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gilsrSolution found.  Can now use gesture (Easystroke) to input esc through touchscreen.  Problem was my misunderstanding of how to set it up and a flaky USB cable. Works good!! Probably can come up with some other uses of gestures. Thanks for listening and the suggestions.01:02
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qwebirc76764I am not super techie but I've been using Ubuntu for 4 years now. About months ago I installed Mythbuntu on one of my machines. Prior to installing Mythbuntu 10.??, I researched which tuner cards would work so I bought a Haupauge HVR-2250. I installed and it worked. Since then, I updated to Mythbuntu 12 and I cannot get the HVR-2250 to work. I've scoured the internet for hours and tried various technical procedures to ge18:57
qwebirc76764my question is should I downgrade to Mythbuntu 10 or get a new Tuner Card? If I should downgrade to Mythbuntu 10 where I can get the download as I no longer have the ISO? If I should get a new tuner card, what is the best dual tuner card for Mythbuntu? Any help would be appreciated.19:00
SteveGoodeyqwebirc76764: Hi, do you mind me asking. I take it that dmesg shows it being registered?19:03
qwebirc76764I am not sure what that means but it seems that Mythbuntu sees it but the Mythtv does not. I apologize for my lack of tech.19:07
tgm4883qwebirc76764, do we know if it works outside of mythtv?19:11
tgm4883eg. can you test with cat?19:11
qwebirc76764no. Is there an easy way to check that? But as I said Mythbuntu 10 saw it so its the hardware is probably working.19:12
tgm4883qwebirc76764, do you know what device it's showing up as (eg. /dev/video0)?19:13
qwebirc76764I appreciate all of you jumping in to help. But, you're asking me alot of questions I don't understand. But, I will say that I have looked on the internet and it appears that this is a common issue with the HVR-2250 and I have not seen any "Solved Cases". I may not have the tech skills to resolved on this chat .19:17
qwebirc76764Why it works on one version and not a newer version is frustrating. So, on a simple basis, should I downgrade or get a new card?19:20
tgm4883qwebirc76764, I would say new card, but that is just me19:22
tgm4883since I doubt you can find 10.x anymore19:22
qwebirc76764Do you have a suggestion of a Dual tuner card for Digital Broadcast?19:24
qwebirc76764One that would not likely to get outdated soon like the HVR22-50 did?19:24

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