god_clearancehas anyone updated from 13.04 to 13.10 ? any bumps along the way?00:36
god_clearanceno bumps in updating to 13.10 from 13.04 ?00:44
Unit193I did it on several, just a couple things to change.00:46
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uBUXUBuim getting a lotta inand out signals here and no chat04:39
xubuntu380hi guys and top of the morning to ya. what i'm wondering is, how does it pan out if i use compton for compositing in xubuntu. is it stable? I meant per these instrucions: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214446807:17
Noskcajxubuntu380, It should be07:40
xubuntu380Noskcaj, thanks for your answer. Just looking for some composition without screen tearing in YT and VLC. Actually, i think i enabled openGL inside VLC itself, so i hope that's good  atleast. I really don't like changing defaults :)07:41
HardWareGuySoo if nothing is changing for 14.04, is it basically done and usable?07:59
cfhowlettHardWareGuy, ??? it's in alpha!  It will change!  but if you're feeling like you just can't wait - go for it.08:00
HardWareGuyxubuntu hasn't changed much over the years and releases, don't see enough changes to break 14.0408:01
cfhowlettyour box, your problem if you break it.  have fun with that.08:01
nikin_hi. is there any way to make apt not try to use 700 Repostories? mosttly translations10:17
slickymasternikin_: see this http://askubuntu.com/questions/135339/assign-highest-priority-to-my-local-repository10:22
nikin_slickymaster: i read through it quickly so i have to make my own repostory?10:26
slickymasternikin_: all you have to do is to edit your /etc/apt/sources.list file10:38
slickymasternikin_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu10:38
nikin_slickymaster: i have just the very basics in there10:39
nikin_At some point in the update process.. it jumps from 99% to 1% .. and starts getting TranslationIndexes and translation-en stuff10:42
nikin_slickymaster: and thank you for the link.. but i do not have X installed10:43
blinky_hi all, got a problem.12:48
blinky_I have a GTX560 with 2 monitor attached, I have an intel onboard(i5 GPU) with another monitor installed.  I did a fresh install yesterday of xUbuntu 13.10 and had all three running, albeit I have to deselect the intel and reselect it for it to work.  I then installed the nvidia-319 driver and lost the intel monitor, removed them and installed the latest from the nvidia site and lost lightdm and the intel monitor.  I also have one of the nvidia monit12:48
blinky_<blinky>  not able to get the correct res, any ideas how to solve this.Sorry for the monster post.12:48
nikin_is there any way to disable the download of the Translation-en files from the repostories? They do not download and make errors13:40
juan__hi all, i have a problem with my xubuntu. everytime i start the PC theyu start witohout the comand "xfwm4", how can i proceed to fix this? thanks in advance.14:09
Sysiopen terminal, run »rm -rf ~/.cache/sessions« select logout from menu and uncheck "save session" checkbox when logging out14:12
Sysishould work on next reboot/login14:13
juan_Sysi, it worked! thank you!14:21
Sysiyou're welcome14:22
juan_Sysi, can you give me other help? i want to update my system, cause i dont know if my xubuntu is the 13º, how can i do it?14:22
xubuntu697i have installed xubuntu alongside ubuntu 13.10 (or so I thought) There does not seem to be a way to change the session back to ubuntu14:31
Myrttiin the login screen there should be an option14:32
xubuntu697nope tried that, does not seem to be this option if I log out14:33
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Guest99376nobody ?18:12
TheSheep!hi | Guest9937618:13
ubottuGuest99376: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!18:13
nikola_Good afternoon  I think  I need help  I was trying to download  the devede  and xubuntu crash18:15
nikola_then I restart  my  laptop the xubuntu  bring me back to   default  view withought  my stuff and I can not see my files18:16
nikola_ I am still have  the  programms but without my files18:16
nikola_ my pictures and my videos18:16
TheSheepnikola_: devede?18:17
nikola_ a program  to   burn movies  on dvd  for all home dvd players18:19
nikola_ my xubuntu is like fresh install18:19
TheSheepnikola_: you are running it from a livecd?18:20
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nikola_ I  have duall boot  xubuntu with  vista18:20
nikola_300 G hard disk  that  the 100 of them  are in xubuntu18:21
TheSheepnikola_: if you go to "File system", then "home", what directories can you see there?18:21
monatsendhi there, i have a problem. after installing nvidea-current my xubuntu displays the wrong screen on my monitor. here everithing i got so far: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18121147/Screenshot%20-%2006.01.2014%20-%2019%3A18%3A03.png. can anybody help me?18:22
nikola_all the default   but  there are empty18:22
TheSheepnikola_: "all the default"?18:23
TheSheepno, no, go to "File System" and then to the directory "home" in there18:25
TheSheepnot to your home directory18:25
nikola_ I go to File System then home18:26
nikola_ and I see the same folders  but are empty18:27
nikola_ without my files18:27
TheSheepthat doesn't make any sense, there should be directories for users in there18:27
TheSheepis this a standard installation?18:28
nikola_but I  have only 1 user me18:28
nikola_ what you mean standard instalation?18:28
TheSheepdid you do something funny with it?18:28
TheSheeplike setting a non-standard home directory, for example18:29
nikola_  I do not have idea how to do that  I am niewbie  to linux like  baby18:29
nikola_ I like the xubuntu  because it is the only linux OS that I  do not need to download driver for my chipset18:30
TheSheepis your home directory on the same partition as the rest of the system, or did you choose a separate partition for it during the installation?18:30
TheSheepwe could see that if you could pastebin your /etc/fstab18:30
TheSheep(that's a file in the 'etc' directory in 'File System')18:31
nikola_ I cut  1G  for swap  and the other 100 to put the xubuntu18:31
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:32
nikola_ok wait18:32
TheSheepnikola_: you can open a terminal and type 'pastebinit < /etc/fstab' and paste the url here18:32
nikola_what url?18:33
TheSheepthe one that it will print for you18:33
nikola_ I write  in the  terminal18:34
nikola_ and the terminal  answer that there is not such file or directory18:34
nikola_nikolas@nikolas-Compaq-Presario-CQ60-Notebook-PC:~$ pastebinit<etc/fstab bash: etc/fstab: No such file or directory18:35
TheSheepyou forgot /18:35
TheSheepat the begginning of etc18:35
TheSheepok, so it's all on the single parition18:37
TheSheepdo you remember if you maybe selected to have your home directory encrypted?18:37
nikola_ o no18:37
nikola_ I do not think so18:37
nikola_ I have a password  but  it was  never problem18:38
TheSheepif you press ctrl+h the file manager should show also hidden files, anything in there?18:38
nikola_it has a folder  hide  that it says lost+found18:39
nikola_ but when I am trying to open it18:39
TheSheepthat's in File System18:40
nikola_ it throws an error that I can not see  it18:40
TheSheepbut in you home?18:40
TheSheepn your home?18:40
nikola_oo wait18:40
TheSheepI'm pretty much baffled, because I can't imagine a situation where user's files would simply disappear without being deleted or move by that user or some script that he runs18:41
nikola_ I do not  know18:41
nikola_ I was just choose  a program to download  from the  ubuntu center18:41
nikola_ and another strange  is18:42
nikola_ that   I do not see the  image on files18:42
nikola_ or folders18:42
nikola_if I restart  and login  in recovery you  think can  bring my folders back?18:43
TheSheepnikola_: can you do 'mount | pastebinit' and paste the url?18:43
nikola_you mean to write  in terminal mount |pastebinit?18:44
TheSheepI honestly have no idea, because I can't think of what could have such effects18:44
TheSheepthat will give the list of all mounted filesystems18:44
nikola_it gives me the same url18:45
TheSheepthe number should be different18:45
nikola_ I run it again18:47
TheSheepdid you look in that /media/nikolas?18:48
nikola_where is that?18:48
TheSheepFile System -> media -> nikolas18:49
TheSheepbut it's a fuse filesystem, so it may be a windows disk or something18:49
nikola_in that file  is my swap  files  that Xubuntu need to boot18:49
nikola_fuse filesystem is  the broken  file system?18:50
TheSheepfuse is a way of having the filesystem drivers run with user's permissions, I'm just guessing this is some external or windows disk because they are often mounted like that18:51
TheSheepbut I don't understand what you mean by "swap files", your swap is on a separate partition according to fstab18:52
nikola_ yes I have  install it like that18:52
nikola_ but in media/nikolas  I see only  this partition18:53
TheSheepso what is /media/nikolas/Δεσμευμένο από το σύστημα ?18:53
nikola_the last   are in Greeks18:53
nikola_ it means  that  my system  needs this files18:54
nikola_the system has take this part18:54
monatsendcan somebody help me?18:54
TheSheepmonatsend: I really don't know much about nvidia drivers, sorry18:54
TheSheepmonatsend: you might try asking on #ubuntu and searching the forums18:55
monatsendok ty. i will try on #ubuntu18:55
TheSheepnikola_: you mean Windows?18:55
TheSheepnikola_: because I don't remember Linux doing such things18:56
TheSheepnikola_: oh, that is probably some windows partition18:56
nikola_ the windows  are  in other part18:56
nikola_ alone 148 GB18:56
nikola_ my externall disk  is cut it in 3 pieces18:57
nikola_ one  is the  xubuntu file system18:57
nikola_the second  is the  swap partition that Xubuntu needs18:57
nikola_ and 148 G is the vista18:57
TheSheepI'm very sorry, but I really can't see what could possibly have happened there18:58
TheSheepI can't help you18:58
nikola_ ok thanks18:58
nikola_thanks for the help18:58
elijah__will someone fix the volume icon yet? lol19:12
elfyelijah__: for 13.10? if so the fix is released to -updates19:14
TheSheeplol indeed19:15
elfyelijah__: for 13.10? if so the fix is released to -updates19:15
elijah__let me check19:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 1208204 in Ubuntu Studio "[SRU]Update indicator-sound-gtk2 with patch" [Undecided,New]19:16
elijah__by whom?19:17
elfywhat do you mean?19:18
elijah__nothing stupid idea. Just thinking that it was not assigned to anyone19:19
elfyelijah__: oic - think it was alistair buxton - comment 112/319:21
elijah__i see19:23
horrowHey everybody, i want to ask howto stop firefox from autorun after login? sry for noob question :)19:24
elijah__why does it run in the first place?19:24
horrowi dont know19:24
horrowjust fresh installed of xubuntu 13.1019:25
elijah__somewhere in the settings session and startup19:25
horrowi tryed but no entry19:25
horrowi tryed also reinstall firefox but doesnt helps too19:25
elijah__i am speechless19:27
elijah__sorry i am noob too19:28
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Squall88ukAnyone know how i'd go about making a cursor them? I searched all over and all i can find is guides on how to install downloaded themes20:43
holsteinSquall88uk: which would you like? making a cursor theme? for xfce? or how to install a certain theme? what theme in that case? and where did you get it?20:47
Squall88ukI want to make a cursor theme from scratch for xfce then install it.20:48
holsteinSquall88uk: http://orford.org/gtk/#cursors might be a good place to start, and/or try downloading one such as http://xfce-look.org/content/show.php/Polar+Cursor+Theme?content=27913 and just see what is going on there20:50
holsteinSquall88uk: you might try a gtk or xfce specific channel20:50
Squall88ukOut of curiosity what is gtk? I know xfce is the DE but i have no idea what gtk is. I've heard the term a lot since i started using linux and never worked out what it is. Also whats x11?20:54
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution20:54
ubottuGTK is the !GIMP toolkit, which forms the base of !GNOME and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI20:54
ubottugimp is an advanced image manipulation application for Ubuntu. See http://www.gimp.org for tutorials and more information.20:56
Squall88uki thought gnome was a different DE to Xfce even though they apparantly look very similar20:56
holsteinSquall88uk: they are different.. they both use gtk20:57
Squall88ukahh right ok i think i get it now. So when i use themes in general on xfce i use the gtk theme for some aspects of the overall look and the xfce window manager for other aspects of the overall look. Is that right ( or at least in the same ballpark lol)?20:59
holsteinSquall88uk: gtk ones should work.. it depends on who made them, and if they are made for what you are using21:03
Squall88ukWell atm i use the window manager settings to set my title bar look (from a downloaded theme) then the appearance setting for the general overall look of the system ie greybird21:05
Squall88ukOr am I go about that in completely the wrong way?21:08
holsteinSquall88uk: there is not "wrong" way. the "best" way will depend on what you want to do. the supported themes and packages from the repos should work easily and well. ones you download from elsewhere will be supported by the creators of the themes. if you want to make one, you can download one and look at how its made21:11
Squall88ukok thanks for the help its appreciated21:11
fredderik74can you configure xubuntu 13.10 tu turn itself off at a determined time?23:35
holsteinfredderik74: yes23:37
fredderik74holstein: how?23:39
holsteinfredderik74: you could set a script that runs as a certain time23:40
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fredderik74will "sudo shutdown -h 05:00" close all opened applications before shutting the computer or will it just brute force close it?23:43
fredderik74it will only execute the action once, right? when I turn the machine on, it wont turn itself down23:46
holsteinfredderik74: it will do what you script.. which is just "shutdown"23:47
holsteinfredderik74: not sure what you mean by "turn its self down".. the script you make will run whenever you schedule it to run23:48

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