holsteinSubroutine: use which ever you like00:04
holsteinSubroutine: libreoffice is a fork of openoffice00:04
holsteinSubroutine: it is likely that some folks who dont know that, or dont realize libre is the moder fork of the same project are suggesting openoffice00:05
ianorlinI haven't noticed much difference and have used both00:05
Subroutineim staying with libre coz it did the job, i just wondered if there are any good reasons for one or other00:05
Subroutine*one over other00:06
holsteinSubroutine: there is a good reason for libre, since it is the modern fork of the other project.. assuming you want the latest00:06
ianorlinboth allow me to do what I want and both have a pdf button00:06
Subroutinecheers guys :)00:11
HutchI think openoffice is a new product 'apache open office'. I am interested as my workplace 'NHS' is the largest employer inhe OOo the UK and tried to replace ms office with OOo00:25
HutchI may be wrong but if apache open office is different from Open Office Org I would be interested as the OOo for windows was not great00:27
hardbootIs lubuntu 14.04 qt or gtk2 or gtk3 based, if i remember pcman didn't like gtk3 any more than 2 so he went qt and merged with razrqt00:28
HutchIt had not been maintained since 201000:28
Unit193Apache OpenOffice is what it is now, Oracle gave OpenOffice.org to Apache.00:28
hardbootlibre office is in pretty much every repo00:29
Unit193It's being developed, so it isn't quite the same.00:29
SubroutineHutch: i did think its the same think. i used aoo in windows some time ago and it worked ok for me.00:29
hardbootanyone using 14.04?00:29
Unit193hardboot: GTK2/300:29
HutchI would like to try it then if Apache maintain it00:30
hardbootLXDE-Qt Lubuntu is probally a 15.04 thing00:30
hardbootnot this year i'm guessing00:30
HutchSubroutine: in our work experience there were some random problems with fonts and margins which put our management off OOo00:31
hardbootthe codebase of ooo is a mess00:31
Hutchhardboot siduction seems to be leading the LXDE/Razor QT front but I wasn't overly impressed although I like the prospect00:32
hardbootYa it's so early, not usabel yet00:33
hardbootThe potential is great though00:33
Unit193LXQT is way too early to use yet.00:33
hardbootI wonder when it'll be good to go, 15.04/15.10 I guess00:33
HutchJust some issues I have with the debian style installation and some software choices for me00:33
hardbootNot this year for lubuntu unless a massive amount of workwent into it for 14.1000:34
hardbootwho's the gtx lxde maintainer now00:34
HutchI would like to see what lubuntu could do with RQT00:34
hardbootIsn't rqt kinda too minimal00:36
hardbootyou'd have to bring in a lot00:36
holsteinrazorQT works great00:36
HutchI dropped Mint when they dropped LXDE for cinnamon/MATE. They're not bad now but I needed simpler low res hogging DE then00:36
hardbootOH razor, i though you meant the embedded QT00:36
hardbootya razor is pretty neat00:36
HutchRazor QT has great potential if LXDE devs can use it well00:37
hardbootlet's use enlightenment base for lxde HUE00:38
Hutchnice idea00:38
hardbootisnt E a 1-man show00:38
hardbootalthough lxde and razor are to pretty much00:39
hardbootlots of little desktops/wms/des, too bad the devs couldn't work together00:39
hardbootlxde-razor is great because both devs seem competent so with the manpower merged, mmm00:39
Hutchenlightenment offers great choice  but it's a mess for noobs to negotiate and the best example Bodhiuses a non logical package management system imo00:44
holsteinyou can use whatever you like.. synaptic, etc..00:45
HutchBottom line these days is most people don't want to have to install an os on their machines00:45
hardbootheh, people reinstall windows all the time00:46
HutchThey don't do it on mobiles or tablets so it has to be simple00:46
SubroutineHutch: most people have no clue about technology00:47
hardbootgnome is simple gone autism, why can't i sjut drag the bar and bits around, why must i script everything in extensions00:47
hardbootaccording to the education department computer literacy has gone DOWN00:47
Hutchsame for cinnamon00:47
HutchI read that Subroutine. Where are you from?00:48
hardbootcinnamon is gnome gone casua00:48
holsteinpeople buy computers.. not many install operating systems00:48
SubroutineHutch: slovakia00:48
hardbootA lot of people know have reinstalled windows at some point :P00:49
holsteinhardboot: not really00:49
Hutchand they're cheap enough to be disposable/replaceable00:49
holsteinhardboot: they purchased the machine with windows..00:49
holsteinwe should take this to the appropriate channel.. #lubuntu-offtopic00:49
Hutchsoz I thought it was.my bad00:50
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harmemhas anybody had any luck with getting 3d acceleration working on a powerbook5,6? 2D seems to be working flawlessly (absolutely no slowdown in the UI etc) but I keep getting this with glxgears http://pastie.org/pastes/8606534/text01:34
hardbootwhich gpu?01:34
hardbootahh r30001:34
hardbootI have that gpu and it works on x86, must be some ppc bug01:38
hardbootIt used to work on PPC fine01:38
hardbootit sounds like a lib is missing01:39
harmemI tried rerolling my own mesa in /opt/xorg and updating LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH appropriately but it just complained about swrast suddenly having the same undefined symbol in addition to r30001:42
harmemhmm ok01:42
hardboot>libGL: Can't open configuration file01:43
hardbootafiak a config should be auto generated01:44
harmemusing driconf to make one doesn't make a difference, and afaik drirc is the important one it expects01:46
harmem /drirc*01:47
harmemugh, /etc/drirc*01:47
koellglobal menu for lubuntu/lxde would be cool!02:14
koellany new features in 14.04?02:14
bkm_i got xrander to work with my two-headed video card. (i specified a virtual desktop in xorg.conf) i now have one screen with the lubuntu window manager and the other with openbook. also, synergy only knows about one of these two monitors. is there a more lubuntu-specific way to get multi-head cards to show a continuous deskspace? I would settle for just having the same window manager on each monitor02:26
hardbootIt's funny, the only problem with lubuntu 14.04 is there's 2 wifi icons, and i can't figure out why03:21
hardbooteverything else works fine03:21
Unit193Kind of sounds like Debian 728527.03:35
ubottuDebian bug 728527 in openbox "openbox-xdg-autostart is executed twice" [Normal,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/72852703:35
Unit193But, you should have the proper version of openbox.03:36
hardbootFixed in versions openbox/3.5.2-5, openbox/3.5.2-603:38
hardbootwell, i'm running 3.5.2-6, it ain't fixed03:39
hardbootmust be some other cause, or a regression, or a conflicty thing03:39
ianorlinis this in trusty?03:39
ianorlinwith network monitors03:39
hardbootwell there's 2 open, 1 installed, so somewhere it's being launched a second time03:40
ianorlinbug 125643403:41
ubottubug 1256434 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "In trusty two network settings indicators come up in system tray " [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125643403:41
hardbootlooks like it's been figured out https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxpanel/+bug/1256434/comments/603:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 1256434 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "In trusty two network settings indicators come up in system tray " [Undecided,Confirmed]03:42
hardbooti'll jsut fix it manually03:42
hardbootalthough it does bring up a good question - which sould be launching it?03:42
hardbootOH LORDY03:43
hardbootSTEAM BUG03:43
hardboot100 tray icons03:43
hardbootI kid you not03:43
hardbootok i lied there's 40 icons, hmm03:44
hardboothmm they're all tied together03:44
hardbootmaybe sdl bug03:44
hardbootah-ha, it's some weird glx bug in nouveau, it doesn't happen on nvidia' propritary drivers, odd quirk03:46
nitusHi all. long time windows user, still a linux newb but using it ever more frequently thanks to lubuntu and almost at the point in entry level where it's all going to click04:06
nitusbut not today04:06
nitusaccidentally picked nexus 7 from the login menu04:06
nitusblack screen with a mouse cursor. recovery mode didn't help much. on livecd atm04:07
nituswait , can't I just chroot and bring up the same selection menu? and de-select nexus 704:08
Unit193Log out?04:08
nitusI always just hit the colorful button04:09
nitustried to bring up  terminal but it wasn't happening04:09
Unit193Alright, well user-session is in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf04:11
Unit193Dose the user autologin or something then?04:11
nituschroot newb too of course, I do that same as I do networking? "sudo cp /etc/resolv.conf /var/chroot/etc/resolv.conf" or whatnot04:12
nitusyeah, although I have tried repeatedly to bring back a login since it gains nothing to not have one04:13
Unit193vim, nano, sed...  Why chroot?04:13
nitusbecause I just learned about it and used it the last time things went haywire, and I don't know what those other things are04:14
nituswhile I'm at it, I should also ask whether there's some package or  other that can keep me from booting to a black screen  due to some seemingly insignificant installation that synaptic nor apt-get indicates will wreak havok04:18
nitusas I use lubuntu more routinely and start settling in and tuning my environment it seems to happen all too often04:18
nitusneeds a "don't hurt me" difficulty setting04:19
nitusoh, broken packages one time. lowlatency kernel another time . . . after removal kept booting to  nonexistant lowlatency kernel despite no trace remaining from inside lubuntu, finally tried reinstalling all the lowlatency packages and then removing them, and it finally got rid of it04:22
nitusI know, it must all sound like the most elementary and obvious sort of thing, but there's a bit of a learning curve coming from a lifetime of microsoft04:23
nitusand lubuntu is the most newb-friendly distro I have tried to date04:25
nitusback in a bit, googling vim, nano, and sed04:25
nitusoh. you mean to say it's just a text file04:26
nitusset newb mode = true04:26
nitusit says user-session=Lubuntu04:32
nitusis there another related one somewhere going to nexus 7?04:32
nitusactually, I never managed to log in at all. I was in the switch-user dialogue and thought, "hey, why not try nexus 7, ought to be interesting!"04:41
nitusjust keeps going back there because I don't know how to properly reboot or shut down and the power button sleeps or something. I wonder if simply pulling the plug would do it. when I get back in I am backing this thing up so I can solve these little problems the alexandrian way04:45
holsteinnitus: you shouldnt have the lowlatency kernel..04:48
holsteinnitus: you might want to reinstall, and try and keep it simple.. just run lubuntu stock for a bit.. try and get used to the system a bit more slowly04:49
nitus"lowlatency, oooh! sounds good!" like it would be faster or something04:50
holsteinnitus: no04:50
nitusgot rid of it almost immediately, it just took awhile for it to realize that it had been removed04:50
holsteinnitus: its for lowlatency audio.. thats it.. for 2 cases in audio production. software synths, and realtime effect processing04:50
nitusbooting via recovery mode04:50
nitusyeah I lerned that when I finally actually read the documentation04:50
holsteinnitus: you dont need it.. and shouldnt install *anything* just because it "sounds good"04:50
holsteinyou really shouldnt need to install much of anything at first.. usually, i grab the browser i prefer, and the audio player, and maybe libreoffice04:51
nitusplus the numerous cautionary web articles describing newbs doing exactly the same thing for the same reasons04:51
holsteinyou dont have to be cautious about it.. play around if you like. but, you will likely break things04:52
holsteintry running an installation in virtualbox.. you can save snapshots.. or, wreck a live environment04:52
ubottuARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.04:53
holsteinAFAIK, the nexus7 is arm04:53
nitusI'm on the proper kernel now, anyway. I started out just using linux as a backup/recovery platform for my windows install, then I discovered that lubuntu could give old hardware a new life (people are always bringing me old laptops and whatnot to install windows on. sometimes windows just isn't happening. lubuntu is great04:54
nitusruns quite comfortably on higher end hardware as well, of course. graduated from livecd to persistent usb last year, then decided I needed a permanent install04:55
nitusbeen using it full time recently on account of hard bricking my samsung04:55
Unit193Sounded like you just missed update-grub somehow.04:55
nitusyeah something like that, but I wonde why the recovery menu option didn't do it04:56
nitusmany more options at my fingertips here than in windows for the phone situation04:57
nitustempted to smash apart some old electronics and cobble together a simple jtag connector04:57
nituspeople already bringing me phones for quite awhile now, to root or unlock, but it doesn't look like it would take a huge investment to upgrade myself to unbrick-guy. aside from it being a nuisance when everybody is always on you to fix some hardware or software05:01
nitusalways amazes me how few people seem to know what google actually does05:01
nituson that note: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/125243505:01
ubottuUbuntu bug 1252435 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "lubuntu: "nexus 7" and "lx games" sessions get stuck, no usable UI" [Undecided,New]05:01
nitusexcept I'm on 13.1005:04
nitusmind you I get nags about some packge issue or another when running apt-get update05:04
nitusat the end it helpfully tells me to "run apt-get update to resolve the issue"05:04
Unit193Sources out of date, yep.05:05
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nitussomething about duplicates, ever since adding getdeb and playdeb05:07
nitusof two or three items in main. just shrugged and figure it will resolve itself eventually. doesn't seem to interfere conspicuously with anything05:11
nitusunless my current problem is related05:12
nitusused to have it on always ask. I guess next up is "default'05:12
nitusfirst I'm going to see if the chroot method works, like it did with a few other times I buggered things. mayb I can just pop up the switch user dialogue and pick something that works05:15
nitusI'm actually surprised at how exciting it is now that it's starting to click, how I can customize everything and do all this stuff that mere months ago seemed impenetrably arcane05:17
nituspretty soon I'll be compiling my own software and other nerdy stuff. I had no idea it was so easy05:19
Unit193To change the config file you really don't need to chroot...05:20
nitusbut which one?05:20
nituslightdm.conf is fine05:21
Unit193Then delete/change ~/.dmrc05:23
nitusfour or five year ago, I asked a friend to recommend a distro that would serve as a useful introtuction to linux. he gave me some old slackware iso that sent me scurrying back to windows05:25
nitusand it was windows ME05:25
nitusoh, duh, show hidden05:27
nitusthat should do it . . .05:30
nitusthanks much05:30
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sgo11hi, after running lxpanelctl restart, I lost my desktop icons. I think they are managed by pcmanfm, right? how to get them back? thanks.06:32
Unit193sgo11: Yes, pcmanfm runs the desktop.  Did you check to see if it was still running?08:11
sgo11Unit193, I am not sure how to run that desktop by pcmanfm. It's not running. when I run pcmanfm, just the folder manager comes out. thanks.08:12
Unit193pcmanfm --desktop --profile lubuntu08:25
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sgo11Unit193, just saw your message. thanks a lot.09:34
opticalsDoes anyone else get two wireless icons on lxpanel?10:34
Unit193Might want to say 14.0410:48
opticalsyeah sorry :P10:48
opticalsJust reported it launchpad and it seems my eyes arent the blame :P10:49
Unit193Yep, known bug.11:08
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FoarsHaving issues updating. sudo apt-get update: http://pastebin.com/5kATrgK716:10
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holsteinFoars1: looks to me like you have mixed sources17:02
holsteinFoars1: you are using ppa's from quantal and raring. i would expect issues17:02
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FoarsYes, may that be because I'm still on Lubuntu 12.10?17:02
holsteini would purge all ppa's if you are having issues17:02
FoarsHow do I purge all them?17:03
holsteinFoars: confirm what you are on.. you have mixed sources17:03
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge17:03
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html17:03
holsteinFoars: with many of those issues, i find its easier to just reinstall.. a fresh install typically takes 8 minutes.. depending on how messed up your sources are, this could take a while to "fix", and may not be repairable17:06
FoarsAlrigh then.17:11
FoarsThank you holstein.17:11
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hardbootWell I've been running 14.04 for a while and it seems ok, the only issue is about 2/3 of the nviida driver packages are broken21:53
ianorlinI can't tell exactly what it means by broken?21:59
hardbootcompat, and the packages themselves being broken22:03
hardboot30x works but older and newer are broken22:04
koelldoes someone know a good application to rip blu rays to my hard drive? i would like to backup them and play in home network22:04
hardbootvlc can play/rip them if you have a bluray key,22:05
koellIve heard of makemkv. what is a blu ray key?22:05
hardbootmakemkv works fine on lder bds22:06
hardbooti've used it before22:06
koellhardboot: and newer one doesnt work anymore?22:09
koellhardboot: how to get such br key?22:09
hardbootkoell: lightdm doesn't even want to start22:10
hardbootwhoops wrong convo22:10
hardbootIt's funny how AMD's drivers have prgressed so much that I know have more problems with nVidia22:10
hardbootAMD is still slow on linux though :-/22:11
koelldidnt really need such graphic power in linux, because gaming still sucks anyway22:13
hardbootThere's quite a few native games, and a ton run in wine22:13
hardbootProbally the best native is Metro, it's a proper AAA game22:13
hardbootSome of those 13 SteamBoxes look nice22:16
hardbootGaming computers for console prices22:17
koellthey r available now?22:17
hardbootNot yet22:17
koellthere's no better game than gta 5 online atm :D22:18
hardbootgta4 modded looks better though :P22:20
koellits not all about how it looks. graphics is overrated22:23
hardbootwhich is why i liked 3/vice/san more than 4/522:32
bkm_i have xrandr working with a virtual display defined in an xorg.conf file. one monitor has a lubuntu window manager while the other has an openbook manager. can i make these the same somehow?23:18

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