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serb123Hello people18:54
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serb123I LOVE BACON!!!!18:55
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galaxynexuswhats going on here ? when does show start ?18:56
stev96good evening18:56
OerHeks+- 3 min18:57
jono_serb123, BACON LOVES YOU18:57
pal-OhaiWe can see the transmission on the   /user/UbuntuOnAir : Jono Bacon Q&A - 7th Jan 2014 channel | aswell as the http://ubuntuonair.com/ channel , Thank-you Rock-0n-Always .18:58
pal-OhaiAtweet was issued 14 minutes ago for this-meeting No re-tweets as of yet, thou ;)18:58
OerHeksyay i can see some guitars18:58
halfmastI can see and hear you18:58
leedevI see you, Jono Bacon18:59
serb123we caN!18:59
nik90jono_: yup u r live!18:59
stev96UPDATE: openSUSE hacker claimed, ‪#‎vBulletin‬ latest version is also vulnerable to his ‪#‎zeroday‬ exploit. Read more: http://thehackernews.com/2014/01/openSUSE-Forum-Hacked-by-Pakistani-hacker.html      SUSE IS HACKED :D18:59
Steam4Linuxit's up :)18:59
belkinsaI see you and hear18:59
DEbaruHello Jono18:59
serb123where's the bacon? :( I was promised bacon!!18:59
bilbmayes i see you18:59
IdleOneI hear ya18:59
StfbWorking perfectly :-)18:59
daveycok here canada19:00
limecowI want one19:00
belkinsaNice wallet.19:00
serb123that's me (I love bacon19:00
yonathanDo you eat bacon?19:00
nik90wow nice wallet19:01
Snake2k_Ubuntu is inspired by bacon's colors!19:01
Baconablebest brother ever19:01
number22wohoo hello everyone19:01
IdleOneQUESTION: What about this Meizu making an Ubuntu phone rumor, truth?19:02
chaslinuxHave to run, but going to launch this at the shop for all our volunteers to watch (computer refurbishing).19:02
IdleOneif I missed the announcement, sorry.19:02
belkinsaQUESTION: When will the Ubuntu Touch work on Nexus 7 2013?19:02
serb123QUESTION.. When is Ubuntu Touch coming out?19:02
yonathanQUESTION: Any specific dates for Ubuntu Phone release?19:02
OerHeksjono_, QUESTION: are there any plans for a systemwide equaliser?19:03
jorkiQUESTION what about Ubuntu on CES 2014?19:03
BaconableQUESTION: ununtu TV??  tell me more19:03
Baconableubuntu :-)19:03
belkinsaMythubuntu is the Ubuntu TV, isn't or is that something different?19:03
Steam4LinuxQUESTION: Why do you think valve decided to base steam OS on debian instead of ubuntu?19:04
SuperLagI've had to part from the live stream, so I can't hear the answer. it would be nice if someone could reply with Jono's answer here, if he gets to my question.19:04
tuxy_What about the possibilitys to add ubuntu to other mobile phones than the nexus devices without bricking the device?19:04
dvdheidenQUESTION: when will mir be the default display server?19:04
galaxynexuswill i be supported in future? (phone)19:04
belkinsatuxy_, You need QUESTION: is it's for jono.19:04
LevanQUESTION] can you hint who is making ubuntu phone ?? pretty please19:05
belkinsaXDA Developers can help though, tuxy_ .19:05
theadminWhee, I'm late19:05
skyindeerQUESTION:how mir would affect the ordinary users ?19:05
pal-OhaiQUESTION [F19]: Has geary ~ the thunderbird eMail client ~ made any progress , that you've heard of : Towards porting to Ubuntu on Nexus ?? -- apologies to the Ubuntu Touch Team if they are listening ..19:05
softwaretester<question> comes ubuntu touch to the LG Nexus 5. l have ubuntu touch on my n4. but now i have a n519:05
galaxynexusQUESTION: will galaxy nexus be supported in the future????????19:06
Snake2k_Those guitars @_@19:06
LevanQuestion] what do you think about Graphics drivers will they ever be as good as they are on windows if yes when ??19:06
SuperLagQUESTION: It seems like, in spite of Canonical's desire to have a good community, that they are making design decisions that are pissing off the community. (i.e. Wayland, Mir) What is being done to seriously rectify this, and repair the reputation of Ubuntu?19:06
theadminQUESTION: I heard of an Ubuntu port for Raspberry Pi going on. Infact, I think it was from your FB page. How's that going?19:06
who_meQUESTION: Do you agree that Google with Chrome apps already reached convergence? They run on both Chrome OS and on any other computer that runs Chrome or has Chrome installed (it's not necessary for the whole browser to run)19:06
theadminwho_me: Not on mobile, eh?19:06
marrabld_QUESTION about convergence.  Is it invisioned that desktop apps will work on the mobile platform.  will we be able to develop in more than QML eventually Python for example.  Or will there be phone specific apps only.19:06
softwaretestercomes ubuntu touch to the LG nexus 5?19:07
theadminsoftwaretester: Yes, it will eventually19:07
duckdealerQUESTION: What is a feature that is not being worked on now that you would personally like to see in Ubuntu?19:07
naum_QUESTION: Some people have an opinion that extensive unit testing development is what really hurt Bazaar. What is your opinion on that one? Do you think extensive use of tests in the development of Ubuntu Phone (and not only apps) can hurt the project in the long run?19:08
softwaretestertheadmin oke thanks guy19:09
yonathanQUESTION: Will the first version of Ubuntu Phone feature the complete idea of "connect to external display", or will it just be a phone OS?19:09
SuperLagQUESTION: given the waning of Bazaar, does Ubuntu have any plans to switch to using git?19:09
Steam4LinuxQUESTION: When is your PS4 going to be fixed? ;D19:10
galaxynexusQUESTION: will the galaxy nexus support stop??? or will you continue????19:10
serb123reputation points ;)19:10
Steam4LinuxQUESTION: What's the most exciting thing, in your opinion, to come out of CES this year?19:10
belkinsaYeah...LP and AskUbuntu...we don'ty need those rep points19:10
eduardoceretoQUESTION: What's up with bzr and launchpad? Don't you think Ubuntu should move to git?19:12
IdleOnehello jono :)19:12
ubiqhaven't explored Chrome apps in depth but is it just webapps? if so not sure why they wouldn't run on ubuntu but if it's standalone will ubuntu run chrome AND android apps?19:12
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Snake2k_eduardocereto: +!19:13
Snake2k_eduardocereto: +1*19:13
jeykeuhi from Baluchistan19:13
ubiqis that an old school digital tape on your desk?19:13
Guest42587damn i got guest tagged19:13
Timmywhat is this actually?19:13
ubiqhi from US by way of Texas19:13
LevanQUESTION] I am noticing that a lot of old hard core ubuntu users and community members switched to other distros. What do you thing about this ??19:13
belkinsaPlease use QUESTION: for questions for jono19:13
PicadaHi from Belper, Derbyshire, UK19:13
yonathanQUESTION: Will the Ubuntu Phone be availabe worldwide or just in a country fixed to an operator or something?19:14
PicadaQUESTION: how long until we get a stable Ubuntu Touch release?19:14
machwingQUESTION:  What about Ubuntu and wearable computing, Google glass, and augmented reality?19:14
IdleOnealso #ubuntu-touch for more info19:14
Timmywhat is this channel for?or what is ubuntu on air?19:15
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theadminTimmy: Go to ubuntuonair.com to see what's going on in full19:15
belkinsaSee topic, Timmy.19:15
belkinsahttp://youtube.com/UbuntuOnAir or this link19:15
theadminTimmy: It's a Q&A session, you can ask questions and they will be answered19:15
Guest42587live show yo19:15
noname1Hello guys19:16
noname1please publish more laptop with ubuntu19:16
c_smithhmmmm..... nice. moved this from Ustream to IRC/Ubuntu hosted video19:16
noname1not again windows19:16
eduardoceretoQUESTION: Can you put that guitar to good use and play us a song?19:16
theadminnoname1: Canonical isn't responsible for OEM, ask the manufacturers eh?19:16
c_smithQUESTION: Any plans to start Severed Fifth back up?19:16
noname1please mr bacon add to production laptops with ubuntu19:16
noname1can you do that  ?19:17
Ratay23hi. how can you convince Windows' user to use Ubuntu instead of Windows?19:17
belkinsaPlease use QUESTION: for questions for jono19:17
theadminRatay23: Please start your questions with "QUESTION: "19:17
noname1ratay23 dont what windows any more19:17
noname1ubuntu is very stable and frenldy19:17
Ratay23QUESTION: Hi. How can you convince Windows user to use Ubuntu instead of Windows?19:17
belkinsaStart Ubuntu can help  you, Ratay2319:18
Guest42587QUESTION: Do you see a future where Ubuntu will sell me a phone and laptop all branded and straight from the site? like a certain fruit based store <not trolling>19:18
serb123If Ubuntu sucseeds with it's plan to combine tablet, phone, desktop and a tv in one platform you guys are gonna eat the competition!19:18
Ratay23QUESTION: Why some things still don't work in Ubuntu and I need to use Windows?19:18
noname1we need certified laptops and pc to run 100% ubuntu19:18
noname1please mr bacon19:18
ubiqmachwing!! #preciesely19:18
belkinsaPlease use QUESTION: for questions for jono19:19
Ratay23QUESTION: for example: iPhone and iTunes19:19
c_smithRatay23, here's my suggestion: show them the OS on your PC, and show them the neat things that can be done with it and offer to install it.19:19
theadminRatay23: Uh. Because developers don't port things to Ubuntu yet.19:19
belkinsaRatay23, are you new to Ubuntu?19:19
number22QUESTION: Would you prefer announcing the first Ubuntu Phone at a special event or announcement at something like CES or MWC19:19
Ratay23<belkinsa> yes19:19
ubiq#Question will Chromium find convergence with ubuntu? far as apps.19:19
belkinsaRatay23, #ubuntu is the support channel, they can help you.19:19
sutterThe last Nvidia driver -331.20-crash on ubuntu 13.10...any solution?19:19
Ratay23Belkinsa, thanks19:20
theadminsutter: Please visit #ubuntu for support.19:20
serb123Dont ask hardware problems please19:20
Ratay23how I can visit #ubuntu?19:20
c_smithnot to mention the Ouya. XD19:20
theadminRatay23: Type this in: /join #ubuntu19:20
ubiqso ubuntu on old machines sold requires a fee paid to Canonicle?19:20
Ratay23where? here or in the terminal?19:21
belkinsaAlso, Ratay23, do your homework and read the desktop guide that is shipped on the desktop or you can look for help on help wiki of ubuntu19:21
c_smithdid someone say COFFEE???!!!???19:21
theadminRatay23: Where you type messages19:21
c_smithfreakin' epic mug.19:21
noname1mr bacon can you give more cheap cloudhosting19:21
Snake2k_QUESTION: Why was the Wubi Installer dropped after Ubuntu 13.04?19:21
noname1direct via ubuntu  ?19:21
IdleOneRatay23: here, that will open a new tab named #ubuntu19:21
suttergreat coffee...:D19:21
naum_QUESTION: What to hell is that Apple mouse doing on your desk? :/19:21
jeykeuREQUEST: please bring wubi back19:21
belkinsaRatay23, http://www.ubuntu.com/support19:21
noname1naum right quetion mate19:22
IdleOnenaum_: I believe he uses an Apple laptop for music production19:22
belkinsaNice shirt, jone19:22
noname1apple  ?19:22
noname1oh my gosh19:22
knoefiQUESTION: How good is the driver support for Mir?19:22
BaconableApple mouse is great19:22
jeykeuget serious guys!! ...please19:22
ubiqChrome apps!! will there be an integration?19:23
belkinsaubiq: please use QUESTION:19:23
ubiqQUESTION: will there be support for Chrome Apps?19:23
rstreeterQUESTION: Where can I go to find out how to make a wallpaper debian package?19:23
who_meknoefi: I'd guess just about as good as it is for Wayland... from the proprietary blobs pov... which is non-existent atm19:24
c_smithbelkinsa, I take it you're filling the role of "Moderator" essentially?19:25
belkinsaI guess so.  It's a bad habit.19:25
c_smithlol good point.19:25
c_smithjust don't let it go to your head. XD19:25
belkinsaI know.19:25
metoo__QUESTION: Is that an Apple Magic mouse on your desk? :)19:26
benji_pdxmetoo__: it is19:26
sutterW ubuntu the best OS in the world...i love ubuntu!19:26
ubiqsutter rocks19:26
c_smithmeh, hate it when fglrx finishes installing WHILE I'm doing something19:27
Steam4LinuxQUESTION: Can you play some acoustic later in the stream?19:27
noname1mr bacon in greek market all the laptops include by factory pre install windows,19:27
naum_QUESTION: Click packages on the desktop. When and if is that going to happen?19:27
noname1so i buy one laptop acer19:27
theadminnoname1: Please stop repeating yourself.19:28
noname1i unustall the windows and install ubuntu but does not work 100%19:28
noname1it is nessasery to have certified laptops19:28
yonathannoname1: All non-Apple laptops everywhere come with WIndows19:28
ubiqyes certified! as in it worx19:28
belkinsaThat question should of been asked in #ubuntu19:28
belkinsa#ubuntu *19:28
IdleOnenoname1: you can check out System76 or Zareason or Dell, they all sell computers with Ubuntu installed19:28
noname1yes i khow that guys19:29
ubiqSSD on old laptops is the business.19:29
noname1but i need more19:29
ubiq+ ubuntu19:29
noname1it is very problem19:29
mautbabahello everyone19:29
noname1push the people to use windows19:29
IdleOneok, Canonical doesn't make or sell computers.19:29
noname1and drop the open source19:29
MarkcortbassTrue story Jono!!19:29
ubiqjust think if it runs Chrome apps too.. although I've not ran one just yet19:29
belkinsaThere is also a 300 dollar netbook that ships Ubuntu19:29
LevanQUESTION: Why Should anyone use ubuntu touch, why am I saying this ?? because it is too heavy. Today I smashed my android phone because it was too slowed and I could not stand it any more then I got iphone sure I HATE it but at least it is fast and does not slow down like Android, but if ubuntu is even more heavier then android will anyone use it ?? surely I will not.19:29
ubiqLevan, I'm on a touch screen laptop so I'd use touch.19:30
ubiqI'm talking $60 and $100 machines - the latter with Nvidia19:30
Levan@ubiq I am talking about cell phone os are you using ubuntu touch ??19:30
LevanI have nothing against ubuntu desktop os LOVE IT19:31
BaconableQUESTION: when are you expecting touch to be usable for a daily tablet use?  I tried it but went back to android as it still seems slow and buggy.  I am not knocking it as its a good start,  just wondered what the roadmap is.19:31
ubiqthat's because it's the most popular.19:31
noname1please canonical give the people cheap cloud hosting -----pleaseeeeeeeee19:32
rstreeterNo arguments we should all pull together as a community19:32
noname1to grow the open source like virus19:32
Vazay99182QUESTION: What happened to Ubuntu for Android or Ubuntu Convergence Mode, will we ever see desktop Ubuntu on our phones ?19:32
PJEis Mr Bacon still on?19:34
theadminPJE: Sure19:34
PJECool, I have a question I've always wanted to ask19:34
belkinsaPlease use QUESTION: to get to to him19:35
c_smithdid I miss anything? lol19:35
ubiqQUESTION: Google Chromebooks are kicking a**. with Chromium being Linux, it makes PERFECT sense to 'converge' with ubuntu and chrome web store in Unity.2014?19:35
serb123yeah, bacon wallet19:35
c_smitho_0 do want! XD19:35
c_smithedible wallet. :D19:35
theadminQUESTION: What's going on with the "Unity Control Centre"? Is the gnome settings mechanism to be completely abandoned in Unity?19:36
yonathanbelkinsa: thats not a link19:37
belkinsaIt works for me19:37
ubiqit's a url. ubiquity first and revenue later. it is now later.19:37
serb123sony is gonna make ubuntu phone!19:37
c_smithSony knows what they're doing. XD19:37
ubiqsays who?19:37
LevanQUESTION: why is playstation running BSD and not linux ??19:37
ubiqxbox to run linux! o.o19:38
c_smithlol, nice nick. XD19:38
belkinsaDidn't see it yet19:38
Baconablepromoting murder death kill tut tut jono19:38
IdleOne<3 Bad Voltage19:38
belkinsaOh, I see now.19:38
c_smithanyone remember Jono's band?19:38
Baconableseverered fifth19:39
c_smithBaconable, bingo. some pretty good music.19:39
PJE_sorry , was using a phone, switch to pc19:39
Baconablec_smith,  tis good stuff19:39
c_smithBaconable, that it is.19:40
c_smithsimilar view as popey19:40
Steam4LinuxQUESTION: Will ubuntu touch ever become available to download for different hardware like the desktop version?19:41
PJE_QUESTION: How does Canonical plan on tackling the Ubuntu's biggest bar to general user access and acceptance of Ubuntu: that being, the lack of novice user friendly systems. For example: almost every week one of the updates breaks the xorg server/graphics driver and fallback fails to kick in, presenting just a blankc screen, or the lack of 'Rollback' feature such as windows Restore19:41
serb123YES GUITAR!19:42
c_smithYES GUITAR :D19:42
dvdheidenYES GUITAR!19:42
IdleOneYES GUITAR!19:42
eduardoceretoYES GUITAR19:42
nik90YES GUITAR!19:42
ubiqI don't have those issues PJE19:42
jdrabnot yet19:42
yonathanQUESTION: Have you tried Sailfish and how do you feel about it with regard to Ubuntu Phone?19:42
MarkcortbassYES BASSGUITAR19:42
Snake2k_YES GUITAR!19:42
number22+1 guitar19:42
Snake2k_YES OMG YES!19:42
Vazay99182YES GUITAR19:42
scarneiroyes guitar!19:42
MarkcortbassBASSGUITAR :D19:42
marrabld_QUESTION Should I buy Opeth signature PRS guitar?19:42
c_smithcute kid.19:42
BaconableYES DRUMS19:42
eliaspsyes guitar!19:42
ubiqlisten, Chromium convergence (THE APPS) is the way.19:42
naum_yes guitar19:42
PJE_do you have nvidia or amd ubiq?19:43
serb123naum_ are you on internet explorer?19:43
d3syes guitar19:43
c_smithACDC = epic19:43
ubiq(((((((hear ye))))))) Google opened a HOLE - jump in19:43
shneedleQUESTION: Why is there no IM (xmpp) core app? Instead there is a stock ticker. Any plans?19:43
BaconableQUESTION: what is RON doing now,  top dude :-)19:43
belkinsaQUESTION: Can anyone who want to help with helping the Ubuntu Community  join the team and the mailing-list?19:43
IdleOnejono_: is the James Franco of Open Source19:43
ubiqchromebooks start up in 5 seconds and give UNLIMITED 4g all for the inclusive price of $34919:44
PJE_I've learnt to revert to open source driver, then reinstall the FGLRX driver as a fix, but it happens almost weekly. that must be a Huge bar to more novice computer users19:44
ubiqwhatchu think that's about? UBIQUITY - so it makes sense to run EVERYTHING chromium19:45
c_smithQUESTION: what prompted these sessions to move from Ustream to here?19:45
ubiqbtw, I spoke of convergence with the launch of Windows 8 in 201219:45
LevanQUESTION: old question about old users switching distro, problem is that it is Harder and Harder to get help from the community, When I started using ubuntu and it was 8.10, you would ask question and in 2 seconds it was answered, Today it is so much harder to get your questions answered.19:45
machwingI'm glad I got my question in early.  :) -- Thanks, gotta log out.19:46
ubiqtell me about it Levan.19:46
MarkcortbassQUESTION= when will Canonical show the new desingd stuff at CES?19:46
yonathanQUESTION: Are you using Ubuntu to deliver the Q&A?19:46
Levan<ubiq> old user ??19:46
c_smithsad that Intel pulled their support19:46
ubiq@yonathan rhetorical19:46
ubiqor rhetoric*19:46
metoo__QUESTION: What do you think about the new Mac Pro?19:46
Jason_____QUESTION: What are the plans for ubuntu 14, will a stable version be released in april 2014?19:47
ubiqwhat? Intel pulled their support? wtf?! can't stand AMD..19:47
ubiq@metoo any machine with a SDD plus ubuntu kicka**.19:47
asd_anyone online ?19:48
PJE_QUESTION: Will there ever be an option in Unity to customise the UI, such as additional launcher panels, customer launchers etc etc like we see on DEs such as XFCE, LXDE etc?19:48
IdleOnePJE_: probably not19:49
stev96im going sleep bye19:49
ubiqQUESTION: Chromium support is needed. so this wasn't a question but a statement. I'M TELLLING YOUALL19:49
ubiqapps in chromium.19:49
theadminubiq: What are you talking about, Chromium apps are supported by Unity and work nicely.19:50
IdleOnePJE_: because of the whole convergence across devices thing, just my guess.19:50
jorkiQUESTION what about a software center for ubuntu touch?19:50
PJE_I was thinking that, but it still shouldnt hamper the desktop19:50
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PJE_should be switchable in Settings: Ubuntu mode = desktop/tablet/phone/laptop19:51
ubiqbut ubiquity!! Chrome is SPEARHEADING to not so smart people.. the masses19:51
FimmlyQUESTION:  Love the bestseller news about your new book .. WOULD you consider going with a publisher like Harper.Collins in future ? & secondly, if that is silly - - would also consider crowd-sourcing the back cover or/and  inset (just inside the back cover ) ??19:51
asd_Love Ubuntu :F19:51
PJE_same asd :)19:52
chaslinuxJono any chance of getting "Ubuntu store" cards in stores? Would make it simpler for people to buy from the store.19:52
rozmarQUESTION: How is Ubuntu and Canonical represented at CES?19:53
ubiqI couldn't get 12.04.3 64bit to install19:53
ubiqbut who knows what's hosed on this machine19:53
Levanaskubuntu is not that great19:53
Levanubuntuforums was the best19:54
Levannow it not as good as it was19:54
LevanKill him19:55
nik90woohoo *Guitar Time*19:57
dvdheidenit's the pick of destiny!19:58
belkinsaPhotograph it, jono_19:58
nik90what does it say on th epic?19:58
zhuulbastidge! lol19:58
eduardoceretothat sounds good19:58
ubiqwill Doctorow give a testimony on the book? seems to be the trend o.o19:58
ubiqREQUEST: PF - wish you were here19:59
* nik90 is secretly recording :P19:59
yonathanIs this open source playing?19:59
ubiqI am bootlegarchive!19:59
yonathanCan I change the chords19:59
ubiqechoeshub sux20:00
Snake2k_Great job!20:00
serb123QUESTION: Why don't you guys try to make Ubuntu a bit less terminal dependent, new users that switch from Windows are finding it hard to get used to Ubuntu and all of its terminal coding swiching from a more graphical interface.. That in my opinion is the main reason that people don't have the guts to try something new..20:00
yonathanserb123: Is it terminal dependent?20:00
theadminserb123: It's not. Very many things can be done from the GUI. Giving terminal commands to people is easier for support though as that takes less time than typing out where to click...20:01
PJE_I actually think its more down to the source material on the internet. Most, if not all websites, will give instructions via the teriminal, rather than say, software centre20:01
eduardoceretojono_: I think there is an audio problem, I can't hear any singing20:01
belkinsaHe is not singing20:02
yonathanhe should be20:02
Snake2k_Who cares about singing?!20:02
alismayilovUbuntu rocks! :D20:02
serb123well a lot of problems i faced on my 13.04 where solved trough terminal, i think most users don't have the time to browse the forums to find the anwsers20:02
* IdleOne applauds20:02
nik90jono_: awesome!!20:02
Snake2k_Great job jono_!!!20:02
belkinsaNot a problem and thank you for this!20:02
ahayzenthanks jono_  tht was awesome :)20:03
naum_Awesome! Wohoooo!!20:03
jono_thanks everyone!20:03
ubiqHotel California!!20:03
nik90To a exciting 2014!20:03
ubiqINXS elegantly wasted20:03
serb123my last one wasn't anwsered :(20:03
belkinsaNext time or e-mail him?20:04
ubiq2014 I'll be saying I'm rich *****!20:04
ubiqcrotch shot = @Dee's Nuts on fb20:04
jono_thanks everyone :-)20:04
PJE_you off?20:05
serb123what's his email?20:05
serb123bacons e-mail?20:05
* IdleOne watches jono's email explode20:06
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anonymousperson1I can see you21:06
gizmo_Cheers for the vid :-)21:32
TheMadGeneralQUESTION Is there going to be an update to BlueFish Editor in the near future22:38
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