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Mirvpsivaa: hi and happy new year! there seem to be some lock files or such preventing both autobuilds and at least hud stack build - http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/cu2d/view/Head/view/All/job/cu2d-build_all-head/377/console09:04
psivaaMirv: happy new year to you too, let me take a look09:05
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Mirvthanks, no hurry09:08
ogra_hmm, no tests for #115 and #11609:18
psivaaogra_: will take a look at that too09:18
ogra_seems to have fallen over yesterday already09:19
psivaaogra_: is there another image due now or shall i run the tests for 116? ( i'll need to see if we could run 115 at all)09:27
ogra_116 is the latest from 3am UTC tonight09:27
ogra_the next auto-build would be at 15:00 UTC ... if we dont decide to disable that one and switch to manual09:28
ogra_so i'd say skip 11509:28
psivaaMirv: this stale stack issue requires some lock files deleted. i think it's safe now to remove them because there is no job running at the moment.09:29
ogra_looking over the last days i wouldnt expect any dramatic change anyway09:29
psivaaogra_: ack, thx. i've started to run with 11609:29
ogra_awesome :)09:29
didrocksMirv: hey, joining?09:32
didrockspsivaa: ^09:32
ogra_sigh, my talkpluginb asks weird questions09:32
didrocksogra_: give weird answers then!09:33
psivaadidrocks: joining09:33
popeyLike "What's the weight of an unladen swallow?"09:33
asacplars: psivaa: hi ... could we resume sending around the retried jobs (e.g. flaki ones?) ... or is mako really magically green nowadays?09:33
asaci think a mail to landing teams at end of day would be nice09:33
ogra_didrocks, it doesnt tell me where i can give these answers unless i read a multipage help thingie09:33
psivaaasac: ack, will do09:33
ogra_so even setting the permissions according to the help file it still asks me to set them09:36
Mirvpsivaa: yep nothing is running so lock files could be removed09:36
psivaaMirv: ack, doing that09:37
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psivaaMirv: i've kicked off the job in concern.. http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/cu2d/view/Head/view/All/job/cu2d-build_all-head/378/console09:40
psivaaappears progressing09:40
Mirvpsivaa: thanks! looks good now again, we'll get a bit fresher look and I fixed hud stack for example so it should try to build properly09:41
psivaaMirv: ack09:41
ogra_argh ... and the firefox upgrade i just did makes it unstartable now ... yay for keeping an LTS installed for stability09:41
* ogra_ shakes his fist 09:41
ogra_WOAH !09:44
ogra_i had to remove the locale package !09:44
didrocksMirv: remember we have the weekly meeting tonight :)09:55
ogra_cronjob for 15:00 UTC disabled09:58
didrocksthanks ogra_ :)09:59
Mirvdidrocks: sure! :)09:59
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popeydidrocks: aiming to promote 116?11:05
popey(assuming tests etc)11:05
didrockspopey: yeah, if you can get anough testing with davmor2 :)11:06
davmor2didrocks, popey: Hey anything specific that we are looking at?  Was swap dropped or is that to come?11:07
didrocksdavmor2: no, just usual health check :)11:08
davmor2didrocks: will do11:08
davmor2popey: is mtp working for you?11:11
davmor2didrocks: ^11:12
davmor2popey: thanks11:13
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ogra_davmor2, swap is still in ... we'll announce if we drop it11:19
davmor2ogra_: that's fine, Might be good to run some tests with it disabled again before we drop it.11:20
ogra_thats the plan11:20
davmor2ogra_: but not today11:20
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popeydavmor2: do you have a bluetooth headset?11:34
davmor2popey: I do it connects now but doesn't work11:34
ogra_pulse most likely11:34
ogra_missing profiles etc11:35
popeyit breaks phone calls too11:35
popeyfor me, if I attach bluetooth headset, i can no longer make or receive calls11:35
davmor2ogra_: no I have a bug for the initial issue11:35
ogra_yeah, that points even more in pulse direction11:35
popeyok, will file a bug11:35
popeyunless you know of one already?11:35
davmor2popey: see the spreadsheet11:35
davmor2that is one bug11:36
popeydoesnt describe it11:36
davmor2for you it looks like another again though11:36
davmor2possibly just needs a profile like the wired headset11:37
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popeybug 126673811:52
ubot5bug 1266738 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "Bluetooth headphone pairing works, but no audio output - Mako #116" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126673811:52
davmor2didrocks: if I have an issue with a the layout of indicators what do I file the bug against?  ie if you disable BT and then re-enable it from the setting and then drag down the BT indicator it is showing the Location settings12:15
davmor2I'm assuming unity812:15
didrocksdavmor2: for those, I would say unity8 as well12:16
didrocksSaviq: hey, agreed? ^12:16
popeydavmor2: i filed one for that12:16
popeybug 1264678‎12:16
ubot5bug 1264678 in Unity 8 "Incorrect indicator appears under correct indicator heading" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126467812:16
davmor2popey: thanks12:20
davmor2didrocks: mtp is still not working here for me12:28
didrocksdavmor2: ok, so, this is a regression compared to latest published image?12:29
sergiusensfginther, hey, can you repo init from scratch? I see the jenkins build pulling in the prebuild kernels which I don't get when doing this from scratch12:29
davmor2didrocks: yeap happened I noticed it around build 10012:29
didrocksdavmor2: ok, do you know anyone else with a maguro who can confirm it's a maguro regression?12:30
davmor2didrocks: ignore that it's just kicked into life12:30
* ogra_ has a dejavu12:31
ogra_didnt we have that before ?12:31
davmor2ogra_: it seems really temperamental at the minute12:31
ogra_i cant confirm on my maguro12:32
ogra_works as it should12:32
davmor2ogra_: for me the icon shows as soon as I plug it in but nautilus never seems to open and I get the error message, works fine on my n7 running touch though12:35
ogra_davmor2, oh, i was commenting on the indicator stuff12:36
davmor2bingo seems to be working nicely no12:36
davmor2ogra_: ah yeah that was they were all jumbled before this is just if you remove one and then add it back again12:37
ogra_right, i just did that here12:38
ogra_and it works fine12:38
davmor2ogra_: to be honest I think it depends on the usage of the indicators etc, I'd just used the location indicator to turn on gps12:47
ogra_i switched bluetooth off and on several times12:47
davmor2ogra_: could just be a race condition maybe12:49
davmor2didrocks: right so mtp looks to be working here now just not as snappy as it was, this maybe down to the fact that I running a fresh saucy on this box rather than raring that was on it, or it maybe the changes that have been made to the upstart script, and the fact that it is maguro12:52
davmor2sergiusens: mtp and adb are still not getting on mtp is still kicking an adb session off12:55
sergiusensdavmor2, are you sure it's mtp and not the start of android?12:56
didrocksdavmor2: ogra_: popey: so let's wait for the test results, and if you +1, we can publish it12:56
davmor2sergiusens: hmm could be I guess, but the action you see is adb shell is connected when mtp shows in nautilus it kicks the adb session12:57
popey(thats me +1ing you saying that, and also +1ing the image) :D12:57
davmor2didrocks: +1 looks good here only old issues nothing new12:57
sergiusensdavmor2, well they are trigger almost at the same time12:57
davmor2sergiusens: it's the action of mtp displaying in nautilus when you see the adb get kicked though.  Not the initial connection which I assume is instant (Ie when the icon appears on the launcher)12:59
sergiusensdavmor2, do this, disable the mtp job and verify that you still get kicked out ;-)13:00
davmor2sergiusens: give me a minute13:01
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davmor2popey: in settings if you select backgrounds, then select different backgrounds for each, and set the home one to an image, and leave the welcome screen on the default what happens when you hit the power button a couple of times to show the welcome screen13:15
popeyugh, hate changing the background because it's a bitch to unset it13:16
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cyphermoxsergiusens: if that was the case then it would be a very out of date image14:07
cyphermoxI haven't touched mtp since ... last year, and it's not my top priority right right now ;)14:07
sergiusenscyphermox, context?14:07
cyphermoxsergiusens: mtp kicking off adb14:07
sergiusenscyphermox, oh, I'm saying that as well14:08
cyphermoxdoubtful that it's the case for a QA job.14:08
sergiusenscyphermox, i asked davmor2 to disable mtp for him to verify that this wasn't mtp kicking him off14:09
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davmor2sergiusens: sorry just back from lunch give me 5.  How do I disable the job from auto starting then, upstart is not a strong point for me :)14:10
fginthersergiusens, trying14:12
sergiusensdavmor2, echo manual /usr/share/upstart/sessions/mtp-server.override14:12
sergiusensdavmor2, add the missing > ;-)14:12
davmor2sergiusens: add the missing evil face ;)14:13
davmor2sergiusens: meh forgot to enable write mode first D'oh14:15
davmor2tries again14:15
sergiusensdavmor2, before ubuntu touch was trendy and everyone started using it, we even then had this problem; it started with the container switch14:16
davmor2sergiusens: ah okay we'll soon find out, and then just blame ogra_  if it is ;) (Bound to  be his fault somewhere along the line )14:17
ogra_oh, back then ... the good old times14:18
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davmor2sergiusens: hmmm I set the override with echo manual > /usr/share/upstart/sessions/mtp-server.override and it still tried to connect mtp14:21
davmor2sergiusens: and that was after a reboot14:22
cyphermoxwell, the server won't be started but the device will still be registered as an MTP device, so you'll still get dialogs on your desktop14:22
davmor2cyphermox: ah okay14:23
sergiusensdavmor2, the dialogs are a different story14:23
davmor2sergiusens: indeed :)14:24
cyphermoxsounds very much like a case of android starting -- you probably still get kicked off of an adb session14:24
sergiusensit is14:24
sergiusensbefore: android booted first, android started adb; period14:25
davmor2right starting again unplugged the phone, reattached it, started adb shell14:25
davmor2still connected14:25
sergiusensafter: ubuntu's init started adb; upstart started adb; android starts adb14:25
cyphermoxsergiusens: now, ubuntu starts adb, android starts, android starts adb again, no?14:25
davmor2Yeap just got kicked14:26
davmor2so android starting is the issue then, is there a bug for that?14:26
sergiusenscyphermox, pretty much14:26
davmor2cyphermox, sergiusens ^14:26
sergiusensdavmor2, no; a workitem in a blueprint14:26
davmor2sergiusens: great okay thanks14:27
sergiusensfginther, btw, can we get merger for lp:usensord now? Sorry if I missed an ETA about this14:54
fginthersergiusens, I'm still working on it, the x86 box is not upgrading to saucy well15:00
fginthershould be working by tomorrow15:00
sergiusensah, great; thanks15:01
dobeydidrocks: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DailyRelease/InlinePackaging is guidelines, not strict rules, right?15:08
cyphermoxdobey: not strict rules but if you follow them it works better and makes it easier for us to help you out with daily release if necessary15:23
cyphermoxmost are there as safeguards so that regressions are readily apparent, etc.15:24
cyphermoxfor instance, export DPKG_GENSYMBOLS_CHECK_LEVEL = 415:25
dobeyyes, which i do15:25
kenvandinecyphermox, dobey is also pretty opposed to split mode15:25
dobeybut native vs. bzr-builddeb split mode packaging is not part of that15:26
dobeyneither one is going to make any regression any more apparent, or make changes easier to review. it's something you do at the beginning and generally adhere to15:26
dobeyand the wrap-and-sort, or annoying vcx-bzr comment don't make avoiding regressions any easier15:27
dobeyor more apparent15:27
cyphermoxno, they make maintenance easier15:27
dobeyeasier in some cases, yes15:27
dobeybut having dependencies already sorted, and on separate lines, isn't made more readable or easier to manage, by having them spaced out an arbitrary number of spaces based on the name of the field they're in15:29
cyphermoxI fail to parse that line, and busy with too much state to try harder15:29
cyphermoxdobey: in general, we'd just rather you follow those guidelines to make it easier for us to work with your branch and help you with daily-release15:30
dobeyand the comment about vcs-bzr is just silly because the whole point of daily-release is that people don't just upload changes directly into the archive.15:30
cyphermoxdobey: in some cases it's necessary to15:30
cyphermoxwe don't want to make it so people absolutely can't land time-critical changes15:30
dobeyare those cases documented anywhere? because the InlinePackaging wiki page sure makes no reference as to why that comment should be there, or what those cases are15:31
kenvandinedobey, remember there are core devs and motus that sponsor patches, etc15:31
kenvandineso sometimes upload directly15:31
kenvandinewhen that happens, we have to backport those to upstream15:31
cyphermoxdobey: the comment is just a comment. omit it if you prefer15:32
dobeykenvandine: would it not be better to communicate that such uploads shouldn't happen (unless an absolute emergency requires it), and that changes should be donea s merge proposals to the upstream branch?15:33
kenvandinethey are rare15:34
kenvandineand that comment could help show people where their changes belong15:34
kenvandinenot all ubuntu developers are bzr users15:35
kenvandineold school :)15:35
popeydidrocks: 116 looks good for tests..15:35
kenvandinebelieve it or not... there are still people that seem to like using quilt15:36
dobeykenvandine: the comment may also be lying. i don't want people to assume that just because they uploaded something to the archive, that it will definitely be an accepted change upstream. because it makes no sense15:36
* kenvandine hugs packaging with bzr 15:36
dobeywell, using quilt is great for packaging things you don't actually own, when you need to make changes to them15:36
kenvandinedobey, ah... but we'll catch that quickly15:36
kenvandinethe daily release machinery would flag the package for having an uploaded change that isn't in trunk15:37
kenvandinewhich we would then propose a branch for15:37
kenvandinewhich could get rejected15:37
dobeyright. but i think there are too many potential points of human error in that process.15:40
kenvandinei don't think we can reduce that any more than we have already15:42
dobeywell, it's going to happen regardless of whether that comment is there or not15:43
dobeyand the Vcs-Bzr is there, so anyone with upload privileges should know to use it15:43
cjwatsonwe've had at least two major projects that were sufficiently short-duration that we didn't have time for uploads to go through daily release, just recently; you should certainly assume such things will continue to happen15:43
cjwatsonwhen you're trying to get thousands of packages to build you don't have time to cope with a small fraction of them being special snowflakes :)15:44
kenvandineand we have process in place to keep from uploading over those15:44
cjwatsonkenvandine: it's just a shame we can't use git-dpm (yet ...)15:45
dobeynot using git is a win in my book15:46
cjwatsonI'm not git's biggest fan, but git-dpm is light-years ahead of anything bzr can offer15:46
kenvandinei've never tried it, but i do love bzr bd :)15:46
cjwatsonAnd with bzr basically being a dead project, the git ecosystem is only going to get further ahead :-/15:48
xnoxdobey: kenvandine: until trunk matches distro, always, it hurts everyone to be able re-arrange / prioritise which sets of changes get in. At the moment one can only land trunk, and if it has 10 features 1 bugfix 1 packaging-fix, one cannot land any part without other two.15:49
cjwatson(Similarly, dgit was fundamentally more reliable one week into development than UDD can ever be)15:49
xnoxdobey: kenvandine: i had to resort at times getting packaging fixes merged into trunk, cherrypicking & uploading into distro, and then merging back the "cherrypick" debian/changelog entry to keep everything in "sync"15:49
kenvandinexnox, yeah, there are quite a few cases where this is necessary15:50
xnoxdobey: kenvandine: in this sense dgit rules, as it's a hard requirement for dgit/trusty branch match the archive. And then one is free to stage any amount of branches and one gets the hand over the trigger which sets of changes to simultaniously push to central repository as dgit/trusty branch with a matching dput into the archive.15:51
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dobeyand still not relevant to whether something should be a native package, or use split mode in bzr-bd15:53
fginthersergiusens, here's a build from scratch (on raring): http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/ubuntu-touch-image-builder/15/console16:04
fginthersergiusens, still failed with the vmlinuz problem16:04
sergiusensfginther, don't know how your sync is fetching the ubuntu/prebuilts/*16:05
sergiusensdid a sync from scratch this morning and didn't get that pulled in16:06
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sergiusensfginther, oh, it's just cloned, but not added; was chsing the wrong thing16:07
didrocksdobey: split mode is mandatory for the whole system to work16:32
didrocksdobey: as we already talked about before holidays16:32
didrocksdobey: vcs-bzr is to be nice for other packagers, but I don't really care16:32
didrocksdobey: I hate wrap-and-sort, but that's a personal taste, it's not a blocker16:32
didrocksdobey: but following the same guidelines everywhere help when other touches other packages16:34
Laneyare the mergers not merging?16:34
dobeydidrocks: i thought native would be fine? if native doesn't work that seems like a bug in the system (the stuff that deals with the the versioning)16:34
didrocksdobey: can counted as a bug, but nobody is going to change that AFAIK16:36
didrocksdobey: as some people want to have upstream tarballs for other distros16:37
dobeydidrocks: i certainly agree on that last one, but i don't think doing things consistently wrong is good, even if it is consistent and easy. and i think split mode is wrong.16:37
didrocksdobey: so right now, following the same for everyone is better16:37
dobeydidrocks: i wouldn't say it's better. i'd say it's consistent16:37
kenvandinedobey,  consistent == better :)16:37
didrocksdobey: it's not wrong, some people may argue that they don't want to publish native natives16:37
didrockswell s/may argue/were arguing/16:38
dobeydidrocks: arguing that one wants to have tarballs for release on other distros doesn't make split mode correct. "correct" would be to have debin/ not be in tree in those case, or to at the very least fix the system to create proper upstream tarballs and not use split mode as a way to get that. yeah, it works, but it's still not "correct" :)16:40
didrocksdobey: it's consistent at least and part of our requirements16:41
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dobeyneed to get lunch, bbiab16:47
didrocksLaney: the upstream merger is disabled for system-settings as I requested it. You are part of "THE" prototype :)16:50
* ogra_ hands Laney some salad and other guineapig food16:59
* Laney hides under ogra_'s sofa17:00
* ogra_ sends the cat17:00
Laney/nick pinocchio17:01
Laneydidrocks: what does this mean for us? :-)17:01
xnoxLaney: see ubuntu-phone mailing list =))))) you get to land your own stuff.17:03
didrocksLaney: you're screwed! :)17:03
didrocksLaney: more seriously, in a call, will tell you afterwards :)17:03
xnoxLaney: invoking ogra was a good move ;-)17:03
Laneywhile(true) ogra();17:04
xnoxLaney: Ooh, showing off C99 skillz ;-)17:13
ogra_didrocks, i thought you guys use the UI for image builds now17:23
didrocksogra_: oh, we do17:28
didrocksbut holidays… ;)17:28
didrocksogra_: want me to do it?17:28
didrocksogra_: not having feedback isn't really great though17:29
didrocks(in the UI)17:29
ogra_didrocks,  yeah, agreed, someone should improve it17:29
didrocksogra_: did you poke it or should I?17:29
ogra_go ahead17:30
didrocksok doing :)17:30
didrocksogra_: for promotion, you are still in line though ;)17:30
ogra_yeah, np17:31
didrocksbuild 117 requested17:31
didrocksLaney: so, yeah, you will be in the pilot program :)17:32
didrocksLaney: did you read asac's email on the phone ML?17:32
Laneyyes I've seen it and the slides17:34
Laneybut it talks about setting up checklists and stuff which I don't think we did17:34
didrocksLaney: yeah, we are trying the landing part for now17:34
seb128Laney, in summary they want to stop automerging to trunk for approved mps, but have a "coordinator" picking branches to land and making a mp with those, throwing that to a ppa (using a tool provided by CI), testing the result and acking through the tool17:34
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LaneyI see17:35
seb128then that "set" would land in distro and be merged back in trunk17:35
didrockswe need to open the publication to core-dev btw17:35
didrocksso that for core-dev, there is no more landing team involved at all17:35
Laneythe meeting thing would probably put me off :P17:35
Laneyanyway, hope it all works17:36
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didrocksLaney: it works on my machine, is that enough? :p17:45
Laneysounds like the gold standard to me17:46
Laneyship that bad boy17:46
asacLaney: those checklists are TODOs for engineering teams17:50
asacLaney: so you should self-impose what you want to do... as long as there is something reasonable you qualify for doing landings on your own17:51
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asacthe checklist and testplan will then be improved as we go17:51
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ogra_=== image 116 promoted ===18:07
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balloonsping doanac :-) Can you by chance re-run a merge job for me? It looks rather suspicious18:20
doanacballoons: looking now18:21
dobeycihelp: can someone please do a rebuild of http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/ubuntu-system-settings-ci/564/rebuild ? the job results links in the MP comment are giving 404s :(18:25
doanacdobey: looking18:26
fgintherdobey, that job has been purged, do you have the MP or something that triggered it?18:26
dobeyfginther: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-system-settings/click-updates/+merge/19572918:27
fgintherdobey, that'll work.18:28
dobeythanks. just want to see why the builds failed, but 404s don't tell me much :)18:28
doanacballoons: http://s-jenkins:8080/job/ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autolanding/543/console18:31
balloonsbah, I lost my vpn setup.. grr18:31
balloonsdoanac, what's it say?18:31
doanacballoons: its just running now. i'll let you know18:32
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doanacdobey: your job was retriggered about 10 minutes ago. I'll let you know how it goes: http://s-jenkins:8080/job/ubuntu-system-settings-ci/571/console18:46
doanacdobey: oops - already failed: http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/ubuntu-system-settings-trusty-amd64-ci/87/console18:46
dobeykenvandine: can you try to trigger an ubuntu-purchase-service build into the daily ppa again now?18:58
kenvandinedobey, did you guys work out the packaging?19:08
kenvandinewe need it split mode to let it get published19:08
dobeyno. i'd like to see if it's going to give the same error though. it was in "split mode" yesterday. now it isn't.19:12
fgintherballoons, can you approve https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/fix-swipe-delete-001/+merge/199906? The tests pass, but it can't merge without being approved (and I don't have permission)19:17
kenvandinepile of MP for all the out of sync packages19:26
kenvandineif anyone wants to help review them :)19:26
kenvandinedobey, ok, let me kick off a build19:31
balloonsfginther, I too don't have superpowers for that one19:31
kenvandinerobru, have you proposed a branch to bring the packaging inline with our practices?19:32
dobeykenvandine: he has not19:33
kenvandinedobey, same failure19:34
kenvandinedobey, i bet because it has a native package version :)19:34
* kenvandine ducks19:34
dobeykenvandine: i bet because the cupstream2distro code is broken :)19:34
* kenvandine whistles19:35
kenvandineanyway... i gotta run to lunch19:35
kenvandinerobru, don't forget to throw that packaging back to dobey :)19:35
* kenvandine runs19:36
dobeywrap-and-sort -a -s -t might be ok19:41
dobeybut just -a -t is annoying :)19:42
dobeyhow does one run the tests in cupstream2distro?19:58
dobeybecause trial tests/ is a whole bunch of fail20:06
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dobeyanyone? i've tried trial and python -m testtools.run discover, both to no avail20:19
robrudobey, didrocks would be best to ask about that, i've never run them personally20:20
fgintherdobey, "autopilot run tests" works for cupstream2distro20:54
fgintherdobey, I do get 7 failures out of 216 tests20:54
fgintherdobey, as does "nosetests tests"20:55
fginthernosetests ran 253 tests20:56
dobeyautopilot seems a bit weird to use there20:57
fgintherdobey, indeed. nosetests had better results as well21:01
dobeyi wonder why trial was all failures though.21:07
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dobeywhee, that wasn't so hard to fix21:28
dobeykenvandine: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/cupstream2distro/native-versions/+merge/200736 just for you :D21:30
kenvandineha... "fix"21:31
kenvandinei'll let didrocks have that one21:31
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thomifginther: is it possible to make upstream-merger & daily release et al use a branch other than lp:autopilot when releasing? Would this piss anyone off?22:01
thomireason being: you can't set the LP development focus to something other than trunk (which actually makes sense)22:01
thomibut it means we're being forced to release from a branch that's unstable, which is causing us grief22:01
xnoxthomi: hm, mir started a new series devel, and actual _new_ development happens on lp:mir/devel or some such. with lp:mir actually being stable and matching ppas / distro / etc.22:02
thomixnox: yeah, but you can't set it as a development focus, so by default all new MPs point to trunk22:02
xnoxthomi: similar strategies are used, by e.g. launchpad engenerring. Were scary new stuff goes to lp:lp/db-devel, and lp:lp is actually that get's deployed.22:02
fgintherthomi, so you want something like lp:autopilot/release and daily release operating on that? that's do-able. No one should have an issue with that22:02
xnoxthomi: yeah, that does suck.22:02
thomifginther: if I make the series, are you able to take care of updating everyone / everything?22:03
fgintherthomi, yes22:03
thomifginther: lp:autopilot/1.4 :)22:04
dobeythomi: you can set the development focus to any series you want. but lp:project always points to the development focus (it doesn't have to be trunk)22:05
thomidobey: right22:05
thomidobey: My wording may have been vague22:06
thomiwhen I say "trunk", I mean "lp:projectname", not a series that happens to be called 'trunk'  - but I admit that's probably wrong22:06
dobeyyes, it is :)22:06
thomimy "beef", if you will is that by default we're releasing stuff from the lp:projectname branch (i.e.- development focus), which is also the default target for all new MPs22:07
thomiwhich, combined with submissions from a large group of people, makes it very hard to keep a stable & development branch pair22:08
thomifginther: I'll CC you in an email... one second22:09
fgintherthomi, you still want automerger on lp:autopilot, rigth?22:21
thomifginther: yes please22:22
thomifginther: is that what we're calling it these days?22:22
thomiI want to get my terminology right :)22:22
fgintherthomi, yeah, autolanding isn't really the right term to use22:22
thomiI thought it was 'upstream-merger'?22:23
fgintherthat works too22:23
dobeythomi: understandable. i'd say if trunk is unstable, there are other problems though. but i do miss the days of having control over releases and getting packages into ubuntu, and basically following the ubuntu release processes. :)22:23
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thomidobey: well, so you can make trunk stable to a point, but I don't believe you can make it release-quality 100% of the time without affecting development velocity22:24
thomiat least, not when you're being held to a 'zero bugs released to distro' policy22:24
dobeythomi: i disagree, but no point arguing about it22:24
dobeyzero bugs released to distro policy is just nonsense. you're going to release bugs, whether you know they exist or not. :)22:25
thomiwell, I'd be interested to know what we could/should be doing differently :)22:25
thomidobey: I *totally* agree there22:25
thomidobey: but several other people don't agree with us on that point :)22:26
dobeywell, i don't know what you're doing exactly now. i just think that if you feel trunk isn't release-worthy all the time, then there are probably other issues causing it, such as poor review practices, not having enough tests being run during merge, etc… i couldn't say exactly without knowing why you think it's not release worthy, beyond the inherent fear of releasing from trunk that is built into being a developer :)22:27
thomidobey: ok, so I think we're actually saying the same thing. The problem here is that "release worthy" for our project is a mugh higher bar than for most others, so we need to take additional steps before releasing to distro22:29
dobeyi think you're understemating the bar that others set, a bit :)22:29
thomiyou can release trunk to distro just fine if you accept that some bugs are going to slip through22:30
thomino amount of code reviews / automated testing etc. will catch everything22:30
dobeys/trunk// there :)22:31
thomiso we just need an extra step, is all, which sadly takes some time22:31
thomiwell, yes, I'm sure you can never get to 0 bugs, but you can do better than we do at the moment anyway22:32
dobeyright. i'm saying "do better" doesn't necessarily manually cherry picking things into a stable branch and doing releases from there. i'd say it would be to identify the issues that make releasing directly from trunk untenable, and solving them.22:34
thomidobey: I see. The main issue for us is that catching regressions takes time, and in the meantime we can't land any new features. I suppose we could all, as a team, stop new development and stabilise one release, then move on... maybe we'll try that next time22:37
thomianyway, this is an experiment, we'll see how it goes, and maybe try something different next time22:38
dobeyright. like i said, i dodn't know what all the issues for you are. extraneous new feature development can certainly cause problems :)22:38
dobeyanyway, time for me to get off of here. have a good evening22:43
fgintherthomi, https://code.launchpad.net/~fginther/cupstream2distro-config/autopilot-release/+merge/20074522:56
thomifginther: ummm, ok, I don't really have the experience to be able to review it, but thanks for your help :)22:58
fgintherthomi, you mentioned an email about an hour ago, should I have seen one from you22:58
thomifginther: yes22:59
thomifginther: I sent it, it was to the QA team ML, and CC'd to you22:59
fgintherthomi, found id23:00
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