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pittiGood morning everyone05:24
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DanChapmanGood Morning06:38
elfymorning DanChapman06:38
pittihey DanChapman, hey elfy06:43
elfyhi pitti - and congrats on the Tech Board thing06:43
pittihey elfy; thanks (have been doing TB for quite a while :) )06:43
elfyyep - I know that too :)06:44
elfyI might hide away - but after 7 years of it I sort of have a good idea of what's going on lol06:44
elfythough I did venture out of the shadow of the forums to the community council06:45
DanChapmanHey elfy and pitti o/06:49
DanChapmanpitti while i remember bug 1261685 I managed to break it down into a small test case which I attached to a comment do you need a new bug for it as that one is fix released?, I didn't have very much success in tracing it any further06:53
ubot5bug 1261685 in autopilot-gtk (Ubuntu) "libautopilotgtk.so crashed with SIGSEGV in GtkNode::MatchStringProperty (this=0xa8b6c80, name=..., value=...) at /build/buildd/autopilot-gtk-1.4+14.04.20131128.1/lib/GtkNode.cpp:271" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126168506:53
pittiDanChapman: indeed, thanks for working on a reproducer; I'm catching up with bug mail, I just opened that one :)06:54
pittiDanChapman: new bug report would be nice06:54
pittiDanChapman: I'll try your reproducer06:54
DanChapmanpitti, excellent thanks, i'll get a new bug report done for it06:55
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rvrHappy new year to everyone!09:43
pittiDanChapman: I indeed get a crash with just http://paste.ubuntu.com/6708207/, always at iteration 5709:51
pittiDanChapman: but it's not quite exactly the same crash as in bug 1261685 as that part of the code was changed09:51
ubot5bug 1261685 in autopilot-gtk (Ubuntu) "libautopilotgtk.so crashed with SIGSEGV in GtkNode::MatchStringProperty (this=0xa8b6c80, name=..., value=...) at /build/buildd/autopilot-gtk-1.4+14.04.20131128.1/lib/GtkNode.cpp:271" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126168509:51
DanChapmanpitti, thats strange how it's always iteration 57. Your right, sorry about that, I will update the bug report09:57
pittiDanChapman: thanks for the new bug report, I updated/assigned it09:58
pittiDanChapman: I'll figure out how to debug it from here, many thanks for the reproducer!09:58
DanChapmanpitti no problem :-)10:06
pittiDanChapman: meh, I can't actually get it to crash (no core file, nothing in dmesg, etc.); tough..10:17
pittiI clearly get the graying out/org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply though10:17
pittiDanChapman: are you sure it crashes with the reproducer? i. e. do you get an apport .crash file or something? if so, would you mind putting that somewhere?10:27
pittiDanChapman: err, WTF -- with teh g_warning -> g_debug fix for bug 1250452 it suddenly works10:31
ubot5bug 1250452 in autopilot-gtk (Ubuntu) "Constant warning output running Gtk tests with autopilot 1.4" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125045210:31
DanChapmanpitti, yeah I hit a brick wall trying to find it. It's a really tricky one, I couldn't get a crash file either from it10:33
DanChapmanpitti lol really??? o-O10:33
pittiDanChapman: running with your script now10:33
pittiit's like the spewage overflows some of autopilot's stdout/err capturing buffers, and that might need some time to catch up during which the d-bus time out happens10:34
pittiDanChapman: so you didn't actually see it crash, but you saw ubiuity (or whatever) gray out and hang, and the DBus.NoReply error?10:38
pitti$ (D=`pwd`; cd tests/autopilot; GTK_PATH=$D/lib autopilot run -v tests.test_force_segfault)10:38
pittiRan 4 tests in 186.526s10:38
pittiDanChapman: ^ that's your script10:38
pitti(with trunk)10:38
pittiDanChapman: bug updated, would appreciate a confirmation/difference to what you see10:42
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DanChapmanpitti I haven't got it to crash locally but yes ubiquity was doing the same with greying out in exactly the same way polling on the progressbar then getting the dbus, I pushed up patch to the tests to see on jenkins  with the 0.3 second sleep, it's been somewhat better but the odd test  1 or 2 a day are still failing with it but in general it helped10:44
DanChapmanpitti sure i'll give it a run now :-)10:45
pittiDanChapman: want an amd64 libautopilot.so to test? (with the g_debug change)10:45
pittior a .deb?10:45
DanChapmanpitti, a .so would be handy :-)10:46
pittiDanChapman: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/tmp/libautopilot.so10:47
pittiDanChapman: or http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/tmp/libautopilot-gtk_1.4+14.04.20131218-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb if that's more convenient10:47
pitti(just a straight bzr bd -- -b from trunk)10:47
DanChapmanthanks :-)10:47
pittiDanChapman: I committed the new test to a branch; I'll wait for your testing results for submitting, though10:51
davmor2Morning all11:01
DanChapmanpitti all seems to be good from this end. +1 from me :-)11:16
pittiDanChapman: nice!11:16
pittiDanChapman: great, I'll land the new test case and then ask for getting trunk into trusty11:20
pittiDanChapman: many thanks for confirming!11:20
DanChapmanpitti, No problem, thanks for the efficient fix :-)11:21
pittijibel: does run-adt-test currently work for you? first time I try it since the holidays (with -sUl), it hangs here12:05
pittiit waits for /dev/vdc (the pristine VM image) which apparently never comes up12:08
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jibelpitti, it is not the first thing I tried this morning, but I'll check.12:21
jibelpitti, (qemu) pci_add: command not found12:35
jibel(qemu) pci_add auto storage file=/dev/shm/adt/trusty-amd64-tabix-20140107_133008.FoLnAX.img,if=virtio,index=2,readonly12:35
jibelunknown command: 'pci_add'12:35
jibelpitti, in 1.7.0+dfsg-2ubuntu5   * Drop d/p/fix-pci-add: upstream does not intend for pci_add to be12:48
jibel    supported any longer.12:49
jibelreplaced by device_add12:49
ubot5bugzilla.redhat.com bug 602590 in qemu-kvm "Disable pci_add, pci_del, drive_add" [Medium,Closed: currentrelease]12:49
pittijibel: ah, many thanks; I'll adjust12:55
pittijibel: meh; there's very little documentation about that, will take me a while; if this blocks the CI ADT tests, I can also just comment it out for now13:11
jibelpitti, I cannot find much documentation either and syntax is non-obvious. I don't think it block adt tests, the change is only in trusty.13:12
pittijibel: ah, in CI we run this from precise/raring, right?13:13
jibelpitti, yes, precise and saucy13:13
jibeland errors are not better than documentation: Can't hot-add drive to type 713:15
jibelpitti, I can hot plug an scsi disk and get a /dev/sda but no luck with virtio13:41
pittijibel: I pinged hallyn in #u-devel about it, maybe he knows13:41
jibelpitti, good, thanks13:42
jibelpitti, just FTR, here are the commands to hotplug an scsi disk. but if I replace if=none with virtio it fails with "can't hot-add drive to type 7"14:00
jibelI hope there is something simpler14:00
jibelpitti, with the link http://paste.ubuntu.com/6709139/ :)14:02
pittijibel: merci14:02
rbasakpitti: "Drop --override-control option". Hey, I used that!14:11
pittirbasak: oha; OOI, what's the use case?14:16
pittirbasak: we can certainly bring it back, but I didn't know anyone who used it, and it seems rather strange (and adds unnecessary complexity)14:17
rbasakRight now, I wanted to enable some tests that were disabled in the archive due to breaks-testbed not implemented. I think I have used it in the past for other things, though.14:17
rbasakI'm trying to work around, but I can't seem to get --unbuilt-tree to work.14:17
pittirbasak: how does it fail? (it even has test coverage now)14:18
rbasakcp: cannot open ‘/tmp/adt-downtmp/ubtree0-ubtree/./debian/changelog’ for reading: Permission denied14:19
rbasakI'm not sure if that's an issue with adt-virt-lxc or something I'm doing wrong.14:19
rbasakI'm still looking at it.14:19
rbasakpitti: I think it's a regression, though haven't spent time trying to confirm it.+14:28
rbasakpitti: adt-virt-lxc defaults to suggested-user=ubuntu, and you have to say --gain-root=sudo to adt-run, so that it does "debian/rules binary" with sudo.14:28
rbasakpitti: adt-run picks up on that and does, effectively, --user=ubuntu as default in that case.14:29
pittirbasak: right; that's similar how schroot behaves now (since the last release)14:30
rbasakpitti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6709295/14:30
rbasakpitti: I think it then can't copy from $origpwd because that isn't readable by the ubuntu user.14:30
pittirbasak: ah, I only tried it with schroot, where the suggested user is the same as the calling one (which is different with lxc)14:31
rbasakpitti: btw, I also needed a workaround for adt-virt-lxc and the latest lxc in trusty. The wait implementation inside adt-virt-lxc assumes that it can see inside the guest tree from the host as a normal user, but latest lxc sets /var/lib/lxc o-a. So I set it to 755 as a quick workaround.14:32
pittirbasak: indeed, "lxc-ls" is now also broken due to that14:35
pittiwas that a deliberate change, or a bug?14:35
rbasakI'm not sure, but I presume "sudo lxc-ls" is required.14:35
pittiit wasn't until a few weeks ago14:35
rbasakOK, so I mean is *now* required :)14:36
pittidid someone complain that they have super-s3kr1t container names which are never running? (because you can see their names in ps when they are..)14:36
pittistgraber: ^14:36
stgraberpitti: it's a deliberate security change14:39
stgraberwithout that, any user would be able to execute a setuid binary from any of the container's rootfs or cache14:40
pittistgraber: how so?14:40
pittistgraber: I understand making /var/lib/lxc/<container> 070014:40
pittibut /var/lib/lxc itself?14:40
stgraberwe indeed could have done it on /var/cache/lxc and /var/lib/lxc/*, changing LXC so that containers dirs are always created 0700 instead of respecting the umask, but /var/lib/lxc + /var/cache/lxc was just easier14:42
stgraberthe obvious downside is that you can't list containers as non-root now14:42
stgraberbut at the same time, lxc-ls as non-root won't be listing /var/lib/lxc in 1.0 anyway14:42
stgraber(as we have unprivileged containers and lxc-ls lists ~/.local/share/lxc/ now)14:42
senanDanChapman,balloons, Hello Good Eve!!!15:40
balloonsgood eve senan15:40
DanChapmansenan hey there, sorry i missed your messages over the holidays15:46
senanDanChapman, Its ok dan15:51
senanDanChapman, can you check the issue I mentioned15:57
DanChapmansenan, I have looked into testing the file chooser dialog in general, what you need to do is select_single('GtkTreeView', BuilderName=u'') this gives you the 'Places' treeview then you need to select_single the GtkTreeViewAccessible with the same globalRect as your current selected treeview, from the treeview accessible object you will be able to select any of the treeview items  with .select_single('GtkCellTextAccessible', accessible_name='16:11
DanChapmanitem label value')16:11
DanChapmansenan, do you need an example?16:13
senanDanChapman, Yes16:16
senanDanChapman, Did you mean the browse_files_tree_view ?16:31
senanDanChapman, Can you please give me an example16:39
DanChapmansenan just sorting it now :-)16:39
senanok dan16:40
xnoxmhall119: balloons: can you please approve me to https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-test-writers/+members I'm helping out on enabling all core apps tests pass in the emulator?16:42
xnoxinto that is.16:42
balloonsxnox, sure thing16:42
DanChapmansenan http://paste.ubuntu.com/6709963/ use this all you have to do is pass the treeview object and the treeitem label name16:44
DanChapmansenan you want the other treeview and not browse_files_tree_view. The one with no name16:45
senanDanChapman, under PlacesSidebar right ?16:46
xnoxballoons: thanks!~16:51
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senanDanChapman, Is it possible to directly access GtkTextCellAccessible ?16:56
DanChapmansenan it is but you have to be sure its coming from the treeview you want, hence you need to match the GtkTreeViewAccessible.globalRect with the treeview then select it from there to be sure your in the correct treeview16:58
senanDanChapman, So first I need to get the TreeView object under PlacesSidebar and pass it to the function  you just created16:59
DanChapmansenan yes so with the treeview object do self.get_tree_item(treeview, 'Computer') and you will get the 'Computer' tree item which you can then click17:08
balloonsxnox, I need to try out your autopilot testing with the emulator :-)17:16
xnoxballoons: well instructions on the bug reports and on ubuntu-phone mailing list17:16
DanChapmanballoons, howdy can you just confirm a bug for me if you right click the text area of gnome-calculator is the menu over sized?17:16
balloonsDanChapman, yes it is.. wild17:17
balloonsDanChapman, if you right click the numberpad first, then the textarea, it works fine17:17
DanChapmanballoons, thanks. Your right it does!, it seems it's only when the text cursor is visible17:19
senanDanChapman, It worked!!! Thanks17:25
DanChapmansenan YAY!! your welcome :-)17:25
senanDanChapman, One more issue...when launching Scan Remote Folder17:28
senanDanChapman, its launching NautilusConnectServer Dialog17:29
senanDanChapman, I believe its a separate process17:29
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senanDanChapman, NautilusConnectServerDialog, I am not able to catch it17:38
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senanGood Night All!!!17:43
DanChapmansenan i wouldn't worry about scanning remote repositories as it's generally not recommended to depend on external connections17:46
DanChapmangood night senan17:46
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