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DarkwingIt's -14F right now with a wind chill of -34F. Thats -25C and -39C01:38
valorieyikes, Darkwing02:27
valoriecoldest I've ever experienced here was 4 degrees F02:28
valoriein Wyoming I think when we were there, it was -10, which is pretty cold02:28
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apacheloggerjussi: can't reproduce03:24
apachelogger!find dnssd/publicservice.h04:20
ubottuFile dnssd/publicservice.h found in kdelibs5-dev04:20
apacheloggershadeslayer: bug 1071787 might want an executive decision in addition to being moved around? :P04:22
ubottubug 1071787 in bluedevil (Ubuntu) "Kubuntu does not 'remember' that Bluetooth was switched off" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107178704:22
apacheloggerit simply takes half a day to get through bug mails of a weekend -.-04:37
kubotu::runtime-bugs:: [1204182] setlocale.sh can break user-chosen locales and encodings @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1204182 (by Graeme Hewson)05:00
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kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1265897] 14.04 Alpha-1 Plasma Netbook Interface has no Web Browser favorite @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1265897 (by Marco Parillo)05:25
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kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1263441] Typo in dependency of plasma-desktop package @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1263441 (by Sergey Basalaev)07:34
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1265897] 14.04 Alpha-1 Plasma Netbook Interface has no Web Browser favorite @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1265897 (by Marco Parillo)07:34
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soeegood morning08:40
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Peace-Riddell: sometimes kubuntu just freeze using 100% of cpu 13.1010:30
Peace-after some upgrade 10:30
Peace-before worked fine 10:30
Peace-after 1 sec it work fine again 10:33
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RiddellPeace-: um, wibble11:04
Riddellhard to debug that sort of problem11:04
Riddellshould I start a new kubuntu-ppa/frameworks PPA for kf5 packages?11:32
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jussiRiddell: should it not go into experimental? 11:37
Riddellmm yeah I guess it could11:38
Riddell!newversion skanlite 1.111:42
ubottuRiddell: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:42
Riddellkubotu: newversion skanlite 1.111:42
Riddellgood boy11:42
RiddellScottK: hey look what's just appeared https://projects.kde.org/projects/kde/kdebindings/python/pykde5/repository11:43
mitya57Mmm, I like that, though it looks quite empty for now11:49
RiddellScottK: give him a chance, he's only been working on it for 2 days and the libraries that he's binding aren't even released :)11:50
Riddellmitya57: rather ↑11:50
mitya57And yes, please push KF5 to experimental if possible, we have a much less broken Qt5 there than in Trusty11:51
lordievaderGood afternoon.11:56
Riddellmitya57: which experimental are you talking about? I'm talking about kubuntu-ppa/experimental11:58
mitya57Oh, of course about different ones :)11:59
Riddellalthough it might well need the qt from the other experimental12:00
mitya57Right, I think some of frameworks need 5.212:00
mitya57But you can depend on canonical-qt-edgers PPA12:01
mitya57Right, according to http://community.kde.org/Frameworks/Building#Qt_5 it needs 5.212:02
ScottKmitya57: Any idea when it's going to get updated?13:06
Riddellmitya57: lots of PPAs to chose from, which one do I want? https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers13:06
mitya57Riddell: https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/qt5-beta2/+packages13:07
ScottKRiddell: I'd have thought Trusty would be updated by now.  Possibly time to harass somebody.13:07
mitya57ScottK: not before all FTBFS in that PPA are fixed...13:07
mitya57List of packages that need to be built before Qt is updated is: http://pad.ubuntu.com/qt52-dependencies13:09
BluesKajHiyas all13:20
* Riddell blogs http://blogs.kde.org/2014/01/07/frameworks-5-tech-preview-here13:23
Riddellapachelogger: how come you decided not to use camel case for phonon4qt5 ?16:15
apacheloggerRiddell: libphonon wasn't camelcased16:16
Riddellapachelogger: mm, but why?16:17
apacheloggerRiddell: because libphonon wasn't camelcased :P16:19
apacheloggerlibphonon.so vs. libPhonon.so vs. libphonon4qt5.so vs. libPhonon4Qt5.so16:19
Riddellaah, that explains it16:19
Riddelljust wondering what to do with attica16:19
apacheloggerwhat's the problem there?16:19
Riddellneeds to be renamed for qt5 version16:20
Riddellwondering if I should camelcase it16:20
apachelogger^ perhaps a sobump is more appropriate16:20
Riddellnaturally I'm inspired by the work of phonon16:20
Riddellsobump still leaves it with overlapping -dev files16:20
Riddellwhich many packagers dislike16:20
apacheloggerthat's why gnome stuff usually installs to /usr/include/foo-116:20
Riddellhi sgclark 16:26
Riddellahoneybun_: I think sgclark needs some direction on how to get into helping, do you have a project in the docs to do?16:27
sgclarkRiddell: hello16:27
sgclarksorry update needs a reboot, I will be back shortly16:33
Riddellsgclark: update go ok?16:36
sgclarkRiddell: so far so good16:37
Riddellsgclark: have you scanned the trello todo list?16:38
sgclarkRiddell: not in awhile, will go take a look16:39
apacheloggerRiddell: oh, about your mail to the list as well... either a distro should be able to specify a prefix (e.g. as we did with kdelibs ... includes to $prefix/include/kde4 rather than $prefix/include .. might not be too nice for frameworks) or the gnome way libfoo-1 again16:42
apacheloggerI am reasonable certain expect for the prefix trick kdelibs5 also had include conflicts with kdelibs416:42
Riddellapachelogger: is there anything in the neon packages I should be borrowing for the proper kf5 packages?16:51
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apacheloggerRiddell: dependency information in lp:~neon/project-neon5/recipes may help16:52
apacheloggerotherwise there isn't much neon5 is doing in general16:52
sgclarkRiddell: II am reviewing pages on userbase, unclear on how to pursue any of the other items sorry17:01
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apacheloggerand another new silly desktop entry from kdepim19:39
sgclarkAnyone on the docs team availabe?19:58
ahoneybun_I saw your trello posts20:02
ahoneybun_just about to reply20:02
sgclarkoh ok no problem, is that the correct place to ask questions?20:02
ahoneybun_I'm thankful for the feedback20:03
ahoneybun_we all are20:03
sgclarkcool, I am fixing formatting links etc on the userbase20:03
sgclarkI have done alot of wiki work for KDE itself so I am aware of the way they like it for translations etc20:03
ahoneybun_ok first the USC can be installed but by default in the 13.10 release we use Muon Software Center20:04
ahoneybun_and in 14.04 Muon Discover is going to the default GUI software installer20:04
sgclarkok, so I will rewrite to let them know they will need to install if they want20:04
ahoneybun_great that you have that exp with the translations20:04
ahoneybun_that will be the next main goal 20:05
ahoneybun_after everything is fixed up and checked in english20:05
sgclarkyeah, it is a slow process so I am adding the tags now so they will start20:05
ahoneybun_your fixing the tag?20:06
sgclarkI am adding as I review the pages, trust me , you want the translations to start ASAP20:06
ahoneybun_I'm going to work on the catorgies20:07
sgclarkI fixed that20:07
ahoneybun_the KubuntuDoc13.10 catorgory is still there20:08
sgclarkoh right, one of my questions, do you agree?20:09
sgclarkOtherwise you will end up with a ton of duplicate info every release20:09
ahoneybun_yea maybe just KubuntuDoc, and Kubuntu catorgies?20:09
sgclarkI think Kubuntu is sufficient20:10
sgclarkCreate a new page for release notes20:10
ahoneybun_subpage of Kubuntu?20:14
ahoneybun_btw did you post that screenshot on the welcome page20:15
sgclarkI did, feel free to replace it, did not know if you have official screenshots20:15
ahoneybun_yea I just think having a vanilla one would be better so a new user would not wonder why theirs do not look alike but we can move it to the theme section of that page/20:18
sgclarksounds good. I can make a vanilla VM for screenies20:18
ahoneybun_sgclark: http://userbase.kde.org/Kubuntu/Basic#Desktop_Customization20:20
sgclarkbtw I am trying to download daily-live and I get a 40420:20
ahoneybun_I don't know about that20:22
sgclarklooks good, I just centered the image 20:23
ahoneybun_hey SonikkuAmerica20:37
SonikkuAmericaHello, what's up?20:37
SonikkuAmericaI'm still building the page.20:37
ahoneybun_the page20:38
SonikkuAmericaOh! I didn't tell you about your new one-page landing.20:39
SonikkuAmericahttp://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kubuntu/KubuntuLinks <<< What I have so far...20:39
ahoneybun_oh yea that20:41
ahoneybun_I heard it from valorie20:41
ahoneybun_looks great20:41
Sputapachelogger: transferring the db since 21:00, which means that all backlog from then until the new core is up will be lost20:44
manchickenOoh, SonikkuAmerica, that's cool.20:44
manchickenSonikkuAmerica: Do you have the G+ link and all of that fun stuff?20:44
SonikkuAmericaI will have that stuff under Social20:44
manchickenThere's a @kubuntu twitter account, but there's nothing there.20:45
ahoneybun_I handle the Kubuntu Documentation page on G+20:48
ahoneybun_I have a Kubuntu+ page on there as well20:48
SonikkuAmericaUmmm... Kubuntu's Facebook page is in French?20:55
shadeslayerI'm sure agateau appreciates that20:56
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sgclarkanyone available to point me to packaging help? As in a How-to?23:25
shadeslayerhi sgclark23:26
Quintasansgclark: This is an rather unfortunate hour I think since it's past midnight everywhere in Europe23:26
Quintasanand there comes shadeslayer23:26
sgclarkno problem I can ask tomorrow23:26
Quintasansgclark: First of all, you need tools23:27
Quintasanpbuilder is one of them23:27
shadeslayerI've had about ~80% of a bottle of wine23:27
shadeslayerso don't trust me23:27
shadeslayerbut IIRC there's http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/23:27
Quintasantools first23:27
QuintasanHere is how to obtain a basic build environment for Kubuntu magic sgclark23:27
* shadeslayer is going to head to bed in some time23:28
Quintasansgclark: read that through and ask if you have any questions as for the set up23:28
sgclarkok, will start there, thanks!23:28
* shadeslayer goes back to fiddling with TURN ports23:28
Quintasanas for the tool itself, pbuilder is a tool that automates building packages in a clean environment using chroots23:29
sgclark100GB large enough? or do I need to increase the VM23:29
shadeslayersgclark: should be enough23:29
shadeslayerwhee, pbuilderrc is all blue23:29
Quintasannah, 100GB should be fine23:29
shadeslayerQuintasan: how goes uni23:38
Quintasanshadeslayer: fighting with scala23:39
shadeslayerQuintasan: coming to FOSDEM?23:40
Quintasanwhen and where is it?23:40
shadeslayerBrussels, 1-2nd Jan23:41
QuintasanYou mean February?23:42
QuintasanYes, more like it23:43
Quintasanshadeslayer: Can we get monies from council or sth?23:43
* shadeslayer rages23:45
shadeslayerstupid turn server )(*#&*^%#$23:47
shadeslayerk sleep23:50
Quintasanlaters shadeslayer23:50
shadeslayerQuintasan: see you at FOSDEM23:50
shadeslayeryofel: you're coming as well right23:50
yofelI didn't really intend to...23:52
yofelthough maybe I should just go to take the LPIC1 exam for fun ^^23:52
yofellast I looked at the topics I knew like half of it..23:53
valorieyou could work in the kde booth with Riddell23:53
shadeslayertbh looks like it's outdated http://www.lpi.org/linux-certifications/programs/lpic-1/exam-10123:53
valorieor the desktop dev room23:53
* shadeslayer is going to oscillate between desktop dev and mozilla rooms23:54
valorielots goes on at fosdem; I hope to go someday23:54
shadeslayerand the KDE booth23:54
yofelshadeslayer: not as long as we're talking 'bout RHEL ;P23:54
* shadeslayer still has 2 gulps of wine left23:55
valoriedid you see http://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-announce/2014-January/020100.html ?23:55
shadeslayerI have not23:56
yofelso... the RH based OS becomes more RH based or am I misunderstanding something...?23:57
valoriesounds like mostly they are moving infra23:58
valorieand some employees will work for redhat23:58
shadeslayerI wonder what that means for fedora23:59
shadeslayerbecause I always viewed fedora as like a test ground for RH23:59

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