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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit00:03
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valorieGuest55809: how can we help ya03:30
Guest55809How to change your login?03:32
valorielong-term, you will want to create an account03:33
valoriewith nickserv03:33
valorieif you do /msg nickserv help on a line by itself, you'll get some information03:33
valorieshort term, you might be able to do: /nick newnick03:34
valorienot sure if that works if you aren't registered with nickserv though03:34
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Tallendetin channel please03:37
Tallendet[11:36] <valorie> don't pm without asking03:37
TallendetThank you, I am very grateful to you!03:38
valoriesec, on phone03:38
valoriesorry, had a phone call from the vet03:43
valorieis this your first time on freenode or IRC, Tallendet?03:44
TallendetYes, I am here for the first time. I understand very little English, I'm from Russia.03:47
valoriethere is a russian channel, if you prefer03:49
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.03:49
valorieotherwise, we're here to help with Kubuntu-specific issues03:50
Tallendetvalorie, and you're here to see prices often?03:50
valorieand your english is good!03:50
valorieI'm here when I'm at my computer, yes03:50
TallendetValorie, you're here to socialize or a job?03:53
jarkko_what's wrong if i have to set setxkbmap fi on every x start?03:54
jarkko_keyboard layout resets on every boot03:55
jarkko_or pressing ctrl+alt+backspace03:55
valorieTallendet: I'm here to help out when I can03:57
valoriethe social channel is #kubuntu-offtopic03:57
valoriejarkko_: very odd that your settings aren't being saved04:00
jarkko_i have had this before too04:01
jarkko_i think i found solution04:01
valoriesounds like it is an ubuntu rather than a KDE problem04:01
jarkko_not sure04:01
jarkko_there might be the answer04:01
jarkko_have had few issues, but in general kubuntu works ok04:02
valorieglad to hear it04:03
jarkko_its hard to think how kubuntu could be improved04:04
jarkko_but i think system settings could be more clearer04:04
jarkko_and install media should have all the language files that it might need, they slow down a lot of the installer04:05
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valoriejarkko_: systemsettings are provided by KDE04:14
valorieso if you have suggested improvements, use bugs.kde.org for that04:14
jarkko_they should make a bit clean up there04:14
valoriethe problem with providing all language files is that many people don't need them, and they increase the size of the ISO04:15
valorieif people are online during the install, the language files can be downloaded as the installer works04:16
valoriealong with any updates04:16
jalcineI'm having an issue with remapping keys using System Settings > Input Methods > Keyboard :: Advanced04:33
jalcineLike it has the option "Caps Locks key behavior > Use as an additional ESC key" but it doesn't work04:34
jalcineand I've been banned from #kde (might be because of accidental flooding)04:35
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:39
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:52
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soeegood morning08:40
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lordievaderGood afternoon.11:56
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BluesKajHiyas all13:19
jackyis there a way to convert the classic KWallet passwords from blowfish to the new GPG encryption?13:47
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douglBluesKaj, good day!15:39
BluesKajhi dougl15:45
douglBluesKaj, you busy? having grub issues that are no emergency but was looking forward to discussing them with you next tiem we had nothing better to do.15:46
BluesKajdougl, ok, what's your grub issue ?15:47
douglBluesKaj, we can quit anytime but I installed 13.04 on the only drive I had in my laptop... format/delete win parts and do clean install using all my hd (realized something did not work with my iphone for work re networking) bought another hd for win installed win got fired deleted win and installed 13.10...15:51
douglin the 13.10 install grub failed to install so now I need to keep using 13.04 drive because that is the only way I can boot 13.10... which leads to complications when I go for 14.04 and when I do kernel updates - So what do you think about those apples BluesKaj ? ...15:53
BluesKajdougl, how old is the laptop? thinking uefi/bios15:54
dougl13.04 on sdbx 13.10 sda2... 13.10 gets reported on sda1 or sda2 depending where I look from...6 months15:55
douglasus g75v15:55
douglIt has been years since I did a linux install on any current hardware... I always intentionally took the handmedowns in the house so there would be plenty of ppl with experience in the forums to help solve all my problems with my dated hardware - lol15:58
* dougl thinks... Happy New Year BTW BluesKaj 15:59
BluesKajok , i needed to use the legacy mode and legacy first boot to install kubuntu , the version doesn't matter. i installed W7 first then kubuntu into prepartitioned ext4 for/  and /home15:59
BluesKajlrgacu in the uefi/bios settings15:59
douglis that an option for the drive? I will go play around in the bios and look?16:01
lectusHello! I installed Kubuntu on my mom's laptop. I need a simple mp3 player for her. Amarok is too complex, because organizing lists is not needed, just a simple click and play interface. Do you have any ideas?16:01
BluesKajhapppy new year to you too, dougl16:01
Walexlectus: KPlayer?16:01
dougllectus, did you look at banshee16:02
BluesKajdougl, I'm not clear about the drive , is it an outboard and what do want to do on it ?16:02
lectusThanks. KPlayer looks simple enough. I'll take a look at it.16:03
douglsda and sdb are sata internals and I will just keep going back and forth replacing the oldest kubuntu with the current release having the last 2 releases one on each drive16:04
mazahackahi all16:04
BluesKajdougl, each partition , right ?16:07
dougieldougl, BluesKaj here too16:07
douglyes one partition on each drive with 13.04 and 13.1016:08
douglone on/in each partition16:08
BluesKajdougl, anyway what i posted above is what worked for me on this new laptop with uefi , but I'm running W7 and Kubuntu 14.04 only here.16:10
douglBluesKaj, ok thanks... what's new with 14.04 - anything exciting?16:11
BluesKajwell dougl, it's been a gradual process except for the alpha release a week or 2 ago, really quite stable with few glitches so far , fore me at least.16:13
BluesKajrfrancoi, please don't spam the chat16:15
dougielBluesKaj, alpha came with a money back guarantee tho so all is good - lol16:15
rfrancoiSorry, I'm new and have no idea what I'm doing.  My apolgies.16:15
BluesKajrfrancoi, yeah right , why would you post that anyway ?16:16
rfrancoiDude....fuck off.16:17
rfrancoiI explained it already.16:17
dougieli got kids man16:17
rfrancoiMove out of your mom's basement.16:17
dougielrfrancoi, wrong channel please go away16:18
Riddellleft before he got kicked16:18
dougielok... hard enuff to avoid the porn without it leaking in haere...16:19
dougielseen the pirate bay lately - porn banners galore.16:19
dougielanyway enuff out of me before I get the off topiclecture16:20
douglBluesKaj, sick of me yet... checked bios no mention of uefi except on the dvd rom drive... sudo grub-install /dev/sda = source_dir doesn't exist. Please specify --target or --directory -> from my 13.10 install on sda booted from my 13.04 install on sdb16:29
douglI don't know = do I need to chroot or something?16:31
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BluesKajuefi is the replacement for bios on most new pcs/laptops since 2010, dougl16:34
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI16:34
douglBluesKaj, k - will read up a bit... thanks16:35
BluesKajdougl, uefi is a pita for linux users, hence the need for extra reading16:38
ehsjoarHi Guys, I have an interesting problem. I am on Kubuntu 12.10. Ever since a month or so ago, kwallet has started behaving really strange. It pops up, asking for a password whenever I log in. Nothing strange there as I have many apps using it (WiFi, Owncloud, VPN...). What has changed is that if I don't provide the password quick enough, it will never accept the password. So if I let it sit, say a minute, then provide the correct password, 16:50
ehsjoarIn case the whole message didn't make it:  What has changed is that if I don't provide the password quick enough, it will never accept the password. So if I let it sit, say a minute, then provide the correct password, it comes back and asks over and over. The only way to get out of it is to log out and back in again16:50
ehsjoarWhen it is in this state I can't even open my kwallet "Launch Wallet Manager" and click on the wallet. Password fails16:51
ehsjoarAt the same time this started to happen on my laptop, it did at my son's as well (also Kubuntu 12.10), so I think it was caused by some update or so16:52
BluesKajehsjoar, personally i avoid kwallet =, it's not worth the trouble , but I'm a home user so to me it's mostly unnecessary anyway.17:20
ehsjoarBluesKaj: Yeah, it has caused me a lot of pain over the years. How do you deal with passwords for individual apps and WiFi then?17:22
ehsjoarBluesKaj: For now I just entered a blank password for kwallet and it seems to take care of the problem. That way kwallet doesn't even ask, just provide the app with the correct authorization17:23
BluesKajehsjoar, i turn it off in the kwallet manager, vpn, ssh and my bank are the only apps that require a pw here, not difficult to keep track of 317:25
ehsjoarBluesKaj: Oki, makes sense;-)  For now I think I test this blank password thingy. At least it deals with the Wifi. Not that kwallet solves the issue with multiple passwords anyhow. Firefox and Thunderbird have their own password managers and I still haven't been able to integrate that with kwallet17:26
douglBluesKaj, boot repair did it... kinda feel dirty tho cuz it was all point and click (M$ style) and the problem is gone but I did not learn anything other that what you told me... so where can I find 14.04 - am I allowed to check it out yet?17:27
BluesKajopenvpn provides a dialog for username and pw in network manager "edit connections" , so i took care of that right after installation17:27
douglBluesKaj, errr - and thanks too - lol17:28
BluesKajdougl, yes the daily builds are available http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/17:29
douglBluesKaj, hey - thanks again... 14.04 will not bugger my 13.10 will it?17:29
BluesKajnot if you install 14.04 on it's own partition, dougl17:30
douglBluesKaj, nope... it will have it's own drive... backing up 13.04 user data then reformat ext3 and clean 14.04 install - Thanks alot really appreciate all the help and company :)17:33
* dougl (46 yrs) tried to hack around with his mom (73 yrs)... she was exhausted and confused - much funner to collaborate with the channels...17:35
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BluesKajdougl, a suggestion then , create separate / partition and /home partitions , if something mucks you just need to insatll the OS to / and the config fies and settings will be reatined17:36
BluesKajretained in /home that is17:36
BluesKajdougl, well I'm almost as old as your mother so there's hope for her on linux17:39
douglBluesKaj, I do that on my server... oh if I could get her onto linux that would be great she needs xp for propietary logo software for her embroidery crafting... we managed to get tightvnc installed and serverstarted then MS froze, so close...17:41
BluesKaj<---70, but my work background was technical so I was introduced to computers back in the 80s when i was still working17:42
douglshe was accounting on pc since 3.11 even earlier17:42
BluesKajok, so linux once one gets around some it's quirks shoudn't be too difficult17:44
douglNo she sits down at my 13.10 and looks for games under the k... really no excuse for anyone not to try Ubuntu or variant.. have not looked at much else but woruld assume the same progress has been made in all the distros... except for the gentoo or LFS17:46
BluesKajgentoo is for ppl who wear hair shirts and like to flail themselves with sharp objects :)17:47
douglhey... I love gentoo, just never have enuff time to install it as much as I wreck it - lol17:49
douglbut must admit - I am on medication for mental health... so if I don't keep up with my meds I might resort to gentoo - lol17:50
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BluesKajdougl, I've tried several other distros over the yrs, but only open suse holds a candle to the debian based ones17:53
BluesKajIMO of course :)17:53
douglredhat 5.2, mandrake/mandriva, Suse Debian ubuntu kubuntu (all the while installing gentoo on other drives) - yes suse looked nice but did not yum it up too much as my memory serveres17:55
dougli did not yum it up17:55
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douglyum wsa for suse right?17:55
BluesKajyup, the package management isn't the greatest, but it's passable17:55
douglBluesKaj, have you ever heard of gorrora or korrora... gentoo install and config in less than an hour - but fits all style, still worked great for my compiling days18:01
dougloutdated now18:01
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BluesKajno, can't say i have dougl , anything to do with compiling OSs from scratch are to be avoided if possible. Tried archlinux and the install was successful but the actual OS wasn't impressive, there really wasn't anything new.18:06
douglBluesKaj, Agreeed... compiling is to be avoided like the plague - altho I did compile the latest and greatest for digikam one weekend only to find it in the repos the next weekend... patience is a virtue - lol18:11
jbwiv hi guys. I'm having a lot of problem with mtp on Kubuntu 13.10. I can navigate folders on my phone, but when I get to the deepest folder where content is it says "Could not enter folder /SM-N900V/Card/SomeFolder". anyone else having this problem?18:12
dougljbwiv, mtp?18:13
BluesKajdougl, compiling has it's virtues if one really needs an app or driver, but it's totally different from having to compile a whole OS :)18:13
jbwivdougl: for accessing android phones18:13
jbwivtransferring files,etc18:13
BluesKajmtp , music transfer protoicol18:13
jbwivdougl: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_Transfer_Protocol18:13
BluesKajer media then18:14
dougliphone... reading... thanks guys18:14
BluesKajtoo many gadgets, guess I'm a luddite , still use a flip phone18:15
BluesKajconsidered a tablet before buying this laptop18:16
douglwhoa - too much referencing MS... i know i want to stay away from that - sorry18:16
jbwivdougl: you can't stay away from it if you use a modern android, unfortunately18:17
BluesKajandroid doesn't need MS does it ?18:18
LjLit does need the MTP if you want to transfer stuff using USB18:18
LjL(and don't want to play tricks with adb or the likes)18:18
dougljbwiv, windows jaded me back in 98 before 98se I gave up on MS but from what I hear it has come along way... have you thot about chekcking into the ubuntu channel -  lots more traffic18:19
BluesKajthere's a mtp for linux , one would thing th app would work with android since it's a linux derivative , especially with device connections18:19
LjLBluesKaj: didn't say it wouldn't work, but it *is* an MS protocol18:20
douglBluesKaj, thats what I was wondering18:20
jbwivBluesKaj: mtp is supported by dolphin in kde418:20
jbwivbut hence my problems18:20
LjLfor some definition of "supported", which generally doesn't include it working for me18:20
jbwivBluesKaj: shared? as in shared with samba or something else?18:26
jbwivsorry...wrong window ;)18:26
BluesKajjbwiv, no just shared so users can access with permissions18:26
jbwivBluesKaj: it's a folder stored on a android phone18:27
jbwivand yes, it can be accessed18:27
BluesKajjbwiv, and crossposting the same question several chat's frowned upon btw18:27
jbwivBluesKaj: why is that exactly? I've been on freenode for *years* and have never had someone tell me so...especially when this could be a #kde issue, but it could also be a more specific #kubuntu issue18:29
ubottuPlease don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.18:32
douglhmmm- I'll have to remember that... never thot of it18:33
douglI crosspost all the time cuz I dont know if it is a kde or ubuntu - I better watch myself18:35
BluesKajI do sometimes , but I wait for atleast a half hr bertween18:38
BluesKajstill not used to this KB , too small for these fingers...gotta be the KB's fault .....18:44
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit18:47
ovidiu-florinis find case sensitive?18:51
lordievaderovidiu-florin: Yes, -iname makes it case unsensitive.18:52
ovidiu-florinthank you18:53
dougl14.04 gonna be LTS ? how do they decide that?19:05
utusandougl: How?  MS decides that imo.19:15
Jeffro_Hello, I have a question about upgrading from Ubunto 10.x to Kubuntu.  I am only and end user.  I am not knowledgeble about Linux.19:19
Jeffro_Is there anyone here who can help me or instruct me on where to go to get help?19:20
TheLordOfTimeJeffro_: switching from Ubuntu -> Kubuntu is easy and can be done in place, but I'd suggest you upgrade to 12.04 if you can (at the least)19:21
qdataJeffro_: well I'm no expert but if it were me I'd just go for the fresh new install of 13.10 because the jump from 10.x to 13.10 is too far19:22
TheLordOfTimeJeffro_: but the Ubuntu -> Kubuntu switch is relatively trivial I think19:22
TheLordOfTimei do agree with qdata though19:22
Jeffro_that is one of the problems I have.19:22
TheLordOfTimei'd just back up the data you want to keep and install 13.10 newly19:22
Jeffro_13.10 Ubuntu?19:22
qdataupgrade from close versions, like 12.04 to 12.10 but when they get that far apart I wouldn't waste time19:22
TheLordOfTime(or 12.04 if you want the oldest still-supported release)19:22
TheLordOfTimeJeffro_: 13.10 Kubuntu19:22
TheLordOfTimeJeffro_: but that's not an upgrade, that's a clean install19:23
TheLordOfTimeJeffro_: which is why I said back up the data you want to keep19:23
Jeffro_Ok, but what is the best way to backup my data?19:23
douglJeffro_, 13.10 imo19:23
TheLordOfTimei feel like i answer that a thousand times a day...19:23
douglhow is your data stored - ie how many partitions do you have?19:24
TheLordOfTimeJeffro_: you can copy all your data from your home directory to an external drive or something19:24
TheLordOfTimebut yeah, how is your data stored19:24
TheLordOfTimeif you don't know i'm assuming autopartitioned by the installer19:24
Jeffro_Stored on my harddriv e19:24
douglyou onley need your home dir... everything else will be taken care of with 13.1019:24
TheLordOfTimedougl: ... in which case everything's on the / partition19:24
Jeffro_Yes by the installer19:24
qdatawell I do thwo things 1) I use clonezilla and make a backup image I can easily put back if I need to and I tar up my entire Home directory and untar it somewhere else - in both cases the 'somewhere' else is a second hard drive19:25
TheLordOfTimeJeffro_: you used the automatic partitioner part of the installer?19:25
Jeffro_I have 2 external harddrive, but the don't seem to work with Ubuntu19:25
douglJeffro_, windows?19:25
TheLordOfTimeJeffro_: i doubt that statement very much19:25
TheLordOfTimebecause NTFS and HFS+ (Windows and Apple) work fine when you install a couple extra packages19:26
Jeffro_I did use one with windows 7 some time ago19:26
douglJeffro_, stick with us and don.t settle for ubuntu you will not like the interface since yoi are used to 10.XX... lets format one of thos4e externals and back up your data.19:27
Jeffro_ok great19:28
douglthen install Kubuntu 13.10 on 2 parts so you can upgrade to 14.04 LTS easily19:28
Jeffro_what do u mean by 2 parts19:28
douglall in favcour type "I"19:29
douglJeffro_, 2 partitions one for the system "/"and one for your "/home"19:30
Jeffro_ubuntu does not even see the harddrive19:30
Jeffro_i just now  plugged it in19:30
douglso do you care what is on it or are we just gonna blindly clean it off?19:31
Jeffro_i don't care19:31
douglk - how big is it?19:31
dougland how big is your 10.xx drive?19:32
Jeffro_40 gig I think, it is an old one.  about 6 yrs old.19:32
Jeffro_320 gb19:33
Jeffro_10.x drive19:33
* dougl is gonna be installing 14.04 on the exact same partition scheme in moments...19:33
Jeffro_It s actually bigger than that, but that is how big the partition is19:33
douglI think you will run out of hd space on the portable... how much data is in your ~ directiory?19:34
douglie home directory19:34
Jeffro_233 gb19:38
douglif you have been collecting movies since 2010 your home dir ...19:38
douglJeffro_, I suggest buying a new drive... is 10.xx machine a desk top?19:38
Jeffro_toshiba laptop19:38
douglno room for another drive?19:38
Jeffro_this external should be big enough, I have never filled it to half capacity19:39
Jeffro_can I format  it and see how big it is?19:39
dougl<Jeffro_> 233 gb19:39
douglis your home dir 233gb or free space 233gb?19:40
Jeffro_it is 233 on /home19:40
douglfree or used?19:40
Jeffro_320 in partition, 8 on /system19:40
Jeffro_I do have alot of file I can delete I do not need to keep19:41
douglso you think 233gb home dir will fit on your 40gb portable?19:42
dougl... you will need to delete alot19:42
Jeffro_idk, I don't remember the size of the ext19:42
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douglwanna get your 40 gig ready then?19:44
Jeffro_its plugged up and ready19:44
douglk... lets find it first... we will be guessing unless someone brighter than me chimes in but no worries just takes more tiem19:45
dougldo you have a command prompt window?19:45
douglerr - how do you like command line work?19:46
Jeffro_i can do command line, let me find it19:46
douglkonsole is best19:46
Jeffro_what about terminal19:47
douglerr not familiar with... yes that is gnome = right19:47
Jeffro_ I assume so, since I have ubuntu19:47
dougl"sudo fdisk /dev/sda" and look for the size of the disk...19:48
douglwe will keep doing this for /dev/sdb /dev/sdc etc until we find the 40 gig19:49
Jeffro_ unable to resolve host Toshiba A355 [sudo] password for jeffkoat:19:49
douglwhen you sudo you use your own password... did you use your own password?19:50
Jeffro_all I am getting is error msgs19:51
Jeffro_sudo: unable to resolve host Toshiba A355  WARNING: DOS-compatible mode is deprecated. It's strongly recommended to          switch off the mode (command 'c') and change display units to          sectors (command 'u').  Command (m for help):19:51
douglno worries... fdisk is old... can you find where is says a size for /dev/sda?19:52
Jeffro_doesn,t say19:53
dougldon't use the commands... it shoud be displayed on screen already perhaps scrolled off19:53
Jeffro_Command (m for help): sudo fdisk /dev/sda Building a new sun disklabel. Changes will remain in memory only, until you decide to write them. After that, of course, the previous content won't be recoverable.19:53
douglyeah that is not it... do "q" at the fdisk prompt19:54
Jeffro_this is the prompt I  have : Command (m for help):19:55
douglm to learn q to quit without doing anything19:55
Jeffro_after typing q (quit?) I have my normal command prompt "Command (m for help):"19:56
Jeffro_command prompt : jeffkoat@Toshiba A355:~$19:56
dougl"sudo fdisk /dev/sda" and look for the size of the disk...by pressing "p" when you have the option to press "m"19:57
Jeffro_i get this : /dev/sda5           37834       38913     8675068+   7  HPFS/NTFS19:58
douglk - hit q20:00
Jeffro_i am not familar with "blocks"20:00
dougland then we will gui it.20:00
dougl"sudo gparted"20:01
douglthat has drop down menus and nice to look at20:01
Jeffro_8.27 Gib20:02
douglyou have gparted running?20:03
Jeffro_ that is the size if /dev/sda520:03
douglnot sure if your old one is the same as my new one... do you see a dropdown in the upper right to use to find the 40 gig?20:04
Jeffro_I see the drop down, but there is nothing there but the  /dev/sda (298.09 GiB) whish I assume is my main partition on the internal hd20:06
douglsec I will see what mine does when I plug it in...20:07
Jeffro_excuse my ignorance what is "sec"20:08
douglsec = just a second...20:08
douglI pluged mine in and it did not show up... I restarted gparted with it plugged in and found it in the drop down - can you restart gparted with the external drivbe plugged in?20:09
douglwe should be chatting about this in #ubuntu... there is more traffic and ubuntu is what you are using... I would hav e been corrected alot more but that would be good.20:11
douglmore help the better20:11
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Jeffro_still the same, this may mean the ext hd does not work?20:12
douglLOL - never considered it... just assumed you would be using a working drive.20:13
Jeffro_I have a physically smaller, laptop ext.  I will unplug the other one and plug the smaller one and start gparted again20:14
Jeffro_gparted does not see the other one either. I cannot believe neither one works20:15
dougldo "/join #ubuntu"20:16
Jeffro_ i am a neophyte when it comes to  this stuff20:16
Jeffro_what do u mean do :/join #ubunto" change chat rooms?20:17
dougl"/join #ubuntu" where you type to me20:18
Jeffro_join #ubuntu20:18
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