p3rsistIf I want a service to be started after home directory is decrypted on my development machine and I also want to use that same init upstart conf for the server where there no encrypted home directory, does the filesystem event will work for both?00:34
Jordan_UIs there any way that https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/1077579 could be a bug in something other than upstart? Not reaping a child seems like a pretty basic failure of PID 1 so I'm surprised this hasn't (seemingly) recieved much attention.03:13
xnoxJordan_U: if pid 1 / upstart receives SIGCHLD for that process, it wil reap it.06:55
xnoxJordan_U: so something else has probably already received that signal and ignored it.06:56
Jordan_Uxnox: So something like the process dying before becoming a child of PID 1? I would expect even then that PID 1 would reap the child, so I think I'm misunderstanding something.08:12
xnoxJordan_U: when should it reap it? upon a defunct process getting re-parented to pid1, i guess sigchild will never arrive in that case.08:17
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Jordan_Uxnox: I think a check for defunct processes when they're inherited would probably make sense.18:16
kaimaststupid question. how do i build upstart?22:30
kaimastsimply running automake doesn't seem to work22:31
xnoxkaimast: it's covered in the cookbook. I think you want $ autoreconf -f -i; ./configure --with-options-you-need --exec-prefix=you-need; make; make check.22:33
xnoxkaimast: do run the extensive test-suite, that validates the build in many different ways.22:33
kaimastthanks xnox! :)22:33
kaimastdo you also know if there are tests for extras? especially upstart-socket-bridge?22:34
xnoxkaimast: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#development-and-testing should be helpful.22:34
xnoxkaimast: i'm not sure check the code, the bridge itself are well just emitting events. Sockets are unit-tested in the libnih side of things, and fd passing in the events (as done by socket bridge) is unit tested in the init/ tests portion.22:35
xnoxkaimast: (or actually possibly in the nih-dbus part of codebase)22:35
xnoxkaimast: ideally one would do "imperical" integration tests for a bridge, the way it's done for re-exec in ./scripts/test/*.py which is in python unit tests =)22:37
kaimastwth? ./configure: line 2510: syntax error near unexpected token `[Copyright'22:52
xnoxkaimast: do you have all dependencies installed? sudo apt-get build-dep upstart22:55
xnoxkaimast: and did your "autoreconf -f -i" resulted without any severe warnings?22:56
kaimastyeah, btw in the cookbook it says "apt-get install build-dep" 22:59
xnoxkaimast: oops that's wrong =)23:00
kaimastokay rerun autoreconf and now it seems to do something :)23:05
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