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quicksilverLeoNerd: you can unshelve and then partially reshelve08:31
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Eduard_MunteanuWhere can I find a definition of the 'lp' transport? I want to know if it uses a secure channel like https or ssh.19:57
fullermdTechnically it's not a transport, it's a directory service.20:02
fullermdPretty sure it resolves to http if you're not lp-login'd, and bzr+ssh if you are.20:03
rozzinEduard_Munteanu: I think it's in the "launchpad" plugin.20:05
rozzinEduard_Munteanu: On my Debian installation, this appears to be in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/bzrlib/plugins/launchpad.20:06
Eduard_MunteanuI guess I should use the account and add the ssh key.20:07
SamBthe plugin ships with bzr, though20:14
Eduard_MunteanuSamB: yes, but I don't want to fetch stuff over plain http or without some signature20:15
SamBit's odd, there's no mention of "http" anywhere in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/bzrlib/plugins/launchpad/lp_directory.py20:20
SamBEduard_Munteanu: it looks rather as though launchpad itself resolves the lp: URLs in the non-SSH case ...20:22
SamBEduard_Munteanu: I suppose there's not really much you can do besides that, realistically; launchpad could theoretically be changed to resolve that to https, but that might break existing deployments if they can't validate the SSL keys ...20:32
SamB(because they don't have the needed CA certs installed/trusted)20:32
Eduard_MunteanuSamB: yeah... I ended up downloading a tarball through the web interface20:32
rozzinI do vaguely recall looking into how "lp:" URLs get resolved, at some point, and finding that there was some series of redirects from lauchpad.net.20:50
rozzinI remember being confused by it; I also remember it making slightly more sense after looking at how a user configures branches/series on the launchpad.net website.20:51

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