joseurgh, I had a power cut02:46
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josehey Guest91841, I had a power outage and didn't make it today03:00
Guest91841jose, np!03:01
Guest91841I gotta run now, lets catch up :-)03:01
Guest91841when I am jono03:01
josesure, night!03:01
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dholbachgood morning08:09
nigelbHello dholbach08:38
dholbachhey nigelb08:39
dholbachhow's life over there?08:39
nigelbPretty good! And how's Berlin?08:40
dholbachit's very nice - temperatures are almost like in spring and the sun is shining08:41
nigelbAre you friends with the Open Data geeks in town? We may have some common friends if you are :)08:42
nigelbDon't say that out loud about the temperatures, might make the Americans and Canadians homicidal :P08:42
dholbach_nigelb, not sure if I know any open data folks08:47
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nigelbdholbach: aha. Oh well :)08:49
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belkinsaWhat is your mailing-list e-mail?20:01
belkinsaNot the council but the main one?20:01
belkinsaAs in the team's.20:04
bkerensacjohnston: what is that travel site you use to track your trips?20:04
popey\o/ tripit20:56
mhall119tripit real good20:57
josehey jono_, I'd be happy to help with the app dev schools but want to know if the material has been l10n'd23:20
jono_jose, it hasn't yet, afaik23:21
jono_can you reach out to dpm23:21
jono_he has more details23:21
josesure, writing an email now23:21
jono_we would like to identify the people who will run the schools, and then work to translate the materials into those languages23:21
jono_thanks, jose!23:21

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