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pittiBonjour tout le monde, bonne nouvelle année !05:24
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damianatorrpmHi everyone :)07:03
damianatorrpmI try to compile bamf-qt (there is a Qt5 branch) with Qt5.2 on non-ubuntu Linux07:04
damianatorrpmIs it known to work with ubuntu and Qt5.2?07:04
damianatorrpmI use the Qt 5.2 RC1 from the Qt website07:04
damianatorrpmBranch owner is Florian Boucault I can't reach him via mail, do you know him? Is he in some IRC Channel? :)07:10
seb128good morning desktopers!08:37
didrockshey seb128! good morning :)08:39
seb128didrocks, lut, en forme ?08:39
didrocksça va bien! dormi 10h ;)08:39
didrockset toi?08:39
seb128ça va bien, dormis 7h :p08:40
seb128t'étais fatigué on dirait ;-)08:40
didrocksouai, pas beaucoup dormi de dimanche à lundi ;) (donc dodo à 22h hier :p)08:40
seb128larsu, guten tag!08:45
* larsu really should do duolingo to learn French instead of Spanish08:45
seb128you should!08:45
seb128or both ;-)08:45
larsutwo languages in ONE HEAD? How is that supposed to work?!08:46
seb128larsu, you can even go up to 3, you don't need to erase german from there ;-)08:53
larsuseb128: German is easy. I can just relearn it if I happen to need it again :P08:55
* seb128 slaps larsu with trout08:56
seb128"german is easy"08:57
seb128because what is more easy than 1 or 2 genders ... 3! :p08:57
dokotkamppeter_, xmbc ping, do you still care about this package?09:00
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seb128Laney, good morning, how are you?09:04
seb128or Guest1882 I should say?09:04
Guest1882suits me, I think I'll keep it09:04
* seb128 slaps Guest1882 with an old trout09:04
Guest1882umm I forgot how to let freenode allow me to change it back :P09:05
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Laneyseb128: good thanks! I was tired after being back yesterday so napped and played games last night :(09:06
Laneyso ruined09:06
Laneyhow are you?09:06
seb128I'm good thanks09:06
seb128I stopped early yesterday, went to play some tennis, watched some TV and had a good night of sleep ... and bonus point, it's sunny here today09:07
seb128with some 8°C, wth weather09:07
* larsu has the feeling he lives in the same city as seb128. Always the same weather.09:08
seb128larsu, Germany is a small country? ;-)09:08
pittihey seb128, larsu, and Laney -- happy new year to you!09:15
pittidid you have some good holidays?09:16
Laneyoh, it's a pitti!09:17
seb128Oh, it's a pitti!09:17
seb128pitti, happy new year, good to see you ;-)09:17
pittiLaney, seb128: nice coordination :)09:17
seb128pitti, wie gehts? had good holidays?09:17
pittiyes, absolutely; a week in Dresden with family and friends, and a week in Stockholm with my wife and a friend09:17
pittiamazing city09:17
Laneyvery good holidays thank you: lots of food, walking & games including getting my mum to play cards against humanity (hahaha)09:18
pittioh those reminiscences of Abba! (I used to be a fan when I was a kid)09:18
* seb128 spent time with friends and family, playing some tennis and video games in between09:18
seb128good time for eoy holidays ;-)09:19
larsupitti: happy new year!09:19
larsuI had great holidys as well. The usual: hanging out with family and eating a lot09:20
seb128Laney, lol, how did she find the cars against humanity? ;-)09:20
Laneyshe didn't want to play properly so just did the card tsar bit09:21
Laneyi think 1 game was enough :P09:21
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ogra_chrisccoulson, i just got an FF update on precise ... afterwards FF refused to start09:46
ogra_chrisccoulson, i had to remove firefox-locale-de to make it work again ... something seems out of sync09:46
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tkamppeterdoko, no, I had only done some experiments for the Nexus 7 Ubuntu desktop, but nowadays I do not package XBMC any more.09:48
tkamppeterdoko, one thing which also made me stopping with that is that there are live TV modules with non-suitable licenses and so these models need appropriate package splitting.09:51
tkamppeterdoko, if you are packaging XBMC I have a simple patch which makes it working on the Ubuntu desktop with touch screen (with mouse it works perfectly).09:52
dokotkamppeter, I don't care, just merged because it was ftbfs. kept your two arm patches09:52
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LaneyMirv: mitya57: qtcreator's RPATH looks borked10:47
Laneyno wait, lies, $ORIGIN is a real thing10:48
Laneymy brain was borked!10:48
mitya57By the way, do I get it right that qtcreator is the only remaining qt5.2 blocker?10:50
Mirvmitya57: it's one of many, a lot of packages have problems if you see the recipe builds at https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/qt5-beta2/+packages - I have tried to parse the dependency chain to find current blockers at http://pad.ubuntu.com/qt52-dependencies11:17
Mirvbug #1258057 suggests a newer stable branch snapshot of at least qtdeclarative would be needed11:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 1258057 in Unity API "unity-api fails to build against Qt 5.2" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125805711:18
mitya57Mirv: Thanks. Currently most of Qt auto-synced stuff and pyqt5 is blocked by that transition, so I *am* interested in moving it forward11:19
mitya57OK, that build overview will be a good start for me.11:21
LaneyI can't give the password box focus to unlock my desktop11:24
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seb128try keyboard navigation? (e.g tab)11:25
Laneynope but it came back after I let it blank again11:26
ogra_attach a kinect and dance your password :)11:26
seb128or smile to the webcam to unlock!11:26
Laneysome of the symbols would be quite tricky to dance11:26
* Laney still has that picture of attente to hax his phone11:27
ubot2bugzilla.redhat.com bug 905935 in gnome-screensaver "virt-viewer - unable to enter gnome-screensaver password" [Urgent,Closed: errata]11:27
* Laney takes that patch11:33
Laneyguess g-s is really really dead upstream, that's not committed there11:35
ochosiLaney: has there been a decision yet on whether light-locker will be used over gnome-screensaver?11:37
ochosi(in 14.04)11:37
LaneyI think l-l was the intention, but I don't know about doing the integration11:37
ochosidon't think there's really much to do for you11:38
ochosi(update the session-indicator and session itself i suppose)11:38
seb128ochosi, light-locker sends you to the greeter no?11:38
ochosiseb128: yes, it uses the greeter as un/lock screen11:38
seb128ochosi, right, that's not going to happen for this cycle then11:39
ochosibecause of VT switching?11:39
seb128ochosi, the greeter is on another VT, which means your seat becomes unactive, which means audio playback, mic, etc would stop on lock screen11:39
ochosican't that be fixed somehow?11:39
seb128which is especially annoying if you let your computer play music or are in a call11:40
ochosiyeah, otoh in a multi-user env it's what's supposed to happen...11:40
Laneyyes, when you user switch it's intended11:40
Laneybut probably not for screen locking though11:40
seb128well, it's not intended if you idle and the screensaver kicks in11:41
ochosiyeah, true. for some strange reason this always worked for me here11:41
ochosimy music keeps playing when the screen gets locked11:41
seb128on the greeter?11:41
ochosii know that it doesn't work for others, but it seems it's theoretically possible11:41
ochosiand since lightdm does distinguish between switch-to-greeter and lock_hint, it could probably be tackled11:41
seb128it could11:42
seb128it's just not safe enough for a LTS cycle11:42
ochosii recently patched lightdm-gtk-greeter to blank the screen upon locking (to reduce vt-switching flickering)11:42
seb128that's the sort of changes you want to do some cycles in advance to have time to get feedback on the potential side effects11:42
ochosiyou know that light-locker is a fork of g-s 3.6 i suppose?11:42
seb128basically g-s without the GTK UI11:43
seb128well, in any case we would like to use the greeter as lock screen11:43
seb128it's just too much change for a LTS cycle11:43
ochosiok, understood11:43
seb128it's easy enough to opt in to do that for those who want it though...11:43
ochosiwho would know a bit about keeping stuff like music playing on locking? robert_ancell? or someone else as well?11:44
seb128well, that's a feature I think11:45
seb128only the active seat has access to the devices11:45
ochosiright, makes sense11:45
ochosibut it could be made conditional11:45
seb128well, my guess is that it's going to be fixed in unity8/ubuntu "touch"11:46
seb128e.g in the futur when playing is done through a service and not by the app itself11:46
seb128the service is probably not going to be linked to an active session11:46
ochosihm, but it'll be important for desktops as well, and i guess ppl won't be happy if only the default player supports this11:47
seb128ogra_, I think it's more the music-service that's going to resolve that particular issue11:47
seb128well, in the futur all apps/players are going to use the service11:47
ogra_yeah, but it is Mir keeping the seat and tellig the service to go on i think11:47
seb128ogra_, ok, wfm11:47
seb128I just know that's something resolved on the ubuntu touch stack11:47
ochosiseb128: well thanks for the heads up. so i guess if i do find a solution for this with the current stuff, that wouldn't change anything for you right?11:49
ochosi("this" being audio playback etc)11:49
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seb128ochosi, if you find a solution that doesn't make the security team unhappy I guess we could rediscuss it12:00
seb128ochosi, we first wanted to use the greeter as lock screen for the LTS, but we decided that stuff like calls/playback cutting on idle->lock screen wouldn't be something users would be happy with, and that maybe it was too much untested arch/changes for a LTS12:01
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ali1234i don't see how you can guarantee that "in the futur all apps/players are going to use the service" unless you specifically disallow direct access to the audio device12:21
ali1234which would basically make ubuntu unusable for playing games or audio/video production12:22
ogra_well, apps that want to go on playing while the screen is locked will need to have special permissions12:22
ogra_which are provided via the service12:23
ogra_other apps will simply stop playing when you lock the screen12:23
ali1234also how did this even get implemented? i thought it was impossible to revoke sound access once the device is opened, due to linux not supporting revoke syscall?12:24
ogra_device permissions for desktops are handled via policykit12:25
ogra_(which in turn talked to consolekit .... which got replaced by logind)12:25
ogra_CK and logind unset the seat activity when you are locked .... media playback is by default only allowed for active local seats12:26
ali1234that doesn't really answer the question12:27
ogra_why not12:28
ali1234because changing the permissions on a device has no effect if i have already opened it, or so i have been lead to believe12:29
ogra_CK/logind revoke the device permissions of the user if you lock the screen12:29
ogra_you dont change the device, you change the users permissions12:29
ali1234so where does this take effect? presumably at a lower level than pulseaudio?12:31
LaneyI'm pretty sure it is pulseaudio monitoring the sessions12:32
ali1234but doesn't PA run per user, as the user?12:32
ogra_its at a lower level ...12:32
ogra_or wait, alsa is routed through pulse in any case12:32
Laneyit can monitor which sessions are active12:33
ali1234well it's alsa (library) -> PA -> alsa (kernel)12:33
ogra_(ignore me)12:33
ali1234so if PA is doing it, what stops me from recompiling a PA that just ignores the session?12:33
ogra_not sure thats possible12:34
ogra_but you could indeed reconfigure alsa for direct device access12:34
ogra_and add your user to the audio group12:35
ogra_that will switch you back to last century permission mgmt and give you constant access12:35
Laneyumm yeah, not sure what assigns the acls actually12:37
seb128ali1234, nothing blocks you to recompile PA or install another OS on your devices12:38
ali1234seb128: i mean as a user12:38
ali1234ie without root access12:38
seb128not sure what you try to get at12:38
ogra_seb128, can pulse actually be compiled without CK/PK/logind mgmt ?12:38
ogra_(for user sessions)12:39
* ogra_ doubts that 12:39
seb128ogra_, I've no idea, and I don't think we care12:39
ogra_that too :)12:39
ali1234seb128: if i open the audio subsystem and start playing and then switch session, precisely which piece of code revokes my access to the audio device? considering that i already have opened the device and linux does not have revoke() it can't be done with normal unix permissions12:39
seb128ali1234, the bottom line is that an user process is not going to be able to prevent the system to suspend12:39
ogra_ali1234, policykit12:40
ali1234and which system calls does policykit use to do this? (if any; if not, then how does it do it?)12:40
seb128ali1234, I assume it's pulseaudio12:40
seb128ali1234, pulseaudio is what routes the sound, it can decide to stop routing to the device for your user12:41
ali1234seb128: well if you assume it's pulseaudio - pulseaudio runs in the user's session, so the user can just rebuild their own version of it and run it without needing root. their own version can just ignore the session12:41
seb128ali1234, right, and users can also put whatever OS they want on their devices, how is that revelent?12:42
LaneyYou can't modify the udev rules as a user12:42
Laneywhich is where the acls are set12:42
ali1234seb128: you need root access to install a new operating system12:42
seb128no you don't12:42
seb128you need physical access12:42
ali1234you don't? in ubuntu you can write to /dev/sda without root?12:42
seb128I can boot on an usb stick or a CD and install whatever I want12:42
ali1234you are missing the point, and i suspect doing so intentionally12:43
seb128no, I'm not understanding what you are trying to argue there12:43
seb128sure it's always possible to build/install stuff that are non default12:43
ali1234you claim that the user cannot be allowed access to the audio device because it would be a security issue12:43
seb128but app writers usually target the normal users12:43
seb128in which context?12:44
seb128touch or normal desktop user switching?12:44
ali1234yet i have demonstrated that any malicious user can simply bypass this by installing their own copy of pulseaudio in ~/bin12:44
ali1234normal desktop12:44
seb128oh, I never claimed it was a security thing, I said to check with the security team in case they have security concerns12:44
seb128I've no clue why things are done the way they are currently done12:45
ali1234well here's the thing: it *is* a security issue12:45
ali1234the only reason to have the audio cut off when you switch session is in order to mitigate this security issue12:46
ali1234but if it is implemented entirely in software which runs as the user the mitigation is ineffective anyway12:46
seb128well, it's also to allow the other user to access the device when you switch user I guess12:46
Laneyit's not true12:46
Laneylogind ships udev rules to manage the acls which trigger when the session status changes12:47
ali1234seb128: that's a good point12:48
ali1234i guess it's just to make sound work when you use guest login etc12:49
Laneyit does also protect against maliciousness12:51
Laneythe microphone is in the same subsystem12:51
ali1234right but if i open the microphone and start recording, and then the ACLs on the device change, i am unaffected because linux does not implement revoke() - i can continue to record all i like12:51
Laneyshow me12:52
ali1234unless this issue has somehow been fixed12:52
ali1234if so, i would like to know how12:52
seb128I've no idea about that, mdeslaur or security guys might know12:53
mdeslaurI may be wrong, but I believe udev removes the device and recreates it13:05
mdeslaurwhich invalidates the file handles13:05
mdeslauror, hrm13:05
mdeslaurthat's actually a good question13:06
ali1234Laney: it's demonstrated here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ZTdUmlGxVo0#t=185913:06
mdeslaurbut it's not just security...something has to manage who gets access to devices when the active user gets switched, and which power policies applies, etc.13:07
ali1234i have no idea if it still works the same way, but if it does not, then my question is: what changed?13:07
ali1234mdeslaur: yeah i realise that now - there is also an element of cooperation13:07
mdeslaurin order to make the lock screen the greeter, a lot of stuff needs to be modified, it's a big undertaking13:08
ali1234well it's working in xubuntu - for certain values of working13:09
mdeslaurali1234: and what is making sure the devices stay active when the greeter comes up as a lock screen, and what revokes permissions when another user is selected?13:14
ali1234i don't know but i know *something* is, because on xubuntu, your audio player stops when the screen saver starts :)13:15
mdeslauroh, well, that's the issue13:16
mdeslaurthat's precisely why the greeter needs to be modified, as we _don't_ want devices to be revoked when the greeter comes up13:16
ali1234but surely modifying the greeter won't help.. you'd need to modify pulseaudio and consolekit to handle this use case13:17
ali1234i mean the greeter doesn't know about this stuff, it's just a thing that draws a login window on screen13:18
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mdeslaurali1234: yes, instead of having everything monitor logind, which is monitoring vt switches, logind needs to be controlled by the greeter13:19
mdeslaurand the greeter will then decide when it's time to revoke devices (ie: when you actually switch to a new user, instead of a simple vt switch)13:20
ali1234yes - assuming you mean the display manager not the actual greeter13:20
ochosianother use-case is when you want the screen to blank upon locking, which is what normally happens with screensavers/lockers. while we've implemented that in gtk-greeter, it'd be nice if after a mouse-touch it wouldn't again take forever for the screen to go blank...13:21
ali1234although, what if the greeter wants to make sounds?13:21
mdeslaurand then there's the case of power management13:21
mdeslaurif I decided I want my laptop to suspend after 10 minutes, and the greeter is my lock screen...the DM now needs to know what my power management preferences are13:22
ochosiyeah, and in a multi-user env, different users might have different powermanager-settings13:22
ali1234well in that case, if multiple users are logged in, who's settings get used?13:23
ochosiexactly ^13:23
ali1234ochosi: i thnk this whole thing might be more trouble that it's worth13:23
mdeslaurali1234: the last user who had an active session13:23
ochosiali1234: possible. i'm starting to think we need to re-fork gnome-screensaver for xubuntu and have locking within the session and use the greeter only for user-switching13:24
ochosiali1234: if we modify how the greeter uses the .ui file, we could theoretically even load the greeter's .ui file with gnome-screensaver13:24
ali1234ochosi: yeah i was just thinking that13:25
mdeslaurthat would be pretty cool13:25
mdeslaursomething needs to cover the vt anyway13:25
ochosimdeslaur: that's the main advantage of using a gtk greeter over some other stuff ;)13:25
ochosi(i mean being able to reuse the .ui file)13:25
ali1234ochosi: or even make gnome-screensaver directly use gtk-greeter like how lightdm does13:25
ochosiali1234: hm, that sounds nice, but also like a lot of work, no? :)13:26
ali1234no idea13:26
mdeslaurochosi: hehe, at the disadvantage of looking like gtk :)13:26
ochosibut yeah, would be the ideal solution13:26
ali1234messing with .ui files sounds harder to me :)13:26
ali1234reusing the greeter binary would work also with unity-greeter13:26
ali1234but they would probably both need to be modified to support it13:27
ochosiali1234: well it's insecure in the sense that you can never know what the UI file of a greeter contains13:27
ochosimdeslaur: yeah, although gtk3 really gives you a lot of freedom13:27
mdeslaurochosi: yes, I'm merely joking ;)13:28
ochosiali1234: so basically a liblightdm would have to be written for gnome-screensaver13:28
ochosimdeslaur: have to admit though, unity-greeter *does* look quite nice... :)13:29
mdeslauryou could also perhaps modify gnome-screensaver to actually run the greeter by emulating the dm13:29
ali1234yeah that's what i meant13:29
mdeslaurali1234: ah, yes, missed that comment13:30
ochosiand it's much better than re-using the .ui file13:30
ochosiwhich would probably end up being a xubuntu-only solution13:30
ali1234yeah and lightdm-gtk-greeter only as well13:31
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kenvandineLaney, yay for removing code!14:36
=== rickspencer3__ is now known as rickspencer3
Laneykenvandine: it's to offset my christmas weight gain15:04
kenvandineawesome to consolidate the accountsservice stuff15:05
Laneyyeah, it felt too nasty to write it again15:07
mlankhorstugh, uploaded xorg 1.15 rebuild to ppa15:07
LaneyI bet you could reduce the boilerplate even further15:09
Laneyfor example by subclassing15:09
kenvandineLaney, i had one nitpick in your background branch15:11
Laneyya, I've fixed it15:11
kenvandinethx :)15:11
* Laney commits15:11
Laneyyou meant in the header file, right?15:11
Laneyit's up now15:12
Laneythanks for the reviews15:12
seb128hey hey hey15:30
seb128it's meeting time15:30
seb128qengho, Sweetshark, mlankhorst, Laney, tkamppeter, desrt_, attente, larsu: hello ;-)15:30
mlankhorstg'day mate15:30
desrt_happy newyear!15:30
larsuoh, first meeting of the year \o/15:31
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seb128happy new year !15:31
seb128I hope everyone had good holidays and a nice start of year15:31
* kenvandine waves15:32
desrtit's too cold!15:32
seb128ok, let's get started (I expect the summary to be short, most of us are just back since yesterday)15:32
mlankhorstit started with uploading x1.15 to ppa and lts-saucy to archive, can't be a good year. :P15:32
seb128desrt, would be nice if you could give us some cold and snow back!15:32
desrtseb128: please... take it.15:32
seb128I just went for some exercice, 13°C out there15:32
seb128that's wrong15:32
larsuseb128: summer is coming!15:33
seb128should be some -10°C with snow15:33
seb128larsu, :/15:33
mlankhorstget started15:33
seb128ok, let's get started15:33
seb128qengho, hey15:33
qenghoHi all.15:33
qengho* Holidays, family, et c.15:33
qengho* TODO: Working on High-DPI chromium and multitouch chromium.15:33
qengho* Speaking of multitouch:  DONE: gnome-bluetooth pairing small fix.15:33
seb128qengho, where is the new gnome-bluetooth fix? needs sponsoring?15:33
qenghoIt will need it, yes.  I'll ping someone soon.15:34
cyphermoxfeel free to bug me about any bluetooth, especially if you want help testing :)15:34
desrtcyphermox: hey... i have a bluetooth problem...15:34
cyphermoxdesrt: after the meeting :)15:35
desrtyou said 'any bluetooth', right? :)15:35
seb128cyphermox, hide!15:35
seb128cyphermox, happy new year btw ;-)15:35
cyphermoxhappy new year :)15:35
qenghoSorry I tricked you, cyphermox.15:35
Laneyget him to test if it happens under 14.0415:35
seb128qengho, thanks, just subscribe ubuntu-sponsors to the bug (or ping cyphermox since he offered to look at ità15:35
Laneyalso fwd it upstream!15:36
seb128Sweetshark, hey, back from holidays yet (I don't think I saw you wrote anything since I'm back)15:36
seb128cyphermox, speaking about fwd upstream, I think you still need to do a version of that gnome-control-center ssid fix rebased on trunk15:36
cyphermoxindeed, I do15:37
seb128canonicaladmin doesn't have Sweetshark off15:37
seb128but he doesn't seem around so...15:37
seb128mlankhorst, your turn!15:37
mlankhorstxorg 1.15 upload to ppa (ready for testing with open source drivers and nvidia-177/304), lots of sru verifications, lts-saucy pushing to archive15:37
mlankhorstvarious bugs15:37
seb128mlankhorst, do we aim at 1.15 for the LTS?15:38
seb128is that version stable yet?15:38
mlankhorst1.15.0 has been released15:38
seb128was there a discussion about the update (including the Mir team)?15:38
mlankhorstppa:canonical-x/x-staging for testing15:38
mlankhorstseems to work with mir15:38
seb128and what's the state of fglrx?15:38
mlankhorstthat's blocking xorg 1.15 atm15:38
seb128I guess you are going to do a proper call for testing on ubuntu-devel@ in any case before aiming at the archive, right? ;-)15:39
mlankhorstI doubt many people will, but in theory it's ready15:39
seb128well, an email there would at least assure everyone is aware of the update coming15:40
seb128mlankhorst, thanks15:40
seb128Laney, hey15:41
Laney• Last year! system-settings tests are failing on the device. Made some headway but they're not working yet: https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg05683.html15:41
Laney• Last year! Some system-settings reviews including attente's icu one (should get that released)15:41
Laney• Make a private library to factor out the several places in which we handle AS in system-settings, in preparation for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telephony-service/+bug/126552815:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 1265528 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Share ring tone with greeter via AccountsService" [Undecided,New]15:41
Laney• Update libgdata gnome-online-accounts in Debian & sync15:41
Laneydone done done15:41
Laneyhey desrt, how come you have to use a different annotation for default string values?15:41
Laneyis it because of the gvariant text format?15:41
seb128Laney, are the tests still not happy on the device? I saw your email in my backlog/read through them, but I'm not sure I got all the details15:41
Laneytry that branch I gave15:41
seb128you need help?15:41
Laneythat'd be nice15:42
LaneyI found it quite hard to get advice15:42
seb128did you try mardy's suggestion?15:42
LaneyI posted a later reply about it15:42
seb128I'm going to look at that again after the meeting15:42
seb128I guess holidays didn't help to get replies15:42
seb128Laney, thanks15:42
LaneyIt'll take me a while to get up to speed on it again anyway15:42
seb128tkamppeter, hey15:42
desrtLaney: you don't need to use a different annotation15:42
desrtyou can use the same one, but then you need to put it in proper gvariant format, including quotes15:42
desrtthe other annotation lets you skip the quotes15:42
desrtstefw thought it would be less confusing this way15:42
Sweetsharkseb128: yep, back from holidays (but having connectivity issues today)15:42
desrtso that's the compromise we reached15:42
Laneydesrt: ya, that's what I figured, cheers15:43
* desrt feels like he must be under a mountain of lag right now15:43
Laneyalso, nice lag15:43
tkamppeter- cups-filters: Released 1.0.43, fixing issues with orientation-requested/landscape, fit-to-page/fitplot, model-specific quirk rule application for PPD-less PostScript printing15:43
tkamppeter- poppler: Fixed duplex printing with pdftops, removed ABI-breaking upstream patches15:43
tkamppeter- cups: Synced 1.7.0 from Debian, pulling in many Red Hat fixes15:43
tkamppeter- system-config-printer: Fixed driver download bug15:43
tkamppeter- gutenprint: Added Canon device IDs from upstream for more reliable printer/driver assignment.15:43
tkamppeter- OpenPrinting web server: fixed bug of old Gutenprint version being downloaded.15:43
tkamppeter- Bugs15:43
Laneytkamppeter: did you find a non-abi breaking version of the fix?15:44
tkamppeterLaney, yes, my original patches.15:44
Laneyah ok15:44
Laneycould you check those packages you emailed me to see if they use the symbol that changed?15:44
seb128we are going to have a poppler soname bump this cycle anyway15:45
tkamppeterLaney, how should I do this most efficiently?15:45
seb128so we can take that patch in when we do that (or just take 0.25/0.26 which is likely to include the change)15:46
tkamppeterLaney, the ABI change was a change in the parameter list of a function, if one of the packages had actually used this function it should have FTBFSed.15:46
LaneyI'd probably grep the source :-)15:47
Laneysomeone might have patched though15:47
Laneyhttp:// indicates it's ok15:49
seb128let's see about the rdepends when we take the new version, there is going to be a soname transition in any case15:49
seb128tkamppeter, thanks15:49
seb128desrt, your turn15:49
seb128desrt under lag still?15:51
seb128ok, next15:51
seb128attente, hey ;-)15:51
attentehi seb12815:51
desrtfinished up the dconf work for the phone guys -- we can now use dconf profiles as a sane way to do customisation...15:51
desrtmay be worth reopening the question of if we want to do that for different overrides on the desktop...15:51
desrtalso been doing a lot of work on menus stuff lately... fixed some separator bugs, implemented some new features... and got a bunch of stuff sorted on macos (and did some research there) to get an idea of how menus "ought to" look on various platforms15:51
desrtthe idea is that we can add a switch to let app authors decide15:51
attenteuploaded the gnome key grabber work to a ppa, still need to fix a few issues but it's somewhat usable15:52
desrt(eof, from my side of the lag)15:52
seb128desrt, is there a summary of the dconf changes somewhere?15:52
seb128desrt, thanks ;-)15:52
desrtseb128: the NEWS entry i will write soon?15:52
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
seb128desrt, ok15:52
seb128attente, how did it go with the compiz changes? do you need ppa testers?15:53
attenteseb128, i'm thinking it'd be better to wait till i fix the remaining issues15:54
seb128ok, let us know when you need testers then15:55
attenteseb128, ok15:55
seb128attente, thanks15:56
seb128larsu, your turn15:56
larsuI continued working on evince since I didn't manage to finish that in dec15:56
larsu(I was pretty sick that last week)15:56
seb128attente, oh btw, I'm going to look at your u-s-s changes to re-enable keyboard options (catching up with backlog atm but it's on my todo)15:56
larsureviewed desrt's menu patches15:56
larsuand investigated those two bugs you sent me15:57
seb128larsu, how is the evince work going? I hope upstream is going to take it, seems you are putting quite some efforts on it ;-)15:57
attenteseb128, ok, thanks15:57
larsuseb128: I talked to chpe briefly, he definitely wants it done. I didn't get a chance to show him my patches yet15:57
larsuI hope to be finishing that this week15:57
seb128larsu, did you try pinging desrt about your eog patch?15:58
larsuI'm working on the last tricky bits (the dynamic menus, history and bookmarks)15:58
larsuseb128: ya, he doesn't like it :(15:58
larsuI mean, he wants me to amend a little thing ;)15:58
larsuI'll put that on bugzilla tonight, let's see what the maintainers say15:58
desrtseb128: i told him a way to make his patch better and reduce the size in half at the same time15:58
seb128I trust you guys to come with a working solution ;-)15:58
desrtseb128: he apparently doesn't like these kinds of reviews :p15:59
larsunot sure whether we should patch it in ubuntu, because I can't estimate the effects of it...15:59
larsuI'll let desrt decide15:59
seb128larsu, thanks15:59
larsudesrt: I showed you how reviews are done. ok->reviewed15:59
desrtthe concern here, i think, is if there are plugins that use threads15:59
seb128Sweetshark, is your internet better? want to do a status update?15:59
desrtif there is an eog plugins repository i'd do some research there15:59
desrtlarsu: :)15:59
larsudesrt: I doubt many people use plugins...15:59
larsudesrt: thanks for the input though16:00
Sweetshark- building separate l10n works - but waiting for reviews from seb and rene16:00
Sweetshark- various bugsquashing/launchpad wiping16:00
Sweetshark- reinstall/update/harden my machines/setup16:00
seb128desrt, do you have any idea why/how it ends up in that lock?16:01
Sweetshark- Ive been attending 30c3: - tldr: everything is broken, internet security in the next year will be "interesting" - here is a part of the horrorshow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0w36GAyZIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJB1mYEZPPA16:01
Sweetshark - "everything" is including phone Dual_ECDRBG, iPhones and iPads, SIM cards, ATMs, SD cards, X11 (rather lame though), Yubikeys, electric irons, Hotel keys, lawful, interception, SCADA (aka your local nuclear power plant) .... - ... aaand tamagotchis. - FWIW the evil maid attacks talk: http://media.ccc.de/browse/congress/2013/30C3_-_5600_-_en_-_saal_1_-_201312301245_-_thwarting_evil_maid_attacks_-_eric_michaud_-_ryan_lackey.html might be i16:01
seb128Sweetshark, you cut at "ryan_lackey.html might be i"16:01
seb128Sweetshark, so you started the new year in security paranoid mode I see? ;-)16:01
Sweetshark- building separate l10n works16:01
Sweetshark- but waiting for reviews from seb and rene16:01
Sweetshark- various bugsquashing/launchpad wiping16:01
Sweetshark- reinstall/update/harden my machines/setup16:01
Sweetshark- Ive been attending 30c3:16:01
Sweetshark- tldr: everything is broken, internet security in the next year will be "interesting"16:01
Sweetshark- here is a part of the horrorshow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0w36GAyZIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJB1mYEZPPA16:01
Sweetshark- "everything" is including phone Dual_EC_DRBG, iPhones and iPads, SIM cards, ATMs, SD cards, X11 (rather lame though), Yubikeys, electric irons, Hotel keys, lawful interception, SCADA (aka your local nuclear power plant) ....16:01
Sweetshark- ... aaand tamagotchis.16:01
Sweetshark- FWIW the evil maid attacks talk: http://media.ccc.de/browse/congress/2013/30C3_-_5600_-_en_-_saal_1_-_201312301245_-_thwarting_evil_maid_attacks_-_eric_michaud_-_ryan_lackey.html might be interesting for Canonical employees too16:01
seb128Sweetshark, the l10n split review is on my todolist16:01
seb128Sweetshark, shrug, there was no need to repaste everything for the 1 line that got cut, you could have copied that one16:02
seb128Sweetshark, thanks ;-)16:02
Sweetsharkhmm, the copypasta over tmux/ssh/irssi got mangled somehow when there were leading whitespace16:02
desrtseb128: i don't know specifically... but a cond vs. a lock is something we've seen before...16:02
desrtseb128: the more long-held locks you have the more chance you have of hitting a lock inversion somewhere along the way16:02
Sweetsharkseb128: and yes, full ack about the security paranoia.16:03
larsudesrt: btw, that bug only happens when using unity-gtk-module16:03
seb128ok, my turn, short one16:03
seb128I'm just back since yesterday16:03
seb128so backlog mostly, emails, bug reports, changes in trusty16:04
seb128some discussions about changes that happened, some pings about bugs, tested some updates16:04
seb128nothing fancy16:04
seb128 16:04
seb128is there any comment/question/other update?16:04
seb128seems not, that's a wrap then16:06
seb128thanks everyone16:06
larsuthanks seb128!16:07
seb128xnox, could you do "python -c 'import locale; locale.getdefaultlocale()'" in the emulator?16:45
seb128or rather16:45
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
seb128python -c 'import locale; print(locale.getdefaultlocale())'16:45
xnoxseb128: two not three?16:46
xnoxseb128: i think my runner doesn't set the locale, I guess I should?16:46
seb128xnox, I guess you should16:46
seb128that error seems to be because locale.getdefaultlocale() returns None16:47
xnoxseb128: # python -c 'import locale; print(locale.getdefaultlocale())16:47
xnox(None, None)16:47
seb128which seems buggy16:47
xnoxseb128: TRUE =)16:47
seb128we should handle that case as well I guess, but you can fix it by setting a locale16:47
xnoxseb128: here are local results - http://paste.ubuntu.com/6709987/16:47
xnoxseb128: I think we do expect all touch users to have a proper & valid locale setup, whichever that might be.16:48
xnoxseb128: french is default right?16:48
seb128indeed ;-)16:48
seb128xnox, locale -a ?16:48
seb128xnox, do you have any langpack installed/locale generated?16:49
seb128the touch image doesn't have that issue for sure16:49
xnoxseb128: well, i'm using the touch tarball, not system-image installed. as system-image is not enabled on touch yet.16:50
xnoxseb128: so there are differences, and the devil seems to be in the details.16:50
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xnoxseb128: yeah, i have langpacks locales, French Canadian is there so we're golden.16:53
seb128xnox, not sure why locale.getdefaultlocale() returns None16:54
* seb128 reads some code16:54
xnoxseb128: LANG and LANGUAGE and LC_ALL are empty, LC_* are set to POSIX (not C)..... not sure how that's valid =/16:55
seb128$ LANG= LANGUAGE= LC_ALL="POSIX" python -c 'import locale; print(locale.getdefaultlocale())'16:56
seb128(None, None)16:56
seb128xnox, so, yeah, it's an env issue16:56
xnoxseb128: there is a helper to push a locale, i'll do that by default for all of them and rerun everything again. Thanks a lot for looking into this! =)16:57
* xnox has another 2 dozen to sort through16:57
seb128xnox, yw16:57
seb128xnox, in fact Laney already fixed that issue in trunk17:03
seb128+if not lc:17:03
seb128+    lc = 'C'17:03
seb128on the u-s-s side17:03
seb128I guess we should try to land a new snapshot17:03
Laneysomething is going on there17:04
Laneysee ci-eng17:04
xnoxseb128: hm. And setting locale looks non-trivial as it tries to set it with17:04
xnox        cmd = "dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest="\17:04
xnox              "org.freedesktop.Accounts /org/freedesktop/Accounts/User32011 "\17:04
xnox              "org.freedesktop.Accounts.User.SetLanguage"\17:04
xnox              " string:%s" % args.lc17:04
Laneywhat is that?17:04
xnoxseb128: and a reboot after that. I want to set it somehow.... pre-boot.17:04
seb128Laney, "that"?17:04
seb128Laney, the change?17:04
Laneythat dbus-send line17:04
xnoxLaney: that's phablet-config util. It does a few things like that.17:05
xnoxLaney: phablet-config locale --lc fr_CA17:05
* xnox needs a real system-image device17:05
* xnox goes to charge grouper.17:05
seb128xnox, just backport http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~system-settings-touch/ubuntu-system-settings/trunk/revision/532 or wait for the new u-s-s upload17:05
xnoxseb128: i suspect this locale issue also causing ubuntu keyboard failure to switch into caps lock mode.17:06
xnox(can't decide if language supports / needs caps lock....)17:06
Laneybe nice if it used FindUserByName instead of hardcoding that17:07
xnoxLaney: where do i need to apply "hash randomisation" ? cause if same random number is generated for the same hash-user-account each time, it's a security bug.... (i can guess that e.g. phablet user account is present on the system and thus try to hack it)17:09
* xnox loves all the fallout from python randomising their hashes ;-)17:09
xnoxLaney: don't worry about it, it's all re-written in Go anyway...17:09
mvoseb128: good evening - can I haz a clock in the screenlock please? bug #126561017:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 1265610 in gnome-screensaver (Ubuntu) "[patch] Please display clock in screen lock" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126561017:11
mvoseb128: it even has a patch but needs a *nod* from someone :)17:11
* ogra_ nods 17:12
Laneyhow is session-migration invoked?17:13
seb128Laney, gnome-session calls it17:15
seb128see 53_add_sessionmigration.patch in there17:16
Laneywon't work on device then17:16
seb128having that gnome-session specific seems wrong17:16
seb128we should make it an upstart session job I gues17:16
LaneyI guess it could go there now17:16
* Laney looks at the patch17:16
seb128mvo, hey, happy new year!17:16
* mdeslaur looks at mvo's patch17:16
seb128mvo, I'm having a look as well17:17
Laneyoh, it just executes it17:17
Laneycould surely be a job then, neat17:17
larsuwhy oh why am I in theming code again :'(17:18
* Laney applies a fetching gradient to larsu 17:18
seb128mvo, speaking of review, anything I can do to get https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/software-properties/handle-no-candidate/+merge/197917 moved? it might be a workaround but it seems still better than nothing?17:18
larsuLaney: :D17:18
xnoxlarsu: "theming code" you mean writting color themes for source-highlight ?! =)17:18
mvoseb128: good point17:18
larsuLaney: I hope you're not using any unico-specific css attritbutes. They only cause trouble.17:18
larsuxnox: I mean css really17:19
seb128mvo, mdeslaur: not sure about that clock, is centered right for Ubuntu? also on a dual screen setup I get it on both monitor, where the bg image/unlock dialog is only on one monitor (the other one is empty, now only with a clock)17:25
mvoseb128: where do you want it displayed?17:26
mvoseb128: happy to adjust the patch17:26
mvoseb128: no idea about the dual monitor thing unfortunately17:26
mdeslaurdoes it respect the unity clock's settings? (ie: 12h or 24h, etc.)17:28
seb128mvo, I'm a bit unsure, I would have put it on the right (where it is on the desktop) ... but at the same time that screen is nowhere close from an unity session so I'm unsure it makes sense17:28
seb128I'm not a designer :p17:28
mvomdeslaur: I don't think so, I need to add code for this17:29
mdeslaurmvo: I'm glad you didn't bring the black bar back, it's nice like that17:29
mvomdeslaur: yeah, I do not like the bar either, but just  having the clock looks ok to me17:30
mvomdeslaur, seb128: if there is a chance that this gets merged I'm happy to add support for the unity settings17:30
mdeslaurI tend to agree with seb128, on the right would be nicer17:30
mdeslaurbut I'm not a designer, I just play one on tv17:30
mdeslaurI have no objection, seb128?17:31
seb128no objection17:31
mvomdeslaur: ha! I don't even do that, so you win17:31
* mvo will update the patch 17:31
seb128mvo, don't spend too much time on it, at least not for now, I need to ping robert_ancell again, he had some work started to make it look like unity-greeter (that was some cycles ago)17:31
seb128we should try to do that for the LTS if we can17:31
* seb128 hates the old boring lock screen17:32
mdeslauryes, would be nice to get the unity look in for the lts17:32
mdeslaurIf I was responsible for the desktop team, I'd assign at least 3 people to do that :)17:32
mdeslaurthat and bring the menus back to all my favourite applications17:33
mvook, I can wait to hear from robert17:34
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seb128mvo, well, I would just put the clock to the right and upload17:36
seb128mvo, if you want to do that17:36
seb128mvo, we can decide on the other polish later according to what we do17:36
davmor2mvo: happy new year dude, how's life treating you?17:37
ali1234tedg: what's happening with indicator upstart launching?17:38
mvoseb128: ok, clock is right now, next is to honor the settings from unity17:39
mvohey davmor2! I'm good, thanks! how are you?17:40
davmor2mvo: crazy busy but that can only be a good thing right :)17:40
chrisccoulsonhello mvo! :)17:41
mvohey chrisccoulson! happy new year17:42
mvodavmor2: haha - so just like last year (and the year before ;)17:42
chrisccoulsonmvo, happy new year to you too. how are you doing?17:42
mvochrisccoulson: good, thanks! how are you?17:43
chrisccoulsonmvo, yeah, pretty good. lots of things to do :)17:44
seb128mvo, btw if you want to upload gnome-screensaver, you need to rebase, Laney just sneaked an upload under your feet it seems ;-)17:44
Laneywhat, that was at least an hour ago :P17:44
mvoseb128: *weeeh* looking into indicator-datetime it looks like adding support for the indicator-datetime is not entirely trivial17:46
mvohm, maybe its not too bad17:46
seb128mvo, that's why I said to not bother, if we go for a greeter like UI we might just load indicator-datetime17:46
mvoseb128, mdeslaur: any preferences on the padding? if not I will just use 10px17:47
mvoseb128: aha, cool17:47
seb128mvo, 10px seems fine to me17:47
mvoseb128: so just the padding and wait&see? I can add support for the settings later if it turns out that the greeter like UI does not get done17:47
seb128mvo, right, exactly what I suggest, land that and see later depending on what we do or not17:48
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tkamppeterlarsu, hi18:00
larsutkamppeter: hey18:02
tkamppeterlarsu, we have our OP call now.\18:06
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Laneysee you tomorrow!18:31
tedgali1234, Yes, have a plan now.19:40
tedgJust need to implement the details of it :-)19:40
ali1234cool. still going with upstart? going to fix the upstart dbus activation?19:41
tedgYeah, going with Upstart and XDG Autostart.  Basically moving to a "session service"19:43
tedgYou can start them either way depending on your session manager.19:43
tedgSo I guess not "going with Upstart" more "going with session manager" where Upstart can be a session manager.19:44
ali1234ok... so did you see my MR on indicator3 to remove the timeout?19:44
tedgYes, we need that.  I was going to try and put all the pieces together.  That's one.19:44
tedgI haven't reviewed it in detail, but assuming the details are good, it's a patch we want.19:45
ali1234i'm not sure if basically any of the code that is left really does anything useful... i only amputated the timeout19:46
ali1234i do know that indicator-application is currently non-functional and it's really confusing a lot of people... loads of bug reports about it all over the place19:46
ali1234well, outside unity that is19:47
tedgYeah, I think amputation is appropriate. :-)19:55
tedgReally I just want to not have code doing process management in libindicator.19:55
mdeslaurseb128: that didn't take long: http://iloveubuntu.net/ubuntu-1404s-lock-screen-updated-clock-support21:03
seb128mdeslaur, lol, crazy websites ;-)21:04
Laneywhy no article about my cool bug fix!21:29
xnoxLaney: which?21:39
Laneyany of them :P21:40
mdeslaurI now expect a news story about each of my uploads21:40
Laneythe clock got posted to reddit and everything21:40
mdeslauror else, I'll be pretty disappointed.21:40
xnoxLaney: hm? URL please, i'm so out of touch =)21:55
Laneyxnox: http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/1unhzw/ubuntu_1404s_lock_screen_updated_with_clock/21:56
xnoxLaney: OMG if _that_ gets a news wire PR release, with screenshots & comments threads, trust me you are a Nobel Prize Winner of All Computer Development =)21:58
Laneyslow news day :P21:58
xnoxLaney: reading rick's g+, i wonder if he thinks i moved to phone foundations.... ;-)21:59
xnoxor even ci22:00
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Laneyit was good praise regardless22:01
xnoxLaney: yeah =) might come in handy when things break ;-)22:03
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