jo-erlendI've bought a couple of Samson Meteor USB microphones. One is to mic up my guitar amp and the other is for vocal. I want to record them simultaneous, of course, and they should have one track each. I'll probably want to use Ardour for this?09:02
cfhowlettjo-erlend, audacity CAN do it, but ardour is the pro-level app for multi-input as you describe09:03
cfhowlettjo-erlend, I've done dual-mic recording for podcast interview but I had a presonus interface ...09:03
jo-erlendoh, I didn't even know Audacity _could_ do that.09:05
cfhowlettjo-erlend, yep!09:07
cfhowlettjo-erlend, also see #opensouremusicians09:07
jo-erlendhehe, open sour? :)09:07
cfhowletteei!  #opensourcemusicians09:08
jo-erlendyes, I got it. :)09:08
jo-erlendThought it was about time I started recording some of the stuff I do. I've been doing things completely unplugged so far.09:09
jo-erlendwell. Almost.09:10
cfhowlettjo-erlend, alright then!09:10
jo-erlendArdour looks like something it'll take some time to learn?09:10
cfhowlettjo-erlend, as audacity more than met my needs for podcasting I never actually used ardour.  My understanding is that it's an excellent DAW whereas audacity is more of a lower powered audio editor ...09:12
jo-erlendI wonder if I'll be able to remove the guitar background from the vocal track...09:17
cfhowlettjo-erlend, audacity has specific sound removal but it does leave audio artifacts.  When I recorded interviews, I put each mic on a mono channel.  Then I removed the other voice, and split the channel to stereo.  Not sure how that would work with music.  #opensourcemusicians09:19
jo-erlendright :)09:20
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sirriffsalotIs there anyway of enabling wireless through command-line?13:44
mlpugsirriffsalot, I guess it depends on what "enabling wireless" means. Maybe iwconfig?13:46
sirriffsalotmlpug: well I'm trying to run slax, sitting at a café at the moment... I can't seem to enable it like I normally do here with my keyboard13:46
sirriffsalotGetting no reply in slax, so :(13:46
studio-user636hello everybody15:35
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