logs out then in again_19:41
GerowenMonkeyDust: SaberX01:   Screenshot here: http://ubuntuone.com/1jH0yngrAN0b3VLO6mOVlI19:43
KoodooWhere do I go to get info about gaming on Ubuntu?19:43
erghadzTJ-: thanks for the help.  I am really just nervous about messing with sudoers.19:43
churchill2why is a partition mounted with root permissions on my system? i have to launch nautilus with sudo to write to it19:43
spearheadJESUSAPKRIST, a NIC is a Network Interface Card (if I remember correctly) the page I linked to will help with getting wifi working)19:43
kirnehsGerardM-, test 1 219:43
erghadzllutz: I know what I'd be doing if this was FreeBSD...19:43
SaberX01_Well adding a group with ALL and no PW is far worse than sudoers19:44
ice9disabling touchpad while typing is not working19:44
KoodooGuys I'm pretty good with Ubuntu now, terminal and all that, where do I go for something more barebones?19:44
spearheadkirnehs: my user list is still showing him as connected...19:44
churchill2Koodoo, gentoo19:44
MonkeyDustGerowen  and U1 is linked to the the device ? look in "devices"19:44
SaberX01_erghadz, Just curious, what is is your trying ti install / configure >19:44
TJ-erghadz: In normal circumstances you shouldn't need to, but as long as you use "visudo" you'll be protected ... see "man visudo"19:44
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kirnehsspearhead, same whois-ed him and his is inactive19:45
erghadzSaberX01_: I am setting up a computer to simply be a media server.19:45
SaberX01_erghadz, is this a deticated box?19:46
GerowenMonkeyDust: Yep19:46
erghadzSaberX01_: yea19:46
MonkeyDustGerowen  there should be a green v-sign next to the files... do you see that?19:47
erghadzSaberX01_: its a crappy netbook.  Just need to have a DNLA server for my TV.19:47
erghadzand I am sick of typing my password in.19:47
GerardM-in the terminal it says compiz (core) - Info: starting plugin: scale19:47
GerardM- no progress from that19:47
spearheadGerardM-: which method did you try?19:48
GerardM-dconf reset -f /org/compiz/ followed by setsid unity19:48
erghadzllutz: addgroupd not addgroup?19:49
llutzerghadz: addgroup   to add the wheel-group19:49
spearheadGerardM-: ok, try this one... http://askubuntu.com/questions/17381/unity-doesnt-load-no-launcher-no-dash-appears19:49
new0hey everyone, how can i add my user to group?19:49
llutzerghadz: it's not existing by default iirc19:50
erghadzllutz: yeah, I saw that. but you wrote addgroupd.19:50
llutzerghadz: uups, sry typo19:50
erghadzand I was wondering if that was a typo19:50
=== jaywink_ is now known as jaywink
SaberX01_erghadz, Have a looky here, and maybe consider MediaTomb: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MiniDLNA19:50
erghadzTJ-: visudo returned an error :/19:50
spearheadGerardM-: you might want to have the webpage open in a different computer because when you hit ctrl+alt+1 you won't be able to see your desktop anymore...19:50
erghadzTJ-: do I need to sudo visudo?19:51
idanielHi, I was on about an hour ago asking about a good usb wireless adapter for my desktop with Ubuntu 12.04. Someone suggested Chromecast using google chrome. Is there another good choice anyone thinks works?19:51
nashantHey guys. I installed kde, then gnome, and now back to unity but my cursor has vanished and my window theme is broken. How do I go about fixing it?19:51
TJ-erghadz: Of course! :)19:51
llutznew0: sudo adduser username groupname19:51
erghadzJust making sure :)19:51
nashantBy broken I mean most of the window is invisible19:51
denysonique_Does anyone know how to permamently disable mounted device icons on the sidebar/launcher in 13.10?19:52
=== guilherme is now known as Guest97577
Guest97577someone is developer in C?19:52
spearheaddenysonique_: have you tried right click > unlock from taskbar19:52
denysonique_spearhead: they come back after I plug in again my external usb hdd19:53
erghadzTJ-: should I modify /etc/sudoers.d instead of visudo?19:53
denysonique_it is annoying as I have 5 different partitions there19:53
denysonique_and its a pain in the as for all of them showing up in the launcher19:53
Guest97577some programmer in C?19:53
denysonique_erghadz: no, use visudo19:53
derek_Does any one have a solution to the installer freezing bug at language selection for Ubuntu Server 13.10?19:53
new0llutz, tnx. it's seems that i'm already in the group. but can' view the content (it's locked(19:53
erghadzdenysonique_: ok.  thanks.19:53
Fohlenanyone knows about the codeblocks package in ubuntu 13.04?19:53
Fohlencodeblocks remains as a fully functional programm after installing19:54
Fohlenon my disk19:54
llutzerghadz: be careful with sudo.d, if you put a file in there without root:root 400 permissions, sudo will fail19:54
Guest97577i prefer vim19:54
Fohlenany hints what I could do?19:54
erghadzllutz: good tip.  Thanks for your help(and everyone elses)19:54
ses1984i'm having trouble where X will detect good settings by default, but if i change display drivers then the settings don'19:54
ses1984don't work for my multiple monitors19:54
FohlenGuest97577, what you need in C?19:54
TJ-erghadz: Yes, it'd make sense19:55
spearheaddenysonique_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/195988/how-can-i-remove-launcher-drive-icons19:55
Fohlenrather ask ##c19:55
ses1984i'm trying to write out a good xorg.conf file for the first driver, to modify it to work with the second driver, but it seems like the only way i can get a good configuration is to not have an xorg.conf file19:55
denysonique_spearhead: http://askubuntu.com/questions/361904/how-to-remove-all-device-icons-from-unity-launcher-in-13-1019:55
ses1984is there any way to write out the settings that are currently in use to an xorg.conf file?19:55
erghadzllutz: line #include sudo.d is commented out anyhow, so i can litterally do anything I want to sudoers.d, no?19:56
kirnehsI'm out, bye everyone19:56
llutzerghadz: yes, but same warning applies for that19:56
denysonique_ses1984: don't know about the current config, but you can make X generate a config for you with X -configure19:57
llutzerghadz: bad luck if you don't have a root-account or at least a root session somewhere running19:57
erghadzllutz: Not new to *nix, just not confident.  either way, I would not uncomment. :)19:57
ses1984denysonique_: i am using one of those generated configurations right now and it's FUBAR, i have one monitor that's just a white screen and when i move my cursor into it looks like a default X cursor19:57
Fohlenor better asked, how could I delete a programm completly from my environment, by hand?19:57
spearheaddenysonique_: try that link i sent... it has a couple different options...19:58
denysonique_ses1984: then you need to make your own xorg.conf19:58
GerowenMonkeyDust: Nope, I remember that from another computer where I installed just regular Ubuntu without any instance of Xubuntu first.19:58
denysonique_spearhead: no it sucks. i aleady tried all of them.19:58
denysonique_spearhead: but thanks anyway.19:58
erghadzThanks! I'm all sorted with Sudo.  I need some big help with setting up a UPNP/DLNA server19:58
spearheaddenysonique_: it is probably still an unsolved bug then...19:58
idanieldoes anyone know of a good usb 300mbps wireless adapter that works with ubuntu 12.04 and up?19:58
new0how can i manage group via GUI?19:59
denysonique_spearhead: I don't think it is a bug. I think cannonical wants to force users to display that.19:59
ses1984denysonique_: i don't really know where to start, i do know that if i don't have one and i'm using a certain driver everything works fine19:59
ses1984denysonique_: the problem is that driver is not stable, so if i try to use a stable driver, the auto detect does not detect things properly19:59
Guest97577#include <stdio.h>20:00
Guest97577int main(){20:00
Guest97577return 0;20:00
FloodBot1Guest97577: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:00
denysonique_Guest97577: /j #c20:00
spearheaddenysonique_: if that is the case then all you have to do is find the configuration file that automatically restores them and change it...20:00
rajpsinghHey guys I made a burned an Ubuntu ISO to a disc yesterday, but when booting from, I can only get an option to install20:00
rajpsinghNo try from Cd option20:00
=== Guest97577 is now known as guivaldevieso
rajpsinghAny ideas as to what I did wrong?20:01
denysonique_spearhead: I think I will have to modiy unity's source for that. as something overrides the dconf settings20:01
spearheadrajpsingh: what iso did you burn?20:01
Aboodagreetings all20:01
new0i am using a PHP app to upload file to server, but my app have a group and once i upload my file it's locked. the only thing i can do is delete it with my user20:01
ses1984rajpsingh: i think depending on the version you downloaded, if you choose to install, you then boot to a screen that lets you choose to proceed with install or try ubuntu20:01
rajpsinghWell I used the BitTorrent download option, it's the 12.0420:01
rajpsinghI tried hitting Install20:01
denysonique_ses1984: you must be using some proprietary drivers20:01
erghadzOh, another question... How do I completely remove an application? Conf files and all?20:02
denysonique_ses1984: anyway: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/multihead20:02
spearheaddenysonique_: not a task I would wish to undertake but if they are really that persistant about it then it is probably your only option...20:02
rajpsingh@ses1984 But it would only continue with he install process20:02
llutzerghadz: apt-get purge package        won't touch files in your $HOME though20:02
erghadzapt-something something app purge?20:02
ses1984denysonique_: the open source driver is the one that detects properly but is unstable20:02
erghadzah! llutz I love you20:02
ses1984the proprietary driver is stable but does not detect all the monitors connected20:02
denysonique_ses1984: btw, define does not detect20:02
spearheaderghadz: apt-get purge20:02
denysonique_ses1984: what happens with the proprietary drivers?20:02
ses1984denysonique_: i have a monitor plugged in, and i can't get any output to it20:03
denysonique_describe exactly20:03
erghadzbedankt spearhead20:03
nashantHey guys. I installed kde, then gnome, and now back to unity but my cursor has vanished and my window theme is broken. How do I go about fixing it?20:03
denysonique_ses1984: then try manual xorg.conf like in the wiki link20:03
new0can someone help plz? about the group which i am on the group's user list but i can't view it20:03
spearheadrajpsingh: what was the full name of the iso?20:04
idanielGuys, I have a couple older dell desktops that I want to Ubuntu on and need to know what a good 300mbps wireless adpater to use.20:04
erghadzis there any way to refreh sudoers without loging out/in?20:04
ses1984this might explain it 'As of August 2013, Xinerama is broken when using the proprietary NVIDIA driver from 319 upwards'20:04
erghadzjust to satiate my curiosity20:04
TJ-erghadz: login from another tty20:04
Fohlenguys, how could I remove a program by hand? Apt-get says its not installed, but its still fully on the disk20:05
Fohlenable to operate20:05
TJ-Fohlen: How did you install it? What is the package it comes from?20:05
Blackkattokey so after almost two days I manage to install nvidia driver on ubuntu (it turns out you cannot be using intel integrated iGPU) as main and nvidia as second) nevermind that, now when only using nvidia my second screen,the tv, the image is flickering, resolution is correct, refresh is correct, what can be the issue?20:06
FohlenTJ- I installed it via apt-get and removed it20:06
spearheadnew0: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/07/users-and-groups-management-tool-on-ubuntu-13-04-13-10/20:06
Fohlenits codeblocks on 13.0420:06
erghadzI like apt...its nice.  Like a less typing version of ports!20:06
TJ-Fohlen: What does this report? " dpkg-query -l 'codeblocks*'   "20:07
new0spearhead, tnx20:07
jordan_anyone know any good apps for ubuntu20:07
spearheadnew0: what are you trying to do with the group?20:07
new0spearhead, i am on ubuntu 12.04.20:07
Aboodajordan: to do what, exactly?20:08
Aboodaapps for what?20:08
jordan_just good apps in general20:08
new0spearhead, i am trying to upload am image to my server and the server upload it with www-data group which i am on the group but i can't see that image nor to put it in <img /> html tag20:08
spearheadnew0: hmmm 12.04 might already have it... try hitting the windows key and typing "users and" without quotes20:08
TJ-jordan_: "man man"20:08
SaberX01_jordan, Dash >> Software Center == 1000's of them :-)20:08
Abooda"good apps in general ..."20:08
new0spearhead, User Account?20:09
AboodaI guess20:09
FloodBot1Abooda: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:09
scsmithrjoin bitcoin20:09
FohlenTJ- gimme a second for pastebin20:09
Fohlenmy connection is so damn slow20:09
spearheadnew0: now thats different... go ahead and follow the how to...20:09
jgcampbell300is there a command to find all clients on dhcp from cli20:10
new0spearhead, follow the link u mean?20:10
idanielWireless adapters   ....   what ones work well with ubuntu 12.04 and up?20:10
spearheadnew0: yes20:10
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection20:10
new0spearhead, ok tnx20:10
Jordan_Uchemist^: I would not recommend Realtek cards as anyone's first choice.20:11
spearheadnew0: that will allow you to view the groups and make sure you are a part of the group you want to be...20:11
jordan_new question anyone know how i can install utorrent ive literally just installed ubuntu20:11
chemist^ok atheros then :D20:11
new0spearhead, i am on the group20:11
llutzjgcampbell300: check /var/lib/dhcp/dhclient.leases20:11
chemist^jordan_, install "deluge" instead20:11
new0spearhead, but from some reason i can't watch it20:11
chemist^jordan_,  it's the same... and it's in the repos20:12
jordan_okay thanks ill have a look at it20:12
Jordan_Ujordan_: Why not use one of the many great Free clients that come with Ubuntu, like transmission (included by default even).20:12
SaberX01_Anything except RT, BM, AT . always issues with those nics.20:12
chemist^apt-get install deluge20:12
spearheadnew0: what exactly are you trying to do? what image are you trying to upload? is this for a web server?20:12
OerHeksjgcampbell300 in your network? nmap can do that >> nmap -sn
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jgcampbell300cool nmap seems pretty good20:13
FohlenTJ- http://sprunge.us/eXKU20:13
Fohlengerman though, but I guess you know what it says20:13
Fohlen(21:12:26) Fohlen: TJ- http://sprunge.us/eXKU20:13
Fohlen(21:12:43) Fohlen: german though, but I guess you know what it says20:13
Fohlensorry, my connection split up TJ-20:13
new0spearhead, yes for web server. i am trying to upload image via PHP App and successfully uploaded. but it's have the owner of www-data and i only can delete that image, can't view it on the pc nor the web broewser20:13
chemist^why don't you upload files via sftp?20:14
spearheadnew0: ok, in the php script you will need to change the file permissions, let me make sure I have the command right... brb20:14
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:14
idanielhow do I get to the hardware server from here?20:15
chemist^idaniel, ssh20:15
idanielk  thanks20:15
jordan_thanks to the person who told me about deluge just installed it and it works great20:15
demophobialooking at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#Drivers_available_in_Ubuntu it appears BCM4323 is missing from that list -- mentioned instead are BCM43235, BCM43236 and BCM43238 ... Is this why https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#A12.04_.28Precise_Pangolin.29_-_12.10_.28Quantal_Quetzal.29 did not seem to do anything? Please see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2198003&p=12893356#post1289335620:15
TJ-Fohlen: According to that all the codeblocks packages have been removed. Are you able to execute the program still, or are you simply seeing some left-over configuration files and directories?20:16
FohlenI am able to execute the program20:16
Aboodaa rookie question20:16
Fohlenfully stable20:16
Aboodasorry, wrong window!20:16
Fohlenas I would have never removed it20:16
spearheadnew0: after the line where the file is saved in your php script put the following: chmod("/somedir/somefile", 0755); where /somedir/somefile is the path to the saved image20:17
FohlenTJ-, might be a locate helpful?20:17
TJ-Fohlen: do "which codeblocks"20:17
Fohlenseeing all files a normal installation should have :(20:17
llutzspearhead: why 0755 for a file? 064420:18
Fohlenas expected20:18
Fohlenits a binary20:18
new0spearhead, really? do i have to do it. when i was developing under Windows i didn't have to do it20:18
TJ-Fohlen: There you go then! Not as expected at all. That is a version you have installed yourself20:18
ses1984i have a new install of 13.10 on a system with nvidia 8800gt graphics card. if i go to the additional drivers tab of the software and updates system dialog, it says no additional drivers available but that's not what i would expect20:18
AltrortlATJ-: Thanks again sir20:18
TJ-Fohlen: The Ubuntu packages install the exectuable to "/usr/bin/" ... but if you installed it from source, it would by default install the exectuable to "/usr/local/..."20:18
spearheadllutz: that is correct, i forgot about the executible bit...20:18
nashantPlease, someone tell me there's a better power indicator for unity. I'm fed up with having to go into a system config area to change the bloody brightness20:19
Fohlenah well ... maybe I installed from source ... need an uninstaller make20:19
new0spearhead, didn't help20:19
spearheadnew0: in a terminal type the following ls -la /path_to_image and pastebin the results20:20
erghadzcan someone help me get minidlna working?  It isn't showing up in my list of UPNP hosts20:20
new0spearhead, http://pastebin.com/pVxjqKqf20:21
user__my intnert is wireless and it frequently disconnects, i am using ubuntu 12.04, what could be the cause of this20:22
spearheadnew0: in terminal try sudo chown your_username:your_username /path_to_image then try to open it...20:23
new0spearhead, ok, i have no idea what u told me to do. but right now i can see the image. but the lock file on it still there somehow20:26
LordXe-gnujust logged into my 13.04 server and found on checking the logs (/var/log/auth.log for example) they're empty. It looks like they are owned by "messagebus:adm" with 0640 permissions... is it safe to make these writable by the adm group? is that the right solution?20:27
spearheadnew0: the chown command changes the owner of the file, in this case i had you change it to your username and your group so that you could see if you could open it...20:27
LordXe-gnugoogling around I've seen others with similar permissions issues, but the solutions mentioned vary20:27
spearheadnew0: what do you mean by "the lock file"?20:29
llutzLordXe-gnu: why should adm write to the logs? 0640 is pretty common an dok20:29
llutzand ok*20:29
new0spearhead, sorry for mislead u. but i think i did some thing (no good) now i can see that image. but i reupload it with the input file="" instead of resubmit the form using F5. and now ever without the chmod command i can see it. but it's belong to www-data group20:29
ironfoot495Hello I need some help with installing webXvid can't seem to find anything that will allow me to get this done?20:29
ironfoot495can someone help me with this?20:29
spearheadnew0: did you change the line in your script that I told you earlier?20:30
new0spearhead, yes. and i took it back to 0755 with ur line20:30
spearheadnew0: llutz had a good point, you don't need the executible bit set for images so 644 should work just fine...20:31
spearheadnew0: rather 0644 because php is wierd20:32
Jackie9I have a newbie question regarding problems loging into ubuntuforums. Am I in the wrong place?20:32
new0spearhead, meaning?20:32
spearheadJackie9: just ask your question. If you are in the wrong place someone will tell you...20:33
erghadznew0: meaning php gets moody if permissions arent set perfetly20:33
new0spearhead, btw, i just did 0777 and now i don't have an icon of lock file. but on the file's property -> Permissions the Onwer is still www-data and it's like i can't change it20:33
demophobiaStill working on my wireless problem, I've just encountered an error with ndiswrapper: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2198003&p=12893380#post1289338020:33
new0erghadz, so i have to do 0755 instead of 755 for example?20:33
erghadzfor PHP, probably20:34
spearheadnew0: that line in your php script changes the permissions of the file you uploaded, if you want to change the owner that is possible too but not necessary...20:34
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ironfoot495how do you install webXvid on ubuntu 12.0420:36
ironfoot495there does not seem to be a way.20:36
new0spearhead, well, how can i put the owner of the file just like the folder's owner?20:36
spearheadnew0: yes, php expects the permissions to be pure octal thus the proceeding 0 to complete the number, most linux systems assume a 0 unless specifically defined...20:36
new0spearhead, and tnx for letting me play with that chmod :)20:36
spearheadnew0: will the owner of the folder change?20:37
new0spearhead, right. so if i working directly to linux OS i can without the bit unless it's Third Parth (php)20:37
new0spearhead, *Third Party20:37
OerHeksironfoot495, webxvid should be part of ubuntu-restricted-extras, afaik20:38
ironfoot495OerHeks: yes but it just wont work for some reason do you have a way to get this done???20:38
new0spearhead, the owner of the folder is mine. and the group is www-data. so how would i change the file is owner after uploading the file? to the folder is owner20:39
Jackie9Thanks :) Trying to log in with SSO. Is requested to register on login.ubuntu.com first.  Logs in on allready registered account. Confirms password on said account. Tries to log in to ubuntuforums again, and I'm back to square one.20:39
new0spearhead, this is why few here advice me at the start to put my server on a group and add my user to it20:40
spearheadnew0: to be completely correct you should always set the permissions using all 4 numbers but you rarely ever change the first bit so you can get away with just doing 755 for example20:40
SaberX01_Jackie9, what is SSO?20:40
OerHeksironfoot495, dunno, try it in VLC ?20:41
new0spearhead, i understand. and as to my follow up Q? to change the file owner to the folder is owner?20:41
new0spearhead, dynamicly20:41
FiremanEdSaberX01_: Single Sign On20:42
rwwJackie9: try asking #ubuntuforums. Probably not the right place there either, but it should be closer.20:42
Jackie9rww, thank you :)20:42
ironfoot495OerHeks: I just checked and ubuntu-restricted-extras and yes I do have VLC and it still says I need software to see the movies?20:42
spearheadnew0: sorry, i am trying to refresh myself on the php commands brb20:42
tr0nmy pointer is jumping around and acting funny,    im running 12.04 lts on a chromebook, any suggestions?20:43
new0spearhead, ok. and tnx for helping me. i have few more issues with ubuntu but for now if u tired that u can call it :)20:43
OerHeksironfoot495, ask the source? this sounds like not true webxvid but some drm20:43
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FohlenTJ- uninstalling codeblocks with makefile worked20:44
ironfoot495OerHeks:  probably So.!!!?20:44
new0does everyone know how would i use my Window's Shortcut for moving one window from 1 screen to second screen? like Win + Shift + Right-Arrow/Left-Arrow20:45
ironfoot495OerHeks:  I'm a little confused right now I just need to know what direction I need to go in to get this done.20:45
spearheadnew0: ok, to do this you will need to add two more lines to your php script... the first is chown("/path_to_file",username); and the second is chgrp("/path_to_file",groupname);20:45
spearheadnew0: put those directly before the chmod line20:45
SaberX01_Fohlen, jsut for info did you use : make uninstall20:46
ironfoot495not true webXvid how can I find out?20:46
streulmaYearly I do a video quiz, I want to play my videos on the second screen in fullscreen (they must not see the title!) how can I do that?20:46
streulmaIn OS X there was the option in VLC, in Ubuntu not :(20:47
new0spearhead, tnx. so how would i get the user's name? or the owner is name dynamic?20:47
new0spearhead, anyway tnx20:48
OerHeksironfoot495, check the source of your movie, google webxvid shows a lot of "plugins" needed to play that DRM, very suspicious codec20:48
SaberX01_FiremanEd, I thought SSO == Special Security Officer :-) .. Thnx ..20:49
OerHeksironfoot495, and opensource + drm is such a pain, i would rather drop it.20:49
ziftexIs there no frontend for aircrach-ng in software center?20:49
ironfoot495OerHeks: Yeah I know what you mean I've bveen trying to find a solution to this for about a week.20:50
chemist^ziftex frontend?20:50
ironfoot495OerHeks:  ok I'll try search for a opensource + DRM?20:50
ROPAI need some help making ekiga run. I downloaded the latest version of Ekiga and Im running ubuntu 13.10.  The software lists my account, but it says 'processing....' and it appears to display that error forever......nothing works. Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong????20:51
chemist^that is no ubuntu-related question anyway20:51
ziftexchemist^, GUI20:51
user__MY wifi keeps disconnecting frequently i am using ubuntu 12.04 lts how od ifix this?20:51
chemist^ziftex, why would you need a gui for aircrack? lol20:51
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ziftexchemist^, because 18 year old students will be instructed too use it and they are all new too linux20:52
ses1984i have a new install of 13.10 on a system with nvidia 8800gt graphics card. if i go to the additional drivers tab of the software and updates system dialog, it says no additional drivers available but that's not what i would expect. how can i get the nvidia driver to show up or install it another way20:52
connHi guys....20:52
tworkin1how do i switch to xfce on ubuntu 12.04? I found an answer on askubuntu but it appears to be xubuntu specific20:53
connWhere can I find "officially Ubuntu supported" kernels?20:53
spearheadnew0: i believe posix_getpwuid(fileowner(/path_to_directory)) would work... so try chown("/path_to_file",posix_getpwuid(fileowner(/path_to_directory)));20:53
llutzziftex: https://code.google.com/p/aircrackgui-m4/20:53
user__My wifi keeps disconeecting frequently, please can someone assist me before it disconnects and i have to restart my computer to reconnect again20:53
chemist^ziftex why would you teach students how to crack wifi passwords? :D ... anyway... a few simple commands should not be that hard 2 remember and understand even for someone completely new to linux20:53
ziftexchemist^, Why not? they allready know most of CCNA120:54
Beldarses1984, Could it already be installed there are drivers in the repos that get auto installed.20:54
chemist^and i do not believe there exists such a thing as a GUI for aircrack20:54
spearheadnew0: there needs to be quotes around the /path_to_directory in the fileowner() command...20:54
chemist^ziftex, it's easy to use, you should not have any problems teaching it to students20:55
ses1984Beldar:  i believe i am using the nouveau driver, that's what lspci and unity_support_test tell me20:55
connCan anyone send here a link?... Where can I find "officially Ubuntu supported" kernels?20:55
ziftexchemist^, sure.. just limited too time.20:55
Beldarses1984, Cool, lets see what the helpers who are familiar in this area say.20:56
chemist^ziftex, maybe try a different tool?20:56
chemist^like kismet or smth like that20:56
chemist^it has sort of a gui20:56
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ziftexwill try that out20:57
Beldarconn, ubuntu supported are what you get within your release through updates.20:57
tworkin1conn: you should explore official packages with the apt tools20:57
Beldarconn, Are the kernels you have not adequate?20:58
BenderHey all. I am running ubuntu and I just got back from christmas break. I started up my computer and it is hanging on the boot process. http://tinypic.com/r/zn8xug/5 This is a picture of the last message it displays. Can anyone tell me what is going on?20:59
connBeldar and tworkin1 : Thank you guys... But I am using and older version and I have so many customized software that I don't wanna reinstall a newer version. I've tried a newer Kernel but I have messed with my system and could hardly fix it. I need one with DisplayLink support which is 3.9.xx or newer I don't know a way to upgrade my system "officially"  (I use 12.04)21:00
tworkin1Bender: sda device could be dying21:00
SaberX01_conn, Dash >> Snypatic >> Select Kernels and Modules .. big long list.21:00
Bendertworkin1: What does that mean?21:01
tworkin1Bender: the last few messages are about your harddrives… your harddrive could be dying. run SMART diagnostics on it or something21:01
Bendertworkin1: thanks21:01
Bendertworkin1: when I boot into recovery, I boot completely fine21:02
spearheadBender: how long do you let it sit on that before you kill it?21:03
connSaberX01_ : The newest in my list is 3.8.021:03
tworkin1Bender: recovery mode would let you run SMART hdd diagnostics in order to rule that problem out21:03
Benderspearhead: What do you mean? Could you put that into better context?21:03
tworkin1i dont have any advice beyond that21:03
nashantI'm trying to find the appindicator api documentation, but it seems to have disappeared. Anyone know where it is?21:03
Bendertworkin1: Could you tell me how to run smart? I am googling it to no avail21:03
spearheadBender: when you boot it up and it hangs on that message, how long do you wait before turning the machine off?21:04
Benderspearhead: About 5-10 min21:04
Benderspearhead: should I wait longer?21:04
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compdocBender, you can run smartctl, or use the Disk Utilty (GUI)21:06
Bendercompdoc: thanks.21:06
BenderThe weird part is the computer worked just fine before the break21:06
BenderIt was off the entire time, too21:07
Ilmenwhat's the filename of the program rhytmebox? can't run it from the terminal21:07
compdocBender, drives go bad. Is it a laptop?21:08
Bendercompdoc: no. an older tower. The HD's are brand new21:08
Benderwell...not entirely new. but relatively, and not used very much21:08
TJ-Bender: Top of your screen photo I think I see a report that sda1 was recovered. Is that by chance where the root file-system is installed? If we could see the 10 or so lines preceeding the top of that photo we might be able to diagnose better21:09
BenderTJ: yes it is. Let me go back to it21:09
Benderone moment21:09
compdocBender, with SMART you want to look at the 'raw' values, and the important ones are Reallocated Sector Cnt, Pending Sectors, gForce Erros (if it was dropped) and Uncorrectable sectors21:10
BenderTJ-: http://tinypic.com/r/jg1q4m/521:11
new0spearhead, tnx21:11
FourFireOpenJDK comes in a 64bit version doesn't it?21:11
spearheadnew0: have you had the chance to try it out?21:11
bekksFourFire: java -version will tell you.21:12
SaberX01_conn, sri wsa in another channel .. Was just letting you know that is what was available for the release your currently on.21:12
FourFirejava version "1.7.0_25"21:12
FourFireOpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.3.10) (7u25-2.3.10-1ubuntu0.12.04.2)21:12
FourFireOpenJDK Server VM (build 23.7-b01, mixed mode)21:12
FourFireso I guess defaul is 32 bit...21:12
bekksFourFire: do you have a 64bit OS? :)21:13
FourFireactually, I'm not sure I do21:14
FourFireI have PAE or something21:14
FourFireoh, yeah it's 32-bit21:14
FourFireok, nvm then21:14
bekksFourFire: :)21:14
BenderDamn. I figured out what is wrong21:14
BlackkattNEW nvidia driver just released or am i dreaming? cause this fucker works!!!21:15
BenderWell, nothing is actually wrong with the computer. The program I made to replace ssh is shitty and isn't working. So I have to figure out what is broken lol21:15
Blackkattperfect image, no flicker!21:15
RaaaHello, I am new to Linux and am wondering why I don't have to worry about computer virus'. Why can't it get a virus and how is it safe?21:15
spearhead!language | Blackkatt21:15
ubottuBlackkatt: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.21:15
IdleOneBlackkatt: no swearing please21:15
Blackkattspearhead, haha21:15
Blackkattspearhead, how can i see if this driver was just relased?21:16
WeThePeopleraaa, you can still get a virus, its just that there are not any viruses for linux atm21:16
BlackkattWeThePeople, that you know off ;)21:16
ses1984i have a new install of 13.10 on a system with nvidia 8800gt graphics card. if i go to the additional drivers tab of the software and updates system dialog, it says no additional drivers available but that's not what i would expect. how can i get the nvidia driver to show up or install it another way--21:17
nashantSo nobody out there knows why all the api documentation seems to have vanished??21:17
ses1984actually i did try to install the nvidia driver manually, now when i log into ubuntu i just get a black screen and cursor21:17
spearheadBlackkatt: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/69372/21:17
Picinashant: Try #ubuntu-app-devel, #ubuntu isn't really for programming support.21:17
RaaaRaaa, so is there anti virus software for Ubuntu in case someone makes one?21:17
RaaaWeThePeople, so is there anti virus software for Ubuntu in case someone makes one?21:17
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus21:17
connSaberX01_ : Thank you anyway. I am no expert but I am using Linux for some years now. When I messed up my system I was sorry that I didn't know enough to solve problems more efficiently.21:18
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WeThePeopleraaa, yes there is, look for it in the software center21:18
nashantcheers Pici21:18
Blackkattspearhead, thank you for checking! i could be 100 that I did not see this driver before21:18
connSaberX01_ : So "Synaptic List" tells me which Kernels are avail (meaning safe to use) with my distro, right?21:18
cristian_cHi to akis2421:19
DF3D2anyone running linux here to mine? how do you check amd gpu VRM temps21:19
spearheadRaaa: http://librenix.com/?inode=2121:20
SaberX01_conn, Yes, generally speaking, if you use apt-get or Synaptic, that should be safe.21:20
pedrommoneis there a way to change a particular key bind on ubuntu?21:20
pedrommonemy keyboard layout is fine, but 3 keys are not right for programming, I use international layout21:21
RaaaWeThePeople, Which one do you recommend?21:22
Raaaspearhead, ill check out your link now21:22
connSaberX01_ : Yup, I know but I need to install 3.9.xx or newer to make it work. I've tried the latest that I considered safe which was 3.12.6 but my Grub just went crazy.21:22
connSaberX01_ : I think I'm left with a full system backup and installing the latest release :(21:23
connToo much work...21:23
WeThePeopleraaa, clamav21:23
CarlFK!ask | skay21:24
ubottuskay: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:24
spearheadpedrommone: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Howto%3A%20Custom%20keyboard%20layout%20definitions21:24
pedrommonespearhead, thanks mate21:24
spearheadpedrommone: np21:25
WeThePeopleraaa, check this>>> http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/f