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dokoinfinity, still online? can you overwrite the autopkg test for doxygen? claims to run ...07:34
infinitydoko: Yep.07:35
dokoafter gcc migrates, I'll start the test rebuild. would like to do that for main on arm64 too07:36
infinitydoko: main-only on arm64 would be fine.  Whole archive would be a nightmare due to the current I/O slowness.07:37
infinitydoko: I guess you'd have to do two copy archives, one main/arm64 and one everything/x86+armhf?07:38
dokothought about doing main for all archs07:39
dokoinfinity, could you merge dpkg?07:41
infinitydoko: Yeahp.  I was waiting to see if there was any painful fallout after the testing migration, but I guess it's been two weeks without any RC bugs.07:54
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mlankhorstcjwatson: thanks, that works :)12:37
mlankhorststgraber: hold on let me look12:37
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stgraberI'll be fast-tracking this cgroup-lite fix (as in, waiting for it to build then releasing to -updates) as it's a trivial one-char fix for a regression introduced in the last upload15:55
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ogra_stgraber, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6710226/ :(17:42
ogra_(the command is still running)17:42
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ogra_stgraber_, bah, and the next one :/17:54
ogra_eek, and it goes on17:54
ogra_third traceback in this promotion run17:54
* ogra_ will wait until it is done and give a combined traceback :/17:54
ogra_didrocks, ^^^17:54
didrocksogra_: urgh, holidays weren't nice for it then!17:55
ogra_doesnt look good for promoting 11617:55
ogra_aha, it is done now17:55
ogra_stgraber, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6710282/17:56
ogra_oh, the first one already had an error ... sigh17:56
ogra_stgraber, so looking at the folders under http://system-image.ubuntu.com/trusty/ it seems only goldfish and maguro got promoted17:56
ogra_cdimage@nusakan:~$ mark-current -p ubuntu-touch -s trusty -i daily-preinstalled -a armhf 2014010717:56
ogra_ssh: connect to host zavijava.canonical.com port 22: Connection refused17:56
ogra_mark-current -p ubuntu-touch -s trusty -i daily-preinstalled -a armhf 20140107: success17:56
ogra_cjwatson, ^^^ any idea ?17:56
ogra_looks like there are some keys outdated or so17:56
stgraberogra_: looking17:57
stgraberogra_: maguro and goldfish apparently succeeded and the index looks fine for those two... looking into the rest18:00
stgraberogra_: I think I know what happened, must be your day of luck (or very bad luck) though :)18:03
ogra_thats good, i like to have such days early in the year :P18:04
stgraberand fixed18:04
stgraberthe fix was simply to re-run the command for all devices where it didn't publish18:04
stgraberthe reason for the failure is trickier to explain :)18:05
ogra_yeah, dont bother, as long as it worked18:08
ogra_seems the current link on nusakan got also updated ...18:09
ogra_ah, the error came from sync-mirrors18:09
stgraberwell, I know what went wrong, explaining it is harder ;) basically trusty-proposed has a limit of 20 images, the delta between trusty and trusty-proposed was way more than 20 images, so when you copied the image you got into a race with the cleanup script which expires old images18:11
stgraberthat one wiped the deltas under your feet and the copy blew up18:11
stgrabera re-run solved it because the delta image was fully removed from the index which meant copy-image simply re-generated the needed deltas (which resulted in a 2-3 minutes copy time instead of just 2-3 seconds)18:12
stgrabersounds like I'll want to add some more logic in the channel relationship code so those deltas don't get removed until AFTER the current version of the target channel was bumped18:12
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cjwatsonogra_: dunno but that sort of thing usually isn't fatal, we generally sync up with IS eventually18:32
ogra_yeah, the command returned "success" and the link seems to be fine on cdimag18:32
cjwatsonogra_: the set of cdimage mirrors changes around fairly frequently18:32
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dokoinfinity, could you have a look at twombly?22:19
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