KI7MTdsmythies, was just reading you comments on a proposed merge .. to review them, do you bzr branch the repo to review them or review online?00:06
dsmythiesKI7MT, What I do is best described by in the serverguide documentation commiters how to page, which I also use a little as a reference for desktop work.00:16
dsmythieslink: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation/Repository/Members-Serverguide00:16
dsmythiesthere is also: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation/Repository/Members00:16
dsmythiesFurthermore, sometimes other opinions are desired and/or I need to be absolutley sure an eventual update to help.ubuntu.com will not break things, so I have almost a mirror copy of help.ubtunu.com00:18
dsmythieson my test server.00:18
KI7MTOk will have a read there. My server is busying mirroring Trusty right now .. I was thinking about doing the same with help.ubuntu.com00:20
dsmythiesI do not publize that URL , but I will change that to my main server soon. I'll e-mail you the URL is you want.00:20
dsmythiesI do not publize that URL , but I will change that to my main server soon. I'll e-mail you the URL if you want.00:21
KI7MTOk, there's no hurry, I have a ton of things to read and get my head around at the moment. Was jsut curious of the workflow on commits.00:21
dsmythiesNote that help.ubuntu.com is an enormous bzr branch. Why? Because it contains all languages.00:23
KI7MTI wish there was a way to filter that to a spcific Lang .. but not sure that can be done.00:24
dsmythiesIf you just want English or one other language or whatever, then my suggestion is that you build it yourself rather than download the bzr branch...00:26
dsmythieshelp.ubuntu.com is merely the two docs, desktop guide and serverguide, compiled as html (plus serverguide pdf) and put together with about 4 or 5 glue files...00:28
KI7MTcd ..00:29
dsmythiesOf course, help.ubuntu.com is also several releases (13.10, 13.04, ...)00:29
belkinsaWould the program Meld help with this or is this more for the wiki folks?00:29
KI7MTwhoops .. was in the wrong wind :-)00:29
dsmythiesbelkinsa, I do not know.00:30
belkinsaOkay, I was just wondering.00:30
dsmythiesKI7MT, earlier I assume you were looking at MP #200074. Did you notice the comment added by Gunner? If you use Ubuntu DekTop edition, it is probably a much easier way to check things, using yelp.00:57
dsmythieslink: https://code.launchpad.net/~gunnarhj/ubuntu-docs/addremove/+merge/20007400:57
KI7MTYes, that's where Im at, looking at the merge proposal, but how to you see just the changes he made?00:59
knomeKI7MT, scroll down or click the green text after "diff against target" (which scrolls down for you)01:00
KI7MTAhh got it, Diff Against target, that's what I was looking for, thanx01:02
dsmythiesKI7MT, sorry I thought you were wanting to oberve the final format...01:03
dsmythiesthe colored diff is quite useful.01:03
shaunmdsmythies: I'm around now01:23
dsmythiesshaunm, some time ago Matthew East suggested I contact you about some upstream yelp-tools issues. Also, I know you were working with Kevin Godby on some upsteam issues...01:31
dsmythiesafter 13.10 was finished I entered 3 (I think it was) upsteam bug reports. One has been fixed, but I do not know if it is included in 14.04 yet...01:32
dsmythiesreference: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=70995101:32
ubot2`Gnome bug 709951 in yelp-build "yelp build ignores conditionals when creating file copy list" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]01:32
dsmythiesI need a moment to find the other links.01:33
dsmythiesthere is also: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=709943  but we currently have a good workaround for that one.01:35
ubot2`Gnome bug 709943 in DocBook "yelp-xsl/xslt/common/html.xsl missing a fundamental docbook tag conversion" [Normal,Unconfirmed]01:35
dsmythiesand this one: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=70995801:38
ubot2`Gnome bug 709958 in yelp-build "yelp-note-advanced.png is wanted but is not there" [Normal,Unconfirmed]01:38
dsmythiesI was wondering: For the first one, how do I know when it is included in Ubuntu 14.04?; for the others (well, 709958 at least) is there any way to get some attention for them?01:40
dsmythiesshaumn, I have to be away from my desk for awhile.01:44
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godbykdsmythies: I used this .page file originally to test the platform checks in Yelp: <http://kevin.godby.org/private/ubuntu-doc/platform-test.page>03:56
godbykdsmythies: Using yelp version 3.8.1 in Ubuntu 13.10, I get the following result: <http://kevin.godby.org/private/ubuntu-doc/platform-test.png>03:56
dsmythiesgodby: O.K. thanks.04:10
godbykdsmythies: np04:18
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dsmythiesshaunm: Thanks for looking at those bug reports and adding comments (although, not sure I understand the comment on 709943).06:13
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shaunmdsmythies: the comment on 709943 is mostly a reminder to myself on what caused the problem13:43
KI7MT_shaunm, have you eve looked into an application called asciidoc http://asciidoc.org  ?14:12
shaunmKI7MT_: a little bit. I know it has mallard support14:27
shaunmhaven't tried to author anything substantial in it14:27
KI7MT_shaunm, I was thinking about putting something together for it. I've used it allot, and sure is easy for new folks to contrib simple test files.14:29
shaunmoh, actually, the program with mallard support is asciidoctor14:30
shaunmwhich I think is maybe an alternative implementation? not sure14:31
KI7MT_Yeah, that's a Ruby / Rails port of asciidoc14:31
dsmythiesshaunm: Thanks for the clarification.14:52
Kriti_Hi everyone, I'm Kriti. I'm interested in contributing to FOSS but have no idea how to get started. Any help?16:10
belkinsaHey there, what skills do you have?16:10
belkinsaKriti_,: Do you have coding/developing skills, design skills, or documentation skills? You can also join your LoCo (local community) and they can help you either in IRC or on the mailing list.  Also, if you a woman, you can join #ubuntu-women and we can help you.16:13
belkinsaAnd if you are non-English speaker, you can work on translating.16:14
belkinsaOne more thing: if you use another favour, you can work there also16:15
belkinsaI hope that helps you, but if you still have questions, you can ask here.16:16
belkinsahttp://community.ubuntu.com/ is also a good guide that can help you, Kriti_.16:17
Kriti_I am good at HTML, CSS, jQuery, Python, C++ and Ruby. Learning PHP and Rails presently. I have built webpages.16:24
Kriti_Thank you for the guidance :)16:25
belkinsaNot a problem.16:25
belkinsaI don't know what you can with your skills, but I know that there could be wiki pages that could have what you worked with that could be updated.16:26
belkinsaeagles0513875 ping16:26
eagles0513875belkinsa: pong ding dong :P16:26
belkinsaYou work with building websites, right?16:26
eagles0513875belkinsa: yes16:26
eagles0513875whats up16:26
belkinsaCould this skill be used within the Ubuntu community?16:26
eagles0513875belkinsa: depends16:26
eagles0513875are they using a CMS such as plone silverstripe etc16:27
belkinsaDo you know the project and the team for that?16:27
eagles0513875no sadly i do not16:27
eagles0513875but let me finish my thought here16:27
eagles0513875i think whats lacking and it would involve collaboration with canonical themselves tbh to get the community to contribute to a website rewrite16:27
eagles0513875and i dont think they would be very willing16:27
eagles0513875i dunno anything is possible though16:28
eagles0513875balloons: ping16:29
knomeKriti_, let's put it this way: do you want to work with websites, or would something else scratch your itch?16:29
belkinsaWell, the only thing that I can only think of is learning MoinMoin and help us clean up the wiki, Kriti_.16:29
eagles0513875belkinsa: balloons or mhall119 might be able to help16:29
belkinsaballoons and mhall119: ping16:29
* balloons floats in16:29
belkinsaWe have a new one that has website coding/building skills and want to get  involved in the FOSS/Ubuntu community? Do you have any suggestions?16:30
mhall119hi belkinsa16:31
belkinsaSee what I said above your reply.16:32
balloonsI'll defer to mhall119 on this one.16:35
mhall119belkinsa: what kind of web work did you want to do?16:36
belkinsaIt's not me, it's Kriti_.16:36
belkinsaKriti_, thanks for giving me an idea for something on community.ubuntu.com page.   Idea: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community-website/+bug/126684316:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 1266843 in Ubuntu Community Website "IDEA: User Stories of How They Got Involved" [Undecided,New]16:42
phillwbelkinsa: there are still some CSS issues accross wiki and help that could do with sorting. In many ways, they are a paper cut but it does need referring to RT with a ticket. (afaik, I got one accepted as fixed, but the other languished). It is for itallics / etc (the variations of emphasised text).17:26
belkinsaI was trying to help someone but they left.17:27
phillwbelkinsa: me ready to pounce next time :D17:27
phillwnot me... - you :D17:28
belkinsaI see.17:28
belkinsaI hope that they are working on how to get involved with the comminuty.17:28
phillwI did some stuff on this, got some css corrected and accepted... and then the 'urgency' seemed to go. The errors are still there.17:29
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KI7MTGA All  ,, was reviewing a few things from the spreadsheet this afternoon on a fresh 14.04 VM. If we need top propose changes to a particular file, should we leave the Original Author information in tack or what is the appropriate way to handle?23:14

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