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Angel_Of_Sorrowi have been banned from #Ubuntu for no reason?06:15
Angel_Of_Sorrowthey let me in for a few minutes then i get a ban after not even writting anything06:15
elkyYou appear to be demonstrating the necessity of the ban in #ubuntu-offtopic.06:36
elkyI am also pretty certain you are CosmikDaniel who was banned from #ubuntu on January 2nd following abusive language after being instructed to follow the guidelines.06:44
elkyThus, the new ban has the extra weight of preventing ban evasion.06:44
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hggdhugh, wrong terminal, sorry14:12
LjLno, just gay14:13
ubottuIn #ubuntu, b2w said: ubottu festival is text to speech i am asking about speech to text?14:37
ubottuIn ubottu, b2w said: ubottu is festival a speech to text tool?14:41
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Go|dFish_Does Tom Brady have a Machine HEad18:24
Go|dFish_Does Tom Brady have a Machine HEad18:25
IdleOnelast time I checked, no.18:26
Go|dFish_IdleOne: how come we dont talk anymore18:26
Go|dFish_we used to be like family18:26
Go|dFish_this bullshit cant be true18:26
LjLmaybe we need to think about things18:26
LjLtake a break18:26
LjLmaybe see other people18:26
IdleOneGo|dFish_: the bad language is why we stopped talking18:26
IdleOneI think what really caused the split was when you started listening to that rock n roll music18:28
IdleOnesoon after that you became withdrawn and uncommunicative18:29
LjLrock and roll18:30
LjLcome on18:30
LjLthat's positively satanic18:30
LjLplease, Go|dFish_, i wish you all the best. you need to repent.18:31
LjLthat always works18:31
IdleOneI hope this time he brings some donuts18:31
tsimpsonholy ones, or ones with jam?18:37
IdleOneholy jammers18:37
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bazhangwe need to tell him about tpb lens19:13
bazhang<swithdark1> plaise server cart credit ?19:31
ikoniaI have no idea what that means19:32
ikoniaI just saw it too19:32
bazhangcc #s?19:32
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drunkloserI love someone who is married to a husband how can i break them up?19:54
hggdhthe blood of the saints have power (but only from dead saints)19:55
bazhanghggdh, heh19:56
bazhangcongrats on being named to the council btw19:56
hggdhbazhang: thank you19:56
NictraSaviosHello, am I banned on #Ubuntu? I get "#ubuntu :Cannot send to channel" when I try to query for assistance.19:56
PiciNictraSavios: looks like you have a mute against you.  Please hold on, and another op will be with you.20:00
Pici(I have a conference call I need to attend right now :/)20:00
NictraSaviosThank you very much.20:01
LjLurgh drama20:02
LjLi see there have been a few kicks/bans on you NictraSavios, anyway since i'm not actually an #ubuntu op, i can't do much about this one... still, maybe being less argumentative would help ;(20:03
NictraSaviosLjL, Haha, I have has this account for a long time. I'm not sure if they have date stamps, but many are from highschool. Lets just say I've matured a lot since then, but then again don't we all? Albeit, I do come off a little up tight and admittedly I do question things to find out "why"... which can come off wrong. Besides that, yeah.. I can be argumentative in a bad way and slightly random/off-topic occasionally. Those are issues20:07
NictraSaviosthat I have been making an effort to resolve (Under other nicknames).20:07
LjLNictraSavios: well the bans i saw were between 2011 and 2013, the last 2011 one was me banning you because you were giving a command line to obliterate a partition ;( anyway, the current one is just a mute, so it can probably be assumed it wasn't something *extremely* serious, and an op will remove it after talking about it20:09
NictraSaviosI know what it was from. I used a word which I cannot spell out since I don't want *another* ban. But, it was an auto mute for a curse.20:12
LjLno, it wasn't very auto20:12
IdleOnethere was no cursing, you were being argumentative and offering random help without having any knowledge of the problem at hand, which seems to be a recurring theme for you.20:13
NictraSaviosOh, coincidence then. I was begin argumentative because I *thought* that I knew what was going on, because from what I did read it sounded like a topic I knew a lot on. (In the past that was *NOT* the case, I just *thought* I knew a lot about what I was doing. 2 years and a lot of books, and a lot of growing have changed that.) I was wrong, but it turned into a debate about *why* I shouldn't have butted in, and I became defensive (A20:16
NictraSaviosnd stupid... lets not forget stupid and ignorant.). Trust me, this is not just an online issue... Its something that has been a reocurring issue for me in real life and that I *am* working on.20:16
LjLat least, your lines are about as long as mines, if not more20:17
LjLi like that20:17
IdleOneWhat has changed since Dec 29th 2013 that would lead us to believe you won't behave in the same way you have in the past 2-3 years?20:19
NictraSaviosHave you ever met someone who changed over night? Without any mistakes they went from the black jacket know it all to an adult? Yeah, I'm going to make mistakes. The point is, they are getting less frequent. (At least, I think they are. If not, let me know so I can figure out why, and work harder)20:21
NictraSaviosI'm still not an adult, I'm just... finally realizing that I have to treat people the same way I want to be treated and most importantly, learn to shut up and walk away.20:22
NictraSaviosActually, more correctly: I need to learn to apologize, then shut up and walk away.20:23
NictraSaviosAnd this realization isn't something that happened recently. I'm a human: work in progress.20:23
IdleOneNictraSavios: I'll remove the mute but I would like you to read the guidelines for using ubuntu channels.20:27
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines20:27
IdleOnePlease make sure you do.20:27
NictraSaviosI'll do that before saying another word in #ubuntu20:27
IdleOnealright, thanks and have a good day20:29
NictraSaviosThank you, you too!20:30
k1ljtrucks: should talk to "peer" :)22:56
k1lhehe :)22:59
LjLjtrucks: are you trying to be the new funkyhat23:56
LjLalso, how did ldunn get caught into this23:57
LjLalso, why did topyli leave23:57

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