jarnosbrainwash_, but the PPA does not contain lightdm-gtk-greeter00:00
brainwash_no? the PPA is called "00:01
brainwash_LightDM GTK+ Greeter Daily"00:01
jarnosbrainwash_, ok00:03
jarnosbrainwash_, works better :)00:07
brainwash_great that we got this sorted00:08
Unit193http://packages.qa.debian.org/libx/libxfce4ui.html Well hey, we could actually try to get that from experimental.  That's one we pretty clearly need.00:10
Noskcajochosi, Everything in debian (except indicator 1.0) is already merged, some need sponsoring. All released xfce 4.11 packages are in the debian svn00:10
ochosiUnit193: how do these things get synced anyway?00:11
ochosior Noskcaj ^00:12
Unit193ochosi: Automatic for anything in unstable where the Ubuntu version doesn't have ubuntu#00:12
ochosiyeah, but if we need stuff from experimental00:12
Noskcajexperimental or ubuntu changes need manual work. which i have done00:12
Unit193The program 'requestsync' is in the ubuntu-dev-tools package.00:13
ochosiNoskcaj: so what's in the sponsoring queue already and what still needs work?00:16
Noskcajochosi, Just needs a sponsor00:16
ochosi(sorry if i'm asking many questions now, but i really wanna get an overview over the situation now that the holidays are over)00:16
Noskcajit's fine. https://code.launchpad.net/~noskcaj/ubuntu/trusty/libxfce4ui/4.11/+merge/200196 is the libxfce4ui merge00:17
NoskcajPlus the light-locker fix and the new xfce4-terminal are in the queue00:17
NoskcajAnd i'm currently packaging the embed plugin00:19
ochosiwhat light-locker fix are you referring to exactly?00:19
ochosithe xflock patch?00:19
ochosiwell light-locker also needs to replace xscreensaver in the seed..00:20
ochosi(in case you wanna do another MR)00:20
=== jjfrv8_ is now known as jjfrv8
Unit193ochosi: Already requested.00:21
ochosioh ok00:21
ochosiso basically we have lots of stuff in the queue00:22
Noskcajsooooo much stuff00:22
ochosii asked for help in -motu yesterday00:22
NoskcajI have 50+ packages across debian and ubuntu waiting for sponsorship00:22
ochosixnox kindly offered some support for sponsorship of packages for xubuntu00:22
* knome crosses fingers that isn't because the "quantity before quality" -method00:23
ochosiso for the really important ones i think we can ping him00:23
Noskcajknome, That have build up over the last 6 months00:25
NoskcajI have some in debian from when i first started packaging00:25
knomeno doubt :)00:25
slickymasterNoskcaj, do you have a sec?00:27
Noskcajslickymaster, Sure00:27
slickymasterBug #1262492, do you really see it as a bug?00:27
ubottubug 1262492 in xfce4-panel (Ubuntu) "An empty launcher is created instead of a complete launcher in xfce panel" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126249200:27
Noskcajslickymaster, I'm not sure. It would be nice to have the edit popup appear when you make a new launcher, but i can see that annoying people00:29
slickymasterNoskcaj,  what I mean is that I see the reporter reasoning but it strikes me more as a wishlist that a bug00:29
slickymasterthan ^^00:29
ochosiyeah, this should be a wishlist item imo00:30
ochosiand it should be forwarded to upstream anyway00:30
NoskcajPriority should be wishlist, should be forwarded upstream with "feature request" in the title00:30
ochosiit'll just rot in lp00:30
slickymasterochosi, yes, that's what I was thinking also00:31
slickymastersince you marked as Confirmed, do you want to change it Noskcaj ?00:31
NoskcajI don't think i have triage rights00:32
knomei might00:32
ochosinight everyone00:32
Noskcajbye ochosi 00:33
slickymastercy tomorrow ochosi 00:33
slickymasterknome, good00:34
knome(but i don't know what you are talking about, so you might want to point me to the right direction)00:34
slickymasterbug 126249200:34
ubottubug 1262492 in xfce4-panel (Ubuntu) "An empty launcher is created instead of a complete launcher in xfce panel" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126249200:34
slickymasterknome, ^^^00:35
slickymasterit strikes me more as a wishlist than a bug00:35
knomeset as "opinion"00:35
knomeLP doesn't have "wishlist"00:35
Noskcajknome, sure? It's still something people want fixed00:35
NoskcajAnd yes it does00:35
NoskcajIn the "priority" section00:36
slickymasterNoskcaj, exactly 00:36
knomeaha, right00:36
knomeyeah, me and my sloppy hands00:36
knomeit's fixed now00:36
knomestatus: Confirmed → Won't Fix00:36
knomestatus: Won't Fix → Opinion00:36
knomeimportance: Undecided → Critical00:36
knomeimportance: Critical → Wishlist00:36
knomestatus: Opinion → Confirmed 00:36
knomei only need 5 times!00:36
slickymasterthing is that I think that someone in the bugsquad team 00:36
slickymasternever mind 00:37
NoskcajWe probably need more people with triage rights in xubuntu00:38
slickymaster+1 on that Noskcaj 00:38
* Noskcaj nominates slickymaster00:38
* slickymaster hides00:39
* knome nominates Noskcaj as the head of all bugs and bees of xubuntu00:39
slickymasterbut I think you're right, Noskcaj. Do you know how many members of the team hold those rights00:40
Noskcajknome, If you want, but slickymaster does more triage than i do00:40
knomeNoskcaj, i was only half serious :P00:40
NoskcajAnd i'm guessing 000:40
slickymasterwell, being in -qa kind of leads me to it00:40
knomebasically anybody who's interested should get that access, it isn't something that you need to do via xubuntu00:40
NoskcajAlthough elfy and pleia can give themselves themselves access because CC00:41
knomesome access is leaking to me too via various teams00:41
slickymasterdon't they already have them?00:41
knomePasi Lallinaho → Ubuntu Documentation Committers → Ubuntu Bug Control00:41
slickymasterI mean elfy and pleia2?00:41
knomei'm not sure00:42
knomeif they were wise, the CC was only the owner of certain teams, not a member00:42
slickymasterbut that's something that could be looked into00:42
knomei guess they could grant themselves the access, but the whole point of the community stuff is that people do not do that, but actually earn the access00:43
slickymasterdoes that requires an active roll in the bug squad?00:44
slickymasteror there are other ways/teams?00:44
knomei guess you first have to prove you are a worthy triager00:44
Noskcajslickymaster, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugControl00:44
knomeonce you do that, you should get the membership and be in the team eternally00:45
slickymasterNoskcaj, yeah, I'aware of that00:45
Noskcajjust checking00:45
slickymasterknome, not exactly. I'm a member of the BugSquad team but I don't have those rights00:46
knomeslickymaster, you need to be part of the bug control team to have *that*00:46
knomebut basically it's just more of the same00:46
knomei should go to bed00:47
slickymasterme, too. I'l be up in about 4 hours to work00:48
knomenight, and good luck ;)00:48
slickymastertks. cy all tomorrow00:48
slickymasterhace a good night00:48
Noskcajg'night slickymaster, knome00:49
knomenight Noskcaj 00:49
knome(or day)00:49
slickymasterNoskcaj, cy00:49
Unit193Dang, and right when I need the P a s i and master of all slickiness.02:23
Unit193Does LP automatically pull the pot file in and update the po files with it or something?02:36
NoskcajDepends on how you've set it up for a project02:38
Unit193Well, I updated the pot and po files...02:45
Unit193slickymaster: If you're crazy enough to read logs, not the intro is translated now: http://unit193.net/xubuntu/pt/02:58
Unit193PT is in the best of shape, of course.03:05
NoskcajAnd now i'm in the bug control team, a whole 15 min after applying03:10
NoskcajGuys, where's the upstream bugs/commits for the light-locker xflock4 fix?05:29
Noskcajlogan wants the in #ubuntu-devel05:29
forestpiskieNoskcaj: do you have any idea how much havoc could be wreaked by an elfy having anything to do with triage ... I am positive that you will find that pleia2 and I only appear to have them because CC owns the teams below it 06:40
elfy!team |did knome fix it yet :)06:51
ubottudid knome fix it yet :): bluesabre, elfy, GridCube, jjfrv8, knome, micahg, mr_pouit, ochosi, pleia2, skellat, Unit19306:51
* Unit193 knows someone likes that trigger...06:52
elfyI shall abuse the bot until the factoid is correct :p06:53
Unit193Fix what?06:53
xnoxochosi: knome: Noskcaj: i'm a DD so can sponsor things into debian as well. And well, when sponsoring packages i do review them and ask for things to be fixed up, i don't just blindly dput stuff.06:54
* Unit193 notes that he should bother xnox about a QA upload. :P06:54
elfybad bad Unit193 06:55
Noskcajxnox, Well i've got at least 5006:55
elfyI'd guess xnox is facepalming now ... :)06:55
xnoxNoskcaj: if it's not on mentors.debian.net or not in http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/ they don't count. And I did do a few of yours not so long ago.06:57
Noskcajetm-qt in the PAPT, audicious* in pkg-multimedia, 10 in pkg gnome, 13 in mentors (a few aren't actually needing sponsoring there, but gambc really does),  24 in the sponsor queue06:58
Noskcajthat enough ;)06:58
NoskcajPlease do a few06:58
Noskcajelfy, Why am i not in !team ? or the other two new guys06:59
elfybecause XPL hasn't done it yet I guess - I'm on the hassling detail for that :)07:00
elfyit'll get done I'm sure :)07:00
Unit193elfy: At least I was kidding, though I need to find it nevertheless. :P07:00
elfyUnit193: find what?07:00
elfyochosi: not got time to look further atm but - suspend seems to just locking - not going down - just cycling to login screen07:51
TESTERHi, where are Xubuntu 12.04 Alternate Images to test?08:53
TESTERSorry, of course 14.04!!!08:54
ochosiNoskcaj: when talking about uploads that others could do for us, please focus on those that we urgently need in 14.0408:57
NoskcajTESTER, Sorry, only lubuntu, ubuntu-server, and netboot have alternate installs08:57
ochosii.e. the three packages for indicators, etc08:58
Noskcajochosi, yeah. will do. I've got logan looking at xflock, he just wants an upstream bug(fix) or gt commit first08:58
ochosiNoskcaj: yeah, well that means it might take ages08:59
Noskcajxnox, If you're still around, https://code.launchpad.net/~noskcaj/ubuntu/trusty/libxfce4ui/4.11/+merge/200196 is the highest priority merge08:59
ochosibut really, panel and indicators should be the first thing to go in imo08:59
ochosiyup, let's start with that08:59
TESTER14.04 will be based on XFCE 4.11 ???09:01
NoskcajTESTER, Parts of it09:01
ochosixnox: thanks, i really appreciate that you don't just blindly dput stuff :) we'll try to only ask you for help where certain quality standards are met09:01
ochosik, g2g, have a fun day everyone09:02
NoskcajYeah, i need sleep now. bye ochosi09:02
TESTERNoskcaj - so I have to use Lubuntu Iso and then install xfce-desktop (if there is such a thing) when I want to encrypt whole harddisk?09:02
ochosielfy: i guess looking at the logs would be a good step here09:02
TESTERI have 4.12 runnig fine on 12.04 - is needed for multi monitor support, should be in 14.0409:03
slickymastermorning all09:33
knomethe !team factoid is updated.12:39
ubottubluesabre, elfy, GridCube, jjfrv8, knome, lderan, micahg, mr_pouit, Noskcaj, ochosi, pleia2, skellat, slickymaster, Unit19312:52
elfyknome: thanks :)12:52
knomerowboatnick, well there was no reason to test it and poke everybody :P12:52
rowboatnickknome: i had to know :(12:53
elfybad rowboatnick :)12:53
knomerowboatnick, /msg ubottu !team-#xubuntu-devel12:55
jarnosochosi, as for light-locker, isn't the lightdm-gtk-greeter going to be too old in Trusty for it?13:49
jarnosochosi, it might be good to have a mature xscreensaver bundled with Xubuntu; Lubuntu 13.10 uses the greeter in lxlock that is LXDE equivalent of xflock4, and it introduced a critical security bug that has still not been fixed in updates.13:59
jarnosbrainwash, hi,  isn't the lightdm-gtk-greeter going to be too old for light-locker in Trusty?14:00
brainwashjarnos: no, trusty will ship with version 1.8 I think14:01
jarnosbrainwash, so you can't trust http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=%20lightdm-gtk-greeter&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all14:02
brainwashwell, it will be version 1.7.0 at least14:02
brainwashjarnos: trusty is still in development, many packages will be updated in the next months14:03
brainwashand version 1.7.0 has been released like 1(?) week ago14:04
jarnosochosi, this is the bug with lxlock: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxsession/+bug/120538414:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 1205384 in lxsession (Ubuntu) "Lock can be circumvented by switching to console" [High,In progress]14:07
brainwashstill not fixed in the official repo?14:08
brainwashwow, a critical bug should be fixed asap14:09
jarnosbrainwash, right14:11
jarnosbrainwash, and the bug report was made more thant two months before release of Lubuntu 13.10! 14:14
jarnosbrainwash, I don't know what they are thinking. It would be easy to modify lxlock as a workaround.14:17
brainwashjarnos: sad story, hopefully there will be a happy ending14:22
brainwashmost users are not aware of this security issue :/14:22
jarnosbrainwash, at least information about it was added (long after release) to release notes of Lubuntu 13.10, after I requested it.14:26
jarnosbrainwash, but that does not help people that installed Lubuntu 13.10 before that.14:27
ochosijarnos: this is exactly what light-locker fixes15:12
ochosii told the lubuntu guys long ago15:12
brainwashochosi: so bug 1264563 won't be fixed in lightdm15:26
ubottubug 1264563 in LightDM GTK+ Greeter "switch-to-greeter does not set lock hint" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126456315:26
brainwashdoes the patch for lightdm-gtk-greeter break any functionality of the greeter? is it bad if the greeter checks for logged in users even on a fresh boot?15:28
ochosibrainwash: yes, i read, it's fine i'll take care of the greeter soon15:28
brainwashok :)15:28
jarnosochosi, in some cases I have ended up with situation where all displays remain blanked even if I move mouse, when I use light-locker from daily PPA.16:58
brainwashjarnos: did you try to switch to vt7 and back?17:06
jarnosbrainwash, yes, but it didn't help. I had to reboot.17:09
brainwashso typing the password blindly did not work either?17:10
brainwashlight-locker does not blank the screen, lightdm-gtk-greeter tells the X server to do so17:11
brainwashthere might be error messages in your Xorg or lightdm log files17:13
jarnosbrainwash, you mean ERROR?17:17
jarnosbrainwash, anyway, was using a laptop with (only) an external display enabled.17:26
jarnosbrainwash, I did not notice any ERROR messages in recent logs at /var/log/lightdm17:28
brainwashjarnos: don't know what might cause this faulty behavior17:36
brainwashat least create a bug report and attach the greeter log files and so on17:38
brainwashthe screen does not unblank after manual locking, right?17:39
brainwashtry to reproduce it by running "dm-tool lock"17:39
jarnosbrainwash, when I use it, it also blanks screen, doesn't respond to mouse, but Ctrl-Alt-F7 unlocks.18:04
brainwashjarnos: https://bugs.launchpad.net/lightdm-gtk-greeter/+filebug18:11
jarnosbrainwash, maybe later, I am busy.18:16
pmjdebru2jnis anybody here aware of anything special with regard to scrollbar theming on xubuntu?18:28
pmjdebru2jnI have an application of which scrollbars a differently themed on xubuntu than on ubuntu18:28
pmjdebru2jnand the application explicitly loads it's own clearlooks based theme 18:28
pmjdebru2jn(special purpose app)18:28
brainwashubuntu/unity uses overlay scrollbars18:29
brainwashspecial purpose app? sounds mysterious18:30
ochosihey pmjdebru2jn 18:31
ochosithere's nothing special happening really18:31
ochosiour themes use murrine's gtk-scrollbar theming in gtk2 and the default engine in gtk318:31
pmjdebru2jnI know about the overlay stuff, but that's not what I meant18:32
pmjdebru2jneven with overlay scrollbars disabled, it looks like I'd expect on ubuntu18:32
pmjdebru2jnin xubuntu the scrollbars are recessed18:32
ochosiif you need help and it should remain secret feel free to PM me with more specifics18:32
pmjdebru2jnapp = darktable (for photography, so it has a dark neutral theme)18:33
pmjdebru2jnI guess I should upload some screenshots18:33
ochosiyeah, that'd be helpful18:34
ochosibut i can also install it and see what's going on18:35
ochosii suspect it's a problem of the combination of your rc-files in darktable and options we set in out themes18:35
ochosiwhat version of darktable are we talking about and what would be the most straightforward way to get it in 13.10?18:38
pmjdebru2jnsudo apt-add-repository ppa:pmjdebruijn/darktable-unstable :D18:38
pmjdebru2jnmy ppas are the official project ppas :)18:39
ochosithought so :)18:40
ochosii presume we're talking gtk2?18:40
pmjdebru2jnwe mostly use clearlooks18:41
pmjdebru2jnthe basic theme is a modified version from something from art.gnome.org, which someone else modified18:41
pmjdebru2jnand now I'm fiddling with it18:41
pmjdebru2jnpractically it's fine, but cosmetically it's a bit ugly on xubuntu now18:42
ochosiyeah, but xubuntu doesn't have clearlooks installed by default18:45
pmjdebru2jninitially I though it was the shadow-type thing, but that's set to GTK_SHADOW_NONE18:45
ochosijust for starters18:45
pmjdebru2jnochosi: the package pulls in gtk2-engines18:45
ochosioh, you install it18:45
ochosiyeah, just saw it18:45
ochosiwhy not just modify the colors?18:46
ochosiis it really necessary to modify the whole theme looks?18:46
pmjdebru2jnnot per-se18:46
pmjdebru2jnthen again18:46
ochosiwould make the looks of darktable more integrated18:46
ochosi(is my first thought)18:46
pmjdebru2jnthe more we leave to chance, the more can go wrong18:46
pmjdebru2jnochosi: we don't want to look integrated18:46
pmjdebru2jnwe have lots of custom widgets too18:47
pmjdebru2jnso by itself looking "integrated" really isn't a concern18:47
pmjdebru2jnit's basically just another vector for unexpected issues18:47
ochosiright, i understand18:47
ochosiso, i see the scrollbars now18:48
ochosiwhat seems to be the issue?18:48
ochosior: how should they look?18:48
pmjdebru2jnthere's an extra sunk in bevel around the scrollbars at the sides18:50
pmjdebru2jnwhen I do export LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=018:51
pmjdebru2jnthey are not there on ubuntu18:51
pmjdebru2jnyou do see what I mean right?18:52
ochosipmjdebru2jn: extra sunk bevel? you mean the scrollbar trough?19:08
ochosii guess i should load some pics in...19:09
pmjdebru2jnochosi: the scrollbars are forced on at the sides19:10
ochosiyeah, i see them there19:10
ochosithey're a bit bulky19:11
ochosiand there's no visible trough19:11
ochosido you have a screener of what it should look like?19:11
pmjdebru2jnlet me make one19:12
ochosithat'd be helpful19:12
ochosiok, the reason is simple19:15
ochosinow that i see it :)19:15
ochosiwhere is your rc file, then i can try to quickly patch it19:16
ochosipmjdebru2jn: this should fix your issue mostly: http://dpaste.com/1539527/19:22
ochosithere could be more to fix, but try that first and lemme know whether that's what you expected19:22
pmjdebru2jnah cool, let me look19:23
pmjdebru2jnochosi: I don't think that makes a difference over here19:28
ochosiare you sure?19:28
ochosithat's weird19:28
pmjdebru2jninsert at line 28 right?19:29
ochosiwell the line number doesn't matter really19:29
pmjdebru2jnthose property are button related?19:29
pmjdebru2jnaren't they?19:29
ochosithis is about overruling the theme deactivating the scrollbar steppers19:29
ochosicause that's all that really happens19:29
ochosiif you use bluebird for example, that problem shouldn't occur19:30
ochosi(just to quickly test)19:30
ochosior use albatross19:30
ochosithose themes don't deactivate the steppers, so things should look normal19:30
pmjdebru2jnah it's fine with albatross indeed19:31
Unit193How about that, gtk2 indicator lands.20:14
brainwashso now we only need the patched power manager and saucy will be ready for release :P20:17
brainwashUnit193: do you plan to keep your Xfce PPA up-to-date?20:19
brainwashxfwm4 + xfdesktop20:19
Unit193brainwash: I don't see why not, but note that it's the tabwin branch, not xfwm/master.20:19
brainwashyeah, your PPA is great for testing recent fixes and the seamless background transition20:21
brainwashtabwin won't be ready for trusty, or?20:21
Unit193It'd be ready, but perhaps not merged.20:23
NoskcajJust wondering, can't forestpiskie  sponsor stuff for us because Community Council gives access to core-dev?21:19
Unit193Not without major abuse of power.21:23
Unit193He also won't because he doesn't touch voodoo.21:24
slickymasternight all21:25
Noskcajhey slickymaster21:26
slickymasterhey Noskcaj 21:26
NoskcajSo i'l in bug control now.21:27
slickymasterbut do you mean bug sqaud?21:27
NoskcajNow i just need one of the admins to actually put me in the team21:27
Noskcajbugcontrol = can set priority and target release21:28
slickymasterNoskcaj, isn't bug control a restricted team?21:28
Noskcajslickymaster, yeah21:29
NoskcajI applied yesterday and got the required number of +1s21:29
slickymasterthat's great, we sure need some more members with those rights21:29
slickymasterNoskcaj, you can ping bdmurray on that21:32
NoskcajI don't have time now, but i will21:32
brainwashcan anyone verify that the proposed xfce4-terminal package works in saucy? bug 120673922:15
ubottubug 1206739 in xfce4-terminal (Ubuntu Saucy) "xfce4-terminal crashed with SIGSEGV in magazine_chain_pop_head()" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120673922:15
brainwashlooks like the package is stuck in proposed since 2013-11-1222:16

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