frankbanmorning hatch and Makyo: welcome to the "European" timezone ;-). did you have a nice trip?09:16
hatch:) It's soooo amazing!09:17
MakyoIt was okay.  Minus sliding off the highway on Saturday, and the fire alarm last night.09:17
hatcheveryone here says router wrong :P09:17
hatchfrankban you should drive up for supper09:18
hatchtake one of those high speed trains I hear so much about :D09:18
frankbanhatch: heh, I am not in my best shape to do that. but if you want to experience one of those, we can have dinner together in Tuscany, I promise good food and a warm 10/12C temperature09:23
hatchhaha, I'd love too but I think I'd have to skip work on Friday09:23
bacgood morning frankban12:25
frankbanhi bac 12:26
* rick_h_ crosses fingers that the power and gas companies keep up. Poor furnace is running non-stop12:33
rick_h_-14F / -25.5C this morning wheeee12:33
rick_h_hah, "feels like -36F, -37C" they're almost even at this point. 12:36
bacrick_h_: a few more degrees and C/F meet!12:49
bacwell, wind chill at least12:50
bacrick_h_: i should probably not point out the perceived temp here is 120F warmer than yours.  seems not right.12:51
rick_h_jujugui afk, wife's car won't start and I can't get into mine atm. Working on it for a few. 12:53
* benji redirects the microwave satalites to warm up rick_h_'s driveway.12:54
rick_h_phew! keyfob on the touareg wouldn't work and had to call dealer to find out how to get in via key12:59
rick_h_man that diesel wasn't happy to start but it did12:59
rick_h_so will be driving family into work/day care in a bit. then back to regular scheduled hacking12:59
rick_h_the subaru doesn't want to start 12:59
=== gary_poster|away is now known as gary_poster
gary_posterwelcome back frankban. :-) Should I review the improve-field-choices branch?13:20
* gary_poster assuming yes13:22
frankbanthank you gary_poster :-) yes please thanks!13:22
gary_postercool :-)13:22
rick_h_bah bah bah, I can't believe hatch lives in this stuff14:01
gary_posterfrankban: qa done, but call now14:04
frankbangary_poster: thanks, looking14:04
gary_posterhappy for you to get someone else14:04
frankbangary_poster: ok, so the default series if not specified is "precise". did not know that, thanks for that good point. I have to change the approach, and I will work on your QA notes.14:07
hatch_jujugui is comingsoon not updating?14:47
=== hatch_ is now known as hatch
bachatch: staging.jujucharms.com is currently not ingesting new charms.  would that affect what you see?14:48
rick_h_hatch: it was setup to at some point, did the cron job get turned on bac? Or maybe a conflict/issue?14:48
bachatch: nm14:48
bachatch, rick_h_: i'll look into it14:48
hatchbac thanks, we just noticed when trying to demo something landed last week14:49
bacrick_h_: git is not updating that branch.14:51
bacjujugui: comingsoon should be updated now.  i did it manually as the cronjob isn't working due to git/bzr differences.15:04
hatchbac thanks15:04
hatchguess that should probably be a high card?15:04
bachatch: can you verify?15:04
bachatch: working on it15:04
rick_h_bac: :( now we can't verify it will work15:04
rick_h_until the next commit/landing15:04
bacrick_h_: well go commit something!  :)15:05
hatchnot the latest commit15:05
Makyo7690c76 vs 3366a0995f155b845de49ccda0f58c7cf01e6d8915:05
Makyo7690c76 doesn't appear to be real :P15:11
* bac looking15:11
rick_h_Makyo: yea, that's interesting15:11
rick_h_Makyo: but there's a commit in a branch on comingsoon to tweak the config15:12
MakyoOh, okay, cool15:12
rick_h_Makyo: I think it's that commit hash and the rest of us don't have it, it's only on that local checkout15:12
hatchmaybe it was blown away in a force push15:12
MakyoOhhh, right15:12
bacrick_h_, Makyo: here is 'git log' http://paste.ubuntu.com/6709529/15:12
bacyes, to what rick_h_ said about local checkout15:13
rick_h_ok, that looks good15:13
hatchohh you're not pulling and updating15:13
hatchmaybe that needs to be changed15:13
rick_h_hatch: well we need a config changed15:13
hatchoh right15:13
rick_h_you can't pull with un-committed changes15:13
rick_h_hatch: so we had to create a special branch and then do merges from the remote develop into it, and not the local develop15:14
hatchshelve it and re apply?15:14
rick_h_but why if this works?15:14
* rick_h_ has done that in the past15:14
hatchright but this case we dont have the actual version hash15:14
hatchwhat if we copied the 'real' hash15:14
rick_h_hatch: we will15:14
hatchand set that in the version.js15:15
benjirick_h_: this code from the juju-sync alias doesn't appear to work: git pull juju develop15:15
rick_h_hatch: it's just that this is the last commit15:15
rick_h_hatch: after this change, the last commit will be the develop hash15:15
benjiI get this error: fatal: 'juju' does not appear to be a git repository15:15
benjifatal: Could not read from remote repository.15:15
rick_h_benji: then the remote isn't setup?15:15
hatchthat sounds like it could be15:15
Makyobenji: git remote -v; is juju set up as a remote?15:15
hatchor the remote is called something else15:15
hatchthat ^15:15
rick_h_hatch: anyway, this hash issue is a one time deal while we added that extra commit to change the config settings for comingsoon15:16
rick_h_hatch: if it doens't update on the next landing we'll look into it I guess. 15:16
hatchahhh gotcha15:16
benjiMakyo and rick_h_: ok, I got the remote set up and the "git pull juju develop" "worked":15:16
benjiremote: Counting objects: 28, done.15:16
rick_h_benji: git remote add juju git@github.com:juju/juju-gui.git15:16
benjiremote: Compressing objects: 100% (27/27), done.15:16
benjiremote: Total 28 (delta 5), reused 24 (delta 1)15:17
benjiUnpacking objects: 100% (28/28), done.15:17
benjiFrom github.com:juju/juju-gui15:17
benji * branch            develop    -> FETCH_HEAD15:17
benjiUpdating 5e4951a..3366a0915:17
benjierror: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge:15:17
benji        HACKING.rst15:17
benjiPlease, commit your changes or stash them before you can merge.15:17
benji(excuse the flood)15:17
rick_h_benji: you have to have a clean working tree15:17
rick_h_benji: stash (shelve) or commit your changes15:17
rick_h_benji: git won't let you mess around with doing merges/etc with unclean trees15:17
rick_h_git stash && git pull juju develop && git stash pop15:18
rick_h_should get you back to where you are with updated develop15:18
rick_h_but why are you working on develop anyway?15:18
benjiok, I think I understand git a little better now, switching to a different branch doesn't touch currently modified files15:18
* rick_h_ is confused15:18
benjihence the "stash" bit15:18
benjirick_h_: I am trying to update my github fork of develop because when trying to create a pull request I have lots of diffs that aren't real because my develop is behind the true develop15:19
rick_h_benji: never work on develop. always feature branch 15:19
rick_h_develop is a read-only branch15:19
benjirick_h_: I'm not; I'm not communicating well15:20
rick_h_per the workflow int he hacking docs15:20
rick_h_benji: k, sorry. 15:20
rick_h_benji: hangout?15:20
benjirick_h_: I think I've figured it out.  If not, I'll take you up on the offer later.15:20
rick_h_benji: rgr15:20
rick_h_hatch: so is your demo feature now up on comingsoon?15:21
hatchI'll check15:21
hatchrick_h_ yep but the styles are off15:22
rick_h_hatch: bah, do we still have make issues around the css?15:22
gary_postermake clean15:22
rick_h_bac: still in to do a clean/update?15:22
hatchahh ok 15:22
bacrick_h_: ok15:23
hatchok well cool thanks for getting that back up15:23
rick_h_hatch: thanks for noticing :)15:23
benjirick_h_: ok, I'm back :)  I have (I think) updated my copy of develop but this comparison still has too much stuff in it: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/compare/add-floobits-vim-instructions...develop15:24
bachatch: try now15:25
MakyoYeah, it's working.15:27
Makyohatch: is digging for change.15:27
hatchthe charmbrowser opening animation is super jumpy now15:28
hatchwonder what's up with that15:28
hatchbenji you pushed a new branch to the juju juju-gui branch instead of your own fork15:29
benjihatch: that makes sense, let me see if I can address that15:31
rick_h_benji: looking15:31
rick_h_benji: yea, always push to the origin15:33
benjirick_h_: if only those words meant anything to me15:33
rick_h_benji: if you use the 'git juju-sync' you should never use juju itself15:33
rick_h_benji: :)15:33
rick_h_benji: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/blob/develop/HACKING.rst#typical-github-workflow15:35
benjirick_h_: that's what I am following15:35
benji(incorrectly, apparently)15:35
rick_h_benji: git push origin :{featureBranchName}15:35
rick_h_hmm, why the : there, /me goes to remove it15:36
benjiI was wondering15:36
benjirick_h_: that's what I did.  If I do it again I get: Everything up-to-date15:36
rick_h_benji: then your origin is off and not your fork on github but the original juju one. 15:37
rick_h_benji: so will need to tweak things15:37
benjirick_h_: thanks for the help, I got it working15:44
rick_h_benji: rgr15:44
rick_h_benji: please let me know if there's anything in the hacking doc I can update that threw you off15:45
hatchrick_h_ change it to use bzr :P15:46
benjirick_h_: I think the problem was that I threw away and re-checked-out the other day and I bet I checked out the "real" repo instead of my fork15:46
rick_h_benji: ok yea, the 'real' one is read only and touched only by the lander tool15:46
hatchoh thats good to know15:47
hatchI thought that we were able to push into it by accident 15:47
rick_h_hatch: you can...but the intention is that it's read-only and you never touch it :)15:47
hatchohh I see haha15:47
hatchcan it be restricted to user?15:47
rick_h_not without preventing you access to other things15:47
hatchI know git allows you to set permissions but I'm not sure aobut github15:47
rick_h_github doesn't have fine grained ACLs15:47
benjijujugui: quick docs review, especially interesting to Vim users: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/4815:48
rick_h_benji: looking15:48
gary_posterjujugui call in 915:51
gary_posterfrankban: trying to do end of review now15:51
frankbangary_poster: oh, re-proposing now with some fixes15:53
gary_posterfrankban: oh ok cool, no comments so far so will just switch over when you have finished15:54
frankbangary_poster: changed the default-series behavior. the only missing bit is the choices line wraps: it seems not supported by the urwid.Columns widget. so maybe I can do some ugly thing like putting a maximum of three choices per line :-/15:56
gary_posterfrankban: ack, thanks, and :-/15:56
gary_posterjujugui call in 215:58
gary_posterhangouts are having issues it seems15:59
rick_h_got in here15:59
gary_posterrick_h_: I can sopmetimes get video of myself, but then "It's taking too long to connect you to this video call. Try again in a few minutes."16:00
rick_h_gary_poster: benji got in, but not hearing anything16:00
gary_posterOther times it is just a 500 error16:00
rick_h_oops, he ran out16:01
bacjujugu: it shows i'm joining with gary and benji but then it puts me in solitare16:02
MakyoHm, at least it's not just me.16:03
* bac tries phone16:03
MakyoPeople in canonical are having problems, too.16:03
bacgary_poster: can you paste that link here?  (no chat on phone)16:09
gary_posterfrankban: code LGTM, with no suggestions16:29
frankbangary_poster: thanks! do you have time (now or later) for a quick call?16:30
gary_posterfrankban: can do now, sure16:31
gary_posterfrankban: you making or shall I?16:31
frankbangary_poster: making16:31
benjirick_h_: I merged wrong, I used the button instead of saying :shipit:.  Is there something I need to do to correct the mistake?16:31
rick_h_benji: too late16:32
rick_h_benji: just let it lie16:32
frankbangary_poster: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpjudfrn0nutn1sjf7pg71cc?hl=en16:32
benjiok.  I wish there were a way to remove that attractive nusance16:32
rick_h_benji: +1, but nothing to do but learn to ignore it16:32
rick_h_benji: could custom css using tools to remove hte button if you're concnered about hitting it again16:33
benjirick_h_: I was thinking the same thing16:33
gary_posterfrankban: having difficulty joining.  retrying repeatedly while trying to google issue16:36
frankbangary_poster: hangout seems very broken16:36
rick_h_benji: I removed the extra branch on the main juju repository. To do it, I clone'd it into a temp dir and did a `git push origin :add-floobits-vim-instructions` to remove it. 16:51
benjirick_h_: thanks much16:52
rick_h_gary_poster: signed up under username 'mitechie'16:54
rick_h_gary_poster: re: floobits16:54
gary_posterrick_h_: awesome, you are all set up16:55
benjidoh!  gary_poster, you noticed my typo after the branch landed.  I'll spin up a new branch. :) 17:00
Makyogary_poster: user makyo17:02
benjigary_poster: my Floobits user name is "benji"17:04
hatchemail sent with details17:04
benjirick_h_: is http://ci.jujugui.org unwell?17:37
MakyoToo cold to ci.17:39
* Makyo calls it. hatch can be the last one in the office.17:40
rick_h_benji: looking17:58
rick_h_benji: seems fine here http://ci.jujugui.org:8080/17:59
rick_h_benji: see https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/blob/develop/docs/continuous-integration.rst recently updated with all the info and links17:59
benjirick_h_: oh, I forgot the non-standard port number17:59
rick_h_benji: and all the emails should contain valid links directly to your pull request test run and such18:00
rick_h_jujugui afk, verified the wife's car battery is done for due to cold (could jump it at lunch but not holding a charge) so off to get a new one before the stores are all out. 18:02
rick_h_and yay last one for her size 18:27
* hatch is confused18:29
hatchoh linter and d3 code18:30
hatchit's like a game to try and figure out what it will accept18:30
rick_h_hatch: hah, battery on the wife's subie died in this -40C wind chilll18:30
rick_h_hatch: hah, it tells you where it expects it to be18:30
rick_h_just pick one of the numbers it lists18:30
hatchright, but when I'm writing it I mean18:30
hatchand yeah batteries don't like it when it's that cold :)18:31
rick_h_oh don't bother, it's like the refactor step18:31
hatchespecially without a battery blanket and block header18:31
rick_h_heh, yea nothing is liking this. We don't have battery blankets and engine heaters because it's not NORMAL here18:31
rick_h_the diesel starting up this morning was just painful, poor girl normally likes to purr at me. Was rough today18:32
hatchhaha yup, you can take the battery inside then install it when you need to go out :D18:32
hatchlol wow the diesel probably was knocking18:32
bacrick_h_, benji: can either of you look at https://codereview.appspot.com/4854004318:33
bac please?18:33
rick_h_bac: sure thing18:33
bacrick_h_: a companion fix to the charmworld charm is only a few lines but needs review if you have time https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/charms/precise/charmworld/fix-logging/+merge/20071418:41
rick_h_bac: rgr18:42
rick_h_bac: qa will take a few. I've got to setup my charmworld lxc again as it was blown away during my trusty upgrade18:43
bacrick_h_: np.  it'll take about 15 minutes to run18:44
* rick_h_ needs to create an lxc container template with build-essential and such installed18:46
rick_h_bac: the charm branch is ok. Should it be a little bit under the cron job? /me isn't sure how they'll interact19:01
bacrick_h_: cronjob is kaput19:01
rick_h_bac: ah, nvm then19:01
bacrick_h_: all run here19:01
* rick_h_ missed that19:01
bacrick_h_: it now queues and ingests in one pass19:02
rick_h_bac: k, so this isn't cron'd or the cron just runs this?19:02
bacrick_h_: it is run by supervisord with --run-forever and the sleep at the end of the cycle19:03
bacbe default the interval is set to 15 minutes (or will be when the charm branch lands)19:03
rick_h_bac: cool19:03
bacrick_h_: seems a lot simpler.  we did give up the ability to split queue and ingest across machines.19:04
rick_h_bac: yea, that was an original requirement, but I think we've passed that19:04
rick_h_we've got to worry about ES and mongo long before splitting the other stuff19:04
rick_h_bac: qa running now, sorry for the delay. /me needs to remember to create lxc containers on older releases and not trusty19:21
bacrick_h_: np19:22
gary_posterbenji Floobits vim card can be moved, yeah?  Are you working on removing the fullscreen flag from charm?19:22
benjigary_poster: yes to both; I'll usher the cards to their new homes19:22
gary_posterthank you19:22
benjigary_poster: refresh your board, I already moved them19:23
gary_posterah cool thanks benji, sorry for noise19:23
=== hatch_ is now known as hatch
rick_h_bac: qa ok, so only comment is the s/charmworld/charm19:34
bacrick_h_: i changed the qualname to 'charm' to match what the code was already using19:37
rick_h_bac: ah ok. usually it's the name of hte app in pyramid practice but if that's what the code's using it's not the most evil thing 19:38
bacrick_h_: since the logger name is on every line i guess whoever did it originally thought 'charmworld.worker' took up too much space19:39
rick_h_bac: rgr19:39
bacrick_h_: could you mark it LGTM?19:52
rick_h_bac: sorry, thought I did. /me goes back to it19:53
bacrick_h_: you got close but it wasn't green and i was unsure what 'bzr rv-submit' would do19:54
rick_h_bac: right, I said qa ok, but not a firm LGTM19:54
rick_h_cool new github feature today: traffic https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/graphs/traffic19:55
gary_posterthat is cool19:57
rick_h_https://github.com/blog/1672-introducing-github-traffic-analytics for announcement19:58
bachey benji, we've got one persistenly queued basket on production and staging.  http://manage.jujucharms.com/heartbeat20:28
benjibac: maybe now is the time to figure out why that happens (or maybe not) :)20:29
bacbenji: but...but...i thought you figured it out a few weeks ago. was that just a special case?20:29
benjibac: not quite: I thought the problem I was debugging was cuased by a stuck basket, but it wasn't, it was incidental20:30
=== gary_poster is now known as gary_poster|away

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