silvarionLeaving for today, thank you all and a late Happy New Year!!!00:00
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user82will there be any ubuntu touch related action at ces this year?00:33
thomicharles: Are you around?01:08
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Guest91875is there anyone who can help me02:05
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lucious77_hi, anyone knows why in applications/installed section I can only see 9 apps? perhaps I should clean/flush some data? nexus 406:52
oSoMoNgood morning08:00
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dholbachgood morning08:17
tvossmzanetti, ping08:18
tvossdholbach, good morning :)08:18
dholbachhey tvoss08:19
dholbachhow's life over there?08:19
tvossdholbach, pretty good, thanks :) how about you?08:19
dholbachdoing very well :)08:19
pittidholbach, tvoss: guten Morgen, gesundes Neues!08:22
dholbachhey pitti - and the same to you :)08:22
tvosspitti, Dir auch :)08:23
tvosspitti, https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/qtubuntu-sensors/fix-accelerometer-and-orientation-sensor/+merge/20063408:23
didrocksgesundes Neues pitti, dholbach! :)08:24
pittitvoss: ah, nice cleanup; that also drops the .symbols file (but still installs the lib, right?)08:24
* dholbach hugs you all08:25
pittihey didrocks, heureuse nouvelle année !08:25
tvosspitti, it's not quite ready yet, will set it to in-progress08:25
pittitvoss: that's a prereq for the cmake conversion?08:25
tvosspitti, kind of :) I will fold the cmake transition in there. I just wanted to make sure we have a working baseline before we transition08:26
tvosspitti, the lib is completely dropped and removed btw08:26
pittitvoss: so the platform-api sensor test branch hasn't been reviewed any more last year, I'll try to nag ricmm|sick once he's back08:26
tvosspitti, ack08:26
mzanettitvoss: pong08:30
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ubuntu-userHello world! How to install Ubuntu Touch to Sony Xperia E?08:53
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alf_Hi! I am installing the latest touch image on a Nexus 10 (with Android 4.4.2). Installation seems to be complete, but I am prompted with "ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix?" on the Nexus 10. Should I disable recovery flash, or is it this part of the installation process?09:01
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handydandyhas anybody successfully booted into Ubuntu touch on the e970 optimus G?09:16
ubuntu-userThere are people who have successfully installed ubuntu touch os on Sony Xperia E? Tell me how.09:22
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chrisccoulsonif i call QGuiApplication::platformName() on ubuntu touch, what should I expect to get? (it's not going to be "xcb", is it?)09:54
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mandeldidrocks, I'm planning on adding a few new packages for ubuntu download manager related to the work of providing a client library, I would really appreciate if you can tell me, 1( is there ayone I have to talk to get them in universe. 2)take a look at the inline packging I've done (I'm not a packaging expert)10:09
didrocksmandel: is those new source packages or binary packages attached to an existing source package?10:09
mandeldidrocks, new binary packages that are in the same tree10:10
didrocksmandel: ok, so for 1) it's just filing a new landing ask and I'll look at them (so 2)) once you will have filed it :)10:11
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didrocksmandel: please just remind us in the landing ask that you included new binaries10:11
mandeldidrocks, ok, I'll be adding them one by one to minimize the chance of breaking stuff, does that sound good?10:12
didrocksmandel: hum, if you have a transition to achieve, it's better to just add them all once ready10:13
mandeldidrocks, ok, for me is the same because I have splitted the transition in several branches to minimize each of the reviews and tested them as independent units. I'm more concern of what is better for your side :)10:15
didrocksmandel: yeah, better to see the whole transition to ensure we don't miss anything for us :)10:17
mandeldidrocks, ok, then I'll do that, thx for the info!10:17
didrocksyw! thanks for asking in advance :)10:17
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chrisccoulsonNM, I answered my own question in the end ;)10:44
davmor2Morning all11:01
tvosspitti, refactored directory structure in https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/qtubuntu-sensors/fix-accelerometer-and-orientation-sensor/+merge/20063411:02
tvosspitti, I will add the QtLocation plugin in there, too11:02
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user82hi. any ubuntu touch related news this year at CES?11:20
davmor2user82: tune into CES and find out?11:21
user82davmor2, no real time for that. but is there a list which companies are present?11:24
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davmor2user82: on the ces.org site I think11:25
user82ah found it. it was a little hidden11:26
user82nope, no canonical11:26
ogra_there are plenty canonical people running around there though ... just no booth11:27
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dholbachtvoss, do you have any idea if anyone's looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/platform-api/+bug/1261935?13:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1261935 in platform-api "platform-api needs a non-NULL Desktop sensor implementation" [Undecided,New]13:23
tvossdholbach, there is a branch up that pitti did, iirc13:23
dholbachah, it'd be great if that could be linked13:23
pittiah, I wasn't aware of that bug13:24
pittidholbach: I created https://code.launchpad.net/~pitti/platform-api/test-backend/+merge/198098 for adding a "simulated sensor" backend13:25
dholbachpitti, great13:26
pittidholbach: updated the bug13:26
dholbachricmm|sick, rsalveti: do you know who could take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~bregma/qtubuntu/lp-1246851/+merge/198309?13:27
* dholbach hugs pitti and tvoss13:27
pittididrocks: can we please land autopilot-gtk? it's not on the actual touch images, but blocks ubiquity automated testing13:27
rsalvetidholbach: either ricmm|sick or loicm13:28
dholbachrsalveti, awesome, thanks13:28
didrockspitti: sure, just put in the landing ask, but we have no-one able to land that right now (sil2100 isn't around, not sure why…), so the list is quite big. Tomorrow morning would be ok?13:28
dholbachloicm, ^ we were just talking about https://code.launchpad.net/~bregma/qtubuntu/lp-1246851/+merge/198309 and who could review it13:29
pittididrocks: I still can't access the landing ask (which is why I was happier about using bugs)..13:29
pittididrocks: yes, tomorrow is certainly sufficient13:29
pitti. o O { I could just dput the damn thing... }13:29
didrockspitti: you should be :)13:30
didrockspitti: able to add13:30
didrockspitti: well, dput without running AP tests? ;)13:30
pittididrocks: how do you mean? ap-gtk's AP tests are run during package builld13:31
didrockspitti: you are lucky, it's not the case of all packages here ;)13:31
pittididrocks: s/lucky/I did that work to ensure I don't break anything/ :-)13:31
pittididrocks: it only changes a g_warning into a g_debug and adds a test case, i. e. no API changes or anything13:31
pittididrocks: and the tests already ran in the MPs, too (for ARM coverage etc.)13:32
didrockspitti: yeah, the thing is that if you dput, you have to merge back the changelog for further daily releases13:32
asacpitti: you can now access the landing pipeline13:32
dholbachcharles, thanks a lot for merging the upstart-app-launch bits13:33
pittididrocks, asac: so how does this work? I add myself to #235? is that FIFO, or can easy ones be fast-tracked?13:34
didrockspitti: it's not FIFO is based on the comment and risk13:34
didrocksso it will be fast-tracket13:34
asacright. its a mix of reputation, risk etc. :)13:35
pittididrocks: added; what should "status" be?13:36
didrockspitti: you can add something like "ready to land" if it's all in trunk13:36
loicmdholbach: I'd prefer ricmm|sick to have a look at it since it's a packaging fix, not sure he's available though13:36
pittididrocks: yes; is there ever a different case than "please upload current trunk"?13:36
dholbachloicm, ok, thanks13:36
didrockspitti: yeah, people add it there even if it's not merged13:37
asacpitti: sometimes people try to land non-existant stuff, yes :)13:37
didrockspitti: or even not tested13:37
dholbachcharles, do you know if upstart-app-launch is scheduled to be landed on the image some time soon?13:37
pittiasac, didrocks: that doesn't sound useful13:37
didrockspitti: it's clearly not…13:37
pittiasac, didrocks: anyway, thanks (and, FTR, ugh..)13:37
asacpitti: so one key reason why this spreadsheet is useful is taht its a clearing area where we work with the upstream folks to figure what they really need to land13:38
asacit might feel simple, but in practice if you are not a distro engineer it seems its not straight forward what it means to deliver a complete thing13:38
asachowever, i think we succeeded in educating folks so those cases are less often now13:39
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didrocksasac: for instance, if you look at the line just before yours, it's an example :p13:41
didrockspitti: I meant for you ^13:42
pittiso that's to notify you that tvoss will soom propose his branch for merging, for early impact assessment?13:43
pittithat seems a bit overzealous from my POV, given that this doesn't need any coordination with other packages13:44
didrockspitti: yeah, I don't think we need that information before the "it's ready" apart from the "very big impact change" (like incoming Mir)13:47
asacpitti: before getting too used to this old approach, check the mail and deck i sent to list earlier today :)13:49
pittiasac: to me, the old approach was to upload it :)13:50
pittiasac: ah, I followed the discussion with robru about moving to bugs in December, but I haven't seen your's from today13:50
asacyou are getting old... thats the "ancient" approach :) ... lol13:50
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asactvoss: your "fix accelleration" branch is not ready for merging yet?13:59
asacor could we use that in theory as an example to play through the new landing appraoch?14:00
tvossasac, we can land it14:00
tvosspitti, I proposed it and Mirv already approved14:00
tvossasac, ^14:00
asacdidrocks: ^^ so we could try this one14:00
asacotherwise lets go for your trunk-cheat of system-settings.14:01
didrocksasac: well, qtubuntu-sensors has already something in14:03
tvossdidrocks, ?14:05
asacdidrocks: oh ic14:05
didrockstvoss: trunk != package in distro14:05
tvossdidrocks, ah14:05
asactvoss: we need something with trunk == distro ... for the sake of making an example14:05
tvossasac, hmmm ...14:05
Laneytranslations make that hard14:06
asacdidrocks: just the symbols commit?14:07
asacoh... seems tvoss merged his branch now14:07
didrocksasac: rev 41 and now 4214:07
tvossasac, jenkins merged14:07
Laneyotherwise: try ubuntu-wallpapers14:07
didrocksLaney: well, translations all over the place14:09
didrocksasac: automatic launchpad translations in trunk will be an issue I guess14:09
Laneyyes, that's what I just said :-)14:09
Laneyif you need really really equal it's tough14:09
asacdidrocks: we probably want to work with fginther etc. to adjust the bot to only comment (and not merge)14:09
asacfor the roll out14:10
didrocksasac: right, but that's not the translation thing :)14:10
asacdidrocks: i dont understand the translation problem14:10
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didrocksasac: well, look at system settings or ubuntu-wallpaper14:10
asacdidrocks: does launchpad automatically commit directly to trunk?14:10
didrocksasac: yep14:10
didrocksin fact, you setup a branch for it to commit to (and take the translations)14:11
* asac wonders who would want that :)14:11
Laneywhy wouldn't you?14:11
asacdidrocks: right. so they could have a branch != trunk (like translation-submissions)14:11
asacLaney: dunno. you might not like the timing  :)14:11
chrisccoulsonwhen is the qt5.2 stack likely to land in trusty?14:11
dholbachtvoss, seems like pitti's branch does not quite address bregma_'s problem: https://bugs.launchpad.net/platform-api/+bug/126193514:12
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1261935 in platform-api "platform-api needs a non-NULL Desktop sensor implementation" [Undecided,New]14:12
didrocksasac: yeah, and so, the translation will never land14:12
LaneyI can't really imagine translations getting in the way in reality14:12
seb128chrisccoulson, Mirv is working on it, they still have issue ... maybe ping him directly14:12
asaclike you want to tag a release and suddenly your trunk gets flyushed with new stuff that invalidates part or all of your validation14:12
chrisccoulsonseb128, thanks. Mirv? ^^ :)14:12
seb128asac, you really don't want to have to worry about translations, that's just the translators' job14:12
didrocksasac: the current system will just posptpone it until someone branch from trunk with a new branch anyway14:14
didrockswell current == new14:14
asacdidrocks: i would think having translations auto submitted as MP might be the right answer14:15
asacbut... :)14:15
asaclet me know what you want to do14:15
didrocksasac: well, we can ignore it right now, it will just be "next time you land a branch based from trunk"14:16
tvossdholbach, it solves the immediate problem, though.14:16
tvossdholbach, I would propose that we open another bug that reads like: "Provide functional sensor backend for Desktop"14:17
tvossbregma_, ^, fine with you?14:17
dholbachtvoss, bregma_: I'll leave you guys to it - I just wanted to bring it up as it was part of https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1404-unity8-on-desktop :)14:17
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bregma_I already worked around the immediate problem and just opened the bug so the missing requirement did not get lost: if you want to repurpose the bug for something else and open a new one for the original problem, it's up to you14:21
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ricmmdholbach: I'll review that one14:23
ricmmlooks straightforward14:23
* dholbach hugs ricmm14:23
dholbachthanks a bunch14:23
dholbachand happy new year :)14:23
j-bAny idea how to reset my N4 to factory after a fail install?14:33
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ZampsonHey trying to sync contacts with syncevolution and I keep getting returned "transport problem: transport failed, retry period exceeded". Any thoughts?14:49
Zampsonok turns out I'm on a read-only image. Cancel that14:57
ogra_it should only write to the current users db14:58
ogra_(which is rw)14:58
asacdidrocks: ok great if our system doesnt blow up because of accidential trnaslation landings14:59
didrocksasac: yeah, I have an idea even to represent it in the changelog14:59
ogra_we have accidential translations ?14:59
didrocksneed to take a break and implement14:59
asacogra_: yeah, seems that translations get auto injected by launchpad in trunks without peer/merge review15:00
ogra_injected ?15:01
ogra_i know they get extracted on package build15:01
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* ogra_ wasnt aware they also get injected15:02
cwaynemterry, ping, any update on welcome wizard? :)15:05
cwaynesforshee, ping, is powerd customizable in any way?15:06
mterrycwayne, not really.  A half-finished version has been very slowly being merged into system-settings trunk.  Cimi and I will continue working on it once it's in trunk.  Cimi, have you been working on any branches for it?15:06
cwaynemterry, ah, thanks.  still on track for 14.04?15:07
mterrycwayne, uh...  I hope so.15:07
cwayneme too15:08
mterryCimi, how much time do you think you can allocate to wlecome wizard this cycle?15:08
Cimimterry, as much as kgunn wants15:08
kgunnCimi: mterry ...we're pretty close to done with "option2" as i recall ?15:09
kgunni'd advocate landing that asap15:09
sforsheecwayne: I have an open merge request for controlling backlight stuff, but other than that not really15:10
sforsheecwayne: wait, are you thinking from a user preferences perspective or a porting perspective?15:12
cwaynesforshee, is that something that's on our roadmap at all?  the thinking here is a HW partner could come in and want different default settings/behaviors15:12
sforsheecwayne: well from the porting perspective there's a few things that powerd reads from an xml file that comes from android, so that specifies what device to use for the backlight, whether or not autobrightness is supported, the exact lux/brightness pairs for generating the autobrightness curve, and a few other things15:14
mterryCimi, if you can spend time to close the wizard functionality gaps, it would be swell15:14
mterryCimi, also15:14
cwaynesforshee, where does that xml file live?15:14
mterryCimi, one thing that the current design doesn't take into account, but cwayne is really going to want is the ability to dynamically add pages into the flow (like OEMs can drop a qml file or two somewhere and have it be inserted).  We haven't worried about that too much yet, but maybe have that rattling around in your brain.  We'll need that eventually15:15
sforsheecwayne: for us in /usr/share/powerd/device_configs15:15
sforsheecwayne: the brightness control stuff is intended for unity to use to change user settings - {en,dis}able autobrightness, change brightness, stuff like that15:16
mterryricmm, did that fixed libhybris ever land?15:16
sforsheecwayne: unity is supposed to take over the inactivity timeout from powerd, so that shouldn't need to be customizable within powerd15:16
stgraberrsalveti, xnox: does any of you plan on getting a new snapshot of android in the archive soonish? I pushed a dataloss fix 2-3 weeks ago that we probably want to pick up soonish.15:16
stgraber(the bug is basically that if you do a factory reset your whole system gets removed too)15:16
sforsheecwayne: those are the only things I can think of that would be configurable at all15:16
cwaynesforshee, what about stuff like default brightness, and time before screen turns itself off?15:17
sforsheecwayne: the former is in the xml file, the latter is what I meant when I said "inactivity timeout"15:17
cwaynesforshee, oops, i'd missed your last message, sorry about that15:18
sforsheecwayne: oops, the xml file doesn't say which device is the backlight, that's done via the HAL. It does specify the range of valid brightness values.15:19
Cimimterry, I will to both15:20
ricmmmterry: I dont know15:20
cwaynesforshee, how invasive of a change would it be for powerd to take that from anywhere in XDG_DATA_DIRS instead of just /usr/share?15:20
ricmmrsalveti: did we ever get a umask patch in libhybris for shm access?15:20
mterryricmm, did it land in trunk?15:21
sforsheecwayne: probably not too bad, but you'll need to talk to phonedations as they maintain powerd now15:21
cwaynepitti, hi, i seem to remember you setting up the /etc/writable stuff for all the timezone stuff, i'm looking to do something similar for /etc/machine-info (to set the pretty hostname to the adb device to get a sane default BT name), does this MR make sense? https://code.launchpad.net/~cwayne18/livecd-rootfs/machine-info-writable/+merge/20055715:21
ricmmmterry: just asked rsalveti, he will know better15:21
cwaynesforshee, ack, thanks for the pointer :)15:21
ricmmif not, we will land something asap15:21
sforsheecwayne: np15:21
sforsheecwayne: just to emphasize one point, powerd isn't using anything from the xml file that android doesn't also use, so any device which has been ported to android should already have an xml file that powerd can use15:23
cwaynesforshee, ah, that's a good point..15:26
ricmmdholbach: approved, will make sure it lands15:30
dholbachricmm, that's awesome! :-D15:31
xnoxstgraber: is current android de-bin-NEWed ? =)15:43
xnoxstgraber: there is a package split in progress.15:43
stgraberxnox: ah, I'll take a look then15:46
stgraberxnox: accepted (though it's not a new git export so still won't have my fix...)15:48
cwaynedpm, hey, can we get a call to the community for those translations soon? :)15:52
pitticwayne: what is /etc/machine-info? does that only exist on touch?15:52
pitticwayne: oh, from hostnamed15:52
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cwaynepitti, yeah, i'm not sure where else it's used, but its used by hostnamed to hold the PRETTY_HOSTNAME15:53
xnoxstgraber: well all i cared about is deNEWing and this was a convenient way to trick you into doing it ;-) i'm not in touch with android package landing ETA. I was under impression that switch to 4.4 branches is eminent, but maybe that isn't the case and still "in-progress".15:53
pitticwayne: did you test hostnamectl with that symlink? I had to patch timedated for the localtime symlinks15:54
dpmcwayne, now that I'm back, indeed! I'll put aside some time tomorrow morning to check everything out and put together a call for translations in the afternoon15:54
cwaynedpm, great!  i'll do another round of testing now that we've fixed a bunch of stuff since i last did it :)15:54
cwaynepitti, hm, i'll try it out now15:54
pitticwayne: I followed up to the MP15:55
dpmcwayne, sounds great, thanks!15:55
rsalvetistgraber: we can upload a new package today if you need15:58
rsalvetiwe don't have anything pending, so feel free to grab the latest exported tarball15:58
cwaynepitti, thanks, seems it doesn't quite work, hadn't thought of that16:00
pitticwayne: unfortunately this symlinking stuff is a ridiculous hack, to get along with the hack that readonly-root is :(16:00
pitticwayne: ISTR that you need to change three places; hostnamed itself, then what you did for livecd-rootfs, and something else16:01
cwaynepitti, yeah, i was doing it this way to avoid having to patch too much stuff, perhaps i should just go a different way :)16:01
pitticwayne: ah, I think the third was some  generic change to whatever provides teh "writable paths", so you don't need to touch that16:02
cwayneright, lxc-android-config16:03
pittiah, that was it16:03
cwayneyeah.. do you happen to remember the change you did to timedated?16:03
pitticwayne: I was thinking about http://launchpadlibrarian.net/151914519/lxc-android-config_0.103_0.104.diff.gz16:04
pitticwayne: yes, they are in debian/patches/support-phablet-etc-writable.patch16:04
pitticwayne: you can probably just copy&paste writable_filename() and use it in all places that access /etc/hostname-info16:05
cwayneyeah, i remember the lxc-android-config MP, i did it this way just to piggyback on that change :)16:05
rsalvetiricmm: no, afaik you were testing a better approach first16:05
rsalvetiricmm: if not, we can try to get something in place16:06
ricmmrsalveti: ok I dont have a better approach in mind atm, I'd say just umask down/up when creating that shm file16:08
rsalvetiricmm: kind of scary, but yeah16:20
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cwayneis there an upstart job that runs only on first boot?17:11
kenvandineSaviq, you had marked bug 1241185 as fixed, but i'm not convinced that commit really fixed that bug17:15
ubot5bug 1241185 in unity-mir (Ubuntu) "Should provide policy based lifecycle exceptions" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124118517:15
kenvandinethe bug was about not hard coding apps that get exceptions17:15
Saviqkenvandine, right, I did an automagic mark as the bot did mark it fix committed before17:15
kenvandinewe should have a way to give panpipe a lifecycle exception17:15
kenvandineSaviq, so we still can't do that right?17:16
m-b-oballoons: ping17:17
balloonsm-b-o, pong17:17
Saviqkenvandine, indeed we can't, and I'm not sure where such an exception should live, AFAIK we don't really want to give out such exceptions17:17
Saviqkenvandine, what's panpipe?17:17
kenvandinepandora app17:17
kenvandineso plays music17:17
kenvandinewe should have a way for an app to request an exception17:17
Saviqkenvandine, right, for that ideally it would use the media service17:17
Saviqkenvandine, tvoss ↑↑ fight!17:18
cwayneseb128, is there any plans in system-settings to allow the user to change the bluetooth device name?17:18
kenvandinewe just need some solution :)17:18
* kenvandine re-opens bug... you guys can move it to another project if needed17:18
j-b\o/ Finally DualBooted17:18
Saviqkenvandine, so for music playback, if possible, it should use the (to be) media service17:18
tvossj-b, hey here, sounds like success :)17:18
seb128cwayne, it's not in the design (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bluetooth#phone)17:19
kenvandineSaviq, is that something it could use now?17:19
j-btvoss: I had encrypted my phone, so it was a complete mess17:19
Saviqkenvandine, not yet17:19
cwayneseb128, good enough for me, thanks17:19
tvosskenvandine, nope17:19
seb128cwayne, yw17:19
Saviqkenvandine, but anyway - when it can't (DRM / ToS / whatever) that's what we don't have a solution for yet17:19
kenvandinetvoss, Saviq: can one of you comment on that bug explaining that?17:19
tvosskenvandine, sure17:20
kenvandinejust so the developer knows what the right solution is, even if it isn't doable now17:20
Saviqkenvandine, reopened it for unity-mir, can't for unity-mir (ubuntu)17:20
kenvandinehe'll understand17:20
kenvandineSaviq, i did the ubuntu bug17:20
Saviqkenvandine, cheers17:20
kenvandinethx guys17:20
m-b-oballoons: do I have to need autopilot > 1.4 for testing?17:20
Saviqtvoss, on that note, you pang yesterday, and never followed up?17:21
balloonsm-b-o, as a depends or ? Yes, ap 1.417:21
m-b-oballoons: Cannot get it to run on saucy17:21
tvossSaviq, hang on, quickly finishing the reply to the bug report17:21
balloonsm-b-o, using autopilot 1.4x?17:21
Saviqtvoss, no worries, I'm EOD really anyway...17:22
m-b-oballoon: from the autopilot ppa, yes17:22
m-b-oballoons: by installing python-autopilot from ppa:autopilot/ppa there's a conflict17:24
popeykenvandine: we have about 5 music apps which could benefit from this. Way to go blazing a trail dude! :D17:24
m-b-oballoons: wants libautopilot-qt (>= 1.4), but only 1.3+13.10.20130814bzr70saucy0 is available17:25
kenvandinei really want panpipe to be usable... pandora is something i used everyday on android... i really miss it now17:25
kenvandineit works great... until it suspends :)17:25
kenvandineso basically useless :)17:25
cwaynekenvandine, just write an autopilot test that loops around and clicks random stuff indefinitely so it doesn't suspend :P17:28
popeyor make the app shell out to "service stop powerd" ☻17:30
popey(don't do that)17:30
balloons_m-b-o, sorry timed out17:30
m-b-oballoons: libautopilot-qt >=1.4 is missing in saucy, when installing python-autopilot from the ppa17:32
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balloons_m-b-o, kk, let me look17:34
balloons_m-b-o, indeed you are correct, heh17:34
=== balloons_ is now known as balloons
balloonsm-b-o, so anyways, let's just file a bug to get it fixed. if you need to get it corrected now, let me link you to the deb17:36
balloonsm-b-o, ^^17:37
=== bfiller is now known as bfiller_afk
m-b-oballoons: great, thank you! now it works again :)17:41
m-b-oballoons: https://bugs.launchpad.net/autopilot-qt/+bug/126686417:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1266864 in Autopilot Qt Support "libautopilot-qt >= 1.4 is missing in saucy" [Undecided,New]17:44
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cwaynecyphermox, hiya, any chance for a quick MR? https://code.launchpad.net/~cwayne18/ubuntu/trusty/bluetooth-touch/bluetooth-touch_lp1266859/+merge/20069918:07
cyphermoxcwayne: thanks, testing now18:15
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
heathbarHi Ubuntu-Touch Gurus... Where can I checkout the code for the system camera app?18:18
=== balloons_ is now known as balloons
cwayneheathbar, bzr branch lp:camera-app18:20
balloonsso, http://humpolec.ubuntu.com/latest/dualboot.sh is missing, and is referred to by https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/DualBootInstallation18:28
mhall119kenvandine: ping Re: ContentHub18:29
kenvandinehey mhall11918:33
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mhall119hey kenvandine, I was wondering if there would be a "capture from camera" option via ContentHub, rather than just picking an existing image from the Gallery18:37
kenvandinethat would require the camera-app to add an export handler18:40
kenvandineso it's picker would really just be taking a picture and storing returning the image to the requesting app18:40
mhall119who's the main dev for camera-app?18:46
rickspencer3mhall119, probably ask bfiller_afk ;)18:46
mhall119kenvandine: and how do apps register themselves as handlers?18:46
dakerheathbar: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/camera-app/trunk/files18:46
kenvandinewould need to implement an ImportExportHandler class18:47
kenvandinefrom libcontent-hub18:47
kenvandinemhall119, which provides a handle_export method and provides the picker, which would really just change what it does with the resulting image18:48
mhall119kenvandine: so, let's say I'm a 3rd party app developer writing a QML app that manages Foo content, how do I let other apps request a Foo from my app?18:48
mhall119all of that deployed via a click package18:48
kenvandineyou'd implement the handler and add the json file to your click package18:49
kenvandinethat the click hook would use to register the source18:49
mhall119can I implement the handler in QML/Javascript? and can I do everything from within my /opt/click.ubuntu.com/blah folder?18:50
mhall119ah, there's a click hook, that's the part I was missing18:50
mhall119now, dare I ask, where is that click hook documented?18:50
kenvandinei thought it was on d.u.c :)18:50
kenvandinebut i could be wrong18:51
mhall119not on http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-1.0/Ubuntu.Content/ that I see18:51
kenvandineyou can look at this for an example: lp:~ken-vandine/+junk/hub-exporter18:51
kenvandinemhall119, ok, i'll make sure that gets added18:52
mhall119thanks kenvandine18:52
mhall119should also probably mention the content_exchange/content_exchange_source AppArmor policies that will be needed18:53
kenvandinemhall119, mind filing a bug?18:53
* kenvandine is a bit involved in something atm, don't want to forget :)18:53
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mhall119kenvandine: https://bugs.launchpad.net/content-hub/+bug/126688318:56
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1266883 in content-hub "Documentation for Click packages" [Undecided,New]18:56
kaimasthey all. the link for the dual boot app installer script is dead: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/DualBootInstallation18:59
kaimastis there some other place I can get it?19:00
mhall119kenvandine: am I correct in understanding that all a QML app needs to do is the onExportRequested connection documented here: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-1.0/Ubuntu.Content.ContentHub/19:00
mhall119populating the list<ContentItem> with the user's selection where you have // show content picker19:00
mhall119cool, having a meeting with the file-manager devs in a couple hours, going to try and get them to start implementing this19:01
heathbarAnyone know where I can find some example C++ code for capturing images from the camera hardware?19:02
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pmcgowanheathbar, the camera-app19:11
pmcgowanusing QCamera and QMultiMedia interfaces19:12
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davmor2ogra_: how do I go about disabling swap and I'll have a play with it on maguro tonight and tomorrow and report any issues19:23
annerajbhave anybody been succesfull at porting cm-11.0 based devices to ubuntu touch? I started looking at the LG G2 but since it's based on cm-11.0 it's requiring things on newer repositories.19:24
cwaynecyphermox, hey sorry, had to disappear for a bit.. any luck with that MR?19:41
cyphermoxcwayne: busy with something else, I'll get to it soon19:42
cyphermoxlooking quickly it seems fine though19:42
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mhall119hurray for a new release!19:50
cwaynecyphermox, ah, no rush sorry :)19:50
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bfillermhall119: choosing a picture directly from the camera will be supported but till post 14.0420:11
mhall119bfiller: ok, thanks20:11
bfillermhall119: unless we free up someone to do it, so it's possible20:12
mhall119I don't think it's necessary enough for that, too much higher priority20:12
mhall119I just wanted to make sure it was on a roadmap20:12
mhall119I'd rather see the HUD icons working before this20:13
mhall119and calendar sync20:13
mhall119and alarms20:13
mhall119and and and...20:13
nik90xnox: ping20:45
nik90xnox: replied to your clock app bug report.20:54
mhall119beuno: ralsina_: when can we expect to have commercial apps support (uploading in myapps & purchasing in dash)?20:54
mhall119and also when might ratings and reviews become available?20:56
xnoxnik90: thanks! will take a look in a second.21:01
xnoxnik90: ok, I see. Let me talk to landing team about it.21:02
nik90xnox: I believe balloons already requested sergiusens to update the click package. So hopefully it should land soon enough.21:05
xnoxnik90: oh, cool!21:06
sergiusensnik90, I got no req, but I can look into it21:06
* balloons points sergiusens to the landing pipeline sheet, line 227 :p21:07
beunomhall119, for the first one, we'll probably have a beta phase in Feb21:07
sergiusensballoons, lol, that sheet requires pings :-)21:07
xnoxsergiusens: oh yeah, so clock-app click update is possibly blocking #126684121:07
nik90sergiusens: yeah that would be nice. I don't the clock app click hasnt been updated for months.21:07
beunomhall119, for R&R, it should be landing in the next few weeks21:07
xnoxsergiusens: but i need to verify that I'm testing the right branches against the right clicks.21:08
balloonssergiusens, I thought we covered it.. lol.. we can blame me no worries21:08
sergiusensmup tell me what bug  #1266841 is21:08
ubot5bug 1266841 in Ubuntu Clock App "1 test error, when running in the emulator" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126684121:08
sergiusensxnox, the click tests don't pull directly from trunk21:09
xnoxnik90: hm. What's confusing is that on image 116 on mako, clock app has add_remove_world_location and it's passing http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/116:20140107:20131223.2/5931/ubuntu-clock-app-autopilot/21:09
xnoxnik90: and I believe i'm testing the same image in the emulator.21:10
sergiusensxnox, actually, that would be in response to nik9021:10
xnoxsergiusens: i guess i need help from autopilot-jenkins-click-experts help, who would that be?21:10
sergiusensxnox, balloons, thomi, doanac and myself21:10
nik90sergiusens: what do you mean that click apps dont pull from trunk?21:11
sergiusensxnox, I can check the test on an emu instance here and see what the problem is21:11
nik90sergiusens: are you referring to the clock-app-test package?21:11
sergiusensnik90, no; the click package has some extensions in telling it where the orig repo is and the bzr revno to use21:11
mhall119beuno: if we get commercial apps for the showdown, can we use the beta phase to get them into the store?21:11
sergiusensnik90, so the only way this wouldn't work is if you overwrote trunk with something different21:12
xnoxsergiusens: well, we could use the full revision id (~= git commit hash) instead of just numeric one.21:13
xnoxsergiusens: that would catch if trunk got over-ridden21:13
sergiusensxnox, makes sense; I can make an improvement on that side21:13
xnoxsergiusens: my test-runner is doing ~= phablet-click-test-setup --click com.ubuntu.clock; phablet-test-run ubuntu_clock_app. I hope that's the right way to do it.... to test like click for like testsuites.21:15
sergiusensxnox, yes; you have apparmor disabled I take it21:16
nik90sergiusens: on the note of click apps, when you pull in the latest trunk rev no, do you also change the click package version numbering automatically or should I do it on my end (in the json file)?21:16
sergiusensxnox, else all your tests would fail21:16
sergiusensnik90, automatic21:16
nik90sergiusens: alrite, then I dont need to worry about it.21:17
xnoxsergiusens: apparmor is disabled, as a boot options & I still call the setup functions to do that click disable apparmor, disable edges demo, and "blind stab & unlock screen"21:21
sergiusensxnox, if you restart unity8 with testability; the unlocking is done automagically fwiw (I don't use it; but it is used in automation)21:23
sergiusensfginther, you use that already, right?21:23
xnoxsergiusens: i get qmlscene t e s t a b i l i t y option unknown.....21:23
xnoxsergiusens: is that supported by stock unity8 / qmlscene on the image?21:24
sergiusensyou wnt so set-env QT_TESTABILITY=1; restart unity821:24
xnoxsergiusens: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6711344/21:25
sergiusensxnox, that's harmless regardless21:25
sergiusensTestability driver loaded. Wire protocol version is "1.4".21:25
xnoxsergiusens: utils/target/unlock_screen.py:    os.system('echo "exec unity8 -testability" > ~/.config/upstart/unity8.override')21:25
xnoxsergiusens: that's in lp:ubuntu-test-cases/touch... what/how/where are the test results as seen on ci.ubuntu.com are executed? full scripts / steps? I guess i want jenkins config for those jobs?21:26
sergiusensxnox, I have no idea wht lp:ubuntu-test-cases/touch is; might be something the new QA has created21:27
sergiusensveebers, can you provide guidance on how the lock screen for unity8 is supposed to be used?21:27
fginthersergiusens, yes, that looks like what upstream merger does21:27
xnoxsergiusens: well, in https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/trusty-touch-mako-smoke-ubuntu-clock-app-autopilot/100/console it does branch lp:ubuntu-test-cases/touch at the very start and then goes on to do the rest.21:28
fginthersergiusens, xnox, lp:ubuntu-test-cases/touch is what drives the daily smoke tests21:28
xnoxfginther: right, i guess i should go and verify which portions am I using and how it's executed in the smoke tests and find the differences.21:28
xnoxfginther: is https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/trusty-touch-mako-smoke-ubuntu-clock-app-autopilot/100/console the easiest way to parse things?21:29
sergiusensxnox, look at the configure directly21:30
xnoxfginther: or like, what's the contents of $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/hudson726972573040675570.sh and how it's generated, from the top of https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/trusty-touch-mako-smoke-ubuntu-clock-app-autopilot/100/console21:30
xnoxsergiusens: where is configure? and do I have magic access to see it?21:30
veeberssergiusens: I'm not sure I follow. Are you asking about the script that xnox mentioned?21:30
fgintherxnox, I can pastebin the jenkins guts to youo21:30
sergiusensveebers, nvm, fginther just answered ;-)21:30
veeberssergiusens: sweet21:30
xnoxfginther: i think i'm in some qa teams to see config bzr branches.21:30
xnoxfginther: are those configs defined there?21:31
xnoxfginther: the ~p-ps-q-team21:31
fgintherxnox, the jobs are created by lp:ubuntu-test-cases/touch21:31
fgintherxnox, here's what's in the jenkins bash script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6711380/21:32
xnoxfginther: thanks a lot! i'll modify my emulator hooks to do things via jenkins.sh script as well, so that certainly can explain a few differences in my test output.21:38
fgintherxnox, there is also scripts/provision.sh which is intended to run as a one-time setup before running the tests21:39
xnoxfginther: right, I forked that one into scripts/provision-emulator.sh as things are different21:40
fgintherxnox, cool21:40
xnoxfginther: i use snapshots, so each emulator boot is "first boot" as it's drives are rolled-back to pristine image, and thus no reboots required.21:40
xnoxfginther: (actually, more correctly reboots of the emulator fail ;-) / not possible to do )21:40
xnoxfginther: apart from that it's all about the same.21:41
xnox(similarly pre-test reboot, is roll-back snapshot + boot)21:41
balloonsxnox, so I'm looking into the terminal bug, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-terminal-app/+bug/1257791, and atm it appears things begin to break when we switch to libpinyin4. If this is indeed true, does anything stand out to you as the reason why?21:41
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1257791 in Ubuntu Terminal App "Enter and backspace broken in terminal" [Critical,Triaged]21:41
xnoxballoons: define "not work" where / how? on the real device?21:42
balloonsxnox, yes, on a real device. The terminal app doesn't see the keypress event at all21:43
balloonsonly for backspace and ente21:43
xnoxballoons: honestly, i don't know. Talk to ubuntu-keyboard people / qt / security...21:44
balloonsI'm just pinging you since I saw you did the work on pinyin4 is all..21:44
balloonsand I think that *might* be the cause.. just asking if you would think it worthwhile to look into or not21:44
balloonsit's hard to go back further because the older builds needs libpinyin221:44
balloonsif the port was boring, I'll assume it was something else21:45
balloonsxnox, ^^21:46
xnoxballoons: the port was boring, and was fully validated across all tests, ubuntu-keyboard and manual testing in multiple languages.21:54
xnoxballoons: and pinyin is used for predicting chinese/etc. words ahead of typing the full thing. Certanly nothing to do with !asian languages, or generic things like "Enter"21:55
xnoxballoons: libpinyin2 is no longer available in trusty... and that's for a long time now.21:56
balloonsxnox, kk, just ruling things out ;-) Yes, I have a suspicion about this bug, but can't check on it because of pinyin2.. I'll have to try something sneaky. https://launchpad.net/bugs/120269421:57
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1202694 in Ubuntu UX "[osk] when backspace is pressed to erase a letter, you cannot see the auto-complete suggestions" [High,Fix committed]21:57
xnoxballoons: i'm confused how/why/where you still use pinyin2... it's not available anywahre.21:59
xnoxballoons: it's better to debug things, instead of trying to figure when something changed.21:59
balloonsxnox, I'm saying the older builds use pinyin2 is all.. I tried a bit of debugging, but I'm not up to snuff.. My ideas fizzled21:59
balloonsanyways, ty for the confirmation22:00
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xnoxballoons: my recommendation is to try it in the emulator.22:00
balloonsoO.. hmm22:00
xnoxballoons: if everything works in the emulator, you can be certain it's app-armor blocking you =)22:00
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xnoxballoons: if it fails in the emulator, at least you can then pass it on to any developer =)22:01
sergiusensballoons, nik90 this is what I get with the latest devel-proposed on maguro: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6711621/22:19
xnoxsergiusens: is emulator sdcard pulling devel or devel-proposed....22:23
* xnox goes to check22:23
sergiusensxnox, the stuff I built has channel selection22:23
sergiusensand pull devel-proposed by default22:23
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sergiusenshopefully would be uploaded today22:23
xnoxsergiusens: and then i'll need to rebase / integrate on top of that...22:24
sergiusensballoons, nik90 on rerunning I only get one fail, that seems to pass every now and then http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6711661/22:30
balloonsmm.. sadly no maguro for me22:31
sergiusensballoons, it seems that it's just a matter of slowness22:31
sergiusensballoons, I'll upload and send over to popey22:32
sergiusenspopey, https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/121/22:35
popeysergiusens: approved22:35
nik90sergiusens, balloons, popey: thnx22:37
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beunomhall119, depends on when the contest is  :)23:34
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
stgraberogra_: oh, btw, I spent a couple of hours fixing some issues with one of my system-image branches and I know have something that should work for ports. I have an example of a working server at https://phablet.stgraber.org23:50
stgraberthe branch still needs a bunch of tests to be written before I merge it but I'll try to get that done this week23:50
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