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stubwgrant_: I can't get Static Large Objects to work on our Swift, so I'll stick with Dynamic Large Objects. Surprised it doesn't work even on bleeding edge canonistack since that is supposed to be recent... don't know if the feature is just broken, some setting not set, or the python library has issues.07:59
wgrant_stub: Hm, I thought you already uploaded a manifest manually.08:08
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stubwgrant: Yes, just that Swift v1.0 has two sucky large file mechanisms - Dynamic and Static large files. Static is less sucky, but isn't working.08:11
wgrantIt looked to me like you were using static already08:12
* wgrant rereads.08:12
stubwgrant: Both require a manifest.08:12
stubwgrant: Dynamic uses an X- header to specify the glob of segments, Static has a json structure. Dynamic has some issues due to eventual consistency, but should be good enough.08:12
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wgrantstub: AFAIK static should work, and we should probably use it08:16
stubwgrant: It doesn't work on prodstack or canonistack. c.put_object(container, manifest, query_string='multipart-manifest=put') just ignores the query string. It isn't recognized as a manifest at all, and bogus query strings are ignored.08:19
stubWhich was annoying to discover, as I've already got a branch for the Librarian to switch over08:24
stubLooks like it is just a new feature, which also explains why I didn't see it when doing the initial work - https://github.com/openstack/swift/blob/master/swift/common/middleware/slo.py08:28
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nigelblooks like launchpad has attracted a new dev/contributor.16:23
* nigelb waves 16:23
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