josepleia2: hey, about to release now02:47
josehad a power cut02:47
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joseabout to pull the trigger03:01
josepleia2: hey, need the message released03:08
pleia2done, but on tablet so will finish the rest at lunch :)03:21
josecool, thanks!03:22
joseThe new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue34903:22
* pleia2 has a couple minutes on laptop now03:26
pleia2jose: can you toss the text of the forum post somewher03:26
josepleia2: doing that now03:26
josepleia2: http://mirza.joseeantonior.com/forum.post should have it03:28
pleia2ah, you replaced newlines already :) thanks03:29
joseyep, no worries :)03:29
josehuh, the fridge has been upgraded!03:30
pleia2haha, neat03:30
pleia2lmk when you get the fridge post up and I'll add to discourse03:31
josewhoops, it's giving me errors!03:32
pleia2ok, forums and G+ are done03:34
pleia2uh oh re: errors03:34
joseand fridge done03:37
josedoing wiki thingies03:37
josepleia2: should I put this edition as the first one of the 2014 list?03:40
pleia2jose: yeah :)03:42
pleia2discourse is done03:42
pleia2back to conference now03:42
joselater on we should discuss whether moving to CC 4.0 or not03:44
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