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swissare most of the people that join this channel just here to bash on gnome?01:07
darkxstswiss, no, but we do get the odd basher01:18
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parindarkxst: Hi, I'm trying to run ./configure --libdir=/opt/gnome/lib64 (I've set jhbuild to use /opt/gnome). It's giving me errors - Requested 'gtk+-3.0 >= 3.9.11' but version of GTK+ is 3.8.408:05
parinGTK+ 3.8 is installed system-wide, but GTK+ 3.9 is installed in /opt/gnome08:05
parinstill configure is not able to find it. How can I correct this ?08:06
darkxstjhbuild wraps a whole bunch of this into configure command08:06
darkxstjust use jhbuild buildone mutter08:06
darkxstparin, Running ./configure --enable-maintainer-mode --prefix /opt/gnome --libdir /opt/gnome/lib64 --enable-compile-warnings=maximum --enable-compile-warnings=no08:10
darkxstis what jhbuild uses08:10
darkxstand it also runs './autogen.sh --prefix /opt/gnome --libdir '/opt/gnome/lib64' --enable-compile-warnings=maximum --enable-compile-warnings=no' prior to the configure08:15
parindarkxst: I'm running './configure' in the displayconfig code08:16
darkxstwith the mutter configure script?08:17
darkxstwell you will absolutely need to add the --prefix bit08:18
darkxstand if at any stage you edit configure.ac, you will need to re-run autogen08:18
parinrunning ./autogen.sh --prefix=$(pwd)/bin --libdir '/opt/gnome/lib64' gives the same GTK+ 3.9 not found error08:22
darkxstshould be --prefix /opt/gnome08:26
parinsame error. 'jhbuild buildone mutter' worked successfully though08:28
darkxstjust use that then!08:29
parinumm ... but the displayconfig code is in a different directory 'mutter-compiz'. I tried renaming it to 'mutter' and then running jhbuild, but it's giving a syntax error08:35
parin./configure: line 3208: syntax error near unexpected token `0.34.90'08:36
parin./configure: line 3208: `IT_PROG_INTLTOOL(0.34.90)'08:36
darkxsthmm did you copy the other files in root folder? m4 files, libtool etc?08:41
parinokay, it's done08:41
parin./autogen.sh and ./configure ran successfully08:41
parinthe error was gone when I ran the same command through jhbuild shell08:42
UallasGood Morning09:02
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parindarkxst: I'm stuck at the MetaDisplay struct in monitor-xrandr.c It is used in 7 functions in the file, and it has a LOT of meta dependencies - MetaScreen, MetaWindow, MetaTabPopup, MetaTilePreview etc. What should I do with it ?13:41
nodieI've a problem with my gnome and ubuntu13:56
nodiefor some reason I cannot find the mouse cursor disappears when I pass over non GTK windows13:56
nodiea very annoying problem13:56
nodiemore over, if I launch from gdm/lightdm/kdm a wm like awesomewm for instance13:57
nodiethe mouse cursor directly doesn't show13:57
nodieyet if I launch gnome-settings-daemon it appears when I pass over GTK windows13:57
nodiedo you know about this problem? do you have any idea about what could be happening?13:57
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psanchezHello, how do I modify the settings of an online-account? More specifically, I successfully added an IMAP account, but forgot to add a user ID for outgoing mail. It seems to me that once I added the account these type of parameters can't be modified, and that the only way around is to remove and recreate the account.17:01
UallasHello World!17:01
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ernstpDoes gnome3-next depend on gnome3-staging? or the other way around? should I have both?19:30
ernstpthat is for saucy19:30
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